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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Glenn Beck: Palin a "brilliant pick" for VP

The following dialogue took place Monday on the Glenn Beck Program. Scott Rasmussen was on to discuss his recent polling, and the talk turned to the veepstakes. Thanks to Hamilton Roberts of Conservative for Change, who made me aware of this.
GLENN: Anybody that John McCain could select?

RASMUSSEN: You know, I've been going over this and nobody, there's no silver bullets. I think the reason that I've finally come to that conclusion is most Republicans who have been saying this is the person that John McCain has to pick are people who didn't really want John McCain to be the nominee and they are saying we need somebody who can win despite of the fact that John McCain is the nominee. There is -- you know, you can make a case that Sarah Palin, the Alaskan governor who is very strong on the energy issue.

GLENN: I love her. Can I tell you something? I think she would be a brilliant pick because she's a total fresh face. She is -- she would be, you know, the first woman vice president. She is plain spoken. She is strong on energy. She speaks the language of the American people. I mean, I just think she would be off the charts.

RASMUSSEN: That's right. And she's a former beauty queen and captain of her state champion basketball team. What more do you want?

GLENN: Not that that doesn't hurt. I'm not saying that she's a hottie but I'm not not saying that, either.

RASMUSSEN: Well, the fact is, Glenn, she is a choice that could be very good. We don't know how she would perform in that national spotlight but, yeah, she is -- especially if Barack Obama does not pick a woman as his vice presidential nominee, that would be a very good pick.


Anonymous said...

Another Rasmussen endorsement; that's two now! Very good indeed.

Adam Brickley, aka "ElephantMan" said...

And this one is specificaly notable in that it is post-Troopergate. If Rassmussen doesn't think it's an issue, it's not an issue.

Anonymous said...

One more advantage to Palin is that she would help nullify the 'white guilt' vote. For the independents and apolitical voters, 'white guilt' would be less of an influence as now they can vote for another first 'first women VP'. Go Sarah!

Anonymous said...

What if Obama chose a female? Palin would still be Palin, and she'd still have the energy issue.

Is he implying that Palin would somehow be "cancelled out" by a female Dem VP?

At any rate, I wonder if this is what McCain has in mind. Talk about everybody except Palin, and hope that Obama chooses a male. But if Obama happened to pick a female, they'd go to Plan B.

(That's B for Boring, as in Tim Pawlenty).

Anonymous said...

I wonder what ever happened to the People Magazine story that was supposed to be published soon. As well as the Wall Street Journal in-depth story that was mentioned as being imminent a few weeks ago. Perhaps being held until a VP is picked? But then, wouldn't they be a lot LESS interesting to readers if she is not the pick?

Anonymous said...

Here is the score card on Sarah Palin for VP:

Pat Buchanan: Yes

Larry Kudlow: Yes

Newt Gingrich: Yes

Dick Morris: Yes

Scott Rasmussen: Yes

Glenn Beck: Yes

Dennis Miller: Yes

DNC members posting anonymously on this website: Terrible Pick - Romney or Mike Huckabee would be much better

Obama supporters doing the same: Terrible Pick - choose Liberman or Ridge

Pro Family Evangelicals: Yes

Conservative Pro Military Hawks: Yes

Hockey / Soccer Moms: Yes

MSM: Terrible - choose Romney for the "good" of the GOP
Drill ANWR here and now crowd: Yes

Military parents bearing the Service Star: Yes

Los Angeles Times: No! Too much scandal - pick uhhh - Tom Ridge - Yeah that's the ticket! old SNL adaptation

State Troopers who like to use patrol cars to drive home drunk from bars so they don't get arrested: Terrible

Ex husbands whom threatened to kill their former father in laws: Terrible pick

NRA members: YES!

Please follow me by expanding on this

Anonymous said...

People with common sense - Yes

Conservative voters who want true conservatives on their ticket - Yes

Paris Hilton - No

Anonymous said...

40 year olds yearning for the excitement of the Reagan revolution again: Yes!

BigRob-68 said...

Adam--Ditto your analysis of Troopergate. The fourth estate has had many opportunities to amplify the story. My guess this is what happened to the AC 360 show as well. My bet is is that the Dems wanted a hit job on Stevens as well as other GOP officials and pushed CNN for an investigation. Since Alaskan politics has received bad press in general lately a good "expose" would be a hit. The superficial details enticed them to put together a story only to see it collapse at the last minute when the real facts presented themselves. One item that often goes unnoticed is that the MSM hates to be lied to--even by those they like. Of course this story could come back, yet, they chose to run a story on gorillas instead for Pete's sake.

Thank you for keeping the MSM honest!

Anonymous said...

Voters in rural areas of Pennsylvania, male and female: Yes.

Voters who equate REFORM with CHANGE: Yes.

Anonymous said...

95% of downstate Illinois voters - YES!

Anonymous said...

Too bad she's under investigation for abuse of power.

Anonymous said...

Heterosexual men with 20/20 eyesight --- YES

Anonymous said...

I think what Rasmussen meant was that yes, if BO chose a woman it would paint Johnny Mac in a corner. Reason being is that IF Obama picked a woman, Rasmussen knows the only one he'd pick would be Hillary. If he did that, Palin would be seen as a pick specifically for her gender and would also be somewhat irrelevant. Palin helps most among ex-Hillary supporters, no question. So if it comes down to her and Clinton as veeps, Hillary would get the vote hands down. Now, if Obama makes a mistake and picks Sebelius or McCaskill or even ex-Clintonite Bayh, that's when a Palin VP would help the most. If Obama pick Hillary, I think its game over for a Palin VP slot.

Anonymous said...

OK, I've commented numerous times on this thread but AGAIN, this IS the MOST IMPORTANT THING I CAN SAY, and the Rasmussen comments confirm it:


I won't re-list all the reason why here, because I'd again be repeating from the past -- but THIS IS NOTHING LESS THAN CRITICAL IN ORDER TO DERIVE THE POSITIVE POLITICAL IMPACT FOR MCCAIN AND THE GOP IN PICKING PALIN!

When to pick: Anytime after midnight Thursday August 7, 2008 when the special legislative session of the Alaska legislature officially comes to an end (and therefore after any action on the Palin energy rebate to Alaska taxpayers), AND BEFORE OBAMA PICKS! -- so the sooner after midnight 8/7/08 the better!!!!!

Team McCain: DON'T BLOW IT!

Believe me, the last thing I want to be able to say is "I told you so" if or when Obama were to go first, with a female -- and Hillary's VP stock is going up, the Dems NOW know they NEED a Hillary and NOW she's out campaiging for Obama in Florida and Nevada (so they ARE preparing the plate for being for each other) -- and could be the BIG MEDIA SURPRISE PICK FOR THE DEMS! -- and the Dems are aware that priority #1 for them now is to COUNTERACT A PALIN - BEFORE McCain has a chance to name Palin -- which would then transform what would have been the remarakable Palin story for the GOP into a media painted GOP reactive desperate gimmick!

Anonymous said...

correction, that's "numerous times" I commented on "THESE" threads.

Please Sen McCain, don't make my efforts on behalf of America, and becaues I love this nation, wasted by your waiting till it's too late to productively pick Palin!

(don't doubt the Dems would otherwise go first to thwart a Palin)

Anonymous said...

Re. TC's comment:
<< If Obama pick Hillary, I think its game over for a Palin VP slot. >>

This is precisely why McCain must WAIT (Ted, listen up!) to select his VP candidate.

But it's arguable that a McCain/Palin ticket would still beat an Obama/Clinton ticket.

First, Palin has more CEO experience than Obama has.

Second, Palin is the VP, whereas Obama is the least experienced member of that O/C ticket---yet he's "on top" of the ticket, as the Presidential candidate. This strengthens McCain's position, and the M/P ticket.

Finally----McCain MUST wait for his VP selection because McCain has NO better way to get the attention of the media, who are SO in the tank for Obama!

Let Obama have his "moment" with his VP selection, get past the Olympics, and THEN at our convention, let McCain announce his VP selection. If it's Palin, everyone will go WILD with excitement, and we'll get a HUGE bump in the polls.......

Btw, if it's Palin, the longer McCain waits, the better for having more detailed news about Palin's innocence in Troopergate.

Ted, you sound like a troll more and more lately. Back off..... or at least be more patient and circumspect. McCain knows what he's doing.

Anonymous said...

