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Monday, June 2, 2008

Palin on Glenn Beck.

Gov. Palin will be featured on tonight's Glenn Beck Program on CNN Headline News (7 PM Eastern, 4 PM Pacific, 3 PM Alaskan...replay at 9 PM Eastern). The topic will be her lawsuit challenging the listing of polar bears as a threatened species, but we're hoping VP speculation comes up. The exact format of the feature is unknown, as I know about it only from commercials on CNN. No details are posted online.

Another interesting wrinkle is that the Anchorage Daily News' "Alaska Ear" was told that Palin would be on at 11:30 AM (Alaskan Time). That obviously does not match Mr. Beck's evening TV slot, but it does match the slot for his nationally syndicated radio show. So, I will be listening closely to that as well.

Oh...and a quick note to "Alaska Ear": It is no longer valid to refer to Palin's VP speculation as "silly". That ship sailed months ago. When a potential candidate starts getting mass amounts of attention in the media and in political circles, it's called "serious" VP speculation. Asserting that is is not serious only makes you look "silly".


Ted said...

Seems to me Palin is (or should be) more than even "serious speculation".

She SHOULD be a "shoe-in" (assuming Team McCain and the GOP want to win this in November).

Damian G. said...

Minor correction: Beck is on at 7 AND 9, not 7 TO 9. Your readers might get confused if they tune in at 8, only to see Nancy Grace!

DaveO said...

So how did it go?

Ted said...

Gov Palin was more than superb on Monday's Glenn Beck TV show but how do you construe her response when asked about her being McCain's VP. She said something to the effect "if asked today, noooo, things to do in Alaska". I'm thinking she couldn't respond simply "yes" just after saying all this critical stuff going on in Alaska, so to me her reply of "no today", doesn't mean "no" if asked tomorrow or later. Really, what else could she say. Again what's your take?

Kristofer said...

She rocked. You could tell how impressed Beck was. he was fawning over her. She can make a real strong energy policy argument. I give her credit. She is better at it then Obama, McCain or Clinton.

Trish said...

Adam, take no offense to Sheila Toomey (Alaska Ear). She's known locally to be nothing more than a tabloid hack, why else do you think they gave her the gossip column? :)