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Friday, July 25, 2008

The Weekend

Well, we have now reached the end what has certainly been a long week for us and Gov. Palin. Considering the amount of unfounded mud that has been thrown at the Governor, I think that we should definitely be sending letters of support to let her know that we are praying for her.

Next week should be much more fun, with the gasline due to come to a vote in the Senate. Also, I've about had it with the Alaskan media's refusal to publish key facts regarding the Halcro/Monegan/Wooten circus, so it might be time to start hodling their feet to the fire. Any suggestions?

Enjoy the weekend, and I hope that you will all be pumped up and ready to go on Monday.


Anonymous said...

While we, of course, want to defend Gov Palin no doubt because we more than like, admire and support her, I believe we should keep in mind that our greater objective and prayers are for our nation, and as such, that it is precisely Senator McCain who must exercise the requisite judgment and wisdom to name Gov Palin Veep. As supportive as we remain for Gov Palin, let's hope and pray that Team McCain comes through, on what would likely be the most important decision surrounding his Presidency, that is, the naming of Sarah Palin Veep. To say it is absolutely crucial that he name Gov Palin is not an overstatement. I tell myself that Senator McCain must be seeing what we see so remain more than optomistic that Gov Palin will be his Veep.

Anonymous said...

Not one news organization picked up the Halcro/Monegan/Wooten circus story.

Can we let it go?

Let us talk about all these lists she has been showing up on.

Anonymous said...

And to that I say Amen, Ted.

All the hype surrounding Obama is so disturbing. He and the socialist agenda are being rammed down our throats.

McCain MUST fight and it just seems so very clear that Palin would be the ultimate "weapon" for the battle.

Bob said...

sorry but looks like the dems in alaska and the dail kos nuts have essentially killed palins chance. in the vetting that is done for vp, mccain couldnt carry this baggage. the enemy has won. what a screwed up world we live in and horrible luck.

Dr. Vicki said...

I disagree somewhat, Bob. I think any politician is going to have someone throwing mud at him/her at the "local" level. Look at Romney. He has the baggage of having moved around on his abortion and gay marriage positions. And has been accused or raising taxes but calling it "fees" so he could say he didn't raise taxes. I think because most people on this blog are really "into" Gov. Palin, we're seeing mud that isn't in the national spotlight. I have a feel if you were a Pawlenty fan or a Jindal fan, you'd be reading articles about problems they're having as well. I'm crossing my fingers. I think the kind of issues that are killers is stuff like John Edwards is dealing with right now. Any sane person who reads about her ex BIL threatening the life of her father, threatening her family, and tasing her nephew would blow this off exactly for what it is. The only people who pay attention to Daily Kos is Daily Kos "followers". As far as I'm concerned Daily Kos and Huffington Post are the National Enquirers of politics.

Anonymous said...

Always good to see a mention, even if she's not in the headline.

Today's WSJ:

If Sen. McCain goes "outside the box," as one adviser put it, he (McCain) might select Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, a mother of five, or 37-year-old Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal.

Anonymous said...

I read an interesting piece this morning on the veepstakes that said Bush One kept his vp choice off all the gossip lists until he announced. I've thought it a little odd that, as far as I know, the only mention McCain has made of Gov. Palin was when he was directly asked about her at one of his town hall meetings. I know we're all trying to read tea leaves here, but isn't that a bit strange that he hasn't offered any comments about her since she has appeared on most lists?

Anonymous said...

I've always said that it's a good thing he hasn't been bringing her up. It's more of a surprise then.

Like these articles have been saying, McCain seems to be struggling on whether to go safe or out of the box. It seems to be Sarah IS the out of the box pick. I think it is a really good sign that the sources with the campaign have come out in recent days saying the preference seems to be a minority or woman.

Anonymous said...

tc, Sarah may be "out of the box", but she IS the "safest" pick as well.

Am I missing something here as to the meaning of "safe" (meaning safe best pick with the highest odds of facilitating McCain's winning the election)?