Born and raised Alaskan female Libertarians, currently living in Florida because the military told us too- YES

People who have the ability to read beyond the headlines and realize the abuse of power charge is such a crock of B.S.- YES

People who wonder if Mitt Romney and Andrew Halcro go to the same barber that specializes in Evil Villian haircuts?- Yes

Anonymous said...

anonymous, I would say you're the one who more seems a troll BECAUSE (1) "troopergate" is ALREADY DEAD (only helps Palin), (2) Obama's convention "VP or convention moment" WILL BE TREMENDOUSLY REDUCED/KNOCKED OF TRACK/MUTED precisely by McCain picking Palin first! (3) there'll be so much media frenzy and great Americana story surrounding Palin, the WILD EXCITEMENT will ONLY GROW AND GROW BOTH BEFORE and during the GOP convention!

The more I think about it, I do suspect that you're the troll (and if you're not I'm sorry, but you are just sooooo wrong on this).

Anonymous said...

One more important point, if/when McCain goes first with Palin, even if Obama thereafter picks Hillary, and ESPECIALLY, if thereafter Obama picks Hillary, OBAMA'S PICK OF HILLARY WILL THEN APPEAR AS THE DESPERATE GIMMICK!!

In other words, the EXACT REVERSAL of the GOP seeming gimmicky or desperate by naming Palin AFTER Clinton.

This stuff should not be rocket science!

Anonymous said...

I think Ted means Obama's convention and VP moment "knocked OFF TRACK" by McCain selecting Palin first, and I agree.

Scott said...

If Obama picked Hillary (and I still say he doesn't), then most of the Hillary voters go back to them anyways. But does a guy who is now being blasted as insincere and opportunistic really go and tie himself to Slick Willie, who is a 50-50 shot to grab Michelle Obama's butt at the convention? I think not.
Onward to the game:
Rachel Maddow: Yes. Oh, her mouth says no, but her eyes say yes. I think she has a crush on Sarah.

Anonymous said...

Ted, you are optimistic bordering on delusional, but if McCain picks Palin then I think everyone on this blog should meet somewhere and buy you a nice dinner. I love SP, and she is a great story, but politics does not usually follow the script and I doubt Palin will be the pick. Sadly, it's McCain's better polling performance as of late that helps to doom her. He is now more likely to think he can pull this off with a "safe" pick.

Anonymous said...

OK people. It seems that there are pluses and minuses of both strategies regarding the timing of picking Palin for Veep.

Pick Sarah BEFORE Obama picks:

Pluses - Puts Hollow Man on the defensive, forces him to pick Hillary, and looks WAY unmanly or weak caving in and looks bad as picking Hillary JUST because she is a woman.
Minuses - Puts Hillary on Dem ticket, which might be a bigger plus to Dems as we anticipated (Dream Ticket?), plus troopergate thing might not be fully spent and debunked just yet.

Pick Sarah AFTER Obama picks white guy (IDEAL SCENARIO):
Pluses - Numerous
Minuses - Very few

Pick Sarah AFTER Obama picks Hillary:
Pluses - Helps to shed old white guy image, and means McCain is gonna fight to the end.
Minuses - McCain would be viewed as simply picking Sarah as a woman and be reacting with a gimmick pick. Sarah might even reject the offer thinking the Dems will mess up (very likely) and she will finish her work in Alaska and enter the primary in 2012 or be another Veep possibility then.

The Dems are now talking up about possibly the "Dream Ticket". Let's forget for a moment that it would be a disaster for Obama to govern if he won with Hillary on ticket with Bill hanging around.

It all hinges on a few factors:

Is Obama convinced he can win without Hillary or a woman?

As of now, I believe he thinks he can but it is not for sure, therefore there is still the pressure that appears to coming on Obama to pick Hillary and that chance has gone up somewhat recently. However, I still believe this is in the 25% range now.

Given this, it appears you don't pull the trigger yet on Palin to beat Obama to the punch.

However, as the next 10 days go, McCain needs to stay focused on the fizzling out of troopergate, be low key and not pay attention to Palin, and be ready in an instant to pull the trigger if at any point he thinks Obama is going for Hillary.

Ted has been pretty vocal (and annoying to some extent) on his belief that the chances of Obama picking Hillary are now higher, especially given that Obama has not been able to pull away from McCain. This is a legitimate concern.

However, if we and McCain play this right, Obama picks a white male, and then McCain can counter with Palin and seize the election.

At this point, I believe the chances of Obama picking Hillary are still below 50%, so the wait for white guy, counter with Palin is still the strategy.

However, McCain MUST be ready to pre-emptively strike on a moments notice with Sarah before Obama picks Hillary (similar to the Six Day War of 1967 between Israel vs. Egypt/Syria/Jordan) if it appears this chance rises over the coming days.

Alabama Tom

Anonymous said...

scott, slick willie is well known and for a long time. so nothing new on detracting from Hillary, especially since Hillary trounced Obama in the all the important large primary states.

Hillary remains Obama's strongest Veep choice -- by a country mile.


1. Palin selected first lessens the chance of a Hillary pick.

2. Palin selected first lessens for the Dems the positive impact of Hillary IF Obama selects Hillary afterwards.

3. Palin selected first makes the Dem's picking Hillary afterwards seem to many as a "response" not an "initiative" -- detracting from her selection.

4. BOTTOM LINE, whether or not it's Hillary, the political fundamentals remain, MCCAIN GAINS (A LOT) BY GOING FIRST WITH PALIN (with absoultely no, zero nada downside).

Anonymous said...


You are right that the chances of McCain not picking Palin because he is only behind by like 1% go down due to a possible perception that he does not need the home run pick, and interestingly raises the chances of Hillary getting picked.

Damnit MAC, stop doing better in the pols.


Anonymous said...

Again, sorry if I'm annoying to some (and if Adam wants to stop, what I think is this crucial discusion) he is free to delete my comments).

Now, even Alabama Tom says:

"However, McCain MUST be ready to pre-emptively strike on a moments notice with Sarah before Obama picks Hillary..."

Since Palin is by far McCain's best pick, REGARDLESS OF who Obama picks (and if anyone disagrees here on this I'd welcome their comment), there is NO reason to wait for Obama to go first. There's only great risk. And, I say there are great positives in stealing the thunder and excitement from the Dem convention because PALIN WILL REMAIN THE STAR throughout as the public gets to know her better. I say, let the public begin to know about her ASAP. Believe me, her story's got enough staying power (actually growing power) to go from now, thru the conventions, and thru election day.

With Palin now, the more buzz, the more money, the more millions of dollars worth of free advertising inures to the McCain campaign. Every day waited, is an expensive day lost.

Anonymous said...

the last anonymous, are you saying the better McCain is doing in the polls, the better chances of him picking a VP candidate weaker than Palin?

Makes no Sense!!!

He should pick the strongest (and ironically Palin IS the safest as well) no matter what, also for coattails down to the Congressional races as well as generational benefit/excitement of the Palin newly-branded GOP.

Anonymous said...

30 year olds yearning for the excitement of the Gingrich revolution again: Yes!

Anonymous said...

Folks! Do not be confused liberal contributors to this blog who are prentending to be Palin Supporters. They are arguing for Mccain to wait and pick his VP after oba has made his choice known (Hillary?) - their hope is that team mccain will be persuaded by their seemingly pro palin argument. Their actual goal is to create a situation where by for Mccain is no longer able to pick Palin (-and that is what wd happen if O picks a woman first!). mk.

Scott said...

Ted is right. We get alittle caught up in worrying about Obama's pick. Mac should pick Palin, decide on the proper timing, and not worry about it. She's a great pick no matter what.

Anonymous said...

What would Reagan do?

He'd pick Sarah and wouldn't look back, and wouldn't care what
his opponent did, while he soared above it all.

Mac needs to do the same, and pick now, and get on message, and he'll seize the initiative and leave Obama and the Dems panicking and falling behind. Once he makes his choice it all falls into place and people can finally reaaly campaign with him.

Anonymous said...

Thank you scott, Palin is the best pick no matter who Obama picks BUT BUT BUT, with the one caveat, Palin must be picked BEFORE there's a chance Obama picks Clinton because even if Palin remains the best coming after a Clinton pick (and that may be open to argument by some) THE POSITIVE IMPACT -- WORTH MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF DOLLARS WORTH OF PR AND EXCITEMENT AND THE MAX TURNOUT VOTE FOR MCCAIN/PALIN-- WILL BE SUBSTANTIALL REDUCED IF HILLARY WAS SELECTED FIRST!

Anonymous said...

Thanks anon, And if McCain picks Palin now, I promise to get off everyone's back!

