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Sunday, August 3, 2008

"Exactly the veep McCain needs"

In case you missed it, there a was a fantastic column in yesterday's Anchorage Daily News promoting Gov. Palin as "exactly the veep McCain needs". It was written by Texas State University Professor William Ruger and received a front-page link from RealClearPolitics.


Bob said...

didnt miss it. doesnt matter. it will be cantor. as i sit here this late sat nite sippin on some rum. why the hell did she have to fire that sob now of all times...

Anonymous said...

Bob, keep sipping the rum. I can tell you, (and this is after several shots of tequila) that the Cantor chatter is bait. If we want to talk about the importance of executive experience on the ticket, why would a Senator choose a House member who was only elected in 2000?

This is just bait to make Obama feel comfortable in choosing the VA Gov.

Anonymous said...

Guys! you need to understand that what is going w/ Palin in Alaska is aimed at the juglar of the Republican party. Team Obama has come up with this master plans to destroy the seeds of a new repulican party so early as a way to ensure that the dems hold on to the WH for as long as they can after november. The GOP is better advised stand up right now and save the party from a pending catastrophe. The best way to to this is by Mccain picking her for VP as that will enable the entire party to rally behind her (the ticket) and expose Team Obama's well thought out strategy. What Team Mcain needs to understand is that the American people can not vote against a Mccain-Palin once they learn about this very rare soul in politics and the genesis of investigation that has been lined up against her by members of team obama in Alaska. It is a wake up call for republicans; if they do not realize this early and come to her rescue in in the most effective way (VP), what happens to her (good or bad) will greatly affect their political future. She needs to be put on the national stage right now to secure mccain's victory and the future of the party. A Mccain-Palin ticket will win, the investigation not withstanding - and Team obama know that but they hope that their tactics will scare Maccain away from her!! McCain is better advised to do the exact opposite - the American people aren't spupid; they will stand with him [and Palin] all the way!

Anonymous said...

anonymous, well said. I have to assume Team McCain is on to this!

And Bob, I think there's good chance you'll see that precisely BECAUSE of Palin's impending selection as Veep did she determine (and I wouldn't be surprised Team McCain too) "to fire that sob" before, not after, that selection!

Anonymous said...

I need an explanation. My understanding is that this job is sort of like a cabinet position and that the governor can hire and fire people for that job as he/she wants to. So, if it is her perogative to hire and fire at will, then how can they even have an investigation. As we say here in the South, can't she just say, "I fired him because we didn't gee haw."
dr. v

Anonymous said...

And as far as the impeachment remark from French, I haven't read the Alaska state constitution, but what in the world could Palin be impeached for, even if they could prove she canned Monegan because he wouldn't can Wooten. (Which is pretty much unprovable.)
dr. v

Anonymous said...

Kudlow endorsed her even while interviewing her about the investigation. So, there seems to be some big heads out there that think this is nothing.
if you'll look at the activity on her in WSJ and Intrade, she's been getting a lot of trade activity for the last couple of weeks.
Hopefully we're still in this.
dr. v
AND, it's not Saturday night, it's Sunday morning, and I'm not drinking tequila, I'm fixing to go to church. Which is what you guys should be doing. :)

Anonymous said...

Who else heard the mention again this morning on FOX News Sunday? Bill Kristol was asked by Chris Wallace whether he still stood by his prediction that McCain would pick Palin. He seems to be holding on to it. Meanwhile, Juan Williams to his left - literally and figuratively - tried to bring in the current allegations against the Governor, although the show quickly wrapped up before there could be any discussion. If nothing else, it is re-energizing to at least hear Palin mentioned. Thank you, FOX News. You won't hear her name mentioned in any of the VP talk on the other networks. Meet the Press, for example, had a lengthy run-down of the veepstakes, and it was just the "usuals" mentioned. However, one of the analysts at the table (I can't recall which one) mentioned that he still believes for McCain it's going to be someone that has not been mentioned - i.e. someone "outside the box." Hmm... perhaps a Sarah Palin..??

Anonymous said...

Watch for Team Obama and/or Team Romney buying Romney shares on Intrade in ways to make the market seem better for Romney as VP -- driving Romney's price up albeit no new factors favoring Romney.

Considering what these candidates have spent on advertising and other campaign activities, and the news and attention now generated by Intrade, it is completely logical to assume they'll spend (what in comparison is not so much of) their own money to drive up buzz vis a vis Intrade.