Anonymous said...

i agree with you completely, ted. as i've said before on other sites, Sarah is probably the cleanest politician this country has seen in a while, most definitely alaska.

i think what people in politics mean by "safe" is boring, doesn't bring a lot of negatives, won't f-, screw up.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if it is not painfully apparent that whomever McCain picks as VEEP, Daily Kos and will come after them with both barrels cocked no matter what. They will find something wrong with anyone. Example: McCain picks Jesus Christ as VEEP-Left wing bloggers will be extremely concerned that Jesus Christ is not qualified to be VEEP due to very little foreign policy experience and having made some very "unfortunate" remarks about homosexuals. The point is that the left wing bloggers can stuff it.

My opinion, coming from this white male, (although I am NOT a typical white person because I have never been Vice President of Bank of Hawai'i) is that two white males on the GOP ticket is a loser this year.

Ideology aside, be it Powell, Rice, Jindal, Palin, Steele, Watts, Hutchinson, whomever, the GOP is doomed to defeat without some pizazz on the ticket. Of all these, I like Palin across the board.

I think this so called scandal involving Palin will backfire big time. If Palin had personal knowledge that a state trooper was unfit to walk the thin blue line, and this nut BIL of hers was beyond disqualified, she was acting in the best interests of the State of Alaska and not her family in seeking his termination. By firing him, her sister and her children would obviously suffer financially by the loss of child support from his income and benefits as a trooper.

If anything, this simply reinforces serious integrity on the part of the governor.

Anonymous said...


1. Which McCain Veep pick is SIMULTANEOUSLY the safest AND boldest?

ANSWER: Sarah Palin

2. How can McCain SIMULTANEOUSLY attract both Hillary AND Bob Barr voters?

ANSWER: Sarah Palin

Anonymous said...

This just in from the Conservative Voice:

"Desperately seeking Sarah
July 26, 2008 10:00 AM EST

By Stephan Andrew Brodhead

Desperately seeking Sarah
Americans need a little Palin Power

Sarah Palin the current Governor of Alaska is John McCain's ultimate choice for VP. I do believe a woman is next in line for the presidency. All Conservatives like her. She is popular in Alaska. Hillary supporters would relish her. She would solidify a 12 or possibly 16 year Republican executive.

John McCain's boring campaign is wearing thin. I need a little Palin Power to get me interested again. They would say 'but she is only a half term Governor!' And your point is?

That's all I have to say about that!"

Dr. Vicki said...

Anon, I fully agree about Kos and its partners. It doesn't matter who McCain picks, they'll find reason to rip her (or him) apart. I think the MSM is wising up a bit to their Obamamania, thanks to the Rasmussen poll calling them on the carpet. Yesterday, CNN gave a good lengthy interview to McCain. They're at least trying to pretend they're balancing their reporting. I read a good anti Romney article that said as far as the economy goes, her really has little appeal to the blue collar and working folks (swing state voters). As Huckabee said, he's the guy that lays you off. I really don't think it's Romney. It it's a white guy, I think it will be Pawlenty. I am really not sure what they mean by "safe" pick. I think they mean traditional. Someone who's been vetted pretty well, has some name recognition, and is "do no harm". Romney would fit that, but he wouldn't bring anything to the ticket. McCain just about has to do something with his veepster pick to grab the headlines. I think it will be an out of the box pick. Maybe Lieberman, maybe Jindal, but hopefully Palin.

Anonymous said...

I hate to admit it but this scandal just sucks. This was the most important time for her and this happens. Now, I'm depressed b/c she would've been the best VP choice and basically she's untouchable. Pawlenty, here, has been caught in some scandals in the past, but not at this critical time. Whoever is Palin's chief of staff is an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys - seen this?

Anonymous said...

If "dems in Alaska and the DailyKos" are her major detractors, that seems to me to be a GOOD thing. Especially when she shoots them down!

