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Friday, July 11, 2008

New Palin Web Ad!

Found this on YouTube this morning. It's not ours, and I didn't know it was being made, but it's brilliant! Kudos to supporter and YouTube poster "SLCPatriot" for putting it together!


Ryan Trabuco said...

Wow, this is hot. :)

Kristofer said...

Great web ad!

Any of the other VP candidates garnering this much cyber excitement?


Anonymous said...

McCain should visit Alaska, announce the pick at ANWR while looking out on the desolute (but oil rich) tundra with the wind blowing (heck with the Aurora Borealis showing)

McCain: Sarah, what are we protecting up here by NOT drilling?

Sarah: I don't know Senator.

McCain: Who if we do?

Sarah: The American People

McCain pauses in thought.

McCain: Sarah, I know your people love you. But the American People need you now. Will you be my Vice President?

Sarah: Yes, I will.

Piper: Momma, whose that?

Sarah: The next President.

Piper: Do you think he likes mooseburgers?

Sarah: I hope so honey, I hope so.

- ok work is slow today - :)

Oh, and make her part of the campaign a reality TV show that travels with her. fully edited of course.

Adam Brickley, aka "ElephantMan" said...


Thats hilarious. Boredom often genereates the best comments.

Anonymous said...

look at that idiot's article
didnt even mention Palin
i tell you the public and large press will decide if Palin is a good choice or not
McCain should pick her and beat that "hussein"

TC said...

If he picks Palin, whoever made that video needs to send it to McCain's people. It has tv quality to it, and I could easily see it being the intro video to Team McCain/Palin.

Great Job!

Kristofer said...

#3, McCain cannot flip-flop on ANWR. A new Newsweek poll show by a margin of almost 2-1 that the public believes Obama flip-flops.

McCain cannot have those same numbers ans win.

Having Palin on the ticket is enough, because most people would assume that he would change his position, without McCain actually taking the hit on the flip-flop charge.

Anonymous said...

Yah, with the Hollow Man flippin and a floppin, the last thing McCain should do is flip again.

Now is the time to lock in convictions/values, etc. and get a simple strong message out.

Anonymous said...

Great vid!

Anonymous said...

Investor's Business Daily Interview with Sarah Palin about Energy Policy

All it will take is to change the language from talking about "Congress" in general to specifically calling out Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the rest of a do nothing Congress committed to strangling the American people with $4.00 per gallon gasoline.

TC said...

Believe it or not, but I hear on Sean Hannity's radio show this afternoon that the Senate Democratic leadership is beginning to change its mind on offshore drilling. Apparently, some time in the next week or so, Durbin and Reid will come out in support of it.

It's only a matter of time before ANWR is opened up. The tide is most definitely turning.

Anonymous said...

About that Washington Post article not including Palin, I think it's because the pundits don't picture the Republicans likely picking a woman. I hope McCain proves them wrong. After all, it was Ronald Reagan who appointed the first woman to the Supreme Court.
dr. vicki

Ted said...

I posted this on its site regarding the Washington Post piece failing to mention Palin:

"We're not fooled by your and the Washington Post's failure to include Sarah Palin. In all likelihood, Gov. Palin WILL be McCain's pick for Veep. Her positives -- too numerous to mention here and/or I don't feel like recounting them, suffice to say go google her -- far far outweigh any negatives (which are practically non-existent), and assertions of her lack of experience are completely bogus (but if the Dems or their allied-MSM want to allege that, I say BRING IT ON!).

Your, along with the rest of the MSM's dismissal of Palin is due to one thing, and one thing only, YOU ARE ALL DEATHLY AFRAID OF HER ON MCCAIN'S TICKET (because you know deep down with her on it Team McCain and the GOP win in November). But as much as you try to pretend Palin away, or engage in self-denial, she is here, she will be Veep, McCain/Palin will then win for a number of obvious reasons, the GOP will be rejuvinated as the Party of REAL change, and Palin will likely go on to become the first female President of the United States (and as a life-long GOPer myself, I'll enjoy it all the way watching the squirming Dems and MSM).

You can take this comment to the bank!"

Matthew said...

Really, Ted, you honestly believe that the Washington Post is trying to "fool" us? I'm really surprised at the way some members of our movement treat this sort of thing as important to John McCain's pick, as if he might say, "well, I was so impressed by that Alaska governor that I was going to pick her, but I've got all these newspaper articles that are predicting I'll pick someone else, so I'd better not do anything surprising."

