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Monday, August 18, 2008

Hi everyone. Adam (aka "Elephant Man") has asked me to be a guest blogger on "Draft Sarah Palin for Vice President," and I'm pleased to oblige. I hope to put up several posts between now and Thursday, when another guest blogger will appear. I've recently received several links from "Believe," another Palin fan. (By the way, for those new to the Palin Movement, Sarah's last name is pronounced "PALE-in.) For now, here are "Believe's" links:

Take a look at the following link -- Palin on the shortlist.

And also take a look at the following news stories:

As for "believing" in general, I firmly believe Sarah will be the individual John McCain chooses as his running mate. She would bring an energy -- a dynamism -- to the campaign and could help McCain win several battleground states.

If you're interested in reading other columns by me, please visit one of the following:

In the meantime, let me salute to Adam Brickley, who has helped make Sarah Palin a household name -- and a legitimate contender for the V-P role. He accomplished the impossible, and he did it with intensity and style.


Anonymous said...

Fox News is asking for emails on the VP picks.

They're going to read some of them on the air.


Health And Fitness Geek said...

I emailed them, please also contact these guys for Palin support as the VP.

Might be difficult to read so you can see a better versions here:

Gov Palin

Mary Matalin:
Mr Arthur Culvahouse: (***Head of John McCain's VP Search*****)
TRENT@BREAUXLOTT.COM (assisting VP search)
BRET@BREAUXLOTT.COM (assisting VP search)
Tom Ridge:

Meghan McCain (daughter)
Joe Lieberman ... ding=issue
MIke Huckabee ... atorGraham (McCain's close
Contact local official: ... Type=Write
Carly Fiorina:

Anonymous said...

MK. This is what have always thought: Obama-female VP = weak ticket. Mccain could defeat such a ticket by choosing a male VP [or even a female VP]. But an Obama-male VP = strong ticket. Mccain can defeat that ticket only if he picks a female VP. It looks like the events in Georgia have decided the gender issue for obama [and indirectly for Mccain!] -a male with vast security and foreign affairs experience. He actually has no option (now), but to choose a male running mate. That will make the Obama ticket stronger than if he were to pick a female VP. McCain is now left with one winning option on the VP shortlist - and that's the telegenic Palin. His compaign shouldn't waste anymore time, they should start readening this exceptionally gifted and inspirational woman for the convention debut and fall campaign. She is the only winning card for Mccain and the GOP... Mk

Health And Fitness Geek said...

Anon- Interesting analysis. The pick will be Biden btw.

I can see value in Picking Palin right now.. though I still think the accusation mess is still glowing and no sign of diffusing too son. It needs to be very low on the radar before a pick like that is comfortable.

Who here has contacted fox and the other persons of influence?? I got a email back from a couple of people thanking me for the input.

Adam Brickley, aka "ElephantMan" said...

Great post, Steve (thanks for the kudos, I salute you as well)! Hopefully you guys will be able to get some stuff on Fox.

Health And Fitness Geek said...

Huge increase, passes Huckabee while Pawlenty is losing stock.

Mitt Romney $39.72 $2.27
Tim Pawlenty $19.02 $-2.62
Sarah Palin $13.59 $3.14

The fact that CNN rarely mentions anything on it is mind boggling.They are just scared.

Health And Fitness Geek said...

BTW, Palin's also listed as a potential VP on WSJ!

Anonymous said...

I went back and watched the rest of Fox's afternoon show, from 2-3 PM ET. They devoted very little time to VP talk, due to all the other big stories happening.

They read 3 emails: One suggesting Obama choose Hillary, one saying "a woman" should be on the ticket w/o mentioning names, and one delusional person said McCain should pick....... Alan Keyes.

I agree w/ what Gingrich said about diversity on the GOP ticket, but it has to be a quality candidate. When names like Keyes, Michael Steele, etc. are thrown around, it reduces the GOP to the "identity politics" that the left thrives on.

It also bugs me when people try to marginalize strong choices like Palin and Jindal by including them in that group, which is what Matt Lewis of Townhall appeared to be doing.

Anonymous said...

