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Thursday, July 24, 2008

New web-ad!

This one comes courtesy of "Students for John McCain" (Not an official part of the McCain campaign, but a good group). I love how they used the clips from last years Kuwait trip spliced with quotes from Senator McCain.


Anonymous said...

A chill went down my leg when I saw her on the shooting rage with the troops.

The part of the video is worth 5 million votes.

Anonymous said...

I am convinced that the time is now to pick Palin for VP! McCain is holding his own (barely) in the polls right now, but if he does not change the trajectory of this election before the dem convention, it will be too late! However, pick Palin next week, get a big bounce and more importantly, force Senator 143 to keep answering questions about puting Hillary on the ticket. If he then puts Hillary on the ticket the week before the convention, three things happen: 1) he looks like a pathetic panderer and 2) he energizes all entire Clinton hating republican base, and 3) He completely loses the whole "Change" theme of his campaign. If he does not choose Hillary, there will be some very upset Clinton supporters making noise at the convention, thus causing a big distraction and limiting the typical post-convention bounce and millions of women drift over to support McCain-Palin - election over. His only possible move is to pick a woman other than Hillary, which will also seem like pandering, will also enrage Hillary supporters at the convention, but may serve to hold back the tide of women drifting over to the rep side. The key to all this is to do it now! Before the olympics and before the dem convention! If he picks Palin next week, the election is in the bag! Please Senator McCain, play to win!

Anonymous said...

I just finished Kathleen Parker's latest book on men. I was very moved by the chapter on women in combat and how this is very debilitating to men and hurts defense. I do not believe women belong in any combat or near-combat military jobs, because as a man I think our women and children are way to special to piss away in a trench in some foreign mudhole.

However, that being said, I loved the part of the clip showing her shooting a rifle. Very cool!

At least I know that if a bear breaks down the front door of her home, she'll shoot and ask questions later. Obama would probably push to protect the bear's rights of habeus corpus, as it tears his children to shreds.

McCain/Palin '08

Anonymous said...

Actually the Bear would not require habeus corpus rights, as firearms would be banned under an Obama administration.

I agree, Palin with the assault rifle was the best part.

Anonymous said...

Great news - maybe you can post: Palin in 1 of 6 on McCain's VP shortlist:

Matthew said...

Pawlenty, Powell, Romney, Lieberman, and Ridge? That list is hard for me to understand. Lieberman is a Democrat & won't appeal to anyone but hawks. Romney became a conservative based on poll numbers. Powell was a member of the Bush administration that is often thought of as the guy who tried but failed to have a senseible foreign policy (whether or not this is true doesn't matter; it's how he's perceived & picking the guy who failed isn't going to win McCain any votes). And, okay, I don't know a whole lot about Pawlenty, except that the Democrats seem to be predicting him.

Now, I do understand the case for Pawlenty. I mean, I understand the part before I start daydreaming. And I'm not surprised to see him on the short list. He probably should be, but I just don't see what the point is.

In general, I'm a little troubled by what this seems to indicate about McCain's thinking, here. In my fantasy world, this list was put out by an ├╝ber-moderate on the McCain team, who only threw Sarah in there because McCain was taking her too seriously for him to ignore.

But in my fantasy world, calling your own grandmother a racist doesn't play well, either, so who knows?

Matthew said...

Great ad, btw. Glad to see more people willing to put in this kind of professional quality work for the cause.

TC said...

To have that come from the campaign is huge for this movement. Even if she isn't picked, it means Adam has done something very few have, got someone the people want on a VP shortlist.

Looking at that list though, I think you can strike Powell (not big fan of McCain), Ridge (not conservative enough), Lieberman (well, duh!) and Romney (internal polls show McCain losing ground in every category with Romney on ticket).

I truly believe it's down to Palin and Pawlenty, and just based on the new polls that show McCain closing in Minnesota and Wisconsin and Michigan, I think the inside track is for Tim Pawlenty. However, the McCain camp, according to CNN's ticker, wants to keep energy a major, MAJOR focus. What better way that to but the Governor of the largest oil producing state in the country on the ticket. Truthfully, I think it really is a tossup between Palin and Pawlenty.

Let's hope Sarah's invited to that big get together McCain's having this weekend at his ranch.

Kelly in Wasilla said...

There's no there there.

Kristofer said...

Sarah Palin has better aim than Dick Cheney. Does that not make her qualified for VP?

Anonymous said...

The Palin for VP crowd has more creativity and energy than any of the other VP movements.

Y'all can run a political campaign as a team. Kudos to you.

This is also saying a lot about Palin motiviating voters for McCain.

Anonymous said...

Pawlenty is a snoozer. Another boring white guy. It will be a minority or woman, hopefully Gov. Palin.

