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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


UPDATE: Kudlow and Company will not be re-airing tonight. I will be working on obtaining the dtails of the interview.
Sorry for the short notice, but I just found out myself. Gov. Palin was on CNBC's Kudlow and Company TONIGHT at 7 PM Eastern. If you want to watch, they should be recycling the program later tonight. I'll get details posted as soon as I can, but judging from the following blurb on Kudlow's website I can almost guarantee that the vice presidency will come up:

AN INTERVIEW WITH GOVERNOR SARAH PALIN...Joining us live from Anchorage, Alaska will be the much talked about possible McCain vice-presidential pick Sarah Palin. She'll discuss drilling for oil on the Outer Continental Shelf and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.


it's vintage, duh said...

If video or a transcript becomes available, will you post it? Some of us are stuck at horrible, tedious dead end jobs.

Adam Brickley, aka "ElephantMan" said...

If anything like that gets posted online, I'll get it up here.

If nothing else, I'll try to do a decent recap.

Anonymous said...

Link to MSN video of it...

Anonymous said...

Great video. Let's hope the news spreads. Clearly she is open for accepting the veep offer.

McCain better move quick before Hillary's supporters settle in to support Obama and the issue of drilling starts to die down.

Suggestion: Let's try to find feedback from the CNBC clip from women. I'd be very interested what women's early impression of Sarah is.