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Monday, July 7, 2008

Another Kristol mention, left struggles to respond

Below is an excerpt from the transcript of this week's "Fox News Sunday", with the panel again discussing Palin (thanks to Bill Kristol). But perhaps even more interesting than the name-dropping is the attempted response by the Huffington Post, which I will discuss later in this post. So, here’s what was said on Fox:

KRISTOL: No, he's on board, expanding the military, winning the war in Iraq, signing the eavesdropping legislation.

Anyway, I think he needs a reform conservative. I mean, the trick is to keep conservatives happy, add some energy to the ticket, and have a genuine reformer. I think that's -- two young governors stand out for me, Sarah Palin of Alaska, Bobby Jindal of Louisiana.

Jindal's had a rough couple of weeks in Louisiana. He said he would veto a pay raise, then said he wouldn't, and then ended up doing so, a legislative pay raise.

I think I've got to say Sarah Palin, whom I've only met once but I was awfully impressed by, a genuine reformer, defeated the establishment up there. It would be pretty wild to pick a young female Alaska governor, and I think, you know, McCain might as well go for it.

(NPR's Juan) WILLIAMS: That would be interesting. I mean, that would energize the ticket, which I think is a great thing to do. So I haven't met her, but I just think that's an interesting choice.

...and then a little later in the show:

WILLIAMS: Yes, but I'm saying -- well, OK. But if it's not (Colin Powell), then I would go for someone like a woman, like Kay Bailey Hutchison or...
(Brit) HUME: Sarah Palin.

WILLIAMS: ... Sarah Palin. Go for it.

So, at least two people on the Fox News Sunday panel (Kristol and Williams) think that Gov. Palin is a top-notch VP choice. So, how is the left taking the news? Well, the Huffington Post's Jason Linkins did his best to respond in his weekly wrap-up of the Sunday political shows:

"Palin can actually lay claim to being something of a courageous reformer, she threw down on Frank Murkowski and her own party bigwigs after becoming aware of their rampant lack of ethics. No one should mistake her for being some sort of stealth centrist in the tradition of Olympia Snowe! But, right now, she's more like the John McCain we once knew than the John McCain we're stuck with today. Her being on the ticket would probably be a bad thing, because it would underscore just how far off the mark John McCain has moved from his own reformist credentials."

Read that again carefully. Linkins, who trashes almost everyone else he mentions in the column, has nothing bad to say about Palin. The only criticism he can muster is that she might look too good compared to McCain! Of course, this analysis leaves out the fact that Senator McCain has actually maintained his record as a reformer and is a bone fide American hero to boot. So, I'm sure that he would not feel diminished standing next to a fine VP candidate such as Sarah Palin. In other words, Linkins has no valid criticisms of a Palin nomination. Then he throws in this degrading tidbit.

“Kristol: "I've only met Sarah Palin once, and was very impressed by [her]...a young, female Alaskan governor...McCain ought to go for it." OH, MY, THE OVERTONES. Anyway, McCain is into blondes, Bill.”

In fact, this is his second week attempting to respond to the idea of a Palin candidacy, and I would say that he is 0 for 2. He sounded just as sexist last week:

"Kristol and Juan Williams talk up the chances of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as a McCain vice-president, who Wonkette readers will enthusiastically support because Palin is a reformer who kicked out a bunch of corrupt colleagues, has raised a big family, and who is naughty-schoolteacher hot as well." (emphasis mine)

So, he has made himself look like a sexist pig two weeks in a row, and this week he actually tried to argue that Sen. McCain isn't good enough for Gov. Palin! Now, imagine the same reaction from the left-wing punditry and the Obama campaign…every day for two months! McCain could potentially cruise to victory while the Dems try to extract their feet from their mouths!

Now, for the record, I have nothing personal against Mr. Linkins and I highly doubt that he is actually as chauvinistic as he sounds in his columns. However, I do think that his work is worth citing, as it illustrates yet again that there is simply no way to attack Sarah Palin without making a fool of oneself.


Ted said...

Well, it's either gonna be McCain/Palin or ...

Barack Obama starring as "Change" the Gardener in remake of movie classic, "Being There", starring Peter Sellers as "Chance" the Gardener!

*HT to hs commenting on

Kristofer said...

Adam, great post.

One other benefit Governor Palin brings to the ticket is with her consistent and clear communication. McCain's team is re-tooling their communication, and will be trying to focus their efforts on one issue per day. From what I have seen of Governor Palin, she is extremely disciplined with her message and communication.

Kristofer said...

Adam, you received a HT on Townhall!

Kristofer said...

Adam, you received a HT on Townhall!

Ted said...

Signer #1772, Laura, on your site's Palin Petition gives some very important and timely advice. She writes:

"PUMA's for Palin!!!!! Please get the word out to as many former Hillary supporters as possible!!! If McCain wants to lock up this election, all he has to do is select Palin as his VP. I can guarantee you that millions of Hillary supporters would kindly get on board!!! : ) Please contact as many PUMA's as possible!"

Anonymous said...

Kristol seems to have an inside connection to the McCain camp!

Anonymous said...

A really good photo endorsement of Sarah.

Anonymous said...

I had a dream that Sarah was my mom and she tucked me in for bed.

I either need a lot of help, or this Palinmania is out of the box and ain't going back in any time soon.

Wow, what a rockstar she is. Great site! And yes, I just recently noticed some little things that appear to point to fear on the part of some of the liberal blogs.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous, I showed hubby the photo of Gov Palin with the big fish. He said he'd vote for any babe that could catch a fish like that!

There's an article on that says the pundits expect both Obama and McCain to announce their vp's this week. --don't know how credible that is. Romney sure is getting a lot of ink this week. :( Seems like Pawlenty has bumped off the radar and Jindal over the pay raise thing.
dr. vicki

Anonymous said...

I just made a lot of noise about it on Free Republic

Anonymous said...

I checked the photos and such a nice looking family.

Hopefully it will be McCain/Pail as I think its time for a woman to be on the Republican ticket.

Watched Fox News Sunday and was happy to hear Kristol mention Palin's name, do you think he knows something?

flapper said...

This is a great secondary reason why Palin should be on the ticket. That guy from HuffPo is nothing compared to the DKos/Moveon crowd.

I hate to play the "identity politics" game, but the fact is that if McCain picks a typical "white male Republican" it'll be open season on them and nobody will care.

Hateful, personal attacks on Palin would be hard to ignore and impossible to defend.