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Friday, August 15, 2008

CONFIRMED: Palin submitted papers!!!

Roll Call posted the following report today under the curious title "Palin Says She Isn't Being Vetted for VP"...which I find rather strange considering the submission of papers to the national party.


ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Gov. Sarah Palin (R), whose name has been floated as a potential running mate for presumptive Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain (Ariz.), said she has submitted some paperwork to national Republicans, but added she thinks it is unlikely she will be tapped to be McCain's vice presidential pick.


Also, national talk show host Mark Levin said yesterday that he would be pleased with a Palin nomination. Click here to listen to the show. Palin is mentioned exactly 34 minutes into the program and the discussion continues until 35:45.


Bob said...

Why would Palin admit to submitting paperwork. If let's say original Ted's theory is right, then this is giving it away that she will be the pick. Anytime there has been a hint at anyone being vetted, Ted has eliminated them. Is maybe Palin a ruse for someone like Pawlenty or Ridge who have not admitted to "submitting paperwork". This may not be good news.

Anonymous said...

bob, don't globalize my theory, which had applicability in a particular context, at a particular time, and under particular circumstances involving then particular considerations. Moreover, perhaps McCain read my theory too, so is playing the game, or perhaps, we're drawing so close to the Convention at this point that he feels that he needs and/or wants to keep the base energized, knowing Palin will do just that.

In any case, since siteowner Adam Brickley mentions the Mark Levin praise of Palin at 34 minutes into Thursday's radio show, I'd suggest you (and Palinistas) listen to the entire program leading up to that Palin discussion, and listen for some period after that mention -- and you will see that McCain CANNOT pick Ridge. Moreover, some other conservative radio talk show hosts, most notably, Rush Limbaugh let it be known they weren't to favorabily inclined about Pawlenty, not really being true conservative; whereas some months back Rush went out of his way to praise Palin.

The irony here vis a vis Pawlenty and Palin is that Pawlenty precisely is NOT the more safe pick, whereas PALIN IS!

On the earlier thread there was some discussion of McCain considering a moderate/lib tending Veep needing to garner the moderate vote, when the exact opposite is the case -- as confirmed by Mark Levin again on today's show -- McCain NEEDS TO SHORE UP HIS CONSERVATIVE BASE, and the "beauty" of Palin is that she does just that and at the same time garners the moderates as well as garners former Hillary voters, more than any other pick.

So Palin IS the safe choice! (But the MSM will make you think otherwise because they need to stop Palin for the Dems to have any chance of winning in November.)

And finally, since everyone now seems to expect McCain to wait for Obama to go first on his Veep, perhaps McCain will suprise and excite everyone, by he, McCain, naming his VP first -- and assuming that's Palin, really throws a monkey wrench into the Dem Convention because while the Dems are having the convention, the maverick McCain with the dynamite Palin pick will keep McCain/Palin on everyone's mind.

Health And Fitness Geek said...

This is just 15 minutes old (unless it's a rerun, which I think it is :) ) but the ex Clinton campaign guy or supporter said that he thinks McCain will pull a fast one. The other commentator mentioned Palin, briefly.

......Then AC got scared and changed topics...

Guys, we are getting our message out!! Keep on the good work!

Health And Fitness Geek said...

More news!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps I'm completely delusional with my own desire for Palin to be chosen, but at this point, I don't see how it can be anyone else besides Palin.

Ridge, Pawlenty, Romney... yawn... While these clowns are off jabbering on television Palin has been working to secure America's energy future.

Bob said...

WOW! Get on that website and read the article but click on the picture of Palin full size. What a beautiful woman! Hope I dont sound sexist.

Anonymous said...

This "Headline Story" on NEWSMAX, a very widely read site, IS MORE THAN VERY VERY STRONG ON PALIN!!!

Anonymous said...

The Newsmax web citation won't copy, so here's the great piece on Palin in full:

* * *
Headline Story

Richard Land: McCain’s VP Pick ‘Most Important’

Friday, August 15, 2008 1:11 PM

By: Jim Meyers Article Font Size

John McCain’s choice of a running mate is the most significant decision he’ll make in the campaign, says evangelical leader Richard Land.

“I think that the vice presidential choice that John McCain makes is probably the most important choice he's going to make in this entire campaign — because he has no room for error, no margin for doubt,” Land, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, said in an interview with CBS News.

“If he picks a pro-choice running mate, it will confirm the unease and the mistrust that some evangelicals — and don't forget this, social conservative Catholics — feel about McCain.

“If he picks a pro-life running mate, it will help to ease their concerns and confirm to them that, while he may not have been their first choice, he may not have been their second choice, that it's better to vote for a third class fireman than it is to allow a first class arsonist to become president.”

