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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's electric! (boogie-oogie-oogie)

Yet another reason why we love Gov. Palin and think that her personality will endear her to millions of Americans. I just read this in the Philadelphia Inquirer, and I had to laugh out loud. Though, I have to say, I think Gov. Ed Rendell is dead wrong in his analysis. If anything, Palin helped her chances by separating herself from all of the fuddy-duddies attending the National Governors Association conference.

...there was lighter political chatter as well, because several governors are considered potential running mates for Barack Obama or John McCain.

(Pensylvania Democrat Ed) Rendell made reference to the latter as he ribbed Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, a Republican said to be on McCain's radar screen, about her behavior at a party for attendees Sunday night.

"Gov. Palin was the first governor to dance, and the only governor to do the Electric Slide, thereby scratching herself from the McCain" ticket, Rendell joked.


Anonymous said...

What's the "electric slide"?
I think Rendell's a decent guy, but I also think he's incapable of thinking outside the box.
dr. vicki

Raving MainyYak said...

Electric Slide is a type of line dance that's so cliche that it is a requirement at most Pennsylvania wedding receptions. (Here's an example:
Rendell is a talented politician; enough said.
The Palin bandwagon is growing more crowded. Yesterday on Shaun Hannity's radio show, pollsters Scott Rasmussen and John Zogby were guests. One of them (I think Rassmussen) predicted McCain would select Palin if BO chooses a male running mate.

flapper said...

I'd hate to think McCain would make his selection based on some lame "identity politics" strategy. Palin is the best choice regardless of gender.

IMO, though, BO will choose a male. Hillary would rather be Senate Majority Leader than VP. The KS Gov. is being floated as a possibility just to placate Hillary supporters.

Anonymous said...

Without a doubt this women has more personality that either McCain or Obama.

who was she dancing with? I hope it was not a Democrat. :)

ryan trabuco said...

Unfortunately for Mr. Rendell, I'd rather see Mrs. Palin out on the dance floor than him.

Kristofer said...

As Governor Pawlenty said, McCain is not even sure what he is looking for in a Vice President yet.

McCain is waiting for Obama, and this is good news for us.

Anonymous said...

I was listening to Obama on TV doing a speech about Iraq/Afghanistan, etc.

It could be he is trying to convince people of his national security potential. Maybe he is emphasising this because he may pick a VP that is not big on security/foreign policy, like a Sebelius or Napolitano, etc.

Sebelius would still be a bad pick I think due to her dryness, lack of energy, and the whole Dr. Tiller aborting babies up to birth issue. This will be a big controversy since she took in a significant amout of contributions from Tiller.

Regarding Napolitano, I'm not sure what her weaknesses will be.

Ted said...

Why is it that McCain waiting for Obama to go first on a Veep is good news for us vis a vis McCain naming Palin?

(Might it not substantially diminish the positive impact of McCain picking Palin if Obama happens to name a woman Veep first? That is, the MSM would say the GOP is just doing it as a defensive gimmick to the Democrat's initiative.)

Ted said...

my question to kristofer, above

Anonymous said...

Obama made the speech because the surge is working in Iraq and he said it would fail. He pulled is statement on the surge from his website and is now trying to refine his position.

Anonymous said...

Scratch Sebelius off the short list.

Kristofer said...

Hi Ted,

There is a reason why the ruling party always schedules their convention 2nd and always selects the VP second. Momentum.

Obama has two large momentum generating moments before the end of the summer. #1, VP pick, #2, the Convention. McCain needs to neutralize one or both.

Obama will only select a woman if McCain does. Obama prefers an experienced older white male, so we must let him go first.

Look at the two Senators who have confirmed they are being vetted by Obama. Webb (turned it down) and Dodd. If McCain selects Palin and large groups of Clinton supports move to McCain, then Obama will counter with a woman. We need to wait and be patient.

The longer this goes on and the longer McCain trails Obama, the better the chance Palin has.

Anonymous said...

I think McCaslin from MO is also being vetted as well as Richardson from NM. On different news shows neither would say they were or weren't, which is usually a sign that they are. I think Obama will just about have to pick someone with security/international creds. I also think he has to pick a white person and unless it's Hillary a male. A woman and a black candidate is just too much diversity. Picking a woman other than Hillary could backfire, too risky. Their campaign is not a risk taking campaign. Everything is very calculated. Everything.
dr. vicki

Ted said...

OK Kris & dr vicki, what IF Obama were to pick HILLARY (or some other woman which I still say is possible) first? I think THAT would utterly devastate McCain picking Palin, in terms of the MSM and Dems then painting the GOP and McCain as being reactive and making a desperate ploy of a gimmick (completely overwhelming even the remarkable Palin story).