Anonymous said...

Check this out; posted on the Conservative Pulse...seems an announcement may come this week:

A source with the McCain campaign is telling me, on the condition of absolute anonymity, that they are gearing up to make a pre-Olympics announcement of their Vice-Presidential candidate. His sense is that Wednesday of this week may be the day that it’s announced to the public.

Some within the campaign are pressuring for sooner rather than later due to purely practical matters. We’re down to less than 100 days and once a running mate is named, there is a very limited time in which to add another person’s name to all the campaign materials, prep that person for the debates, and most importantly… to get another big hitter out on the road to campaign and raise money.

A Wednesday announcement might make some sense in that it is a full 48 hours before the Olympics begin, so there’s still time to soak up some media attention. But on the same token, it doesn’t really allow the Obama folks to sneak in their own announcement on the following day.

There have been some rumblings over at RedState that Representative Eric Cantor is being asked for personal documents and being vetted over the weekend as a possible choice. Cantor is a good guy, but he would make an unexciting selection. His best asset is that he’s from Virginia and he might help McCain hold onto that so-called “purple” state.

Frankly, we’d still like to see Alaska Governor Sarah Palin given some serious consideration. She is clearly the only possible choice that could produce a nationwide shift in the polls by taking a very big bite into Obama’s support among women. Plus, she’s excellently qualified and a solid conservative.

I guess we may know in a few days what the Republican ticket will look like.

Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

tc, re the Conservative Pulse piece, as I commented over there, I believe its statement — “we’d still like to see Alaska Governor Sarah Palin given some serious consideration” — is a significant understatement.

I’d say, MUCH MORE than JUST “some serious consideration.” Nothing less that IT’S GOTTA BE HER!

Boy, when McCain picks Palin, is the fun gonna begin (watching the Dems and the MSM squirm).

If McCain were to pick anyone besides Palin (God forbid) — especially a Pawlenty or a Romney — I can see the air (what air there is pre-Palin) coming out of what’s left of the McCain balloon. Without Palin, the absolute ONLY thing than can elect McCain is a series of tremendous gaffs continuing by Obama (i.e, the election is all about Obama). WITH PALIN, whatever Obama does, MCCAIN CAN’T LOSE (and the election becomes much more about McCain/Palin — especially the remarkable Palin story)!

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge Palin supporter (only began reading about her since June). My gut tells me that she won't be on the ticket.

This could be a good thing for her. By 2012 the trooper thing will be over (and she'll be cleared), she'll have at least a full term under her belt, and she won't be associated with McCain (I'm not a McCain fan). So, by 2012 she would be in an EXCELLENT position to be on the ticket.

Anonymous said...

anonymous, the trooper thing can't deter McCain from tagging Palin -- and if it did, it would certainly indicate that McCain didn't have the "smarts" or political savvy to be Pres anyway -- which I certainly don't think is the case!

Anonymous said...

First time/Long time for this site, excellent work.

It seems as if the Eric Cantor talk is really heating up. I dont necessarily think this is a bad thing given Mac's style though. As a maverick, he's probably NOT going to pick who everyone thinks/wants him to pick.

Mac is beginning to grow on me, and there's no doubt I'm voting for him, but Palin is one of the few that can SAVE this tickts for us fellow conservatives. I think we'll end up voting for Mac as the lesser of two evils if Palin is not on the ticket. If she is, it's a home run.

Health And Fitness Geek said...

Good news indeed.


To this in Alaska - Have you engaged the media and considered protesting for a fair investigation and showing support?
Do not understimate what 10 professional and respectful protesters can do to ensure that this is fair, and bring more media attention.



Mongo Mere Pawn said...

Governor Palin should be Senator McCain's choice. She is a dynamic, confident conservative woman who actually excites the grassroots. Senator McCain knows he cannot win without us and needs us to show up at the polls. He will consign himself to Bob Dole status if he chooses another boring white guy. I'm tired of voting against Democrats. I want to vote for Republicans, and I want to vote for Republicans who share my principles and priorities. I can swallow my disagreements with Senator McCain over campaign finance, illegal immigration and the Gang of Fourteen if he objectively demonstrates his appreciation of conservative Republican grassroots activists like me. Selecting Governor Palin is truly his only option.

