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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pipeline passes State House as Monegan allegations implode!

This is a great night for Gov. Palin, the State of Alaska, and our movement! Gov. Palin's plan to build a natural gas pipeline was approved tonight by the State's House of Representatives, sending the plan to the Senate for final approval. If passed, the licensing of the TransCanada corporation to construct this pipeline will be the crowning achievement of the Palin administration.

Meanwhile, Gov. Palin has put out a press release containing information that devastates the allegations made by former Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan. For instance, did you know that Todd Palin was ordered to discuss Trooper Mike Wooten with Monegan by the head of the Governor's security detail? How about the fact that schedules disprove Monegan's claim that he only met with Palin four times in seventeen months? It turns out that they had over two-dozen meetings during that time, including several visits by Monegan to the Governor's home and joint trips to remote parts of Alaska. The circus looks to be drawing to a close, with Palin coming out squeaky clean!


Kathleen said...

Sarah, you go girl!! This woman gives us all hope for the future of the country and the Republican party!

Ryan Trabuco said...

Palin is a rockstar!!!!!

flapper said...

Been cruising around the net tonight reading some very discouraging reports on the Veepstakes. (I just pray it's Romney's PR team again).

Anyway, it's great to come here and see this. There's no doubt in my mind that Palin is a future POTUS.

I've tried to put myself in the shoes of McCain's VP advisors. You go through the list, asking why a particular person would be chosen, and perhaps the equally important question of why not.

It comes up Palin every time. If Mac picks someone else, I'll be very interested to hear the reasoning behind it.

Laura said...

ryan's right! Palin's a rockstar!

Dave ll said...

Palin is well on her way to bigger and better things...with or without McCain!

He and his advisors MUST SEE the tide is turning against the do-nothing Dems in Congress, and FOR drilling. And what better way to exploit that sentiment than with Palin on the ticket.

Here's an interesting editorial about ANWR and the congressmen that went there. It doesn't mention Palin, but the title of the column could not be more telling about who McCain needs to pick:

"A Road To Victory Through Alaska?"

Ted said...


As I previously raised the possibility, it DOES appear that there is some heavy duty manipulation in the VP Intrade Market.

Right up to the open discussion of Palin soaring on Intrade, she's been settling down, with Romney going up and now Pawlenty going up, albeit and despite the subsequent fabulous news and developments for Palin as McCain's best Veep pick.

I originally speculated that Romney forces were manipulating to make Romney look better. I now think that these are Dem forces (in part and as well) and Dem money manipulating Intrade because they are aware that Palin is their main threat! Palin's the ONLY Veep pick for McCain they really truly fear!

Look, Dems are spending a lot of money on the Obama campaign, so what's the big deal for them to throw some money at Intrade Market, knowing everyone has been looking there. This is what's going on. The Dems desparately want and need McCain to run with a losing or boring white guy like Romney or Pawlenty, so the'ye throwing much into trying to keep Palin off the ticket. (Look at it this way, if I were working for Team Obama, that is EXACTLY what I would do.)

The key, as I said, was where was Palin heading up to the time her soaring was publicly noted and discussed, especially since the news since then has been good good good for Palin.

By the way, I'm not the first to comment on Intrade manipulations in the political markets -- which seems even more likely as more discussion is on Intrade (it's like advertising, or buying ad time, to say a candidate is high on Intrade).

Ted said...

typo in my second paragraph, should read, "Right AFTER the open discussion of Palin soaring on Intrade, she's been settling down, with Romney going up ... [despite all the great Palin news]"

Anonymous said...

Interesting discussion with James Carville on Imus yesterday. Carville thinks McCain is going to take a long shot as vp.

carville: "I know him. He's a craps player like me and he's getting ready to press his bet."

Not sure Sarah is a long shot but it sure doesn't sound like Romney.

Anonymous said...

bill kristol said on special report yesterday that he's resigned himself to the fact that his girl sarah wont be on the ticket... :( :(

Ted said...

Kristol was speculating, and importantly went on to say "I don't know if I can make it through the next three months without her [Palin] on the ticket."

Message to McCain, I assure you KRISTOL IS NOT ALONE as many many like him "will not be able to make it through the hext three months without [Palin] on the ticket."