I say, McCain should go first and should go soon (right after the Alaska legislature's natural gas pipeline vote). McCain will be seen as driving the whole election cycle from that day forward. The Palin story will only grow and grow and grow -- momentum will increase right through till the election (as people get to know more and more about Palin)!

Look, the Dems are aware of Palin, they KNOW they need something dramatic and are desparate themselves. You are ruling out their picking Hillary or some other woman, first, at great peril!

Kristofer said...

Ted, if McCain picks first and selects Palin, then we have a greater chance of seeing Hillary as the VP for Obama (or another woman).

I DO NOT WANT TO SEE HILLARY AS THE VP! That is bad news for McCain.

Ted said...

kristofer, I think Obama/Dems ALREADY KNOW McCain's gonna pick Palin. Therefore, they ALREADY KNOW that if they're gonna pick Hillary they gotta pick Hillary sooner, and Hillary coming before Palin will make the GOP/McCain look desparate; whereas Hillary coming AFTER Palin will make the Dems/Obama look desparate.

Once McCain picks Palin, Obama picking Hillary will not be good for them; whereas, the other way around will not be good for us!

Kristofer said...


I will eat my shorts if McCain selects first, and I will send you the pod cast of it. :)

The longer this goes on, the better for Palin.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Vicki:
Yes, nothing any nationally-prominent candidate says or does is "off-the-cuff." Similarly, both major parties are downplaying publicly the candidates who are privately among their most likely VP selections.
It's therefore GOOD that McCain (to my knowledge) has NEVER mentioned Gov. Palin as his possible VP candidate: why bring out the media's claws early?
(Ted: this is the BEST reason why McCain will NOT----we pray---make his VP selection first: it draws media fire, rather than gains momentum.)
At any rate, Rendell's comments about Governor Palin's dancing for such a long time might have been calculated to label her as a Party Girl. You can pretty much COUNT on that type of slam's being used constantly by the Dems, if she's selected as McCain's VP.
And yes, Obama won't select a woman unless it's Hillary; it would upset her constituents too much to see another woman on the ticket. BUT if McCain selects a woman VP before O. picks HIS Veep, then O. will pick a woman, too.
If McCain first picks Palin, then O. will follow with an at-least-relatively-good-looking woman, like Hillary or Sebelius.
If McCain waits, then O. will benefit most from selecting Richardson (guaranteeing most of the Hispanic vote----plus R. has foreign policy experience up the wazoo), or Bayh (hoping to grab those central states: Indiana, Ohio, Michigan).
Obama will ONLY pick Hillary if he's FORCED to do so, so Kristofer is correct: McCain should WAIT.
The Good News politically is that McCain is doing SO well in the national polls on his own: only 3-5 points behind Obama. Pres. Bush suffers low polls re. the economy and the war, so O. should be doing SO much better----but he isn't!
This fact bodes well for a Palin VP candidacy: McCain can go ahead and take the slight risk of picking a somewhat less experienced woman (but one who's more experienced arguably than the Dems' Pres. candidate!), knowing McCain will gain TONS of support from having picked a smart, faith-filled, energetic, and charismatic candidate!!!!
I just hope McCain is reading these blogs!

Ted said...

dr vicki, "McCain taking a slight risk picking a less experienced woman..."

You've got it exactly backwards in three respects:

Fisrt, the risk (of losing the election) would be in NOT picking Palin!

Second, if you examine Palin's actual accomplishments, experience, qualification and bio in the rough and tumble hostile Alaska political arena, Palin has the MOST experience!

Third, the media will have no CLAW hold on Palin. Let em try, it will only make them look bad (provided, that is, McCain/Palin goes first). The more exposure on Palin for the longer duration, the better! She'll more than hold up, she'll only look better and better!

Ted said...

dr vicki, sorry, I see that anonymous made these last points (to which I responded), not you.

Anonymous said...


I think Kris is right on this one. At least wait and let the People Magazine come out and the WSJ article come out to get Sarah more out in the media.

Let American on its own develop a healthy admiration for Palin.

McCain is only 2-3% behind Obama in the Rasmussen numbers (although hurting in OH and PA).

Also, by going slow, he can fit in possibly an ANWR trip to give her more publicity without having chosen her.


Anonymous said...