Asked who on the list of people mentioned for vice president would most excite Southern Baptists and other members of the conservative faith community, Land responded:

“Probably Governor [Sarah] Palin of Alaska, because she's a person of strong faith. She just had her fifth child, a Downs Syndrome child. And there's a wonderful quote that she gave about her baby, and the fact that she would never, ever consider having an abortion just because her child had Downs Syndrome. She's strongly pro-life.

“She's a virtual lifetime member of the National Rifle Association. She would ring so many bells. And I just think it would help with independents because she's a woman. She's a reform Governor. I think that, from what I hear, that would be the choice that would probably ring the most bells, along with Mike Huckabee, of course, who's a Southern Baptist.”

Land added: “I think Mitt Romney would be an excellent choice. There are people in the evangelical community who would have a problem with his Mormonism. I am not one of them.

“I mean, I'm very clear that I do not believe Mormonism is a Christian faith. But that does not disqualify someone from being president or vice president.”

© 2008 Newsmax. All rights reserved.

Anonymous said...

I think this story trupms them all. It's McCain talking about ANWR.

Anonymous said...

that didn't work. go to the weekly standard's website and you'll find it.

liz said...

I don't know what McCain's up to with the comment to Weekly Standard about a pro choice stand not necessarily ruling anyone out for VP. This is opposite of what he has said before.
Please don't let him choose Ridge, or Lieberman!!!..dull and duller..Pawlenty, Thune, Romney..dull, duller, dullest!Besides, it would enrage the base, whereas Sarah could enthrall them! And I'm convinced she could impress the PUMA's, the Reagan dems and especially the undecideds. She would certainly generate lots of interest and media and, God knows, we could use some attention and excitement. She brings it all--hopefully, it's as clear to the Mccain campaign as it is to us!

Anonymous said...

That Weekly Standard article on ANWR, complete with Palin's football analogy, sent a big-time thrill up my leg.

Anonymous said...

tc, yes, the Weekly Standard piece does trump them all! I'd say the McCain airplane is coming in for a landing on Runway Palin!

Bob said...

flapper, that was great! hahaha. take that matthews!

Anonymous said...

flapper, you are so correct. Palin is politicalliy brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Apparently everyone's cooperating so well that Branchflower says he doesn't need subpoenas. I guess they're being so so cooperative because they're guilty, eh Hollis?

Anonymous said...

I think McCain bringing up the "choice" issue was just a way to get abortion into the news. Obama's votes and positions on abortion are absolutely barbaric. I believe it was a strategy by the McCain camp to look somewhat moderate. This summer Obama was trying to position himself as moderate, but it will backfire. He has taken some very very radical positions in the past including opposing the Born Alive Infant Protection Act and the banning of partial birth abortion. He told Planned Parenthood his first act as president will be to make Right to Choose federal law. He doesn't want any restrictions, parent notification, anything. He has been against ANY legislation to regulate abortion procedures.
dr. v

SMatthewStolte said...

What does "some paperwork" mean? Does the RNC have on file paperwork from all the Republican governors in the country? Is it unusual for someone of Palin's status (as governor, not as potential VP pick) to send paperwork to the RNC?

Anonymous said...

Another thing I thought of...the paperwork could be related to the convention and a potential speech. Like they need info for a bio or something.

Anonymous said...

Sarah wants another job...Governor of Alaska is too hot of a kitchen for her. Someone must have advised her what the VP does from day to day!

Anonymous said...

"I think McCain bringing up the "choice" issue was just a way to get abortion into the news. Obama's votes and positions on abortion are absolutely barbaric."

I think this commenter has come upon an important point. How can McCain best exploit Obama's inhuman stance on abortion? By selecting a VP candidate that embodies the absolute antithesis of it. (Insert heartwarming story of Trig here).

Further, selecting Palin will rob the Democrats of their mojo vis-a-vis identity politics: first black president, first woman president, etc.

I am enthused about Palin for reasons of ideology and character. I am not above taking my opponent's cudgel and beating them senseless with it, however.

Anonymous said...

I see that a mole or 2 have commented.They must be worried that a McCain/Palin ticket will save our country.

Carol said...

I think if McCain chooses Palin for his VP, he will secure a win in November. She would be the perfect running mate.

Anonymous said...

Yay, Republicans can engage in unprincipled identity politics too!

Anonymous said...

Palin's Gas Pipeline Isn't Hot Air

"We still have so much to do — to break ground, to build," she said. "We'll keep ramping up oil production, educating Congress to allow ANWR to be tapped and to prove we can ethically and responsibly drill so Alaska can produce for everyone. Alaska should be the head, not the tail, to the energy solution."

Small wonder, then, that Alaska has one popular governor. If only congressional Democrats could also get off the dime.

Unknown said...