I just think it makes us look bad when we assume motives. Chris Cizzilla and his editors probably wanted to keep the # of potential veeps down to 5. Or maybe not. But honestly, "deathly afraid"? "One thing and one thing only"?

Great ad, by the way, Adam.

Ted said...

Matthew, I totally stand by what I said regarding the main stream media intentionally endeavoring to overlook Palin (out of fear).

But I will agree with you that this strategy by the MSM won't work vis a vis McCain's selection. And part of the MSM's actions here are a kind of a psychological denial mechanism.

Ted said...

And frankly, I just wish McCain would officially pick Palin already so we can start having fun watching the main stream media and the Democrats squirm!

Kristofer said...

Actually Palin has received mostly positive press (minus Newsweek), although it has been limited. Most DC articles have praised her and not focused on negatives.

I agree with Matt, we should stop accusing the MSM of "fearing" Palin. Half of them probably do not know who she is.

Anonymous said...

I watched this video on AlaskaPodCast.

She really exudes a down-home friendliness that would capture the hearts of Americans between Manhattan and San Francisco, flyover country.

I like how she passes people on the street and they exchange greetings. Nice.

Note the small banner with star in the window of the governor's office. Not sure if that's Track's star or something else.

Also, at the end, notice the photos of past governors on the wall, all old white guys.

And yes, I'd be her coffeeboy for free.

Ted said...

kristofer, when the TV media does address Palin, yes, it's positive, (really how could it not be) albeit sometimes dismissive, but the issue is so far is that the MSM has largely avoided Palin -- even oddly so, like mentioning all prospective Veeps (far more remote than Palin) but not mentioning Palin.

Of course, that may be a changin now since she can't be avoided.

But don't kid yourself, the MAIN STREAM MEDIA is the liberal/Dem-supporting/Obama-supporting MSM; they do NOT want McCain to win and they KNOW Palin greatly enhances McCain winning.

Ted said...

kristofer, in other words, exposing the bias of the MSM makes it harder for them to exercise that bias -- so in the end they too will have to finally come around to Palin.

Anonymous said...

I remember that on MSNBC's veepstakes video, where Chuck Todd started off the voting, he mentioned Palin. He said something about her being sort of a dark horse candidate and being an intriguing pick, or something of that sort. Once again, I think the liberals vision of Republicans is that they stick with the conventional, and that it's not in their nature to go out on a limb with a younger, woman candidate. I think it's more about their overall attitude about Republicanism than anything specific about Palin. That's why they're so in the tank for Romney. They see Romney as the most logical pick. Which obviously most republicans must not agree with because despite the guys money and machine, he really struggled along in the primaries.This is one place where I think the MSM really messes up. They think of democrats as being this very divergent party (a la Will Rogers herd of cats) when in fact, the Republican party is every bit as diverse. So they tend to make these hard line predictions. That's my impression anyway.
dr. vicki

Anonymous said...

Gov Palin got a mention this morning on MSNBC's First Read as one of the potential vps at the governor's conference. Five were named. Pawlenty got ink as the leader. Here's the link:
dr. vicki

Matthew said...

Dr Vicki's explanation makes more sense to me, but I think that's a fair response, Ted. Minor disagreement.

IR-MN said...

Dr. Vicki, what do you have a doctorate in?

Hey, is anyone here from OR or WA? I've always heard that AK has close ties to the Pacific NW. Does anyone think she could boost our standings in those two states?

Ted said...

Yes, Dr. Vicki makes some very persuasive points and I agree, but also there remains the ABP syndrome afflicting the MSM.

Ir-Mn, yes another "beauty" of Palin is that she could more than put the Pacific northwest (Washington, Oregon) in play for the GOP, I think that a McCain/Palin ticket has a very good shot at winning in those states. (and if that were to happen, I actually think that a McCain/Palin ticket has the potential for a 1972 McGovern style wipe out!)

Off topic, but just read, with sorrow, about the death of Tony Snow. Now there was a class act guy, who will be missed!

Anonymous said...