McCain should just wait until the normal time to pick, which is after Obama picks. The advantage is on picking later because you already know what your opponent is putting out there. The convention is later for the party in power for a good reason. People remember the latest thing best. Same exact strategy goes for American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, etc. the people who go last get a boost. Even if Obama goes first and picks Hillary, I don't think McCain looks like a "copycat" by choosing Sarah Palin. Once people get to know Sarah Palin, she will blow Obama's VP pick away (Hillary or not). I mean, if Palin is that much better than the other ticket (which I think we all agree here), then no one will care that she was picked second.

Anonymous said...

on the NEW YORKER drawing

i think it is doing damage to Hussein Obama's image indeed.
and I say good !

a president candidate must have a cleaner past and be a real american. color is NOT the issue.

but terrorists, islam, terrorist nations will not interfere with the choice of the American public. what happened after Madrid attack will not occur (zapatero winning and pulling out of Iraq).

anyway this sketching will have consequences and will make many Americans go "mmh..."

BigRob-68 said...

Romney is hitting the talk show circuit and MSM media hard. It is truly astounding to see how some people believe he is the Moses of our party. The guy spent millions tearing other candidates down for many positions he himself had before his presidential epiphany. The only asset he brings to the table is money. He cannot deliver Massachussets. He is stiff. He is a closet Rockefeller Republican. He has flip-flopped on multiple major policies except which country club he wants to join. Do not underestimate the insider Richelieu-like politics at play among the the Beltway types to make him the dauphin. Romney is a weak dollar guy who wants us in more debt to the Chinese under the guise of free trade. He will leave the floodgates open to illegal immigration here in Texas. He made his money by laying-off workers and then proclaiming those same companies "profitable." Palin will do the right thing when nobody is looking!

Anonymous said...


You are correct. Although I will vote for McCain no matter who is on the ticket, Romney is a disaster.

He has high negatives, many Christians believe moranism is a cult (not true, but many people believe this), and most importantly, Romney brings nothing to the ticket.

The great news for us, and Sarah's chances, are that John McCain never has and never will listen to pundits, party cronies and insiders.

Mittens can campaign all he wants for the VP role, but I will not happen.

Anonymous said...

Can't seem to get my Google/Blogger account working, so I'll just be another Anonymous. Put me down in the camp that thinks that if BHO picks a woman for veep, then McCain is in trouble with or without Palin. But if BHO picks a man, then I think McCain wins the election with Palin (and loses it with just about anyone else!) It's a risk to wait - depends on how confident the McCain camp is that BHO will go with a man with foreign policy/ military experience.

Anonymous said...

obama is toast
does anyone here believe the americans will elect him ?
but mccain must not make americans think it's gonna be 4 more years of Bush either

the drawing again is gonna make severe changes in the public opinion. the adverse effect of the so called purpose to ridiculize the demonization of obama

Dave ll said...

I don't believe we have anything to worry about with Obama picking a woman, therefore McCain should just wait.

And I don't believe he will pick Hillary...because I think she actually turned him down at that meeting at Feinsteins house. If not, WHY oh WHY would he be waiting to ask her and have her the party could unify under one grand and glorious ticket?

The biggest and main reason is...Hillary has NOT given up her campaign OR her delegates! There is STILL hope on her side and from her supporters that Obama will continue his decline all the way to Denver and the superdelgates will decide there that they have had enough of Obama.

Realistic? Well, no, but not out of the realm of possiblities yet.

The 2nd reason she won't accept is she doesn't want to be tied to a possible LOSER come November.

Also, if Obama picks a DIFFERENT woman other than Hillary it will only backfire and completely alienate ANY chance he had to pick up Hillary's supporters.

Therefore, he has NO CHOICE other than to pick a man...he is boxed in by Hillary.

As for the Electric Slide cute!!

Doesn't this show just how unpretentious and down-to-earth Sarah Palin is???

Again, a perfect fit for McCain who has the same basic qualities.

BigRob-68 said...

It is a curious fact that Obama's best choices for VP including Webb, Strickland, Warner, and now Jack Reed do not want to hitch their wagon to Obama. The Manchurain Candidate may go to Biden next in order to build up his weak foreign policy credentials. When is the Newsweek or WSJ piece expected to hit?

Anonymous said...