If you think PUMA is a phenomenon just on the Democratic side (PUMA = "Party Unity My Ass" movement, IT WILL BE A PHENOMENON FOR THE GOP AS WELL (if Palin is not on the ticket).

And finally, it is very telling that the lefty blogs (including KOS and others) were instantly swinging into gear to jump up and down on Palin's corpse in the hopes that she was gone forever due to the Monegan thing. What does that say? It says the lefty blogs WANT McCain to run with a Romney or a Pawlenty and DON'T want McCain to run with Palin.

This confirms their zeal and relish in trying to take Palin out, knowing deep down that Palin is McCain's ticket to victory in November!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you Ted on the part of it being a rough three months if McCain does not pick Palin. Boring!

I am hoping to see two women square off as Veeps and now it is quite possible we get boring veep picks in both parties and a less interesting election.

Let's keep our hopes up. That independent investigation will find nothing. It all depends on whether McCain is confident he can win without a rockstar like Palin on the ticket.

One thing I have noticed though. And that is, the luster on Obama is not what it was. I think people are finally realizing that he has very few convictions, no experience, and people have no idea where he stands on anything due to his waffling all the time. Combine this with his heavy socialism and he is making people nervous, and this may be making McCain think he can take him down alone.

Ted said...

But why would McCain want to go it "alone" when he CAN have a Palin and excite and energize the GOP for the next generation!!!

Anonymous said...

Ted: That is one crackpot conspiracy you have about the whole Intrade deal. Next, you'll tell me that aliens really did land in Roswell way back in the day.

On a better note, here is some good news for Palin: one of her bigger rivals has pulled himself out of the running.

Kristofer said...

Newt endorses Palin....and Jindal.

kathleen said...

Townhall has a V.P. poll up today. Palin is at 10% and Romney at 43. I know these things don't mean much but we can at least show our support. GO VOTE

Night Owl said...

The Jindal thing is good news for Palin, but bad news in the event he does not choose Palin... it removes another potentially good person from the running.

Also, the people commenting on this Politico piece need to be set straight. They are making it sound like Palin is entrenched in the biggest scandal since Watergate.

Anonymous said...

If it isn't Palin, and even though I think she'd be great, it appear sthta Romney is the big favorite at the moment, I think it's important that she be given a big role at the convention.

Don't forget where Obama came from. He didn'y just show up in 2007 out of nowhere. It was his 2004 convention speech that brought him to attention and pretty much launched his career. Got him in the spotlight.

Now, I'm not saying Palin is going to give some electrifying speech a a la Obama, but there's really no better way to put someone on the map then through a convention appearance.

Regardless of what happens to McCain, the party needs to start planning for the future and introducing new people, getting them exposed and so forth.

While it isn't the same as VP, a keynote speech or important address at the convention would go a long way towards helpin Gov Palin in the future.

Anonymous said...

Could it be that the democrats are beating the Romney for VP drum because they are afraid of Palin?

Anonymous said...

does anyone else think the dems paid off that moron who was accusing palin? To keep her from becoming mccains vp? Its obvious they're scared shitless of her.

Kristofer said...

#19, they were trying to stop the pipeline bill, that is all it was. All of this is going to die off now.

Notice that the people fighting Palin are all in the pockets of Big Oil?

Anonymous said...

wouldn't big oil want Palin as VP because it would be more likley there'd be drilling in ANWR and off shore if she helps McCain win?

also, they get her out of AK which may help with the pipeline.

it's a win win for them

Rob said...

Nah, she put a thumb in their eye; it's to their advantage if they can put out a hit on her (politically speaking).

Ted said...

1. Of course IT'S THE DEMOCRATS who are beating the drum big time Romney. ITS THE DEMOCRATS WHO WANT MCCAIN TO PICK ROMNEY!!!!!

2. A KEYNOTE SPEECH for Sarah Palin WILL NOT CUT IT -- it misses by a million miles!!!

3. Without Palin, McCain's run is merely a snooze, at best, with all hopes for his winning pegged solely on a giant gaff by or backlash against Obama. But McCain's campaign would utterly lack any enthusiasm, being the exact opposite of the gigantic enthusiams which Palin would bring to the ticket.