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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

National Review editor says a Palin nomination could "save lives"

Kathryn Jean Lopez, the editor of National Review Online (NRO), posted a column today saying that "John McCain could save lives with his vice-presidential pick." Of course, the pick she had in mind was Sarah Palin. I'd tell you what she means by the "save lives"...but then I would be spoiling the article for you. So, be sure head over NRO and check it out.

I will be posting about some of the other recent news later today, but I thought that this column deserved special attention.


Anonymous said...

The piece with its quotes of downs parents, towards the end, was powerfully emotional.

Beyond that, it's of particular political significance since Lopez had been a staunch Romney supporter during the Presidential Primaries. Apparently Lopez, like many of us Romney supporters during the Presidential Primary contest, know that for McCain (and I think Romney knows this too), here and now, Palin is THE Veep pick for McCain to assure victory in November.

Anonymous said...

Fred Barnes, editor of TWS and long time Romney supporter also backed away from Romney today.

Anonymous said...

This is a beautifully written article. More and more people are realizing that Gov. Palin would be the best choice for Sen. McCain, hands down.

I see that Tim Kaine has cancelled an appearance at the Unity '08 dinner in Baltimore, only fueling speculation he'll be named as Obama's running mate. Maybe tomorrow?

BigRob-68 said...

This is a powerful article. As a parent of a child with special needs I forwarded it to everyone I know. I have followed Palin's career well before the birth of her son, yet, I can say with complete candor that her fortitude touched the heart of me and my wife when we learned about Trig. Often, much of politics is petty, selfish hubris. Palin is a principled leader who on every instance whether personal or professional demonstrates the "right stuff."

Anonymous said...

Thank God!

Just yesterday, I wrote about this very issue (not even realizing that NRO had published this article) to Gov. Palin at her website.

I also mentioned that we need her to help McCain WIN this election, mostly to preserve the sanity of the Supreme Court justices.

By doing so, we can hopefully prevent what is happening very regularly in Europe: not just abortion, but constant euthanasia----and not just of disabled people, either.

It is very common in some parts of Europe (I'm Danish) for doctors----supposedly because they're being rational and compassionate----to euthanize the ELDERLY who have ongoing health issues (like painful arthritis----as if that is a good "reason" to whack someone!), and if the medical bills of the elderly are "draining" the inheritance of their adult children.

And Obama wants Americans to be more like Europeans!!?? In this regard, I say, "Um.....NO thanks!"

So, let's hope that Senator McCain selects Gov. Palin as his VP candidate.

And also keep in your prayers for the Palin family. Her husband and children will ALSO be making a huge sacrifice of their privacy and energy by supporting her as VP. We need to honor their service, just as we honor that of others who serve Americans with true dignity and devotion.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

o'k governor halcro

Anonymous said...
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Adam Brickley, aka "ElephantMan" said...

I have a very strict policy against haters, comment spammers and trolls. Such people can comment all they want...I will keep deleting them. My first obligation is to my readers and supporters, and will not allow them to be harassed.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

governor, don't you have a car to rent?

Anonymous said...

Why would Governor Palin need to rent a car? She has a state issued Suburban to drive back and forth from Wasilla to Anchorage.

If you lived in Alaska you might be aware of that.

Anonymous said...
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Adam Brickley, aka "ElephantMan" said...

This is a pro-Palin campaign site, not an open chatroom. There are many neautral forums which tolerate "trolls" (people who post repetitive nagative comments to get a rise out of people), you can get your views published there. We deal in facts here, not mean-spirited gossip.

Anonymous said...

anon, this clown-- governor halcro posting as another anon-- has posted this garbage about four times . . . the car rental comment was directed at him (follow the comment chain)

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't need to repost if you would stop deleting my comment.

Tell me where I'm wrong about Sarah Palin/

Anonymous said...

It's my job as an American to get the truth out.

Palin is just another populist politician that built her popularity on money giveaways and outlandish record high corporate taxes. She was elected by highlighting the ethical shortcomings of others, yet now she herself is under investigation.

In her short time as governor she has shown that she’s not qualified.

Anonymous said...

anonymous, since you raise the investigation, again, this is frm the ANCHORAGE DAILY NEWS, which should put an END to "troopergate" ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!

"Issue's not why Monegan was fired, but why trooper wasn't


(07/29/08 23:20:50)
They called Ronald Reagan the Teflon president. I think we should start calling Sarah Palin the Teflon governor. Based on people's reaction to the recent dustup over the dismissal of Walt Monegan, I'd say the lady would pretty much have to pile up more indictments than all our current politicians combined before people would start to seriously question her.

