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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Palin sends ANWR letter to Harry Reid!

"We may look back someday and realize that we failed to perceive a critical crossroad in the history of this nation."
-Gov. Sarah Palin
If you haven't already seen Gov. Palin's letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, you really ought to read it. In three short pages, she makes one of the most convincing and concise arguments for drilling in ANWR and domestic oil production in general. Sarah Palin needs to remain an active voice in our nation's energy policy, and hopefully this letter will help her break into the national-level debate. I hope she follows it up with an offer to personally tour ANWR with congressional leaders and the presidential candidates.


Anonymous said...

Gov Palin is one tough, and very politically astute, cookie! (as well as a convincing and concise communicator)

Anonymous said...

As Palin's story gets exposed and she is getting more know (as a real McCain Veep possibility) to the liberal main stream Dem-allied media, it is clear they are verrrrrry scared, albeit it is seen in subtle ways. For instance, there is a site (UPI clearly lefty news organization) discussing the issue of the 3 GOP VP women possibilities (Fiorina, Hutchinson, Palin) making the rounds -- and it goes out of its way to elaborate that of the 3, only Sen. Hutchinson is viable, and Palin is dismissed. Meaning that if it's gonna be a woman veep for McCain, they'd much rather it be Hutchinson and NOT Palin (obviously because Palin of the 3 is by far the strongest asset to McCain to win).

The left-wing (pro-Obama) media is afraid even to bring Palin up. This is very telling!

Unfortunately for them (the main stream lefty medium), Palin's story is so compelling, overwhelming and downright exciting, that they will not be able to not cover her!

Anonymous said...

Rush Limbaugh mentioned this on his show today and gave Governor Palin high marks for her action!

Anonymous said...

Rush Limbaugh just talked about Sarah Palin and her powerful ANWR letter to Sen Harry Reid, praising her toughness, running a sound clip of her from TV and then comparing/juxtaposing her to the wrongness and emptiness of Obama, running a clip from him on the topic. (at about 2:35PM EDT)

Anonymous said...

ted, I think you're right about the MSM trying to downplay Sarah. CNN is running the "3 women" Politico article under Caffarty's blog. They have large photos of Hutchinson and Fiorina, but no photo of Sarah. What's up with that?

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the comments people are writing on the American Thinker about Palin?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, yes that proves the point, Dems and MSM are petrified by Palin!

aanton said...

The game of politics goes on behind closed doors and we never even realize it. So many calculations go into writing a letter like this. Every time a politician gets national attention for something, it has been debated and planned with extreme caution. You know what Sarah is doing with this letter? This is campaigning for VP 101. I swear to god.

A candidate who seeks the number 2 spot is generally advised to show his or her expertise in a subject that will be important for the election on national television. Something is going on here. Either she was asked to do this by McCain headquarters, or she is doing it to get their attention. She had two years to write a letter to Harry Reid and she decided to do it now? Ditto for the polar bear lawsuit. I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that this is going on.

I just want to ask you, Adam, what it is going to feel like if they announce a McCain/Palin ticket this August. I would venture as to argue that you had some influence in bringing the spotlight to her, and therefore placing her on the list. We will never know for sure, but you could have directly affected the VP choice of a major party candidate through your blog. What a story! The power that bloggers have nowadays is amazing.

Anonymous said...

I concur w/Andres.

Moreover, Adam, just as Sarah Palin entails a great story in her own right, your effort, demonstrating that Palin's support was a grass-roots groundswell effort by grass-roots people like you has actually become part of -- enhances -- Sarah's own story. In other words, you, your effort and this blog, on behalf of people across America, are reflective of and part of the Sarah story, making her story even better. Sarah's base then is people like you, reflecting a cross-section of people across America, not some powerful pol or lobbying or interest group to which she is beholden.

Anonymous said...

Well, when she sent the letter to Senate Leader Harry Reid with a very clear demand -- drill in ANWR now. Then Governor Palin told Congress to act soon or face the consequences.

Capsulating it you can say she said "Don't make me come down there!"