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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

McCain's Best Choice: Sarah Palin

(Note: After I wrote the following piece making light of "breaking news," news in fact did emerge from FOX about Sarah Palin receiving a major speaking role on the second night of the Republican convention (see end of this column). Kristofer and I are mulling over what exactly this means, and we don't believe it signifies that Sarah isn't the nominee. More later.)

Dear Friends, this will be my last day doing guest posts on Adam's blog, one devoted to a thoroughly remarkable woman, Sarah Heath Palin, Governor of Alaska. All highly successful blogs -- and this is surely one of them -- are devoted in part to "breaking news." Frankly, at this point in the process, however, most of the "news" actually consists of "breaking rumors."

Let me reminisce some about why I came on board when Adam asked me -- about 18 months ago -- to support someone whose name was barely familiar to me: Gov. Palin. Like so many of you, I had to learn how to pronounce Sarah's name correctly: PALE -in.

One reason "Sarah for VP" had appeal to me so long ago was that I believed the conventional wisdom then about the person the Democrats would nominate for President. Of course (silly us), it would be Hillary Rodham Clinton, right? Nope! The Democrats have made a truly bizarre choice, an inexperienced, unqualified, untrustworthy, and dangerous (as in "invade Pakistan") man named Barack Hussein Obama.

Would a McCain-Palin ticket beat an Obama-anybody ticket? They would beat them, as an old Pittsburgh-area sportscaster put it, "like a rented mule." The most recent Zogby poll had McCain leading nationally by five points (while Gallup and Rasmussen have the right roughly even). I believe Zogby is correct. As The Economist put it recently, the nation is suffering from "Obama fatigue." We've found that our golden-tongued orator is just a young windbag, a guy who does a great job reading a speech (that someone else wrote) off a TelePrompter.

Since April (around the time of the PA Primary), I've been working with Supporters of Hillary Clinton, people who are very angry at the fraud and strong-arm tactics that took place in the Democratic caucuses. The NoBama Movement is large, and it is growing. On two of my blogs, I'm printing letter-after-letter from former Democrats, men and women who are leaving the Party they once thought was theirs. The MSM being the MSM, you probably haven't heard about that important development.

In all probability, John McCain is going to be the next President. For him to choose Sarah as his running mate would be both bold and wise.

Of course, we Republicans aren't exactly noted for boldness. Like Claude Rains in "Casablanca," our tendency is to "round up the usual suspects." At this time in history, the usual suspects -- say, a Mitt Romney or a Mike Huckabee or a Tom Ridge -- are not good enough. Such people are the "Ghosts of the GOP Past." They do not represent the future of the Republican Party or or of the country.

Sarah Palin does represent that future. To be fair, there are other potential candidates, such as Bobby Jindal, Mark Sanford, and Eric Cantor, who will be part of that future. But McCain can't do better than Sarah, an individual synonymous with toughness, courage, integrity, and consistency. Sarah Palin is the quintessential Amrican.

Let me end by saluting those of you who have embraced this remarkable young woman. You're doing a service to your country -- as she's doing for hers.

(Note: I hope some of you who've visited my blogs -- and many have -- will continue doing so. Two of them are: the national one (featuring Bill Clinton's complicity in 9/11) and the Hillary Supporters one (featuring Democrats leaving their Party). My best to all of you.

"With seven of the most-named running mates listed to speak at the Republican National Convention, the veepstakes over John McCain’s vice presidential running mate is anyone’s guess.

"The convention line-up, which will be held in St. Paul, Minn., from Sept. 1-4, features Connecticut Independent Democratic Sen. Joe Lieberman on the first night; former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin on the scond night; former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal on the third night; and Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty and Florida Gov. Charlie Crist on the last night.

"The third night is the night the vice presidential nominee will give his acceptance speech. Other speakers that night include Cindy McCain, former eBay CEO Meg Whitman and former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina.

"Jindal has said he is not interested in the job but Romney has clearly indicated he would accept the nod. FOX News learned this week that Ridge is no longer under consideration because of his support for abortion rights.

"McCain is expected to announce his choice for running mate at a rally in Dayton, Ohio, on Aug. 29. The date is his 72nd birthday and the day after the Democratic National Convention ends."

Note that Mark Sanford, SC Governor, is NOT on the list.


Anonymous said...

of course the first question is can't the schedule be subjet to change?

Anonymous said...