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

A former female Hillary supporter, now independent, here. I'm ready to support a McCain/Palin ticket and I think Palin would appeal to other Hillary supporters who value strong, hardworking women with a focus on integrity and ethics reform.

I raised this question before, but did not get an answer. Do you guys have any evidence that Sarah Palin is willing to serve as VP? Her responses seem to me to be lukewarm at best. I'm sure her family is a particular concern. I hope you forward your petition to her as well as to the McCain camp--to demonstrate that many would love for her to take her energy and ethics reform platform nationwide.

Anonymous said...


The adjective "former" should be applied to "Hillary supporter", not "female". I am definately still of the feminine persuasion.


Anonymous said...

To Hillary supporter: Palin is in it and wants it (don't worry bout that) -- go back and analyze everything and the manner she's said (sometimes you need to read a little between the lines). There was a great phone interview she had with John Gibson, for example, where thru their candid joking around, IT WAS MORE THAN CLEAR (and even IF she had personal reservations, she's dedicated and willing to serve this nation).

Anonymous said...

Sidebar: Rush Limbaugh who clearly is pulling for Palin (but refrains to say her name for strategerie reasons for Palin's benefit) gave little knocks (maybe big in some respects) AGAINST first Pawlenty and later Fiorina, on his show today.

Anonymous said...

Two schools of thought on when to announce:

You've got the Ted school.

You've got the Bill Kristol school, which says do it either on the Friday after the DNC convention or Tuesday of convention week (the day after Labor Day).

I'm partial towards the latter school myself. This is a dead political month. Swing voters really aren't paying attention.

Of course, if you let Obama go first, the risk is that he picks Hillary. Then again, if you go first and pick Palin, then it gives him a heavy incentive to pick Hillary, which is something that, relatively speaking, he doesn't have now.

Obama is looking for a reason not to pick Hillary. I suspect that McCain will role the dice, let Obama stay in his state of complacency, and pick his Joe Biden type. Then, you'll have the DNC convention. Then, on Tuesday of convention week, you pick Palin.

The advantage of this is that the American people's first impressions of Palin will be based upon what she says, when everyone is listening, and not upon a month of MSM spin.

In the end, I see greater value in seizing the momentum when it counts most (after Labor Day) and on your terms than in looking for a little bump now when, relatively speaking, the swing voters aren't paying attention.

Anonymous said...

I agree that is a pretty strong strategy, assuming the pressure to pick Hillary on Obama eases off and we can watch the Olympics. But Obama must pick someone other than Hillary BEFORE the convention so she can't launch a coup de etat.

Anonymous said...

Hillary and Bill:

Their mouths say no but their wandering eyes say YES!!!

Mongo Mere Pawn said...

Much of the commentary on this thread continues to see Governor Palin in terms of disgruntled Hillery supporters, when I think she now is the perfect VP on the merits. In other words, I think she no longer appeals primarily because of her potential attraction to Hillery supporters (though that remains a key consideration), but I now think she merits the selection straight up.

And it's Obama who placed her in this postition.

As I mentioned yesterday, Obama's energy speech Monday launched a new slogan that I thought was simply for the day's event, i.e., "New Energy for America". This is a blatant rip-off of Governor Palin's own "New Energy for Alaska" campaign.

But Obama's new slogan is not simply for the energy issue, he apparently intends it to supplement his "Change You Can Believe In". If you type "" into your browser, you go to his website, to his energy "plan". Moreover, when McCain issued his new "Celeb" ad today, Obama's spokesman specifically referenced Obama and "new energy for america", not "change you can believe in" in denigrating McCain's ad.

This looks like an attempt by Obama to rebrand to give his campaign a little juice and to take a not so nuanced slap at McCain's age. I would not be surprised to see his campaign start to use this phrase more and more, and probably focus on it during the upcoming convention.

If this is true, then Obama has conceded that energy is going to be THE issue this year and is trying to get ahead of the curve after getting pummeled by Senator McCain. Selecting Governor Palin makes Obama look even more like the empty suit that he is by highlighting the fact that he doesn't have anything original, he had to borrow it from Governor Palin.

It also argues forcefully for a Palin selection because she is the energizer bunny when it comes to presentation. Recall Newt's warning, i.e., "No boring white guys." We've focused primarily on "guys", when the key is actually "boring". None of the other potential candidates, and that includes Jindal, has the energy that Palin brings to the table. And her energy would rub off on McCain's campaign, not make him look like the wrinkled old man Paris Hilton lampooned.

Obama can't attack Palin's experience because she has more than he does. He can't attack her energy plan, which includes a heck of a lot more drilling that his does, because he already has adopted one of her signature accomplishments as good energy policy. And he can't attack her as a female candidate without truly ticking off women who already have a hard time dealing with his cockiness.

As to timing, I think Senator McCain takes Governor Palin up on her invitation to visit ANWR shortly before the Democrats hit Denver and makes the first woman Republican VP candidate the talk of that town and the MSM without ever selecting her, but by simply heightening the speculation. That would also be the first time a majority of Americans would ever hear anything about her and it would be in the context of both women and energy. And McCain could even emphasize her merits more by finally deciding that ANWR isn't quite as pristine as the thought and deciding to advocate drilling in ANWR. He could even attribute his trip not only to the invitation, but to Obama himself having highlighted Palin by borrowing so much from her energy plan for Alaska, getting a gig in about the plagiarism of her campaign slogan.

Anonymous said...

Question for former Hillary supporter: Do you think Obama/Clinton would recapture the votes from members of groups like PUMA, etc? Seems like so many dems were so disgusted following the primary that they wouldn't fall for the "dream ticket".

Anonymous said...

Is Palin working with the McCain camp? “The past two days we’ve come across articles/stories about Republican Governors praising Sen. Obama. Why? The gut reaction would be that these Governors clearly are breaking from the McCain team and going off-message. Some surely will write that these Governors are hurting their chances to become VP and that they better play ball. Some will say that McCain’s campaign needs to get the GOP message under control.

The Governors? Sarah Palin of Alaska and Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota. These two also happen to be two of the top three favorites to get McCain’s VP nod on

“Pawlenty offered positive comments about Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, saying ‘people gravitate when you have something positive to say.’”
Now the question is, why do we have two serious candidates for the VP nomination saying good things about Obama at a point when McCain has had his opponent on the ropes?

McCain’s people know the celebrity ad worked (1,687,677 views on youtube ain’t bad). A good chunk of swing voters clearly were getting sick of Obama and this strategy finally put them over the edge…but these few voters will only stay away from Obama if McCain pulls them to his side.

So what does the McCain campaign do? They show GOPers as the good guys willing to play ball with the other side. This is a message that hits home with swing voters. They are hitting a couple singles to test the message with higher profile Governors working the message as discussed above…and McCain will now hit the swing voters with ads focusing on his independence from the Party line.

In other words: These two speaking out at this specific time about Obama was completely coordinated by the McCain campaign.”

Bill said...

The GOP could win this election by focusing on the energy debate, just look at how the polls are moving already. Palin would certainly be the strongest candidate to pick with that issue in particular!

SMatthewStolte said...

When did Pat Buchanan talk about Palin?

SMatthewStolte said...

Bobby Jindal, many Palin fan's runner-up choice, might be doing the Keynote address.

Anonymous said...

I am also a former Hillary supporter. In big part because she was a female, but I've voted for both dems and repubs. I will not vote for Obama no matter who he puts on the ticket with him. Even if it is Hillary.
I think Sarah Palin would have a really strong pull with Evangelicals. Her decision to go through with the pregnancy of her son knowing he would be born with a handicap is incredibly powerful with Evangelicals. Someone who really exemplifies Right to Life the way she does will fire up the base of Evangelicals in an incredible way, in my opinion. Personally, I think even more than Huckabee. And I'm from Arkansas and somewhat a fan of Huck. I do believe Huck is a man of faith, but Sarah Palin (and hubby) through their decision really walked the talk. That's a big deal with evangelicals. If McCain understands that, I really think he will tap her.
dr. v

Anonymous said...

I think they are setting Obama up for a sucker punch. I think they are going to try to show that he really has no new ideas of his own and that he is a follower, not a leader. Especially on energy. Plus, they really have no choice but to be positive. If someone says, "hey, I really like the way you decorated your living room" you can't really say, "oh man, it was a stupid idea, I don't know why I did it like this". Palin really had no choice other than to graciously accept his compliment. She did the right thing. Plus, it puts him on the track of being complimentary of Republican ideas, whom he accuses of having done nothing for 30 years about energy.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I know I'm going to sound like an idiot, but what does MSM mean? And to add to the list...

