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Sunday, July 20, 2008


As some commentors are fond of saying that I "need to get a job in DC", I figured that I should probably announce this. I am, in fact, moving to Washington, DC on the 19th of next month to begin an internship with I am very excited to have the opportunity to learn more about the nuts and bolts of the blogging business, as I will be working in the department which is in charge of maintaining the website and controlling content on the Townhall blog.

Don't worry, this will in no way affect my ability to maintain this blog. I am committed to seeing this effort through, and I'm not going anywhere.

* is not, and will not become, affiliated with this blog or the Draft Palin Movement in any way.


BigRob-68 said...

We need more foot soldiers against those Bolsheviks over at moveon and the DailyKommunist! Congratulations.

Bob said...

Learn all you can.
It will be an experience of a lifetime!

Anonymous said...

Not very good news here:

Anonymous said...

Good luck to you, Adam. I know you'll learn much, do great, and be a force for some good topics in the future.

(Oh, wouldn't hurt to see a few more pro-Palin articles over there..nudge-nudge, wink-wink!)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, "not very good news here..." What you mean???

The NYT obviously wants McCain to lose the general election. Hence, anything they write is with that aim, SO OF COURSE THE NYT WILL DOWNPLAY PALIN AS MUCH AS IT CAN -- hoping and/or trying to make it seem the Veepship is going to a losing choice for McCain, like Romney or Pawlenty!

Anonymous said...

Adam, congrats!

Maybe you can convince Townhall's Hugh Hewitt to finally get off the Romney for VP bandwagon!

I realize Hugh has been an ardent advocate for Romney for a long time, first for Pres and now for VP, but Hugh is beginning to look "over the cliff" on Romney.

By the way, during the GOP primaries for President, along with Hugh I much preferred Romney over McCain. However, now being where we are with McCain as Pres nominee which in retrospect (opposing an extreme lefty as Obama) is now turning out well, Palin is THE pick for VP (Hillary voters, oil/energy issue etc.), not Romney. Can't Hugh Hewitt see that, or is he so much in the tank for Romney, there's no turning back, even for VP.

Hoping you can talk to Hugh!

Chip Wood said...


Congrats & Great News. I must admit like Ted said about H.H., you know I've been a Romney fan since the beginning, but I know Gov. Palin will bring more to the table for the McCain ticket. Good luck in DC, I hear Brit Hume is leaving FOX, maybe that will be your next stop!


Anonymous said...

Congrats, Adam: clearly much deserved. I went to undergrad in DC and still miss it. You're on the path to big things.

liz said...

DC will be an exciting place to be this fall. Good for you, Adam!

Anonymous said...

I didn't feel the NYT article was neither positive or negative. The only really negative thing they said was the "not ready to be president", which is a hard argument considering her resume is every bit as robust as Obama's and he's the presidential nominee!
dr. vicki

Anonymous said...

GREAT news re. the D.C. job, Adam!
As a person of good character and the highest moral values, you'll prove to be an invaluable asset to that area.

And thank you for continuing this website! We can all pray that your efforts will succeed in encouraging Senator McCain to select Gov. Sarah Palin as his VP candidate!

SMatthewStolte said...

Congratulations, Adam

Anonymous said...

Congats, Adam. If my Special Lady MKH was still there, I'd be jealous. ;)

BTW, NPR has an article on their website promoting Romney for VP. Unfortunately, McCain has made a career of doing what the liberal media wants. I wish I could be as optimistic as Ted! lol

One silver lining: If a McCain/Romney ticket loses, it'll be the end of Mitt. His spectacular failure in the primaries should've done it, but that surely will.

If nothing else, that scenario will make Palin & Jindal the GOP standard-bearers in 2012. It would really suck to have George Soros running our country the next 4 yrs., though. I guess we'll find out soon.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes, Adam. I loved DC when I lived there (though your eating options will be limited to Starbucks and Cosi), but make sure you take Acela up to NYC--that's a truly remarkable city.

