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Friday, August 1, 2008

Branchflower must answer conflict-of-interest questions

I hate to interrupt the glee over the approval of Gov. Palin's pipeline proposal, but there is some other news out of Alaska that I feel obligated to address. Today, former Anchorage prosecutor Steve Branchflower was appointed to conduct an investigation into Gov. Palin's dismissal of Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan. While I join Gov. Palin in welcoming this investigation, I also share her concern that it may not be unbiased. In fact, I see numerous reasons to question why Mr. Branchflower was even considered for this post, let alone hired.

Don't get me wrong, he seems like a stand-up guy from what I'm reading, but his resume (posted by the Anchorage Daily News) casts serious doubt on whether the legislators who hired him really wanted a fair investigation. Branchflower, who served as an Assistant District Attorney in Anchorage from 1974-1998, held numerous positions which required him to work extremely closely with the Anchorage Police Department, where Walt Monegan would become chief in 2001. He provided legal advice to APD officers, trained APD officers, and was even a co-founder of the APD's Homicide Response Team. His wife also worked as a detective for the APD, not retiring until 2002, meaning that she worked under Walt Monegan. In short, it seems impossible to believe that Branchflower, whose entire career was wrapped up in his relationships with the APD, and his detective wife did not have at least some professional relationship with Walt Monegan, who was obviously one of the city's top cops. Mrs. Branchflower also briefly came out of retirement to work as a cold case detective for the Alaska State Troopers.

Now, I want to make it very clear that I have absolutely no desire to besmirch the good names of Mr. or Mrs. Branchflower. Both seem to have been exemplary public servants. However, the appointment of an investigator with such close ties to the Anchorage PD is puzzling considering that the case revolves around the firing of the state's leading cop (and a former APD chief) . Branchflower's appointment does nothing to assuage the fears of those who were worried that the legislature would attempt to use this issue to launch a biased and unjustified witch hunt. If Investigator Branchflower wants the public to take him seriously, he needs to start by answering one big question: What (if any) relationship did he have with Walt Monegan in Anchorage and how does he intend to remain unbiased in investigating his wife's former boss?

That said, my bigger question is not for Branchflower but for the legislators who dragged him into this mess: are there not qualified lawyers in Alaska who can't be easily linked to a party in the investigation? What was your vetting process, and was it designed to find a truly unbiased investigator or just someone who you thought was likely to go along with an unfounded effort to lynch the governor? If it was the latter, I certainly hope that Mr. Branchflower proves you wrong.

And now for the biggest question: does the Alaskan media have the guts to ask tough questions of anyone other than Sarah Palin?


Anonymous said...

Well, I'll repeat (verbatim) my same questions -- now more than a week old -- still no response or even indication of inquiry by any media (including Anchorage Daily News, KTVA or KTUU):

1. Who paid for Trooper Wooten's sudden extended vacation out of the country and unavailable for comment, that is, seeing he was on a State Trooper's salary reportedly complaining about child support arising from his divorce custody proceedings with Sarah Palin's younger sister? Is there a record of Wooten asking for leave from work?

2. Did the Democrats do some vetting of their own on the more than ethically clean Governor Palin, and the sum total of their sleuthing was that Palin's younger sister had been married to and later involved in a contentious divorce and custody proceeding with a State Trooper who made a death threat against the Palin sisters' dad if he retained a lawyer to represent his younger daughter in the proceedings, and because of that and other threats, Sarah Palin and her husband reported their concerns (at Public Safety Dept. direction) to the State Trooper's boss, Public Safety Commissioner Monegan, who happened to be a Governor appointee?

3. Why would Sarah Palin, manifesting great political skills throughout her career and is widely reported and acknowledged by her to being considered as a VP running mate for Senator McCain, choose to replace Commissioner Monegan prior to an imminent announcement by Senator McCain as to his running mate, rather than, if at all, after that announcement?

4. Why would Monegan, through a known political foe of Palin, facilitate to be known his contention that he was removed, in part, because he would not fire Trooper Wooten when the events surrounding the threats being reported to Monegan occurred some time in the past and Gov Palin was careful never to call for Wooten's firing, reiterating that personnel and disciplinary matters are not a regular part of her duties?

Anonymous said...

BUT I'LL TELL YA ONE THING WHICH SHOULD NE INVESTIGATED PRONTO BY ALASKA MEDIA -- let's see all the information, minutes, etc. behind the selection process of former Anchorage prosecutor Steve Branchflower for investigation of "Palin-Troopergate"!