Anonymous said...

ir-mn, I understand your concern, but simply ask yourself this, if Team McCain is neither politically savvy nor smart enough to see this for what it is, making a mountain out of less than a mole hill (compare this to Obama's Tony Rezko or Reverend Wright for example), and basically see and comprehend the entire argument for Palin being his VP which is the underpinning of this whole blog, and he reads the comments from the signatories to this blog's petition -- and would then not pick Palin -- then frankly, McCain lacks the requisite sanity to be President of the United States! I have to assume McCain IS smart and politically savvy enough. Case closed (either way).

Anonymous said...

Here's the time frame to consider.

The Alaska Senate MUST act one way or the other on the Alsaka House approving Palin's recommended Natural Gas Pipeline license to TransCan by August 2nd the latest. (I just can't see the Alaska Senate turning this down.)

The Olympics start Auguts 8.

Therefore, as soon as the Alaska Senate acts to approve (being August 2 the latest) -- and before August 8, I believe that is a prime time when McCain will announce Palin Veep. That is, coming off the major and good Palin-related news of Alaska going forward on the Natural Gas Pipeline license under the Palin sponsored AGIA legislation.

BigRob-68 said...

The Monegan affair is nothing out of the ordinary for state or local politics anywhere. There seems to be a tendency among some bloggers here or on other sites a to exagerate this episode. Gosh, the opinion I read on ADN makes me glad we have an electorol college! A negative for Palin's chances that is largely ignored at this point is that she and Mac have not had much overt contact. Of all the contenders for the veep spot they have at least been seen on the rubber-chicken, campaign circuit or on television plugging Mac. I guess what I am trying to say is that Palin needs to be seen on the same stage as Mac to rasie her profile more than just on blogs and the political futures market.

Bob said...

when does the People article about palin come out?

BigRob-68 said...

Jindal has a nice piece in the WSJ today on the opinion page. I do not know if you gave to have a subscription to read it. My concern is where are the stand alone Palin op-eds and articles. Given the volume of advocates she has I cannot figure out why she cannot break into the MSM like Jindal, Pawlenty, and others. She is doing so well in the blogosphere and as part of larger veep articles. I am not criticizing our other fine wannabees or gonnabees; I just want a little gravy for our pick.

Anonymous said...

Ditto, Bob. And also, will she be the cover story or just an inside article? I tried to find out by digging around the People website, but couldn't find anything.

Dr. Vicki said...

Rob, don't mean to sound whiney, but I think a chunk of the reason is because she's a woman. The RNC has just not been very aggressive on getting women in the race. The MSM, therefore, doesn't give a lot of face time to women potentials because they always assume for the RNC a woman is a long shot.
I'm not sure if people realize how powerful a woman pick would be. All they have to do is look at how powerful Obama has been for the Black vote. A lot of pundits try to spin that women won't switch and vote Repub because of "reproductive health" aka abortion rights. But the reality is, the percentage of prolife women is about equal to the percentage of prolife men. Add to that the feeling that Hillary got shafted both by the DNC and the media, there are plenty of moderate women just looking for an excuse to vote Repub. Myself included. I've been a "swing" voter for several elections, tending more to the Dems than Repubs. But the Dems have gotten so far left on social issues, I will vote McCain whether or not he puts Palin on the ticket. In face, I don't expect to ever vote Dem again, after the way they treated Hillarym I was pretty much done with the party.

Anonymous said...

Please, don't mind my rant.

This is sick. It seems almost no one believes Palin. She is getting the McCain of 2000 treatment. :(

It's strange that just about no one finds the accusations a bit fishy, even some rather intelligent people. Thank you, media. *sigh* I guess we got to have faith that this clears up. Palin should be strong enough to handle it.

I don't think I can stomach Romney, and my state definitely cannot. McCain has an outside chance here. It always waits for the Republicans to try something new every election. They never do. Without Palin, it is Safely Obama's. The women in this state are much harder to swing over to the Republican ticket than the men, but there are many Hillary supporters.