As to this troopergate investigation, no matter how the press spins the issue, Spiro Agnew she is not. Hell, as troopergate stories go, getting your ex-brother-in-law fired for being a butthead to your sister and family is nothing compared with having your troopers pimp for you, like they did for a certain former Arkansas governor. And do you actually think women who supported Hillary despite that humiliation will think using your power to gig a pig of an ex-brother-in-law is a BAD thing? More likely, they'll HOPE that's what she did. The more the press tries to make of this story, the more exposure she gets and the more likely women of all political backgrounds will like what they see, i.e., a feisty, independent, confident young woman who stands a real chance of becoming the first woman to hold the office of President of the United States of America.

You have to remember, anyone who Senator McCain picks will have something similar in their background that the press will use to knock them down. We don't know what it is with Representative Cantor, but be assured his fingerprints will be discovered on some earmark, etc., that will be used to discredit him. As potential negatives go, this has got to rank pretty low, especially with all of the positives she brings to the table.

As to the timing of the announcement, I think Senator McCain needs to announce before the Democrats hold their convention in Denver. Their convention is looking to become a coronation, especially with the stadium acceptance speech and Hillary's apparent reluctance to make waves, and by naming Governor Palin beforehand, it just pours salt into the wounds of the Hillary delegates and gives the MSM something to talk about. Will Hillary's supporters vote for a man who calls them "sweetie" or will they vote for a woman who actually earns and deserves their respect. I'm not naive enough to think that there will be a large swing to the Republicans from women Democrats. I know the Feminazis will bow down at the Obama altar. But this meme will be too hard for the MSM to avoid during the convention. They have to have something to talk about besides The One. And, at least, it will focus more coverage on Obama's selection, who cannot be Hillary, but will probably be a boring white guy.

Anonymous said...

Palin would be a great VP FOR OBAMA! They agree on so much!

Anonymous said...

Timing on Palin announcement:

1. Several days after gasline passed in Alaska.

2. Several days before the Olympics.

3. Ideally before Obama names his Veep (especially if Obama were to name a woman or Hillary).

Hey, McCain, why not Monday (tomorrow Aug 4) and LET THE GAMES BEGIN already!!!

In any event, stand by this week!

Anonymous said...

All the Cantor noise seems like rope-a-dope ergo Kaine.

McCain's campaign has really gotten the best of Obama over the last week or ten days. With all the wall to wall media attention Obama has simply not been able to break away from McCain and has even fallen into a tie in one of the big daily tracking polls.

The battle state polls over the next few days are going to begin to reflect the steam coming out of the Obama campaign.

Palin's detractors in Alaska seem to be Obama supporters and pro-corruption Republicans.

It seems that if it is Palin, everyday with no announcement by McCain is good news. McCain has to let Obama go first. Leak out news about Cantor to make Obama think McCain is going to waste the VP pick on ONLY trying to defend VA's 13 electoral votes.

An early Palin announcement would be countered and be somewhat neutralized by a likely Sebalius or even Hillary announcement by Obama.

Adam Brickley, aka "ElephantMan" said...

Cantor is actually a good chocie in my book (he was one of my "shortlisters" when I was doing research to launh this blog). That said, I agree that this "leak" may be a "rope-a-dope" in response to Kaine. I do think Cantor is probably being vetted, but I don't think he's the only "surprise" name on the shortlist. I highly doubt that it will be Mitt Romney or Tom Ridge, so I've been really skeptical of the reports that the short list consisted of Romney, Ridge, and Pawlenty. In my opinion, a far more realistic-looking shortlist would be Palin, Pawlenty, Thune, and Cantor. Two surprise picks (Palin and Cantor), one ultra-safe choice (Pawlenty), one "in-between" (Thune), and no choices who would cause McCain to drop in the polls (Romney, Ridge). I'm not saying that's the shortlist, but I think that's a more realistic way to set it up.

This is going to be a very interesting game of cat-and-mouse, as both McCain and Obama have leaks indicating that they are vetting surprise picks from Virginia, both seem to have women on their lists (Palin, Fiorina for McCain; Gov. Sebelius for Obama), and I'm guessing that both have shortlisters who we haven't even heard of yet. This is setting up a game of chicken, with the object being to scare your opponent into being the first to announce.

This is going to be fun to watch.

Anonymous said...

Why is the mainstream media less than enthusiastic about looking deeper into the Palin administration? Could it be her far left policies are so left the media finds her irresistible? What's not to like about an anti-oil, tax-and-spend liberal with a nice smile and a pretty face?

Anonymous said...

