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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Larry Kudlow endorses Palin for VP!!!!!!

UPDATE: Here's a link to the video of the interview (12 minutes long). looks like I'll have to wait for a transcript on the actual endorsement.
UPDATE: I'm glad I watched the whole show. Kudlow just came back on at the very end of the show and officially endorsed Palin for VP! WOW!!!!!!!
I just watched Gov. Palin on "Kudlow and Company", and she did a great job on drilling, AGIA, Stevens, and even "Troopergate". I'll get you the video as soon as I can.


Bob said...

She was excellent, confident, inspirational and had the most unique answer i've heard yet about being vice president. She is the one folks. We all know that. Ahhh those people in Alaska are bringing down the best thing Alaska has had to offer to the nation since ANWR. You can only be impressed with her...

Anonymous said...

Just saw Governor Sarah on Larry Kudlow. WOW!!!Super!!! Sarah will prevail with all those qualities that we so admire: leadership, integrity, courage.I look forward to the future with hope that Sarah will be our next Vice President.--a 65 year-old-grandmother and a former Alaskan.

Anonymous said...

She absolutely did nail the interview. And, her answers on Wootengate were perfect.

At the same time, I really did get the impression that she has zero expectation of being selected as McCain's running mate and didn't really sound like someone on a list (or even trying to hide that she's on McCain's list). She'd be great as his running mate, but her tone did not suggest in the slightest that she is under any consideration for the spot.

Anonymous said...

I was thrilled to hear her response to the VP question! I take it to mean she'd be interested--it wasn't a no! And I loved her support for McCain. He needs to choose her, (then change his mind on Anwar-)
She's so refreshing. There is the excitement his campaign needs.

Anonymous said...

Did everyone catch Kudlow's remark during the show's wrap-up? It was an unconcealed endorsement of Governor Palin. I believe he said something to the effect of "she would make a great running mate" and "I hope John McCain is listening." Hopefully someone can back this up. Good stuff!

Anonymous said...

anyone else notice that all the Romney backers (Kudlow, NRO, etc...) are supporting Palin, and leaving Romney?

Anonymous said...

I hope McCain chooses her, she would be amazing!!!

Also, there was a great article about her in the washington times mentions her as the top female veep pick for mccain.

Anonymous said...

More endorsements. Washington Times;

"Sarah Palin is a great choice," said Grover Norquist, a Republican activist best known for his economic conservatism."

"She's got it all, and is a remarkable leader who brings a number of good qualities to the table," said Wendy Wright, president of Concerned Women for America."

Anonymous said...

And that aforementioned Washington Times article from today is currently up on Drudge. More exposure.

Anonymous said...

I like the endorsements for this site as well...
from TWT article...
"She is the focus of a Web site ("
and even Kudlow mentioned her "legion of followers".
Well done to Adam and everyone on his team.


Scott said...

Great interview, and I think one of the most important things is that Larry, who is an excellent interviewer, did not let her off easy on the trooper situation. She gave a general answer, he con=untered with a direct challenge about wrong doing, and she gave a great, strong answer. Impressive, and better than fielding softballs from someone who might seem on her side. The Guv can take the heat.

Anonymous said...

julie, we are no longer a gagle, we are a legion.

Unknown said...

The Palin article is on the main page of the WT right now!!!

Anonymous said...

The groundswell is growing. Remember: legally, the presidential nominee does not pick the VP nominee. The convention does. Anyone who knows any McCain delegates who would be open to Palin, tell THEM to talk to the campaign. They have to listen to that.

Anonymous said...

hhhmmm, NRO, the Kudlow, then the Times? This is coordinated.

Unknown said...


Got one!

Anonymous said...

Very nice interview from what I've seen so far on youtube! Let's try to get the whole interview and Kudlow's endorsement up soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh, she is on the list. Look at the background. She was at home, not in a studio.

She still refuses to talk about the VP position, and based on her answer, she has talked to McCain.

Mongo Mere Pawn said...