-NJ libertarian Republican

Amanda said...

dr. vicki, I agree with you. I think it is because she is a woman. I hate to think this way, especially, since I spend a lot of time reading this site where there are a lot of smart people who do not consider sex a factor in picking which politicians they like. But I still think that Republican women face a lot of obstacles in politics.

I guess it's a chicken or the egg scenario: The MSM ignores Republican women candidates because they don't think Republicans will go with them. Because they get no media attention and hence no traction, Republicans don't pick women. Who knows which came first?

Hopefully this movement will at at least plant the seeds of change in the mind of Republicans, even if he (God forbid) does not end up picking Palin.

Anonymous said...

Here is something fun:

Anonymous said...

I'll be honest with you. I'm a life long Republican and political junkie (at age 10 I put Nixon/Lodge bumper stickers on my mom's 1957 Plymouth Convertable -- and have the 8mm films to prove it (despite most neighbors being for Kennedy/Johnson). But...God forbid, if McCain doesn't pick Palin, I'm checking out and going to sleep (politically that is) until at the very least we approach the 2010 mid-term elections!

Now, Senator McCain, do you want to do that to me??? (I think there are many others in the same boat.)

Dr. Vicki said...

Yes, Owl, I don't think it is an intentional prejudice. I think it is, as you say, a cycle. The MSM doesn't view Repubs a profemale, and therefore don't cover the female candidates, which makes it difficult for them to move up. Maybe Palin will change that. I've voted mostly dem, although less and less because of my religion, but I always viewed them as the party that was much more pro woman. I was very disillusioned by the way Sen Clinton was treated. All my life I've been in education, but this past year I started my own little business. It has been a real eye opener for me. I can understand now the Republican view point on a lot of things like regulations, fees, and taxes, and why businesses need those breaks. I understand now that, first of all, I now generate tax income for my state, secondly I provide job opportunity, and third, the less taxes and fees I have to pay, the lower I can keep my prices. I can't believe the number of hoops I've had to jump through just for my little dinky cake shop. I can imagine what it's like for some business or manufacturer that has multiple employees and interstate business. Wow! It has definitely changed my world view.

BigRob-68 said...

I am not totally convinced that the lack of stand alone Palin articles can be attributed to her gender. Our party has many, many great female leaders. The GOP has produced the first Asian and also Hispanic candidates for President. Granted they did not win the nod, yet, the point is that we are broad-based center right party. Here in Texas the GOP controls every statewide office with several women and minorities holding key positions. Though Kay Bailey Hutchinson has had her ups and downs with conservatives she is widely popular and will be our next governor.

If Palin were from a state like Texas, Florida, or Missouri I am convinced the stakes would be different. Alaska is not a major TV market and gets little national attention other than oil spills, travel shows, and Ice Road Truckers for Pete's sake. The fiscal conservatives are largely driving the veep bus at present. I look forward to Palin highlighting her economic credentials and commitment to reform. If only we could get an article on her in National Review, the NYT, or the WSJ!!

Let's not give in to Democrat propaganda that we do not reach out to women or other groups.

Amanda said...


I agree with you that if she were from a state with more electoral pull, she would probably be getting more attention. But she is from a very strategically important location right now, with energy being such a big issue and that should be doing something to neutralize the impact of Alaska's few electoral votes.

I don't think it is ALL Democratic propaganda that says Republicans do not reach out to women and other "minority" groups. I know that there is some outreach, I just think there should be more. (I'm not talking about McCain speaking to La Raza, that is just pitiful.) There are much better ways to reach out to minority voters, and to women. I am both an ethnic minority and female, and it is actually painful to watch my Hispanic family members vote straight ticket Democrat without looking past their lip service into what their initiatives have actually done to SUBSTANTIVELY help minorities.

I do not believe that the Republican/conservative stances on issues are anti-minority or anti-woman, but I think they are not doing the best *marketing* job of reaching out to these voters. There is no denying the presence of prominent conservative women (Condi Rice, for example) but these women are the exception and not the norm in the Republican Party. But as I said, the media plays an important role. I think that conservative women in politics get far less media attention than their counterparts in the Democratic party. When conservative women or minorities do get press, it tends to be overwhelmingly negative; they are portrayed as being traitors somehow, rather than just as people with independent ideas!! It is infuriating, and will be very difficult to combat.

