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Friday, July 18, 2008

Washington Post names Palin a "Top 5" VP choice

While I am still working on getting my YouTube response to Andrew Halcro loaded (I'm now trying to use a totally different program to upload the video after the first one aborted the operation), I would be remiss not to mention another huge development today. For the first time, Gov. Palin has broken onto the Washington Post's "Friday Veepstakes Line", a weekly ranking of each candidate's top five VP choices authored by Chris Cillizza (a longtime Palin skeptic). This week, she finally enters the countdown at number five behind Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, Rob Portman, and John Thune. It will be interesting to see if she continues to climb that list over the next few weeks. And for the record, Cillizza's top 5 candidates for Obama are 1. Sen. Evan Bayh (Indiana) 2. Gov. Tim Kaine (Virginia) 3. Sen. Jack Reed (Rhode Island) 4.Sen. Joe Biden (Delaware), and 5.Hillary Clinton. All but Kaine are entrenched members of the Washington establishment, and Kaine has roughly the same level of experience in government as Obama. Hence, all would be prefect foils for Gov. Palin.


Anonymous said...

We have to give partial credit to our "Ted".

Ted has been accuring the WAPO of discrimination of Governor Palin for months, and I guess they had enough of Ted! Way to go Ted.

On the other hand, the DC chatter is including Palin (confirmed by Senator Stevens).

Unknown said...

Evan Bayh is my Obama pick, too. He is (wrongly) perceived as a moderate, was the Governor before he was a Senator and he is wildly popular in a reliably Red State.

Anonymous said...

I think Obama will pick Tim Kaine or Bayh. He may look at Virginia and how tight it is right now and not be able to pass it up.

I'm from Virginia, and I say PICK TIM KAINE!! The sooner he's out of our state, the better. Dude proposes the largest budget in state history as were entering an economic downturn, and now wants to cut spending. Kaine would kill an Obama ticket because of his inability to hold a position and because when he smiles, he looks like a child molester. I'm not kidding, its pretty scary.

The proof is in the pudding:

Anonymous said...

greta asked the fox news mccain imbed. tonight if mccain is considering picking any women for vp....the reporter gave the standard pat answer. but the important thing about that is that its on her mind. and she just did a sit down with mccain last maybe she asked mccain about it off camera? [greta was one of the leading 'i started to support hillary when it became so obvious how sexist she was being treated' people and represents a lot of similiar women who are a key block for mccain that could be easily picked up by a palin, or fiorina, vp choice]

Anonymous said...

It really surprises me that people would think that McCain would possibly pick someone like Fiorina. She's a Silicon Valley liberal. I can't imagine a moderate McCain picking her especially since he is pro-life for the most part. I wonder why her name gets thrown in there. Same as Meg Whitman.

Am I missing something?

Unknown said...

Isn't Kaine a bit too conservative for Obama's liking? He's not my Governor, so I don't know him that well, but from what I read, he's mostly pro-life and pro-gun. If VPs are supposed to be potential Presidents, do the Democrats really want this guy on their ticket?

Also, Obama has very high unfavourables in Virginia, and Kaine's favourability is good, but not great.

I'm not attacking your suggestion; I just want to know more from a real, live Virginian.

Anonymous said...

Former Department of Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan on Friday said that since Gov. Sarah Palin took office, members of her administration and family pressured him to fire a Palmer Alaska State Trooper to whom her sister was involved in a bitter child custody battle.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that IF Wooten was deemed a security threat to Palin & family -- in fact, especially if deemed so by Palin & family, and especially if Palin was in line to be Veep -- Monegan should not have disregarded those concerns. Custody proceedings in divorce are very emotionally driven events and what if Wooten was legitimately deemed a threat to the physical safety of Palin -- and Monegan disregarded that threat, after Wooten's repeated expressions of that threat to the Governor's safety "to bring Palin or Palin family down". Not knowing all the facts, and looking at these things as "IFs", wouldn't Monegan's disregard of that threat be a legitimate concern to the Governor and/or future Veep candidate.