Not THAT, ironically, would be a more timely, important and intriguing investigation and let's call it "BranchflowerGate"!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

As a prosecutor myself, this guy does not sound like exactly the most appropriate person for the job. Again, like you, I'm not saying he's intentionally biased, but clearly someone more detached and objective COULD have been found.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to post again, but, the left-wing and/or anti-Palin mantra/strategy now seems to be, even if the Monegan-Palin investigation leads nowhere (that is, nowhere negative on Palin) as is likely, THE ISSUE IS, NOW, the MERE FACT of Palin be investigated nixes her from consideration by McCain who, they allege on McCain's behalf (ha ha sure, right!), could not afford even a hint of 'scandal' or 'investigation' until everything is sorted out.


Anonymous said...

If Palin did nothing wrong, there's nothing to worry about.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, as I said, it's not a question of Palin not doing anything wrong (after all, the bar has been set so low vis a vis Obama's 20-year close association with the Reverend Wright and the now infamous Tony Retzko) that making any deal out of this Palin thing (as the left is trying to do) is laughable by comparison.

The issue precisely is, however, that the Palin foes are trying to throw dirt at the exact time of Palin's emergence on the national scene, and the agenda of the main stream media dovetails in their attempt to derail the Palin train!

Now THERE'S THE REAL STORY! (I'm gonna assume Team McCain and the Palin people KNOW exactly what this is about, so the real issue is the media spin.)

Anonymous said...

Ted. I will once again say what I've said. Every one of these folks has flies in their pie. In Minnesota, there are people trying to tie the bridge collapse back to Pawlenty. Maybe he has some culpability, I don't know. In Louisianna they have Jindal on the ropes about a pay raise for the legislature. And Romney. We don't even need to get started on him. And look at Hillary, there's some people who think she murdered that guy who commited suicide!
This is not a criminal investigation, it is ethical. At issue is did she use her power to leverage something that was out of her authority. It is virtually unprovable without some kind of recording or witnessed conversation. It will be based totally on innuendo. It's kind of like "was Obama in church when Wright said those things". If there's not a record or a witness, the only damage it can do is perception. What is in Palin's favor is, when they bring this issue up on her, they cannot help but bring up the character of Wooten, which leaves most reasonable people scratching their heads saying "why in the heck is this guy a state trooper anyway?" Also, on the Branchflower issue, we have to remember that there aren't even one million people in Alaska. Which means there is a pretty limited field of potential investigators for this situation. And even though the legislature did appoint an investigation, it does not necessarily mean they want her to get cornered on something. There could very well be several that have the same "bring it on" attitude that she does, a "let's get this out of the way" attitude. We don't know. And we also don't know but that Branchflower may be considered pretty unbiased. Maybe he didn't particularly care for Monegan. I have had plenty of coworkers in my day that I would suspect looked for someone to blame instead of their own incompetence if they were canned. And I sure as heck wouldn't cover their tails. We just don't know. It just seems to me that the winds are really blowing in favor of a Palin pick for vp. If McCain wants her, he'll pick her. Like I said, if the MSM starts making an issue out of it, the dirt on Wooten comes out, and it's a non issue for most voters.

Anonymous said...

Weird choice.

I think the media should run a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request on French's email. That's the level of scrutiny they're applying to Palin, so they should apply it to French/Branchflower/etc.

Anonymous said...

"The allegation is meaningless, even if true. But the truth of the charge doesn't matter once it has ricocheted through the media sound chamber. All that anyone can remember is that some Republican had to extricate himself from a morass of allegations portraying him as some sort of legal malefactor. This is propaganda by the book: The incessant, mind-numbing repetition 'exceeds the individual's capacities for attention or adaptation and thus his capabilities of resistance.'"

-Ann Coulter, in her awesome book "Slander"

Hang tough, Governor. The beast has turned its eyes toward you.

Anonymous said...

Look, here's the story behind the story, plain and simple:

THE DEMOCRATS DESPERATELY WANT MCCAIN TO SELECT ROMNEY OVER PALIN, confirmed by Democratic Alaska State Senator Hollis French (who is leading the smear Palin campaign and naming Branchflower) touted and quoted in the NYforMitt blogsite as follows:

"This is a governor [Palin] who was almost impervious to error," says Hollis French, a Democratic state senator. "Now she could face impeachment, in a worst-case scenario."