Flapper, some sort of good news.
Read the Romney story on the bottom. This tells me that McCain's campaign is probably polling every possible VP candidate. As we all know, Romney hurts the ticket, as a Rasmussen poll showed he was further behind Obama than McCain. My guess is that they have polled Palin and maybe a couple of other women too.

Adam Brickley, aka "ElephantMan" said...


Like the Spectator article. Whoever the VP is, I'm really doubting that it's Mitt at this point.

As for Starbucks and Cosi, I like both (we don't have Cosi in CO, so it's a novelty for me), but Chipotle stores are popping up all over DC...and CO people are fanatically devoted to Chipotle. That said, I could live off of the Union Station food that's where I go for cheap eats.

Anonymous said...

If this brand new McCain ad is not an announcement that Sarah Palin is gonna be Veep on his ticket, I don't know what is. It's even got the McCain/Palin campaign slogan vs. Obama: "Don't hope for new energy, vote for it" -----

Anonymous said...

Why don't McCain's people say Obama/Pelosi every time they talk about him. It works for the Democrats

Anonymous said...

And, by the way, Rush Limbaugh 5 minutes ago made what essentially is the exact same recommendation re timing I made on this blogsite on July 17. Admittedly, Limbaugh doesn't state Sarah Palin's name, actually (and to the extent it modifies my previous comment) McCain doesn't have to in order to make what essentially is a Palin anouncement:

"Ted said [July 17] ...
Suggestion for consideration:

Timing for McCain naming Palin, next week, after the Alaska House vote on the natural gas pipeline and during or towards end of Obama's media love-fest tour of the mid-east.

While Obama is off in the middle east faking his national security creds (GOP should portray as an elaboration or version of "Dukakis in an Army Tank" moment), Palin announcement is tied in with new energy and REAL national security.

Thus, Palin's introduction focuses on national energy and security (beyond the female angle) which her announcement should stress, that is, REAL national and energy (including economic) security.

July 17, 2008 11:10 AM"

Anonymous said...

Actually, this is my better posting pre-tracking what Rush Limbaugh just recommended for McCain --

"Ted said [July 18] ...
Senator McCain, go to ANWR exactly when Obama goes to Europe and Mideast -- next week!

This would add a very favorable -- and exquisitely timed -- perspective and comparison on the meaning of the two trips and their relative effect on the average voter and his/her real concerns.

This both gives the most PR mileage to your trip while detracting/confusing whatever message Obama and his media buddies are trying to send by his trip. A uniquely timed opportunity.

(This SHOULD be obvious, but just in case you've not already planned to do this.)

And you don't even have to expressly name Palin as VP then -- because the message is already given (without you saying a "yes" on it) -- and media speculation would build and build (so you'd also get the benefit of test-flying Palin w/o you ever having to name her quite yet, albeit I'm more than sure she'd more than fly with the public). The only coordination factor is keeping the Alaska legislature vote for the natural gas pipeline on track -- and it seems this would not be a hindrance in any way.

July 18, 2008 9:27 AM"

Anonymous said...


Per, Limbaugh, "golden opportunity", "need a 'surge' on economic sscurity"

Anonymous said...


McCain's schedule is clear from the 25th to the 28th (re: McCain web site). He would have to do it between those dates. Other than that, it is not happeneing.

Alaska is a red state with 3 ECV. Although McCain has a great new ad about energy policy, drilling domestically.

If I were McCain, I would have Governor Palin campaign with him in a swing state like Ohio.

BigRob-68 said...

In case anyone missed the LA Times story by Jonah Goldberg the link is at,0,6527225.htmlstory. A good opinion piece.

Anonymous said...


you're taking things a bit too literally.

McCain, by his ad, is already making the trip to Alaska -- virtually

The point is raising the point and comparison in the voters' minds, as Rush Limbaugh has done for his millions of listenerts -- and as in McCain's ad.

Anonymous said...

OT a bit, but at 2:50PM EDT, per Rush Limbaugh, Bob Barr's Libertarian challenge is essentially all over (Barr endorsed Algore's Socialistic/Marxist Global Warming Plan)

Great News for Team McCain

McCain/Palin '08

Anonymous said...