Adam and anonymous, seems to me if it's Palin, would be best to announce her before Obama announces -- especially if Obama would then name a woman.

Whereas, if Obama were to announce a woman first, this would be severely detrimental to a McCain Palin announcement because the MSM and the Dems would (unfairly) then paint McCain naming Palin (after Obama named a woman) as being reactive, a desperate ploy or gimmick in response to the Dems and this could overwhelm or at least substantially detract from the remarkable Palin story.

What say anybody on this?

Adam Brickley, aka "ElephantMan" said...


Okay, for the sake of argument, let's say that McCain has already decided that Palin is his running mate. The best timing is based on who you think Obama will pick. If Obama selects either an old white guy from the Washinton establishment (Biden, Bayh), Tim Kaine, or a surpise pick that won't do much for Hillary voters (Rep. Chet Edwards), then the best thing to do is make Obama go first. By doing that, you can not only use Palin to draw in Hillary voters, you can use Obama's VP chocie against him and negate any bounce from the selection.

The only caviat to this argument in my mind is if we think that Obama will select a woman (probably Kathleen Sebelius) as his VP. In that particular scenario, you have to go first with Palin in order to knock Obama off his game, likely forcing him to change picks. However, right now it looks like Sebelius is not among the the top choices. Hence, I think McCain's best move is to do exactly what he's doing: play chicken with the Obama campaign and try to force them into going first, then slap them around using their own VP pick.

Coincidentally, the floating of Cantor is a brilliant move if it was purposeful, because it could effect Obama's vetting of Tim Kaine. The question is whether the mention of Cantor will A) force obama to move up his niomination of Kaine (if he's already been chosen) B) Steer Obama TOWARD Kaine as a running mate counter the possiblility of Cantor C) Steer Obama AWAY from Kaine, as Cantor could shore up the GOP vote in traditionally red Virginia.

Anonymous said...

Adam, the one main concern/caveat I have with what you say is I wouldn't even want to take a chance of Obama going first with a female -- and I wouldn't count out Hillary (despite what the punditocracy is saying). Obama doing that would be nothing less than disastrous (OK I'll go that far) in terms of McCain picking Palin afterwards for the reasons I cite above.

So, Adam, the only divergence you and I have I think is the chance of Obama picking a female. While I would not even want to risk a 10% chance if him doing that, I think I disagree with you since I think the odds are far higher than that.

Team Obama and the Dems are reading the same tea leaves as we are. First, they must KNOW that Palin is a high probability for McCain. Second, they must KNOW the devastation Palin would cause them. Third, they know Obama currently is going down vis a vis McCain (and coupled with a Palin, they KNOW it would be all over for them).

The Dems and Obama WANT TO WIN, and if I were them I'd go for a female ASAP (before McCain acts on Palin)! We can't let that happen. We can't take the chance. McCain loses nothing -- even gains I think -- by going first with Palin -- REGARDLESS WHO OBAMA PICKS (she, Palin, remains the best).

So where am I wrong here?

Anonymous said...

And if Obama does go first with a woman, the last thing I want is an "I told you so" -- but this posting I'll preserve just in case (not much solace though)!

Anonymous said...

I think McCain's pick for VP will be Mitt Romney. Reports say that McCain's internal polling shows that Romney gets us Michigan and helps in other industrial states too.

Picking a VP from Alaska will hurt McCain. No offense to the people of Alaska but it's just so removed from most American's thinking when it comes to a vice-presidential choice. Same goes for Hawaii for the same reason.

Anonymous said...

I think, and hope, the Cantor leak was a rope a dope. I think the McCain camp strategy right now is to throw the Obama camp off their game. And they've certainly been doing a good job of it.
David Gergen said on This Week he needs to pick Hillary, but I don't think he will. They think they're going to win without her.
I don't think it will be Seibelus,either. They do know they'll have to pick up some of those fly over America white guys, and having a woman and a black on the ticket would be a stretch. I'm with Kristol, I think it will be Kaine or Bayh.
If McCain wants Palin, he'll pick her. Investigation or not. In fact, I think they could even spin the investigation to their favor. Show how the dems are really not very pro woman after all. That they would defend an abusive police officer who tasered a kid and threatened to kill her dad. To reasonable people, it seems like a really ridiculous investigation. I mean normal people are wondering why in the heck the guy didn't get fired! Aren't they? Certainly women are wondering that. And women are a voting block that could really turn this around for McCain.
As a woman, that's how I feel about it. It just makes me angry that a guy can do this kind of crap and not only not go to jail for it, but not even get fired over it. I work with young women and hear all kinds of crap about them getting knocked around and abused by jerks. There's a lot of women out there who can relate to this situation. They won't be phased at all by this, and in fact will likely rally around Palin.
That's what I think. I think they might actually use this investigation to their advantage.
dr. v

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

I am just curious as to whether anyone has any insights as to whether Governor Palin is willing to serve as VP if asked? Her comments are pretty inconclusive in my mind--not only does she seem very committed as Alaska's governor, she has her family to consider as well.