My doctorate is in Educational Leadership with an emphasis in assessment of student learning. In other words a bit of a stats geek and some special ed creds. Which, I would like to mention, Gov Palin's new son, even though challenged by Down Syndrome, could have any where from a very mild symptomology or quite severe. From what little I've seen, he appears to be physically healthy, which is a real good sign that he will have a mild diagnosis. The physical problems tend to go hand in hand with the mental (why it's called a syndrome, meaning multiple manifestations). If there's big physical problems, most likely also serious mental problems.

Yes, so sorry to hear about Tony Snow. I doubt he'll get as much bruhaha as Tim Russert. That was sad, too, but they sure made a deal over it.

I agree on the Pacific Northwest. There's a lot of similarities in the fishing culture, timber culture, and similarities in the northwestern Native Americans culturally. Gov. Palin's hubby is either half or all native American, can't remember for sure.

dr. vicki

Anonymous said...

One of my old class mates lives in Eugene. I asked him what he thought of Palin, he's a rat, and he said that it would scare him a bit if she was selected as J. McCain's running mate. (His wife would vote for Palin).

Off topic, it is a shame about Tony Snow. Figured anything he had to say on air or in a column was pretty much on the mark. He just had class, something money or birth right or connections in life cannot be obtained.

bc3b said...

Last night on David Gregory's show on MSNBC, there was talk about possible VP candidates.

They were talking about Carly F. and Romney. One on the panelists, Reihan Salam, said he thought Alaska governor Sarah Palin would be the best choice because of the job she is doing in Alaska in spite of having three kids.

A woman corrected him and said, Sarah Palin has five kids. Salam simply said, "Oh, my God!"

Sarah Palin is getting coverage on Fox, CNBC and MSNBC, but CNN always seems to ignore her.

Rob said...

ir-mn, as a former Washingtonian (grew up there), I don't think Palin being from Alaska would do much in itself to put the PNW in play, though I suspect it would stir interest (those of us who are football fans still remember Jimmy Johnson saying no one cares about the Seahawks because "they play in South Alaska"); but I would guess that her style would play very, very well there, and that that might be enough to put those states in play. Oregon more likely than Washington, though, imho.

Kathleen said...

I live in western Washington - near the big "blue" sea that is Seattle - having transplanted here from the very red state of Idaho three years ago.

My sense is that it is primarily the urban (read liberal) population that has carried the state's politics by virtue of shear numbers. Some of you may be familiar with the debacle over the 2004 governor's race that involved numerous recounts and ended up putting the democrat in office by a mere 129 votes. LOTS of resentment and suspicion of underhanded tactics, as well as a great lesson about how votes DO count.

Point is, the same Republican candidate - Dino Rossi - is running again this year. I think his loss MAY have energized the more conservative eastern part of the state as well as those few of us who live in "enemy territory". If so, maybe we'll get the votes to turn the tide.

AND, it seems to me that having Sarah Palin on the ticket couldn't help but generate even more excitement among the NObama faction.

IR-MN said...

Rob, that's interesting. I thought the relationship was a little stronger. I know Northern Exposure was filmed in WA. But it seems that there are enough similarities that maybe the Pacific NW will give Palin a look.

Dr. Vicki, I hope Trig has the mild form, so he can lead a sort-of normal life.

Anonymous said...

Trig will be fine. He has a father.

Anonymous said...

I read in a blog post yesterday that Cindy McCain has a Masters degree in Special Education and that she had worked with Down Syndrome children. Interesting.

Laura said...

SLCPatriot: Nicely done! My favorite part is when you twist the light into the stars of the Big Dipper. Classy video.

Some have said that Sarah shouldn't be McCain's VP because she'll make him look even older. But when I look at the photo of them together in your video, well, they just look plain good together!

Anonymous said...

McCain looks great at the end of this video.

He reminds me of the cop on "The Shield". Tough dude who won't take no guf from the terrorists of the world. He could be bad cop to Sarah's good cop. A killer combo of strength and compassion.

Obama seems like a stick figure. Has anybody noticed that Obama seems to have lost weight or is looking gaunt?

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing on CNN the way Washington split between Obama and Clinton. Basically Seattle area was Obama and the whole rest of the state east was Clinton. I would expect it to do similar in the general between Obama and McCain (of course he won't pick up all those Hillary voters, it just represents liberal vs. conservative areas.) I've had friends from the area. The ones from rural parts tend to be a lot like folks from Wyoming and Utah. The ones from the cities a lot more like San Franciscoans. Seemed to me a more stark divide than most states have. Just an impression though.
And btw, Obama is down in the realclearpolitics poll of polls again today, to 4.7.