People sick of paying $4.00 a gallon when our tire pressure is JUST FINE!!!!--yes!

Anonymous said...


Read what the troll says and GO THE OPPOSITE WAY. Here's what the troll says:

"I'm partial towards the latter school myself. This is a dead political month. Swing voters really aren't paying attention."

BLA BLA BLA, THE PALIN PHENOMENON WILL ONLY GROW AND GROW AND GROW (during 'dead' and 'undead' political months)!

The troll then says:
"Of course, if you let Obama go first, the risk is that he picks Hillary. Then again, if you go first and pick Palin, then it gives him a heavy incentive to pick Hillary, which is something that, relatively speaking, he doesn't have now."


The troll then says:
"Obama is looking for a reason not to pick Hillary. I suspect that McCain will role the dice, let Obama stay in his state of complacency, and pick his Joe Biden type. Then, you'll have the DNC convention. Then, on Tuesday of convention week, you pick Palin."


And this is more misleading BS from the troll:
"The advantage of this is that the American people's first impressions of Palin will be based upon what she says, when everyone is listening, and not upon a month of MSM spin."

And this is the final BS from the troll:
"In the end, I see greater value in seizing the momentum when it counts most (after Labor Day) and on your terms than in looking for a little bump now when, relatively speaking, the swing voters aren't paying attention."

* * *



Anonymous said...

One more thing, I really don't believe Obama's inner circle will "let" him pick Hillary. I think they truly hate her and truly believe they can handily win without her. Just watch the talking heads. They have all the reasons why it's neck and neck in the polls, and I genuinely believe they think Obama is going to bolt way ahead and win by a landslide.
dr. v

Anonymous said...

Matthew, with respect to your question about Buchanan's mention...I observed it a couple nights ago when he was on "Race for the White House" with David Gregory...he was on the panel...and they were discussing Bill Kristol's recent "three options" piece about McCain's veep selection...Gregory was most interested in the third option (i.e. the "outside the box" pick), and of course Jindal and Palin are the two mentioned for that...Buchanan spoke very favorably of Palin...if a video clip is available somewhere, or even a transcript, that would be wonderful. He went on for quite awhile, uninterrupted. That was the first time I've heard Buchanan speak specifically about Palin.

Health And Fitness Geek said...

I love the Dem trollers on here. They're shaking in their boots.

McCain should wait and he has the liberty to wait, to talk to Palin, to vet her out, to try and get the bs scandal resolved or under control.

All of this blogging and attention may backfire and put pressure on Obama to pick Hillary or a female VP.

Hillary is the only candidate that has a chance against Palin, and I'd be more surprised that he picks her than ... Bush getting re-elected for a 3rd term.

Obama's style and personality does not match HIllary. They are arch-nemesis. The race is so close and Obama is ahead. Dems aren't stupid, they still have a strong chance to beat McCain and are in favor of - even if Palin is picked.

It's just that Palin is a superior choice and would give Obama a run for their money.

How the MSM plays this is key too, they could amplify that bs scandal, link her to Stevens, smear her reputation - oh wait, they already tried that!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

MSM--MainStream Media perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Mc Cain needs help with women. He needs a woman pick more than he needs any geographic pick.
here's a current poll from Time.

Obama did get good news from some segments of the population. Women now favor him by ten percentage points over McCain, 49%-39%. That seems to quell the notion that women would penalize Obama for beating Hillary Clinton in the primary.

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

In response to Kathleen's question: 'Do you think Obama/Clinton would recapture the votes from members of groups like PUMA, etc? Seems like so many dems were so disgusted following the primary that they wouldn't fall for the "dream ticket".'

I can only speak for myself: it doesn't make any difference if Obama puts Clinton on as VP--in fact, I find the thought somewhat enraging. I was lurking on a PUMA site a couple of days ago ( and several expressed similar sentiments.

To the person who stated that Palin is not "just about women"--I agree. She is outstanding on many levels and I think that is appreciated by men and women alike. I hope I am speaking for most of us in saying that she restores my faith that a public figure can represent what I believe is best in the USA. I'm just additionally proud that she is a member of my gender.

Kathleen also...

Anonymous said...

Kathleen, yes and I'm proud she's a Republican woman and a mother of 5 and has cajones!

Palin is just who we need in the White House, a mother with cajones!

SMatthewStolte said...

Thanks, Tyler. I'm glad to hear it. I usually watch Pat on McLaughlin. The last time they did a veep discussion there, Palin wasn't mentioned at all. Maybe that will change.

Anonymous said...

Interesting news:

Hillary is considering petitioning the DNC to include her in the vote in Denver.

So much for her backing Obama fully. If her true intentions were to back him, why would she push for a vote? No way she wins, but why spread further dissention?

Obama may now be fighting a two front war with his own party and the 'publicans.

Now is the time to seize this election. Mr. McCain, now is the time to bring Sarah Palin on board! Let's show a united front BEFORE Denver!

Anonymous said...

Ted, since you replied to me about waiting until the convention to pick Palin, I must compliment you on your insight. Blah, blah, blah, he's a troll is the type of inspired commentary that I have come to expect from you.

On the one hand, we have the idiot Ted offering his prescription for when McCain should announce Palin.

On the other hand, we have Bill Kristol's prescription, one with which I agree.

Last I checked, Kristol is neither a troll nor a practitioner of idiocy, the latter of which is something that you have done in abundance lately.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of McCain's making a trip up to Alaska while the Dems are having their convention!

I remember now that Sarah Palin has invited McCain to come up there, to check out the ANWR in person. Doing so would HAVE to gain some media attention, even during the Dems' convention. Wow!

I hope McCain does this, steals the media's attention, shining a national spotlight on Gov. Palin for the first time, and let all of us see them together. How exciting!

I guess that means I agree with those who want Senator McCain to wait until the Rep. convention to select his VP. Hope it's Palin!

Anonymous said...

Well said, Paul.

Ted is the proverbial little boy who can't wait for his candy.

The only person who concerns me is Hillary. It's not because she somehow appeals to me. It's because of how she appeals to those over 40 year old women and blue collar Reagan Democrats among the swing voters.

What Ted frankly is too dumb to understand is that Hillary has an established appeal to these groups. I think that she's a phony. But, it doesn't matter what I think. It matters how they perceive her. She is the only thing that could rain on the McCain/Palin parade (note, Ted, that the English language differentiates between the words COULD and WOULD, hence my choice of the former word).

Paul, I don't want Obama to pick her because it makes things less predictable. And, Obama is infinitely more likely to pick her if McCain takes Palin now and there's an immediate bump.

Plus, there's the added advantage of a convention week introduction which diminishes the chance that the MSM gets to define Palin. People's first impressions will be more likely to be based upon what she says because it's convention week.

So, contrary to that noted political strategist Ted, I'm going with the counsel of that other Democratic troll, Bill Kristol.

Anonymous said...

yeah, but anon, Ted says it has to happen now. And, Ted is the smartest guy in the room. Just ask him.

Anonymous said...

Okay, boys, play nice.
I like your slogan, Mama with Cajones. HA! What was it ol' bald guy said, Carville said. If Hillary gave Obama one of hers he'd have one and she'd have two! HAHAHAHAHAHa
He is kind of a girlie man.
I have to agree with Ted. I think if they really believe Obama is going to tap Hillary, McCain should grab Palin first. He needs to keep looking like the one who is out in front.
Hey, don't know if ya'll noticed, but there have been several articles about how Obama now wants Florida and Michigan to have full votes. What a joke! Now that they're totally meaningless. Do they really think they're fooling ANYONE with that? Sort of like saying, "Now that I've ripped your you know whaties off, I'll graciously hand them back to you." Huh.

Anonymous said...

anon, what exactly leads you to believe that Obama will tap Hillary, beyond of course Ted's insight?

Anonymous said...

To the "anonymous" who labeled my views "idiocy" and elected to cite to Kristol out of context. I believe your posting, if anything, merely confirms further that yes, you ARE a troll.

And to the trolls confirming the first anonymous troll, your trollingness is again confirmed precisely because you elect to discredit and attack me (sort of a twofer, both confuse the genuine pro-Palin reader and try to drive away the credibility of my points) rather than address my points.

Anonymous said...

and I never said Obama WILL select Hillary, merely that there was a considerable posssibility of this and if he did, this would be disastrous for a subsequent Palin pick (and we shouldn't take a chance when there's no downside, only gain, in going first w/Palin).

Health And Fitness Geek said...

Anonymous said...
Well said, Paul.

Thanks Anonymous :)

I keep reading these posts, and I just can't get my head wrapped arount the idea that it's better for McCain to pick *Palin* beore Obama picks his VP, assuming all things stay the same.

On the other hand, if he will not be picking Palin, or a female VP, then he should pick in order to keep the momentum going that he has, and continue to hit hard.

Rember folks - we can win this regardless, we just need to get people out to vote!!!!

Who here has gotten or made sure all their friends and families are signed up!??

PS: If you're in the Seattle area, contact me

Anonymous said...

Bill Kristol writing in NYT:

" John McCain apparently intends to announce his pick after the Democratic convention. There’s been thought given to announcing McCain’s selection the day after Barack Obama’s Thursday night Aug. 28 acceptance speech, to try to minimize Obama’s postconvention bounce.

But the current inclination is to wait until after Labor Day weekend, which ends with President Bush’s speech Monday, the first night of the G.O.P. convention. Then the McCain camp would hope to seize attention Tuesday with the V.P. announcement. A strong pick, followed by the V.P. nominee’s remarks Wednesday and then McCain’s speech Thursday, could provide a good launch into the last 60 days of the campaign."

I know that those polysyllabic words can prove confusing sometimes, but grow up already, Ted. This "I'm the smartest guy in the room, just ask me" mentality that you're ramming down everyone's throats has gotten stale and stupid already.

Anonymous said...

Fiscal Conservatives who believe it is possible to have a universal health care system that works...Yes

Anonymous said...

Paul, I'm with you.

If he picks Palin now and there's a big boost for McCain, then it enhances the possibility that Obama feels compelled to pick Hillary. And, Ted's infinite wisdom to the contrary notwithstanding, Obama picking Hillary drowns out McCain picking Palin when it comes to the over 40 year old women and blue collar Reagan Democrats. She'll be re-embraced by the MSM that hung her out to dry, and Palin will be defined at the Democratic convention.

Right now, Obama is sure that he's going to win. Keep it that way. Let him take Joe Biden or Tom Kaine or one of that ilk, and just bide your time until Republican convention week.

Ted assumes that because he pays attention now that everyone else is paying attention. But, the swing voters who Palin will attract really don't pay attention until the end of the summer.

So, be patient, let Obama pick his Joe Biden, wait, and then make the Palin splash.

Well, Ted disagrees, so that makes both of us trolls. You may as well rename your blog.

Anonymous said...

anonymous, re Kristol, he's not making any recommendation, merely reporting on what he says he now sees, and knowing that Kristol and McCain ARE VERY CLOSE, I wouldn't doubt there's some strategerie here. Do you think a highly pro McCain/Pro Palin person like Kristol would reveal info which could be used by the enemy? Or would there be some effort to confuse the enemy, but not in any way someone could accuse Kristol of not merely reporting.

Now really?

Anonymous said...

The time to announce is before Obama does. Announcing after appears reactive rather than pro and could also be detrimental to the cause.
Go first and steal any thunder there might be. Overnight Palin becomes Americas darling. Let the average American woman get a look at Sarah and just watch what happens to the Hillary Hordes.

Here's to common sense politics.

Anonymous said...

the last anonymous is continuing to troll. Hang tough loyal Palin reader, don't be fooled by those advocating just sit back, not to worry, wait till later to announce Palin, albeit TEAM OBAMA KNOWS RIGHT NOW THE EXISTENCE OF THE PALIN THREAT -- SO TEAM OBAMA IS NOT SITTING BACK!

Team Obama knows that what chance they have of winning is ALL OUT THE WINDOW if McCain taps Palin first. Case closed.

Anonymous said...

woops, there was an intervening "anonymous", the last anonymous before my post, advocating Palin action now, is a genuine Palin supporter. The anonymous before him/her, saying wait, is the troll.

Anonymous said...

Ted, the Dems are absolutely convinced that it won't be Palin. I hope that's their mistake.

Frankly, I find it offensive that you would suggest that anyone who dares to disagree with you has to be a troll.

I want to see McCain pick Palin. I want to see him make the biggest splash possible doing it. Doing it in August, when a lot of people aren't paying attention, the media gets about a month to pull its garbage, and the Dems then get a convention to crucify her doesn't do that. Waiting until the Republican convention, when she will have the chance to define herself and everyone will be paying attention, just works better from my perspective.

Honestly, Ted, you are becoming the Barack Messiah of the Palin for VP movement. That's how bad it is getting with you.

Mongo Mere Pawn said...

dr. v,

I agree with you concerning the likely impact of Trig with Evangelicals and the utter impossibility of Senator Obama selecting Hillary as his running mate.

As to the first, I know some of the pro-life activists down here in Texas and they absolutely love her for Trig. Also, in the recent Washington Times story on possible female VP candidates, David Barton referred to Governor Palin as an "easy choice" for evangelicals. Barton is the former Vice-Chair of the Republican Party of Texas, an active campaigner for Republican candidates across the country and a distinguished author on Free Exercise issues important to evangelicals. If he's on board, there will be more prominent evangelicals forthcoming.

As to the possibility of an Obama-Clinton ticket, forget it. Ain't happening. Call it the ultimate flip-flop for Obama. The whole theory of his primary campaign was anti-Clintonism. He is the un-Clinton. A large percentage of his adoring fans will view putting Billery on the ticket as the final betrayal. Plus, Bill just gave an interview which made it clear he will neither forgive nor forget and Hillary is starting to cause trouble about the convention.

Senator McCain can cause trouble by merely visiting with Governor Palin, even if he doesn't go north to Alaska (sorry, just had to). He can wait until after Denver to select her officially.

Mongo Mere Pawn said...

dr. v,

I agree with you concerning the likely impact of Trig with Evangelicals and the utter impossibility of Senator Obama selecting Hillary as his running mate.

As to the first, I know some of the pro-life activists down here in Texas and they absolutely love her for Trig. Also, in the recent Washington Times story on possible female VP candidates, David Barton referred to Governor Palin as an "easy choice" for evangelicals. Barton is the former Vice-Chair of the Republican Party of Texas, an active campaigner for Republican candidates across the country and a distinguished author on Free Exercise issues important to evangelicals. If he's on board, there will be more prominent evangelicals forthcoming.

As to the possibility of an Obama-Clinton ticket, forget it. Ain't happening. Call it the ultimate flip-flop for Obama. The whole theory of his primary campaign was anti-Clintonism. He is the un-Clinton. A large percentage of his adoring fans will view putting Billery on the ticket as the final betrayal. Plus, Bill just gave an interview which made it clear he will neither forgive nor forget and Hillary is starting to cause trouble about the convention.

Senator McCain can cause trouble by merely visiting with Governor Palin, even if he doesn't go north to Alaska (sorry, just had to). He can wait until after Denver to select her officially.

Anonymous said...

Adam, you've done a wonderful thing here with this web site. But, when a McCain/Palin supporter is ostracized for daring to disagree the the messiah Ted, it starts to get absurd. I mean, sane people come on this site and see that sociopath spouting his assassination and similar theories, and it is a turn off in terms of what you are trying to achieve here.

Anonymous said...

OK anonymous, tell me the basis for your statement "the Dems are absolutely convinced that it won't be Palin"???

Anonymous said...

mongo, you do realize that what you wrote makes you a troll just like me. Welcome to the club (I'd insert the roll eyes icon here).

Anonymous said...

If pointing out that enemies of the United States would much prefer that Obama win the election, and that Obama winning is simply not possible with Palin as McCain's running mate, and that Palin must be considered a possible target deserving secret service-type protection, what's wrong with that???

Anonymous said...

The absence of a MSM national hatchet job. If they really were concerned about her being the nominee, you'd be getting real national coverage of the whole investigation joke, where the MSM could spin it their way.

Look, I think that it's their mistake taking this lightly. But, again, it works to McCain's advantage that they're not taking the prospect of Palin seriously.

I look at the host of names from across the Republican spectrum, from the Bill Kristol conservatives to the Pat Buchanan conservatives. It seems like one of the few things on which all of them agree is that Palin makes perfect sense for McCain.

That the media isn't taking it seriously-- that the DNC site itself dedicated to hatchet jobs on what the DNC sees as likely VP possibilities ignores Palin-- tells me that the Dems are convinced that she won't be the choice.

Anonymous said...

anonymous, mongo is NOT a troll, mongo's merely saying he/she doesn't think Obama will tap Hillary -- whereas you, by misapplying what mongo is saying to descredit me, without addressing my points, do seem to be a troll

Anonymous said...