The apparent endorsement by David Barton is pretty significant. Barton is the past Vice Chair of the Republican Party of Texas and a vigorous campaigner for conservative Republicans all over the country. More importantly, however, he is well-known in the evangelical community as an author and speaker on Free Exercise issues through his organization, Wallbuilders, see For example, Governor Huckabee spoke a couple of years ago at the annual dinner, clearly contemplating a run for the presidency. If Barton endorses Governor Palin, then you can expect other evangelical leaders, whether particularly Republicans or not, to start doing the same. And if Senator McCain gives evangelicals and social conservatives in the party a reason to get excited about his candicacy through the proxy of his VP choice, he shores up a critical constituency without appearing to actually pander to that constituency since it will be much harder to caracature Governor Palin as one of us "fire-breathing Bible thumpers" than, say, Governor Huckabee. I truly pray Senator McCain makes her his choice.

Mongo Mere Pawn said...

I should have been more specific, but in discussing the apparent Barton endorsement I was referring to the Washington Times article. It's also pretty significant that the president of Concerned Women of America, an organization that dwarfs NOW in membership, appears to be on board.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I didn't watch the whole show! Woe is me! Can someone please post a video of Kudlow endorsing Palin at the end of the program? This is huge!

Oh yeah, a great interview too. Palin isn't scared at all by "TrooperGate". Be afraid, Halcro, Monegan, and Wooten! You should have paid more attention to Fred Barnes' morbid remarks on the Governor's enemies from back in '07. :P

Anonymous said...

Palin really practices "Straight-talk". Her comments on congress (energy) are probably agreed with by 90% of the nation.

Mongo Mere Pawn said...

One last decidedly non-evangelical point. As someone who supported former Senator Fred Thompson's untimely bid for the Republican nomination, I just noticed a bit of a resemblance between Governor Palin and another member of the Law & Order clan, i.e., Mariska Hargitay of Law & Order SVU. Maybe a "separated at birth" post is in order.

Anonymous said...

I thought she handled the questions about the investigation very very well.

That Washington Times article is linked on Drudge atm, another nice bonus.

Anonymous said...

What? Don't be dishonest. Nothing about Wooten or Troopers was even mentioned.

Anonymous said...


Nothing was mentioned because you posted the wrong interview.

SMatthewStolte said...

Just a little before the seven minute mark, Sarah Palin also got an endorsement from God … maybe. :)

Anonymous said...

The article says she believes in global warming. What's the story there? Not many global warming people are all about ANWR.

Mongo Mere Pawn said...

The description of Governor Palin as a disciple of global warming is not a helpful one, especially for those of us who consider this secular green theology to be a cynical means of imposing collectivist economic "solutions" on capitalist market economies such as ours.

The good news is that Governor Palin does not appear to favor collectivism of any kind. Indeed, she directed the Alaskan AG to file suit against the EPA for naming the polar bear an endangered species because she recognizes that the greenies want an unaccountable federal judge to impose greenhouse gas limitations on ALL economic activities that produce greenhouse gasses in this country on the dubious ground that such limitations will reduce greenhouse gasses which will in turn reduce the melting of ice floes in the Arctic which are the breeding and hunting environment of the polar bears.

In other words, to the extent that the science demonstrates global temperatures rising due to human activity, Governor Palin favors moderating such activities to protect the environment generally, but not at the expense of imposing real economic hardship on her constituents.

Unfortunately, I doubt very seriously that Senator McCain would have taken similar action against the polar bear listing. He favors a cap-and-trade system that will create an incredible federal bureaucracy that will decide what economic activity can emit what amount of greenhouse grasses. To see what that means, check out California AG Moonbeam's recent decision to block the building of a water bottling plant because the owners hadn't demonstrated the impact of the carbon emissions coming from delivery trucks to and from the facility. Egads!!!

Anonymous said...

QUESTION: How do you know the Dems and MSM are petrified of Palin?

ANSWER: LA Times promotes story "Palin faces state probe nixing VP rumors" since Palin told police her state trooper ex-brother-in-law threatened to kill her dad.

Anonymous said...

The Rasmussen Market's VP Watch has narrowed quite a bit. Palin in moving up, while Pawlenty and Romney move down.

Mitt Romney - 28.6 (29%)
Tim Pawlenty - 25.0 (25%)
Sarah Palin - 19.5 (20%)

Anonymous said...

The Washington Times article on McCain considering Palin was the above-the-fold, front page article in the print edition. Woohoo!!!