Having said that, I would love to see a McCain/Palin ticket. Not only would she bring integrity and energy to the ticket, I think her (and the first gent's) unique perspective on achieving energy independence would be a winner--much more important than "delivering" any one state's electoral votes. Since the VP job has really expanded in scope in recent administrations, I would hope that McCain would give her a mandate to lead our country in this area--something that plays to her strengths and that our nation needs!

Anonymous said...


A "nice smile and a pretty face", huh?

What's happening here is that a small minority of sexist male Republicans don't want Palin. They can't reveal their true reasons, so they try to appeal to people's fear and ignorance by calling her a liberal. You don't really want to be associated with them, do you annie? C'mon, join us. JOOOOOOOIN UUUUUUUUUUSS. (Hypnotizing annie)


I say choose Palin first to force Obama's hand. I don't think Sebelius is even in his top 5, so Palin on the GOP side might cause lots of chaos at Team Obama.

There are 2 scenarios: Pollsters say that Palin is the best choice against a male. Maybe, but Obama's strongest choices are males.

On the other hand, if choosing Palin first forced Obama into a "secondary" choice like Sebelius, it would weaken the ticket. The best-case scenario for McCain would be his strongest choice (Palin) vs. Obama's weakest (a token pick).

Anonymous said...

I would agree with you if I thought Obama would pick a female. But I truly believe he will go with a ordinary white guy. If he did pick a female, it would make a Palin pick look McCain was pandering, but I think it is best to sort of force Obama's hand to pick his guy first. It's a chess move. Keep the other guy guessing.
On one of the political yak shows today they said they expected Obama to announce this week. Maybe Tuesday. Apparently he's going on vacation next week, then it's Olympics then it's their convention. They think he will make a pick so someone can be campaigning while he's vacationing.
The thing is, polls I've seen show a lot of Americans don't plan on watching the Olympics. Myself included. They just haven't been the same since they started having all these professionals in them. So, I think they're overplaying the importance of it. But, who knows.
dr. v

Anonymous said...

Quick, everybody. Go to CNN. They're doing a market trading thing on the veepstakes. Sarah's running fourth or fifth. We need some folks in there running her value up. Quick before the Romney folks pile in. It's free.
dr. v

Anonymous said...

Yeah anonymous picking a VP from Hawai'i would be a waste because Hawai'i is so far out there - why even the typical white person from Hawai'i is a fielthy stinking rich retired Bank of Hawai'i Vice President (estimated net worth 10-20 million) who sent her grandson to the snooty Punahou (elitist Private) School along with the likes of Steve Case for 20K a year in tuition and maxed out the fed election requirements by giving 2300 to her grandson's campaign for president. Yeah I agree picking a VP from Hawai'i would the desperate act of a snob elitist - a very presumptuous one at that. I suppose since I have never been the Vice President of a big bank and I would rather have an elk hunting hockey mom from Alaska as my president that I am simply poor white Republican trash.

One candidate thinks if a partial birth abortion does not work that its OK to kill the baby if its born alive because we could not dare punish the baby's mother with a newborn child while the other candidate carries to term a known Down's Syndrome baby and is thankful to God for sending the child into her life.

I suppose I am better off as typical white trash than a typical white person in the eyes of Obama.

Adam Brickley, aka "ElephantMan" said...