Mongo wrote "He can wait until after Denver to select her officially". What part of the English language is so hard for you to comprehend?

Anonymous said...

to the last anonymous, THE FACT THAT THE MSM AND THE DEMS IGNORE PALIN (while addressing virtually every other Veep possibility witH far more remote chances of being named Veeep) MERELY CONFIRMS THAT THEY PRECISELY FEAR PALIN AS THE #1 THREAT!

Time and time again, Palin's name is oddly left off or summarily disregarded as a wild long shot with no real possibiliy.

And insofar as "troopergate" the MSM now knows they can't spin it to their advantage -- so no longer push it.

Anonymous said...

You know what's sad, Ted, is that I actually agree with what you've suggested about the MSM always leaving her off the list. And, I agree with your point that the MSM didn't try anything with the investigation. But, while you and I know that it is BS, something being BS hasn't stopped the MSM from doing this before. The truth never gets in their way.

Then, consider the DNC site that is trying to do hits on what the DNC considers each likely VP choice for McCain.

Is it dumb on their part to be ignoring the value and viability of McCain choosing Palin. It absolutely is. But, this is why I sometimes like that our opponents are the Dems and the MSM, because they never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

Anonymous said...

anonymous, but why even take the chance of waiting? Do you or do you not concur that were Hillary named first that would be a negative for Palin?

And what negatives are there for McCain going first with Palin which would outweigh the positives of getting the excitement now (tending to overshadow the Dems/Dem convention)?

Anonymous said...

anonymous, so you're saying the Dems and the MSM don't realize the chances and impact of Palin???

I wholly disagree with you. They certainly do, which is why, again, they ignore attacking her, aside from the fact that the precise beauty of Palin IS THAT SHE IS INVULNERABLE TO ATTACK (troopergate was a real stretch on their part and that flopped, so they've got nothing!)

Maxim: anyone who attempts to attack Palin ends up looking worse, never Palin (who ends up looking better)

Health And Fitness Geek said...

anonymous, but why even take the chance of waiting? Do you or do you not concur that were Hillary named first that would be a negative for Palin?

-No, it would not be a negative. It would be neutral. McCain naming Palin would brinb back equal or more excitement. *SOME* of the angry HIllary supporters will have been won, but some/ a lot will still see it as Hillary is "2nd in command" behind someone they fell is inferior. It may actually backfire.

And what negatives are there for McCain going first with Palin which would outweigh the positives of getting the excitement now (tending to overshadow the Dems/Dem convention)
--McCain already has a lot of excitement, he's been trending up in the polls while Obama has been trending down. Recent Pew research shows that people are sick of hearing about Obama, and they want to learn more about McCain.
McCain has more to lose than gain by picking Palin, if he will at all.

Anonymous said...

Paul, let's just say that I disagree with virtually everything you said.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this is where we disagree, Ted. I think that McCain picking Palin is an issue whether he picks first or second.

Look, I think that Hillary is the biggest phony in the book. But, if McCain goes first and gets the bump that we both expect, then Obama may feel as if he has to swallow his pride and take Hillary. And, if you've got that, then you get Palin suffocated by the MSM under what will be their sudden re-embrace what they will spin as the virtues of Hillary vis-a-vis Palin.

I think that it's BS, but it doesn't matter what I think. It matters how it plays with swing voters.

I want Obama to pick a Biden or a Bayh or a Kaine. That only happens if he goes first. If McCain picks Palin, then I think that Obama will think that he needs Hillary to win. He doesn't think that now.

This is the part of politics that is about gambling. If you let Obama go first, then you've got the risk of him picking Hillary. I just don't see him doing that unless he feels some overwhelming motivation to do it. McCain picking Palin very well could constitute that overwhelming motivation and Hillary is the one bad head to head for Palin (not because I like Hillary, which I don't, but because of how this will be played with the MSM).

Scott said...

If McCain picks Palin first, Hillary is on the ticket. It's that simple. Look at Barry O's track record. He is the
"Me Too" candidate. He's trying to wiggle around the drilling question, flips flops everywhere, and already stole Palin's idea and slogan. So if McCain goes with Palin and it gets good play, which it would, then he panics and picks a woman. Hillary most likely, I guess, but maybe someone else. But he definitely matches, empty-suited hack that he is.
Nah, the best bet is to ignore Palin and let Barry O pick. When forced to think on his own, there's an excellent chance he'll blunder.

Anonymous said...

anonymous, I think just the opposite. Obama would be more inclined to pick Clinton before McCain picked Palin (anticipating a Palin which I say Obama surely must at this point suspect -- unless the Dems are utterly blind); and less inclined to pick Clinton AFTER McCain were to pick Palin because it would be seen as a Dem desperation move, not out of strength.

Anonymous said...

Paul, I actually disagree with your cost/benefit read.

Every prospective VP has issues. For me, I look at the voters with whom a pick may make a difference. 80% of the country is spoken for. It's the swing voters, that 20% of the country inundated with women over 40 and blue collar Reagan Democrats.

You want a VP who is able to communicate with them, who can speak their language as Glenn Beck said. Palin is the one who speaks their language, and that's what trumps any perceived drawbacks in my book.

This is why Rasmussen likes Palin as the pick if the Dems go with a Kaine or a Biden or a Bayh. The only one with whom she doesn't match up favorably is Hillary . . . and Ted, before you become apoplectic, it's not what I believe, but it is how I see things playing out (especially in terms of how the MSM will spin this, embracing Hillary like a lost daughter and continuing to portray Palin as inferior).

Anonymous said...

scott, dittos what I said to anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Ted, we'll just have to agree to disagree then and see what happens. I'm with Scott about Obama. I think that the last thing in the world that Obama wants to do is to pick Hillary and that the only thing that might make it happen is if McCain pick Palin and it gets positive play.

As I've said, let BO pick a guy like Biden, his gravitas do no harm type. Political junkies will take note and talk and talk and talk, but the swing voters who matter won't be paying attention until the end of August.

Now, here's the thing. You could announce during the Dem convention, but why give them that forum, when people are paying attention, to hit Palin?

I guess that we'll see what happens.

Anonymous said...

anonymous, BUT, again, if McCain goes first with Palin, the media will not be able successfully to spin it pro-Hillary COMING AFTER PALIN WAS ALREADY ANNOUNCED FIRST!

(The Dems will look reactionary, Palin having gone first, and her resume is better than Hillary's, that's for sure -- she made it on her own, not on the back of hubby)

Anonymous said...

Ted, I do think that the Dems are utterly blind, otherwise they'd be hitting her now with a concerted effort including their MSM flunkies. You give them too much credit. Blowing presidential elections is their specialty.

Anonymous said...

Ted, it doesn't matter how the Dems would look to you or me. I get what your saying about the hypocrisy. But, that's how it would play anyway. Could Obama take Hillary if he goes first? Yeah, he could. But, the only way that I give it a real possibility is if McCain picks Palin first.

Anonymous said...

anonymous, the Dems (and the MSM) would LOVE to be able to hit Palin; it's just they can't and they've got absolutely no way to do it. (Don't kid youself, they would if they could but they can't -- that is, without looking far worse themselves for having tried)

Anonymous said...

anonymous, since the Dems ALREADY MUST KNOW (1) McCain will likely pick Palin and (2) to effectively counter Palin, the Dems would need to go with Hillary first.

Therefore, the fact that the DEMS ALREADY KNOW IT'S LIKELY PALIN, would drive them to Palin, and if Palin then went first, if anything, they'd realize the benefits of Hillary are muted (making the Dems' Hillary pick seem merely reactionary rather than leading - and, thus, if anything, LESS likely)

Scott said...

Ted, I respect your passion, but just have a different view. There's a reason the party which holds the White House has its convention last. It's their choice, and you want the last word, or in this case the last pick, before the final swing into the Fall. To put it in a baseball sense, you are asking McCain to forfeit home field advantage and give up his final at bat in the bottom of the ninth inning. The GOP will have the advantage of spending four days hammering Barry O and his Veep pick. The Dems don't get that free shot at Sarah.

Anonymous said...

typo, second paragraph, second line "would drive them to Hillary"

Anonymous said...

There is no point in calling other Palin supporters trolls. We aren't the Democratic party, so no infighting. Let's be civil. ;)

I would wait. I seriously believe Obama will pick a white male, if he went first. Patience is required.

Clinton would be the only threat to McCain picking up the disgruntled Democratic vote. I think other females would hurt Obama's chances with the disgruntled Democrats. It does not matter if Clinton is picked first or second. The effect would essentially be the same, whatever that effect may be.

