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Monday, July 14, 2008

Sarah has her first vote at the GOP Convention!

I received this email a few days ago and have procured permission to reprint it for you. While I am deleting identifying information, I can tell you that I have independently confirmed that this person is in fact a delegate to this year's Republican National Convention.

"Just to let you know that you have one vote. I'm a delegate to the national convention from (state deleted) and I'm firmly for Sarah. I think she is what we need to kick start the GOP this year."


Kristofer said...

Just to confirm for those in the movement, I also received the same email from the delegate, through our site.

IR-MN said...

This is getting exciting. I think Jason's comments in the previous post raises a good issue. Should we as a community be doing more to raise Sarah's profile both within the MSM and the McCain campaign. Just by reading the comments, there seems to be a lot of people hungry to help Sarah. I chatted with Kris on this before on Race42008. Maybe we should do something more beyond the petition; something that may catch the public's attention. An e-mail drive; some Ron Paul type movement?

Kristofer said...

Hein sght is 20/20, but we sound have created a PAC. Oh well, next time. :(

Anonymous said...

527 anyone?

Kristofer said...

"527 anyone?

We still have to register a PAC if we raise or spend over $1,000.

A half page ad in the Washington Post (that will get us the most attention) is about $30,000.

IOnternet ad's may be cheaper, forinstance we could post an ad on Drudge, as that will get the attention of Dc media. But we have to do it fast.

Ted said...

Adam & Kristofer,

The fact of this communication to you from an official party delegate tends to confirm the importance and centrality of both of your online efforts in what truly is a grassroots movement behind Sarah Palin hopefully, ultimately, being selected as McCain's Veepmate. This may be unprecedented in our nation's history and Adam, especially, your effort and your story vis a vis this site is part and parcel of Palin's story now.

As someone who cares about the future of this nation, hence, an ardent Palin advocate myself, I thank you (and I'm certain that many others do as well).

IR-MN said...

Kris, how about we advertise a mccain/palin link within a John McCain google search result. That link could lead to either Adam's or your site. Though, people may not want to spend their money. There must be a free way to get this done. We're a smart bunch: One of us can certainly think of something. The latest rasmussen polls show how important McCain needs to jumpstart his campaign.

Kristofer said...


We can chahge our keyword searches to have palin appear when people search keywords such as McCain, but that still may not work.

IR, could you call Google and see how much it would cost to post an ad?

Anonymous said...

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Kristofer said...

I left a request for web ad's for Human Events, Drudge report and redstate. We could probably get something for between $1,000 and $5,000 but I am not sure how many views the length of the ad.

IR-MN said...


I tried the calculator. I probably don't have a good idea with google; adwords seems to be very expensive for a cpc.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, it is bad form to apply pressure directly with PACs, etc to accomplish the goal of getting Palin on the ticket. It would be more harmful than beneficial to do such an act. Lack of exposure in a major television market is part of the problem despite her stellar qualifications and abilities. That is why Mac going to Alaska to see ANWR in person is critical especially in light of the brewing fight between Bush and Congress. If Mac does not name a running mate prior to the convention then a Palin grassroots movement among delegates would be another option.

Anonymous said...

Do you not remember that PAc was formed to attack Romney as a potential McCain VP?

They had ad's in newspapers.

for ultimate buzz, we need ad's in the DC area, or on sites frequented by DC insiders.

Kristofer said...

Did anyone take Advertising in school who could summarize this link for us?

Matthew said...

Adam, I'm not clear on the significance of having delegates support Palin for VP. Could someone help me suss out the mechanisms, here? Under what conditions do delegates practically become important for the selection of a running mate? Do those seem likely based on McCain's statements so far?

If Sarah isn't chosen as a running mate, would something like this make it more likely she'll get a speech at the convention?

Anonymous said...

What we need to do is pursuade the McCain campaign, since they are the closest to McCain.

How can we better reach them?

Anonymous said...

The 12th Amendment specifies seperate ballots for POTUS and VEEP thanks to Jefferson and Adams. There was a movement (unsuccessful) to replace Cheney in 2004 with Giuliani among some electors within the electoral college. This route is not a good move. Best chances are through publicity at this point.

Dave ll said...

While I admire the intent and enthusiasm to get Palin's name out there more...fact is, it's GOING to happen soon anyway (with People Magazine coming out)...and the benefits may not outweigh the possible negatives.

She really needs to just be a "stealth" candidate right now (coupled, of course, with a strong grassroots support effort), if the impact of her choosing will get the BIGGEST bang.

All these other efforts will be seen as attempts at "forcing" McCain to pick her...which simply cannot be done.