"On the earlier thread there was some discussion of McCain considering a moderate/lib tending Veep needing to garner the moderate vote, when the exact opposite is the case"

No, he has to satisfy both. Palin could do that. Romney could not. Like Reagan in 1980, McCain will only win this election with the help of centrists and independents.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if it was a rerun, but Anderson Cooper had a program on last night on VPs. Bill Bennet and Carville were talking, and Carville mentioned that he thought the VP would be someone unexpected, to which Bennet responded that the "unexpected choice" would be Sarah Palin. This discussion was carried on as voice over with video of Sarah Palin on the screen.

Anonymous said...

Palin has stated that she has gay friends, and is receptive to gay and lesbian concerns about discrimination. While the previous administration did not implement same-sex benefits, Palin complied with a state Supreme Court order and signed them into law.

Palin's first veto was used on legislation that would have barred the state from granting benefits to gay state employees and their partners. In effect, her veto granted State of Alaska benefits to same-sex couples.

Scott said...

I assume submitting papers means tax returns and other financial stuff to make sure there's no surprises. The GOP would not get these papers for any other reason than the fact she's being vetted. No surprise. Karl Rove said Bush vetted 24 (!!) candidates while looking for a VP in 2000, before picking the vetter, Cheney. I doubt McCain's list is that big, but Sarah is clearly on the short list.

Anonymous said...

rightwingprof, you're correct. Please note that I went on to say

"as confirmed by Mark Levin again on today's show -- McCain NEEDS TO SHORE UP HIS CONSERVATIVE BASE, and the "beauty" of Palin is that she does just that and at the same time garners the moderates as well as garners former Hillary voters, more than any other pick."

Anonymous said...

I think McCain has vetted, in some shape or form, the following people, with stars next to the serious candidates:

Tom Ridge*
Carly Fiorina*
Eric Cantor
Mitt Romney
Mike Huckabee
Charlie Crist*
Bobby Jindal*
Sarah Palin*
Tim Pawlenty*
Kay Bailey Hutchison
Meg Whitman
Lindsay Graham
Joe Lieberman*
Condoleeza Rice
Rob Portman*
John Kasich
Heather Wilson
Michael Steele
Phill Gramm

I think he has narrowed his short list down to Ridge, Lieberman, Palin and Pawlenty. Think of it like a tournament. It's Palin/Pawlenty vs. Ridge/Lieberman. If McCain decides abortion is an issue, then it comes down to Ridge or Lieberman, with Ridge winning out. If he wants a fresh face, it's between Palin and Pawlenty with Palin winning out.

So, it's my opinion that John McCain is, right now, deciding between Sarah Palin and Tom Ridge.

The only reservation I have about a Palin choice is that if she is chosen, there is a strong chance that the November surprise everyone always talks about could be the release of the results of Branchflower's investigation, which he and Hollis could easily make seem like Palin violated some ethics rules without having to explicitly say so. That could heavily damage McCain, unless everyone sees the release having political overtones.

All we need now is someone to report that "a senior Palin administration source tells me that the Governor has been asked by Senator McCain's campaign to clear her schedule the week of the Republican convention and the be prepared to fly to Minnesota."

Anonymous said...

Here's an interesting tidbit, Chris Cizzilla at the Washington Post ran a sort of Veep "crunch time" rundown this morning (which was cited on RealClearPolitics), and solicited reader comments. While there remained throughout the day dozens and dozens of comments, MY COMMENT WAS DELETED. Here's what I said:

"It's no accident that the most likely McCain pick was left out, that being Alaska Gov Sarah Palin. Why? Because the Dems and MSM (including Washington Post)are petrified she'll be on the ticket!"

-- I went ahead and reposted it; maybe this time they'll leave it in. (I'll check back later to see if it's still there.)

Scott said...

I wouldn't get too excited about a trip to Minnesota. As the state's governor, I think it's automatic she would lead the party's delegation to the convention. Let's face it, all the major players -- with the exception of Lieberman -- will be at the convention. So if the plan is to make the announcement at the convention and not ahead of time, it would be easy to keep it secret because everyone will be there.

Anonymous said...

yeah, you can probably go to her website and look at her schedule.

Anonymous said...

Baby Trig (and mom) honor vets

Anonymous said...

check out the weekly standard article about anwr featured in rcp. It is a detailed account of mccains conversations with Palin since June. (about anwr obviously, not the veep spot)

Bob said...

Who the hell is Rick Warren supposed to be. A representative of religion or morality or what? I dont give a damn what he thinks. So he wrote a best selling book. Then can Jerome Corsi interview Obama also. This is so pathethic that they (both) have to grovel to this guy. And you know who it is an advantage for. To Obama. He's the one the has to worry about religious voters. I dare that best selling whore to ask Obama about his pathetic abortion votes. But he won't and that is why CNN loves this guy. What a freakin joke. The msm picking who the "religious" voice is supposed to be.

Anonymous said...

I'm a conservative Christian. God calls all believers to be PATIENT and LOVING toward those who are not believers. Let's see how Rick Warren does in this debate, and hopefully he will be fair to McCain. (The rumor is that Warren already leans toward Obama----but that could be incorrect.)

