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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Why am I happy about an anti-Palin article?

Jennifer Rubin has an article up at Pajamas Media promoting Former White House Budget Director Rob Portman and SEC Chairman Chris Cox as VP candidates while slamming Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin. She uses the worn out argument about Palin undermining McCain's experience-based campaign (to be refuted below), which I usually find annoying. So, why am I bouncing off the walls?

Well, if you think about it, this is a big victory for our movement. If you are trying to promote an unlikely VP choice, you must first shoot down the perceived frontrunners. A few months ago, the task was to argue against Tim Pawlenty, Charlie Crist, Rob Portman, and Mitt Romney. Today, however, Rubin felt compelled to argue against only two people: Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin. This is the first tangible evidence of a trend that several of this site’s commenters have seen developing: an emerging narrative casting Romney and Palin as the two leaders in the GOP Veepstakes. Now, whether or not this narrative is actually true (and it well might be), it certainly is good for our movement to have Gov. Palin seen as a frontrunner. And the icing on the cake is that most of Rubin's own comments section seems to disagree with her assessment of Palin.

Now, to address Rubin's criticisms: She claims that Gov. Palin's "thin resume" would undermine McCain’s strategy of portraying Obama as inexperienced. This is wrong on many, many different levels. First off, the experience argument alone cannot win the election for McCain. This is a "change" election, and McCain's best argument is that he is a more competent change agent than the inexperienced Obama. Palin actually reinforces that message, having upended Alaska’s entire political establishment. Obama can only talk about change, Palin made it happen. Furthermore, she has held elective office since 1988 (nine years longer than Barack Obama) and all but one of her positions have been executive (Obama's have all been legislative). Hence, as our "inexperienced" VP would have much more gravitas than the Democratic presidential candidate. Attacks on Palin's "inexperience" would ricochet back into Obama's face, sabotaging his candidacy. So, Gov. Palin not only adds youth to McCain's ticket, but also sets a booby trap for Obama on the experience issue. It's a ticket that just can't lose!


Kathleen said...

Hee hee. We'll really know we've "made it" when the liberal trolls start coming around to drop their dreck. Shouldn't be too long now.

Laura said...

Dave II, your comments about Sarah in the Pajama Media article rock!

Anonymous said...

When talking about Gov Palin, and other women candiadtes in general, the term "booby trap" may not be the best to use.

More seriously, though I agree with the post.

I like how she says of Portman that "his service in two Bush administrations may" reinforce Obama's line of attack that McCain is running for Bush's 3rd term.

Really? Naming one of President Bush's top economic officials and his chief budget officer as you VP "may" reinforce that? I'd like to see who Rubin thinks would definitely reinforce it? Maybe Jeb Bush or Condi Rice.

You will not see a report or Obama ad on TV without Portman's picture next to Bush or read an article in a magazine or newspaper without the words "former top Bush economic official" preceeding Rob Portman. I'm sure Portman is on video with Bush and on video praising him and extolling his economic policies. Does McCain really want that?

And he was a rising star back in 1993? So was Jason Preistley.

Cox is more intriguing.

The experience thing is a canard. If it really mattered there's no way Obama would have been nominated or be ahead in the polls right now. Bush and Clinton had no foreign policy or miltary experience and they both won.

Also, picking Portman or Cox could easily backfire. I can see it now. "McCain is so clueless on the economy, he needs his VP to bail him out. What kind of leader is he?"

The point is that there are plusses and minueses to everyone. But her arguments against Romney and Palin don't really hold up. And her advocacy for Portman definitely doesn't.

Anonymous said...

Jason PReistley! Ha! If that is all they could come up with to say no to palin, we are in good shape.

Ted said...

I think we need to coin a new psychological malady afflicting liberals and the MSM, which is, ABP syndrome, "anybody but Palin" syndrome.

To the liberal/Dem-Obama supporting main stream media it's gotta be ABP syndrome! The manifestations of that malady are evidenced in the extreme, illogical and/or irrational ways to explain why Sarah Palin can't or won't be picked as McCain's Veep. It's really a psychological defense mechanism because the libs and the MSM are deathly afraid (and rightly so) of Sarah Heath Palin as McCain's running mate.

