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Sunday, August 24, 2008

How to beat Joe Biden

Well, Barack Obama has made his VP selection, taking Washington's most vicious attack dog, Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware. So, the question has now become how to combat the fast-talking Biden and his decades of foreign policy experience. Unfortunately, most of the Republican punditry is running scared from Biden and, in my opinion, suggesting that McCain adopt a disastrous strategy with his own pick. So, here are my thoughts on how to beat Biden, and they are probably different from what you've been hearing on the news:

Biden is a fast-talker who pulls no punches. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of foreign policy, and will try to bludgeon any debate opponent with all of the minutia of different situations. He is also a hothead who is overly fond of personal attacks. The best way to beat him is to make him look like a mean-spirited jerk (which is not hard), but unfortunately the punditry seems to think that McCain should now be forced to pick an aggressive VP who can crawl into Biden's gutter and beat him at his own game. I think that that's a horrible idea, and I'm not just saying that because I'm promoting Palin.

Biden is without doubt the best attack dog in the country, period. We aren't going to find someone who can beat him on that front. Furthermore, sinking to Biden's level would make the ticket look sleazy. Instead, we should note that Biden totally undermines Obama's "change" mantra, which McCain can now seize for himself by taking a reform minded VP from outside Washington. We can also show up Biden in the debates by selecting a calm, collected candidate who will show Biden for the hothead he is. Sarah Palin fits both bills.

For one, Palin has actually produced the sort of change that Obama and Biden can only talk about. Secondly, she will refuse to play in Biden's mudpit, which makes him look even worse. Third, she knows how to debate hotheaded opponents. Biden compares very well to John Binkley, another fast-talking attack dog who ran against Palin in the 2006 primary. Palin filleted Binkley (and incumbent Gov. Frank Murkowski) by sitting back while they ranted and then delivering crushing one liners that made them look like bratty kids ("Alaskans deserve better than this."). Finally, Biden will do everything he can to attack his opponent on personal terms, which is very dangerous when you are running against a woman or a military parent. Biden WILL say something stupid in the debates, probably belittling Sarah for having been a housewife or mentioning that Track Palin is in the Army, and Gov. Palin will be ready with with a "you're no Jack Kennedy"-style response.

Biden must not be allowed to interrupt the McCain game plan, which likely calls for a young, reformist VP. And when it comes to the debates, the secret will be to allow a cooler head to prevail over the fire-breathing Joe Biden. Gov. Palin is that cool head, and a reformer to boot. If she plays the debate right, she could reduce Biden from "distinguished senator" to "schoolyard bully" and nullify any gravitas that he brings to the Obama ticket.


Ryan Trabuco said...

I agree. If Biden looks like he's picking on a woman unfairly he totally comes off as an arrogant jerk.

Besides, how much further away from the Washington scene can you get by being the Governor of Alaska?

Ted said...

Despite the Dems and the allied main stream media's desperation to see Romney as McCain's Veep, Mitt is clearly out, with (1) Obama doubling down on the class warfare theme (McCain's 7 houses) and (2) McCain doubling down with ads showing the hypocrisy of Biden attacking Obama in the pimaries -- Romney did way more than that contra McCain.

This leaves only Govs Sarah Palin and Tim Pawlenty. Pro-abortion Ridge and Dem-Lieberman were never real considerations, despite relentless media goading. Pawlenty's lackluster TV performances, coupled with Palin pizzazz, the primacy of oil drilling and the ticked off women/Hillary voters, does now portend a McCain/Palin checkmate on the Dems. This is so albeit the Dems and liberal media dare not mention Palin's name, that is, everyone but.....

Team McCain, well done!!!

Window4U (IL) said...

New Hampshire's go-to-guy for the media regarding political issues is University of N.H.'s liberal Professor Dante Scala.

Scala makes an interesting point on that the ONLY way McCain can benefit from Obama picking Biden is by picking Sarah Palin as VP.

The quote is at the bottom.

Chris said...

Agreed all we have to do is let Biden be Biden-and Biden is best at being an arrogant hothead.

Biden does have a military reservist son scheduled for Iraqi deployment in the Fall so there is no no advantage there with Palin however she does neutralize the issue.

Has anybody noticed that Obama is already running from Biden like Bush ran from Qayle in the 1988 campaign?? The only difference is that its the TOP of the Democrat party 2008 ticket that looks grotesquely unqualified when the two are together.

Some perfect foils for Biden could be:

If he were a US citizen and a conservative-Neal Kinnock-this would drive Obama to dump Biden.

Another Biden foil would be Clarence Thomas for GOP VP - but his vote is irreplaceable on the SCOTUS. For Thomas, he's a native of the deep south-Georgia and a big NASCAR fan-goes to all the races in his RV. 18 years on the federal bench beats 143 days on the back bench of the US senate.

But in the end with a woman-Palin all of those disaffected Hillary supporters would either go for McCain even stay at home unable to make a choice-either way a vote against Obama.

The more I hear Romney the more I think its a very bad idea. Nothing but a bar room brawl at the VEEP debate with no winners.

Anonymous said...

I agree, and I wrote a similar post on my blog, and that was before I read this.

Who McCain should pick, he should pick Palin, and I listed my reasons.

unfortunately my blog post is in Dansih since i'm from Denmark.

Chris said...

Winning an infanticide debate with Biden would not be that hard-but Palin is the one whom could eat Biden alive on the issue

I believe even Biden supporter the BAIPA in the senate correct????

So he would be forced to defend Obama on a decision he does not even agree with his on.

Re: Meg Whitman-there are some eBay executive houses in Hawaii that make the White House look like the ghetto projects-don't even think about going there.

StudentsofAmerica said...

Just saw Bill Kristol on Fox this morning talking about McCain VP's and it seemed like he pulled his endorsement for Palin. Did anybody else see this? Thought that was strange, since Kristol has been a big supporter of Gov. Palin.

Ted said...

students of america, not strange at all.

Kristol (like Limbaugh after much earlier more than touting Palin as VP) want not to be seen as influencing McCain which is fodder for the Dems and the left.

Hott Spott said...

I found it strange about Bill Kristol as well until I did some digging. Bill Kristol is actually an "unofficial" (whatever that means) advisor to John McCain's campaign, so we can guarantee that Kristol let McCain know his feelings. The McCain campaign may have even told him to stop mentioning Sarah so that it can be a surprise.

Hott Spott said...

The fact that the biggest cheerleader for Sarah Palin actually works for the McCain campaign can't hurt our movement either.

loki said...


I just saw that as well. He even went so far as to comment that she only had 1 1/2 years as govenor. If Kristol thought Palin had a chance, he wouldn't have mentioned that. He could have just mentioned her as a possbile candidate along with the other females.

Unknown said...

I'm hoping it's Palin but not expecting it, so I won't feel let down.

great post, but the first sentence doesn't make sense gramatically

Ted said...

loki, just confirms more of Kristol/McCain strategerie.

Simply go back and see the extremely extremely pro Palin for VP comments by Kristol in the past.

(otherwise would make no sense)

Wasilla Resident said...
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Ray said...

i think it is ethier Palin, Pawlenty, or Ridge. Ridge seems to be the only one to have a real negative. Pawlenty does not do much in the way of positives.