Have there been any sightings of McCain actually meeting with Palin int he last couple of months? Surly her traveling from Alaska or him traveling to ALaska could not go unnoticed.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see a trip to Alaska announced for this coming weekend....woudn't that get the whole planet stirred up?

If Palin is in the hunt, you would think he would do well to go to Alaska, visit ANWR, and use the whole thing as a last minute trial balloon.

Would it make sense to visit during the Democrat convention? Or will McCain lay low during the convention, out of politeness?

Scott said...

dcpastor --McCain has not met with Palin, but said last week he would discuss ANRW with her. I personally think it will be a sign that she is the pick if Mac waits for Obama's VP choice, and then accepts Sarah's invitation to tour ANWR. That would seem to mean he didn't want to tip his hand.
Paul -- Biden is the likely pick, and I think the GOP should immediately remind everyone that nobody, least of all his own party, really wants him to be president. For all his supposed stature, he lasted exactly one primary and garnered 1 percent of the delegates, joining Chris Dodd as the first Dems to quit the race.
The Dems will argue he's a good match for Nobama because he'll be ready to be Prez on Day 1. We need to remind people he was rejected by the Dem primary voters on Day 1.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I believe that Palin met McCain and his wife at a Governor's meeting not too long ago. Not the one in Philly, but a meeting before that. This was right around the time that the VP rumors were starting.

Anonymous said...

anon, you are correct. Palin and McCain had a meeting at the Feb 20th Governor's meeting in Washington DC.

Anonymous said...

Lots of news breaking this evening....

1. Obama has reportedly made is choice and will make the announcement Wednesday morning. He will be campaigning in VA that day and will be spending the night in Richmond....speculation is rampant that his VP will in fact be VA Governor Tim Kaine.

2. McCain has apparently set August 29th as his VP reveal date. It will come at a HUGE rally in Ohio, followed by a joint campaign appearance in Pennsylvania the next day.

**I think we can assume Obama's running mate will be Kaine, for 2 reasons. One, it makes sense to add at least a sliver of experience to the ticket. Two, anyone noticed that Kaine didn't have a speaking slot at the convention yet? Doesn't that seem kind of odd that BO wouldn't give his best supporter (arguably) a speech?

Unknown said...

The original mention is old, but it's being repeated on a key conservative blog.

Unknown said...

It won't be Kaine. He's pro-life, barely popular in his home State and utterly unaccomplished.

Double down on inexperience? Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

damian g said, "It won't be Kaine He's Pro Life. That did not stop "Pro Life" Democratic Senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania to ENTHUSIASTICALLY ENDORSE The one.

M. Minnesota

Unknown said...


That has nothing to do with anything! I meant Obama's SELECTION, not anyone's ENDORSEMENT.

Also, Kaine was the first Governor outside of Illinois to endorse Obama. Ben Nelson of Nebraska and countless other "pro-life" Dems endorsed him. Know your stuff. I just completely shot your theory to Hell.

Anonymous said...

As of Monday the 18th, my gut tells me Obama has selected Kansas Gov. Sebalius.

This is a guess, but based on the following:

An obvious pre-buttal to Palin for sure but also the following:

With all the talk about a Romney VP possibility riding his father's coat tails to win Michigan, the reverse is even more so true with Sebalius being an Ohio native and the daughter of a former Ohio governor.

She was an early supporter for Obama from a red state-she can get Republican's to vote for her-something Obama cannot do as of yet.

Also, its reported that Obama made the decision in Hawai'i. Obama told Pastor Warren that two of his most valuable advisers are Michelle and his grandmother, a Kansas native and as a former bank VP, a strong minded woman, definitely NOT an invalid or anything close to it-I have my sources.

Obama obviously wants to make a run at the women voters turned off by Hillary's loss and also make a run at a recent red state that is now dead even-Ohio-he gets all of that with Sebalius.

The most dirt we are going to get on Sebalius is a rowdy teenage son-not a deal breaker.

Sebalius is now a STONG BUY.

Also, that makes it physically and mentally impossible to put a boring white guy on McCain's ticket.

He has to choose someone other than that, Palin, Watts, Whitman, even Condi (whether she likes it or not).

