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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Palin a guest-poster on Sen. John Cornyn's blog!

While there have been a lot of blog posts about Gov. Palin, we now have the first known blog post by Gov. Palin! Today, she authored a post on energy and ANWR for U.S. Senator John Cornyn's blog. This is a big deal, as Sen. Cornyn is a leading voice on the energy issues. Other recent guests on his blog have included Newt Gingich and Mike Huckabee, so it's safe to say that this puts Gov. Palin in a very exclusive club.

Many thanks to Sen. Cornyn for offering this platform to our favorite governor, let's make sure he gets lot of links as a token of our appreciation.

UPDATE: Palin's post is also getting some ink on


Anonymous said...

I am VERY much on board with Sarah Palin for VP -- and very excited that she could win the Election for McCain, especially as her place on the ticket would open up McCain to ANWR-drilling, as well as put the focus on the major differences between McCain-Palin and Obama on bringing down the price of gas.

Can I ask all you Palin supporters an unrelated question? I've recently shared my excitement about Gov.Palin with a couple family members.

First, my VERY conservative brother expressed doubts about her in the role of Vice President. He said she would come across as another agressively strong woman who dominates her husband and puts her family second, AFTER family.

Secondly, I also shared with an aunt -- who is grandmother to a Downs child. I thought this (normally liberal) aunt would be excited that a Downs child's mother might soon be running for VP. My aunt's response was that Sarah should NOT be in politics, but should instead be giving ALL of her motherly attention to this special needs child.

So my question: What do we know about Sarah Palin's family life? Who takes care of the children? Please tell me that Mr. Palin is a strong, non-henpecked husband! I'd love to hear that Sarah, as a committed Christian woman is doing well at balancing her family roles and her political career.

Anonymous said...

Oops, I meant:
"she would come across as another agressively strong woman who dominates her husband and puts her family second, AFTER politics."

Anonymous said...

The Palin's have been doing this for awhile. My guess is that the other family members pitch in when Sarah's governor duties call her.

Todd is a man's man. The guy can fly a plane and keep up with such an energetic wife. My prediction is that he has some experience from working with the older children. I know in my case when my son was a baby, I had no problem taking care of him without the wife during certain times. It isn't work, but a labor of love which was fun. I used to sit next to his crib while he slept just looking at him for 30 minutes at time. Babies are definitely gifts.

The idea that men cannot take care of a baby is stupid and sexist, although I believe normally a mother is best with baby if the father is the breadwinner. But it can go the other way too.

Kristofer said...

Sarah Palin still attends all the PTA meetings.

There are a lot of successful CEO women who are able to balance family and career.

With todays technology (Blackberry's, video conferencing, etc), men and women can spend more tim at home, and less in the office.

Adam Brickley, aka "ElephantMan" said...


Sarah is well-known for being a great wife and mother as well as great leader.

There will be no way to say that she is dominating her husband, who happens to be a blue-collar oil-field worker, a part-time commercial fisherman, and a multi-year champion of Alaska's most grueling long-distance snowmobile race (The "Iron Dog"..which is basically the Iditarod for snowmobiles). He's epitomizes of the "tough guy" persona.

As for little Trig, she's doing a fine job with him as well. She has him at the office a lot; he's even been with mom at a bill signing. Palin has balanced babies and leadership before, as she had Piper when she was a mayor and often kept the baby under her desk at the office. Plus, Todd is able to be home a lot. His job is on the North Slope, so he works two weeks and then gets two weeks off.

Sarah makes plenty of time for family and children. She takes her daughter to the school bus every morning, fired the governor's mansion chef because she cooks for her family, and there was a bit of an incident recently when two of the Palin children were busted for having their puppy inside the State Capitol. She also has a great extended family network that can help out with the kids.

I've heard the public perception of the Palin family compared to the "Camelot" phenomenon that surrounded JFK's family...on steroids.

Ted said...

Suggestion for consideration:

Timing for McCain naming Palin, next week, after the Alaska House vote on the natural gas pipeline and during or towards end of Obama's media love-fest tour of the mid-east.

While Obama is off in the middle east faking his national security creds (GOP should portray as an elaboration or version of "Dukakis in an Army Tank" moment), Palin announcement is tied in with new energy and REAL national security.

Thus, Palin's introduction focuses on national energy and security (beyond the female angle) which her announcement should stress, that is, REAL national and energy (including economic) security.

Anonymous said...

her husband is on leave to assist with the kids.

Not a Palinbot said...

Her true colors are becoming public...

Read it and weep.

Laura said...

