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Thursday, June 5, 2008

"Greatest Hits": The video that started it all

As there seems to finally be a brief lull in breaking news, I wanted to take the time to introduce our new supporters to some of the material that helped show me (and other early "Palinites") that the Governor was ready for prime time back in February 2007. So, for the benefit of our new readers, I will be sporadically re-posting some of the key videos and columns from the early days of our movement. To kick off this "Greatest Hits" series, I thought I would bring back one of the videos that convinced me that it would be possible to build the now-booming Palin Movement .

This report from KTUU TV in Anchorage, recorded in December 2006, shows Gov. Palin and her daughters arriving at the Governor's mansion for the first time after her election. This intimate look at the Palin family shows that the governor is a genuine, down-to-earth, honest human being. Watching it, I realized that, in addition to her courageous leadership on poltical issues, Gov. Palin also possessed the type of infectious personality that could generate a massive grassroots following. That type of charisma helped build the careers of Ronald Reagan, JFK, and (unfortunately) Barack Obama; so we knew we were seeing something special when we saw it demonstated by Sarah Palin. While it is not political in tone, this video was key in the early marketing of our movement.


Anonymous said...

Great video! This stuff is not fake, it's real Americana. Extremely appealing.

Seems to me you've succeeded in getting the word out on Palin's credentials, which are now established both in the McCain camp as well as significant sectors of the public.

Which, in my thinking, could mean shifting into a next phase, timed to Obama's securing the Dem nomination, Obama's obviously superior communication skills over McCain, and Obama's slight lead in the recent polls over McCain (albeit this is generally the case in POTUS elections at this stage).

While you may or may not want to frame it this way, the following posting I've made in the blogosphere sums it up:

* * *

"Bottom line, with Palin as VP, McCain WINS.

Without Palin, McCain likely does not win.

Case closed."

* * *

What you would be saying is that not only does Palin have more than the creds to be VP, in fact, she is (or perhaps is) the only VP selection for McCain to win. This point trumps all other arguments (and questions about Palin's experience, etc., even though it far exceeds Obama's).

In other words, you will have moved from the phase that Palin is a viable and good pick for McCain to the phase Palin is a MUST -- really the ONLY -- pick for McCain (in order to win in this tough election climate).

Anonymous said...

One additional point re my above comment is that much of this thinking derives from the numerous, really fantastic, comments you received from the many many (and growing number) of signers on your petition on behalf of Palin for VP, which you include in this website.

It would be great to get many of those comments (without needing to list the names of the signers) out more to the McCain camp (although hopefully McCain people are already looking at them) and the public/your readers as well.

Those comments really say it all -- and represent a cross-section of many American voters.

Anyone reading them will come away with the conclusion that Palin is a "no brainer" for McCain's VP pick. And, again, those comments are sincerely heartfelt.

Anonymous said...

Q&A How can McCain SIMULTANEOUSLY attract both Hillary AND Bob Barr voters? Answer: PALIN Veep!

Anonymous said...

Any chance you can get this video posted on YouTube? I cannot get it to load from the site you posted.


aanton said...

I have a theory. If I was John McCain, and I was seriously considering Palin for VP, I would be serioudly worried that the Democrats would find out of my intentions ahead of time. He has to announce her first, and they can't be tipped off because their fears would speed up the announcement of Clinton/Sebelius/Napolitano as Veep to cancel the great risk of McCain stealing the women. So what would I do to talk to her and offer them the position without democrats thinking to hard about it? Well, I would invite Romney, Jindal and Crist to a Memorial Day Brunch the same week I send someone important up to Alaska to distract the press.

Anonymous said...

I found Gov. Palin's theme song:

"She' Not Just a Pretty Face" by Shania Twain

Can't you just hear that blaring throughout the Xcel Center when Todd introduces her as the next Vice-President of the United States.

Anonymous said...

What criteria to do they use to pick the VP?

Some considerations include geographic balance, ideological balance, as with Reagan choosing George H.W. Bush, or ideological reinforcement, as with Clinton/Gore or Bush/Cheney.

So if it's balance, that would mean Obama selecting someone white, and McCain selecting someone that's not a crazy old hothead.

Balance doesn't have to mean skin color, but for McCain, yes, you're right.

More here:

Anonymous said...

Here's the Shania Twain link --

I would suggest that you play this, and just imagine.......

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on Gov. Palin. Thanks for the site.

Anonymous said...

Adam, we have the multi media software (same being used for the Palin campaign video) to convert to all media players. Do you want me to convert for you?

Anonymous said...

Heres another great pic of the Gov. signing a bill with Trig in tow. Gotta love a woman who won't forsake family for career.

Photo: Expanding marine parks - Juneau EmpireSarah Palin, left, signs Senate Bill 57 while holding her baby, Trig, on Wednesday at the University of Alaska Southeast Anderson Building as Juneau ... - 79k - Jun 5, 2008 -