Meanwhile, please read the article below, from the Governor's website, concerning a "Baby Shower" this coming Monday in honor of Sarah Palin's new little son, Trig. The shower is on MONDAY, Aug. 18, in Juneau. Gifts from this event will ALL be sent to benefit the families of our soldiers in the military. Isn't that wonderful!? Little Trig already has a beautiful mission in life!

There must be some way for Palin supporters to donate to this "shower," even if we can't attend the event on Monday! Any ideas?

Gifts to Be Donated to Military Families No. 08-142

August 15, 2008, Juneau, Alaska – Governor Sarah Palin today announced she will attend a baby shower in Trig Palin’s honor next week and that all gifts will be donated to help military families.

Proceeds from the event will benefit the Family Ties Foundation. The foundation is a non-profit organization created to provide immediate support for the military families of wounded service members deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom or Operation Enduring Freedom. The event is being hosted by local morning radio personalities Bob and Mark from 106.5 KWHL.

“My family has been so blessed by the arrival of Trig. It is my honor to share that blessing with our men and women in uniform through this event,” Governor Palin said. “I invite all Alaskans who'd like to support our wonderful military families to participate.”

The event will take place at Romano’s restaurant, on Fireweed Lane at C Street, on Monday from 5 to 7 p.m. The public is invited. Romano’s restaurant will donate a portion of the sales from the evening to the Family Ties Foundation. >>

Anonymous said...

Come Vote for you VP!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think you can send a gift certificate through Pay Pal. I'll check into it.
I am not particularly a huge fan of Rick Warren, but I absolutely cannot imagine him being supportive of Barack Obama considering his barbaric past votes on abortion. I think what Rick Warren is trying to do is to push the Republican party to start thinking more broadly in terms of what a conservative agenda is. Young evangelicals think more broadly than their elders in terms of Christian responsibilities toward the planet, poverty, health care. I think he's tweaking the repub party to start looking at "values" as more broad than they have. Also, I think this has been set up for a very long time, possibly even before the two candidates had firmed up their wins. And also, the expectation was that the veeps would be part of the program (so I heard) but neither has tapped one yet.
You know, I'm getting a little preachy here, but I think we all need to take a deep breath and not automatically assume the worst of everyone. Things are actually sometimes what they appear to be and do not necessarily have underlying subversive motives.
dr v

Anonymous said...

Please vote for Sarah Palin.

Bob said...

Sorry. CNN picking who they accept as a religious leader while villifying others like Roberston and Dobson tells me what the agenda is. And that is de-emphasizing abortion. They know their guy would lose if voters knew his abortion record> this is about making warren "the' religious leader. And Warren is a new age religion peddler complete with "save the environment" written all over him. This is nothing but to save the abortion ass of Obama. And by the way, this is one of the reasons I am not religious. Because too many so called religious people will sell their souls for new age.

Anonymous said...

Palin would be a coup for the Republican party on the national stage I do believe. The fact that she's submitted papers shouldn't discount her at this point. I think McCain will announce right before the start of the Dem convention to take some of the public eye off of the convention and limit its effect on Obama.

Anonymous said...

I think McCain pulls a George Bush Sr. and announces on the second day of the convention, the morning after President Bush makes his speech as to take away from that.

Anonymous said...

anyone else think Mccain is doing a great job tonight? I'm very pleased; I didn't think he would be that great. He should pick Palin soon and try to gain momentum from this.

Bob said...

McCain is kicking butt. And why would you think he wouldn't? If you support him, why wouldnt you have confidence in him? Lets see how the msm spins it.

Anonymous said...

McCain fantastic!!! McCain/Palin hope for our country!!!

Anonymous said...

You can support someone and be concerned about how he debates, etc. Mccain has come across as wooden in many cases. I was concerned that there'd be a huge charisma gap, etc. I was also concerned that mccain would talk like a moderate. Instead he talked as a a conservative willing to work across the aisle on issues of importance. He came across as a leader, Barack came across as a politician. Excellent job.

The only thing I clinched my teeth about was the joke about what makes people rich but luckily he realized it could be distorted as said so. He then made sure that people understood what he meant.


Anonymous said...

WOW! I am STUNNED! McCain did a magnificent job tonight at the forum! I didn't expect him to appear very comfortable at times, because he's more reticent to express his faith continually (as some people choose to)----but he seemed VERY comfortable and was most amusing at times, thoughtful other times, and just SPOT ON! WOW! I feel genuinely inspired, and do believe he will win this election.

Obama just came off as a caring believer who is nice, but also wishy-washy, like an equivocating professor.

I hope they sponsor another one of these type of forums, for the vice-presidential candidates.

Anonymous said...