Big Rob, I like what the Goldberg article said about Palin.
"could be a home run"
Doesn't get much better than that.
I think McCain will pick a woman. I don't know if it will be Gov. Palin, I sure hope so, but I think it will be a woman. He knows he just about has to do something edgey to get the media paying some attention to the Republican ticket. A safe choice like Romney or Pawlenty will put the MSM to sleep.
In my humble opinion.
dr. vicki

Anonymous said...

Oh, and one more thing. While the "small children" thing may be a turn off for conservative women, if the media plays it up at all, it will be a real magnet for those disaffected Hillary supporters. There's nothing that gets a moderate/liberal leaning woman's dander up more than people dissing on a woman with kids who works. Especially since for most of us, our families would go under if we DIDN'T work.
dr. vicki

Anonymous said...

If McCain was going to pick Romney, he would have done it by now. McCain is clearly going to use the VP pick as a strategic pick.

McCain is not allowed to fundraise when the Convention begins (public funding), so Romney's biggest asset as VP is already behind us, $.

Obama may get a 7-8% boost from his convention speech. Look for McCain to announce a couple of weeks before or just after the Democratic convention.

Anonymous said...

ir-mn: Romney does indeed "tank the ticket", IMO. The difficulty in polling Palin is that lots of folks still don't know about her. On paper, she looks perfect, and obviously when big-time pollsters recommend her that says a lot.

kristofer: Mac should visit ANWR in person to justify a "flip-flop" on the issue. It's important politically.

A good percentage of people still oppose drilling there because they don't know the facts. They think it's a "pristine" area that Big Oil wants to ruin. If McCain went there, the MSM would be forced to cover it and a majority of voters would join McCain in support of drilling.

Even with Palin on the ticket, simply announcing that he "changed his mind" wouldn't cut it.

Anonymous said...

anon, the article was not referring to Governor Palin's "small children" as a turn-off for Conservative women, what he was referring to was that it would be a consideration for Palin, as it should be.

Remember, the longer this goes on, the better for Governor Palin, as she would spend less time away from them. If McCain selects her a week before the Convention, she would only have two months of campaigning. Plus, isn't Todd Palin on leave from the Oil fields to help with the children at home?

Also, many men who do not have children do not realize how portable babies are. It is easier to have a baby on the campaign trail, then children who should be in school.

Fred Thompson's wife had the campaign bus confirgured to be baby friendly and baby proof. I even think one of the work tables converted in to a change table.

Anonymous said...


you make a good point, but less than half the country supports drilling in ANWR, less than half are against it, with approximately 10-15% "not sure".

I do not see the political benefit to McCain flip-flopping? An election is not really the best time to try to change public opinion?

Having Governor Palin on the ticket will allow McCain an easy way out.

#1 - many voters and pundits will see this as a sign that a "President McCain" will eventually allow drilling in ANWR (of course, this issue is in the hands of the House and Senate).

#2 - They could make a statement communicating that McCain-Palin have agreed to study proposals, and that a "President McCain" will consider all proposals that ensure the safety of the wildlife in the refuge.

In all honesty, drilling in ANWR will probably not happen anyway, as it will be impossible for the GOP to increase seats in the Senate and House in the 08 election.

Anonymous said...

Kristofer, re your last point, if the Dems in Congress want to try and block drilling in ANWR, I say bring it on (regardless of their number in Congress either before or after the '08 election)!!!

Drilling WILL happen!!!

Anonymous said...

Ted, I hope you are correct, but I am like the 91% of the rest of the country. I have little faith in Congress.

The Senate majority leader just called American's "sick", because of oil.

The only way we see polls on ANWR changing is if Palin is on the ticket and talks about it for two months, then maybe we will see shifting. But for now, the country seems to support OCS, and not ANWR.

I know this sounds bad, but I prefer if McCain does not flip until after the election.

Anonymous said...