Hey everyone, here's a link to a blogger who makes some very good points about Todd Palin's union membership and how the Palin's are not independently wealthy:

Anonymous said...

reply to Democrat Andrew Halcro--"the not a Palinbot"--

As a former Alaskan, in fact, Wasilla, Alaska,I read it, regarding Governor Palin replacing Walt Monegan as the safety comissioner. I am not weeping, as I know from past experience there are "shady troopers".As a Federal Government employee while in Alaska, I was scared and called the Federal Employee's Assistance, who in turn advised me that they were afraid for my life.

Chris said...

Andrew Halcro is a former Republican lawmaker served in the Alaska House of Representatives from 1999 to 2003.

Although he was a registered, lifelong Republican, he ran for governor in 2006 as an Independent because he did not believe that he could win a party nomination in the Alaska Republican Party's closed primary system.

Anonymous said...

Court records detail what a vindictive person Sarah Palin is.

Anonymous said...

reply to Chris:

Guess I have always been mistaken about Andrew Halcro's political affiliation.

But, my trooper story is true as a woman and a senior citizen living in Alaska by myself.I now live out of state by my family.

I am very much in the movement to elect Sarah as our Vice President.

Anonymous said...

OK... so the Monegan guy is someone Sarah Palin fired for being ineffective (wouldn't cut his budget) and the Trooper Wooten is a guy who used to be married to Sarah Palin's sister and was reported to be doing various illegal things, such as drinking and driving and moose-hunting without a license, though only one charge was proven and he admitted to. Though perhaps he did drink and drive, etc. and it couldn't be proven (i.e. his trooper buddies covered up the evidence.) All this reported on the website of a guy who lost against Sarah Palin in the 2006 governor race. Yeah they have no reason whatsoever to publicly trash Sarah Palin, do they? /sarcasm

Anonymous said...


Could you please get Syrin off of this site?

Anonymous said...

I read the story, and yes, it is so partisan.

The only part where you might be able to criticize Palin is that if Mohegan's job was a cabinet-level job then I probably would have asked him to take the other job face-to-face IF that is what is customary for a governor of Alaska. I think he was probably a nice lifetime government worker who probably didn't agree with the governor's vision. Alaskans will see what the new guy does.

The state trooper who was married to Palin's sister seems to me to be unrelated. State troopers for the most part are untouchables because they stick together even when they are harrassing wives, etc. That's just the old-boy network shenanigans. However, most states allow accusations from women in divorce courts that do not have to be substantiated. I was accused by my ex-wife in Oakland County, MI of trying to drown my son. Because of just the accusation, I had to pay money to see my son at an offsite place where normally felons or other spouses who had a record of violence go. I had to do this for over 3 years until the divorce was finalized.

It is also understandable that Sarah would take an interest in protecting her sister and her kids if she thought the trooper was reckless or perceived to be a danger to her sister which as a state trooper makes him WAY dangerous by default due to being an untouchable.

What I do know is that rarely in divorce cases do you really get all the facts.

Anonymous said...

I could be wrong and no insult intended if I get it wrong, but the first posting on this one has all the makings of a Syrin posting.

Since when did taking care of the kids make a difference in anything any woman ever did in government?

People who are that stuck up about women staying in the home barefoot and pregnant AIN'T gonna vote for Obama anyway.

If it's you Syrin, get a life. Why would someone so much against Palin being governor, be against her becoming VP? Afterall, it takes her OUT of the governor job if she becomes VP.

Anonymous said...

To the lady who is concerned about her brother and grandmother. I wouldn't worry about either of them. If your brother is so conservative that his first concern about a woman vp is that she might be henpecking her husband, then he's not going to vote democrat anyway. Now your grandma, tell her this. I worked with special ed kids for about 5 years, and guess what. Very few of them had stay at home moms. I worked in a high poverty area and very few had the luxury of staying at home with their kids. It's nice if mom can stay home, but what makes the biggest difference is LETTING OTHER PEOPLE HELP AND TRUSTING AND WORKING IN HARMONY WITH THE PROFESSIONALS. It is kind of ridiculous for people to say, oh,a mom of a kid with a mental handicap should stay home and take care of that kid. We would never say that of a parent of a child with diabetes or kidney disease or heart disorders. We would expect that parent to take their child to the professionals who know how to handle these issues. It is true of mental disorders as well. There are people such as myself who can really help that child overcome a lot of obstacles that a mom would struggle with. Sure, they need their parents. But having mom around 24/7 is not the answer.

dr. vicki

Adam Brickley, aka "ElephantMan" said...

I don't think Syrin is here. She hs her own blogger ID and knows that she gets deleted when she comments here because her stuff has been selacious, very mean, and occasionally gruesome.

