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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Palin on FoxNews' shortlist while her "perfect opponent" leads Obama's VP race!

UPDATE: Oops, here's the link to the correct video.
This video is very interesting. Sarah Palin is only briefly mentioned, but she is put on the list. Meanwhile, today's buzz indicates that Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine has the inside track for the Democratic VP nod.

Now, consider that pollster Scott Rasmussen suggested a few weeks ago that, should Kaine be Obama's running mate, Palin is the best candidate to put up against him (if you listen Rassmussen's appearance with Sean Hannity, he specifically says that Palin is the best choice on the condition that Obama chooses Kaine). Tim Kaine is the prefect foil for Palin. He is a first term governor who makes little national news, so an Obama-Kaine ticket is double trouble when it comes to inexperience and lack of notable achievements. Kaine was also one of Obama's earliest endorsements in the primary race, so he does absolutely nothing to reassure Hillary Clinton's voters.

With her record of producing real change backed up by John McCain's years of experience, Sarah Palin can slice, dice, and julienne Tim Kaine in the VP race. He's the perfect opponent. Apparently also in contention for the Democratic nod are Senators Evan Bayh (IN) and Joe Biden (DE). Again, great foils for Palin. Biden is has been a part of the Washington establishment since 1973 and has a severe case of Foot-In-Mouth Disease combined with a chronic case of Can't-Shut-Up Syndrome. Palin would make short work of him. Bayh might be a slightly better choice, as he was a big figure in the Hillary campaign, but he is still a longtime part of the Washington machine and totally undermines Obama's "change" message.

So, if McCain is gutsy enough to take Palin, it's starting to look like Obama will play right into his hands by naming Kaine, Biden, or Bayh to the ticket.

And yes...I heard that Ted Stevens got indicted. I'll talk about that later.


Anonymous said...


Is there ANY signs that the McCain camp are looking seriously at Palin? She seems to have stoped beign mentioned which could be bad or good if there setting things up for a big surprise. Have she and McCain ever met? have they met recently? ANY reports of secret conversations? Its obvious she is the best choice to win but I do not have alot of confidence in our guy to make the best choice. Also, he seems like a play safe kind of guy and while Palin would be a brillant choice, she would not be considered a safe one. Any word out of ALaska, DC or the McCain campaign that she has moved into serious top consideration?

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Fox News for being the first news program to put Palin's name on McCain's shortlist! We all know that she should be there.

Anonymous said...

Darian, here's all the signs you need:


1. Which McCain Veep pick is SIMULTANEOUSLY the safest AND boldest?

ANSWER: Sarah Palin

2. How can McCain SIMULTANEOUSLY attract both Hillary AND Bob Barr voters?

ANSWER: Sarah Palin

Anonymous said...

I think Obama will pick Evan Bayh. He is youngish so he can talk about "change" and not look really old standing next to Obama (I don't think they want his VP running mate to look close to McCain's age). Yet he is old enough to have a lot of relevant experience. He has somewhat of a national name, more than Tim Kaine who I know nothing about. He is centrist, so that would attract Hillary voters. On the other hand, I didn't know Obama and Tim Kaine were BFFs so maybe that overrides all!

Anonymous said...

I like Palin as much as anyone, but Alaska politics is scandal ridden. Even if Palin is ethical (and I have no reason to believe she isn't), the McCain campaign might just see it as too big a risk to put someone like her on the ticket, especially after the Stevens indictment. You can spin it to make it a good thing and highlight her fighting corruption, but the risk (or percieved risk) of picking her doesn't go away.

McCain doesn't know her well enough to take it on faith that she is ethical.

I hope he picks her, but I doubt he will. The polls are close enough that McCain doesn't need a game changer VP.

Dr. Vicki said...

I disagree anonymous. The polls are close today but last week Body Odor was 6 or 7 points ahead. McCain gains on him and then falls back behind. History is against the Republicans this cycle, and it would be in McCain's best interest to do something out of the box to thwart that pattern.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Governor Sarah Palin is currently being investigated.

The Alaska Legislative Council hired an independent investigator to explore whether Palin, her family or members of her administration pressured Monegan to fire an Alaska state trooper involved in a rough divorce from Palin's sister.

Anonymous said...

Here's a thought: Going after Palin on the investigation will be a little dangerous, for just as Palin may or may not suffer from the proverbial cloud of investigation, the would be national critics also would suffer on two fronts:

1. In going after her, it means that you're defending Wooten and Monegan. In the former, you've got a person who thinks that it's normal to use a taser on a 10 year old. In the latter, you've got a disgruntled former employee who is looking for payback where his most basic claims (e.g., how often he communicated with the governor) don't pass the smell test. So, he who attacks Palin on this one implicitly becomes the supporter of someone who beats his wife (allegedly), abuses children, and drives drunk. It's just the way sound bites work in politics.

2. In going after her, it looks like another Hillary hatchet job. Again, that's the specter that would be raised.

If the point is to attract female voters (including picking off some Hillary voters), then it could be argued that going after Palin in this way makes Palin look, at first glance, like she's getting attacked because she's a woman and is being slammed for having problems with a wife beating, child abusing, drunk driver.

