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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Palin leads Wall Street Journal VP poll!

I just saw the Wall Street Journal's new online VP poll, and there is great news! With over 1,200 votes cast, Gov. Palin is in the lead with 37% of the vote, while her closest rival (Mitt Romney) has only 26%. As with the recent CBS poll win, we did NOT target this poll. I saw it for the first time only 20 minutes ago, when I took this screenshot:


Anonymous said...

Great news!! The same edition has a nice piece on Jindal. It would be awesome to see one like it on Palin. Also, the ADN has this The comments on this are absurd. I could not imagine anyone with an ounce of brainpower defending Wooten or anyone (including the union) associated with that guy. You go girl!

Anonymous said...

The memorandum to BIL Wooten by his superiors is just beyond hilarious and just goes to illustrate how beyond corrupt Alaska's political swamp had become. The guy is unfit to posses so much as a bullet while off duty but when on duty he's free to fire away. Wooten made a credible threat against the life of a sitting U.S. Governor. Why is Wooten not in jail facing charges??? What sane governor would not have sought his removal. Here is a law enforcement officer that is clearly mentally unstable. I'm sure the governor and her legal team were of the opinion if this trooper were to go nuts on duty and kill an innocent person the state's exposure to punitive litigation would have been without limit. If this is all these flakes at Daily Kos can come up with against Palin then they have nothing on her.

Anonymous said...

Someone get this to the McCain campaign. There is a groundswell of enthusiastic and excited support for Palin, something none of the other potential VP names really has.

Anonymous said...

Adam, do you notice that Governor Palin does well in polls when the polls actually state some policy views/strenghts of Palin's?

"Energy, abortion, women, young voters" in this poll.

Some polls just mention the bio's.

The general public seems to react well.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or is there a growing groundswell of support for Palin as VP nation wide?

I'm from Alaska, so I realize I may be biased, but I think she has gained a lot of momentum in the blogosphere in the last two weeks. Imagine the momentum she'll have once the People magazine article hits the stands.

So the longer McCain waits, the better for Sarah.

Dr. Vicki said...

Here's another veepstake poll. I don't know if his vetters are looking at these polls or not.

Anonymous said...

Louisiana Congressman Scalise just delivered GOP Radio Address focusing on opening up oil drilling, Alaska, and Sarah Palin, saying in part: "The next part of our trip took us to the Alaska Pipeline and Arctic Coastal Plain. There we heard from the state's governor, Sarah Palin..."

Clearly everything is converging on McCain naming Palin Veep (or I'll eat my hat, metaphorically speaking that is) -- and very soon, before the Olympics and only keeping in mind the Alaska Senate's vote later this week in all liklihood confirming the Alaska House approval of the Palin recommended Natural Gas Pipeline licensing under Palin's sponsored AGIA legislation.

If John McCain doesn't choose Sarah Palin, he might have to plead temporary insanity.

Anonymous said...

laura, you are correct, the longer this goes, the better for Palin.

Dr. Vicki said...

The guy has been married and divorced four times and he's only in his 30's. That should be a clue.

Anonymous said...

This could be get interesting:

"Voorhis defense subpoenas Wooten personnel files"

Bob said...

watch out for eric cantor. mccain has discreetly met with he and his wife recently. he may be the darkhorse here...

Anonymous said...

bob, actually Eric Cantor is quite quite good. Now, THERE'S A TICKET FOR 2012, Palin/Cantor!!!

Cantor is -- deservedly -- the #2 rising GOP Star, right behind Palin.

Anonymous said...

Eric Cantor (or Bobby Jindal) for Keynote Speaker at the Republican National Convention!

Anonymous said...

I also just found out about the bad trooper Wooten getting married 4 TIMES and he is only around his mid-30's.

That alone is reckless pathological behavior.

This guy is one sick puppy.

And you know why the union forced him out of the country, because he would have confirmed all the bad things said about him, or probably tried to attack the Palins.

It may take a few weeks, but she is gonna come out of this stronger than before, especially after the Senate gives the thumbs up on AGIA.