I think it's going to be Biden. Or someone like him. I don't think Hillary wants it. I agree that she'd rather have the majority leader position and have another run at the presidency. I think she and Bill have a lot of doubt that Obama will be able to pull off a win and she doesn't want to be on that risky ticket. Plus, I don't think they really care for each other. BO is tacking toward the center as hard as he can, and he'll choose someone who helps shore that up. I don't think he'll choose a woman. Napolitano just isn't very attractive. I don't mean physically, I mean she just doesn'thave any charm. Sebelius would turn off the Catholic vote, which he needs to make inroads on. I could see Bayh as a "do no harm" candidate. I think they want to keep their superstar in the limelight. I don't think they want anybody who might take away any of the media attention. I guess it would be good if McCain waits. I just don't know. It seems to me picking early gives you a really good surrogate to help with campaigning, and given the money advantage the dems have, I would think for that reason it would be good to go early. She'd get a lot of free t.v. spots. Especially on the ANWR thing.
but, I know a lot of you poli junkies know more about how these decisions are made than I do.
dr. vicki

Ted said...

I'll say one thing for Biden (other than lowest IQ in the Senate), if Obama were to select Biden for Veep he surely surely surely will say "Yes"!

Dave said...

Here's an interesting one:


" I asked “the question” to a few more governors this morning at the final NGA session.


“I’ve not submitted any vetting documents and I have not talked to the campaign about that,” said AZ Gov. Janet Napolitano (D).


AK Gov. Sarah Palin (R): “I can’t say that I’m on the short list.



So in response to questions about whether they're possible VP candidates, Napolitano says "I haven't been asked anything" but Palin says "I can't say I'm on a short list." To me, that's CLEAR indication that she's been approached and is being vetted.

Dave ll said...

Not to change the subject here, but came across this great blog on ANWR with many good pictures of the (tiny) possible coastal plain drill site.


You need to see this and pass it along to any and all interested, especially those who think we will be killing all the animals and spoiling their habitat. The pictures tell the story better than words ever could:

Anonymous said...


Between Kristol, Delay and others, it is fair to say she is at least being considered.

Ted said...

anonymous, Palin needs to be MORE than "considered". She needs to be "picked", plain and simple.

Note the current headline on DrudgeReport, along with CBS and CNN, all talking up the rising stock of Romney. For McCain to tap Romney instead of Sarah Palin as his Veep woud be a gigantic blunder -- and I simply can't believe that Team McCain is that ill informed. (I can certainly understand why CBS and CNN would want Romney as McCain's pick, but insofar as Drudge, I recall reading somewhere that there's some Romney insider working for Drudge.)

Dave ll said...

Linked on that CBSnews story headlined on Drudge about a ranking of the potential picks...with Palin coming in 9th out of 10, just above Leiberman (HA!!)

Then at the bottom page is this "unscientific" Veepstakes Poll...go ahead and vote and you'll see the results:

FIRST is Palin with more than DOUBLE the closest rivals of Crist and Romney...32% to less than 15%. (Double HA!)

Unscientific...but telling. Go vote:

Anonymous said...

Although Romney is leading in a lot of these polls, the stats actually indicate it will be someone BESIDES Romney. I just don't think McCain likes Romney that much. I read his autobiography (McCain's) and he's the kind of guy that seems to go with his gut on stuff. I really do believe it will be a dark horse pick.
dr. vicki

Laura said...

I have been hanging out at, and a newcomer asked if PUMAs would vote for Obama if Hillary was his VP. Several PUMAs responded and said "no". One PUMA said she would support Hillary if she was the VP, but confirmed the newcomer's hunch that the majority of PUMAs will NOT vote for Hillary if she is the VP.

They are working hard to change the superdelegates minds. They will be demonstrating in Denver. And if they fail at getting Hillary nominated, they will do whatever it takes, even voting for McCain, to see to it that Obama is not elected.

Obama may as well choose whoever he wants for VP because I think he knows by now that the PUMAs won't vote for him, even if Hillary is on the ticket.

Ted said...

dave II,

looks like CBS removed that voting page (you cited), now that they don't like the results.

Clearly the MSM, of course including CBS and CNN, remain more than afflicted with ABP Syndrome ("Anybody But Palin")


The more I think about this, the clearer it's become just how devastating Palin is for the future of the main stream media as we now know it! The MSM is going to bury any talk of Palin (for as long as they can) and tout and clamor for Romney (of course in the hopes that McCain will pick Romney and then lose the election).

Now, the Drudge Report headline for Romney is more intriguing. As I said before, I read somewhere that Drudge has a Romney guy working for him.

Bottom line, I hope Team McCain is not fooled by all this Romney clamor, promoted by Romney himself, and is just being nice and respectful to Romney, knowing full well that at the end of the day, it MUST be Palin (if he intends to win the general election).

TC said...

Could it be true???

Dave ll said...

No, it's still there. The link is in the middle of the story about Romney, "VP Hot Sheet". Go there and then at the bottom of the page is the "Pop Qustion" to vote for Palin.