(Just WHY do the Dems and the Obama campaign, of which Hollis French is a big part in Alaska, want McCain to pick Romney and NOT Palin??? This ain't rocket science!)

Anonymous said...

And, folks, HERE'S the Romney website:

Note the Romney blogsite headline: "Palin to be investigated for abuse of office. Should be enough to keep her off the VP ticket..."

Anonymous said...

I don't know what Steve Blanchford thinks about Monegan, but Linda Blanchford certainly had an opinion.

Just think: this is a "probe" about a potentially abused relationship that is several years old. And who does French chose to lead it?? Someone who can potentially abuse a several year old relationship.

Here's the article: (Linda Branchford praises Monegan near the end of the article.)

New chief;Mayor taps 27-year police department veteran Anchorage Daily News (Alaska) January 31, 2001, Wednesday,

Copyright 2001 Anchorage Daily News
Anchorage Daily News (Alaska)

January 31, 2001, Wednesday, FINAL EDITION


LENGTH: 908 words

HEADLINE: New chief;
Mayor taps 27-year police department veteran

BYLINE: Lisa Demer; Anchorage Daily News

Anchorage Mayor George Wuerch on Tuesday announced his pick for police chief: Lt. Walter C. Monegan, a 27-year veteran of the Anchorage Police Department who also is a favorite of the agency's rank-and-file officers.

The appointment of Monegan, 49, must be approved by the Anchorage Assembly. Several Assembly members said they anticipated him winning confirmation as police chief, one of the city's highest profile public jobs.

''He came up through the ranks. He's homegrown. He's a good fit for Anchorage,'' Assemblyman Dick Traini said. Assemblywoman Pat Abney hadn't heard of Monegan before Tuesday, but she talked to some street officers and was quickly sold. ''They are almost elated,'' she said.

''He's earned the respect of the rank and file, the officer on the street, the detectives,'' said Rob Heun, president of the Anchorage Police Department Employees Association, the police union.

The early strong support for Monegan couldn't be more different from the discord four years ago when Duane Udland was tapped by then-Mayor Rick Mystrom. Udland was immediately criticized as a cold-hearted autocrat. Wuerch was then one of the Assembly members who criticized Mystrom for picking Udland before many people knew the job was open. Udland's tenure was marked by controversy and morale problems. He announced he was stepping down seven weeks ago.

Monegan was among a half dozen top candidates interviewed, including Deputy Chief Mark Mew. Wuerch said he talked to leaders of various community groups before settling on Monegan, including community councils, the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce, and minority organizations.

Monegan will be promoted above not only the deputy chief but also the department's captains if the Assembly approves him for the $ 87,000-a-year job.

''This was not an easy decision,'' Wuerch said Tuesday. A few dozen beaming police officers, several Assembly members and others crowded into the conference room at the Loussac Library for his announcement.

''I wanted to make some changes. I wanted to take a little risk, to step outside the box a little bit,'' Wuerch said.

Monegan said he was surprised and flattered to be chosen.

''Picking me out of the crowd -- he sees things in me. I do not want to disappoint him, nor do I want to disappoint my co-workers nor this community,'' Monegan said.

''This department is filled with a lot of talented people. What I want to see is for it to excel to the level I think that it can,'' he said.

Mew said Wuerch assured him he will remain deputy chief. Asked about Mew's future, Monegan said he didn't want to make any big decisions until after the Assembly confirmation, scheduled for Feb. 13.

''Walt's a fine guy. We've been friends for years,'' Mew said. ''You always want to be the guy who gets the job. It didn't happen this time.''

Monegan said he wants to re-examine some changes made in recent years, including the dismantling of specialized detective units like the homicide unit, a crimes against children unit, a burglary unit and others.

He also said he wants to take a hard look at police work schedules. The union had fought with the Mystrom administration over a forced change to five eight-hour workdays. It won the right to go back to four, 10-hour workdays. In 1996 in the midst of the debate, Monegan suggested three, 12-hour shifts. He said Tuesday he wants to look further into what schedule works best.

Monegan and his wife, Terry Mihara-Monegan, have four children. She also works for the police department, in information systems.

He was born in Seattle but grew up in the Western Alaska village of Nyac, about 50 miles east of Bethel. He describes himself as part Irish, part Alaska Native.

He started as a patrol officer on Jan. 14, 1974. Only one other Anchorage police officer has been on the force longer.

He's been a detective, an undercover officer, an internal affairs investigator, a shift supervisor and a department spokesman. He's currently commander of the department's West Anchorage district.