I just cannot see why McCain would pick Romney. It does not add up. McCaindoes not need an attack dog, and the money did not help him in the primaries.

McCain does not need Romney's money to win. He just needs the maverick image.

Yet somehow Romney is favored. It does not add up.

loki said...


I've heard Kristol's comments supporting Palin. i don't doubt he's pro-Palin. However, he could have and should have commented differently re: Palin. He's basically saying she lacks experience to be in the oval office. His comment gives the dems and msm ammo against her. If I supported someone, I would never have done that.

Ray said...

Apologies for the poor grammar. I did not notice it.

Ray said...

Loki, I would not worry about experience comments.

Even with Biden, the Dems cannot say a thing.

Dr. Vicki said...

I'm thinking Obama picked Biden as a way to counterpunch McCain from picking someone young and dymanic. Too bad McCain didn't go first with the Palin pick. But then of course Obama might have gone with a woman. I'm pretty discouraged about Palin getting the pick now. The MSM has made a deal about Biden being ready to step in as president. All along I've felt that was Palin's weakest weakness. I don't think Obama is ready to be president, either. But then again, I guess I didn't really think George Bush was ready to be president, I just didn't like the alternative.
Of course, up until just a few days ago it was really Kaine or Bayh being favored by all the pundits. The Georgia thing pushed Biden up to the surface, in my opinion. With that and gas prices being back down, what does McCain do? I think probably the way to win is to either come up with some really fantastic bread and butter economist, or to go with someone like Palin who puts energy and social issues on the table. McCain will really have to push energy and then let the 527s go after Obama on the social issues.
It was a surprise pick for me, and I don't know how McCain should respond.

TC Robinson said...

Palin's appeal to women will overshadow her lack of experience.

MWN said...

Real Ted, I hope you're right about Romney.

I didn't see Kristol's comments this morning, but at this point I wouldn't be surprised if he's joined the Cult of Mitt.

Romney's shills have been EVERYWHERE since Biden was announced as VP. The same guy (identified as a "Republican strategist") was on H&C Friday night and F&F Saturday morning, shamelessly plugging Mitt. This afternoon, I turned on Fox and hear that a "McCain advisor" thinks that Pawlenty cannot be chosen because he doesn't have the experience to face Biden. Apparently, the two-term Gov. of MN is less experienced than the one-term Gov. of MA. I doubt there'll be any questions at the VP debate about the Salt Lake Winter Olympics.

The Romney shills are now openly arguing against other Republicans. After his failure in the primaries, and with rising stars like Palin and Jindal on the scene, Mitt knows this is his last chance politically.

I can only hope that Mac's "Maverick" side comes out, and he gets tired of all these people trying to force "Co-President" Romney down his throat.

jill said...

I mainly want to comment on the excellent post. It reads very convincingly and shows the wisdom of the Palin choice. The under-experienced issue, when brought up by the Dems, will only reflect that of the top of their ticket, so it's best to go unmentioned!

My fear is that a Lieberman announcement may be waiting in the wings. But let's hope and pray it's Sarah.

jill said...

I heard McCain say "him" on a CBS video when discussion his VP pick.

MWN said...


I agree w/ your analysis. I hope the McCain camp sees it that way.

Romney would actually be the best matchup for Biden. Remember in the GOP debates, when Huckabee or Thompson would say something sarcastic to Romney? Mitt would get this weird look, and stare at the floor while everybody laughed. With Biden, you can multiply that by 10.

BTW Adam, if there's any way to block the trolls who have set up Google accounts, that would be great. They're obviously not going to stop.

Risa said...

re: Kristol

It may be that he has been told that Palin isn't get the nod because of her inexperience and he is saving face.

I hope I am wrong.

Ray said...

Is that you Hollis French?

Wasilla Resident said...

The facts can't be ignored. Palin is inexperienced. She is also currently under investigation for abuse of power.

I understand why this blog may not want me to post the facts, but I have an obligation and duty to my country to do so.

Dr. Vicki said...

I would still be pretty surprised at a Romney pick. On the one hand, McCain might go with a ticket that was loaded with experience. This would be a contrast to Obama. Everyone else having so much experience besides him. However, it also puts Obama as being the only young and energetic candidate, which I think would be a threat as well.
What I understood from the punditry is they're thinking Romney for geographic reasons. They think Romney puts Michigan in play. Obama screwed up not letting Michigan votes count because he was so scared of losing to Hillary. And then poured salt in the wound by, first giving them half votes, and then after it was all over, giving them all votes. Probably made them even more mad than they already were. (thanks for throwing us a bone, BO) I'm hoping the Maverick side of McCain comes out and he goes with a gutsy pick like Palin. Then I think if the race stays really tight, right before election, he'll pledge to only stay one term. that's my prediction for what it's worth.

Anonymous said...

Palin as veep brings so many interesting elements into the race. I haven't seen enough of her in action to know how she has reacted to high-intensity politics, but I've been pleased when I've seen her on the Sunday shows. She would insulate the GOP from so many attacks, and make possible so many more. The trouble of leaving an Alaska in turmoil behind her is a problem for another day. There are several good options for VP (I disagree with some here that the others are fatally flawed), but I can't see more upside for any of them than Palin.

My evaluation of the VP candidates as debate opponents for Biden:

BigRob-68 said...

Check this new clip out from Fox with Kristol still mentioned as endorsing Palin. Laura Ingraham also has nice words for Palin--also for Romney.

Dr. Vicki said...

Here's the link for Laura on Greta about Sarah

PatrickT said...

If Palin could light a fire under Mccain's campaign, that would be great.

I love Romney and supported him in the primaries after Thompson dropped out, but he isn't very exciting. The Biden/Romney debate would be a draw, with both of them looking dirty after smearing each other for a couple of hours.

McCain needs some life breathed into an otherwise boring campaign (can anyone say Dole 96?) It seems to me that Palin is a good pick. The lack of experience is going to be hard to capitalize on when the Dem's ticket top has comparable experience.

But at the same time, it almost seems eerily reminiscent of Dole/Kemp-- a boring old man making a veep pick for the shock value, which only lasted for about a week. McCain is badly flawed and his lackluster campaigning is doing little to counter that. I've got a feeling that anything he tries is going to be too little, too late.

Erin said...

At lunch with the family today, we discussed the issue of Biden and who McCain should pick. I like to call my dad and brother "Saragnostics" when it comes to Palin. They like her in that they MIGHT be able to spot her in a lineup; they haven't thought she'd have a chance. So today, my brother comes up with this nugget--"McCain should pick a woman now! But who?" So of course, I mentioned Palin again, and let's just say the menfolk are seriously warming up to this idea.

Health And Fitness Geek said...

Below is the West Coast # for McCain campaign (which someone gave me from the blogroll..)

I called today and left a message politely encouraging the campaign to pick Palin and mentioned that we hae 3000+ online petitioners growing daily.

If you're on the West, give them a call. It's just one more way to keep the encouragement going.


Chung said...

The "Passed Over" ad does give a boost to the possibility of female pick. Bill Kristol also talked about Hillary running into a glass ceiling in the Democratic party. It wouldn't be politically smart for the McCain camp to pursue this line of attack if he ends up picking yet another white male.