I don't think that an early Palin pick would force him to pick Sebelius. Actually, I think it would force him away from all possible female picks (to avoid tokenism), and toward experienced Senators with lots of gravitas (Biden, Bayh). The problem is that I think Obama is likely going with Bayh or Biden (maybe Kaine) anyway at this point. There are no women on the list. Besides, we are looking at an Obama pick within the next few days anyway. So the question then becomes how we can best spin whoever get picked. Palin is a godd follow-up to any of their candidates, as Bayh is longtime Wasghington insider (an a blataqnt attempt to pick up wayward Hillfans), Biden defines the term "establishment" (having been in the Senate since age 29), and Tim Kaine is...well...Tim Kaine. And for what it's worth, Obama is in South Bend, Indiana on a layover on Wednesday (and by "layover", I mean 6:30 PM on Tuesday until 3:35 PM Wednesday, with no events scheduled). So, we could potentially be looking at an Obamaa-Bayh announcement within three days.

Anonymous said...

Here's the link

Palin is up to fourth, behind Romney, Pawlenty and Huckabee.

come on guys. She needs a boost.

Bob said...

Yeah i think Obama announces on Wednesday. Two days before start of the olympics. It's his only logical chance since he can't announce during the olympics. Mccain should announce the Saturday after the Dem convention thus stealing the Sunday news shows before the Repub convention and softening the bounce the dems will get. I think as you point out Adam based on Obama's traveling schedule, he is set to pick Bayh. Which means I think McCain will pick Cantor since then Virginia can be gotten since Kaine wont be it. I think the McCain camp knows this already. I imagine they have inside people and thus have sped up looking into Cantor. And i do think this is last minute. Palin killed it for them the last couple of weeks. The nail being this past week.

Anonymous said...

What do you see as the nail?
I thought her coyness on Kudlow was a way to dodge answering the question of whether she had been vetted. If not, why not just say no?

Scott said...

I don't fear Nobama picking a woman, as one Dem friend of mine said "That's too much change for one ticket." It's a white guy. And since Barry O is a primping hack, he'll listen to advisors, who have directed this poll-driven campaign. They are apparently telling him to steal a red state, so it's Bayh (Ind.) or Kaine (Va.). It's politics by the numbers, and Barry is using a crayon.
So I think McCain should wait. The longer this trooper thing goes, the dumber it looks. And if there's a nasty backlash (c'mon Alaska GOP!!!) she'll look great, an Alaskan Annie Oakley who was just looking out for her family and didn't do anything wrong.

Bob said...

First, the nail is that she is being investigated. And regardless of the circumstances which some have laid out as being bogus, its still an investigation sanctioned by their legislature and being paid for by the taxpayers. That is the nail in the coffin. The shot hurt round our world.
Scott, timing is everything. You say the longer this drags out. There is no time, McCain is coming up on his pick in a couple of weeks at the latest. The investigation was just sanctioned. Noone in his right mind can pick a VP who is under any kind of investigation. Imagine the press conf, "Even though the Gov is under investigation I think she would make a wonderful VP..."
Yes, I am on this sight because I am still hopeful. But, come on.

Scott said...

This is already moving fast. Certainly the investigation might end this quest, but it's important the local GOP calls Sen. French, a leading Nobama supporter, on his putting "the hubby of a Wooten ally in charge of a simple investigation that he plans to drag out to November and he somehow believes could lead to impeachment even though it hasn't started." That's the line of attack.
And by time, I mean Mac can take a wait and see approach for a few weeks and see how the public reacts to these charges. As others have written, this could turn in her favor.
If someone has a better plan than a full frontal assault on the the silliness of the investigation, I'm all ears.

Anonymous said...

Does no one see what I see? The Dems/Obama are psyching you out. Their dream ticket "Obama/Hillary" I feel could become a reality -- and why not? And if THAT happened first, it could be all over for Palin (because the MSM and Dems would then paint the follow-on Palin pick as a reaction, a gimmick, a ploy).

Remember that Wall Street Journal online poll last week (or the week before) where the Dems and the GOPers each voted for their favorite VP pick. Well, as you may recall, Palin creamed everybody else on the GOP side (by a way more than wide margin); but did anybody notice that over on the Dem side, Hillary creamed all the Dem Veep contenders there, by even a slightly larger margin than Palin did on the GOP side (and with more total votes).

Team Obama is aware of this and, in the end, Team Obama could team up with Team Clinton and the dream ticket would become a nightmare for the GOP -- so again, McCain MUST GO FIRST now WITH PALIN!

The pro's and con's of jockying around as to who makes a chess move first pales in comparison to the affect of the Obama/Clinton ticket coming first, and like I said, since Palin is currently the best pick for McCain no matter who Obama would subsequently pick, McCain should just get on with it an select Palin now.