Not a Palinbot said...

Well, I've gained some respect for you Adam; for not simply deleting my comment pointing out that Palin isn't what most people believe her to be.

Anonymous said...

Hello Folks. I was born and raised in the Midwest and lived in Wasilla, Alaska for several years.
Now, you can see what kind of people Sarah has had to deal with when she refers to ethical matters her administration had to clean up.

And, Mr. Halcro, investigate your state troopers there are some "shady ones".

Anonymous said...

"Not a Palinbot said... "

Ha! Yes, Palin is not who we thought she was, because of course, an in-law of Sarah's hunted without a moose license. OMG!

Anonymous said...

I think the drilling thing is about to burst wide open. The dems have a long history of blocking drilling, and if they hadn't, we might not be in the mess we are now. If you'll notice, that's the case Gov. Palin is already making. Not only that, dems have even long favored using a huge tax to make gasoline 4 or 5 dollars a gallon to "encourage conservation". Which means well to do people would keep cruising along in their gas guzzlers while the poor and working classes would feel the bulk of the pinch. If there ever was an opportunity to cut the legs out from under the democratic ticket, this is it. There's already a little sniff of it, I think, in the McCain campaign. I think they'll pump up this issue and then pick Palin as the vp candidate. Polls already show the majority favors domestic drilling. And just on a personal note, I think it's ridiculous that we won't drill our own oil but don't seem to mind importing millions of gallons from other countries and let them drill like crazy. At least if we drill our own, we could keep a watchful eye.
dr. vicki

Not a Palinbot said...

"Palin is not who we thought she was, because of course, an in-law of Sarah's hunted without a moose license. OMG!"

Is that what you got out of Halcro's blog entry? No wonder you're a Palinbot.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and a comment I read on another blog. A lady said the congressional dems are saying drilling won't help for at least five or ten years. Aren't you glad these aren't the guys in charge of cancer research.
Great comment!
dr. vicki

L.M.M. said...

People need to listen to KFQD's streaming audio, on-air now! Listen to what an ALASKAN CONSERVATIVE talk show host says about Sarah Palin.

He promoted Palin for governor during the election and now says it was one of the biggest mistakes he made in his life. (Look in the top left corner and click where it says 'Listen Live')

Anonymous said...

reply to I.m.m.

I don't need to listen to your radio program. I have the "corrupt club" list, also, know as "criminals", "Palin haters".
I mark them off as they go down with indictments and off to prison.I don't live in Alaska anymore so couldn't give Vic regards in person as he stood out on the freeway waving good-bye on his way to prison. Lyda looks real cute in her picture, sticking her tongue out. Good thing for Alaska that she has withdrawn from re-election.

I'm on the winning team "Draft Sarah Palin for Vice President". Not with you corrupt boosters.

Kathleen said...

If the woman had no enemies, she wouldn't be doing her job. Heck, she wouldn't even be human!

TC said...

There's a quote I live be; it's from Caligula.

"Let them hate me, so long as they fear me."

Sarah should make that her motto!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Here I was worried that Sarah P. might be not be tough enough, and then news comes out about her taking on all the chums from old Repub. establishment.

Great stuff. Populist slashes and burns Alaska with 89% behind her with torches and pitchforks.

Damn, Alaska gets all the excitement.

Dave J. said...

TC, Caligula, who was known for his madness and depravity, was neither loved nor feared: if he had been, he wouldn't have been assassinated by his own Praetorian Guard. Not exactly someone one would hope for any modern politician to emulate.

Besides, "it is better to be feared than loved" is from The Prince, by Machiavelli. And of course, Mac says it is best for a good prince to be both.

TC said...

Just saw that there will be a congressional delegation heading to ANWR this weekend, led by John Boehner. Wonder if Sarah will be there to greet them?

An Alaskan said...

Who was this great KFQD mind? Because if it was Dan Fagan, then I'm taking that as just another reason to support her.

Anonymous said...

Hey, guys. Don't let this turdHe nugget hijack our blog. He/she has made up his/her mind that Palin is not the gal. Just ignore him and let's have our fun discussing our gal.
dr. vicki

Anonymous said...

McCain needs to fly her down to an event. I do not understand why he has not, when he has with other Governors.

McCain is rolling out the female supports big time recently. I do not get it.

Anonymous said...

Kathleen and Dr. Vicki--Thank You for your words of wisdom. As a former Alaskan (Wasilla, Alaska)I just wanted to defend Sarah and let people that don't live there how it is.

Adam Brickley, aka "ElephantMan" said...


Palin did indeed greet the delegation of congressional candidates.

See photo: