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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

CNN Tonight: Anderson Cooper takes on Troopergate

UPDATE: The Troopergate story has been yanked from the "Anderson Cooper 360" website. With the "Tonight's Show" box now showing a generic tagline for AC360. Thanks to those of you who emailed CNN with the facts. However, this does not necessarily mean that the story won't be running tonight in some form. I'll still be watching AC360 very closely.


Well, let's hope Anderson Cooper has more journalitic integrity than the Alaskan papers, because "Troopergate" is his lead story tonight (10 PM Eastern). By the way the story is phrased on his website (reposted below), it could be either a total hit job or a very positive piece. So, will we be getting fact or fiction? Unfortunately, CNN didn't even bother to double check their facts in announcing the program on their website (Gov. Palin is not running against Ted Stevens), so I'm a little worried.

The good thing about this is that its something of a win-win situation. With everything we now know about the people shopping the allegations, it is almost impossible to put lipstick on the Troopergate pig, so we have a big opening no matter what angle he takes. If Cooper does his homework and reports on the absurdity of the story, this thing is over once and for all. If he decides to swallow accusations hook, line, and sinker, it could give us a national platform to start putting the smackdown on this thing and end it ourselves.

So, Anderson, be VERY careful what you say, because we have all of the facts, documentation, and national support necessary to expose this story for what is is (total baloney) no matter what is said tonight.

Personally, I'm actually getting very pumped up about this. As I see it, this is either the outright end of Troopergate (if Cooper reports the facts) or the beginning of the end (if he forces us to do it for him). So, to quote one off my favorite songs, "When darkness turns to light, it ends tonight." If you watch the music video, you'll get a good idea what kind of response I have in mind.


From CNN:

More corruption in Alaska?
Is it payback time in Alaska? GOP Gov. Sarah Palin, who’s running against now indicted powerhouse Sen. Ted Stevens, is now being formally investigated by the Senate herself! We investigate the charges against another Alaska official. Tonight, 10 ET.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone else seen this??

ROFL!!! SOOO FUNNY!! I cried I laughed so hard!

And the characters are dead on!! Lyda really does laugh like that. Halcro and French really do have hair like that. Monegan is just as clueless. And Wooten was... just as drunk as that. Hehe.

Anonymous said...

Either way and/or both ways, it's a WIN WIN and/or WIN for Palin and McCain/Palin!

This is very big news indeed re Palin.

Adam Brickley, aka "ElephantMan" said...


I did think that was hilarious, especailly the March Hare as monegan ("ABSOLUTELY NOTHING"...that's very important...hehe)

Mongo Mere Pawn said...

Someone reading this tease, without actually knowing what's going on, will think that Senator Stevens, and/or his supporters, initiated the investigation in the UNITED STATES Senate as political payback for his indictment. If that is the way CNN plays this, then it may tend to exonerate Governor Palin at the expense of Senator Stevens, which serves the greater MSM meme of general Republican corruption in Washington, D.C. Of course, they can seem to credit the allegations against Governor Palin without hurting this greater narrative by giving the allegations full voice and claiming agnosticism, and thereby damage both the generic Republican brand AND a specific Republican official.

I wonder if Governor Palin will be given the opportunity to respond? If so, I hope she does and doesn't pull the old "declined on the advice of counsel" stuff. Given her Kudlow interview, I think she can go a long way to discrediting the investigation as a witch hunt in the public's mind. They can always give her the "60 Minutes" treatment by cutting and pasting her responses, if taped, but maybe not. And if she responds personally, live, this could actually work to her and Senator McCain's advantage by airing the dirty laundry of her accusers.

Anonymous said...

Adam, I cannot believe that you are naive enough to think that this will be anything but a hit piece.

Adam Brickley, aka "ElephantMan" said...


We're fully prepared for a hit piece. I'm giving Cooper the benefit of the doubt here for two reasons.

1) I have no desire to sink to the level of the accusers by leaping to conclusions before the fact.
2) There's an off chance that he might be more interested in nailing Ted Stevens than Sarah.

Anonymous said...

2 is a bit of wishful thinking, but it is an interesting take. Given the assumption that Palin is Stevens' opponent, it could be construed as part of the greater Stevens story and this could be construed as Stevens taking revenge. It takes a lot of leaps to assume that though.

If Palin were appearing on the show, then I would think that it isn't a hit piece. But, with the VP talk, I am more inclined to see a hit piece.

Frankly, if it is a hit piece (which means she wasn't invited to appear), Palin should appear on Fox tomorrow and go after CNN for doing the hit piece and not giving her a chance to comment.

Adam Brickley, aka "ElephantMan" said...

There are an infinite number of juicy responses if indeed this is a hit piece. Not only could Palin go on Fox an defend herfself, but there is also a big opening for the blogs here. If Cooper dishes bad or slanted facts, this suddenly becomes the type of thing that the talk shows would be interested in (remember Dan Rather)."Troopergate" could easily become "Coopergate" with all of the supporting documentation we have.

Health And Fitness Geek said...

Anderson and CNN are complete morons for not knowing that Palin is not running against Stevens.

It's not "corruption" you !&*()&@!&()?! It's false accusation on what may and should be the next VP!

The MSM is already starting a media war against Palin.


***PS: TED - I've asked this a number of times - have you sent the petition yet? I donated a few dollars for postage stamps.. so I hope you follow through here.

Anonymous said...

Adam, I just re-read the CNN write up. I still have my doubts, but you may be right. This may be a hit piece on Stevens. I'm not sure how Cooper will make the link between the investigation and Stevens, perhaps the idea that Palin has angered a lot of the Stevens wing of the Republican party, so this is payback time. Wow, if it is that-- and, again, I have my doubts-- then it's a big winner.

Look, I love the work that you've done here. It is so impressive. And, I'd like to see Palin be McCain's pick. I still have my doubts.

Quick Question: Did this subject for 360 come before or after what people are perceiving as an endorsement of the Obama energy plan?

Adam Brickley, aka "ElephantMan" said...

I'm planning on sending the petition soon. I just need to get it printed and postmarked, I also have a few other Palin-related irons in the fire that you haven't heard about yet, plus getting ready to move to DC. Hopefully I will get to it soon.

Anonymous said...

I think the piece will be mainly about Stevens. He has been a headliner on Real Clear Politics for nearly a week now. That's what these news shows do, they just copy one another. Right now Stevens is the "Dark Side", so I think it will focus on him.
dr. v

Anonymous said...

Anon, Palin is pretty much standing alone (except for the public who loves her!) against these allegations. The dems don't want her to be the VP (and Hollis French wants to tarnish her so he can be governor) so they're all about trying to get this smear to stick.

And Sarah has spent the last two years pissing off the bigwig Republican politicians with their ties to big oil, so you don't hear them objecting to the bias of Branchwater and his wife towards Monegan.

So it is up to us blogsters to help be her voice.

Scott said...

This is interesting. It could go either way, and since Palin's picture is featured on AC's blog, I think this is mainly about her.
On a positive note, some in the MSM are probably a little sensitive about the Obama bias, so maybe, just maybe, AC tries to show he's fair here. But one thing I'm certain about is that they won't mention French is a key Obama supporter. Even if the Dems take a beating, which is unlikely, they don't tie this to The One.

Anonymous said...

re CNN and Cooper, perhaps there's this possibility:

Palin is getting so big that the MSM (even CNN) has to get out there to report on Palin; and if that's the case, maybe they figure if they got to do it anyway, they might as well do it linking her/introducing her (in the eyes of the public) to all that corruption in Alaska. In other words, if they know they're gonna have to finally report on Palin (can't continue to ignore her), this is the crumbiest way they can -- thereby bypassing the fabulous Palin story in all its other respects (hockey mom, energy issue, etc. etc.)

Anonymous said...

scott (and CNN or Anderson 360 if you're reading this), if Cooper doesn't report that French is a key Obama supporter, "troopergate" is gonna become "coopergate"!

Anonymous said...

Since when does Hollis French "want to be Governor". I live in Alaska and I've never heard him say anything of the sort!

Do you people just make this stuff up?

Scott said...

Is there any way of finding out whether Palin will be interviewed? As long as she gets a fair hearing, that's all you can ask. I may be wrong, but I just get the feeling this won't be an old-school hit piece. But it's important she gets to tell her side of the story.

Anonymous said...

I hadn't seen that Hollis French wanted to run for governor either. Perhaps Laura meant to say he wants to be US Senator for Stevens' seat, which I have seen his name being considered for.

Anonymous said...

Among McCain's rumored finalists: Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor who could help him in the West and boost his fund raising; Charlie Crist, the current governor of Florida who endorsed McCain in his state’s primary; Tim Pawlenty, current governor of Minnesota, a likely battleground state and home to the Republican Party’s convention in September.

Health And Fitness Geek said...

UPDATE: I sent (and maybe others from here as well) a number of e-mails through their different channels calling them out on the misinformation on their site.

Within 15 minutes, there is no longer the paragraph on it.

However, there is still this on the main page:
"360° GOP Corruption in Alaska? Tonight, 10 ET"
...and then only mentions Stevens....

This should be interesting - now CNN has no indication that they will be talking about Palin... this could go many ways.

BTW: I posted about it on my blog:

PS: Who here has engaged the media on Palin? I usually send email/posts on different media oulets 10-20x/day since last week..

PSS: Ladies & Gets - Feel free to post on my blog too, kind of lonely ;)

Anonymous said...

paul, you f'ed everything up. We were five hours from Anderson Cooper making an arse out of himself LOL

Anonymous said...

Cooper only would have made an arse out of himself to those of us who know the truth, not the sheeple.

Health And Fitness Geek said...

I called CNN on it...

AC can be.. sometimes reasonable. He has to acknowledge the prospect of her being a VP and that all this fuss about Palin is just accusation.

If he does not and tries to spin it we just need to scream.

Anonymous said...



As I've said before, McCain absoultely needs to go first with naming Palin -- before Obama were to name Clinton. Otherwise, the MSM and the Dems will overlook the remarkable Palin story and claim McCain and the GOP picking Palin was merely a reaction to the Dems, a gimmick, a ploy. McCain would lose the momentum he otherwise would have gained with Palin and would it be made to appear by Dems and their MSM allies that the Dems are running the show, and McCain merely, desperately reacting and that's the reason McCain is picking a female, Palin (if he even were to pick Palin after Obama went first with Hillary).

Again, read the article posted on drudge, from the Financial Times:

Anonymous said...

AND ADAM, YOU PREVIOUSLY ACKNOWLEDGED THIS CAVEAT (I'm not trying to give you a hard time, it's simply that I remain concerned):

you said --
"if we think that Obama will select a his VP. In that particular scenario, you have to go first with Palin in order to knock Obama off his game, likely forcing him to change picks."

* * *

So, can we take a chance? I say McCain needs to go NOW with Palin, especially since there's no downside to this and much risk in waiting.

Scott said...

There's lots of downside to McCain going now, especially if he's not ready. As for Palin, if the pick is this week, there's no way he risks it. You can't blame his team for waiting to see how the trooper situation plays yout for a few days, especially since it's now hitting the national media hard. I guess I don't see anyone, including Hillary, who scares me enough to rush.

Anonymous said...

scott, the "trooper 'situation'" is at worst nothing and best it actually helps Palin as the story gets out.

As far as Hillary, if she were picked first, that would be more than bad for picking Palin afterwards, whereas there's sooooo much to gain by McCain going first w/Palin.

I don't mean to be a broken record, but the issue seems to be no one thinks it will be Hillary (and there's where I take issue insofar as the chances of that) since there DOES seem to be consensus that if it WERE Hillary, her going first is definitely NOT good -- actually a disaster for later picking Palin. I've heard Dem pundits talking specifically about the Dem's need for a woman or Hillary first, if it was looking like Palin was to be picked. They (Dems) recognize this.

Scott said...

I respect everyone's opinion. But I have mine, and I wait for after the Dem Convention. I'm not too worried about Hillary, since her husband basically dissed Obama again in his recent interview.

Anonymous said...

Adam, Ted, and Friends to our movement, I am heart and soul into our movement McCain/Palin '08. Am praying for good news from the Cooper show. Lived in Alaska several years and know how some (meaning the opponents) can do. Pray every day and am ready to fight if needed.--a 65 year-old-grandmother and a former Alaskan.

Anonymous said...

scott, Bill dissing Obama is a head fake!!! All the more reason I suspect Hillary.

Also, Bayh was an early and ardent Clinton supporter, representing very similar interests in the Democrat Party, so WHY would Obama go with Bayh when he can go with a much stronger and more "manly" candidate, that being Hillary!

I'm telling ya folks, THIS is GONNA be the BIG Dem Surprise, Hillary Clinton as Obama's Veep. By what I'm reading and seeing, I'm more convinced than ever.