I can now envision McCain picking her just before the convention after the Hollow Man picks his veep. And after that trip to ANWR.

Like a grizzly, our Mommabear Sarah is getting riled up, fattening up on the fallen enemies before a hibernation as VP (yes, boring job) or for Senate or Pres. in 2012.


and yes, her firing that rifle was even hotter for me than Matthews wetting his pants with the O-man.

Anonymous said...

Eric Cantor would be a stupid pick, and that's coming from a VA resident. He's done nothing for Virginia since he's been in Congress, except whatever he can to get in a leadership position. The only reason he still has his seat is because VA is a good ol' boy state, and unless you totally screw up like George Allen did, you've got a seat for as long as you want it. His stances on a Palestinian state (staunchly against) should knock him off McCain's list entirely.

I wouldn't want Cantor anywhere near McCain OR Palin.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, I think it's more than JUST "the union forcing [Trooper Wooten] out of the country." I believe there's a possibility there's much more there vis a vis Halcro and the Democratic Party (unsuccessfully) looking for dirt on Palin -- their fully comprehending that a Veep Palin will almost assuredly lead to Obama's defeat in November. I have posed these questions (which I would invite the Anchorage Daily News and/or local TV outlets, KTVA and KTUU, to investigate):

1. Who paid for Trooper Wooten's sudden extended vacation out of the country and unavailable for comment, that is, seeing he was on a State Trooper's salary reportedly complaining about child support arising from his divorce custody proceedings with Sarah Palin's younger sister? Is there a record of Wooten asking for leave from work?

2. Did the Democrats do some vetting of their own on the more than ethically clean Governor Palin, and the sum total of their sleuthing was that Palin's younger sister had been married to and later involved in a contentious divorce and custody proceeding with a State Trooper who made a death threat against the Palin sisters' dad if he retained a lawyer to represent his younger daughter in the proceedings, and because of that and other threats, Sarah Palin and her husband reported their concerns (at Public Safety Dept. direction) to the State Trooper's boss, Public Safety Commissioner Monegan, who happened to be a Governor appointee?

3. Why would Sarah Palin -- manifesting great political skills throughout her entire career and is widely reported, and acknowledged by her, to being considered as a VP running mate for Senator McCain -- choose to replace Commissioner Monegan prior to an imminent announcement by Senator McCain as to his running mate, rather than, if at all, after that announcement?

4. Why would Monegan, through a known political foe of Palin, facilitate to be known his now publicized contention that he was removed, in part, because he would not fire Trooper Wooten when the events surrounding the threats being reported to Monegan occurred some time in the past and Gov Palin was careful never to call for Wooten's firing, reiterating that personnel and disciplinary matters are not a regular part of her duties?

Dr. Vicki said...

Yeah, and if he has children by all of those marriages, I wonder how he manages to support them.

Anonymous said...

Tom, Sarah shooting the rifle was very cool! That you-tube video ad should be posted in gun forums.

And for those of you who haven't seen the video here's the link:

Sarah fires away at the end of the video at 1:35.

Dr. Vicki said...

Interesting article in the Wash Post about drilling:

Anonymous said...

DrudgeReport headline:

GALLUP: OBAMA HAS 9-POINT LEAD AFTER WORLD TOUR! [it's the highest to date]

Team McCain: you HAVE TO know this means that Sarah Palin as your Veep is beyond question!

(And seeing from the Wall Street Journal Poll, the vast majority of your potential voters see it that way as well.)

Anonymous said...

Congressional Quarterly running an offering from on "McCain's Possible Picks and Their Downsides." The interesting thing is that the Palin downside is just the Monegan thing (now debunked), whereas all the others' downsides are, and will remain, real. As said here a number of times, Sarah Palin has no real downside, and this confirms it.

