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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Conference Call with RNC Vice Chair Frank Donatelli

My one major deviation from the all-Palin-all-the-time format is my reporting on the McCain campaign's blogger conference calls. The focus of yesterday's call was economic policy, and the guest was Frank Donatelli, Deputy Chairman of the Republican National Committee. I actually got the chance to pose a question, so I asked if McCain would talking more about ANWR drilling during the campaign.

While Mr. Donatelli did not know whether Sen. McCain would be specifically addressing ANWR, he did say a few things about energy independence that I really liked. His primary point was that the Senator thinks that it is imperative to our national security that we lessen our dependence on foreign oil. He wants to promote numerous solutions, including nuclear power.

The key thing I took away from this call is that, while Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin may have differences on ANWR, they hold the same overarching views regarding energy independence. Gov. Palin has repeatedly said that, in order to truly protect our nation, we need to ensure that we are not dependent on potentially hostile foreign regimes; that view is now being echoed by the McCain campaign. So, despite some disagreements on specific issues, I think that we can trust both Palin and McCain to pursue energy independence with a militant devotion. This is yet another reason why they will make a great ticket in November.


Anonymous said...

dude why didnt you ask if mccain and palin have ever met or if they plan on meeting in the future or something?? i mean mccains not going to pick something as huge as a running mate without ever even having met the lady (as smart a choice as we think shed be)....

anyway i just really hope this happens. what that realclear aticle said is dead on: he needs to pick her first so that if obama picks a man, the woman get pissed. and if he picks hillary, it just looks like a reaction to palin. seriously if he picks sarah sometime within the next month theres no way mac loses

Adam Brickley, aka "ElephantMan" said...

I might have said something about Palin had I been talking to Sen. McCain himself, but this call was very specifically focussed on economic policy (we were informed of that beforehand), and Donatelli would not have been in a position to answer a VP search question. So, I figured that ANWR would be the next best thing.

Anonymous said...

ha fair enough man.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous hits the nail on the head, saying it best, and I think it needs to be driven home:

* * *

"he needs to pick her first so that if obama picks a man, the woman get pissed. and if he picks hillary, it just looks like a reaction to palin. seriously if he picks sarah sometime within the next month theres no way mac loses"

* * *

This sums it up nicely.
This folks is where we are.

Anonymous said...

If I can reiterate, from this day forward and this moment forward, there is no reason for McCain to wait on announcing Palin. To the contrary, each day McCain waits, McCain and the McCain campaign are not only losing something of very substantial campaign value (each day waited), they are very significantly increasing the risks which have been previously raised.

Believe me, the LAST think I want is an "I told you so" moment.

Anonymous said...

And with the Supreme Court's ruling today on terrorist combatants having rights in US Courts (essentialy closing Camp Gitmo and/or making it irrelevent) -- since, as it happens, is also advocated by McCain, the conservative base is going to be verrrrrrry angggggry indeed!

McCain needs to move fast, satisfy the base, change media focus -- Palin should be announced now!

Anonymous said...

Rush Limbaugh just reiterated the need for McCain immediately to reverse course and recognize the need to drill (in ANWR), critical right now, also throwing in how Obama is losing women voters.

As a keen listener to Rush, RUSH IS TELLING MCCAIN, PICK PALIN NOW -- and he's doing it without having to mention Palin's name (knowing that his mentioning Palin's name would be counter-productive to attracting swing hillary voters).

Hello McCain camp! Take command of this campaign, take command of the media. Win the election -- select Sarah Palin RIGHT NOW!

Anonymous said...

And finally, Rush Limbaugh pointing out the problem is NOT the MESSAGE of conservatives/GOP/strong nat defense, the problem is NO EFFECTIVE MESSENGER. (He cited the example of Toronto debate where the conservatives trounced the libs and the libs were swayed at the end of debate to the side that the GOP can best protect/defend the USA.)

Relevence here, Palin is such an effective messenger (as no other in politics today could be)!

The GOP may be winning the War in Iraq, but we're losing the war at home in the hearts and minds of the American citizens. Point is, Palin is needed for our national defense, as much if not more, than for anything else.