That's not a question of what is. And, it doesn't even address whether or not there is merit to the investigation. The investigation is based upon the claims of someone who's credibility has been undermined with a simple check of state logs. And, I'm sure that Palin will be sure to say again and again that she invited the investigation just so that everyone could be sure about what happened. But, this thing will turn to Monegan's credibility and Wooten's character quickly enough, and that will be a huge net negative for the Dems.

In politics, perception is everything. Some genius will note that there's a corruption investigation of Palin and start the MSM dance. But, what people will hear the most-- what people will remember-- is Wooten and his conduct.

Anonymous said...

palin for america that article makes a good case, nice find

Anonymous said...

Anon, is this the same Monegan who claimed that he only communicated with the governor 3-4 times in two years, a claim that already has been debunked. Everything is predicated upon what Monegan claims, and his most basic claims are a case of suspect memory at best.

Dr. Vicki said...

Has Palin ever indicated why she fired Monegan? I looked on her website. All I saw were disputes of allegations but nothing that indicated why she did fire him.

Anonymous said...

I think the reason that's been given is that she wanted to take the department in a different direction.

Unknown said...

So, did he get totally fired, or just moved to a lesser position?

Bob said...

breaking news!
McCain picks Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska. The Governor is currently under investigation for malthesis in her powers as Governor. The investigation could take take months but McCain feels confident Palin can proceed as VP and if indicted still serve the country.
See how ridiculous this sounds!
Wake up its over!

Anonymous said...

Bob, are you for real or just an Obama voter?

Anonymous said...

Your video goes straight to Tim Kaine and says absolutely nothing about Palin.

Anonymous said...

Uh Bob, I think you mean malfeasance. Wake up, try a dictionary! Troopergate is so yesterday. Try Stevensgate. See you at the Kaine-Palin debate!

Anonymous said...

What exactly could Gov. Palin be indicted for? Doing her job?

What's so stupid is that this investigation can't turn up anything we don't already know. If she did fire Monegan for not firing Wooten, she can easily show that the trooper SHOULD have been fired anyway and tha Monegan wasn't doing his job. Don't people normally get fired for not doing their job?

I think the old guard in Alaska is so pissed at Palin for actually trying to change things that they will do anything to bring her down. This is a legislature with more corrupt politicians than probably any legislative branch in the country, and they want to investigate a good politician who simply removed an incompetent official. That's her job!!! Get over it Lyda Green, they just don't like you anymore!!!

BigRob-68 said...

Practically speaking, $100,000 for legal fees to investigate is a very small sum. Lawyers must come cheap up there im Alaska or the legislature sees this for what it is-insignificant. Gee, someone you elected to clean up the corruption is getting heat for doing their job. Palin is exactly what the GOP needs. Someone who will make a tough decision the wimpy pundits be damned!

Anonymous said...

indicted? They cannot legally do that. It is legally impossible. You has to be a criminal offence.

Adam Brickley, aka "ElephantMan" said...


Monegan was not technically fired. He was offered a different job in the administration and turned it down.


It ain't over 'til it's over, and there are a lot of good reasons to keep going. The allegtions against Palin are demonstrably false, and the media has not taken her off the list. "Troopergate" totally falls apart in light of the facts, and the people making accusations have been largely discredited. I keep playing this out in my mind, and there is theoretically no good way to attack Palin on these grounds without associating yourself with Andrew Halcro (a professional anti-Palin scandalmonger fond of exageration), Walt Monegan (who can be proven to be lying using documentaton from the Governor's office), and Mike Wooten (reprimanded on 11 counts including threatening to kill Gov. Palin's father). The Alaskan public doesn't seem to be buying this stuff, and neither will the rest of America. Hence, we continue. I'm not trying to exagerate or be overly sunny here, but there really is no way to talk about these allegations without making Gov. Palin look even better. Associating oneself with proven liars and people who want to kill your opponent's family is never a good campaign move.

Feel free to disagree, but I think you've made your point.

Bob said...

my point is and continues to be that why would mccain want to inherit possible problems like this. you may say that someone like pawlenty carries baggage for instance. but that is a far cry from being under investigation. sure we all know palin will prevail. but vindication time is far away. my previous post was to illustrate how her selection would be introduced by the media and the public(unlike us) doesnt know any better....

Anonymous said...


Gov. Palin is an honest politician who's made her name as an anti-corruption candidate, right? The accusations against her are false, right?

If this is allowed to ruin her VP chances, that sends a dangerous message to those who would launch future smear campaigns against good people.

I think of cretins like this as "political terrorists". You can't cower to them. You can't appease them. You just keep moving forward and defeat them.

Anonymous said...

Good article by Dick Morris, doesn't mention Palin, but says there are "any number of ... Republican women" that could be selected for McCain's VP to counter Obama's "Women Problem".

Anonymous said...

"VP Contenders by the Numbers", shows Palin as #1, followed by Huckabee and Crist (Romney near the bottom)


Anonymous said...