I thought John McCain really kicked butt tonight. He hit all the right notes with the Evangelicals, especially the younger ones who may not have much knowledge of his background. I thought Rick Warren was pretty evenhanded. I thought McCain's only weak answer was when Warren asked him about what rich was. But Warren, I thought, bobbled the question a bit in conveying that he wanted a dollar amount. He said the same thing with obama but Mccain was kind of talking when he asked that and I think he (McCain) didn't hear him. Still, it seemed like a winner for McCain.
I know I am a big Palin fan, but I think she would be such a good compliment to the ticket because she speaks in a similar fashion to him. Straight forward, no what we say in the South, "hem hawing around".

dr v

Bob said...

I think McCain did so well with the "rich" question that Rush Limbaugh would be proud. That he would say that he does not like class warfare is really whats its all about. Those words coming from his mouth should be what conservatives should remember. It is the game the dems play all the time and McCain recognizes it, what more can you say.

Anonymous said...

bob, you are so correct, that was the best political performance of the year. Way to go McCain.

Anonymous said...

bob, the reason I think it wasn't a good response is because a lot of "values" voters are blue collar, heartland folks that are straining just to make it from month to month. He got around to the right answer when he said good job, good education, but he bobbled around with it. It just wasn't as sharp and on message like his other responses. Repubs have a reputation as a rich, white guy party. He needed an answer that refuted that better than the one he gave.
dr. v

Anonymous said...

Reports surfaced that McCain has met with former rival Rudy Giuliani and will meet later this week with Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal.

Among the other rumored finalists: Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor who could help him in the West and boost his fund raising; Charlie Crist, the current governor of Florida who endorsed McCain in his state’s primary; Tim Pawlenty, current governor of Minnesota, a likely battleground state and home to the Republican Party’s convention in September.

Anonymous said...

Anon, August 16, 2008 11:43 PM,

Please provide a link for that quote.

Anonymous said...

OK, I'm no longer mad at Hot Air.

They linked the Weekly Standard article on their Headlines section, as well as a direct link here regarding the vetting story.

I still say Ed's in the tank for Pawlenty, though. ;-)

Bravesbill said...

McCain's best answer had to be his POW decision to stay in Vietnam in response to the question about what the hardest decision in his life was. His answer to the abortion question (life begins at conception) was a close second. By far McCain's weakest response was his response to the question of when he has bucked party lines. The homerun answer should easily have been the surge. That is his bread and butter topic and he should have hit that like no tomorrow. However, since the question was asked early, it seemed like he was pretty nervous. After this question though, McCain was spot on. If McCain only had responded with that surge answer, he would have beat Obama in a landslide. One last thing, what was with the Meg Whitman answer? Is he trying to give hints as to his veep prospect is or is he trying to float her name out to see the reaction?

Anonymous said...

I don't think McCain gains any votes by touting Whitman. Sure 1.5 million people make their living on eBay worldwide but most of them are in Asia and they don't count in our election.

I think more Americans have been screwed by scams on eBay than Whitman would care to admit and if McCain wants to claim that territory he's going to find he has inherited quite a number of Indians along with it.

He better not be floating a trial balloon for VP with Whitman. She is untested politically. She brings no states to McCain. If she wants to get into politics she can go get elected Governor of California.

Where in the world does Whitman stand on abortion? Have all of those eBay sellers been paying taxes?

This is a minefield with no upside....

Anonymous said...

I know Warren is a minister and not a reporter-he had good questions but followed up on very little-in a standard debate both reporters and McCain would have nailed Obama on many issues-?

Less abortions being performed these days? NOT

Jeremiah Wright mentioned as a major influence in his books throughout the last 20 years-why not now? Just Michelle and grandma?

If people making 150K annually are middle class and he wants to cut their taxes, then why does he oppose extending the Bush tax cuts which substantially cut taxes for people making 75K - 150K???

Worked on campaign finance reform with McCain and agreed to public funding in the bill but then refused public funding

All of this spells trouble for Obama in the upcoming real debates. If he is barely ahead of or essentially tied with McCain now-poor debate performances will turn Ohio, Michigan, Nevada, maybe even Pennsylvania over to McCain, giving him the election.

This is true barring no VP selection gaffe by McCain.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna say the following in all caps:





Bob said...

The firing, Stevens and GOP corruption in Alaska, Russian aggression. Turn out the lights, the party's over.

Anonymous said...

woops, that's "BILL KRISTOL" (sorry, 3 misspellings in one name, I guess I was so dumbfounded by his statement, couldn't get his name out spelled right)

Anonymous said...

One other angle I believe no one has mentioned - there is a new Zogby poll which shows four candidates not two-

Obama 43, McCain 40, Barr 6, Nader 2.

This is the first evidence I have seen of Barr costing McCain the election.

What GOP VP candidate would take the most votes away from Bob Barr?

Answer: Sarah Palin

Anonymous said...

bob, if you are right, indeed,"the party's over", the Republican Party!!!!!

