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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

John McCain: Palin "has a future in our party"!

Click here to watch Gov. Palin's interview with Larry Kudlow!

I know that the title does not match the first line of this post, so let me string this all together for you. Gov. Palin gave a great interview tonight on "Kudlow and Company", and VP speculation came up in a BIG way...namely a very interesting soundbite from John McCain himself. I won't spoil the entire surprise, but my title should give you a clue. It was also notable that Palin did NOT respond in the negative when Kudlow asked if she would accept (a departure from her language in the Glenn Beck interview). I also loved her commentary on ANWR, especially the remark about anti-drilling liberals "living in la-la land".


Anonymous said...

She said it may not be possible, at the end of the interview.

Anonymous said...

someone on one of the crazy leftwing shows on msnbc did just make a good point: mccain needs a major momentum surge right now, and announcing his vp pick would be a good way to do it.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin on CNN video from today, asked about VP.

Anonymous said...

Many say "Pick Palin now to pre-empt Obama in the media."

It's not that easy.

McCain needs to dominate the news cycle some other way over the next eight weeks. Regardless of the VP choice, this is the time to establish his cred on the economy and define Obama as not ready for the Presidency.

Anyway, choosing SP now takes her away from her day job at a critical time. Once she is selected, running for VP will be her full-time job. Before she runs for VP things have to be in control in Juneau. She needs the next eight weeks to focus on that.

Having said that, picking Palin right before the Dem convention might be a way to limit Obama's bounce and take away a little media attention. Choosing SP then undermines a bit the "historic" storyline of the Obama nomination. Choosing her now will make SP "old news" by convention time.

Anonymous said...

Pick Palin now or later? Let’s consider the alternatives --

Scenario #1: The conventional wisdom is that campaign calendar works like this: Dems have a convention, GOP has its convention, THEN the campaign starts.

From a McCain standpoint, see how that puts us at a disadvantage? It puts Obama in the position of dominating the news cycle until September, then somehow, we snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. McCain seems to have bought into that, saying the other day that he will catch up at the end. Part of this is carefully and secretly sorting through a list of 20 VP possibles, then having the GOP choice jump out of a cake in the first week of September. By then, however, it could be all over.

Scenario #2: Start the general election campaign today. Start running like a challenger, make Obama look like the incumbent.

An interesting thing about Obama – On many important issues he is VERY status quo.

Promote the Rep. Ryan plan to revive the economy, cut taxes, save Social Security. Introduce the McCain energy plan to drill, and promote clean energy sources like cleaner coal and zero-emissions nuclear. On these issues, Obama is for the status quo, McCain is the change candidate! Start running ads today. Make a new proposal every day. Get allies in Congress to introduce bills and stage hearings. Put Obama on the defensive.

And as part of this- Choose Palin today. No one else can help McCain more right now, turning the issues agenda now, not Setember. Package the McCain team as ready to govern today. This scenario is hard to pull off, because it entails staying on the offensive and keeping Obama on the defensive for 120 days plus, especially through the no-politics July-August period. But increasingly, the alternative seems to fight Obama on terms where Republicans are bound to lose!