FROM THE ANCHORAGE DAILY NEWS, which should put an END to "troopergate" ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!

"Issue's not why Monegan was fired, but why trooper wasn't


(07/29/08 23:20:50)
They called Ronald Reagan the Teflon president. I think we should start calling Sarah Palin the Teflon governor. Based on people's reaction to the recent dustup over the dismissal of Walt Monegan, I'd say the lady would pretty much have to pile up more indictments than all our current politicians combined before people would start to seriously question her.

This is going to make some people absolutely nuts. Unfortunately, for those seeking to find some dirt that will stick and bring down her still astronomically favorable ratings, this current dustup is probably not the ticket they are seeking. Firing someone who is a political appointment is done all the time. Since losing your job is a common experience for most of us, the termination of a commissioner is just not something that gets people's dander up.

Of course, the idea that no one should be fired for refusing to cave in to pressure to circumvent state personnel rules is pretty much a no brainer, assuming the allegations are true.

Except in this case, the employee being discussed is a trooper who carries a gun and the force of law based on the authority given to him by, ultimately, us. He also happens to be an employee who somehow managed to Taser his 11-year-old stepson and get away with it.

The limp explanation that he was trying to show the young man how it felt is simply stupid and an insult to any thinking, reasonable adult. Assuming we want the people we authorize to carry guns and use them in our name to be adults, he should have found a much, much better way to get this lesson across.

In fact, his actions went beyond stupid and, for many of us, straight into the realm of criminal. I've had parents on my caseload whose kids would have been permanently removed from them if we'd gone to court with that.

So this particular trooper is probably not the poster boy the anti-Palin folks might want to trot out to show her misusing her power as governor. At least, the people I've talked to all seem to shake their heads and say that yeah, if she did exert pressure, she shouldn't have. And then they look up and say, "But man, what about that trooper!" They zip right past her possible actions and land squarely on the trooper. The minute the story reaches the point where he's Tasering his stepson, people start lining up behind Palin. Because most people don't want Mike Wooten to be the trooper responding to their call for help if this is any indication of his ability to make sound or reasonable judgments. And that seems to trump any inappropriate actions on her part as the focal part of the story.

It's becoming glaringly evident that public opinion is on Palin's side insofar as they wish this man had lost his job as a trooper somewhere between taking a moose illegally, drinking in a trooper vehicle and Tasering his stepson. And they wonder why the state troopers tolerate this behavior in their ranks.

Monegan was right to not cave if the alleged pressure was there from the administration to intervene in a personnel matter that had already been resolved internally, as insulting as that minimal response seems to be. While the legal right and wrong of the matter might ultimately break toward Monegan and against Palin, it will probably only make her a more sympathetic character, as people side with the person who tried to rid the troopers of someone who seems questionable at best as trooper material.

Let's think about this. He was stopped in his vehicle after a bartender called troopers to say he thought Wooten might be driving drunk. The trooper who stopped him admitted to smelling booze on his breath but made the decision that he didn't need to take a Breathalyzer because Wooten didn't seem drunk. Raise your hand if you think that trooper would not have given you a Breathalyzer test under the same circumstances. Yep, as I suspected, not a hand in sight.

Which brings us to the point most people are at. Palin isn't their problem. A state trooper agency that thinks this man should still be wearing a badge is."

Anonymous said...

As the Editorial puts the Wooten issue, if Palin broke protocol to get rid of Wooten, protocol needed to be broken.

All of this stink makes me want Palin now more than ever. Its got national democrat party written all over it. And by the way where in the heck is Wooten and who paid for his plane ticket.

I am just dying to hear Barack Obama or Tim Kaine or anyone other liberal try to defend Wooten's actions. If a Virginia State Police officer committed any single act of the entire assortment passed off by Wooten in Alaska they would hae been fired on the spot and facing numerous charges.

I want to see what happens to Obama's wooden poll numbers if he dares to say anything critical of Palin for demanding the removal of a law enforcement uniform from a child abuser and a drunk who used the property of the state to conduct reckless activities endangering the lives of every man woman and child in Alaska.

Come on MSM if you're feeling froggy take a leap.

Let the battle begin!!!

Anonymous said...

Reverse thinking here, Palin gets nominated as VP and MSM descends on Alaska wanting to know why Wooten still wears the uniform of a Trooper after having engaged in all the activities he conducted. That would have accurately been portrayed as favoritism. That WOULD have been a scandal. Perhaps during the vetting process it became apparent that Wooten could no longer be the crazy aunt in the basement. The MSM may come after Palin now wanting to know why Wooten was not removed a year ago. That would be more difficult to defend.

Anonymous said...

Look how scandalous Hillary Clinton and especially Barack Obama are! As long as she isn't going to jail she should still be picked. If Obama gets no backlash from his church and other friends, I don't think this will hurt her! She seems like she has that same kind of charismatic aura that seems to make people forget anything bad! Another reason he should pick her! That's my opinion, I really, really want Governor Palin!