Even if McCain WERE to win without Palin, the GOP with a McCain (GOP luke warm to say the least)/lib-moderate-boaring running mate WOULD SPELL ABSOLUTE DISILLUSIONMENT AND GLOOM AMONG THE REPUBLICAN BASE (and the more I think about it, in fact, then Obama would very likely win in November).

BigRob-68 said...

Original Ted--Kristol can be a little tricky at times. Kristol's agenda is foreign policy--make no bones about it. It is possible at this point he is trying to draw Obama into picking Wesley Clark, Jack Reed, etc. since he is weakest in foreign policy. McCain does not need Ridge or Liebermann to bolster his credibility vis-a-vis Russia or the Middle East. He clinches that on his own.

As has been stated numerous times on this blog, Palin is ideal as a surrogate on the campaign trial talking about energy and the economy. Obama is still stuck in primary mode trying to win liberals while McCain has moved on to real people in the center for the general election.

Anonymous said...

If McCain picks a pro-choice running mate after the Saddleback stuff yesterday, it would mean that McCain is as big a politician as Obama.

I actually think that if McCain wins, Lieberman or Ridge becomes Secretary of Defense.

McCain MUST pick a pro-life running mate since if you don't have a right to life, everything else is nothing, just power, no more right or wrong, and we are no better than any other country in the world including Communist Vietnam who put McCain in prison for 5 years.

Frankly, social and fiscal conservatives SHOULD walk from the convention in the event McCain picks a Ridge or Lieberman.

McCain will not pick a pro-choice veep since it would be campaign suicide.

If something were to happen to McCain and Lieberman was in a position to select a Supreme Court Justice, Joe would pick a leftist activist like a Ginsburg or Souter.

It would be a disaster. I don't think McCain would do that.

Anonymous said...

A few thoughts (just my two cents)
McCain mentioned Meg because,I think, he was covering basics. Military, Human Rights, and the Economy.
I seriously doubt Kristol is right on the Lieberman pick. My guess is he has Lieberman pegged for Condi's job. Ridge was on this morning (ABC?) and really downplayed the idea he would be tapped. He said McCain was trying to say he would look at a veep for all his/her pros and cons.
Being a life long evangelical, I think the pundits today way underestimated McCain's performance last night. He hit all the chords that evans are nervous about and he did so with a tone of true conviction. He told all the right stories, choosing to not break the code, his moment of connection with the Vietnamese guard, his adoption of a Arican orphan, funding for faith based programs. In my opinion, it wasn't just a home run, it was over the Coke Bottle sign on the Green Monster. My hubby (raised Mennonite who are VERY nonpolitcal) had tears in his eyes a couple of times during McCain's interview. That, my friends, means something.
I wouldn't give up hope on Palin just yet. I truly believe McCain will pick someone with domestic creds, and specifically energy creds. And I think he will go with someone outside Washington. Jindal was very emphatic this morning that he would not be on the ticket. I think the visits by McCain are about RNC speeches.
dr. v

Syrin said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Three Concerns:

1. McCain loves to astonish people. He might pick a surprise VP nominee, possibly Sarah Palin.

2. However, current events re. Georgia highlight McCain's emphases: "Put the country first," and "Presidents need foreign policy experience." Frankly, these two emphases work against McCain's selecting Palin.

3. The new punditry concern is that a Rove man is now directing McCain's campaign. Karl Rove consistently rejects selecting VP candidates for political reasons, such as selecting a woman or person of color, or a pol from a "yellow" state, in order to gain votes. And Rove's advice has won elections. These facts also work against McCain's selecting Palin for VP.

What will convince McCain to pick Palin are two things:

1. Obama's VP pick. If Obama plays it safe and selects a white male, that will definitely upset Hillary's supporters, who might vote Republican to support a woman Republican, even if she is pro-life.

2. Palin's debating skills. She hasn't been put through the ringer, though, on the daily or Sunday a.m. talk shows, as many other potential VP candidates have---such as Pawlenty, Jindal, and Ridge today; their exchanges with their Dem opponents were swift and robust. How will McCain know how Palin does during tough debates---unless he's testing her secretly, which is doubtful?

So it's 50/50 at best that McCain will pick Palin.

It didn't help her chances that Palin didn't seem to understand the work of the VP.

She's doing fine where she is. She might not want to reach for another level, which at this point might be perceived to be her level of incompetence.

Syrin said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

"It's about an evil, vindictive, hateful, ugly to the core woman " which apparently is you. I feel so sorry for carrying around years of pain and vindictive behavior. There is peace and forgiveness in G-d; I suggest that you seek his love and get over your hate. If that's not your cup of tea, please go get the help/counceling you need somewhere else.

As has been mentioned before, this site is dedicated to supporting Sarah Palin, not discussing various opinins on her. We have heard your opinions, nobody here agrees with them, they are not welcome, please leave.