Monegan is a respected supervisor because he listens to his employees and isn't afraid to change course if something isn't working out, said detective Linda Branchflower.

''A lot of us see that as more courageous,'' she said.

Several detectives said they are hopeful he'll re-create the specialized detective units. In the current system, a detective investigating burglaries in one part of town may not realize similar crimes are happening in another part, Branchflower said.

''We've been a train on the wrong track going in the wrong direction for too long,'' Branchflower said.

He's an ''alternative cop'' because he thinks of different ways to solve problems, said Sgt. Gary Apperson, who has worked with Monegan for more than 20 years.

When Apperson was working on the police protocol for responding to reports of missing children, it was Monegan who suggested including community patrols and taxi cabs in the searches.

Years ago, when an intoxicated street person wanted to fight him, Monegan ended up taking him for a spin in his patrol car. Monegan remembers letting the man out downtown. ''I love you. Please watch over me,'' the man told him.

''He will be a different police chief than you have ever seen,'' Apperson said.

n Reporter Lisa Demer can be reached at and 257-4390. Anchorage Daily News reporter Tim Pryor contributed to this story.

GRAPHIC: Illustrated By Charles Atkins; Photo By Jim Lavrakas; Anchorage Daily News; Anchorage Police Chief-designee Lt. Walt Monegan accepts congratulations Tuesday from rank-and-file members of the department.; After Mayor George Wuerch announced Lt. Walt Monegan as police chief-designee, Monegan, right, watches as acting chief Mark Mew hugs Monegan's wife, Terry Mihara-Monegan.; ILLUSTRATION SHOWS the last five Anchorage police chiefs and the years they served; Udland 1997 - 2001; O'Leary 1996 - 1988; Ron Otte 1987 - 1986; Brian Porter 1985 - 1980; Charles Anderson 1979 - 1974

Anonymous said...

Adam, I think we need to be dead serious about this AND NEWS MEDIA OUTLETS should immediately be informed OF THIS GIGANTIC, FLAGRANT, SMELLY AND INTOLERABLE CONFLICT OF INTEREST (this is all too cute!):

If the above Anchorage Daily News piece, Jan 31, 2001, is legit, where it states:

"Monegan is a respected supervisor because he listens to his employees and isn't afraid to change course if something isn't working out, said detective Linda Branchflower.

''A lot of us see that as more courageous,'' she said.

Several detectives said they are hopeful he'll re-create the specialized detective units. In the current system, a detective investigating burglaries in one part of town may not realize similar crimes are happening in another part, Branchflower said.

''We've been a train on the wrong track going in the wrong direction for too long,'' Branchflower said."

* * *


Moreover, considering the Hollis French/Barack Obama campaign connection, THIS NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED NOW!

Anonymous said...

Linda Branchflower had this to say about the man her husband is now "fairly" investigating?!? Good grief!! They appear incapable of giving Palin a fair investigation--just end it.

Monegan is a respected supervisor because he listens to his employees and isn't afraid to change course if something isn't working out, said detective Linda Branchflower.

''A lot of us see that as more courageous,'' she said.

Several detectives said they are hopeful he'll re-create the specialized detective units. In the current system, a detective investigating burglaries in one part of town may not realize similar crimes are happening in another part, Branchflower said.

''We've been a train on the wrong track going in the wrong direction for too long,'' Branchflower said.

Anonymous said...

And here's Democratic Senator Hollis French featured yesterday on this official Obama Campaign Website:

Anonymous said...

Woops, corrected link to Alaska Senator French connected at the hip to Obama '08 campaign:

Anonymous said...

woops again, for some reason the link for the French/Obama connection won't copy in fill, so here's the piece:

* * *


Alaska gas prices are the highest in the US

ANCHORAGE, AK – Today as the average price of a gallon of unleaded gas in Alaska reached $4.69, State Senator Hollis French discussed Senator Obama’s plan to help end America’s dependence on foreign oil and criticized the John McCain campaign’s latest misleading negative ad on gas prices.

“Senator Obama has a plan to end our dependence on foreign oil and reduce skyrocketing energy prices,” Sen. French said. “Having worked in the oil business in Alaska for twelve years, I know firsthand the importance of oil and natural gas to Alaska. Senator Obama will invest in renewable fuels, increase car fuel economy standards, and strongly supports the Alaska natural gas pipeline that’ll provide affordable energy to Alaska and our country.”