The announcement is to be the mean to counter Obama's post-convention bounce. Revealing the name to be Romney would kill any buzz.

Dr. Vicki said...

I'm feeling a little more encoraged after the initial shock of the Biden pick. I am realizing that we should feel greatly relieved that he didn't tap Hillary. I truly think that ticket would be unbeatable in this political environment. I mean, they start right off with the 36 million primary votes.
Yes, McCain still needs to skip Romney and Pawlenty and go with an edgy pick like Palin. After the MSM moves on from ooing and ahing over what a wise move it was to pick Biden and start picking a bit more at his flaws, Palin can pop back up on the scene.

Dr. Vicki said...

Dick Morris wrote an article in RCP today about the Obama-Not Hillary ticket. He thinks McCain's best move is a woman. Many of the comments touted Palin as a good choice. So, still a lot of grass root support out there for Gov Palin.

Bud said...

Wow! She came up with the one-liner ..."Alaskans deserve better than this". That must put her somewhere near the top in the "If an Alaskan were to get the bid category". You must remember Ted S. remains in that category of potential running mates. How would this go? McCain and his running mate Mada "X". Who, among non-Alaskans, has ever heard her name?

Caleb said...

I am more convinced now than ever that Sarah is the one we need. She successfully, positively underscore's everything this election should be about.

Does anyone know where videos of her gubernatorial debates can be found? I'm coming up blank on youtube. I kind of want to see for myself how she handles these situations since Joe is going to be so vicious. Thanks

TC Robinson said...
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TC Robinson said...

For those looking for Sarah debate videos, go here:

Caleb said...

Thanks for posting the debate link.

I also watched Gov. Palin's Inaugural Address. I'll just say this...It gave me chills, and I'm not even Alaskan--the opposite, in fact. I'm Floridan, and Gov. Palin officially rocks. She has got to be our VP!

Anonymous said...

I’m not sure what value Biden adds to the campaign, except to make McCain look like a real candidate. He shows how weak Obama is in foreign policy, and as an "agent of change," Obama should not have picked someone who's been in the Senate longer than McCain.

Sarah Palin is indeed a good choice: a woman, a wife, a mother of 5, co-owner in her husband’s fishing business, and a successful Christian governor in an otherwise corrupt state government. She pro-life (a downs syndrome baby) and a life member of the NRA. And she’s good looking - even in jeans and work boots.

Mongo Mere Pawn said...

The question for the McCain campaign is who helps the most, and defining "help" is the more difficult subquestion. If he's thinking Michigan is the key, then Governor Romney helps him the most there, but what will it cost him in the Bible belt? True, Governor Romney possesses excellent business and executive experience. His defense of traditional marriage deserves credit with social conservatives, even if they think his flip on abortion lacks sincerity. But ultimately it will be his Mormon faith that becomes the make or break issue, and his poor performance in the South, even when he became the de facto conservative, anti-McCain in the race suggests that his faith is a real, albeit unfortunate drawback. Also, it will be much more difficult for him to attack Senator Obama's BAIPA/infanticide vote given the YouTube videos of his former pro-choice stance, and I truly think that vote is the kryptonite that just may swing Pennsylvania and some of the Rust Belt our way.

Governor Pawlenty is nice, but boring. Ditto, Congressman Portman.

Congressman Kasich would help in Ohio and would harken back to when Republicans really acted like Republicans, and I frankly think he would kick Senator Biden's backside, especially on matters of economic policy. If Senator McCain is not going to pick a woman running mate, then I think Congressman Kasich is the way to go.

But why not pick a woman? And why not a woman who instantly energizes the grassroots of the party? Think what you want about the National Review poll, but the people who read the Corner are true conservatives. The enthusiasm shown for Governor Palin is real. It's simply not that easy to get Goldberg, Lopez, Kristol, Buchanan, et al to agree on someone, and they all seem to like her a lot.

Her personal story is inspirational in so many ways, but she particularly hits key issues in this election cycle. The baby that inspired Jill Stanek to fight for BAIPA was a Down Syndrome baby. She is uniquely positioned to address the balancing that needs to be done between concern for the environment and environmental extremism with her attempt to get the polar bear delisted as an endangered species. She is uniquely positioned to address the need for more drilling to become energy self-suffiient and to push for drilling in ANWR, which it the Democrats holy grail. She is the only Republican with any kind of energy achievement in this election cycle with the Trans-Canada natural gas pipeline.

Even on the current investigation, she has a record of reform in a state where greasing palms is a spectator sport. No doubt the Democrats will attack her on the investigation, but holding a personal grudge against a true bottom feeder versus Senator Biden's lobbying ties is really a no brainer. At least she hasn't lied about her law school record.

And she would be the first Republican woman on the national ticket during an election cycle that is simply begging to have a woman in the fray.

Her relative inexperience is a risk, as is the current investigation, but I think her positives greatly outweigh those potential negatives.

Senator Biden will either defer too much in trying to avoid looking like a chauvenist pig or he will look like a chauvenist pig. A no win situation.

And on the campaign trail, who do you think will get the most national attention? Governor Palin, hands down.

Why? Because she keeps the "Hillery got stiffed" meme going through election night. If he picks one of the guys, that meme is pretty much dead even before our convention starts.

If Governor Palin was in her second term, her selection would be a complete no brainer in this election cycle. It is her lack of time in the Governor's Mansion that is the only thing making the McCain campaign hesitate. [Unless, of course, he really is thinking about Senator Lieberman and then we're all doomed.]

The MSM will try to give her the Katherine Harris treatment, but her personal story is so much more compelling, and women truly appear to want a say this year, that I think it will be hard for that caricature to take hold.

I hope Senator McCain selects Governor Palin. I just don't see any evidence that he is even thinking about it, and I am not as optimistic as some that this blackout means that she is at the top of his list. Misdirection can only get you so far, as Senator Obama just found out.

Daniel Stark said...

I didn't know the tidbit about her former opponents, that's refreshing to hear. Though what happens when the topic of foreign policy comes up? Will she be able to hold her own?

I'm still hoping Sarah Palin for consideration if not selection. We'll see what happens, we only got a week left.

MWN said...


According to your profile, you're a "centrist". Well, maybe you didn't know it, but we've had lots of helpful folks on this site recently telling us how "liberal" Palin is. From "huge tax increases" to "benefits for gays", Palin is incessantly attacked from the far right. Of course, everybody knows that McCain has made a career of being a moderate who sticks it to the far right at every opportunity.

On the other side, we have the most liberal member of the Senate running with the 3rd most liberal.

So, as a "centrist", the McCain/Palin ticket is perfect for you! I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome you aboard.

MWN said...

Joe Biden's "foreign policy experience" is vastly overrated when you consider how the average voter will see it. Pontificating about how long he's been in the Senate won't impress anyone.

Biden has been so completely wrong about Iraq the past few years that it's comical. Not only did he oppose the troop surge initially, he was still declaring it a failure after the MSM grudgingly reported progress.

As if that wasn't enough, Biden proposed a ridiculous plan to divide Iraq into sections. Iraqi government officials are already criticizing Obama's choice of Biden for that reason.