Dave ll said...

Pawlenty ONLY helps with MN and WI...MAYBE (and that's a BIG MAYBE!) These are states that Dems usually carry and that McCain would usually not be expected to win he LOSES votes by not picking Palin (women, conservatives, energy independents) in other key swing states by picking Pawlenty, and gains what??? A less slimmer chance (maybe) of winning MN and on the outside WI.

The positives for Pawlenty are just not there compared to Palin...though the arguement that Pawlenty might be more ready to become President if McCain dies is out there...(though I don't buy it myself.)


President Tim, anyone???

Anonymous said...

i agree with the poster who wrote that it's a tribute to the site that Gov Palin has moved into consideration. When this was started, she was a longshot that no one took seriously.

Based on reports, she's clearly been considered and is probably in that 2nd tier and arguably the leader among the shake things up/non white guy field.

I think Mac waits a bit, sees how things look towards the end of August. I still think Romney or Pawlenty is the pick but if certain things happen, Gov Palin could be the choice, and at the least, I think she's made it to among the final contenders.

So, way to go, Adam.

Students of America said...

Adam thank you for posting our video. We are in full support of Gov. Palin for VP. Excellent blog and thank you for introducing us to Sarah Palin

tigrefan98 said...

The Obama camp underestimated millions of women, and now as many as half of Hillary supporters say they won't vote for him.

McCain has been criticized for not appealing to his "base" of 2nd-amendment, pro-military, pro-life, pro-energy conservatives.

Sarah Palin is the only candidate who can help McCain win both groups. She is camera friendly, family-friendly and emphasizes the same issues as McCain: energy, responsible spending, accountable government. She would raise some eyebrows and get a LOT of undecided voters to give McCain a look.

I will vote McCain no matter what, but putting Palin on the ticket makes sense in the head and the heart.

Anonymous said...

I agree with tigrefan. I think putting Palin on the ticket would get a lot of people who are otherwise not very interested in McCain to give him a second look. I think only Jindal or maybe Fiorna would do that.
The hubby is supporting my campaigning for Gov Palin but he says he's against drilling in the U.S. because he wants everybody else to use theirs up first and then sell ours for about $1000 a barrel! HA. That's his strategy. He thinks he's an undiscovered genius.
dr. vicki

TC said...

Hey guys, I found another potential Palin theme song, maybe her exit song at the convention?

Anonymous said...

McCain is gaining in the polls due to his position on drilling. Choosing Palin is a no-brainer as this is her issue.

Anonymous said...

This video literally brought tears to my eyes, seeing Sarah with her family, with the military, and just plain her obvious personal appeal!

While I'm 100% with you all on Palin, I'll give you my personal unbiased OPINION: I think it's seriously down to 2 people -- Romney or Palin. For everyone else, one of these two clearly trumps them. Ridge? Lieberman? I think McCain knows these guys would cause a huge conservative loss of votes to Barr. Crist? If McCain can't win Florida by himself, then he can't win. Pawlenty? There's only been one recent poll showing McCain close in Minnesota, and he's not at all close in Wisconsin. Better to pick Romney, who gives a real serious shot at Michigan, and he might almost generate a Mormon surge in Nevada and Colorado. Quite honestly, Romney DOES have some real positives. In addition to the above, he'd also give McCain some Economy expertise, and he'd generate some increased fund-raising.

That being said, I still think Sarah Palin is the clear best choice, for 3 key reasons:
(1) While Romney would be good as an "Economy expert", Palin is an "Energy expert" -- and I think this election may be won or lost on this particular issue.
(2) What I really fear in Obama is that he may generate a huge turnout among the Youth vote in his favor. If so, there's only one way to counter that -- give them a reason to vote Republican. Sarah Palin, with her youthfulness, energy, and looks, would give young voters a reason to look at the GOP ticket a bit closer.
(3) Demographics -- There are still many angry and bitter Hillary voters out there who really don't want to vote for Obama. Palin on the McCain ticket would give them a major reason to cross over.

So what about Jindal? First, he's about said that he won't accept the VP bid. Secondly, at age 37, he's probably TOO young. I actually worry that he could turn out to be another "deer in the headlights" Dan Quayle. Finally, there are a lot more women to attract to the GOP than Indian-Americans.

Anonymous said...

Every presidential cycle Democrats count on the youth vote to swing the election their way and every election they DON'T TURN OUT in the numbers hoped for.

Kathleen said...

"and every election they DON'T TURN OUT in the numbers hoped for."

I don't think we can depend on past history as a predictor of ANYTHING this year. Obama is truly a "Rockstar" to much of America's youth vote and The anti-American idols these young people worship are ramping up the fervor while the Obama campaign spends enormous $$$$ to shove this guy down our throats.