This week, the McCain campaign launched a negative ad running on national cable TV that tries to blame Obama for high gas prices.

“This ad’s claim is patently false,” French said. “John McCain himself has said that high gas prices are 30 years in the making. Senator McCain has spent 26 years in Washington, and has consistently opposed efforts to end our country’s dependence on foreign oil.”

Barack Obama’s energy plan will provide meaningful relief for Alaska families, make a historic investment in renewable energy development, and help secure our energy independence. Obama’s plan will:

Make a real investment - $150 billion – in alternative energy technology; further development of plug-in hybrid cars; and commercialization of wind, solar and other renewable fuels.
Eliminate the “Enron Loophole” that encourages speculation on energy markets that has driven up the cost of oil.
Raise fuel efficiency standards and provide financial assistance to American automakers to help them make the transition – a change that will reduce oil consumption by a trillion gallons of gas over the next eighteen years.
Senator Obama has supported the Alaska natural gas pipeline as a member of the Senate and will continue to support the project as President.
More information on Sen. Obama’s plans to reduce our dependence on foreign oil is available here.

# # #


* * *

Anonymous said...

And this on Obama Campaign/Hollis French connection from the Associated Press, picked up at WBZ TV/Radio in Boston, for example:

"Even further north in far-flung Alaska, it's been three decades since a Democratic nominee won the state.

Republicans dominate the levers of power but corruption has rocked the party, including the latest black eye: the indictment of Sen. Ted Stevens this week.

All that turmoil emboldens Obama. So does the fact that Alaska is home to the nation's third-youngest population. Voter registrations among Democrats are outpacing Republicans.

Said State Sen. Hollis French, an Anchorage Democrat: "There is a real sense of energy coming off that campaign that is completely lacking from the other side."

Anonymous said...

And, read about the Halcro/French connection:

Anonymous said...

Here's what Halcro says about French:

"As quickly as the scandal surrounding the firing of former Public Safety Commissioner has engulfed the Palin administration, State Senator Hollis French has emerged as the legislatures go to guy on being the lead to hire an independent investigator.

"The 49 year old Democrat from a quiet West Anchorage district and former District Attorney who served as a prosecutor from 1996 until 2002 when he was elected to the State Senate, has both the pedigree and the respect to manage the investigation that has now been authorized by the unanimous vote of the Legislative Council.

"French has also made it clear that politicizing the process will not be tolerated under his watch. Answering the call from some colleagues for legislative hearings, French has responded by saying an independent investigation is the only way to avoid any appearance of witch hunting.

"No matter if you agree or disagree with Hollis French on his public policy positions, one thing is crystal clear about French; he has a passionate respect for the rule of law and can be counted on to ensure the investigation soon to be under way will do the same."

Anonymous said...

Adam, I'd say that your posting should be re-captioned from "Branchflower must answer conflict-of-interest questions" to "FRENCH must answer conflict-of-interest questions."

Clearly AK Sen French ABUSED HIS AUTHORITY AS CHAIR OF THE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE, and THAT should be investigated, NOT Palin 'abusing' her authority over Monegan and re Wooten.

Bob said...

All this boring conversation about this so called scandal in alaska is either depressing or useless to the cause. it ain't going away. so live with it. concentrate on pushing mccain to take her anyway, or to push her positives to new bloggers like me. if i had just stumbled onto this website today, i would get out in a second because of this boring depressing dribble that does not influence one person in the that so called investigation. they are on a train that you cannot stop. better to shift gears and promote palin instead of defending her.

Anonymous said...

Bob, if Adam Brickley, this site's owner and creator, who has been promoting Palin for many many months here, saw fit to address this, then I agree, let's address this and expose the fraud -- and show that the actual scandal is Halcro/French/Branchflowers/Monegan/Obama Campaign -- NOT Palin -- (now also being exploited by Romney for Veep people)!

Anyway, it's all a testament to the "Power of Palin" (that she needs to be stopped for Obama to win)!

Anonymous said...

Alaska has a relatively small population, a lot of us know one another.

Anyways, if Palin is honest when she says she didn't do anything wrong, it'll be fine.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Let the investigation go forward. It won't find anything and it is such a minor issue compared governor type investigations.

It's nothing, and I can't imagine McCain's people including Culvahouse are gonna take it too serious.

Anonymous said...

I have been a huge supporter of Palin and have talked her up for months to family and friends and was so happy to find this website. I have been in politics a long time and unfortunately McCain is not going to put Palin on his ticket who has an investigation going on against her no matter how unimportant it seems and how forthright she has been.

