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Monday, July 28, 2008

Petition: Help us get to 2000 signatures

If you haven't looked at our petition lately, we have almost 2000 signatures (currently sitting at 1971). Hence, I have decided that I will be sending printed copies of the petition to John McCain Headquarters, Gov. Palin's office, and the Alaskan media once we hit 2000.

So, if you haven't signed yet, click on the "Sign the Petition" link on the right side of your screen and add your name to our list of supporters.


Anonymous said...

The best -- and by far most informative -- part of the petition are the signers' submitted comments.

The comments seem to be from a cross section of voters across America, with different views, different backgrounds, and different slants. If Team McCain would simply read all of those comments, it will learn more, and in a compelling way, about the paramount importance of his naming Palin Veep.

please stress the comments when sending to McCain and the media.
Continuing massive thanks for all you have done -- really for the benefit of America!

Anonymous said...

Go for 2008 signatures.

Anonymous said...

Minor point, but since there seem to be some unintentional double entries in a few cases on the list, good to exceed 2000 anyway (just so that won't be an issue).

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

You can see that the left desperately wants McCain to run with Romney, and NOT Palin.

Here's a case in point "GOP Veepstakes by Kicking Ass Ann Arbor," the Blog of the University of Michigan College Democrats. Read all the comments to the posting thru to the end:

Adam Brickley, aka "ElephantMan" said...


I spent a good deal of time yesterday cleaning out duplicates, so it should be in decent shape by now (I went down from over 2000 to roughly 1960)

Anonymous said...

Adam, man you're on the ball!!! This blogsite remains remarkable, factual and credible!

StudentsofAmerica said...

Yes, I send this petition out to my supporters on MySpace. And I will do so again this week. We added 200 new friends over the weekend and we are trying our best to promote Gov. Palin.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to reiterate, but

It would be great if you, or someone, could put together in addition, separately, verbatim, JUST THE COMMENTS from the petition signers with a covering piece saying something like the "VOTERS SAY IT BEST, IN THEIR OWN WORDS -- MCCAIN AND PALIN '08"
(because they are like direct pleas from the voters to McCain as if spoken to him in person -- and he can respond in one fell swoop. For instance, after he were to name Palin, McCain -- or perhaps Palin -- could thank all these voters, perhaps by responding to you, Adam, who had directly inputted to him/her via the petition and comments).

They are very very powerful on re-reading some of them! (I think more powerful and compelling than anything else written.)

Anonymous said...

2008, is a great number!

Amanda said...

I sent it out to all of the conservatives I know, so hopefully we got a few new signatures!

SMatthewStolte said...

Adam, were you able to clean out the duplicates from folks who signed anonymously & didn't post a comment?