Anyway, just my two cents from my own personal experience, which admittedly could be anecdotal. :)

Dr. Vicki said...

Yes, Owl. Republicans need to respond better. They need to use more data to back up their positions. Women aren't any more pro choice than men, but they let the press sell the idea that as soon as women figure out McCain is pro life they'll go flocking to Obama. As if that is the only issue that matters to women and as if all women are prochoice. Republicans have not done a good job of showing the negative impacts of abortion on women, particular young women and teenage girls. They could also do a better job on the importance of crime. The dems sell republican crime policy as throwing disproportionate minorities in prison. Republicans need to try to present their position as creating safe minority neighborhoods. They could also emphasize cracking down on dead beat dads as a way to help women. They just need to do a better job of selling their policies to the working class, which includes a lot of women and minorities.

Anonymous said...

I think about it like this when it comes to the women vote:

Republicans- lower taxes means more money in the pockets of women, which means they have to work less, which means they have more time to spend with their families or to go shopping.

Democrats - higher taxes, which means less money, which means more work, which means less free time and time with your families.

Now, doesn't that sound like a no brainer?

BigRob-68 said...

Night Owl--You are indeed correct. We could and are trying to do more as a party to help women get elected to office. In 2000, I was certain that we had turned the corner as a much more diverse party. Alas, many factors worked against making this possible. The debate over immigration has been distateful for me personally in this respect. By 2006 we lost great congressmen such as Henry Bonilla and candidates like Quico Canseco, for example. However, Texans have elected leaders like Michael Williams, an African-American, to the TX RR Commission. Our current TX GOP Chairman is African-American and the Chairwoman is female. As a recent delegate to our state convention, the largest gathering of Republicans in America, many of my fellow delegates were minorities in addition to a large turnout of women. Is it no wonder that Texans like to brag!

Let me reiterate my comments above that if Palin is not the veep, do not lose heart. How could one say Carly Fiorina is a contender and Palin not? In many WSJ or NYT articles you will see this mystery. Part of it is regional, pundit blissfull ignorance, and the fiscal conservatives who are more comfortable with one of their own.

We still have a few weeks to go. If history is good future predictor she has a very good shot. Rarely is the frontrunner the final choice. Ask Paul Laxelt or even Gerald Ford. Keep your fingers crossed for more MSM Palin buzz before the Olympics.

Dr. Vicki said...

Contrary to what you see on t.v., women do not live to shop.
That is exactly the kind of thinking that keeps women candidates from being taken seriously.
It's no different from men and sports. While there are a lot of men who waste inordinate amounts of time on sports, most do not, and some don't at all. It's the same with women and shopping. Some do a ridiculous amount, some not at all.
Obviously, Gov Palin doesn't head for the mall when she has free time. She appears to have a wide range of interests. As do, I would say, most women. If more Republican men would drop that stereotype, we'd probably see more women candidates such as her taken seriously.

Anonymous said...

New Republic wrote today that Romney will not be picked.

On historical VP selections.

2000- Cheney and Lieberman were not discussed by the media at all.

1996 - No one talked about Kemp in one single article. In fact it was McCain that many thought would be VP.

1992 - No one even brought up Gore, many figured it would be someone much, much older like Sam Nunn.

1988 - Quayle and Bentsen were not discussed at all in the media

1984 - Not one paper picked Ferraro

1980 - The entire world expected to see Ford as the VP for Reagan. It was in fact, much like this year with Romney. There was very little attention paid to Reagan's VP vetting process, because the media expected to see Ford. I remember reports that Reagan and Ford were negotiating a co-Presidency. Yeah right!

So yes, Palin has a great chance. The further away she is from McCain, the better.

Anonymous said...