We need to use every weapon we can find to fight back.

Kathleen said...

Meanwhile, if you want a good laugh at the "Messiah's" expense, see this:

Kathleen said...

Let's try that again, cause this is GREAT satire!

Anonymous said...

What a difference between Obama's trip to Iraq and that Palin trip from last year.

She really did go there to support and spend time with the troops.

Obama went there for a photo-op.

Anonymous said...

I am no fan of John McCain's. I hear him speak and the mush that comes out of his mouth is enough to make me weep, provided he can string a couple coherent sentences together long enough for me to comprehend anything of his middle of the road mush. God how can we survive another inarticulate GOP president? It almost makes me want to vote for Obama, at least he speaks well. But then again, another silver-tongued devil like Bill Clinton would have us pining for an honest though verbally challenged republican, even a liberal one like McCain. Bottom line is, I'm not voting for president, I threatened the very same thing when Bob Dole ran, I walked up to a poll worker and said if the Republicans nominate Dole I will never vote Republican again. I lied. Frankly, I've never voted for a Democrat, so what could I do. Now, with Palin on the ticket, I would vote for McCain. I might with Romney too, but he is a stiff shirt no matter how you slice it, might help in Michigan, but he is a master of the flip flop no matter his most recent, all too convenient conversion to conservatism. Bottom line: put Palin on the ticket, you got my vote.

Anonymous said...

This article discusses Mac's conflicting "will he or won't he" name the veep this week. It gives Palin long odds and puts the usual suspects at the top. Here goes

Anonymous said...

Romney is out. Via US News and World Report.

“Romney, my sources tell me, is insisting to top politicos in Boston and Washington that he does not think McCain will pick him.”

Ted said...

FIRST POINT: I've repeatedly heard "safe pick" "safe pick" "safe pick" to describe McCain picking a Pawlenty, a Romney or a Ridge, as opposed to a Sarah Palin. In reality, the exact opposite is the case. Sarah Palin IS the safe pick, the SAFEST pick! To prove my point, check over at the recent postings on the Race42008 blog where commenters were invited to list their top 5"wants" and "wills" in terms of McCain's Veep pick. What name appears on practically EVERY list submitted by what are a wide political array of commenters, yep "Sarah Palin" -- IN TOTAL far ahead of any of the other names, that is, unlike any other name, Palin's name is practically on EVERY COMMENTER'S list -- commenters with varying political views and takes.

SECOND POINT: Palin's very recent (earlier Friday evening) live statement to the press on the resignation of Public Safety Commissioner Kopp is here:

If the Dems, Palin detractors, or lefty blogs want to jump on this, go right ahead BUT REMEMBER this is much less than a mole hill (completely void of any lack of intergtiy on the part of Governor Palin) compared to the mountain of a LACK of integrity, LACK of judgment and LACK of truthfulness on the part of, say, Barack Obama and his dealings and after-dealings with his long term fundraiser Tony Vezko and his long term Reverend Wright, etc.

Palin is more than withstanding the "heat" -- Team McCain take note! The fact that lefty blogs would or might elect to come out against Palin on this confirms their #1 goal is to take Palin out! Palin remains their greatest threat and Senator McCain's most powerful weapon in this election.

Anonymous said...

Here's a nice article about Gov. Palin in a Catholic website. Her choices about her son Trig are very appealing to Catholics. As far as I'm concerned, it doesn't matter, she did the right thing. But I think the Catholic voters in and evangelicals would be very stoked about this aspect of her life.
dr. vicki

Anonymous said...

Dr. Vicki,

Catholics will be VERY approving of Palin because of her letting her baby live and be loved.

Another reason to pick her to win the heavy Catholic states of MI, PA, OH, etc.

Those of you who don't know about Obama's war on babies, check this out:


flapper said...

anon & ted made some good points.

I think Romney's negatives outweigh his positives, though. Conservative Evangelicals don't want him. If they did, he'd be the Pres. nominee.

I love Jindal. Very impressive guy. No "Dan Quayle" vibe at all. Jindal and Palin will be the GOP frontrunners in 2012.

ted, I think the ultimate "safe pick" is Pawlenty. He's been a Gov. for 6 yrs. and he's acceptable to the Evangelicals. He does no harm, but little good either. Palin's only negative is a short 2 yrs. as Gov., but obviously her positives far outweigh that.

flapper said...

This is depressing.

Palin's trying to hand McCain a victory and he won't take it.

Anonymous said...

I think she would make an excellent choice for VP running mate. The best. Is she willing to accept the position with a new baby that has special needs and 4 other children as well as a state to look after??

Does anyone know?