Anonymous said...

Your note of Seattle as being liberal is right on.

My sister and her family lived on Vashon Island in Puget Sound for 10 years. It is secular leftist feminine elitist central. It is VERY much like San Francisco. I've even heard it referred to as SF North. The joke I heard was that if you are an adult male from Idaho, Eastern WA, Utah, Montan and moved there, it was assumed and understood you were gay and going to where the hunting was better. When I worked at VoiceStream in Bellevue, there were a whole lotta gay men.

My nephew, his wife, and two youngs boys live in Eastern WA. I have no idea who they are voting for.

Kathleen said...

Ah yes, Vashon Island!

My husband is a soccer referee and also an instructor for new refs. The first time we went to Vashon Island for one of their clinics, we thought we would have time for lunch before the classes began.

Ours was the the only car in the parking area of the little cafe (the ONLY choice we found in the area) without a "Kerry/Edwards" bumper-sticker. Should have been our first clue. Inside, there was a sign that advised us: "Please wait PATIENTLY (in bold italics and underlined) to be seated. People who arrived after we did were taken to tables - a group of three "Earthmothers" in Birkenstocks and a male couple who simpered at one another like newlyweds. Had we not been so hungry and known we would not be home again until late evening, we would have left. I suspect the host would have preferred that, but as it was, he finally managed to lead us to a table and bring menus. The one concession to non-vegetarian tastes was the "Organic Angus Sirloin Burger", which - when it arrived more than half an hour later - was delicious. As it should have been for $14.95 each.

Pizza provided to the class who had spent their whole day at the clinic had to be brought by ferry from Tacoma. The only other "treats" available were granola bars and sugar-free Snapple. Ugh.

Needless to say, we make sure we take Subway sandwiches and a thermos of coffee with us when we have to go there now.

Probably not much point in campaigning for Sarah over there :-) But I don't think the rest of the state is so hopeless.

Anonymous said...

I remember a reading liberal blog a few years ago and some jerk was spewing hate on Tony Snow, and I thought what is he talking about. You may disagree with what he was saying as press secretary for Bush, but if you can't get along with a nice class guy like Tony, you have severe attitude problems. Reading for further comments, I noticed an admitted Democrat that chewed out the jerk for his vitriol. That's how you know he was a good man when his enemies even slap their own goons around for dissing him.

Tony Snow RIP

Kristofer said...

One from the UK, and one from GA.

Kristofer said...

"Given McCain's age and crusty persona, a glamorous, dynamic female running-mate such as Palin would be a presentational bonus."

Kristofer said...

From The Guardian

"Sarah Palin
The governor of the wild state of Alaska is in many ways a Republican dream: highly popular, unabashedly conservative and yet with youth, beauty and a sense of humour. She's a gun-toting mother of five."

Anonymous said...

Intrade now has Gov Palin at 3rd in the Veepstakes. Romney is one at 24, Pawlenty second at 14 and Palin third at 12. Huckabee is right behind her.
RCP poll of polls now has Obama's lead down to 4.2. Cool.
Tonight on ABC nightly news they gave big air time to the governor of Utah. I've never heard of him. They didn't mention or show Palin. Bummer.
dr. vicki

Anonymous said...

Intrade - Palin #3, this means that a lot of Dc insiders are talking about her.

Kathleen said...

Adam, have you seen this one?

Anonymous said...


That race42008 article has a really great discussion going.

Palin appears to be one of the heavyweights now duking it out vs. Romney.

Seems the Palin train is officially out of the station.

flapper said...

McCain should come out in favor of ANWR drilling.

Bill Kristol explained this on Fox Sunday recently. McCain would be coming toward his base, even as Obama moves away from his. McCain's already advocating tax cuts that he opposed in the past.

Not to mention the fact that Palin is so strongly in favor of drilling and is the perfect person to make the case to voters. Why pick Palin and make her fight w/ one hand tied behind her back? In fact, I'd go so far as to say that Palin won't be on the ticket unless McCain changes on ANWR.

Don't worry, the "flip-flop" narrative on Obama has already been established, and Lord knows he's gonna be spinning like a top when he returns from Iraq. The far-left will be furious. Get your popcorn ready! ;)

Ryan Trabuco said...

"Seems the Palin train is officially out of the station."

Yep. And it seems like we all bought our tickets early :)