The comment section on that ADN blog is packed with the most illogial anti-Palin posters, but this pro-Palin sarcasm was rather funny:



Andrew Halcro has now identified the source of the conflict between Lyda Green and Sarah Palin.

While previous political observors believed that these two "Valley-girls" didn't get along because of their political disagreements, Andrew Halcro dug into the public record and showed that their contentious relationship extended from the divorce between Palin's dog "Agia," and Lyda's cat "Nogia."

"This is truly a scandal," Halcro said. "A true scandal," he repeated. "SCANDAL!" he yelled. "How many more blog posts do I have to write before the ADN starts publishing my conspiracy theories!"

Halcro revelealed that Agia and Nogia began dating in 2004, when Lyda and Sarah were still on speaking terms.

When approached for a comment, Agia replied with a mere "No comment." Lyda's cat, Nogia, however, was more forthcoming. "Meow, meow meow," she said. "Meow, meow, Palin is EVIL, meow meow."

Travel records show that Agia went with the Palins to Juneau. Halcro then further dug into their phone records, and noticed that Agia had called other cats while living in Juneau.

"I now have proof that Agia cheated on Nogia," Halcro announced. "Because Nogia stated that Palin is evil, we all now know that this fighting spilled over into Palin's working relationship with Lyda."

When asked for a comment, Lyda Green denied that she ever had a cat named Nogia.

"And oh yeah," Halcro added, "the voters were wrong in 2006. I should have won. But I'm not bitter. Really."

Anonymous said...


When Dodd and Webb and others were asked, they all admitted to being vetted for Obama.

Romney, Pawlenty, Rudy, Lieberman, Huckabee and other have all said they are not being vetted, or said they have no idea.

This late in the game, McCain obviously has started the vetting process, how could he not, as the GOP convention is a month away.

What did Palin say, "I have not been told that I am on a short-list".

What kind of answer is that? Is it called avoiding the question.

I have never advocated for Sarah Palin because she is a woman, but the fact that McCain is down double digits to Obama with female voters will result in McCain losing this election.

After 1980, women began to vote in equal or greater numbers then men, and no Republican candidate has won the Presidency without obtaining at least 50% of the white women's vote.

McCain is a great reader of history, it is his passion, so he knows the numbers and what they mean.

Bob said...

night owl, i absolutely agree with you. I am a hispanic male and it disturbs me how within my own family and fellow hispanics that i know, it is like a blood oath to vote democrat even though their values do not match. there are so many great minority conservatives and yet the msm refuses to acknowledge themso my fellow hispanics (who aren't as astute as me) do not know. And more disturbing is they would probably not care because of that blood oath...

Anonymous said...

hey vicki, chill out a bit. the main message of that post was to say that the economic policies of democrats are less condusive to women spending time with their families, which is usually their number one priority. that is why i find it amazing that so many women are democrats.

i was trying to lighten the mood a bit with the shopping bit...guess it didn't work.

Dr. Vicki said...

My comment wasn't made with emotion. But for professional working women, tagging them with the "shopping" stereotype is similar to tagging a Black person with "eating watermelon" stereotype. I'm not big time into "political correctness", but there are a few that I think should be avoided even in jest. For example, when men dress up as women and invariably make a lot of jokes about breasts. Quite a lot of women are offended by that but it's done all the time. Think of it this way, what if a woman dressed up like a man and put tennis balls in her crotch and made all sorts of gestures toward them. That would be viewed as vulgar and in poor taste. But somehow it's okay to do that to women's body parts. It was the same with Senator Clinton when she was running for Dem nomination. Making any comments toward Obama's race was totally off limits, but all sorts of off color comments were made about Senator Clinton in reference to her gender. If you don't believe me then how in the heck can Obama get away with referring to professional reporters as "Sweetie". If anyone had referred to him as "Boy" they would have been publically viscerated.

Anonymous said...

the truth about obama: this guy can't be elected !

Anonymous said...

A new WSJ Veepstakes poll:

Palin is #1, ahead of Romney by over 100 votes!