In other words, the fact that Wooten had a personal and/or familial connection to Palin does NOT mean that Palin and/or Palin family is not entitled to deem that Wooten is a threat who should be considered. So, Palin and/or Palin family's motivation was not out of revenge etc., but legitimate concern for the Governor's safety being ignored by Palin's own chief law enforcement official.

I'm not saying this was the case; but if it was, Palin (and Palin family) would certainly be entitled to have their concerns for the Governor/Governor's family's safety acted on by Monegan, especially because she's Governor and especially because she may be Veep, and especially because those custody and domestic issues are emotionally powerful on someone in Wooten's position with his track record.

If the above has validity, Monegan therefore put Palin in a bind by Monegan NOT acting on those concerns -- again, NOT out of revenge (and if anything Palin et al. would have had to act with some constraint because of the optics) but out of legitimate concerns, not only having bearing on Palin in her own right, but as Governor and possible future Veep. What was Palin to do (if, in fact, those concerns were real and Monegan repeatedly failed to act on those concerns)?

(I smell a political motivating factor or connection on the part of Monegan's side, not Palin's -- especially since I've read some thumping from left wing, progressive, political sources on these recent events -- and now the unions have injected themselves in this.)

Anonymous said...

I don't know anything about this story, but if one of my employees (who carries a gun) ever made a statement about "bringing so-and-so down", he would definitely be fired. Or at least suspended until he/she had completed adequate counselling and was not deemed a threat.
dr. vicki
Plus, I don't think it would matter who McCain picks, they'll try to dig up something. CNN did this story yesterday I think, the bald guy on Wolf's show, about how McCain was "triangulating". I think they're trying to push back after that great video released by McCain's campaign showig Obama all over the map on Iraq.

BigRob-68 said...

As a non-Alaskan this flap over Palin's alleged firing of her former brother-in-law just looks like sour grapes and a bitter divorce settlement. Halcro looks like an opportunist to me still fuming over his loss.

Any man who would taser his 11-year old son is nuts! No "man" would air his dirty laundry either.

I do not see this knocking Palin out of the veepstakes. This bitter divorce thing would have caught the veep vetters long before now if the story is going to be that harmful to her chances at the number 2 spot.

Anonymous said...

It was not the former brother-in-law fired. It was the Public Safety Commissioner. The former brother-in-law who allegedly made threats against Palin and family was a state trooper who worked under the Public Safety Commissioner.

Palin's foes are endeavoring to say it was wrong for those around Palin to bring the alleged threats by the former brother-in-law on Palin/Palin's family, to the attention of the Public Safety Commisioner; and when that Public Safety Commissioner was later replaced by Palin (and offered another position), the replaced Public Safety Commissioner elected to then raise the issue of the former brother-in-law as the reason for his replacement.

BigRob-68 said...

Ted-thanks for the correction. This still strikes me as sour grapes. In my view, a governor should have the power to transfer or fire those under his/her leadership. The governor here in Texas (though a weak position under our Constitution)has the power to appoint, to transfer, and to terminate similar positions. Further, the issue of the brother-in-law is irrelevant since knowingly retaining a law enforcement official who has committed violent or threatening acts is called negligence in any state if that person harms someone again. It seems that Palin (or her staff) had to act to remove an ineffective government official. Again, all I know about this matter is what I read in ADN or on the blog since I do not live in Alaska. I can tell you that there are many Texans who would gladly trade you Gov. Rick Perry (who will likely lose to Kay Bailey Hutchinson in the 2010 primary) for a fine public servant like Gov. Sarah Palin.

Anonymous said...

If this story is all the lefties and/or Palin enemies can dig up, and we know they have been at it for some time, then ok for our team.

Love this blog for Palin and hopefully we'll know something in the next few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Walt Monegan serves at the pleasure of the Governor. She can fire and hire whoever she wants. Monegan even admitted this.

If this was any other state, or the POTUS family, this state trooper would have been locked up.

This is the problem with society, they seem not to care about spousal abuse or crimes against children. This guy SHOULD HAVE BEEN FIRED.

Syrin said...
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Syrin said...
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