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Friday, June 6, 2008

Sarah Palin: mommy first, politician second

One of the things we love about Gov. Palin is that, unlike many politicians, she has her priorities in the right order: family first, politics second. Unfortunately, this has brought up a debate (especially among social conservatives) about whether motherhood and leadership should be mutually exclusive. Obviously, we believe that they should not, and the Governor is consistently proving that they don't have to be (see picture below). Hence, I would like to link you to what I consider to be a very important column by one of the leading behind-the-scenes voices in our mom (who happens to author a blog on homeschooling).

Now, to be clear, I am not linking this post because my mommy wrote it. I'm linking it because she has an EXTREMELY unique perspective on Gov. Palin which I have not seen ANYWHERE on the net, and I have been encouraging her to write it down for some time. You see, Mom is a devoutly religious, stay-at-home, homeschooling mother. Basically, she's cut from the same cloth as many of the people who are saying that Palin should not even be in politics, let alone running for Vice President. Yet, she is very supportive of our movement, and has written (to the best of my knowledge), the first BIBLE BASED argument for why Gov. Palin should be our next Vice President. Regardless of who wrote it, I consider this opinion to be a must-read for any religious conservative.

Photo: Gov. Sarah Palin, left, signs Senate Bill 57 while holding her baby, Trig, on Wednesday (David Sheakley / Juneau Empire)


Ted said...

Adam, it is more than evident that you inherited your formidable talents from you Mom.

Thanks Adam.

Thanks Adam's Mom (for producing your own great site as well as Adam).

And when I say "thanks", I'm positive I speak for many many others who appreciate your more than successful endeavor.

And finally thanks to God for giving us Sarah Palin at just the right time!

toonces said...

Thanks Adam--your Mom is cool.

It is heartwarming that she takes Trig with her to meetings and things. This is a positive that I think voters will go for. It will also attract feminists to Sarah's can-do mentality.

Still, if she runs for VP she will have many times when she can not be with him. Having a babysitter always on call and by her side would help when she has to hand him off. This is a great opportunity for the RNC to score pts. with women.

Also helping the father with parental leave would help supplement care for Trig and the other three.

On a separate note-are there any clips of Palin inspecting the National Guard or a naval base in Alaska or anything? I c9ontinue to see this as her weak pt.--is she ready, especialy to assume commander in chief? A good start to a post would be that governors don't usually have CINC experience (i.e. Reagan) and that Palin is 6the opposite of a shrinking violet.

Another potential weakness is 'how she would handle a debate' Might be a good post if you can find a debate clip where she thinks fast on her feet after taking a punch.

Can you link to my blog please at I'm new to adding blogroll things. Thanks.

Clara Marie said...

reply to toones--
Schroll through the photos found in Gov. Palins' Official Site. You will find photos of Sarah visiting the Alaska Troops in the camps in Kuwait. Also, there are other photos of her supporting the troops. Of course, her first born, son Track is in the military.

Ted said...

Great phone call to C-Span Washington Journal this morning (Sun 6/8) between 8:30 and 9:00 EDT more than praising Palin's attrubutes and wisdom of McCain selecting her as Veep.

Interesting that C-Span's guest on women in politics issue (taking the caller's question), albeit she was a Dem sympathizer, more than clearly more than praised Palin and continued discussing Palin then and later in the program.

I have to assume that McCain people are watching this (or should be). This is not rocket science here that Gov Palin must be his pick.

Bob said...

I don’t doubt there are some Christian brothers and sisters who insist that the “proper role” for women is to stay home, make babies and take no leadership role in the public arena. I’d invite them to go off somewhere and debate that issue amongst themselves. Let us know how it turns out, by all means.

Meanwhile, the rest of will explore if Sarah Palin might somehow, if she sees fit, serve our nation in a way that perhaps only she can.

In the real world, some mothers have supreme multi-tasking abilities surpassing those of Fortune 100 CEO’s. Sarah Palin seems to be one of those women. It could be this is something hard-wired into the maternal character to ensure survival of the species. Wherever this energy and focus comes from, perhaps it can be harnessed for the good of our nation!

Phyllis Schlafly simultaneously breast-fed and raised six (?) kids, while running for Congress, going to law school, writing several books and single-handedly defeating the ERA. All this drives militant feminists crazy. Conservative women are the ones who are really “having it all”, while the libs whine about the “glass ceiling”.

Governor Sarah Palin and her family can best decide what she can do and how she can meet her many responsibilities. Our nation would be blessed if she decides she could take on the challenge of a national race and thereby make a powerful witness for traditional moral values.

Grafted Branch@Restoring the Years said...

I'm off to read it. And then I'll go back and meditate on the story of Deborah the Judge, who accompanied the troops into battle, but proclaimed a condemnation for it at the same time. Maybe that's where we are in this country.

Anonymous said...

I am an Australian and I have been reading about your struggle to assert a voice in your country. Please don't give up in your assertions, don't give up in your fight to show that there is another voice to be heard. Families, friends and country are the only real security that we can rely in this time of global uncertainty. The only thing I would hope in your struggle is to show more wisdom because God knows your movement could use some.