Anonymous said...

anon, I don't see it . . . I don't see Obama doubling down on inexperience and better yet going with a woman other than Hillary.

If he does that, then McCain will go the boring white guy route.

If Obama picks Sebalius, then I think that McCain should pick Kasich. If Obama picks Biden, Bayh, Kaine, then I think that McCain should pick Palin (although I don't see McCain doing it, not because I don't want to see him do it, but instead because I think that he'll go for the quote unquote conventional wisdom version of a safe pick).

Anonymous said...

Sebelius will be dogged as a turncoat pro-abortion phony-Catholic. The bishop has already requested she NOT receive the Eucharist. This will be a big issue with Catholics.

Picking Palin will really help with Catholics given her pro-life values and baby who has downs syndrome.

Also, Sebelius is very dry unlike Palin.

Also, Sebelius received contributions from that late-term abortionist.

I'm telling you, I'd pick Hillary over Sebelius any day.

I'd be surprised if O-man goes with Sebelius.

Anonymous said...

well anon, the stock in Sebalius just went up again. For all the talk about Missouri, in the last half dozen elections, as Ohio goes, so goes the Presidency.

Just announced on FoxNEWS, McCain will announce his VP on August 29th at Dayton Ohio and then campaign the next day in PA. That reinforces GOP insider conclusions that Obama has gone with Sebalius to make a run on Ohio AND:

If McCain's schedule report is true and opposed to deliberate information to throw Obama's pending announcement off balance (quite possible), This has KASICH written ALL OVER IT. The announcement will come in Kasich's old CD and then the next day campaigning will be in Kasich's birth state, PA.

Net results: Kasich more than checks Sebalius in Ohio and puts PA in play, but McCain will be at a disadvantage with women nationally, where Palin could have made a difference.

I hope I am wrong. I fear I am right.

Anonymous said...

Also, since Kasich was in Congress the gay rumors have been put to rest with a beautiful wife and twin daughters. He has a clean slate. Unassailable by the Democrat party.

Unknown said...

Kasich opposed the Iraq War. Wonder how that would play.

Anonymous said...

Anon, 8:09, the announcement is in Dayton, which is not Kasich's old district. He's from Columbus. Also, Kasich is pretty much a nobody nationwide--he's best positioned to take on Strickland in two years.

SMatthewStolte said...

Interesting that he's going to do it on his 72nd Birthday. That's really going to emphasize McCain's age and the need for the VP as ready-to-be-President-on-day-one.

Not that this means a whole lot. Just interesting

Anonymous said...

Why would Team McCain go out of its way to announce a supposed date for the Veep pick?

If it's gonna be Sebelius, and its looking more and more like that's a very considerable possibility, McCain KNOWS HE WOULD NEED TO GO FIRST WITH PALIN -- or he'll blow it big time.

Anonymous said...

Larry Kudlow throws in a final endorsement of Sarah Palin:

Anonymous said...


It will not be Sebelius. Clinton supporters would be livid.

Think male, in his 50's.

McCain has a 10,000 person rally set for Dayton, then large rally's in PA and MI on the Saturday. The announcement is a week from Friday, the day after the Obama nomination (kill the Obama momentum). McCain will own the weekend, leading in to the Republican convention.

btw, no one will be talking about McCain's age when they he is announcing his VP (understand?).

So folks, 11 days and we will know.

Anonymous said...

Any thoughts on this:


Health And Fitness Geek said...

He says Portman is going to be the VP. Portman served in teh Bush administration.

I can already see it coming, the only thing closer to a Bush administration is if Bush Cheney ran for a third time. Since they can't, McCain/Portman are the next best thing.

Guys - push to contact the reps!!!!
*Send emails to McCain, Palin, the contacts I printed earlier.
*Call their offices.
*Continue to engage the media, such as the CNN comments as they come out.

Anonymous said...

"...the only thing closer to a Bush administration is if Bush Cheney ran for a third time. Since they can't, McCain/Portman are the next best thing."

No, McCain/Cheney would be the next best thing. The VP isn't term-limited. Watch lefties' heads explode. :-p

Anonymous said...