If Biden's GOP opponent points out those things, his credibility will fall apart. Iraq has dominated the news so much that every voter can relate. He can talk for hours about his "experience" and it won't matter.

it's vintage, duh said...

and if someone brings up palin's lack of foreign policy experience, she could say something like "well, you had around 30 years experience in the Senate when you said after 9/11 that we should send $200 million to Iran. You had 34 years experience when you called for the ethnic partitioning of iraq." etc.

Bravesbill said...

As much as I love Palin, I see Romney being the VP pick. I don't think his Mormonism will hurt McCain enough in the South that he actually loses any states in the Deep South. Further, the Biden pick was pretty dumb considering he doesn't put any states in play. If Romney is selected, he can win Michigan for McCain, and help McCain hold onto Colorado and Nevada (because of the large Mormon vote in those two states). If McCain wins Michigan, he wins the election. I hope I'm wrong, but I see Romney being the selection. Plus, another $50 million wouldn't hurt anyone.

Koyomi Mizuhara said...

Two things wrong with your statement, good sir:

1) McCain can't get any more money. Public Financing only allows him 84 million. That's it.

2) Romney is despised in Michigan. And to think that a VP pick can pick up a state is nothing more than 1970s thinking. It does not matter. Do you think Bush and Cheney cared about picking up a state with the VP selection? No way.

Romney has way more negatives than any other nominee had. Not to mention that Romney will alienate a good portion of the base.

Trust me, Romney is not a good pick and if it happens, it will cause a lot of people to stay home instead of vote.

Bravesbill said...

I believe you are incorrect sir. First, Romney will have his donors give money to the RNC, which the RNC will use to promote McCain. The RNC has no spending limits, they just cannot coordinate with the McCain campaign. Second, if you look at polls from the past few months, a McCain-Romney ticket does the best in that state, often giving them a pretty significant lead (double digits in a few polls).

Wasilla Resident said...

Looks like it's Romney.

Ted said...

bravesbill & alaskan in AK:--
with all due respect, I don't think you're correct here. As I said before, despite the Dems and the allied main stream media’s desperation to see Romney as McCain’s Veep, Mitt is clearly out, with (1) Obama doubling down on the class warfare theme (McCain’s 7 houses) and (2) McCain doubling down with ads showing the hypocrisy of Biden attacking Obama in the primaries — Romney did way more than that contra McCain.

This leaves only Govs Sarah Palin and Tim Pawlenty. Pro-abortion Ridge and Dem-Lieberman were never real considerations, despite relentless media goading. Pawlenty’s lackluster TV performances, coupled with Palin pizzazz, the primacy of oil drilling and the ticked off women/Hillary voters, does now portend a McCain/Palin checkmate on the Dems. This is so albeit the Dems and liberal media dare not mention Palin’s name, that is, everyone but…..

And if there’s any question as to Palin being uniquely positioned and able to more than nullify Biden in debate, see Adam Brickley's excellent discussion.

Team McCain, well done!!!

Joe said...

There is rumor that Alaska may be offering a deal to the Federal Government to essentially trade state land for federal land, if I understand it correctly, thereby allowing Alaska to take control of ANWR. Sounds like a terrific compromise, that will be impossible for the liberal democrats to say no to.

Hopefully Palin will make this offer, via McCain during an invitation to visit, ASAP.

(See Hotair article entitled "Could a land swap solve the ANWR standoff?")

Chung said...

Another McCain ad aimed at disaffected Hillary supporters.

Notice the high production value. It's clear at this point that capturing women votes is a key part of the campaign strategy. The question is whether he'd take the next logical step.

All50St said...

Formally "Anonymous", I've been with all of you Sarah Palin backers for many months -- and I STILL hope that somehow McCain takes her as his VP pick.

But I'm thinking more and more that he will go with someone else. No matter how bogus, the recent Halcro scandal is an unneccessary distraction. Also, Sarah's resume DOES undercut McCain's campaign goal of focusing on Obama's inexperience. (No question, Sarah's experience trumps Obama's, but many won't see that.)

My main message today is that we CANNOT forget what is most important -- electing a qualified and principled conservative president, and preventing anyone like Barack Obama from getting elected. If McCain chooses someone other than Sarah, we cannot be immature about this and threaten to not vote for him. This campaign has been very successful, whether or not Gov. Palin is the VP nominee. She's got a bright future and I'd be surprised if she's not on the national ticket sometime in the next 8 years.

techno said...

Just heard Michael Steele on Fox News mention that because Biden has impeccable foreign relations credentials, McCain may be looking at designating as his VP somebody who has great 'domestic' credentials. How would he know that? That's not what most of the pundits are saying. Then he went on to mention Romney, Pawlenty and finally Palin, finishing off that she has been talked about for the last 6 months and that her name, according to his knowledge, was still being discussed even though she just had a baby a few months ago.

techno said...

Just had a wild, crazy idea. John Mccain is going on the Jay Leno show and reveals to the world that he has chosen Sarah Palin as his VP, thereby driving a permanent wedge throughout the Democratic convention ensuring that Obama supporters and Clinton loyalists will never unite. McCain wouldn't do that, would he?

Joe said...

The website continues to tease, and seems to be updated since the last time I looked at it. Is the source of this identified?

techno said...

Folks, I have one question. If a woman is not chosen in 2008 to be on a Republican ticket when will it ever happen? Excuses are always going to surface: not enough foreign relations experience, not enough gravitas, would a woman be reluctant or too eager to declare war, the presidential candidate being accused by the media of a 'token' or 'trophy' pick, and the old saw that women will not vote for creditable women candidates. You could go on and on with the excuses but folks the facts are more women vote than men and according to a recent poll between 15%-25% of Clinton supporters are willing to support McCain. For McCain that is good news. But the bad news can be wrapped up in the old saying--better the devil that you know than the devil that you don't know. Sean on Bill Bennett's program questions the conventional Republican wisdom that these women will vote for McCain in huge numbers in November and predicts it could drop as low as 3%--the coming home syndrome. As to my feelings if McCain thinks that he can count on their vote because of ads of sympathy for Hillary being scorned by Obama, generic Republican women extending a hand of friendship to them or pledging that he will tackle 'women's issues'- it is all well and good but McCain will still lose. The proof is in the pudding. He needs to put up or shut up--put something tangible on the table to prove that he deserves their vote and that would be choosing a female VP. John, as the pundits say in this election cycle the 'macros' are not in your favor--you are going to lose, unless you do something to change the lay of the land by introducing a game-changer. Let me be clear: a game-changer is not a hail Mary pass but a strategy to give you a better chance to win, and let's face it folks McCain has as much of a chance in 2008 of beating Obama as the NY Giants had of prevailing over the NE Patriots in the Super Bowl. By the way didn't the Giants beat the undefeated, invincible Patriots?

StudentsofAmerica said...

Here a Bill Kristol article released today basically reiterating what he said yesterday on Fox News. Basically looked like a pro-Romney article.

Health And Fitness Geek said...


Get on and comment there!!
I just emailed all 50 sate offices for (eg :)

We need McCain to be BOLD I think out of all the female VPs, she has the most pizzaz and appeal to Hillary voters.

She has an inspiring story - taking away from Bidens (which I have much respect and empathy nonethles..)

Keep the movement going! Don't give up!

TC Robinson said...