"Veep Candidate - Job Downside"

"Charlie Crist Gov. of Florida Can he make decisions? (He is now engaged for the fifth time)"

"Carly Fiorina ex-HP CEO Nearly ran HP into the ground, fired by the board, given $40 million severance pay"

"Bobby Jindal Gov. of Louisiana Performs amateur exorcisms; late-night comics would go wild"

"Mike Huckabee ex-Gov. of Arkansas McCain thinks he's crazy"

"Kay Hutchison Sen. from. Texas Might not play well with working-class men"

"Sarah Palin Gov. of Alaska Under investigation for possibly breaking the law trying to fire her brother in law"

"Tim Pawlenty Gov. of Minnesota Unknown nationally and Dems will win Minnesota even with him on the ticket"

"Rob Portman ex-OMB Director Like the economy? Good. Hire Bush's budget director for a repeat performance"

"Tom Ridge ex Gov. of Pennsylvania Pro choice, which will infuriate the Base"

"Mitt Romney ex-Gov. of Mass. Flip-flops are all over You Tube; antiMormon bigotry is widespread in the South"

"Mark Sanford Gov. of South Carolina Unknown outside his state"

"John Thune Sen. from South Dakota Only three years in the Senate and unknown outside his state"

Anonymous said...

My gut tells me that Sarah won't be on the ticket. If she wants to set herself up for 2012, wouldn't she be better off NOT on the ticket then to be associated with McCain's campaign? I hate to say it but...I'm not thrilled with McCain AND I just may sit out this election.

Maybe someone should make a Palin/Jidnal 2012 poster?

BigRob-68 said...

No way either MAc or Obama will pick a House member! Really, can you imagine Obama-Chet Edwards and McCain-Eric Cantor? I like Cantor, though not yet.

Anonymous said...

I know I'm posting a lot today (sorry), but things are currently reaching a crescendo and once McCain names his Veep, I won't be bothering readers here with my material, BUT, the following is some very good prose appearing from a commenter, Tom, who disagrees with a lefty college student's blog "Gop Veepstakes by Kicking Ass Ann Arbor."

While I disagree with commenter-Tom that McCain winning "would be the greatest upset in presidential election history" -- untrue and way over the top -- the rest is written very expressively with much "truism" from who I believe is a brand new convert to Palin:

Tom: "This election is Obama's to lose. If McCain wins, it would be the greatest upset in presidential election history. So how does McCain pull off the upset? Pick the longshot with the most upside: Sarah Palin. Yes, she does not have a lot of experience, but McCain does, and what little Palin has is executive rather than Obama's very light legislative experience and virtually no executive leadership experience. Obama is a preacher, not an executive. He speaks but lacks convictions or judgment.

"Palin is McCain’s last chance to generate excitement for Independents and Republicans. Hey, did any of you see the YouTube clip of her firing the assault rifle at the range? Damn, I was so turned on by that. She’d be a strong leader and great VP and a President in 2012. She’s right now duking it out with the State Trooper Union in AK over a renegade trooper who threatened her family and didn’t pull any punches. This chick is tough, attractive, and would be great TV for all of us with her and Hillary duking it out in 2008 and 2012. Any woman who takes on the union proves that women can lead this country."

Tom: "That hottie governor took down the entrenched Republican machine in AK, and now is taking on the Dept. of Public Safety and working to turn that agency around. So much in less than two years. Imagine all the political weeds she could pull up in an entire 4-year term.

"Let’s face it, if you’re a Democrat, there is only one McCain VP choice that makes you nervous, and that is Palin. The hype will be monstrous. The Republican Party and the country has been ready for a woman in charge for a while, but the Dems pissed on Hillary, especially the pro-Obama media.

The country is certainly ready for woman as Veep. Lead On!"

Anonymous said...


I wonder if McCain has spoken to any members of that Congressional delegation that visited AK.

When asked the other day about re-considering his opposition to ANWR drilling, well... let's just say that "insanity" would be a pretty good description of McCain's answer.

Anonymous said...

May want to change the title from "Palin leads Wall Street Journal VP poll!" to "Palin dominates Wall Street Journal VP poll!"

She's now leading by well over 700 votes has 57% of the vote.