Syrin said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Adam Brickley, aka "ElephantMan" said...

Note: Syrin's comments, which are based in personal attacks, supposed "inside information", and have at times bordered on suggesting violence against the Gov. Palin, will be summarily deleted until Syrin posts her real name online.

Anonymous said...

I think I might have to agree with bob. It seems there's too much working against Palin right now. My hope is that she'll be around for 2012.

If she's on the ticket I'll be shocked...happy...but shocked.

MLehde said...

I agree that Gov Palin is the best of all possible choices for Sen McCain and I wonder if the reason for her seeming to fall off the radar is that the campaign is planning for maximum/surprise impact with the announcment. At least I hope that's the case. I think that there is a good possibility that all this talk of whether or not the GOP base would accept a pro choice VP is nothing more than a head fake. An attempt to get the commentators looking one way, Ridge or Hutchenson, just prior to McCain tossing the bomb to Palin. Lord I hope so anyway and please forgive the football jargon. It's just that if that's the game plan then I approve, although I'll continue to sweat bullets till it comes off.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

anon's comments re Baily phone call hurting Palin. Get real!

anon's comments re Palin's debating skills. Her debating skills were shown to be masterful when she took the pants of her two opponents in the Alaska Governor's Primary Debate, which has already been posted on the web. Moreover, Palin is skilled at media, having formerly been a TV journalist.

anon's comments pro-life. Polls clearly show even liberal women are not one issue voters, and Palin's attractivenss to them as a woman completely overwhelmes the abortion issue (on which many more agree with Palin than you may think).

anon's comments re Palin ready and wanting to be VP. You bet she is and does -- and now!

anon's comments re foreign policy experience. Should NOT work against Palin, at least not more than for ANY governor. And, Palin's expertise on energy/oil politics and Gov of a state bordering Russia and Canada is a plus.

Anonymous said...

typo/correction, that's Palin took the pants OFF her two opponents in the debates

Anonymous said...

And now folks, get this: DNC Chair Howard Dean said this in an appearance Friday on NPR:

“If you look at folks of color, even women, they’re more successful in the Democratic Party than they are in the white, uh, excuse me, in the Republican Party,”


(the Dems and their allied MSM WILL BE DEVESTATED!)

Health And Fitness Geek said...

Mccain did really well in the Saddleback forum. He pretty much won any concerned social conservatives or evangelicals that were still on the fence or concerned.

This means that the apeal that Palin had in this are diminishes b/c I think, people now believe that he will be a social conservative.

Getting Palin for this area will help, but I don't think it will add significant more "social conservative and evangelical" support.

The remaining legs that Palin has is::
*She's a woman
*She's a governor
*She's an energy drilling/anwr hawk.


I'm a big advocate for Palin, and will continue to be, but I think her chances, along with the bs accusations are diminishing her chances at this point.

Anonymous said...

What's the matter, Adam?
Do you find Frank Bailey's recorded telephone call to be as disturbing as others do?

Anonymous said...

Paul, I don't believe your analysis is correct insofar as Saddleback effect on picking Palin. In fact, says it best, precisely on your point:

"McCain can still blow it with evangelicals if he chooses a pro-abortion running mate like Tom Ridge or Joe Lieberman. But he can seal the deal by picking Alaska Governor Sarah Palin who not only talks the pro-life talk but, in the most literal sense of the term, walks the pro-life walk."

Anonymous said...

Newt Gingrich on Hannity's America just mentioned Governor Sarah's name as a VP choice for Senator McCain.

By the way, I listened to "the telephone call" (Frank Bailey). What is the issue? If the Palin Administration wants to clean up the Department of Public Safety, it is about time,as it has a poor history.

Decent people in Alaska feel that they have to carry concealed weapons for safety, and some have told me that they sleep with the bedroom door locked and gun at bedside. I know I went to gun school when I lived in Alaska.

Anonymous said...

Why do you think Adam deleted then link then? Shall I repost it?

"By the way, I listened to "the telephone call" (Frank Bailey). What is the issue?"

Anonymous said...

Adam didn't delete the link. Just your comments.

Anonymous said...

What about my comments were so offensive?

Listen to the recording of the Governor's right-hand man, Frank Bailey. What do you hear?
(Here's where you can listen to Bailey's recorded telephone call:

Now we find out that the Governor is eliminating all non-permanent positions at DPS! Someone needs to remind the Governor that the purpose of government is to safeguard our lives and our property, and secure our liberty. Governor Palin doesn't seem to care much about the needs of Alaskans or the purpose of government.

It seems to me this is nothing more than a retaliatory reaction. Shame on the Governor.

Anonymous said...

Sarah is cutting temp jobs. Man, she is not afraid to cut the fat I guess. Good for her. I just wish the Congress would cut the fat too.