Kristofer, I'm not saying McCain has to "all the way flip". Just say he's taking a close, very close look. Moreover, we shouldn't be calling it a flip anyway, all McCain has to say is that it is a "cost-benefit analysis". That is, at $3 per galllon, not worth drilling in ANWR, at $4 and $5 per gallon, it's worth it!

By the way, on Intrade VP betting, since Pawlenty has fallen behind, it's been down to Romney and Palin and, importantly, PALIN IS NOW MAKING HER MOVE UP, ROMNEY NOW FALLING. An exciting horserace, but we're gonna see Palin crossing the finish line first!

Anonymous said...

Did I read that correctly? Is Palin now 2nd? (Intrade) Wow!

Anonymous said...

I agree. I think it is enough for McCain to put Palin on the ticket. He can use her to boost his support of OCS drilling but still leave ANWR off the table for now. After he's elected, they'll have plenty of time to sell it as safe and reasonable. She's spunky enough that people who really want to see ANWR open up will believe she can make it happen eventually. Besides if they're that much for ANWR drilling then they're likely not voting Obama anyway.
dr. vicki

Anonymous said...

Can some of you gurus tell me if I'm reading the Inside Trader correctly. It looks as if Romney is at 32 and going down, Gov Palin at 15 and climbin and her next closest rival is Pawlenty at 10? They've got an awful lot of folks listed. Do they all add up to 100? Does that number represent their percent chance of winning at this point? And what does that second number mean?
dr. vicki

Anonymous said...

Just finished an article by Quin Hillyer in American Spectator at Hillyer is a great writer though he did not put Palin on his list of top choices. (He named John Kasich as his pick) It is noteworthy that Romney was much lower than expected. Romney has two paid PR consultants to keep his name out in the MSM. At any rate, the media seeems to be drifting away from Romney this week. Gosh, Palin needs some air time on Fox or CNN!

Anonymous said...

Goldberg article: Marsha Blackburn was a State Senator for 4 yrs., and she's been in Congress for 6 yrs. But it's former Mayor and current Gov. Palin who gets criticized for "provincial political experience" and "foreign policy". Jonah, there's a reason voters have consistently sent Governors to the White House. They're leaders!

ANWR: McCain must flip on this issue. It's the key to the election. Just talking about it will come across as weak and indecisive. Not to mention the fact that Palin is on record saying that Mac is "wrong" on the issue. How would that play if she was on the ticket?

I guarantee you that before November Obama will be talking about nuclear power and "limited" offshore drilling. McCain and the GOP should come out strongly in favor of ANWR drilling and force the Dems to oppose it.

Anonymous said...

I hope this article is wrong.

Anonymous said...

According to Novak (link just posted on Drudge) McCain to pick veep THIS week!

Anonymous said...

Novak is a master of mind games. Even if false it is his way of redirecting the media.

Anonymous said...

anonymous, if you're in favor Palin 4 Veep why do you wish this Novak piece is wrong?

As I've said before, McCain picking Palin towards the end of Obama's "learn about foreign policy" summer course abroad was more than perfect! (also coming right after the Alaska House of Rep. approves Palin's natural gas pipeline project).

Anonymous said...

Did those congressmen ever go up to Alaska? I read somewhere a convoy from Congress was going up to tour ANWR.

Anonymous said...


I've seen polls that have ANWR at around 50% support or higher lately.

Compared to support for other various hot button issues that's actually pretty good. And it's been rising by the day. By the fall it could be well past 50% and approaching 55-60%

Also, it's more important to see it on a state by state basis. It doesn't matter if 70% are against it in CA, IL or NY and they skew the sample. What is it in OH, PA, MI, MO? If 55% support it in OH, that's a winning position regardless of whether it's even nationally.

I haven't seen state by state poling on ANWR but I'm sure it's out there.

Also, a lot of those who do oppose it do so because they think it's some pristine oasis like McCain does. Once they see that it's 3 square miles of tundra, they'll change their minds pretty quick.

On the whole, I think it'd be a positive.