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Monday, June 23, 2008

BIG Politico Article.

UPDATE: Ed Morrissey has a wonderful, pro-Palin response to the Politico article posted on HotAir's front page (along with a big Palin portriat). He does an excellent job of shooting down all of the article's arguments against Palin. YOU ROCK, ED! (hat tip: "It's vintage, duh!")


It started yesterday at, then I found it on, then it hit the Yahoo! homepage, then it turned up as a RealClearPolitics headline, and now it's posted at AOL's "Elections" homepage and mentioned by the Wall Street Journal.

I'm speaking, of course, about David Paul Kuhn's article "Three women who might join the GOP ticket", which profiles (in order) Sarah Palin, Carly Fiorina, and Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison. On the whole, this is is definitely a positive development for our movement. It gets Gov. Palin's name out there, and almost all of the comments posted at Politico are pro-Palin (much fewer mentions of the other two women profiled), and the same goes for the comments section at So, people are definitely loving the idea of a McCain-Palin ticket!

However, I also need to take issue with some of the views presented in the article. Several unnamed "party insiders", who seemed to have no inside knowledge of the VP selection process, dismissed Palin as "out of the top tier" for very petty reasons. I feel a need to respond to their claims, as they seem to show a double standard. So, here are their three primary criticisms with my responses.

1. She is "too unkown and inexperienced".
This argument could be made for almost any potential VP candidate. I don't hear anyone complaining about Charlie Crist's lack of experience, despite the fact that he and Palin were both elected in 2006. In fact, Palin was elected to her first office (city council) in 1988, four years before Crist's first election as a State Senator in 1992. Furthermore, I doubt that the average man on the street knows the names Tim Pawlenty, Bobby Jindal, and Tom Ridge. Hence, this criticism is totally irrelevant.

2. "She is not only based far from the continental 48 — and in a state with just three electoral votes that should already be in the bag for the GOP".
The Vice Presidency is about leadership, not geography, and this argument is an insult to every American who lives in a small state. However, I would also point out that Alaska could become a swing state this year, and Obama is also targeting other Northwestern red states. Please read my recent column, "The Geographic Argument for Palin", for a detailed description of why the current electoral map requires John McCain to select a Northern (and preferably Northwestern) running mate.

3. "No foreign policy credentials or experience."
Again, this is a blatant example of a double standard being applied to Palin. Gov. Palin has the same level of foreign policy gravitas as almost every other Governor. Tim Pawlenty, Charlie Crist, Bobby Jindal, Mitt Romney, Mark Sanford, and Mike Huckabee are all lacking in the foreign policy department, and no one is criticizing them for it. John McCain has foreign policy gravitas spilling out his ears, and it is not what he needs in a running mate. However, as this election will likely be won or lost at the gas pump, he does need someone with gravitas on oil and gas issues. Gov. Palin, being from Alaska, is one of the country's leading voices on such issues, a mantle which no other governor can claim.


it's vintage, duh said...

Ed Morrissey talked about this article over at HotAir and said the following about the foreign policy argument:

"Some will say that she has little foreign-policy experience, but as the only state that borders two foreign nations and is isolated from the rest of the nation by one of them, Palin has to work in that arena on some level in order to govern Alaska."

Good point. He goes on to say:

"Palin may still be something of a long shot for the slot. However, if McCain wants to make a big splash — and with Obama’s considerable PR talents, he will need one — Palin may make an excellent choice."

BlueMax372 said...

All of these negative comments are more appropriately directed toward the presumed Democrat nominee for president.

Matthew said...

I actually think Tom Ridge is relatively well-known, but is rather closely associated with our very unpopular President. He's also pro-choice, which, at least according to conventional wisdom, would be a disaster for McCain.

The question isn't about whether the candidate is well-known. Once nominated, the whole country will know the person running for VP. The question is: How do people react to the candidate as they learn more & more about him or her? All indications are that anybody who might consider voting for McCain in the first place warms to Palin quickly.

One question I haven't seen addressed, though, is whether Palin can be McCain's attack dog in an 1800-style knock down, drag out campaign. The question isn't whether she is tough but whether she is tough enough for what's ahead. It's another weakness in the McCain campaign that he seems less than fully committed to talking about some of the most troubling things about the prospect of an Obama presidency.

Ted said...

Excellent points by Ed Morrissey but, unless I'm missing something here, at this juncture I would disagree that "Palin may still be something of a long shot fof the slot."

To the contrary, I would say that Palin is the odds on favorite (that is, substantially better than 50/50); and if she's not, again, I'm either missing something here, or in the alternative, Team McCain is missing something. All factors are converging right now for a Palin pick.

I say this with all due respect.

Linda said...

But for a couple of weeks before the Iowa primary, I never heard of Barack Obama -- but look at him now! So Sarah Palin not having a nationally known name is indeed weak criticism.

Anonymous said...

Any publicity is good news for Palin's chances. The more she is mentioned the less unusual the choice seems. Anyone think we are seeing in this publicity some trial balloons from McCain's team?

Anonymous said...

This is great news.

#1 she is on the list.

#2 For "now" she is on the second tier.

I guess as long as McCain remains several points behind Obama he chances increase. If they appear together, then we know she is on the "A" list.

Matt said...

Gov. Palin sent a
to Harry Reid today, urging Congress to allow drilling in ANWR. Go Sarah!

it's vintage, duh said...

Allahpundit at HotAir has a post up about Palin sending a letter to Sen. Reid telling him to drill in ANWR.

Anonymous said...

I'm from Ohio, and I've thought Ohio's Rob Portman would be a decent choice. But now I'm pretty sold on Palin. What's not to like? I'm inclined to believe that announcing her as the VP candidate will be like taking Google public. The American political landscape will absolutely explode.

I read somewhere on this blog that she has a son in the military. Get her on the ticket, and she'll completely undermine the NOVELTY of Obama's candidacy. Obama is an empty suit, and she'll expose that. Even if an election early (maybe), she has the goods. When people compare her to Obama, they'll say, "Hey, the Republican VP candidate is 100 times better than the Democratic presidential candidate."

Can you see McCain visiting Anwar over the Fourth of July weekend and coming out in favor of Anwar drilling and a comprehensive energy program and announcing Palin as his VP? I wouldn't even bother holding a convention if I were the Dems.

Can you see Palin going after Obama on his position regarding partial-birth abortions and also his Penn-primary-daughters-punished-with-a-baby comment? The Democrats don't want any part of that debate.

The Democrats are going to feel like the team that passed on Michael Jordan for Sam Bowie!

Godspeed to all.

Lou said...

Matthew was concerned about Sarah "the Barracuda" and her ability to be McCain's attack dog. No question. The Demo's can't unload on her like they can on McCain because of the female demographic. Just like any criticism of Obama is given a "that's just racism" spin, likewise she can use her gender to force them to tone down their responses to her attacks - or alienate independent women voters. That is the key advantage of selecting her - drawing in even a small fraction of the undecided or independent women voters in states across the country would be enough to tip the election. John - make the right choice - select Sarah!