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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Palin on CNBC's "Kudlow an Company" tonight

Larry Kudlow has posted at National Review Online that he will be having Gov. Palin on "Kudlow and Company" tonight (7 PM Eatern) to dicuss ANWR, AGIA, the Stevens indictment, and of course the veepstakes. He describes her as a "leading candidate to be McCain' veep", so it should be interesting. Hopefully, we will also get some great soundbites to counter the Troopergate non-scandal (which was in the Wall Street Journal this morning). Kudlow is a good interviewer, and I can see him saying something like "so let me get this straight, your state trooper ex-brother-in-law said he wants to kill your dad and they're investigating you for talking to the police about it?!"

From National Review Online:

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Palin on Deck [Larry Kudlow]

Tonight on CNBC I’ll be talking with Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Obviously, Palin’s a leading candidate to be McCain’s veep. InTrade prediction markets have her at 20 percent, third behind Romney and Pawlenty. I’ll be talking to her about drill, drill, drill. Has she made any progress persuading McCain to drill in ANWR? And what’s the latest in her battle for a new Alaska pipeline? We’ll also talk about the Sen. Ted Stevens indictment, as well as Don Young (the other Alaska pork-barreler). I’m also going to ask her what it means to be a conservative these days.

07/31 11:59 AM


Anonymous said...

Even the Wall Street Journal realizes that this is a non-story.

They released an early version (the print one) last night, but the one on their website now has additional facts added to clarify that this is nothing but a weird conspiracy theory.

Anonymous said...

Yes,it appears this Halcro thing is just bouncing off Palin like a bullet off Batman's suit.

It is such a rinky-dink thing compared to the whole Stevens indictment.

I wouldn't be surprised if by convention time McCain picks her. I suspect she is still in the VP running.

Thanks for the heads up on Kudlow. I'll be checking his show out tonight.

Anonymous said...

Some of us sent some critical comments to the reporter at the WSJ, last night.

Kelly in Wasilla said...

"Halcro thing"? What are you referring to?

Andrew Halcro didn't decide to investigate Sarah Palin, the Legislative Council did.

Anonymous said...

I refer to it as the Halcro thing because Halcro is the one who broke the news on his blog.

To be more detailed, it is the Halcro-Palin-Monegan-Wooten one. The one that they approved the $100k money for.

Ted said...

anonymous, "if by convention time McCain picks [Palin]... still in the VP running."

I believe that's an understatement of what really has transpired. Palin never left the (front) running, and I think will be decided upon before the convention.

Moreover, I believe that the Monegan replacement was done when it was -- before Palin being named by McCain -- precisely because of the indications that she would be named by McCain, and needed to get this out (clean it out) first rather than after the naming.

TC said...

Well, we now know where Hollis French stands. Look at this unbelievable quote from him foun on The Hotline's website:

"This is a governor who was almost impervious to error. Now she could face impeachment in a worst-case scenario"

Impeachment for what??? Doing her job?

Anonymous said...

I was cracking up laughing when I saw that too. Like the earth could be hit by a 50-mile wide meteor and destroyed in minutes, worst case scenario. :)

Jessica said...

I agree. The only way that they could impeach her over this is if they had some recording of her saying, "I'm going to fire Monegan because he wouldn't fire Wooten." Or if there was absolutely no other reason to fire him, which there is probably no employee anywhere that you couldn't show some junk of the person. They would have to prove that she didn't have any other reasons to can him.
dr. vicki

Anonymous said...

dr. v,

Actually, even if she said that, they still could not impeach her.

They can only iumpeacher her for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors."

Not going to happen!

Jessica said...

there's a lot of agrument over what constitutes "high crimes and misdemeanors"
dr. v

Joel said...

doesn't matter how baseless it is, there is no way McCain picks a Governor under investigation, as much as I want him to pick her and as unfair as this is

Kelly said...

Joel - I agree.

And if McCain did tap Palin (who is under investigation), he'd be a complete moron.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Kelly. But nobody outside of Alaska cares about a petty investigation of your governor, especially with all the focus on Senator Stevens.

It will hinge on whether the McCain camp thinks they need the rockstar, or they go with a quiet veep because they are confident they don't need the rockstar (and save her for 2012 or for Senate later or another term as governor).

The investigation is so nothing now. If McCain is gutsy, he'll choose Sarah, win the election, and then the establishment Republicans can have their state back to themselves due to her not being the governor anymore.

Question: Why do the few people in Alaska who hate Palin, don't want her to be veep? If she's veep, you get her OUT of the governor's job. If I'm an oil Republican or Dem in Alaska, it would be great to dump Sarah on the veep spot. Then we can go back to government as usual.

What am I missing here?

Scott said...
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Scott said...

Maybe they are afraid of the Teddy Roosevelt scenario. As the story goes, some political bosses in NY wanted to get TR on the ticket as McKinley's running mate simply to get him out of the Gov. mansion. The VP spot really was pretty worthless in those days. As fate would have it, the plan worked, but McKinley was assassinated and now their enemy was president. I'm not being ghoulish, but at the very least Palin would be a front runner for the nomination in four years, assuming McCain retired at age 76, which is likely.

Jessica said...

Well, they had a clip of McCain campaigning on CNN today and the one thing he got an all around standing ovation for was drilling off shore. The pundits say that offshore drilling is the card the republicans are most likely to play hard against the dems and one of the few public opinions they're leading in. Gov. Palin would certainly drive that issue home. I also think her attitude of "bring it on" toward the investigation is very healthy. It takes a lot of the edge off of it.

Rob said...

So the story finally really breaks nationally, and that's how it's played? Unless someone like the NYT comes along and spins it hard pretty soon, I don't think Gov. Palin has anything to worry about--or Sen. McCain, either, if he picks her.

Rob said...

I should add, I know those who are jealous of Gov. Palin were hoping l'affaire Monegan would bring her down, or at least become the dominant political fact affecting her career right now; but it isn't happening. Actually, what will probably be the most important political fact her career right now is that John McCain is leading Barack Obama among women 40 and older, giving him an opportunity which he would be wise to exploit by targeting that group with his VP pick. The best way to do so would be to name Gov. Palin his running mate.

TC said...

Man...she was great.

Anonymous said...

I asked my Dad to watch Palin on Kudlow. He was impressed. He said she'd be a big success with women vote.

He also mentioned that when she talked about the Stevens thing and the trooper thing, she didn't seem to be phased or intimidated, but seemed open about it.

Dave J. said...

"They can only iumpeacher her for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors."

While I find the idea of Palin being impeached just as ridiculous as you do, that language is from the US Constitution. There's no such restriction in the Alaska Constitution.

Anonymous said...

Alaska Con.

"§ 20. Impeachment

All civil officers of the State are subject to impeachment by the legislature. Impeachment shall originate in the senate and must be approved by a two-thirds vote of its members. The motion for impeachment shall list fully the basis for the proceeding. Trial on impeachment shall be conducted by the house of representatives. A supreme court justice designated by the court shall preside at the trial. Concurrence of two-thirds of the members of the house is required for a judgment of impeachment. The judgment may not extend beyond removal from office, but shall not prevent proceedings in the courts on the same or related charges."

Not going to happen!!!!!!