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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Gingrich names Palin, Jindal his top two VP picks.

Click here to listen to Speaker Newt Gingrich name his top two choices for McCain's VP pick. While he lists Jindal as his first choice and Palin as his second, Jindal is vehemently denying that he will be on the ticket. Hence, this becomes, for all intents and purposes, and endorsement of Palin.


Anonymous said...

There is an obvious tension between Senator 143 and some female members of the MSM. Right now is the time to spring Palin on him and make him squirm as he is pressed about whether he will respond by going with Hillary (which I don't think he wants to do.) Now is the time to change the whole dynamics of this race! Now is the time for Palin!

Bob said...

I had been very excited about McCain picking Palin. But it just doesn't look like it. He never brings her name up. She is the leading Governor promoting energy and he never mentions her. And noone else other than this website does. You think McCain really cares what Gingrich thinks. In a year when imagination is required by the GOP, just doesn't look like it.

Anonymous said...

I also get discouraged. It seems like a big sell for Pawlenty or Romney. But, I agree with Gingrich, it has to be an out of the box pick. It can't be an ordinary white guy or there will be no energy to combat the democratic ticket. No Karma. I hope it is just that McCain and his crew are staying very secretive. Because even though you don't hear it from them, she sure does keep popping up all over the place.
dr. vicki

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I agree that it is sort of disconcerting that there isn't any sort of buzz coming from the McCain campaign about Palin. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping it's just because he wants to surprise people when he finally picks her.

Anonymous said...

Bob, I must respectfully disagree. I think McCain not talking about Palin is actually a good thing. That makes it more of a "wow" pick. Look at 2004: no one expected Cheney, and Kerry didn't seriously think about Edwards until like a week before the announcement. We pretty much know for sure they have talked, but other than that, I think keeping her name out of the press will simply mnake it it that much more of a bombshell. McCain is a sly dog. He's potentially throwing Pawlenty, Romney and Jindal out there to confuse the press. I'm still not 100% sure whether it's Pawlenty or Palin, but I'm more sure now than I was yesterday.

I think McCain will have to pick before the Olympics start. I think he makes the announcement out west somewhere, one day next week.

Bob said...

I keep hearing these really good political insiders like karl rove say that it must be someone ready to be president and that it should not be a "political pick". I interpret as meaning that McCain should not get cute and pick someone like Palin. I am afraid that people like Rove are what McCain listens too.

Anonymous said...

Which reminds me how much I also hope to see Gingrich back in DC. Georgia's two GOP senators aren't going anywhere soon, but White House Chief of Staff in a McCain-Palin administration, perhaps?

BigRob-68 said...

Fellow political junkies know that it is better to be a 2nd or 3rd choice right now than the "top" veep prospect. There will be more rumors and leaks to the MSM a la Novak or Drudge before the Convention. Mac will wait to create the most free media attention he can get with his selection.

Anonymous said...

Let's not get discouraged, let's push harder.

Pass the word:

Anonymous said...


Let me provide you with a quote from McCain in May on a bloggers conference call.

In responding to a question about receiving advice from Gingrich, McCain said; "He has some of the best idea's and I respect him"

A couple of weeks later, McCain launched the "Lexington Project". The idea was developed by Gingrich and given to McCain.

So, are you still discouraged?

Anonymous said...,

What a site!

Anonymous said...

palinforamerica--very good site. Solid graphics; have you thought of anyway to get your message to the McCain campaign. I know Kris at has had some success.

SMatthewStolte said...

I'm very glad to see Newt make this endorsement. I don't know if Mr McCain pays much attention to Mr Gingrich or not, and it's certainly his right not to. But I really think this is much bigger news for our movement than most of the other endorsements we've seen. Newt has already proven that knows a thing or two about leading a Republican revolution. He is not just another well-read pundit. His opinion therefore ought to be relevant to Republican politicians.

By contrast, I don't think McCain should put as much stock in what someone like Bill Kristol says.

Anonymous said...

There's only so much I can do on my end so I'm relying on all of you to help get the word out!

Bob said...

I revel in the positive thinking that some of you have. I get discouraged only because these are politicians we are talking about. I think what gingrich said about needing to put a different type of face up as a rep of the GOP is what everyone committed to winning should be thinking. Its time to be brave. I guess politicians make me wary... but keep the positive thoughts

Anonymous said...

Hey bob,

If we had any other GOP candidate this year, Sarah Palin may have had very little chance.

McCain does not care what DC insiders say. McCain usually rebels against conformity and makes his own decisions.

