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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cool Video

This just went live at the Anchorage Daily News' "Alaska Politics Blog". It was shot yesterday, when Gov. Palin signed a bill banning text messaging and video watching while driving. She had a great unscripted moment discussing BlackBerries. Sorry that I can't embed it, no code available.


Ted said...

Wow, a moose, a synagogue and a blackberry all in one setting for Palin. This is one savvy lady.

The Outlander said...

Good luck with your effort.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin was even endorsed by Ann Althouse on

it's vintage, duh said...

did i hear that bloggingheads thing right? did althouse mis-tag Palin as being pro-abortion?

Ted said...

This is craazzzzyyy, or is this strategerie.

Frank Luntz on Hannity & Colmes mentioned every possible name for McCain's veep BUT Sarah Palin (I believe Portman, Crist, Pawlenty, Jindal etc.) when -- as confirmed by the discussion right before Luntz, w/Hannity Colmes & George Will (guest) discussing McCain/drilling for oil/ANWR -- the logical choice for obvious reasons, including oil drilling, women voters etc., (at least to me and others) would be Sarah Palin!

Am I missing something here? Are they? Why?

Adam Brickley, aka "ElephantMan" said...


You heard it right, but I think that was a slip of the toungue. From the context of the discussion, I think she meant to say either "pro-life" or "anti-abortion" and got her words garbled.

I'll be posting more on the Althouse video later, as I think it could be VERY important to us.

Adam Brickley, aka "ElephantMan" said...


Not sure about "strategery", because they mentioned Palin heavily the other night. I'll have to see if I can find a trranscript.

Ted said...

Adam, thanks.

I heard the Hannity & Colmes via replay on XM Radio's Fox News Channel.

(also they discussed Romney)

By the way, I would recommend that everyone listen to replay of entire Rush Limbaugh Program today (Wed 6/18). He hits relevant nail after relevant nail on the head -- and as it would dovetail with our Palin movement (albeit he never mentions her name). I firmly believe that Rush is perhaps the most important individual in America, after the POTUS. Thank god for him!

Ted said...

IMPORTANT -- saw on RealClearPolitics article that Club for Growth was considering balking at supporting McCain. In past elections Club for Growth significantly funded ads. This would not be good for McCain.

Having said this, Club for Growth is on Record as LOVING GOV PALIN (because of her fiscal policies etc.)

This should be brought up to Team McCain, i.e., his picking Palin will surely excite the Club for Growth and undoubtedly generate its support for McCain/Palin ticket.

Anonymous said...

Governor Sarah Palin is the best choice. Smart and quick who will stand up to Senator Biden in a VP debate.

Ralph Reed slipped and said the choice would be a surprise. Someone with ethics and a women would be a winner. Just watch McCain will travel to Alaska just before announcing support for drilling in Anwar . She brings a lot to the table. A new energy to the