O-Ted, I know who owns that, and it is not McCain or Palin.

Anonymous said...

Rob Portman... awesome... I feel like I'm watching PBS when this guy speaks.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Portman - why else go to Dayton? Were the Sheboygan and Peoria convention auditoriums already booked?


McCain is snatching defeat from the jaws of victory?

McCain guessing that Portman swings more votes than Sebelius into Ohio for the GOP-anyway-the Obama path to victory without Ohio is VERY difficult-he would have to win Virginia or Indiana and not lose Colorado, New Hampshire, Nevada, or Michigan

Anonymous said...

Don't read too much into where McCain's announcement takes place. OH and PA are key states, and it makes sense that he'd introduce his "new" running mate there to make an impact. He's not worried about carrying Alaska.

It's Pawlenty or Palin on the GOP side, with BO choosing between Biden, Bayh and Kaine.

I predict McCain/Palin vs. Obama/Biden.

Real Ted: I'm now officially as optimistic as you are!

BTW, how cool would it be if the People mag story came out next week? :-)

Anonymous said...

I still say I think Obama's moving toward Sebelius. Why? Simply because Sebelius does more for Obama than anyone else and, importantly, the Dems know they need her to counter Palin (and by going first could dissuade McCain from Palin).

Simply ask yourself this question: If you were on Team Obama and you knew McCain was gonna pick Palin, and you knew Palin would literally kill any chance Obama had to win, Sebelius becomes a must pick, the only pick so long as it's done before McCain were to select Palin.

Therefore, I'll repeat what I've said many time before, McCain needs to go first, that is right now, with Palin -- before Obama picks.

Hopefully Team McCain is looking at the same thing and all this August 29th talk, or Portman talk, is a head fake.

I say, if McCain were truly the smart maverick, he'd move before Obama, and move with Palin -- and truly look like he, McCain, is running the show, with the Dems in reactionary mode.

Anonymous said...

And believe me, it will be no solace to say "I told you so", were McCain to sit back and let Obama go first with Sebelius -- which would transform the power of the Palin pick into a situation where McCain probably would have to forego Palin because the media and the Dems would then be able to paint McCain's Palin pick as being a reactionary gimmick, simply a ploy by the GOP to try and counter the Dems!

Anonymous said...

One more point on this, Obama's clearly making the women issue his #1 campaign theme -- equal pay etc.; it's the main area he needs to shore up after Hillary.

Right now Sebelius is out campaigning for Obama precisely for the women vote -- and considering the alternatives -- Bayh, Biden, Kane -- Sebelius is certainly as good as them PLUS she's the identity politics (woman) pick which the Dems are much more likely to rely on.

Anonymous said...

real ted,

I agree that McCain should've gone first w/ Palin. He should've picked her weeks ago to maximize Palinmania's impact on the election.

On the Dem side, Obama needs a VP who helps his weaknesses. I can't see him making a purely "identity" pick when he's the original "identity" candidate himself.

Personally, I've thought all along that Obama would pick Sam Nunn, Bill Nelson or Biden.

Scott said...

I'm going to hit on a sensitive subject. Obama, judging from his comments and actions, pretty much belives most white people are racist. If McCain hits him, it's not just a political shot, it's because he looks different than other presidents have.

I bring up this mindset because I think he will definitely not add another minority or a woman to his ticket. He thinks, IMO, it would guarantee he gets slaughered in the white vote.

So it's going to be a middle-aged white guy. His view of the world virtually guarantees it.

Anonymous said...

Obama, Sebelius are the abortion twins.

Health And Fitness Geek said...

Obama's picking Biden. He needs someone with foreign experience. He's one of the few Democratic senators to go to Georgia that I know of (if anyone else). Have any Republicans gone? If so, the # should be less than one hand.

He will be able to tout this experience.Obama and Biden make a good team.

Even if the Dem's are smart and watching this forum, at best, they would think there's a small chance of picking Palin, just like I do.

McCain and no MSM is putting them on a list. It's Romney and Pawlenty now, and even when they mention Christ, Jindal etc...

Without knowing for sure, for them to pick someone just to "counter" Palin would be quite balsy.