Ted said...

...and henceforth anytime we see it, we can just say, oh "that's ABP syndrome", which saves a lot of repetitive long-worded explanation.

flapper said...

I checked the Intrade site a few minutes ago and Palin has surged again after a pretty significant drop the past 2 days. She's ahead of Huckabee, close to Pawlenty for 2nd, with Romney still leading. Let's review:

Huck- He'd help in the South, but East coast right-wingers don't like him and moderates don't want a Pastor-in-Chief.

Pawlenty- Dude. If there's any reason on Earth to pick this guy, I've yet to discover it.

Romney- His failure in the primaries says it all. The field was wide open, he had the most money, he had a nationwide organization, and he still lost. The GOP base doesn't want him. Period. A McCain/Romney ticket would lose Southern states that have been "red" for decades, which would make the "battleground" states a moot point.

Palin would appeal to every demographic except left-wingers. Her charisma is off-the-charts, and she's the ideal spokesperson on the biggest issue in this campaign: Gas prices.

This is what we call a NO BRAINER.

Ted said...

Flapper, Palin would even appeal to some of the "left-winger" demographic, i.e., pro-feminists betrayed by the DNC or who can't stand Obama.

Her cross appeal (attracts both Bob Barr AND Hillary voters) is one of the beauties of a Palin Veepship.

Anonymous said...

ABP is just the correct terminology.

Ted, I'm using this everywhere now.


ginger said...

McCain is never picking Romney. The press has no new ideas does no independent research so when a Mitt operative like Vin Weber or Ron Kaufman feed the press beast anything about Romney being #1 on the VP list they all run with it.

Romney brings him nothing. He raised $22 million this month without Mitt being on the ticket. Romney wants this so bad he is out fundraising anyway so McCain can have his cake and eat it too.

TC said...

You know, they talk about how Romney would be this great fundraiser. Can you imagine how much money would come in if McCain had a woman as a running mate. You'd have a slew of Clinton supporters open their checkbook immediately. I think you would see an immediate surge in fundraising should he pick Palin.

You know, the more I think about it, the more it becomes apparent that Sarah REALLY does appeal to the main 3 conservative groups, those being the fiscal conservatives, the moderates, and the social conservatives. Here's why:

Fiscal: she has been the epitome of a true fiscal conservative. She cuts spending like a champ while keeping consumer taxes low. Granted, high oil prices have helped, but it's takes a good executive to keep a surplus. Her budget record gets easily gets rid of any bad thoughts on her and the economy.

Moderates: she has shown extreme willingness to work across the aisle, a trait us middle-of-the-road people eat up.

Social Conservatives: for them, she's right on all the issues. Whether it be abortion or marriage, once they truly get to know her, she'll kill any remaining Huckabee support.

Gov. Palin really is the perfect pick. She accentuate McCain's positives, while also making up for some of negatives. Picking Romney reinforces the idea that McCain sucks on economic issues. Picking Palin gives the party a new national rock-star. They always talk about the next Reagan, well boys and girls, her name is Sarah Palin.

Joshua Lawson said...

Good post as always.

Anonymous said...

My biggest concern is that she won't take the job if asked. Any thoughts on that?

Ted said...

If you caught Palin's recent jocular conversation with FOX Radio's John Gibson, she's IN IT!

Anonymous said...

She will take the job, she already said she would.

Every Governor and every Senator do not really want to be Governor or Senator, they want to be President.

Dave II said...

Laura- thanks for the compliment. I do what I can! ;)

I found it a bit heartening yesterday after I posted there, how many came on saying they agreed with me. Sure, there were a few that felt different, but they looked a bit like most Dems... who don't know enough about Palin to talk any sense.

I think the biggest deterrent to Palin gaining more "converts" is just the LACK of knowledge about her. Hopefully, more articles like the one on PJM (with comments pointing out her advantages!) and upcoming national exposure in People magazine (and more) will create a "groundswell" of enthusiasm that McCain would be BLIND to ignore!

That, and letting the McCain campaign know how YOU FEEL, will get the message across to him!