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Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July Media Roundup

While I'm sure that most people have better things to do today than read blogs, I would be remiss not to take note of some of the developments in our movement within the last few days.

MSNBC's "FirstRead" political blog has started adding Palin to it's frequent "'Veepstakes" posts (Here, and here).

The Phoenix Business Journal's Mike Sunnucks says that gas prices could have Sen. McCain taking a closer look at Gov. Palin.

HotAir's Ed Morrissey claims that Gov. Palin would be better than Mitt Romney at rallying the conservative base (and Romney is supposedly the "rally the base" candidate!)

If you haven't checked the Intrade prediction markets lately, Gov. Palin is sitting in a strong third place in the betting on McCain's VP. She ranks behind only Romney and Pawlenty.

And finally, in case you missed it, a Monday article in Investor's Business Daily quoted Hoover Institution research fellow Bill Whalen promoting the idea of a Palin candidacy. According to Whalen, Palin would be "mud in your eye to Democrats" and " a People magazine story waiting to happen".


Anonymous said...

That Intrade posts is very interesting. The fact that people are putting money where their mouths are shows that Palin is now a serious choice.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that the Hot Air site is closed to any new registrations.

Why would they do that?

Anonymous said...

Poor Romney, the McCain camp is really letting him down easy.

The VP pick will be a Governor. Let us just hope it is Palin.

Anonymous said...

It took me 8 months to get registered at Hot Air.

I suppose the registration policy is designed to discourage liberal trolls. They still have a few, but not as many as you'd expect.

Anonymous said...

flapper: damn, 8 months? I just started reading little green footballs a few weeks ago and am trying to register but I guess I'll be waiting till next year? Lol.

Anonymous said...

Check out this site:

Anonymous said...

Palin to Congress, Don't make me come down there!

Well, when the governor of Alaska sent a letter to Senate Leader Harry Reid with a very clear demand -- drill in ANWR now. Governor Sarah Palin told Congress to act soon or face the consequences.

Bravo Sarah!

Anonymous said...

"Palin to Congress, Don't make me come down there!"

Where did you find this quote?

Anonymous said...

Regarding Sarah's youth, I just noted that Joan of Arc led the French to lift the seige of Orleans when she was...get this...17 years old!

Go Sarah! I'll storm the ramparts with you any day.

BigRob-68 said...

Intrade is quite accurate. The current futures market for Palin indicates rising popularity. When you consider that she has only had limited media coverage her stock price will soar with more air time. The bad news is that some of her rivals are increasing as well. Romney's "stock" is not going to go any higher. He is well known and you either like him or not. Thune is not getting much more press than Palin. Pawlenty seems to be rising right alongside the media coverage. I do suspect that as crude prices keep going up Palin will be a voice the MSM goes to since Alaska is a oil-rich state.

Sapwolf said...

Hey, I wore my McCain/Palin 2008 shirt today at the mall and bookstore.

I got a few looks. One woman asked me who Palin was. I told her she was the governor of Alaska and to google her.

It pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

Tom c. you rock!

Anonymous said...

Tom, when I wear my McCain/Palin pin the only people who approach me are women.

Can we get someone on this blog to show up at a McCain event wearing one?

Anonymous said...

even, better, can we get an ex-Clinton supporter to show up at a McCain event and make a statement about Palin?

That would make the news, especially after the CNN poll from today.

Adam Brickley, aka "ElephantMan" said...

Tom C. indeed rocks for wearing that shirt. Mine is in the mail. puma4palin also looks cool. I do wish we could get some PUMAs 4 Palin into McCain events, that whould be great.

SMatthewStolte said...

"Tom, when I wear my McCain/Palin pin the only people who approach me are women."

Wow! I can imagine the ads, now:

Gas prices too high? Sarah Palin vows to drill for more oil.

Tired of Washington corruption? Sarah Palin already cleaned up one corrupt government.

Lonely? Supporting Sarah Palin will get women to approach you.

Anonymous said...

Where do you get a McCain Palin t shirt? I was a Clinton supporter (first time I ever donated to a candidate) and I would wear one to a McCain event. Alas, I think the repubs see Arkansas as a lock and I doubt they'll do any campaigning here.
dr. vicki

Sapwolf said...

Dr. Vicki,

I got mine through:

I'm heading out to buy groceries right now with it on.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Tom. But, I can't picture myself wearing a t-shirt that describes her as a "hottie". I think it might freak out my hubby.

dr. vicki

Sapwolf said...