Syrin is becoming the anti-Ted. :)

Anonymous said...

The needs of Alaska is to clean up the Department of Safety.I know as I lived in Alaska for 11 years. I don't need your explanation.

Anonymous said...

Yes, wouldn't it be great if Congress cut the fat! Governor Sarah vetoed almost $300 million in state pork spending.All we have where I live is politicians driving around in their fancy limos with their personal license plates, telling we the people to vote for this tax and to vote for this tax and on and on and how wonderful it would be.

Bob said...

What the hell is so retaliatory about cutting fat in government. If she's cutting unnecessary jobs good for her. Seems now that anytime she does anything its "retaliatory". Use a new liberal playbook. Noone's promised anything in this world. Sounds like your DPS is run by an out of control union who, let me guess, would love to see Obama as president.

Anonymous said...

"Cutting fat?" Hardly.

Are you familiar with Sarah Palin and the promises she made to Alaskans when she ran for governor?

Palin said in 2006 that education, public safety, and transportation would be three cornerstones of her administration.

She has proven herself to be a liar. And unfortunately, Alaskans will pay the ultimate price.

Anonymous said...

FACT: Sarah Palin grew the fy09 operating budget 23%.

Anonymous said...

Right on Bob! There is a difference between quality and quantity.

Bob said...

One more thing Anon, since you think Palin's sole purpose in life now is to get revenge at your delusional expense, I bet you think McCain cheated in the Warren forum too. Huh, yeah he couldn't be that good.

Anonymous said...

Well if things are so bad in Alaska. Why don't you come live in my state. Alaska is #50/50 the lowest taxing state in the union. My state is one the highest on the list. You get to pay 99 cents for an item at Wal-Mart. I get to pay $1.10 for that very same item. Property taxes for me are 300% higher than Anchorage. Water is 10 times the fee of Anchorage. Telephone is 200% higher for me than Anchorage. And, still the politicians here want more and more from us. I live in Obama land.

Anonymous said...

Taxes on individuals in Alaska is low thanks to oil.

However, with Palin's 400% tax increase on the oil industry (ACES), investment will decline and Alaskans will eventually be forced to pay the state's budget. Currently, the budget is funded 90% by the oil industry.

Anonymous said...

Rent goes up. So, why shouldn't the oil companies pay more.The only thing that doesn't go up is the working person's salary. Bet you will enjoy your permanent fund check this fall. And, of course, Uncle Teddy won't be bringing home the pork from the Federal budget.

Anonymous said...

The permanent fund dividend is from the 12.5% royalty, not increased taxes.

And don't be so sure Uncle Ted won't get reelected. His numbers went up after the indictment!

Anonymous said...

Did I say that Uncle Teddy wouldn't be re-elected? I just said that he wouldn't be bringing home the Federal pork. There was too much uproar in the lower 48 about the bridge to no where.I have been to Ketchican and the bridge is not needed.

Anonymous said...

That's not what Sarah said during the campaign!

In the Ketchikan Daily News on Aug. 8, 2006, Palin told Ketchikan voters during the primary election campaign that people across the nation did not understand the bridge or its purpose. She said it was the link for the area’s expansion and growth. Palin noted Alaska’s congressional delegation worked hard for the funding and that she 'would not stand in the way of the progress toward that bridge.

Just another broken promise to Alaskans, I guess.

Anonymous said...

The permanent fund dividend DOES NOT increase with Palin's new 400% tax increase on the oil industry. The tax increase will be used to grow government.

Anonymous said...


The church forum actually helped Palin's chances. It pretty much guarantees that Mac won't pick a pro-choice VP, so that eliminates some candidates. Pro-life Governors are dominating the shortlist now.

In addition to the domestic energy issue, Palin's other advantage is charisma. She's got more than any Republican I've seen since Reagan.

The only possible argument against her is that she's only been Governor for 2 yrs. IMO, her advantages far outweigh that.

Health And Fitness Geek said...

It's good to see that Newt continues to mention her.

He's smart. If McCain has Rove, he'll make a good VP pick. Rove knows what he's doing to help elect a two term President that ends up having 25% rating, that's genious :)

In short, with Rove, I think we're in good hands..

I agree on the ebay thing... kinda fishy... I don't think he wont too many points with that. Ebay is mostly a scam and the CEO doesn't give a hoot

Shay(zam) said...
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Shay(zam) said...

The same Anonymous commenters that slam Palin for "ethics violations" will be first in line to re-elect Ted Stevens and the rest of the Veco Good Ol'Boys Club. That's just messed up.
- Resident of Alaska of 28 Years

Health And Fitness Geek said...

Palin gaining stock as possible VP pick on CNN!

The fact that CNN rarely mentions anything on it is mind boggling.

They are just scared.

Mitt Romney $39.72 $2.27
Tim Pawlenty $19.02 $-2.62
Sarah Palin $13.59 $3.14