Seriously though, looking at that website makes me think. Why would someone go to that much trouble if they didn't know something?

BigRob-68 said...

Students of America--The Kristol article in NYT was not a Pro-Romney piece per se. The neocon position of strengthening the American position in the Middle East (especially Israel) has and always will guide Kristol's reasoning. That is not a knock against him-just fact. In no way did Kristol distance himself from Palin or withdraw his endorsement. It just so happens that Lieberman, obviously, enhances the historic American relationship with Israel and promotes democracy in an unstable region. Obama is pro-Palestinian like most egghead libs.

Health And Fitness Geek said...

Wow - I just looked at the site agin... they update it.

I know Adam and some of the other big Palin supporters.. and it ain't us :),

I do doubt it's the McCain campaign.. I think it's more of a secret user here..

But hopefully not!

Guys, make those phone calls, emails, blogs and comments today!!

Window4U (IL) said...

There's a well written blog today talking about Palin for VP and her ability to restore hope and enthusiasm to the party.

Mark said...

1. I do not think that McCain will pick Palin. I think that he should, but he won't.

2. I have no question as to how she would match up against Biden. It would be a lot like 1960, when people who listened on the radio to the Kennedy-Nixon debate said Nixon one but those who watched it on TV said Kennedy won.

3. I have no question about what will be the two biggest complaints. For all of her "inexperience", Palin has more executive experience that Obama and Biden combined. As for Troopergate, swing voters won't care, because all of it is, as some have suggested, so "Mayberry". Plus, you've got the three talking points which will trump attempts at MSM detailed explanations: One, you've got an investigation instigated by BO's biggest backer in Alaska who appointed a guy who solicited the job and just happens to be buddies with the guy fired. Two, you can use a line like "this is much ado about nothing . . . it's not like I used a convicted felon as my mortgage broker". Three, you've got Mike Wooten (every time the words "used a taser on a 10 year old come out", people will cringe).

Honestly, the only drawback for McCain is the degree to which Palin's relative inexperience, not compared to BO but in general, detracts from McCain's "is he ready to lead" line of attack. I don't know that it does, but I don't know that it doesn't.



Look, Palin has her drawbacks. But, don't think about how they play with you or a Dem who is Obama no matter what. Think about how they play with swing voters. Compare that to how Romney will play (the attacks on McCain, the Bain Capital spin). And, a guy like Pawlenty will be blamed for the Minn. bridge collapse.

This is just such a unique election. In any other cycle, McCain would not be the nominee and he would not play as well. But, this is the one time that he does play well. And, if he can pick a running mate who does two things-- energizes the base and appeals to independents-- and can do so in a way that gives McCain a real theme through election day(i.e., "Don't Just Talk about Change; Vote for People Who have fought and sacrificed to make change happen"), then that's how he is best served in a VP selection. If he plays it safe, then he's toast. He needs to close the deal with Hillary women (to keep 1/4 of them and maybe get more) and with blue collar independents-- and to do so in a way that makes sure that the base is fired up.

Ted said...

To Adam, Kristofer et al:--

Rush Limbaugh just said that Obama really wanted Kansas Gov Kathleen Sebelius -- apparently close to picking her -- and because of ticked off Hillarites couldn't quite do it (perhaps that's why up till very end last Friday, Biden had not been picked).

Now I'm not saying Sebelius would definitely have doomed McCain's picking Palin, but it sure as heck might have, and at best, complicate things.

Friends, Palinistas, and Americans, WE HAVE DODGED A BULLET!!! Thank God and God Bless America!

Kathie said...

Hi Guys,

I agree, the blog article referenced by window4u is very good. The link was truncated, but the article appears on the main page:

Like everyone here, I am hoping that McCain makes the bold pick of Sarah Palin that will identify him as the TRUE change candidate. As far as the experience counter argument goes, I think the fact that Palin was able to get the AGIA passed in her third year, after 30 years of legislative gridlock says a lot! She's not only a hard worker, but a fast learner too.

Dr. K2

Chung said...

To the extent that the VP choice may have a detrimental effect, voters are going to consider the ticket as a whole. Is the scenario of Palin succeeding McCain more worrisome than Biden succeeding Obama? In the latter case, the country's first black presidency assumed by a "typical white person." We're talking about serious national trauma and possible social unrest. I don't think Democrats would want to go there.

Health And Fitness Geek said...

The NJ article is a great endorsement.

I see a lot of action on Palin this morning.

This is great.

I think our message is out. The next step is to make a CLEAR CASE against the allegations somehwere here or on this site.. that we can point CNNN, MSNBC & MSM..


Health And Fitness Geek said...

I have no doubt in my mind that McCain will pick a woman, no doubt. The only other possibility is Patreaus.

McCain worships Patreaus, but I think his job protecting our ass in teh Middle East.. is the best spot for him.

McCain will pick a woman - it depends WHOM

TKD Momma said...

regarding the site.... It could be legit, but has anybody stopped and thought that this it could just a prank/joke to tease all the pro-Palin people? It claims "Welcome to best source for information on the John McCain - Sarah Palin 2008 Republican Presidential Ticket." but it offers no information,news, info, links to other sites, etc...only teasers. Maybe it's justsomeone waiting to put a big HA! HA! if she doesn't get picked. As for the "paid by John McCain" label, I can draw one of those and link it.

Let's keep our attention and energy focused on known, identified sites and let's keep getting the information to McCain and others.

Ray said...

I think everyone thought it could be a fake.

Mongo Mere Pawn said...

Just a thought.

You just spent the last 24-48 hours running ads trying to exacerbate the split between Hillary voters and the Obama campaign. In other words, you've been stirring up an ant hill(ery) with a stick.

What's the point if you kill the meme dead by selecting a male running mate on Friday? In fact, you might just be setting yourself up for some serious blowback because you've been quite cynically toying with the affections of this particular constituency, then decide to leave them at the altar. At that point, what's the difference between you and Obama?

If McCain wants the PUMA/Hillery meme to continue through the election, he has to choose a woman as a running mate. If he chooses a man, he kills the meme dead and manages to give the Democrats a way to bring the ladies home by pointing out how cynical it all was.

Nothing done in politics is without consequences. It's all well and good to stir the ant hill, but you better be ready to deal with the consequences.

Andrea said...

I agree. I think McCain's PUMA ads are a big clue to indicate his VP selection. Why even bother with the ads if he isn't going to follow through? I also think it is genius what they are doing with the old Hillary and Biden quotes, as well as the Obama celebrity ads (these especially seem to have hit a nerve with Obama). These are really hitting on the important points - kudos to the McCain campaign.

Dr. Vicki said...

Good point, Mongo. Seems the Hillary ads might suggest he is thinking about a woman. Nobody running against McCain came very close. Huck hung in there a long time, but he really was't that close. So they couldn't fire back with why didn't you pick Romney, since Huck got more delegates than Romney by a long shot.
Yeah, he needs a woman. I really would like to see Palin, but honestly I would vote for, contribute to, and campaign for any woman he was willing to put on the ticket. (Well, any that have been mentioned.)

Erin said...

Okay, I confess that I like the article on the aforementioned blog, but WHY can't the author spell her name correctly?! Perhaps it's the English professor in me being all anal retentive, but still, how embarrassing for the cause.