McCain is fairly well liked enough to keep it close. He just needs to hang on for another month. The Olympics and the overexposure of Obama might help. That's two things McCain did not have in June and July. Yes, Obama was in the news then; however, he was just getting to be known. It's best for McCain not to overexpose himself and Palin (or whoever).

-Libertarian Republican in NJ

Anonymous said...


First -- just because there are generally advantages going last doesn't mean in every instance and with every move you best go last. Each move is calculated on its own merits. (Here, there are benefits in having the convention last, but there may be also simultaneous benefits in moving on Palin first.

And second (IMPORTANTLY), I say, let the Dems go aT Sarah Palin at the Dem convention. I'd invite them to do it. Be my guest. They'll see, THEY CANNOT EFFECTIVELY ATTACK PALIN IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER WITHOUT LOOKING FAR WORSE THEMSELVES.

Anonymous said...

Q&A to Ray the libertarian:

Which McCain Veep selection simultaneously attracts both Hillary AND Bob Barr voters?

ANSWER: Sarah Palin

Bonus Question:
Which McCain Veep selection is simultaneously the boldest AND the safest?

ANSWER: Sarah Palin

Anonymous said...

You know, the more I think about this, McCain picking Palin first utterly takes the sails out of the Dem convention.

This is such a no-brainer to me.

Anonymous said...

Ted, I have actually been supporting Palin for a few months now. I have never supported Barr (what a joke) or Ron Paul for that matter.

I'm am for McCain, but I am not for Romney or Huckabee. My vote does depend on the VP pick not being them. Otherwise Obi-Wan Kenobi or some other fictional character gets my vote.

It is best to keep low key, until the time is right. A lot of Obama supporters think Romney or Pawlenty is the sure thing. Some of these people work with the Democratic party. They know she is there, but they honestly think the investigation will mean she will not be picked. Let them think that way.

Republican campaigning is all about being precise. The point is hard, decisive blows. The Democratic campaign is more likely a constant spray of attacks and position maneuvering (to put it politely). The two are a sniper and a grunt, receptively. The grunt goes crazy firing everywhere, before the sniper gets the one shot one kill on him. In other words, never make the shot too soon.

Anonymous said...

Ted, first of all, you should not be using the term troll on people you have no idea about just because they sincerely disagree with your opinion on the timing of picking Palin. That is so DailyKOS and should be beneath you and others on this site that Adam has provided. When you made those accusations, it reminded me of my ex-wife when she actually accused me falsely of trying to drown my one-year old child in the initial court documents for our divorce along with other untrue and ridiculous statements. Nothing is so bad than being accused of something like that after presenting your sincere opinion. This is not France, where you are guilty til proven innocent, but the USA, where you are innocent til proven guilty.

All of us know about the goods and bads of the timing of selecting the Veep. There is nothing new.

And another thing, it is NOT about you or any of us. It is about McCain and this sight is for convincing people that Sarah would be a great pick for Veep. The purpose of this site is NOT for any of our egos.

All of us would love the pick to be made so we can move on, but right now, we are not helping things by using ad hominem and other tactics.

When we put our egos first, we are then no longer on a team working together for a common goal.

Let's come together, bury the hatchet, and do a collective bloghug.


Bravesbill said...

Ted has already left the reservation as far as I'm concerned. With his crack pot conspiracy theories and his ad hominem attacks against those he disagrees with, he turned me off weeks ago. He alone is the reason why I do not visit this site on a daily basis. I just cannot deal with his inane comments. Truly excruciating. Someone needs to silence this clown before he turns off any more Palin supporters or even those who are just amenable to Palin being on the ticket. He is truly doing more harm to the movement than good. That's just my two cents. I guess what makes me a troll as well, right Ted?

BigRob-68 said...

ANON--I agree that we need a collective bloghug! Somebody role the youtube Mad Hatter clip to lighten things up.

Anonymous said...

Adam! You need to save this blog. It has been infiltrated by anti-palin folks. And they are trying very hard to get real Palin supporters to embrase the idea that waiting until after Denver is a good strategy for mccain. That is a very wrong strategy from which Mccain may not be able recover. Mccain Picking Palin first makes the Dems' so called dream ticket impossible. Hillary is less likely to accept the VP slot knowing full well that the ticket she wd be joining will be destined for defeat. The trolls are just arguing the opposite! Brain Wash! There is noway the dems can overcome Palin's story/phenomenon - not even with their hit speeches at the convention. Mccain needs to get a big boost before denever. And when Palin is officially introduced to the America and to the world in september, that boost will be consolidated. Also picking Palin right now, will extinguish the dems hopes for a dream ticket (of inexperience!) and will ensure victory in november. Like some of you have called them, these trolls, writing as anonymouses, are trying to ensure that the dems' Nightmare [Palin] is not picked - and they are doing this by hiding behind articles written by mainstream conservatives like b. Kristol. - what a shame! Adam, you need to protect true Palin supporters from this this brain wash the troll are pushing. Their hopes in the investigation are fading by the day; they have now turned to this blog with similar objectives! No, this blog needs to remain pro Palin. MK

Anonymous said...

Is that a joke?

Come on guys, lighten up. Be civil.

What we should do is continue supporting Palin, which is our primary objective.

Let's not get at each others' throats.

Anonymous said...

Thank you MK, not so much for me, but for John McCain, Sarah Palin, Adam Brickley, the GOP and all those who love America and want to avert its becoming a socialist state.

God bless and save the United States!

Anonymous said...

A few things.
First, being from Arkansas, Hillary is not the phony she has been portrayed as in the MSM. She really does work pretty hard for her causes. Now, having said that, I also don't think she's a saint. I think she has some pretty aggressive and less that virtuous behaviors. Also, as a woman, I don't relate to her in an economic sense. They've had piles of money for a long time. How women like me relate to her is that we understand how she struggles against the glass ceiling (at her level) and the double standards. not the down home corn pone stuff. but, obviously, her struggles against sexism are just as real as people in my income bracket.

Now, in defense of Ted. I do think it's weird that Palin is seldom mentioned in the big news channels. We see little clippets of her here and there, but the big channels have pretty much ignored her. That does seem odd. Now whether it's a full blown conspiracy, I just don't know enough about Alaskan politics to make a guess. Is it just sexism. Or is it just the assumption that republicans are basically sexist. I just don't know. If this guy French is very pro Obama, I could see how he might make a point to try to bring something up and cut her off at the knees. I mean, think about it. She is one of only a couple of viable women candidates for the repubs. It does make some sense that her local rival party leaders would try to throw some mud on her.
Nothing Ted is saying is really that unbelievable, he just puts it forth a little too passionately.
dr. v

Anonymous said...

dr. v., the big news channels don't mention Palin because they are petrified of her, knowing that her Veepship will land McCain and the GOP in the White House and, moreover, Palin will rejuvinate the GOP for the next generation or more.

Anonymous said...

indeed why the main US press ignores Palin ??? very weird.
all these guys don't believe in her ??

i can tell that millions of guys in the US would love to vote for her

Mongo Mere Pawn said...

The reason the MSM ignores Governor Palin is, unfortunately, because Senator McCain appears to be ignoring her. Senator McCain has met with Romney, Pawlenty, Crist, Jindal et al, but has, to my knowledge, made nary a mention of the good Governor. Someone suggested that the campaign asked for documentation from her, but I haven't seen that in the media at all, and that includes Fox, National Review, etc. The closest I've seen to a "leak" or "trial balloon" concerning Governor Palin as a potential VP has been Bill Kristol's editorial this week, and even then she's listed as an "out of the box" pick. It's nice to know that the campaign staff is talking about her, but the good Senator is doing a pretty good job of ignoring the heck out of her. Possibly it's misdirection on his part, but however much I think Governor Palin is the right choice, I can't honestly say that it's based upon reading any tea leaves spread by Senator McCain himself.

As to timing, I still say Senator McCain's best bet is to tease by visiting ANWR immediately before Denver, then make his selection official immediately after Obama's "Triumph of the Swill" Nuremburg event. That way he stirs the PUMA pot in Denver but does nothing to provoke the Hillery desperation selection at the convention.