I'll say to everyone to set their expectations correctly. Don't expect a Palin, though work and ray real hard for it :)

PS: Make those phone calls and emails today....

BigRob-68 said...

I'm sure you've seen this on the McCain-Palin website.

SMatthewStolte said...

kristopher wrote:
"btw, no one will be talking about McCain's age when they he is announcing his VP (understand?)."

Are you asking whether I understand the meaning of this sentence or are you asking whether I understand why you believe this (even though you offered absolutely no reasons to justify your assertion)? If it's the latter, then no. No, I don't understand, and I'll bet you a cold soda-pop you're dead wrong.

Folks have good reason to consider McCain's age & to have a high standard for the VP selection because of his age. Not that there aren't other good reasons for having a high standard for the VP, but this adds to the mix.

Anonymous said...

Every national election is first of all a SPIRITUAL battle. The Evil One is always trying to ruin the USA and get more power. So evil abortion is always, but especially now, with a very aged Supreme Court. Abortion is the underlying reason the liberals are hell-bent (uh, literally) on getting Obama elected: to prevent ANY restriction on abortion's being enacted and then upheld by the Supreme Court.

Secondly, there ARE people behind the scenes who pick the VP's FOR these presidential candidates; they don't just get to pick all on their own; there's simply too much money and power at stake. While the presidential candidates aren't mere puppets, they also aren't purely independent when it comes to making the VP selection.

Therefore, considering these two underlying powers----the everlasting spiritual battle and the underlying/ongoing abortion issue----whom would Obama and his advisors/owners most likely select?

Biden, maybe; he's a pro-choice Catholic, too, and brings foreign policy experience. But then, there's that MOUTH.....

They won't pick Clinton; the Clintons are ruining the Dem. party---that's the new realization; remember: the Dems DO listen to Rush, who's noted this reality about the Clintons for years!

No, it might be Sibelius, who is heartless re. abortion, and might help pull TWO states for the national election. She's not a full slap in the face at Hillary----Obama would still be running with a WOMAN, after all!----but picking her would show his REAL independence in DC, even from the Clintons! It would be a gutsy VP pick, even one the Republicans would actually applaud (she is a knowledgeable official).

Sibelius is very likely.

So, would that necessarily knock out Palin?

Yesterday, Dick Morris was deprecating a possible Tim Kaine pick by Obama, because Kaine was a mayor of a town with only 100,000 people or so! IMAGINE what Morris would say about Palin, who was mayor of a much smaller town (what? 35,000 or so?)!

How could McCain throw away his one best pitch for his own candidacy: his huge experience----by picking Palin, who has much less experience?

Will her "star power" really help, in the face of real challenges as with Georgia and Pakistan?

Maybe the McCain team will want to put Palin in the Cabinet later, positioning her for a presidential run in 2012, but for now, make a safer VP pick.....

Remember that Bush knows TONS more about the real situation re. the wars and the economy. Very probably he has made that information available to the Republican team, in greater detail than he's informed the Dems. In this case, if our economy is actually in worse shape than the old definitions would state, Bush might have prodded McCain to select a true economics wizard like Portman.

Oh boy, in that case, get out your No-Doze! ZZzzzzzzzzzzz....

Pray!!!!!!! Pray that God will protect and preserve this nation, and that McCain will grow spiritually and emotionally, picking (with his advisors/owners' approval!) a truly godly person.

Palin would be neat, but she might not have the knowledge to pull off winning a debate, especially vs. a very brilliant person.

Anonymous said...

Original Ted. Interesting that the domain name was registered in JANUARY of this year, by a "private registrant". The domain is hosted in Brea, Ca., which doesn't mean anything - but the early registration IS intriguing.

Health And Fitness Geek said...

Hey guys - I sent some random emails to and while most bounced, I had a few that haven't bounced, at least yet.

If you're interested in getting the list and try sending an email asking for support yourself, contact me.

I don't want to put them publicly to (quasi :p) respect their privacy.

Whatever we can do to get the word out!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Sebelius accomplishes many things for Obama; that's why it looks very likely to be Sebelius WHICH MEANS MCCAIN MUST MOVE NOW --before Sebelius -- ON PALIN!!!!!!!!