Anonymous said... article: Laura Ingraham: Palin for VP?

Last line (or thereabouts): "Make the case, Palinites."

GO NOW to Registration is open right now. Create an account and make the case for Sarah Palin.

Kathie said...

Just thought I'd post a recent exchange on one of the liberal ( blogs:

on Mon Aug 25, 2008 at 03:48:59 PM EST
"I don't think McCain is going to make a safe pick. But I don't think his pick will be pro-choice either. Given my own deeply felt hunch as well as the chatter on the right wing blogs in the last few days, I believe he is going to choose Sarah Palin. If he does it will be Obama who is in trouble. God help us all."

Mon Aug 25, 2008 at 03:50:58 PM EST
"if that is the choice, you are correct. trouble with a capital T."

Saundra Santiago said...

some notes on the site.

1. the font is embossed and drop shadowed - nothing on mccain's site uses this styling

2. the flag graphic, i believe, is a free piece of clipart...

3. interestingly, the font chosen for the mccain palin logo is the same used by the official campaign. the font is not free, is not easy to get, but not impossible to get either...

Joe said...

I attempted to post on HotAir, but seems that I am unable to “comment” (I just registered today). My comments, to "Why Palin?":

I am a Reagan conservative. I learned of Palin about 2 months ago when I noticed her in an article on the internet. Previously I knew nothing about her. Now, I have learned a great deal about her, and her fascinating Alaskan (and American) story.

She has qualities that each “type” of Republican finds likeable.

She wants to drill, drill, drill. And yet she keeps oil companies in check. No other Republican can claim to have done this as effectively as the current governor of Alaska.

She loves the outdoors, and actually lives in the lands that liberals want to protect. She talks about the importance of utilizing Alaska’s resources, but at the same time doing so responsibly. The backdrops of most of the images of Sarah and her family are genuine, not photo ops, so she knows about and indeed lives this debate, like no other Republican, and certainly no liberal Democrat. She is the only one I know that can steal the issue of conservation and the environment back from the Democrats, and make Teddy Roosevelt proud.

She is a maverick, like McCain, and like Roosevelt. She stares down the old Republican establishment, and attains remarkable popularity. No other Republican has this impressive a record against institutional corruption.

She is pro life. And she effectively uses her own “bully pulpit” to advance this cause, simply by the life she leads with her family and with Trig. No other Republican can lead on this issue as effectively. With Sarah, there is no need for angry or condescending rhetoric which has dominated this debate for too long, she does most of her leading by example, as a mom.

I believe that once her story is known and she is on the national stage, she will attract voters from many sectors of the country. I personally believe she would do tremendously well in Upstate New York, and probably in much of Pennsylvania as well.

Palin represents an incredible opportunity for McCain, for the future of the Republican party, and for the entire country. Hopefully, McCain sees this opportunity as well.

Damian Geminder said...


Health And Fitness Geek said...

Kudos Damian - I posted a comment on the video but it hasn't shown up yet.

I'd suggest you put/allow comments that tell people how to get involved.

EG: Call the offices, sign the petition, engage msm etc...

Anonymous said...


Try posting again. If you get an error saying you've got a duplicate post, then it's posted but hasn't shown up yet.

That's what happened to me. My ID over at is PowerPro and here's my response:

My case for Sarah Palin:

* extremely pro-life
* extremely pro-drilling (can help highlight the Republican stance on domestic drilling)
* pro-military (son serving in the Army…can help diffuse whatever line Biden has about his own son)
* considered a maverick (willing to take on Republicans she disagrees with)
* can (and has) taken apart blow hard politicians
* not elitist in any way (can help end the “how many houses” line)
* hasn’t said anything against McCain (that I know of) like Biden has of The One or like Mitt has of McCain
* balances the age issue for McCain (although I think Biden helps cancel that issue out)
* has more Executive experience than The One
* down-to-earth and approachable
* not a Washington insider (helps neutralize the “3rd Bush Administration” mantra of the left)
* she’s a “politician of eye-popping integrity” (quoting Fred Barnes)

and lastly,

* she’s all of the above…and a woman to boot.

Here are a few articles/opinion pieces on Sarah Palin:

PS…Thank you for opening comments up!

Joe said...

Okay, my comments on HotAir did make it, after a short delay. Many other very strong pro Palin comments there as well. Each supporter should write there, ASAP.

Health And Fitness Geek said...

BTW: Check out this new video but.. an unknown. Not the usual suspects including TFP.

Health And Fitness Geek said...

Very cool video and play on words

Mark said...

joe, you're right on the money. In any other election, things would be very different. But, in this election, it is precisely the perception of McCain as a maverick who is willing to buck his own party that has him running ahead of generic polling (that plus perceptions of Obama among independents).

But, I look at a VP, at his or her best, as someone who supports a theme. If McCain's message is "I'm a maverick. I've fought Democrats and I've fought my own party because I put country first", then a Palin selection speaks to that message.

You've got other outside the box choices, but they just happen to come with a price tag of a convention riot. You've got Romney. Romney may assuage conservatives (assuming he can get over the evangelicals voting for Mormons thing), but what does he do for swing voters? How does he support the maverick theme? How many people will care about his economic credentials when they get the generic class warfare stuff and get the Bain capital story?

Honestly, every candidate has disadvantages. And, in the scheme of things, Palin's inexperience and the whole Mayberry style trooper scandal pale in comparison, if only because she still has more executive experience than BO and JB combined and because swing voters won't see the investigation as a big deal (not when it can be described as instigated by BO's biggest backer and where the investigator is buddies with the guy who was fired, not when you can talk about Wooten, and not when the whole thing pales in comparison to, for example, using a convicted felon as your de facto real estate broker).

Fast forward to Friday. Obama has his convention. Maybe it even goes off o'k. But, now it is McCain's turn to take things over. If you pick one of the meh names, it might make conservatives happy, but it won't register with swing voters (see Biden). If you pick a Lieberman or a Ridge, then you've got other issues.

Now, if you pick Palin, then you've got everyone's attention. You'll get the questions. You may or may not have concerns about a debate with Biden. But, you also bring her out when everyone is paying attention and when her words, not MSM spin, will make that first impression.

And, in Palin, McCain gets a maverick co-pilot who just happens to appeal to conservatives. It really is fascinating. I cannot recall the last time that you could go to people ranging from Kristol to Buchanan to Kudlow (to even a Glenn Beck) and find her listed in each person's top two or three.

As for her appeal to independents, she probably won't win over a ton of PUMA's, but she will reinforce McCain's appeal to them. And, she most assuredly will appeal to blue collar Reagan Democrats. While some will call her "unpolished", it is precisely because she is "unpolished" that she will come across as someone who speaks the language of and shares the values of the American people.

The deck still is stacked against McCain. He's gotten swing voters to retreat to a position that says: We want change, but we don't really see Obama as the agent of change. Now, it's time for McCain to close the deal. And, Palin can do that with independents while getting conservatives excited.

One more thing: You absolutely let Palin be your voice against Senator Infanticide (preferably with Trig in the audience). Let her say something like this: " We may disagree about abortion, but there has to be some common ground. In Illinois, Barack Obama led the fight against hospitals providing medical attention to babies who survived abortion attempts. Think about that. Babies, who are no different than a pre-mie, are left to die in linen closets without medical attention. Barack Obama sits there and preaches to us about giving medical coverage to illegal aliens, but he can't find it in his heart to take care of some poor child who comes into this world under unfortunate circumstances . . ."

