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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Meghan McCain posts pro-Palin email

QUICK ANNOUNCEMENT: Gov. Palin will be in the Lower 48 this Friday for a National Governors Association conference. NGA events usually involve lots of interviews, so we are looking forward to this weekend.
If you don't read McCain Blogette by Meghan McCain (Sen. McCain's daughter), you really ought to. It's a fun look inside the McCain campaign without any political posturing. However, there was something extra-interesting (and semi-political) there this morning. Miss McCain was posting a few of the supportive emails she's received from fans, and this one was near the top of the list:

Jill from Salem, Oregon writes:
Like so many good men, your Dad is blessed to have good women in his life. Getting to know his daughter, wife, mother (and other fabulous women featured on this blog) has been a treat. For the past couple months I've been reading up on Alaska's Governor Sarah Palin, and believe she would offer yet another good woman's influence and would be a real asset in John McCain's quest for the White House.

Now, I don't want to make any wild assumptions about what this means, but the email was allowed to be posted. So, we can prove that Meghan McCain at least knows who Sarah is and will include her in a blog entry. And if Meghan McCain knows about something, so does everyone else on the Straight Talk Express.


Anonymous said...

Is there gonna be a PUMA 4 PALIN -- or some other Palin4VP -- rally in Philly for her arrival (and for the media)?

Adam Brickley, aka "ElephantMan" said...

I'd love to see something like that put together if we could get a decent number of people in the Philly area together, figure out a good place to do it, and do it in such a way that we don't look like nut jobs.

Anonymous said...

my daughter is 23 and though raised in a republican household went off to college and became a democrat. She supported Hillary and now is thinking about Obama. So I showed her a couple a Palin sites including the blog with all those great pictures of her and other female leaders and she said " mom if McCain picks Palin he has my vote". Enough said.

Anonymous said...

6 hours to Philly for me.

Yeah, lets not look like nutjobs!

Anonymous said...

I'll go if we can get 100+.

Anonymous said...

Tom Delay mentioned Palin for Vp on Chris Matthews!

Anonymous said...

Looks like there may be some dem operatives posted to Alaska.

Most governors have drivers; it's odd that she was doing her own driving.

I saw that delay interview, too. We must be about 75% of Matthews' audience.

it does show that she is being considered, which certainly shows the success of this site.

Anonymous said...

From the Anchorage Daily News, Thursday, July 10, 2008
“Previous governors have used chauffeurs. Palin, as part of her no-nonsense take on the job, does not. Palin has also shed perks like the governor's jet and personal chef.”

Anonymous said...

The American Thinker is on the Palin bandwagon:

So who would help the ticket most as a VP selection? One interesting choice would be Alaska's very popular Governor, Sarah Palin. She would be an immediate media sensation and rob the Obama campaign of its monopoly of saturation media infatuation. Given the way the media was perceived to have ganged up on Hillary Clinton, there might be much greater care about avoiding doing it again with Palin. Of course Palin would be challenged for her youth and inexperience in foreign policy matters. But the reality is that Palin, unlike almost all US Senators (including Barack Obama), has actually run something, and with 84% approval for her job as Governor, seems to be running it well. Jimmy Carter, Michael Dukakis and Bill Clinton all ran for President directly from service as Governor. Raising the experience issue with Palin would be a risky strategy for the Obama campaign. After all, Palin would only be running for the #2 spot, and Obama, with arguably less of a track record, is running for the top spot. Palin would also be very effective in helping focus the energy issue, and the need to explore and drill for what we have in this country. She could take McCain to ANWR and give him reason to shift on that issue. "

Anonymous said...

Wow, great article.
Realclearpolitics poll of polls shows Obama down another two tenths of a percent to 5.0 today. I know it's the state polls that matter most, but if he's going down nationally, that's happening somewhere.
dr. vicki

Kaylee said...

GOvenor Palin-

I want you to know to HANG TOUGH HONEY!!! We are all behind you!! You have REAL PROBLEMS just like everyone else, that is why we like you!! You are REAL and not a propped up Washington politician. We need a change and we need you to speak up for us and stick in there! Don't worry about the press, they suck, and they are reaching for anything they can to discredit you, but AMERICA LOVES you and we need you!! Please hang in there and we will support you!! You are AMAZING!!

Kaylee in MN! I have 292 voteers at my house right now for YOU!!