BTW, she's now up to nearly 34%. It doesn't look like it stops you from voting more than once, so why not just flood it???

As for Romney, the MSM and the Dems are just drooling over this guy to be the VP choice. I'm sure we'll see more of this tripe as the summer goes on...

Dave ll said...

Here's the corrected link. Sorry.

Dave ll said...

Dang, it STILL got cut off!! (Sigh) Just follow my instructions instead.

Anonymous said...

Vote early and often. :)

Anonymous said...

Governor Palin would only want us to vote once. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy to respond to you re. my comment that Gov. Palin is slightly less experienced than a few other VP candidates:
We Palin supporters must brace ourselves to that thought, because it is THE main criticism of Gov. Palin, from either party.
Look: we supporters appreciate and love her, so we minimize her lack of DECADES of experience, which other VP candidates flat-out have. Check out Richardson!
We also overly (in others' minds)-emphasize Gov. Palin's wide experience in (you're correct here) wild, frontier-like Alaska, and we laud her courage as a reformer.
Nevertheless, this election PROVES that having years of experience (but not decades) can still prove someone's good judgment! And that's what we find special and wonderful about Gov. Palin.
Second, re. Ted's comment: "the media will have no CLAW hold on Palin. Let em try, it will only make them look bad..."
Out here in the West, we say (as I wrote, to which Ted was responding) that someone puts out their claws to SLICE SOMEONE UP... See, animals hold with their paws, and slice up with their claws. One claw-swipe from a cougar and there goes your arm!
So, I meant that the media will try to slice up Gov. Palin, cast her as a ditzy Party Girl, and diminish her real experience and good judgment.
But I DO agree with Ted that the media will bring out their claws and try slicing Palin up AT THEIR OWN RISK. It WILL make them look badly----but don't worry: they won't care; they'll still slice away.
Sometimes I feel guilty for wanting Gov. Palin to leave beautiful Alaska for that swamp, Wash. DC.... to serve an often-ungrateful US populace, in the midst of a vicious liberal press.
I just hope she is able to commute back to Alaska frequently, to stay centered.

TC said...

This editorial may be good news for us. Seems McCain is embracing his "reform" past and will run as a "reform candidate" in the fall. Coupled with the article link I posted earlier, the one that said Romney truly believes he has "zero chance" of being McCain's VP, guys, she may really be the one.

flapper said...

I agree w/ Ted that McCain should take the lead and choose Palin first.

I'm just a political junkie, not an expert, but I've got a theory: I want Palin to be picked first in the hope that it WILL cause BO to choose a woman. 3 scenarios:

1- If Palin was picked, everyone would assume Hillary would follow. But the truth is she adds nothing but name-recognition. Her baggage is well-documented, her negatives are high, and what BO really wants is to say nice things about Hillary but have nothing to do with her. But if he DIDN'T pick her, Hillary's female supporters would be mad enough to vote GOP. A no-win situation.

2- BO could make a huge error and pick Sebelius or Napolitano based purely on gender, which would weaken the ticket considerably.

3- He simply goes ahead as planned and picks a white male with foreign policy/military experience.

If the GOP is waiting to see if BO picks a woman, they've got it backwards. I say choose Palin first and force Obama's hand.

Anonymous said...

You have got to be kidding me! Palin as VP? She is wrecking the State of Alaska with all her lies and two faced actions. the business community hates her , doesn't trust her, knows how vindictive she is...she is a sham. Start reading Alaska news to find out about the REAL Sarah.

TC said...

Which news do you want us to read? The one that put her approvsl rating at 89% at the end of Msy, or the one that calls her potentially the greatest Governor in Alaska history? Take your pick.u

Anonymous said...

Hey Gang,

Looks like Syrin found our site.

Welcome aboard Syrin. It just wouldn't be exciting without you.

Tom (you remember me, don't cha?)

Anonymous said...

As a man who would never do the "Electric Slide" unless forced to under threat of torture, I have to admit that I really love sitting at a wedding reception with a cold beer and watching the women all get up and do the slide. It does look like good clean fun (and for some reason, a little bit sexy as well!)

Laura said...

Surely there must be a photo of Sarah doing the slide. And if it can be found, I would love to see it posted here on your blog, Adam.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Gang! Hello from the Greater Kansas City Area. As a former Alaskan, in fact, Wasilla, Alaska, I do keep up on the Alaska news and in touch with my friends in Alaska.

Governor Sarah Palin is awesome. I am into our movement heart and soul wanting her to be our Vice President.

I am glad to see that the "Alaska corrupt club" is going down fast. I mark them off the list as they go down.FBI just indicted one last week.