Moreover, everyday of Palin on the ticket is worth millions of dollars in excitement which ad money would otherwise have to pay for. The Palin story will take precedence from that day forward until the election!

Anonymous said...

I am kind of with Bob on this one. Like him, I'd like to see Palin picked, but the investigation-- the mere presence of an accusation-- almost assuredly will scare off McCain.

The only way that it doesn't is if his campaign plans to use the investigation in this form of counter:

" Governor Palin fired a cabinet member because he failed to do his job. He failed to attract new troopers and to address the problems of bootlegging and alcoholism. Like a lot of people, this cabinet member cried wolf, because he didn't want to accept responsibility for his failures. So, he lied about how often the governor met with him and about the governor pressuring him to fire an ex-brother in law. I say that he lied because he already has been caught lying about how much he met with the governor. He also has been caught in other lies.

Governor Palin exercised her right to fire an incompetent cabinet member. Anyone would do that. But, in Alaska, where Governor Palin's reform agenda has angered some Democrats who support Senator Obama and some Republicans as well, they've decided on a so-called independent investigation.

Governor Palin has said that she welcomes the investigation. She was ready to testify yesterday. She is ready to testify today. She is ready to testify tomorrow.

But, this is not an independent investigation. You have an Obama supporter in Alaska choosing an investigator who just happens to be friendly with the fired cabinet member. It's a witch hunt. But, should we expect anything less from Senator Obama's supporters. Any time a person, especially a woman, comes along and is willing to work with anyone to help the American people, this is what happens."

That's my best spin on it. I'm sure that there's a prettier way to put it. Really, it becomes a can't lose situation. Either she is exonerated or the victim of what some (the 40+ year old women McCain wants) will see as another Hillary style witch hunt.

I don't see it myself, but you never know. It's a pretty compelling situation. By being anything but impartial in his use of language and his choice for a so-called independent investigator, Hollis French has done Governor Palin a favor.

Anonymous said...

I think I have to agree with the punditry. It won't be Obama Clinton. For one, I'm not sure Hillary would accept. And it totally goes against obama's mantra of a new kind of politics and throwing out the old hacks. Which he accused Hillary of all through the campaign. And he just couldn't stomach Bill. Nor could most of his posse. You have to remember, Obama didn't win this nomination because of who he is, he won it because people like Pelosi, Kerry and Kennedy wanted the Clintons out. Do you really think they'll let him get her back in? I don't think so. That wing of the party that got him nominated hates her and Bill both. Why do you think there was even a contest. If they liked Hillary, it would have been over with long before super tuesday. He never would have gotten the support he got. The polls showed Hillary creaming McCain. Why would those party insiders gamble on Obama if they knew Hillary was a shoe in against McCain. THEY DON"T WANT HER. No, I just don't think the people who run the party will let him put her on the ticket. Not to mention his blogosphere. They hate her as well. They're even furious about him helping her with her debt. Which he really hasn't. Nope, it isn't going to happen. She's going to watch him get beat in the hopes she can make a 2012 run. She doesn't think he can win. AS a matter of fact, she's probably chuckling right now at his lousy 2.6 lead in the polls. She'd probably be 15 points ahead of McCain. The only question is, how much control those folks like Kerry and Pelosi still have. Or whether obama doesn't think he even needs them anymore!
dr. v

Anonymous said...

And btw, if you've read McCain's book Faith of My Fathers about his experiences in Vietnam and the POW camps, you would realize that there's not much that would scare him.

Anonymous said...

dr v., bottom line is who is the ONLY DEM VEEP which will practically assure Obama winning. That's Hillary Clinton. Winning is everything. She'll bring back to the Dems many of the disgruntled women, blue collar people and seniors. In the end, Hillary will be seen as making the ultimate sacrifice for the party and she will agree to be Obama's Veep -- and be seen a heroine doing it.

I feel that people here are getting lulled into a false sense of security that it won't be Hillary. Watch out for the unexpected surprise when you wake up one morning with Hillary as Obama's Veep!

Anonymous said...

and therefore I would reiterate, McCain NEEDS TO GO FIRST, THAT IS, NOW, with Palin!

Anonymous said...

TED, honestly. Give it up.... McCain would be an idiot to chose a veep that is under investigation for abuse of power. Gimme a break already.

Anonymous said...

anonymous -- "under investigation for abuse of power"??? You've got to be kidding. If anything, there should be an "investigation of the investigation" -- this is getting so silly!