Dr. Vicki said...

I don't think McCain can jump on ANWR yet. That would be moving too fast. They need to build their case first for drilling off shore, and then migrate toward ANWR. They'll have to get the publicity out about what a small slice of Alaska it is and how unpicturesque it is. If you educate voters and then make your move, it looks genuine and not like pandering.

Anonymous said...

It's now a LANDSLIDE for Palin!

She's now up to 57.4%, and a whooping 752 votes over 2nd place Romney who is at 18.4%!

This is impressive and McCain's team would have to be blindfolded and computer illiterate not to notice this.

BigRob-68 said...

Palin is in this clip with the troops.

Anonymous said...

Well, McCain clearly can't pick her with this recent news out there. Also, while not directly related, the guy who just resigned(Kopp) after the sexual harrasment claim was revealed didn't help things either.

On the face of it is seems like there's probably not much there. It really makes no sense that she'd fire(for personal reasons or revenge)Monegan who was tied into this Wooten guy knowing of the personal tie he had through her sister and the potential for backlash.

I mean, someone would have had to catch that before hand or at least realize it wasn't a good idea. The timing of this is just really bad and at best does show somewhat of a tin ear politically.

That said, if something like Wright or Keating 5 or the Nat'l Guard story, or any one of Clinton's scandals didn't stop him, this isn't necessarily a deal breaker. Worse things have happened.

So, hopefully this gets cleared up soon and in a way it would innoculate her against future charges, a la the McCain NYT smear. If it's still ongoing and under suspicion or investigation, there's just no way she'd be picked. None.

One thing to be aware of is that picking a VP isn't just about he candidate. It's about their family, their friends, etc... See Billy Carter, Roger Clinton, Geraldine Ferraro's husband, Kitty Dukakis, etc...

I mean her sister seems to be involved in some long running dispute with this guy, regardless of the scandal he was her brother in law and he appears to be quite a creep, who knows what else is in the woodwork. I'm just saying there's so much background work to be done. You can't really have a VP or a potential president with an Brother-in-Law or ex BIL who is engaged in some bitter feud.

That said, I think McCain waits as long as he can to make the most informed decision and if this does get cleared up by the end of the month, she'll have a pretty good chance.

I think he wants to make some sort of splash and Romney and Pawlenty are the safe choices and he's waiting to see who makes the most sense.

Anonymous said...

dr. v,

Seems obvious to me. McCain visits ANWR w/ Palin, names her as his running mate, and lets her make the case to voters.

Who among the Dems would like to come forward and debate the Alaska Governor on ANWR?

Algore? Dingy Harry?

This is such a no-brainer politically. Why put Palin on the ticket and make her fight w/ one hand tied behind her back?

Anonymous said...

I'm an Independent who usually leans Democrat!! I'm undecided listening to both candidates right now. I'm waiting to see who they pick as their Vp's. I would love to see this ticket and McCain would hands down have my vote!!

Anonymous said...


Dr. Vicki said...

I think it's too soon. I think he can go look, and like he said in the George Steph interview this weekend, "put it on the table". I think that would be enough. For a Repub, McCain has some environmental appeal. I think an out and out switch at this point would be too much. I am also a bit of a tree hugger--actually have donated to World Wildlife Fund fairly regularly. But in my state of Arkansas and especially right here in my county, they have been drilling for natural gas like crazy for about a year now. I've seen a relatively poor economy really turn around in what has been hard times for the rest of the nation. It has really changed my mind, but that's because I've seen it done. I think other greenies have to be wooed more. I also think the Repubs need to ask the question of the Dems, "since we all live in the same world, why is it okay to expect other countries to drill all over their land and ship us that oil but not okay for us to drill in our own back yard?" Seems pretty hypocritical to me. I think hypocracy is a good attack on the Dems on this energy thing. Since they live in huge houses and drive honking SUVs and then want me to turn my airconditioner off and take the bus. That's the attack they need to make on the Dems. John Edwards house is 26,000 square feet for him, wife and two kids. My husband and our kids live in 1600 sq feet. Now tell me I need to turn my ac down! You gotta be kidding.