I'm telling ya, MCCAIN NEEDS TO GO WITH PALIN NOW -- BEFORE THE OLYMPICS! Look, Palin already won on the gasline, she already has just sued on the polar bears. The deck has been cleared. I'm praying Team McCain doesn't make the disastrous mistake of waiting -- waiting till Obama goes first and selects Hillary.

Listen to me Senator McCain, name Palin right now!

Anonymous said...

Ted, the crackpot conspiracy theories have got to stop. You're starting to sound more and more like some of the Daily Kos kooks. If you want more support for Palin, stop scaring everybody away!

Anonymous said...

anonymous, what conspiracy, that I think the Dem's strongest candidate, Hillary will be a Veep pick? That's hardly conspiratorial.

And if I AM seen as one crackpot, then I'll be seen simply as that, a crockpot commenting on someone else's blog -- that's not a reflection on anyone but me.

And by the way, even Adam agrees that if it were to be Hillary, it's essential that McCain go first with Palin!

Scott said...

Ted, I don't think you are a crackpot. But to be blunt, I also don't think the Dems will put a minority and a woman on the same ticket. It shouldn't matter, but it does. I'm thinking old (or not so old) white guy.

Anonymous said...

I just read this on

"I guess it does and it will take a Clinton...
by mtg44234, Tue Aug 05, 2008 at 08:03:56 PM EST

"As a girl and then as a woman, Hillary has almost always been desperate to be a passionate participant and at the center of events: familial, generational, experiential, political, historical. Call it ambition, call it the desire to make the world a better place-she has been driven. Rarely has she stepped aside voluntarily into passivity"-Carl Berstein, A Woman In Charge

For all those who love politics, for all those who check the websites every hour to get that little bit of election news, and for all those wake up every morning wondering what will be next, this my friend will be the news. Whether or not Obama will pick Hillary Clinton to be Vice President of the United States.

She love this country, she is driven to better individuals lives, and the drive is there. Whether you want us to quick pushing us for her to serve as Vice President, please do not ignore the following and power that she has now.

Poll after poll, commentary after commentary, day after day, I see an emerging argument that Hllary is needed to help Obama against the predicted Republican Attack Machine. It is just getting warmed up and I am sure the best is yet to come against our Democratic Candidate for President.

Nancy Pelosi, David Gergen, George Stephanopolis, Donna Brazile (I know...shocking), and possibly now even Chuck Todd are swaying Hillary's way. The press wants Obama and now after a dreadful week for our candidate, the press no realizes that Hillary will only help him cross the finish line.

Shedules can be changed and the conventions, alliances can be formed for the good of the party, and wounds can heal. Do not count her out yet....this could be Hillary's New Hampshire all over again."

Anonymous said...

I read this about Hillary Clinton as Obama's VP on Daily Kos -

"If Obama does not choose his VP candidate before the Olympics are over then I look to a possible shock scenario where Obama and Clinton team up on the last day of the convention to form their ticket. If Obama does choose Clinton then this would be the time to do it because Obama would effectively co-opt the news cycle for the entire week leading up to the Republican convention with everyone talking about Clinton being on the ticket. The Republican convention may even become a story of what will McCain do now in response? The timing would throw the Republicans off their potential message at a most crucial time. Shortly we shall see."

Carlos Echevarria said...

I guess we will have to wait and see.

Today the Huffington Post reported that Team Barry was overjoyed by the fact that Gov Palin endorsed aspects of his "new" energy proposals, notwithstanding the fact she is against taxing the oil companies to pay for the gimmicky $1k. (which would be passed up to us at the pump anyway!!!!!!!!!)

I would imagine that this, on top of her performance on CNBC where she basically disparaged the office of VP is not endearing her to the McCain camp.

The Dems set up a anti-Cheney website, in terms of comparison of possible VP picks, but did not cite Palin. (Fiorina was the only woman on the list)

She is his best hope to win in November, but I think it's abudantly clear that she is not interested.

You can never have a VP candidate "go off the reservation" like such a critical juncture in the selection process.

Anonymous said...

Honestly guys, the longer he waits, I think the least likely he picks her. She needs a good 2 weeks before the convention so the Americans can get to know her.

Anonymous said...

Story must have gotten bumped.

No mention on AC360

Joe said...

