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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

RealClearPolitics Article!

RealClearPolitics ran a wonderful column on Palin's VP prospects today, and it is currently listed on their front page (main column, 12th story down). Among the many other positive comments, columnist Jack Kelly calls Gov. Palin the "one potential running mate who has virtually no down side."

Folks, the snowball is rolling, and chances are that it will only get bigger!


Anonymous said...

Rolling snowball is the perfect analogy!

Anonymous said...

Rolling snowball is the perfect analogy.

Anonymous said...

Palin is down in the MSNBC veepstakes, she needs help!

Anonymous said...

hey, everyone ought to go to yahoo news and vote this article highly there. the more votes it gets, the more likely they are to keep it up in full view, which means more random people read it and understand palin is the right choice.