Anonymous said...

There is a big difference between conserving the environment for future generations a la Teddy Roosevelt and the preservationist doomsayers like Al Gore. Greenies are nothing more than latter day collectivists or socialists who would have you vote against your individual liberty to hunt, fish, farm, harvest timber, ranch, cool your home or car, and drive. They seek to redistribute national income through schemes such as cap-and-trade or carbon emission limits all in the name of giving to the needy. Meanwhile they fly around in private jets or live in huge energy-guzzling homes. I trust Mccain and Palin far more than Obama who has a more liberal voting record than that socialist from Vernmont, Bernie Sanders.

Anonymous said...

I really don't think the Monegan/Wooten story has any legs nationally. It's just not juicy enough to bring her down at all. Really it boils down to she fired an employee for her own valid reasons, and then Wooten is obviously a family issue (everyone on Earth has family problems). This is not near the level of a scandal that would really damage a politician, such as bribery or cheating on a spouse or lying to a grand jury, etc. So I don't think any of this "scandal" will affect whether she is McCain's VP or not.

Anonymous said...

I agree. You have an unarguable jerk of a state trooper who would be fired if it was any other state, and the Palins alerted Monegan to his behavior. There is no evidence that anybody told Monegan to fire Wooten. Since Palin is for transparent and open government, I say let them put together an investigation. It will exonerate her and end up just another example of the old-boy network lashing back as she cleans house. Monegan was simply deadwood and a shill for the union. It's gonna take time to get things turned around in DPS and get that dept. into the 21st century.

Now for those that want a scandal, I present to you John Edwards and Sheille Hunter and the lovechild.

Edwards is such a wimp. If they caught me, I'd say, yes I'm having an affair, and yes I love her and our lovechild and yes I'm taking care of her and the child, and my wife. You wanna run with it, go for it.

Not many men in this world anymore, just girly-men or testosterone jerks like Wooten & Co.

Where's Reagan or Truman when you need'em?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm surprised the John Edwards thing isn't getting more airplay. Probably some media bias or something ;) In a way, I am surprised because he seemed like a genuine guy as far as family issues and seemed to love his wife- but in another way, I am not surprised at all with how fake and two-faced so many politicians are these days. I don't think John Edwards can run for president anymore.

Anonymous said...

I have just learned that Trooper Wooten is out of the country at an "undisclosed" location for an extended period of time.

This smacks of, and has politics, written all over it. By all accounts the Palins and Heath's are not wealthy people but then how much does a Motel 6 in Yellow Knife cost per night?

The governor has to feel pain and mental anguish over this no matter what. The Trooper is a slime ball but he is also the father of her sister's children whom the governor loves very much. On the other hand she is sworn to protect the public from characters exactly like Wooten.

Some political force is behind Wooten being "out of the country". It could be the Palins, but it could also be Democrats running for cover after trying to manufacture a scandal that has imploded in their faces. If the Democrats are behind this, what ties did the guilty have to the Obama campaign?

Palin's handling of this very difficult issue can only help her in a perverse way. She made the tough decision in the best interests of the state at the unfortunate expense of her daughter's children.

No matter who is behind Wooten's departure from the country, it points to a Palin VP nomination. One possibility was the Novak episode earlier in the week. First McCain was poised to name a VP this week. Then no announcement. Could it be tat McCain was ready to go with Palin publicly but then got cold feet when the "scandal" erupted.

One rule in Washington is that nobody double crosses Novak. This is about the only face saving explanation for a top McCain insider giving a tip to Novak that has not materialized. Perhaps it is that McCain's announcement is on ice pending the outcome of the Wooten scandal.

Anonymous said...

"One rule in Washington is that nobody double crosses Novak."

Agreed: whoever decided to do that, it was fantastically stupid thing to do. Bob Novak knows politics better than 99% of current campaign staffers will ever grow to know in their lives. He is not someone to deliberately get on the bad side of.