Anonymous said...

Someone is commenting on the Troopergate thing over on I don't have much understanding of the thing beyond the general idea of it and that my gut tells me it's a lot of nothing, so I don't know how to counter the point made. Can someone here do that please?

Sarah Palin open discussion on

Koyomi Mizuhara said...

Looks like others have already been working on it. What we need are people to defend Palin and to attack Romney. Romney's people are afraid of the Palin-ologists, and so are the Dems.

Health And Fitness Geek said...

We need to not be afraid of the Romney folks, we need to invite them over.

Let's not be like the Democrat party.

Romney is a well accomplished figure, who has been working hard for McCain. If Romney and McCain are smart (which Obama was not) then they'll realize that although they are both great individuals, it is not the BEST CHANCE at winning.

Romney supporters - get on board with us!

Stacy said...

It looks like McCain is floating the balloon to announce his pick on Thursday night.

I agree that we cannot be like the democrats. My first choice for vp is Palin, but if it doesn't work out, I will support whomever McCain picks.

The last thing we need is Obama in office.

Chung said...

I'm inclined to think that the "earlier pick" speculation is but a way to get some free press. If it is legit, then it could be but one of two picks: Sarah Palin or Joe Lieberman. No other candidate in consideration could possibly generate enough media buzz to justify an announcement in the midst of the Democratic convention.

Erin said...


I agree completely that it would have to be a "wow" pick to justify announcing that evening. The usual suspects are exactly that--not worthy of a yawn on Obama's night.

Shay(zam) said...

Anyone watch McCain on Leno? His comments describing who he would choose as a Veep sounded very Palin-esque to me. Hopefully that's a good sign!

Koyomi Mizuhara said...

And the little Alaskan in Alaska just got served up by some of the Hot Air people.

Poetic Justice!

Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

For me, the absolute requirement is that McCain's running mate be pro-life. McCain's own commitment to pro-life causes has been, his recent promises notwithstanding, somewhat unreliable over the years.

The trial balloons for Ridge and even Lieberman tell me that McCain would like nothing better than to de-emphasize the abortion issue for this campaign, for his administration, and for the Republican Party into the foreseeable future.

But as the week just past has demonstrated, Obama, for all his weaknesses, has no greater weakness than on his abortion extremism.

Sarah Palin is not the only possibility who would shore up McCain's bona fides in this respect, but she's very good on the point.

Stacy said...

Hey Everyone. I just wrote a blog about the reason Obama is afraid of women at the top. It's posted on RCP reader articles if anyone wants to vote. Thanks.

techno said...

To add some clarity to the issue I would like to eliminate those who will not be chosen by McCain as his VP from those who still have a chance and then focus in on the possiblity of them being selected: Out:1) Kay Bailey Hutchinson-according to Larry King told him two nights ago that she has not been vetted and also has said in past interviews that she does not want the job 2) John Thune yesterday said he has not been vetted and is not a candidate 3) Bobby Jindal said recently he WILL NOT be the VP pick4)Colin Powell-several years ago in an interview said that his wife would not permit him to run for President because of assassination concerns-as a VP he would still have to expose himself and he is over 70 5) David Petraeus-said he had no political ambitions and just because he is a great general why would he be qualified to campaign as a potential VP.6) Rudy Guiliani-take him if you want a street fighter and communicator to match up with Biden and a man who can communicate with the average person,but with his 'domestic baggage' and being pro-choice that I think leaves him out. 7)Fred Thompson-his lacklustre performance is the primaries probably disqualifed him. McCain won't be able to count on him to be on his game consistently plus Fred has said he doesn't want to be VP. Now for the possibilities :1)Mike Huckabee-- on the surface an excellent communicator without sounding pompous and capable of relating to the average person.His weakness is policy and a harsh edginess.Fiscal conservatives and immigration hawks don't like him. Comes across as haughty, strident and vindictive (recent attacks on Romney) when he doesn't get his way and is perceived not to be a team player. He would be appealing to evangelicals but doesn't McCain already have the greater majority of them on his side? McCain would also have to take the chance that Huck would not alienate independents. 2)Joe Lieberman-has senate experience and foreign relations experience and a personal friendship with McCain on his side but the downside is he is 66, a senator, a Democrat, a liberal in domestic matters, and pro-choice. Sure it would be great for McCain to pick up Jewish voters but is the risk of losing the support of the base of the Republican party-millions and millions of stalwarts who may sit out the election and/or not vote worth it? I think not. I don't think McCain is that stupid. If he is he is going to lose big-time. 3) Tom Ridge-a very elegant man-could have been a male model when he was in his 20's-exudes competence and brain-power and would add gravitas, but the question I have is does McCain need additional gravitas on his ticket and would Ridge's pro-choice viewpoint turn off enough evangelical voters in Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia or Florida so that Obama would win in a close election? I think so. Would he be able to make up for that loss by attracting independents and keeping the PUMA's in McCain's camp. Frankly I don't think he has the charisma to pull it off. Remember a loss is a loss any way you want to cut it. 4) Tim Pawlenty-a governor who comes across as an average guy; I've seen him a number of times and quite honestly I can't remember anything that he has said. Having said that he has evangelical ties, appears to be a nice man and a good family man-a very solid, boring guy. If McCain doesn't feel he needs to add pizzazz to his ticket and only wants to firm up the base then Pawlenty would be an excellent pick. If he wants somebody who has a chance to stand up to Biden or fight to convince independents and the PUMA's to vote for McCain I don't think Pawlenty is an outreach type of guy, at least not in the numbers necessary for McCain to prevail. He would be a safe pick, but is 'safe' a winning prescription? I think not. 5) In politics money is considered the mother's milk-Mitt Romney is the poster boy for money in politics but also the prototype for a politician not getting his money's worth. Romney is an attractive, handsome, rich man,has a great smile,is a very capable CEO and leader and supposedly a great businessman and organizer-a man who gets things done in the private sector. But for all of that 'natural' talent don't you get the feeling that there should be more charisma or substance present, that he hasn't lived up to expectations for him in the political arena, that something is lacking.In addition with regards to policy, he leaves the listener wondering if he really believes what he says. He doesn't necessarily come off as aloof, but honestly can you see him understanding the problems of a family of 4 whose breadwinner makes under $30,000 a year. I just don't think he relates to the common man and woman. He would have been a great choice for VP for Harding, Coolidge or Hoover when in the 1920's elitism was king and the masses did not have to be catered to as much. In 2008 it is my gut feeling that he isn't capable of generating enough 'buzz' needed by McCain in the 'swing' states so that McCain can win in a close election. If McCain feels that Romney can, then McCain should go with him, as the majority of pundits consider Romney the most viable pick, whatever that means. But the question I have is how many pundits have assured McCain that he will win the election if he picks Romney? 6) Now we come to Sarah Palin. Let's first deal with the downside. If the perceived dust-up or scandal regarding Palin prevents McCain from considering her so be it. Then he will be left as Newt Gingrich has said with 'another boring white guy on the ticket. But why would McCain run ads trying to attract the PUMA's if he wasn't going to put a female on his ticket. Is McCain that stupid to be accused by the media and the Democrats of being a hypocrite? Folks, this is what this election has come down to-if McCain dashes the PUMA's hopes by picking a white man he will lose; if he has the guts to pick Sarah he might still lose but at least he'll have a fighting chance and isn't that what any underdog at most can expect. NB:sure Meg Whitman, Carly Fiorina and Fred Smith of Fedex are possbilities but would McCain designate somebody as his VP who had no experience in running a campaign or was not politically savvy? McCain, the maverick, might just do that and wouldn't every pundit have egg all over their face.

