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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Guest Bloggers This Week

NOTE: Please be sure to read some very interesting articles mentioning Gov. Palin from the Weekly Standard and the American Spectator. Both are very positive for us.
For those that don't know, I am in the process of moving from Colorado to Washington, DC. It has been difficult to keep up the blog in this situation, and I am sure that the actual move this week will make it downright impossible. During this time, I will remain active in the comments section and perhaps post occasional blogs, but I am handing primary control over to two trusted friends while I settle in.

From Monday until Wednesday, your host will be Steve Maloney, a prolific blogger who has been with our movement since the very start. As one of our very first edorsements, his efforts really helped kick-start the movement, and we definitely owe him a debt of gratitude. Steve always provides interesting commentary and almost never pulls his punches, so I am sure that you will find him very entertaining.

Thursday through Saturday, the ship will be steered by Kristopher Lorelli of Kristopher has put many, many hours of time and effort into our movement. Without him on the team, I highly doubt that our efforts would have been half as successful. Hence, I am more than happy to allow him to take center stage here for a few days. In fact, Kristopher usually finds breaking news about Gov. Palin quicker than me, so you can count on him for a quick and intelligent reaction to anything that happens.

So, I hope that you all enjoy Steve and Kristopher, and I look forward to returning to action on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

That American Spectator article is interesting. It really does look like Pawlenty and Palin are the finalists.

I googled Mitch Daniels. All you need to know is that he was Bush's budget director from '01-'03 and the Dems would have a field day blaming him for the deficit. No chance.

Anonymous said...

Flapper, I agree--it still looks like Pawlenty and Palin to me. Pawlenty seems like a good fellow--but I watched him with Evan Bayh on "Face the Nation" yesterday and the two of them looked like identical Midwestern twins. Boring!

For me Sarah Palin has two outstanding strengths:

1. She has actually delivered on AGIA--the largest infrastructure project in the US to date, and one that will move this country forward economically and in achieving energy independence.

2. She and Todd--through their decision to have Trig after learning about his Down's syndrome--have shown that they "walk the walk" in their social values.

I grew up in and live near Washington, DC, so I am very familiar with the policy wonk types. Sarah sounds a little unpolished to me at times--actually, I find it refreshing--and I think most people with common sense (who are not breathing the rarified air in DC) would as well.

On one last note--I was very sorry to see how the comments on Adam's last post degenerated into a lot of muckraking about the Wooten affair. I've been in administration/management for years and personnel issues are the toughest to deal with. Almost every investigation I've been aware of end up as a "he said/she said" situation where nothing can be absolutely proved. I suspect that Alaskan's will be $100,000 poorer for the Branchflower investigation and Sarah Palin will receive a reprimand from the legislature at the worst. The investigation seems to be proceeding with alacrity, and that is good.

Stay strong, Palin supporters!

Dr. K2

BigRob-68 said...

Have ya'll been monitoring intrade on the Dem side? Looks like Biden and Wesley Clark are moving up with the crisis in Georgia. Either would be stark contrast to Palin in her favor. Biden is a "know-it-all" amd Clark cannot keep the gaffes from falling out of his mouth!

Anonymous said...

bigrob-68, frankly ANY AND ALL of the prospective Dem veeps would be in stark contrast to Palin in Palin's favor! Think about it -- do the contrast which each and every Dem.

Anonymous said...

I agree. The pundits have tried to spin that Obama had a bigger and better selection than McCain, but I can't see that at all. Plust, I genuinely think the Obama campaign will pick someone really dull. They do not want any of the shine coming off of BO. They want this election to be all about BO. As far as announcing, I think the repubs are going to push BOs hand to announce first. Why show your cards if you don't have to. I think those of us who are politically inclined tend to forget that a whole host of voters really haven't engaged their brains yet. So, save a good vp pick for closer to the election. I also think the repub cash diadvantage this cycle is causing them to hold their moves until the last couple of months as well. I read BO has already spent millions in Fla and McCain has yet to run an ad.
dr. v

Anonymous said...

Anchorage Daily News, at long last, is running a piece portraying (I would say accurately) Andrew Halcro as a sort of crackpot with a vendetta against Palin!