Has anyone else tried posting on the Cooper live blog? I've inquired about why the Palin story has been cut (so far), and any post mentioning Palin seems to be rejected by CNN. And these are NOT accusatory, crazy posts.

Anonymous said...

Hey Carlos Echevarria - Palin increased taxes on the oil industry in Alaska 400% and proposed giving every Alaskan $1,200.00 of the SURPLUS TAX in the name of energy rebates! Obama got the idea from our liberal tax-and-spend governor Sarah Palin!

Anonymous said...

tc, I'm kind of with Bill Kristol on the timing. You do it on Tuesday of convention week, when you've got center stage and can let Palin be defined under fairer circumstances.

And, Carlos, I thought her answer on CNBC was fine. That's not going to cause problems. But, I do agree about today's press release. If it had been more balanced, complimenting Obama for getting something right and then challenging him to get on board with the rest of the program, then it would have been fine. In the scheme of things, though, it wasn't an endorsement. Then again, that header for the press release is a problem.

As favorable as circumstances are in terms of how she fits (complementing the "not your usual Republican" concept and other factors), I don't see her being the pick. But, I've given up trying to predict these things.

Health And Fitness Geek said...

Joe - Same thing, none of my posts on Palin are accepted.

To others on Hillary and when to pick Palin - McCain has to wait until Obama picks, just in case he picks Hillary or a woman.

If he did, it would still be competitive.

Anonymous said...

No problem here with tax breaks being rescinded. Alaskan politics has been beholden to the big three (and the big one) for too long. There's a difference between empowering oil companies to explore and having to bend over and take it up the rear for them. Obama wants to put them out of business. Others, like yourself, are content to take it up the rear. There is a third way.

Anonymous said...

Missing gorillas and cloned puppies. Awesome.

Health And Fitness Geek said...

ON Obama's VP - my money, and what makes most sense is for him to pick Biden.

I think they make a good team.

It's making a good team that is most important. THink about it, look at all the othe presidencies..especially the one that worked well.

Hillary and Obama just didn't mix.

My money is on anyone but Hillary.

Joe said...

I'd love to know why the story was cut...

Anonymous said...

This republican party is a frustrating one to be a part of. Here in Missouri, Sarah Steelman who seems to have a lot in common with Sarah Palin in their convictions, style, and work ethic looks like she will not get the nomination over a U.S. congressman nailed by many watchdog groups for a terrible spending record.

Her opponent is supported by nearly all the republican establishment, and it is frustrating beyond belief to watch such support bury the one hope we have of keeping the governorship in conservative hands.

All this to say, Sarah Palin and those like her need to be given the reigns of the party, and many are not ready to hand it over. If it is to happen this cycle, it will take Mr. McCain rebelling against this crowd with a bold pick of someone like Gov. Palin.

He has it in him, but if he does not pull the trigger, it will take another round of crushing losses for the G.O.P. to change its ways.

Anonymous said...

I think you're right, Greg. The Dem party has no sense of loyalty. Despite all of the fundraising and support Hillary had done for people in her party, you see how ready her so called friends were ready to toss her under the bus for some inexperienced green horn. The repubs, on the other hand, are loyal to a fault. They stick with their guys which has the effect of not giving the new folks a chance. I used to consider myself a dem, but I think now I prefer the party who has a sense of loyalty. Even though it does make it harder to bring in new blood, it just seems more right.

Anonymous said...


Palin's not off the reservation. There was something specific in his plan that she agreed with, and she said so. Rewarding good behavior is fine. I'm much more disturbed when McCain praises liberal policies and alienates his base. Remember, the one thing swing voters hate most is conservatives and liberals trading insults and never agreeing on anything.

She didn't disparage the office, either. I bet she asked the McCain camp that same question, and I'm sure nobody else did. Instead of openly campaigning for the job like the others, she's created a scenario where they have to sell her on taking it.

On top of everything else, Palin also knows Jedi Mind Tricks!

Anonymous said...

Carlos, DITTOS what flapper says. Moreover, Palin is saying, by her comments on the job of VP to Kudlow, that if she were to be VP, she wanted the job to be active, productive, meaningful and she wants to contribute a lot!

Palin is one savvy politician, and the way she dealt with Obama trying to steal credit away from her own energy efforts, even Palin's campaign theme, was perfecto! Her press release 'praising' Obama was perfecto!