Chung said...

I just noticed in Palin's bio that she first entered politics in 1992, the so-called Year of Women. I don't know if the Anita Hill hearings motivated her, but it'd certainly be an effective narrative against Biden, who was the chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Kathie said...

Here is my response to the open thread at It by no means includes everything I could say, but I wanted to focus on Palin as someone who accomplishes things that could directly benefit all Americans.


Thanks for giving us an opportunity to comment on this important topic. I am a Clinton Democrat, supporting Sarah Palin because SHE GETS THE JOB DONE. In her third year as Alaska’s governor, she crafted and successfully steered a proposal for a trans-Canadian natural gas pipeline that had been bogged down in the Alaska legislature for 30 years. This is a measurable accomplishment that directly impacts our energy independence. She has taken on corruption in her own party. She has executive experience at the municipal and state level. She has been touted as someone who strongly supports the military–including her son, who is or will shortly be in Iraq.

Unlike Obama, she has direct foreign relations experience–with her two neighboring countries, Russia and Canada.

For those who say she is too young, I must remind you that JFK took office at the age of 44–Palin’s current age.

Finally, with regard to the comment she made on the Kudlow interview–asking what the VP does. I admit that it was a disingenous statement; however, what often is omitted when people bandy this about is that she also said–”I AM USED TO BEING PRODUCTIVE”. In other words, she is interested in working for her constituents, not being a “trophy VP”.

I think McCain would do a huge service to this country by selecting this talented governor as his vice-president.

Health And Fitness Geek said...

Wow, we have nearly 3300 signers... That's 600 more than ..what, a week or two ago?

A few more days and we find out. Contact their office and persons of influence guys and gals!

Conservative Hawk said...

I had not considered Gov. Palin in any of my blog posts until TED left that message on my blog as well. Mitt is not out, but I left a very nice post about my thoughts regarding Palin and Romney. Palin would be a great choice philosophically, but in terms of numbers, Romney brings more to the table. I see a bright future for Palin though. All things aside, she would be an AMAZING VP pick.

Health And Fitness Geek said...

Score!!! Here is the email I got from one of the campaign staffers.

"Thanks for the email, we have indeed seen the petition. A big part of our job is to be eyes and ears, so I would be happy to pass along your support for Gov. Palin. She is quite a remarkable person and has done a terrific job in Alaska. Thanks for your support and input.



If you also want to send your own personalized email, contact me offline and I can give you the email address.

Stacy said...

I'm a dork. My article made it to the front page of so thanks for anyone here who may have voted.

Ted said...

HT to

"How will Palin do in a debate with Biden? How many men watching will be aware that Biden is in the room?"

Health And Fitness Geek said...

Good one Ted.

STacy - can you provide the direct link or title or... something more to help us find it?

MWN said...

Romney's failure in the primaries can't be ignored. Even his "economic" skills are a myth. After McCain won the FL primary, exit polls showed that voters trusted him more on the economy than Romney.

Mitt's "performance" at CPAC fooled a lot of people who I thought were smart. I give him credit for that, if nothing else.

The GOP needs a compromise between the Evangelical/Huckabee supporters and the Establishment/Romney camp. When you consider that McCain's best choice politically would be a pro-life Governor, that narrows it down to Pawlenty or Palin.

There's an extra 5-7% out there that McCain needs to win. Pawlenty can't deliver them. Palin can.

Ray said...

I use to be signature 2005 on the petition, but I moved up to 2000. I guess that happened when duplicates were removed.

Are duplicates still being cleared off?

Stacy said...

Hey Paul. You can either click on my name next to my post above or go to The article on RCp is "Why Is Obama Afraid of Women?" It's no longer on the front page.

Thanks for the comment Ted.

Stacy said...

Hey Paul. You can either click on my name next to my post above or go to The article on RCp is "Why Is Obama Afraid of Women?" It's no longer on the front page.

Thanks for the comment Ted.

Wasilla Resident said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Rob Harrison said...

Funny, I didn't know there were trolls in Wasilla . . .

TC Robinson said...

Jim Vandehei of Politico just said on Studio B that he believe McCain will pick someone that shakes things up. Mitt Romney's name didn't come up AT ALL.

I think, and I've said this for a while now, it's down to Ridge and Palin.

Health And Fitness Geek said...

Kudos to whoever this is (I have my guesses.. and it starts with PFA, Tedd, smartgirlpolitics.. :) )

techno said...

Just heard Dana Bash of CNN speculate that McCain's choice will be either Romney or Lieberman. Either they are way behind the times, or they know something all of us who have our ear to the ground don't know.

MWN said...

A liberal CNN reporter who wants McCain to lose is rooting for Romney or Lieberman? There you go.

There was also a story in the ultra-liberal SF Chronicle about how Democrats are "afraid" of Romney.

Surely the McCain camp sees what's going on here.

mercutio said...

After the MN fishing opener, Pawlenty made a studpid joke, in front of the assembled news crews, with the punchline, "Now maybe my wife will have sex with me."

Really stupid. No one laughed, especially his charming wife.

I can just see that reel being played over and over again.

I like Tim, but I'm a late (today) possible-supporter of Palin.

Good comments.

Tanning Lotion said...

I think that Obama did more harm than good by selecting Biden. I say Palin for VP. Heck she has my vote over McCain.

Rickyjo said...

To defeat McCain and Biden Mc Cain needs someone with alot of experiencein foreign policy Sarah doesn't have it. I am democrat who is looking for a better choice than Obama. Someone please give me one!

Nakamura said...

Biden has a kid in the military, so he's not going to be making fun of hers for it.

Yenmor said...

If Sarah looks like she is being buillied by Biden.....I think that will make Sara look like she is not ready to be VP and a heart beat away from the White House. Those who wanted Hillary....wanted Hillary not just any woman.

cjterps02 said...

I think you offended Karl Rove when you called Biden the best attack dog.

Nathan Heller said...

Is anyone concerned about the wisdom of picking someone so inexperienced and young to be a heartbeat away from the presidency, when McCain is so close to death, frankly? I really don't think McCain will live through a full term. We've seen what the stress of that job did to age & make ill both Bill Clinton & George W. Bush. (They each aged 30 years in 8.) Is this really smart, considering it is at least reasonable that she could become president? I ask this because I'm genuinely curious what supporters of hers have to say about this, because several of my Republican friends have actually said they're so bothered by what they see as "wrecklessness" and a desperate attempt to woo agitated Hillary voters that they're now saying they're going to vote for Bob Barr. How would you respond to Republicans who think this pick shows that McCain has lost the plot?