Senator McCain, don't blow it!

Anonymous said...

my heart is broken.

From National Review online

"I Hate to Break The Hearts of Sarah Palin Fans"

A reader asks if it's significant that the site says, "Welcome to—the best source for information on the John McCain - Sarah Palin 2008 Republican Presidential Ticket. Stayed [sic] tuned for important announcements."

First, I'd like to think that anything associated with the McCain camp would write, "Stay tuned." And the page features an ad for Good magazine, a feature I wouldn't expect to see on any site associated with the official campaign.

08/19 11:30 AM

Anonymous said...


It was not intended as sarcasim. It was more of a "wink-wink", they are trying to distract the media and public.

#1 issue for McCain in polling is his age, for Obama, inexperience.

No one will be talking about his age/birthday when the VP is announced. It is a good strategic move.

Anonymous said...

Sibelius will not be the pick. Take my word for it. She brings nothing to the ticket.

based on all polling data, Obama is weak with;

1) White men
2) Older voters
3) National Security

Anonymous said...

I'm as anxious as anyone, but am trying to stay focused on the big picture. Yes, Ted, if Obama picks Sebelius first, it may seem to some that McCain would pick Palin simply to counterbalance the Democratic ticket. But Palin is NOTHING like Kathleen Sebelius. In fact none of the VP choices in either party come close to Palin's recent achievement in convincing the Alaska legislature to pass the Alaska natural gas pipeline project. Not only is it the biggest national infrastructure project to date, it is one that will directly benefit all Americans and help us to secure energy independence.

Stay strong, Palin supporters!

Dr. K2

Mongo Mere Pawn said...

Whatever his faults, and they are many, Senator Biden knows foreign policy better than any other Democrat and quite possibly could make Governor Palin look like just a pretty face on issues ranging from Gaza to Georgia. Fortunately, Senator Biden is also quite likely to appear condescending enough to truly tick women off in attempting to make Governor Palin look inexperienced. He is, after all, the gift that keeps on giving. Recall his reference to Senator Obama as articulate.

Ironically, it was the biggest non-answer that Senator Obama gave at Saddleback the other night that improved Governor Palin's chances of becoming Senator McCain's running mate. Recall, when asked by Pastor Warren when a baby -- not an unborn or viable or nascent baby, just a baby -- obtains human rights, Senator Obama did not answer the question, opting instead to go with his infamous "above my pay scale" answer.

Go back and read that question again. Senator Obama could not even give an answer that a baby born alive, nursing at his mother's breast, possesses human rights. Pretty stunning, huh? You know why he couldn't? Because while in the Illinois legislature, he voted against a bill to protect children born alive despite an attempt to abort them. Google Jill Stanek or head over to the National Right to Life Committee's website for the details.

Stanek testified before both the Illinois legislature and Congress about her discovery that Christ Hospital in Chicago, was aborting late term babies employing a method that induced an early miscarriage which sometimes delivered a living, breathing premature baby. When this happened, however, the nurses simply placed the child in a dirty linen closet to die. Stanek discovered this horrible policy when a premature Down Syndrome baby was placed in the linen closet when its parents decided they didn't want it.

Senator Obama not only condoned such a policy, but worked affirmatively to make sure it continued by voting against the law offered to protect such a child.

Governor Sebelius is just about as pro-abortion given her protection of the primary practitioner of the partial birth abortion procedure.

In other words, Senator Obama just made abortion a much bigger issue when both sides were trying to downplay its significance. Expecially by lying about his vote against the bill.

As I've observed here before, Governor Palin is the only possible running mate who engenders true enthusiasm in social, fiscal and foreign policy conservatives at the same time. Senator McCain absolutely needs social conservatives to help him win the election and he went a long way to getting their support at Saddleback. But he needs to pound Senator Obama on this point and Governor Palin is the only one who truly gives him the hammer to do so.

BigRob-68 said...

Sebelius does not help Obama win CO, MI, or VA. Maybe Ohio; not likely, however.