It is so sad that she has been blind-sided by this but perception is everything and he can't bring her to the big dance.

It also has been reported mccain's camp is looking to receive personal documents from Rep Cantor from Va.

Anonymous said...

Let's be honest, people. Sarah Palin was never a serious contender for VP.

Anonymous said...

MCain campaign requests "personal documents" from Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) for potential VP vetting

Anonymous said...

frankly another article not even mentioning Palin

i think we all here are living in a dream world she won't get picked up !

Anonymous said...

i agree putting so much highlight on this affaire is not serving the fight to help her getting picked
anyway with the cantor stuff now i'm convinced she won't get picked anyway

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure. When a guy asked him about Palin at a town hall meeting, he immediately knew who he was talking about. I think it really depends on how they view their campaign. If they see themselves as behind the 8 ball, Palin is definitely on that list. If they see themselves as in pretty good position to win, most likely they'll go with someone like a Pawlenty.
dr. v

Anonymous said...

This whole situation is starting to smell fishy to me. I can't believe it will take a few months for this investigation. I mean come on, this isn't watergate. To me this is only a hit job and I wouldn't be shocked if the Trooper Union is behind this...and who's to say some higher level..cough...Obama hasn't been pushing this.

Second this whole Cantor thing to me isn't a big deal. I find it odd that it came out since there have been no reports of anyone else. I hope McCain isn't stupid enough to pick Cantor cause I believe even if Obama picks Kaine he still won't win Virginia or for the matter the election. Everybody knows that a Palin pick would be huge and would take away the free press Obama has gained. The press would go crazy for a woman VP!! McCain won't pick Rommney!!! Where talking about the Maverick so really I doubt us or the MSM will know until he actually gets on that stage and says my running mate is......

Anonymous said...

A Cantor pick is improbable to me for two reasons:

1. Cantor's position towards the Palestinians; he doesn't believe in the creation of a seperate Palestinian state.

2. Cantor is up for re-election in the House this fall. He would have to give that up to run with McCain. It would make the Virginia GOP and Dems angry as they would have to scramble to find people to run for the seat.

Rob Harrison said...

Can someone file a FOIA request on this?

Anonymous said...


1) Eric Cantor can continue to run for his house seat and VP.

2) It will not be Cantor. This is another smoke-screen by the McCain camp. Two days ago it was Lieberman (source within McCain camp). Two days before that it was Pawlenty (source within McCain camp). Early last week McCain was about to annouce Romney (source within McCain camp).

Republican VP's have never been leaked ahead of time.

Palin is not out of the loop because of this trooper issue. Pawlenty has the bridge that collapsed, Romney had illegal aliens working on his NH property, and that dog torture issue, Fiorina was fired from HP, Lieberman is a Democrat, Rudy has family scandals, etc.....

Anonymous said...

On a happier note, here is a ringing Palin endorsement in the ADN actually.

Scott said...

Where is the GOP reps in Alaska on this? I know Palin has ticked off some of them, but shouldn't some GOP legislators challenged the validity of this investigation? I don't live in Alaska, but if I did, I would try to organize a protest at the state sentae or Sen. French's office to show our displeasure. You have to make some noise, and it must be pointed out that this is a pro-Nobama hack who is trying to set up a top GOP leader. So please, Alaskans, put some pressure on these guys!!!

Bob said...

right on scott. that is exactly what i have not seen from the gop in alaska. that is what this website should be pushing for right now. right now instead of analysis of the players in this thing. just run a bunch of people to their capitol and stand behind this woman. and you have to do it fast...

Anonymous said...

bob, thanks and kudos for NOW supporting the aim of this thread, being, don't "live with" this 'scandal'.

By the way, it is PRECISELY the above "analysis of the players in this thing" which is the BASIS and NOW IMPETUS to "challenge the validity of this investigation"!

(as you can see it was not "useless" "boring conversation" after all)

And Adam, thanks for the little detour afforded by your initial posting on this!

Anonymous said...

I think the leak on Cantor was because of all the Kaine talk by the Dems last week. He probably is on the long list, maybe even the short list, but I seriously doubt he's "the guy". Since the repubs get to choose last I think they will do everything they can to knock Obama off his game in his choice. This may have been a fake move to get him to have second thoughts about choosing Kaine. I think the McCain camp is wising up about Obama getting all the media blitz. They're going to do stuff like this to at least get their names in the headlines.
dr. v