Unknown said...

There's a very good article on RCP today about how buying foreign oil is actually a greater threat to the environment that drilling on our own land. It's an argument I've been saying the republican ticket should be making as well.

dr. vicki

StudentsofAmerica said...

palinforvp mentioned in this Washington Times article today

Rob Harrison said...

I'm glad Kudlow gave Gov. Palin a couple good stiff questions about Monegan, and I agree that she handled them well. I think my favorite part of the interview, though, was when he asked her about possibly running for VP and she said, in essence, "I can't comment on that until I'm sure it would be a real job--I'm used to getting real work done."

Carlos Echevarria said...

Gov. Palin handled herself very cooly and she was right on message, in terms of Alaskan politics, US energy policies and her overall vision of governance, etc.

Although she said the trooper gate matter should not disqualify her for VP consideration, she also went on to disparage the office of VP. (no eneregy???)

Her answer belies the realities & history 20th Century VPs, which have played prominent roles: Teddy Roosevelt, Truman, Nixon, Johnson, Bush Sr., Gore and ofcourse, Cheney.

Hopefully, it is all a headfake....let's "keep hope alive" to quote one of Barry's mentors!!!

I have no doubt a Mac-Palin ticket would win big in November....

Unknown said...

My hubby thinks her comments about the vp were a way to not answer the question of whether she was being vetted or not. If it was, she did a pretty good job because it got Kudlow discussing whether vp was important or not and away from whether she had been vetted. Then again, maybe no one in the McCain camp has approached her and she's just amused by all this attention.
dr. vicki

Anonymous said...

The post below from a real Alaskan that lives in Alaska.

The CNBC Interview: The Flips & The Flops

On Thursday, the governor appeared on CNBC with host Larry Kudlow to discuss issues facing Alaska such as the gas pipeline, the controversy around earmarks, the investigation into her firing of Commissioner Walt Monegan and the possibility of her being chosen as John McCain's Vice Presidential running mate.

On the issue of earmarks:

The Flip:

"We here in Alaska, our administration, we cancelled the bridge to nowhere, we know that, that earmark was not in Alaska's or the nation's best interest." CNBC 7/31/08

The Flop:

"People across the nation struggle with the idea of building a bridge because they’ve been under these misperceptions about the bridge and the purpose,' said Palin, who described the link as the Ketchikan area’s potential for expansion and growth.

Palin said Alaska’s congressional delegation worked hard to obtain funding for the bridge as part of a package deal and that she 'would not stand in the way of the progress toward that bridge.'”
Ketchikan Daily News 8/8/06

"Part of my agenda is making sure that Southeast is heard. That your projects are important. That we go to bat for Southeast when we’re up against federal influences that aren’t in the best interest of Southeast.'

She cited the widespread negative attention focused on the Gravina Island crossing project. 'We need to come to the defense of Southeast Alaska when proposals are on the table like the bridge and not allow the spinmeisters to turn this project or any other into something that’s so negative,' Palin said."
Ketchikan Daily News 9/28/06

On the investigation into the firing of Walt Monegan:

The Flip:

"A couple of lawmakers who weren't happy with that decision are looking at me as kind of a target right now."
CNBC 7/31/08

The Flop:

The Legislative Council, a bi-partisan committee, voted unanimously 12-0 to authorize the legislature to hire an independent investigator to look into allegations that Palin abused her power in trying to pressure former public safety commissioner Walt Monegan to fire her ex-brother in law who is an Alaska State Trooper.

To allege that it the investigation is a product of a "couple of lawmakers", ignores the fact that none of the twelve committee members voiced objection to moving forward with the investigation.

On questions about being McCain's potential VP running mate:

The Flop:

"I can't answer that question until someone answers for me what is it exactly that the Vice President does." CNBC 7/31/08

...with that answer, every Obama supporter in the country is now hoping that Palin becomes McCain's Vice Presidential running mate.

To see the interview:

Anonymous said...

OK real Alaskan. Let's make a deal:

You give us Sarah so we can defeat the O-man, and

we let you pick your new governor unmolested, maybe .... Halcro?

How's that? You can't possibly be against that deal. Heck we won't even ask for any seed money.


McCain/Palin '08

Anonymous said...