And like someone else said, this whole affair is only enhancing Palin!

Anonymous said...

People would say the same thing about McCain picking Romney. They'd say he'd bring in all those disaffected Romney voters. I tell you, I would have a hard time voting for Mac if he put Romney on as his veep. Same for dems. There are people she would bring in, but his liberal base, whom he's counting on for his get out the vote and registration blitz, would be enraged. Plus, I think he just hates her and Bill both. I think he would look at it as a stain on his legacy to have to put her on. And, with the McCain camp trying to paint him as kind of a woos, it really makes him look woosy if he has to put Mama Hillary on the ticket to help him win, doesn't it?
dr. v

Anonymous said...

Yes, the impression on Obama is that he really isn't quite a 'man'. He doesn't really stand for anything for too long. I suspect his wife has a lot of power over him. He seems kinda wimpy. He can talk the talk, but he's not picking up on babes here but running for the POTUS. Putting Hillary on the ticket would destroy whatever manhood he had left.

On the opposite side, I don't think anybody thinks Palin would run over McCain like Hillary would run over Obama.

Alabama Tom

Anonymous said...

Hey, did anybody else notice that Alexander Solzhenitsyn passed away?

I read and have on my bookshelf his "Gulag Archipelago".

Make no doubt about it people. We are fighting an overall movement to gradually bring socialism (and communism) not only to Europe, but the USA. Defeating Obama is one step of long twilight struggle against totalitarianism.

For your reading enjoyment, here is the link to his Harvard Address which was not what the Harvard elite wanted to hear:

Anonymous said...

Here is that link again without getting chopped off:

Anonymous said...

Ted - The investigation of Palin for abuse of power is NOT enhancing Palin in Alaska. That's a fact.

Nationwide - most people have never heard of her.

Anonymous said...

Hey, is G. K. Chesterton way cool or what? Try this quote:

"Tolerance is the virtue of the man without convictions."

What a visionary. He's got Obama pegged.

McCain/Palin '08

Mongo Mere Pawn said...

My bottom line is I still think Senator McCain should select Governor Palin to be his running mate. If we lose this year, it won't be because she's under investigation for trying to get her abusive ex-brother-in-law fired. And, frankly, I'm sick and tired of letting the Democrats and their fellow travelers in the MSM choose our leaders through frivolous allegations and investigations such as this.

Either we have the guts to fight or we don't. For all his faults, Senator McCain is a fighter. And so is Sarah Barracuda. McCain's already being hit with the race card (and if you don't think that won't keep coming just go to HotAir and watch David Gergen use his secret racist decoder ring to conclude that the McCain campaign aired the "Divine Obama" ad to prove Senator Obama is "uppity" to southern whites). What could possibly be worse? Indeed, Governor Palin can expect the Katherine Harris treatment as soon as she's chosen.

You can only do one thing when the Democrats start in on you like this. You fight like hell!! Obama's got a glass jaw. He can stand on a stage in front of an adoring mob, but can't share a town hall meeting with Senator McCain and take real questions from real voters. I think Senator McCain and Governor Palin can give as good as they get, and I think Senator McCain would be foolish to let such an excellent opportunity slip away because he cared more for what the Democrats and MSM thought about her than his own voters.

BigRob-68 said...

Adam--I agree with your analysis of the Cantor misdirection play and Mac short list. I also like Cantor from what I have read. He too has a brisk following like Palin of young conservatives. In my view, playing up Cantor is a a way to poke the Dems in the eye on what a Kaine vacancy will do for the GOP in VA. George Allen's loss still stings a bit. Raising the stock of House member, especially one so young, is a great tactic to position him for the Senate or a gubernatorial spot. Unless Obama's polling numbers continue to slide he will pick first just before the Dem Convention and it will be Kaine.

Anonymous said...

Hello Palin fans. I'm a newcomer to the movement, and I must say it took me all of about 3 hours of inquiries and I was sold. Lock, stock, and barrel. Sarah Palin is a one way ticket to the White House for Mac, and Obama's worst nightmare. As for that "controversy," that is nothing. The LA Times is my hometown newspaper, and for those who don't know how extreme a liberal rag it's become....believe me. That investigation is a non-issue. McCain/Palin '08!!

tigrefan98 said...

why is no one else talking about how McCain is *ahead* with women over 40, and that undecideds are disproportionately female? Palin is the only female contender with the credentials and issue position to do the job, and McCain wins women if he picks her.