Biden is a stalking horse for someone else similar to Reagan and Ford in 1980 though anything is possible. How can a campaign profess "change" when you pick an old partisan like Biden? Oh well, Obama has has flip-flopped on a dozen major policy positions why not veep?

Anonymous said...

Biden -- the lowest IQ in the Senate (with the only exception being possibly Barbara Boxer).

Anonymous said...

VOTE for PALIN at National Review!!!!

Anonymous said...

Here are the results when I voted! (1:30 PM EDT)

Bobby Jindal 9 votes
John Kasich 37 votes
Joe Lieberman 9 votes
Sarah Palin 145 votes
Tim Pawlenty 26 votes
Tom Ridge 9 votes
Mitt Romney 115 votes
Other 25 votes

Dr. K2

Anonymous said...

So Obama is going to make his announcement tomorrow - probably for Biden, IMO (I think he should go with Bayh but whatever). McCain is going to make his announcement on Aug 28, right? So by announcing the date, McCain shows he is confident in his pick and doesn't need to try to beat Obama to the punch in the news cycle. He is going to let Obama have his few days of buzz about his VP and then dazzle us all with his on Aug 28. I personally don't think it matters in the least bit who Obama picks, because if McCain is going with Palin, she is better than anyone Obama has. I don't think Obama is going to pick a woman or a minority. I just feel that would appear to be too "risky" of a ticket for him to want to appeal to white America (I don't think America is that racist but Obama probably thinks so).

Health And Fitness Geek said...

Guys, hate to be the loud mouth here, but here are some additional ways to contact those that may have influence.

Via, you can send mail to the office. Furtheremore, if you pay $8.95, you can have someone drop it off in person. Great visibility. You know at least someone will see it right away, and may very likely start emailing and calling people on the staff.

Imagine if we had 10+ at personally delivered today/tomorrow.

I already put my money where my mouth is and paid to deliver to McCain and Leiberman.

Oh yeah - Palin is kicing butt in the poll. Way cool

Health And Fitness Geek said...

BTW: Check it out, my letter to Leiberman is on the front page of!
Go to: (see "please encourage..."

And the specific site:

Anonymous said...

I really don't believe Obama will pick Seibilus. That is too much diversity. A woman and a black. What would the average blue collar guy have to relate to. Now Hillary, she could get away with that because, as James Carville said, if she gave BO one of her balls she'd have three and he'd have one. She was perceived as a gal with grit.
I think it will be Bayh. Reason being, though the MSM is talking up Biden to shore up his nat'l security creds, Biden totally dissembles his "Change" and "throw out old Washington" theme. Bayh is young but does have a little bit of nat'l security creds. Kaine has really ugly hair. He's just not cool enough. The MSM really likes to throw out stats, but they seem to not pay much attention to the odds of a Senator winning the election, wonder what the odds are of two senators on the same ticket.
I think Palin is still very much in the mix. McCain in no way needs to shore up his nat'l security creds. He needs domestic/energy on the ticket. That suggests a governor, particularly from an energy state. He also needs somebody that could really pull the spotlight off of Obama. Personally, I think that suggests a minority pick. Probably a woman or a latino. A black candidate would not be very helpful, as the black vote is only about 13 percent anyway, and already goes 80 percent dem. How many would switch to repub? Not many. I don't know of any prominent latino GOPs though maybe there are some. A woman would be his best chance to boost his numbers in ALL the swing states. Women are the biggest voting bloc and one of the blocs that Obama is beating him fairly soundly in. And after his great performance at Saddleback, picking a really pro life gal like Sarah might energize the base in a way that no other pick could
dr v

Anonymous said...

"I don't know of any prominent latino GOPs though maybe there are some."

The only place where there's a solidly established Latino GOP that I know of is among the Cubans here in south Florida. I'd watch Marco Rubio, outgoing young Speaker of the Florida House, to eventually be the Hispanic version of Palin and Jindal, but not quite yet: he'll probably run for Governor when Crist is termed out (2014).

Anonymous said...

Hannity, in the opening of the program, mentioned Romney, Pawlenty, Ridge, and Governor Palin as possible VP choices for Senator McCain. Then, later he interviewed Romney.