This is going to make some people absolutely nuts. Unfortunately, for those seeking to find some dirt that will stick and bring down her still astronomically favorable ratings, this current dustup is probably not the ticket they are seeking. Firing someone who is a political appointment is done all the time. Since losing your job is a common experience for most of us, the termination of a commissioner is just not something that gets people's dander up.

Of course, the idea that no one should be fired for refusing to cave in to pressure to circumvent state personnel rules is pretty much a no brainer, assuming the allegations are true.

Except in this case, the employee being discussed is a trooper who carries a gun and the force of law based on the authority given to him by, ultimately, us. He also happens to be an employee who somehow managed to Taser his 11-year-old stepson and get away with it.

The limp explanation that he was trying to show the young man how it felt is simply stupid and an insult to any thinking, reasonable adult. Assuming we want the people we authorize to carry guns and use them in our name to be adults, he should have found a much, much better way to get this lesson across.

In fact, his actions went beyond stupid and, for many of us, straight into the realm of criminal. I've had parents on my caseload whose kids would have been permanently removed from them if we'd gone to court with that.

So this particular trooper is probably not the poster boy the anti-Palin folks might want to trot out to show her misusing her power as governor. At least, the people I've talked to all seem to shake their heads and say that yeah, if she did exert pressure, she shouldn't have. And then they look up and say, "But man, what about that trooper!" They zip right past her possible actions and land squarely on the trooper. The minute the story reaches the point where he's Tasering his stepson, people start lining up behind Palin. Because most people don't want Mike Wooten to be the trooper responding to their call for help if this is any indication of his ability to make sound or reasonable judgments. And that seems to trump any inappropriate actions on her part as the focal part of the story.

It's becoming glaringly evident that public opinion is on Palin's side insofar as they wish this man had lost his job as a trooper somewhere between taking a moose illegally, drinking in a trooper vehicle and Tasering his stepson. And they wonder why the state troopers tolerate this behavior in their ranks.

Monegan was right to not cave if the alleged pressure was there from the administration to intervene in a personnel matter that had already been resolved internally, as insulting as that minimal response seems to be. While the legal right and wrong of the matter might ultimately break toward Monegan and against Palin, it will probably only make her a more sympathetic character, as people side with the person who tried to rid the troopers of someone who seems questionable at best as trooper material.

Let's think about this. He was stopped in his vehicle after a bartender called troopers to say he thought Wooten might be driving drunk. The trooper who stopped him admitted to smelling booze on his breath but made the decision that he didn't need to take a Breathalyzer because Wooten didn't seem drunk. Raise your hand if you think that trooper would not have given you a Breathalyzer test under the same circumstances. Yep, as I suspected, not a hand in sight.

Which brings us to the point most people are at. Palin isn't their problem. A state trooper agency that thinks this man should still be wearing a badge is."

Anonymous said...

Maybe there's something special about the name Sarah connected with common-sense conservatism. Did anybody else see Glen Beck's interview with Republican conservative maverick Sarah Steelman this evening? Here's yet another Sarah who represents the future of the Republican party! I sure hope Missouri Republicans do the right thing and make her their candidate for governor.

Anonymous - Palin built her popularity through standing for strong ethics throughout her political career. If you knew her biography, you would know that.

Governor Palin welcomes this investigation - she knows that she has nothing to hide. Monegan has already been exposed as a liar and a puppet of Mr. Malcontent Halcro. None of these goons accusations hold any weight, and Palin knows this.

Anonymous said...

Really cool article about Teddy Roosevelt's run for president and his vp pick:

Interestingly, John McCain himself is a TR "type" - the quintessential maverick republican who openly compares himself to TR at just about every turn and claims him as his most admired president. Because of this we must also look to TR's own choice for his vice president of Charles Warren Fairbanks in 1904. And it is here where we may have a clue that history has left for us. Possibly the only way to have two maverick TR "types" on one ticket is for the veep to be a Lady!

On December 4Th 2006, a first in Alaskan politics occurred when Sarah Palin, a conservative and yet progressive reformer, conservationist & lifetime member of the NRA became the first Alaskan female Governor in history. This maverick, elegant woman with 5 kids to boot & the current highest approval rating of all governors, had no problems in starting out her administration by breaking with the long held tradition of holding the governors inauguration at the state capital in Juneau. She changed the venue without a second thought to......... You guessed it -

Fairbanks Alaska. The only major city in America named for a vice president , Teddy Roosevelt's vice presidential pick.

Here's the link to the whole article.

dr. vicki

Anonymous said...

If Sarah Palin was a populist, why would she be popular outside of Alaska with not only conservatives, but moderates, libertarians, and even some Clinton Democrats?