The intriguing question, from the piece, is WHO first called Halcro and urged him to talk to Wooten -- to get the ball rolling. Seems pretty likely it was the Democratic Party connected police Union/Union leader Cyr or his surrogate; and of course the question comes up, was Campaign Obama and/or Campaign Obama's Alaska head guy, State Senator Hollis French, behind the call to Halcro by the police union.

Now THAT would be an interesting "investigation"!

Anonymous said...

to the "original" ted--
Right on Ted.

I saw Halcro's photo, etc. on the front page of the Anchorage Daily News this morning.

Anonymous said...

OK, I need some encouragement! I so badly want to see McCain pick Sarah, but there's just no evidence out there that she's being seriously considered by him. Or is there? Sure, there's lots of talk (by us, Kristol, and a few others) that she'd be a great pick, but does anyone in the mainstream media think she's being considered? I just don't see it.

I think I read somewhere that Fox's Juan Williams all but dismissed Sarah Palin as the VP pick because of these recent Halcro/Wooten things. Sure, we all know these charges are silly, but they may be enough for McCain to simply say, "I don't need the distraction". Right?

So WHAT can we do to get McCain to look at Palin seriously? I was thinking of making a donation to the McCain campaign, and attaching it with a message, "Please Senator McCain, consider Sarah Palin for VP! She would be a winning choice."

Anonymous said...

anonymous, of course the main stream media is gonna ignore, downplay and/or discount Palin as much as it can. The MSM and the Dems are petrified of McCain picking Palin; Veep Palin would be disastrous for Obama's chances in November.

The very fact that Palin's name is always left out, while even lesser or remote ones are mentioned, if anything, CONFIRMS IT'S GONNA BE PALIN. For instance, the Dems and the MSM are salivating for McCain to pick Romney while they are utterly terrified of McCain picking Palin -- so you'll constantly see Romney and Romney's name out there. Never Palin.

Likewise, Team McCain has floated up every name BUT Palin for the media. This confirms Palin's uniqueness and that McCain is saving her, as much as he can, for the big surprise blast -- sending the Dems back to the dark ages.

Insofar as other evidence for Palin, I'd simply say this, Team McCain has to be looking at the same factors we are (I am) and has to be coming up with the same calculations, or else Team McCain is brain-dead, which I don't think is the case.

Finally, I think Minn Gov Pawlenty was Palin's closest rival for considerartion as Veep, but Pawlenty's recent rounds on TV was boaring and nothingness -- he didn't light any fires (and re carrying Minnesota, ironically Palin, the hockey mom, would likely do better than Pawlenty there).

So keep the faith!

Anonymous said...

Everyone, please go to



Anonymous said...

Glad to see that great and objective news souce, AOL, is ahead of the curve, including its retaining John Edwards for Dem Veep, who on last look, was in first place.

Carlos Echevarria said...

From Red State, a great article regarding Palin.

Time will soon tell which way McCain goes...look for Barry Hussein Soetoro Obama to announce (via mobile phone alerts) his running mate Thursday or Friday.

Mac did an outstanding job at the Warren forum; interesting to see the Obama/Soetoro forces crying foul, why doesn't he just do the townhalls he promised, side by side!!!

Barry without a teleprompter is painful...and he wants to have the toughest job on Earth.

Anonymous said...

And, as far as Juan Williams' dismissal of Palin due to "Halcro/Wooten", that is just wishful thinking on his part!

Anonymous said...

In my state, all I have to do is mention Alaska, and people tell me they love Governor Sarah. Even talk show MC's suggest that she would be the VP.

Anonymous said...

Everybody send an email to Fox News in support of Palin for Veep.

They're going to read some of them on the air.


Anonymous said...

SS21 missiles in GEORGIA:
cold war is back strong.
is it good for MCCAIN ? yes
but is it good for SARAH, cf the MCCAIN age (should he die?)
no idea...
Obama sure will need to pick up someone experience and strong vs the international situation.

Anonymous said...
and again no palin mentioned.

frankly i doubt even more today she'll be nominated, because reps are idiots and masochistics.

unless obama picks hillary (no other woman he can pick if he picks a woman). looks like it will be Biden