Dr. vicki,

It has both their pictures and says:

"McCain-Palin 2008"

Product # is 244443370

Put that in the search field and you get the product to order.

Or try this link:

Anonymous said...

Here's some Fourth of July fun. Look at this photo of Sarah at Juneau's Fourth of July Parade. Pay special attention to the font used for her name and the insignia below. Look familiar?

Anonymous said...

Wondering how the McCain- Palin team would perform?

Think about the SP against likely Democrats in the Veep debate scheduled for October 2nd in St. Louis.

These debates are the one place where the VP choice can clearly have an impact. Stockdale’s stumbling performance in 1992 hurt Ross Perot at a point when he still could have been a contender. Dan Quayle didn’t help in 1988 or 1992 when Lloyd Bentsen and then Al Gore made him look clueless. Cheney matched Lieberman in 2000, and then made Edwards look petty and Nixon-like in 2004.

This poster first picked up on Palin when he came across the C-Span coverage of the Alaska GOP primary debate in 2006. SP was as the sharpest tack in a drawer of dullards, including the man who was the incumbent Governor. They didn’t know what hit them.

So think about likely Dem opponents for the VP debate –

Richardson- On paper a great national candidate, but he never really connected in the debates, never was able to turn any issue to his advantage, always overshadowed. His demeanor and connections to the Clinton admin will make him look like a worn-out hack, compared to Palin, and plays into the theme that Obama is running for Bill Clinton’s third term.

Evan Bayh- Bright, thoughtful, experienced, lends a needed moderatish cast to Obama, with gravitas. Has a tax-and-spend anti-energy development Senate paper trail that Palin can attack.

Bob Casey- although anti-abortion, has to be considered by Dems to improve chances in must-win Pennsylvania. Dull as dishwater otherwise, SP will eat him alive.

Ed Rendell- PA Governor, considered for the same reason as Casey. Old, tired, big-city pol, the contrast with Palin couldn’t be sharper.

[Yes, don’t include Dem female alternatives – Dem polling will show Obama performance drops off when including any woman on his ticket.]

By comparison, the GOP Veep alternatives, aside from Palin, are mostly pleasant, forgettable fellows who, at best, can only match the Dems, and can’t beat them and ultimately, can’t add anything to the ticket.

If we want to win the debate in October, get Sarah Palin as Veep now.

Anonymous said...

Tom C., it would be a great idea if that site (or cafepress or someone) could also provide shirts and/or bumper stickers, etc., that said "PUMA4PALIN" or "puma4palin" or "ANOTHER PUMA4PALIN" or "another puma4palin" or something like that.

The PUMA moniker is all over the web and PUMA seems to be a rapidly growing movement with significant political force, already reported on by CNN and FOX. The puma4palin site is at in the event some shirt vendor or signmaker thinks their concurrence might be desirable.

Sapwolf said...

I e-mailed with the suggestion. Let's hope their product people get something out.

Their customer service looked like it was located in San Mateo, CA which is WAY secular left country, and coincidentally where my father grew up, and where my great uncle was the fire chief. They named a softball field after him for those familiar with the town after he passed away.

Adam Brickley, aka "ElephantMan" said...

"Look at this photo of Sarah at Juneau's Fourth of July Parade. Pay special attention to the font used for her name and the insignia below. Look familiar?"

IR-MN: Thats fun, They even used McCain's trademark star graphic! Whoever was in charge of printing those signs had a sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

Here is a better pic.

They just made that sign, as in less than 6 months is the 50th anniversary of statehood.

Anonymous said...

Adam, here's hoping that that sign comes to fruition.

Tom C and Ted, I read your posts on that puma4palin site. I wouldn't get into a long policy argument with a dem. That gal does not seem like she's going to change her views anytime soon. All we can hope for is to get the 10-15..maybe 20...percent of Hillary supports to support McCain, hopefully with Palin as the main enticement.

Sapwolf said...

You're right on. I'll avoid any policy debates in the future. You get bees with honey. :)

Anonymous said...

I don't know if this will work, but I'm going to try to paste in a picture of Gov. Palin in a 4th of July parade. Check out the coats! It was 62 degrees. She deserves to be the vp just so she can get warm for a while. HAHA!
Shucks. I can't get it to work,, but here's the link.
dr. vicki

Anonymous said...

HAHA, here's another one of her daughter, Piper, on June 30, getting thrown into the air on one of those skins people get in a circle and hold kind of like a trampoline. Check out the sweater and stocking cap. These people deserve to be some place WARM!