She cannot possibly agree with all of these people at the same time. If a populist goes by the whim of her supporters, then Palin cannot possibly be one.

I support Palin, because she battles the actual corrupt politicians, is willing to take the energy crisis head on, and sticks to her guns. She is a maverick and a real good one at that. She certainly inspires me to be a better person (not that I'm bad). No other politician has done that.

My governor is Joe Corzine. If you to see what a real corrupt governor is like, visit old Joe here in New Jersey.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin is a Pragmatic Conservative.

This guy is the ultimate pragmatist.

Anonymous said...

"Fairbanks Alaska. The only major city in America named for a vice president , Teddy Roosevelt's vice presidential pick."

Lets hope that was providential!

Anonymous said...

The reason why Palin is popular now is that she is perceived as the best VP hope to assist McCain in defeating Obama.

The whole purpose of this is primarily to prevent an extreme leftist and socialist from winning the Presidency with a Congress led by Pelosi and Reid, who are also extremely leftist. To have the federal government in control of these three will be a disaster.

Palin offers a hope to keep them from controlling the government.

If McCain was a stronger candidate, we would not be talking about Palin as Veep so early, because we would be trying to set her up for 2012.

Palin is thought by some to be a populist reformer. I don't care about all that. I care that she helps the overall somewhat moderate or middle of the road McCain defeat Obama. It's that simple.

What is very disturbing about the Republicans in Alaska is that they don't recognize or don't care that Sarah could be the one to help defeat Obama. Of course a populist reformer can only get their power from the grassroots, since they will tend to lose support from ALL establishment interests. This is why you have such strange bedfellows of old-boy network Republicans teaming up with the Democratic troopers union and sulking bloggers like Halcro.

What Palin must do is appeal to the 'people' to support her for this is where her power comes from.

She must keep all above the table knowing that Alaskans or 80%+ of them will see the Halcro investigation for what it is: pettiness. It is such a minor issue compared to the rest of the nation. A scandal it is not. A scandal is governor McGreevey and wife of NJ, or Spitzer of NY, or John Edwards and his secret affair. Those are huge scandals that forced the first two of them out of office.

Sarah will even be more popular when all the evidence of Wooten comes out and the issue becomes 'why was he allowed to be a state trooper'... after all his unprofessional and reckless and unlawful behavior. Then Palin's people will want to know why Monegan was so cowardly in not dismissing him from the force, while Sarah did all she could short of breaking the law to alert Monegan of his reckless behavior.

Also, the Stevens scandal will help Sarah due to it highlighting how relatively clean her political past has been compared to Stevens, Young, and the rest of them.

You want to lynch someone Alaska, lynch Stevens. Lynching Palin for what seems so trivial a matter borders on the 'Ox-Bow Incident'.

Imagine a current governor concerned about her sister and her safety and the safety of her family. Is that so new?

Well well well, it appears our hope for Veep is a human being afterall, and you know what?...

I'm glad.

McCain/Palin '08

Tom (the Alabama Tom)

Anonymous said...

This just in:

"Alaska has become the latest in a string of states to boost government spending transparency by posting information online.

Gov. Sarah Palin (R) has announced the state has put its check register online. The department of administration’s Web site now hosts datasheets in PDF and Excel formats that allow taxpayers to view details of every expenditure greater than $1,000, organized by department, payee, and type of expense. [link to source ]

HT Making Sense with Nicholls"

Anonymous said...

"[Palin] said she will cooperate with the legislative probe, which is expected to be completed by November."

BigRob-68 said...

Michael Barone has an article on Alaska politics primarily aimed at Stevens and Young. He has good praise for Palin and Parnell. He refers to the Monegan flap as "she was criticized for firing." Note the past tense. It is over and not that big of a deal as has been argued on this blog numerous times.

Anonymous said...


FYI, The investigation hasn't even STARTED.

Anonymous said...

I like how French, a Democrat, has decided that it's going to take until November to hold this "investigation."

Proof that this is nothing but Palin fighting the corrupt Alaskan establishment: they're only willing to make up a "scandal" until Election Day.

Anonymous said...

November, huh?

Is anyone thinking what I'm thinking?

Who would appoint a VP that is under investigation?

Anonymous said...

Alaska Senate Energy Committee just voted 7 to 5 in favor of sending Natural Gas Pipeline Trans Canada license to full Alaska Senate.

Scott said...

I support Sarah Palin for V.P., but come here mostly as a diehard McCainiac. And while I think Palin is the best choice, I don't think, as has been stated on these boards, that she's Mac's only chance to win. Or that he wouldn't need her if he was a better candidate. He's made mistakes and certainly isn't as slick as Barry O, but he's in great position. I think there's a few good VP choices, Pawlenty being one, but favor Palin.
I guess my only problem is despite this trooper thing being a stinking pile of B.S., it would be tough to pull a triiger on the move while she's under investigation. So, does anyone think there's a way the Palin camp can stomp out the charges to the degree that they either will be embarrassing to the Dems or dropped?