It is HIS decision, and only HE can make it. If he cannot see the wisdom in picking her, and see the groundswell of support she has, and WILL HAVE when she is picked...then, quite frankly...he deserves to lose!!

McCain's not stupid. My gut tells me that he and/or his advisors know EXACTLY what she will do for the ticket...and they are just waiting for the right time and the right place.

If an effort is made to short circuit their may do more harm than good, and deny McCain the full impact picking her will have.

So, have a little faith, and keep the pressure on with sites like these and commenting on blogs...but let McCain do what he needs to do to win...

It's HIS PRESIDENCY (or not!) and only HE can really do what is needed to win...picking Palin!

it's vintage, duh said...

Hannity was talking about her today.

Anonymous said...

What did he say?

Anonymous said...

From MSNBC Veep Page:

" AK Gov. Sarah Palin (R): “I can’t say that I’m on the short list. They, the officials in the campaign, haven’t told me I’m on any short list. … I really doubt that such a thing would happen. Gotta keep this in perspective: I’m a hockey mom from Alaska. Do you really think that it is even in the realm of possibility?”

Palin also says she invited McCain to visit ANWR."

Sounds to me like "not being told you're on any short list" is tacit admission to being on the list.

it's vintage, duh said...

July 14, 2008 5:26 PM

He was talking about how she was wanting to drill, and that she'd been mentioned as a possible VP.

and then later in the program, he had pollsters on who talked briefly about her as a VP.

Anonymous said...

it's vintage, was it serious chatter or just the "oh by the way" passing mention.

Anonymous said...

If you believe the poli coms, the two big issues of the election are the economy and the war. McCain has the war issue sewn up, so he has to look to shore up his economy creds. The two big economic issues are mortgage foreclosures and gas prices. I think the question will be does he see Gov. Palin's background in energy as weighty enough on the ticket. I think he nees a really good economy pick. I think her plus is she brings the gas issue to the table, but without the "big business" baggage that Fiorna and Romney. TV mouths seem to really think it's Romney, but I just can't see it. I just don't find the guy appealing. Did he ever win first in any primary?

it's vintage, duh said...

July 14, 2008 6:15 PM

He didn't spend a whole segment or anything. he spent about 30 seconds to one minute (at least) talking about her leter to congress, etc. and he brought her up with ed gillespie later in the program as well.

Kristofer said...

Dear Governor Palin,

Before being nominated for Vice President, Senator John Edwards was a career trial lawyer and only served one term in the Senate. His total legislative accomplishments were = 0.

You see Governor Palin, we are smarter than you think. "I am just a Hockey Mom", yes you are, and we are smart enough to know that those "soccer/hockey" mom's have not decided who they are voting for in 2008.

See, you did not say; "I am not interested, I am not being vetted, I can better serve my country in Alaska, your answer was a political statement, an advertisement for yourself.

What you really said was;

"I can’t say that I’m on the short list, I am just a representative of the largest voting block in 2008that will decide this election, and by the way, I am a humble, middle-class, hockey mom, who is far away from the DC establishment".

Adam Brickley, aka "ElephantMan" said...

Lots of good ideas flying around here. One key thing we need to remember is time. It would be relatively useless at this point to attempt to set up an organization like a PAC or 527, which would be in business for two months at the longest. We will be getting lots of media with the People article and the Wall Street Journal piece. Probably a better idea is to send a lot of letters to the McCain campaign and fan mail to the governor's office ( has a good letter already drafted). We've done very well as a "stealth" campaign, and I think we can keep with that strategy. We can get the media's attention with lots of blog posts and chatter in articles' comments sections.

I do like the idea of buying Google advertisements, but I'll have to look into pricing. As a recent college graduate with very little cash, I am not the type of person who can use "only" and "$1000" in the same sentence.

"There they go. I must follow them, for I am their leader."
-Mahatma Gandhi

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Syrin said...
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Anonymous said...

You are about to be besieged by an organize campaign of hatred attempting to destroy Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska. At least one of these people is a hobbyist website designer who has little to do except malicious mischief.

Some attentive monitoring of new messages might be appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Yes, please get her out of Alaska as soon as possible. I'm not sure the state can afford to keep her, her husband and the rest of the Palin clan.

So yes, sign me up for Palin for V.P. It will assure two things:

1) She'll be out of Alaska (for awhile anyway)

2) When the whole story of her ineptness and abuse of power comes out, it will most likely end any chance (if there is any) of McCain being elected.

Thank you for your efforts in saving the country from the disaster that would be electing McCain.