Beldar apparently agrees with me. See

I'll also throw one other possibility out there that is the true wild card in this entire scenario. Other than Hillary, I see only one other woman Democrat capable of unifying the Democrats AND cutting Hillery and Bill off at the knees: Caroline Kennedy. It's a long shot, but it reprises the Bush-Cheney self-dealing scenario and fundamentally changes the dynamic of the race to a Return to Camelot theme for all Democrats, and the MSM would go ape. They're already preparing a tribute to Senator Kennedy for Denver, and the temptation of tying into the Kennedy mystique may be too hard to resist. Vetting is not a problem, and Caroline would be almost impossible to attack (on lack of experience, left-wing judicial beliefs, etc.) without drawing down the full fury of the MSM. Think about it, this is the one family for whom the Democrats would return to the divine right of kings. And her selection would pretty much nullify the impact of anyone chosen by Senator McCain, including Governor Palin. At least until she has to defend Obama's policy positions in the VP debate.

And then it would be imperative to have a woman Republican VP candidate to do the necessary balloon deflation of the ultimate celebrity candidate. There's not a male Republican candidate courageous enough, or deft enough, to carve Caroline up without the blow back doing some real damage. So, again, we're back to Governor Palin being the only choice available to Senator McCain to address any possible VP selection made by Senator Obama.

Anonymous said...

Tonight, this pro-Romney blogger is going to attack Sarah Palin on his radio show. I encourage everyone to call in and defend our girl. Link to his show;

Anonymous said...

Feminists who don't think abortion is the only political issue involving women: yes!

Anonymous said...

An Alaskan filed an ethics complaint against the Palin administration today.

Scott said...

Interesting theory. And while I doubt it would happen, I will say since she likely played under her father's desk a few times while he talked to generals in the oval office, she would officially have the most foreign policy experience on the ticket.

Anonymous said...

Outside of Boston, NY, Chicage and LA, the country is not friendly to the Kennedy's.

Mongo Mere Pawn said...

Scott, let's not start talking about girls under the President's desk. We are trying to persuade Hillary supporters to join our side in this effort.

Hey, on another topic, I think this video needs to go viral.

Excellent video comparing Senator Obama's concern for the troops with Senator McCain's AND Governor Palin's. She appears at 3:07 and, although it would have been even better if there had been some video of her visit to Landsduhl (where Obama would not go), this is really an excellent video that shows the potential for the ticket we all want.

Final question, I've seen that viral email from a soldier in Afghanistan slamming Senator Obama for not meeting with regular grunts. I usually am pretty careful about putting too much stock in viral emails and I haven't checked with Snopes, but I think a pretty good question is, "Has anyone seen a single picture of Senator Obama shaking hands with a regular soldier from his trip overseas?" One would think that the Pentagon would have provided his campaign with such a picture if he had, indeed, met with regular soldiers and not just the senior officers.

Just a question.

Mongo Mere Pawn said...

On Palin vs. Obama at Landsduhl, check out Beldar:

Anonymous said...

mongo, again McCain selecting Palin first is likely to DETER Obama picking Hillary, if anything. The Obama Hillary pick would be more likely BEFORE a McCain Palin pick, precisely to either deter or severely weaken that Palin pick. (An Obama Hillary pick after a Palin pick would look lousy and reactive by the Dems.)

So, basically, your view is exactly backwards from mine. Sobeit, but I don't understand your logic.

Daniel Nichols said...

I wrote an article about Why Sarah Palin should be McCain's VP on my website as a part of a VP profile series I'm looking at. Go check it out.

Anonymous said...

Whoa. Over 120 comments.

Everybody should choose a nickname so we can keep track of who's who.

Mongo Mere Pawn said...


I'm not averse to Senator McCain selecting Governor Palin before Denver. I recognize the likely impact of such a selection on the Denver convention as is evidenced by the fact that I advocate Senator McCain visiting Alaska beforehand to churn the waters, so to speak. I simply disagree with you that selecting her before Denver will deter Senator Obama from selecting Hillary because I don't think there is any way in Hades that selection will occur, whether Senator McCain selects Governor Palin or not. If her selection will impact Senator Obama's choice, I think it more likely that her selection before Denver will provoke an Obama-Clinton ticket out of a desire to keep Hillary's supporters from deserting to Governor Palin, but, again, I don't think that's likely, where you apparently do.

I simply want to maximize the impact a Palin selection will have on our base, while messing with the Democrats and MSM as much as possible. Speaker Gingrich is correct. There is an enthusiasm deficit in our base compared with the base of the Democrats. Governor Palin is truly the only one who can energize the entirety of the base. If Senator McCain selects her after Denver, even if Obama selects Hillary, even if the MSM tries to spin her selection as a desperation move by Team McCain, what we've started here in blogging so passionately for her is only a taste of what will happen to the base upon her selection. We need hope for the future of our party and she represents the best hope for that future. I hope and pray Senator McCain recognizes this.

Health And Fitness Geek said...

flapper said...
Whoa. Over 120 comments.

Head over to my blog, plenty of comment space available :)

Bravesbill said...

With the Olympics starting Friday, there is no way McCain can pick Palin before the Democratic Convention. Any big announcement by either candidate (most likely McCain) will be overshadowed by the Olympics and the American attempt to win the most medals yet again. Most Americans will be watching the Games, not paying attention to who the VP is going to be. Further, the MSM will have a justifiable excuse to ignore announcement and devote barely any coverage toward it. McCain is now almost forced to make his selection after the Democratic Convention.

Anonymous said...


McCain will select just after the Obama nominating speech.

Adam Brickley, aka "ElephantMan" said...

Well, I think we've definitely beat this dead horse into the ground. Personally, I think timing is becoming a mute point with the Olympics looming. (Have you heard who we picked as the US flagbearer at opening ceremonies? Talk about making the Chinese government squirm!).

I've got some big news coming in the morning, so can we please get back to civil debate? The name-calling and yelling at eachother is getting old. We're all Palinites here, so let's get back to talking about what is really important...securing the VP nomination for Gov. Palin. THe "when" is immaterial (though personally I'm in the "after the Dem convention camp unless we have evidence that O will pick Hill or Sebelius...personally I'm leaning toward Rep. Chet Edwards as the Dem pic...I hate it when I agree with Nancy Pelosi!)

Anonymous said...

Re: Sweet Caroline:

If Obama's clinching the nomination made Chris Matthews' leg tingle, I would not want to be in the same room with him if Obama picks Kennedy for his VP.

She's about as close as anything good the Democrat party has to put up against Palin. Another plus for Obama is that she is about the only Democrat VP mentioned with LESS qualifications than Obama to be President.

Anonymous said...

I just thought of another excellent reason to pick Sarah Palin.

The Democrats have just started a website,, showing John McCain as being in the pocket of big oil. What better way to put all of that to bed than by picking the Republican that Exxon probably hates the most, Sarah Palin.

Anonymous said...

Adam, any word on the "big news" you teased about last evening?

Anonymous said...

tc, Alaska apparently revoked Exxon's Point Thompson leases:

Yeah, Palin provides McCain the ultimate innoculation against Big Oil in general and Exxon specifically.

Anonymous said...

Is the big news, "Palin Task Force" (PTF)? If so, great, great, great!!!

BTW, you may want to revisit the whole strategerie on Palin, timing, Clinton, etc. -- with this in mind: Per Rush Limbaugh Show, there IS growing movement, real possibility of Hillary Clinton FOR President (at the Dem Convention), NOT VP. In any case, does seem there's gonna be some big big big Hillary doings before, surrounding, in, at, outside of the Dem Convention.

With this in mind, again, would it make sense for McCain to name Palin tomorrow, Fri, 8/8 (after Alaska special Legislation session closes tonite; before Olympics start) -- and sit back and watch the fun!!!

Boy that would be a great spectacle and I think really hashes up the Dems (especially with their Clinton thing looming).

Anonymous said...

I mean "Task Force Palin" (TFP), sorry -- sounds even better!

jbob said...

I just gotta say this....... I'm a 47 year old votes republican disgusted with the republicans and hannity types guy. I listen to boortz, hannity, love laura, wish I could get beck any day but sunday, love savage, despise rush, and think knee-jerk responses from either side are ...... well..... stupid. I first heard of Sarah Palin a week ago. Now I am excited and have no doubt that McCain will nominate an empty suit like Romney or be a 'maveric' and nominate Lieberman. The man is going to disappoint the conservative/libertarians, of this I am convinced.

monkey said...

How Sarah Pahlin has rose to power and made real change is a truly a modern fairy tale. It would make a great movie.
I keep thinking about the Amazing Mrs Pritchard. A UK movie shown on Masterpiece Theater. A modern fable of a Supermarket manager who turns into a political phenomenon and shakes things up by becoming the prime minister....
Except the Amazing Sarah Pahlin story is so much better.