Anonymous said...


If the investigation was suddenly dropped, that would only spark a new wave of conspiracy theories from the Palin-haters.

Since the charges have been proven false, the investigation seems to be a formality so that the issue can be "officially" closed.

If Palin was a Democrat, this would be easy. She'd just say that sexist men were targeting her, then sit back and let the media handle it. Palin doesn't have that luxury, and I don't think she'd play the victim card anyway. That's not her style.

As I've said before, cowering in the face of attacks like this only encourages future smear campaigns against good people.

Palin may or may not be picked, but I honestly believe this won't be a factor in McCain's decision.

Anonymous said...

Palin is a rockstar!

Anonymous said...

Investigate if you will, yet, there is no story in Monegan. Those drive-byes who think a story about an insignificant bureaucrat who could or would not do his job and got the boot equals some sort of malfeasance is arbitrary and capricious at best. The media is already moving on to the next story. If Palin were not doing her job or a serious contender for veep look no further than the attempts by Halcro and his minions, who would support corruption and inefficiency, to go to a pro-Palin blog and try and throw her under the bus for their own selfish gain whether personal or political.

Anonymous said...

Scott, do you have ANY idea how many voters (including women) who would have voted for McCain/Palin would stay home, not vote, not be enthusiastic, not work for, not support, a McCain/Pawlenty ticket???!!!???

Way more than enough to lose McCain the election!!!

Pawlenty, albeit nice guy, is a boaring snoozer adding NOTHING to the ticket -- and the Dems/media will criticize for the bridge collapse -- and ironically Palin the hockey mom has got a far better shot at carrying Minnesota for McCain than does Pawlenty!

Anonymous said...

Great article at NRO.

And as much as I hesitate to quote Dick Morris, he has a couple of interesting quotes in his article, "Obama's Women Problem".

The basic thrust of the article is how Obama is BEHIND among women over 40, and especially over 50, normally dependable democratic voters!

Some quotes from the article:

"They could get enthusiastic, one would think, about seeing a woman sitting a few feet away from the president in the Oval Office (again!)...

For his part, McCain should take dead aim at this demographic, perhaps by selecting a female running mate who would appeal to them.

The current favorite, Mitt Romney, does him no earthly good with these folks, and his Mormonism is likely to be a big turnoff. But McCain could choose..."

Well, no surprise here...he FAILS to mention Sarah Palin! HA!

The point being, of course, ONLY Sarah Palin, and ONLY HER, draws this demographic as well as she does ALONG WITH base conservative voters and independents. NOBODY else comes close.

And as a reflection on that NRO article, these women are MUCH LESS concerned with Palin's pro-life stance than under 40 women would be. In fact, her experience with giving birth to Trig would only inhance her appeal among this important demographic in my opinion.

Oh, one other thing before I go...if Obama chooses Kaine as his running mate (and I sure hope he does!) Palin should be the hands- down, no question choice for McCain. A fellow governor with the same amount of experience in office, but considerably
LESS in the way of accomplishments. It would be a match made in heaven!!!

Anonymous said...

Per NRO, Palin on Kudlow TV tonite!

"Thursday, July 31, 2008
Palin on Deck [Larry Kudlow]

Tonight on CNBC I’ll be talking with Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Obviously, Palin’s a leading candidate to be McCain’s veep. InTrade prediction markets have her at 20 percent, third behind Romney and Pawlenty. I’ll be talking to her about drill, drill, drill. Has she made any progress persuading McCain to drill in ANWR? And what’s the latest in her battle for a new Alaska pipeline? We’ll also talk about the Sen. Ted Stevens indictment, as well as Don Young (the other Alaska pork-barreler). I’m also going to ask her what it means to be a conservative these days.
07/31 11:58 AM"

Scott said...

I believe Palin is the best choice and have become a big fan, but just disagree with the theory that someone has to step in and "save" John McCain. I believe no matter who is in the Veep spots, the majority of Americans appreciate Mac's wisdom and won't turn this country over to an inexperienced prima donna who will rubber stamp the Pelosi/Reid administration.

Unknown said...

Yeah, Ted. I agree. I also wasn't that sold on McCain until I read his book, Faith of My Fathers. It is very impressive. People say McCain is probably the only republican with a chance against Obama. I also think Obama or Hillary were the only two dems that could possibly beat McCain. McCain and Palin together is a really impressive duo. Obama would have a hard time coming up with a match that good.