Go vote:

Anonymous said...

Explosive new Halcro video:

Dr. Vicki said...

Sarah Palin has now taken second in the town hall poll. She didn't go up percentage wise but Jindal went down.
After seeing Karl Rove on Fox today, I think McCain will wait until the convention and announce Palin. They can wait for this troopergate to blow over. I think from what Rove said the big emphasis will be on energy. That is the economic edge McCain can create over Body Odor on the economy, as most middle and working Americans are thinking about gas prices and economy as synonymous.

Anonymous said...

dave 11, just voted for Palin and it felt so good.

Agree with dr. vicki and the woman issues, the MSM really piled it on Hillary but whatever Obama did was hunkydory.

Don't believe that 'troopergate' really has legs.

And Body Odor, clever!

Anonymous said...

Lingering questions:

1. Who paid for Trooper Wooten's sudden extended vacation out of the coutry and unavailable for comment, that is, seeing he was on a State Trooper's salary reportedly complaining about child support arising from his divorce custody proceedings with Sarah Palin's younger sister? Is there a record of Wooten asking for leave from work?

2. Did the Democrats do some vetting of their own on the more than ethically clean Governor Palin, and the sum total of their sleuthing was that Palin's younger sister had been married to and later involved in a contentious divorce and custody proceeding with a State Trooper who made a death threat against the Palin sisters' dad if he retained a lawyer to represent his younger daughter in the proceedings, and because of that and other threats, Sarah Palin and her husband reported their concerns (at Public Safety Dept. direction) to the State Trooper's boss, Public Safety Commissioner Monegan, who happened to be a Governor appointee?

3. Why would Sarah Palin, manifesting great political skills throughout her career and is widely reported and acknowledged by her to being considered as a VP running mate for Senator McCain, choose to replace Commissioner Monegan prior to an imminent announcement by Senator McCain as to his running mate, rather than, if at all, after that announcement?

4. Why would Monegan, through a known political foe of Palin, facilitate to be known his contention that he was removed, in part, because he would not fire Trooper Wooten when the events surrounding the threats being reported to Monegan occurred some time in the past and Gov Palin was careful never to call for Wooten's firing, reiterating that personnel and disciplinary matters are not a regular part of her duties?

Dr. Vicki said...

Bill Kristol gave Sarah a plug again today on Fox, but he seemed to have a mood that it wasn't going to happen. I've heard he has some inside tracks. I got the impression that he thinks McCain will go with someone he has a friendship with. Just my impression, though. As well as his impression.

Anonymous said...

dr vicki:

It remains important that McCain/Palin has broad appeal, both to the right AND moderate.

McCain would not want to be seen as being swayed by Bill Kristol, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

In the case of Kristol, I firmly believe that's the reason, after repeatedly more than touting Palin, he expresses his public reservations on the possibilities.

In the case of Limbaugh, he long ago endorsed Palin, but has since -- while at the same time he's all over the topic of Alaska, oil drilling and energy as McCain issue #1 -- has copiously refrained from mentioning Palin's name (except one or two brief times).

In the case of Hannity, Palin's been on some other conservative-leaning talk shows, John Gibson, Larry Kudlow, Glenn Beck (radio & TV) but not Hannity which I learned has repeatedly requested her, since I believe she's careful to avoid imaging too far to the controversial-style right. Gibson, Kudlow and Beck are more entertainingly likeable than Hannity who is a big target for the left.

Similarly, Bill Kristol is a big target of the left, always named as "that neocon". I believe Kristol is aware of this, so wants to downplay his infuence.

Anonymous said...

Better yet, email Governor Palin directly at her Yahoo email address:

Why doesn't the Governor use a state issued email address? GOOD QUESTION!

Amanda said...

Bob, I feel your pain! Immigration, welfare, and affirmative action are the three most cited reasons for my relatives voting Democrat. It is frustrating to debate with them though, because at this point they are so conditioned to support Democrats it is almost by rote. I just hope things start to change!