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Friday, July 18, 2008

Thanks to Rassmussen Reports, video coming soon.

UPDATE: My video software is continuing to be uncooperative, it is taking so long to upload that it will take at least another hour for Part 1, maybe all night.
UPDATE: I am in the process of uploading two videos, roughly six minutes each, responding to Andrew Halcro's wild accusations. However, uploading to YouTube take some time. Part 1 of my response will be up in about an hour, Part 2 roughly an hour after that. I think you will find that the information provided will be worth the wait.
We received a link today on the front page of the "Rassmussen Reports" polling company's website, under their "Rassmussen Reports in the News" section. Most of the other outlets linked in that section are large news organizations, so it is a high honor to be included. They linked to my entry detailing Scott Rasmussen's suggestion that John McCain select Gov. Palin as his running mate.

As promised, I will have a detailed response to Andrew Halcro's salacious accusations against Gov. Palin this morning. I am in the process of recording a video response, which I expect to have posted within a few hours.


Anonymous said...

WPO mentioned Sarah.

Anonymous said...

Does McCain read Rasmussen reports?

I hope so.

Anonymous said...

Palin has moved up an is in the TOP 5 for Vp picks for McCain. Finally!


Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) (Associated Press) 5. Sarah Palin: Palin's name doesn't appear on many vice presidential lists but if you believe that McCain needs to make a totally out of the box choice, she fits the bill. Palin, elected in 2006 on a reform platform, may well be the most popular politician in the country, and her story -- former high school basketball star and beauty queen, mother of five including a newborn with Down's Syndrome -- is the sort of narrative American voters could fall in love with. Plus, picking Palin would send a message to disaffected Democratic-leaning women that McCain is paying more than lip service to the notion of changing the face of the Republican party. (Previous ranking: N/A)

Anonymous said...

Palin says here that she "hasn't been told if she's on the short list." That tells me she has been vetted by the campaign and is just waiting for the phone call.

They don't normally tell the people they're on the short list anyway, right?

Anonymous said...


Kemp was told less than a week before it was offered to him. He had his medical, interview and background done in this short time frame.

So, yes it is possible she does not find out until a week before. But I have a feeling (and based on what Mccain has said), he wants his VP prepared, i.e. No Dan Quayle moments.

BigRob-68 said...

Gov. Palin got good press in the WSJ today on the struggle for GOP reform in Missouri. The link is

Anonymous said...

Palin's troubles compounding. She has been caught in a big lie, and the Alaska Legislature is discussing an investigation into the issue of her meddling in a state trooper's personnel file and seeking his dismissal on behalf of her sister. Her squeaky clean image has lost several layers of luster, and what remains looks decidedly vindictive and evidence of abuse of power.

Add to this her extreme lightweight credentials on almost any policy issue and inability to articulate beyond an 8th grade vocabulary.

The combination of a smoking gun scandal she is now facing, with lack of adequate skills to be seen on national stage actual discussing matters of substance and the drag on McCain would draw another 5 points to Obama.

Anonymous said...

Abuse of power? All Todd Palin did was report that a state trooper threatened to kill his father-in-law. Since when was their anything wrong about that.

Wooten is simply an out of control trooper. Monegan couldn't handle the situation and let a trooper control him rather than putting the safety of the people first. That combined with his failure on submitting a proper budget made it obvious he was not keeping up to his professional duties. The man forgot where his loyalties lie.

The governor not only has a legal and moral right to hire a proper cabinet, but to dismiss or demote those that cannot handle their responsibilities.

Mrs. Palin made the correct decision, although she could have used a little better tact.

If I were the governor, I'd ask the legislator to move for an independent investigation which will almost surely vindicate her.

Also, I'd tell Mr. Kopp to trim back on waste at the PDS and free up more of the budget to finance more troopers to up the level of service to the public.

Whether this event affects the VP prospects of Sarah Palin is irrelevant. She is going to do what she believes is right. If this in any way reduces her chances at a shot at the VP spot, so what.

Sarah has integrity and will continue her duties as the governor, and maybe even run for another term.

Anonymous said...

anonymous Romneyite,

Free advice: If you made your argument w/o the personal insults it would be more effective. As it is, you sound like a left-wing "hater", which reflects poorly on your man Mitt.