Tell me again why you think Sarah Palin should be the veep?

And looks don't count.

Anonymous said...

1) She is young which will excite the youth vote.

2) She has a record of government reform which is what is needed in Washington.

3) She is pro-life which will be acceptable with social conservatives.

4) She is a woman which will be very attractive to all women, even get a few Hillary voters.

5) Transformation pick that helps to open up the Republican Party to women and minorities rather than being perceived as being the old white guy party.

6) Has a baby named Trig who will charm the hearts of Americans including women and people who work with special needs children.

7) Will attract the Catholic vote due to her pro-life beliefs and DS baby. These are the voters in the mid-west that McCain must win over.

8) She is doer and can get things done.

9) She has courage in taking on the corrupt establishment in AK.

10) Five children in a big family. This will be a PR dream.

11) Oldest son Track is in the army and she'll have that star in the window which will make her favorable to military families.

12) She has been involved with oil/gas issues and this is the hot issue now with gas prices high and the need to obtain energy resources domestically rather than sending huge amounts overseas for imports which provide no jobs and lead to a monstrous trade deficit.

13) She is a lifetime member of the NRA and respects the 2nd Amendment. She believes in the right of a woman to carry a handgun on the way to the ATM to get money to feed her family - compassion anyone?

14) She understands the need to protect the environment but only as it does not hurt our economy unnecessarily. A capitalist, but pro-environment.

15) By having her on a winning ticket, it sets her up for 2012 for President, which is just what Republicans need: a reformer who won't let Congressional Repubs. degenerate into a mass of earmark addicts bent on being Dems.

16) She would also be the perfect antagonist to militant islam because she is a woman and we all know how annoying it will be to see her on the same world leader level as the tyrants of islam. This would be so much fun.

17) With her independent populist streak, she is less likely to take the interests of secular leftist Europeans seriously. She'd be president of the USA not some 'citizen of the world' like the O-man.

18) She is less likely to raise taxes on capital gains and other taxes when compared to O-man.

19) She is more likely to appoint Supreme Court Justices (in the event she were to become POTUS) who interpret laws, not make laws, especially as they relate to the 10th Amendment, as opposed to who O-man would appoint.

20) She would unite the Republican Party for the election because she attracts some parts of the electorate that McCain needs help with.

21) She would generate incredible excitement to the McCain campaign and get more attention from the MSM away from O-man. She could not be ignored.

22) Most of all, having Sarah on the ticket would make this election season SO MUCH MORE INTERESTING and give Republicans and Independents a reason to get their buns to the voting booth for higher turnout.

23) Oh, I forgot to mention that she is a Christian and the USA has a whole lotta Christians, where O-man doesn't know what he really is as it morphs daily. We know he is not a Christian because he thinks it's cool to kill born babies who survived an abortion.

24) She is not a socialist like O-man, and believes that free-market capitalism is still the best economic system at the moment.

25) She is a strong believer in private property rights compared to O-man.

26) She has proved as governor that she CAN be bypartisan.

27) She is a fiscal conservative and has helped to run a surplus in AK.

28) She has more executive experience than O-man and has a few accomplishments.

29) She has leadership skills whereas O-man has more the skills of a preacher as opposed to a doer.

30) If holed up in a house under fire in Faluja, who would you want watching your back: Sarah or the O-man? Get the point?

31) She'd fit that song by Shania Twain (More Than a Pretty Face) about women and how dynamic they can be. Perfect song for the convention whether she is VP or simply gets a speech. The hype would be a tsunami.

32) She loves the USA whereas we are not sure about O-man.

33) FINAL REASON: She more than any other VP would do more to help McCain defeat the Hollow Man in November.

Now, just give her up to us, we let AK get a new governor, and then we all are happy, and nobody gets hurt. :)

Alabama Tom

McCain/Palin '08

Anonymous said...

Oops! I forgot one more reason assuming you meant 'her' looks.

Her husband Todd is a good looking dude and will attract female voters.

Don't think so? My sister thinks Todd is cute after I sent links to his photo to her.

Dr. Vicki,

Do you think Todd is cute?

I need a second opinion. I'm not playing around since when everything else is equal, humans vote the looks.

Alabama Tom