If any candidate is going to put a rebellious, female Alaska Governor on the ticket, it will be McCain.

It also helps that he prefers to have powerful women around him (wife, mother, daughter, Fiorina, Whitman, Hazelbaker, etc...).

Anonymous said...

Read a few of the comments, some are discouraged that McCain hasn't said anything about her in awhile, No problem! I wouldn't talk about my pick either, to keeo is secret, BUT the MAIN reason I am posting here is, I am all over the internet reading posting and I see alot of you here, which IS GREAT! but few out there, I have been on McCains site last week or so steady, I always sign my post McCain / Palin 2008! So that is why I am here, you all should jump over there in the blogs and Demand Palin as VP! I do daily :-)

Anonymous said...

Karl Rove should know that the voters have consistently sent Governors to the White House, and most of them ran as "outsiders".

So, an older Gov. who's served a full term or more is "ready", but a 44 yr. old who's been Gov. for 2 yrs. isn't?

It's all about how the voters respond to a candidate. Obama as a Presidential nominee is absurd, yet he's probably going to win. A so-called "political pick" is exactly what we need to balance the ticket.

Newt is right, but I fear the GOP establishment is going to convince McCain to go with a "safe" pick. Kinda like the "prevent defense" in football. As John Madden says, "It prevents you from winning."

Anonymous said...


How can McCain go with a "Safe" pick when he is 4% nehind in the polls?

McCain does not listen to the establishment, and never will.

That is why he will win in November.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm glad he's only 4% behind. If you'd a believed the pundits, Obama should be double digits ahead. They insisted he'd get a huge bump once Hillary was out. Didn't happen. Then they said he'd get it after a week or two and the dems "united". So far, it hasn't happened. She's been out about a month now. I see the wisdom in waiting until the convention, but also would like to see him make the bold choice of Palin now. He's got to do SOMETHING to get the media looking his way. I can't see anything other than a really hot vp pick doing that for him.
dr. vicki

Anonymous said...

INCLUDING HILLARY'S (unless obama picks Hillary ? in that case what will do MCCAIN ??)
the nation is ready for a female at a top job ie nr 2

Anonymous said...

Is anyone reading the news coming from Alaska? Palin is showing her true colors. There should be a special investigator named on Monday. Are we saying McCain would want a VP running mate with this big black cloud hanging over their head? The timing is not good for the VP run.

Carlos Echevarria said...

It's increasingly looking like it won't be Palin, unfortunately....

The whole Monegan-Koop matter just played into her enemies hands, at such a delicate time for the VP selection process.

Slik Mitt Romney would be a disaster of unimaginable proportions...HE IS DEAD WEIGHT!

Anonymous said...

I am really getting excited about the possibility of Senator McCain picking Governor is why...
1.) She's a true conservative--she will get the right wing of our party energized--I think there is a sense among some conservatives that we should sit this election out...this would be a mistake of gargantuan proportions--Obama paired up with a liberal congress would be a disaster for our country--the damage he and Speaker Pelosi and Harry Reid could do is unbelieveable--so we have to get the base excited!
2.) She will get the younger part of our party excited.
3.) She's a governor--an executive, she has RUN something! Also, a hugely popular governor--with among the highest approval ratings!
4.) She will get women inspired...we'll win a lot of disenfranchised Hillary supporters over--don't discount how frustrated a lot of her supporters are. I think she a lot of women see a lot of themselves in her--hard working, getting stuff done, then all of a sudden, a good looking man comes in and with all his charm and charisma takes credit for all her hard work.
5.) McCain's campaign needs to be woken up--it has gotten SO sleepy!!!! This will do it.
6.) She's smart on energy policy--that is very topical right now.
7.) People complain she won't bring a state, that Alaska doesn't really matter...the truth is, we can't count on a vp to deliver a state necessarily...Romney will never deliver MA. Pawlenty will have a hard time delivering Minnesota.
Finally, it's time for a woman--John McCain is a revolutionary leader...he is a straight talker that is running for President because he feels he is the best one to serve his country--not to indulge his never-ending ego...he is just the man to put the first woman into the second most powerful seat in the country!!!

Anonymous said...

Palin welcomes the investigation, she did absolutely nothing wrong. People are trying to scare Mccain away from picking her. And Obama's baggage will overshadow everyone else's. Obama's 20 year brainwashing at the Wright Trinity church plus his vote and then lie about the bill to help surviving late-term aborted babies is enough to demolish him with all voters who have an IQ that is average and has not been brainwashed in a liberal society. Obama makes Mccain's Keating 5 (which he did nothing wrong) seem like a walk in the park.