With Romney speaking the same night the VP nominee is chosen, I just wonder if that means they put him on that night because he is actually the VP nominee. It seems weird they would have Sarah speak the night before, and then have her come back the next night to do a VP acceptance speech. After all, everyone will know who the pick is by then. I am heartbroken to say this, but it seems like maybe she won't be chosen. Let's hope my analysis is wrong and that they have her set to speak Tuesday as a diversion until the pick is announced.Then they could remove her from Tuesday's lineup. Is that possible? I'm grasping at straws here....

Anonymous said...

I hope to God that John McCain doesn't pick Romney. He can't be trusted. Don't listen to the beltway Republicans. Listen to the people. We want Sarah! I am a moderate-conservative Republican, but if McCain picks Romney to be his running mate, pulling the lever for McCain will become that much more difficult. I want Sarah to be the nominee, but I'll take Jindal, Huckabee, ANYBODY but Romney.

Adam Brickley, aka "ElephantMan" said...

Great news!

This schedule will almost certainly be shuffled, as almost all of the potential veeps have speeches scheduled. The only persona who I think is written off is Giuliani, who recieved the keynote, and he didn't seem that high up. My guess it that they have another primetime speaker selected and ready to be inserted once a VP is chosen. Leaving a high-level veep prospect off the speakers list would set off an unwanted media frenzy.

Greetings from DC, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Palin beats Romney in virtually all the Veep polls, though Romney is far better known.

Many moderates/women/former Dems-hillary types would move to McCain with Palin, but absolutely NOT with Romney.



And with Romney, Bob Barr is alive and well to eat into GOP votes; with Palin, Barr is out of the picture.

I simply can't believe McCain would go with Romney -- but then again, the only explanation would/could be mental incapacity or hatred of the GOP on the part of McCain (after all McCain's best friend and ally in the Senate is Goober Lindsay Graham, who sabotages the GOP every chance he gets).

Anonymous said...

Well... I for one am very disappointed that it really appears as though Sarah hasn't been chosen. I've got a theory about who may be selected over at

Of course I'm not giving up on Palin and I for one will continue my support.

Anonymous said...

Palin for America, I'll tell you one thing. If it isn't Sarah Palin, it BETTER be Marsha Blackburn or I will seriously consider staying home.

Anonymous said...

Go here for a quick study on Marsha Blackburn:
If it is not to be Sarah then Marsh Blackburn looks very promising! Anyone know her drawbacks as a VP for McCain?

Health And Fitness Geek said...

The unequivocal positive news is that, despite such minimal media publicity, Palin will be at the RNC night - wow!

That's awesome. This will garner her short term and long term name recognition and support from Republicans, females, Independents etc..

It would be absolutely astonishing, and the crowd would go wild - IF McCain did pull a hail marry and brought her back for the acceptance speech.

I believe it's still possible.

I'm continuing to urge everyone to call the offices, send emails every avenue possible.....

Untill we get a annoyed mail saying to stop.

Anonymous said...

1. Kudos to the Mike Lange reference, Stephen.

2. I'm not sure that Jindal will be speaking on Wednesday evening. If prime time is an hour and Cindy McCain speaks first for about 10-15 minutes, then I'm not sure that it works with Jindal and the VP. If anything, he seems a likely candidate in my mind to swap with someone else already scheduled to speak in prime time.

3. If I'm wrong about that (being able to fit Cindy McCain, Jindal, and the VP nominee into an hour), then Romney or Pawlenty, neither of whom is speaking in prime time makes sense from a logistical perspective. If I'm right about that-- Jindal being switched with another prime time person-- then a prime time speaker is a likely choice for McCain. That's just a statement about the logistics.

4. I've gone back and forth about this, trying to think about this from McCain's perspective (and from a quote unquote true independent voter's perspective) rather than from the perspective of someone who wants to see Palin picked. It's tough to detact yourself like that, but here it goes:

-- Forget about 80-85% of the voters out there. They've made up their minds to vote for McCain or Obama, and nothing is going to change their perspective.

-- Where a VP pick may matter is in terms of appeal to swing voters. This group has a lot of Reagan Democrats (people from placed like Michigan, Ohio, western PA with conservative instincts who aren't married to either party by doctrine and who place high emphasis on wanting to know that a candidate and VP candidate "speak their language" to borrow Glenn Beck's words) and the over 50 Clinton women's group. Palin appeals to both groups more than any other prospective candidate while, at the same time, creating heavy enthusiasm in the GOP base.

-- Now, it's time to be honest: Palin has two drawbacks. The first drawback is experience. That's not her fault, but McCain's "is he ready to lead" attack against Obama loses its luster with a pick like Palin. On the other hand, it's pretty hard to attack her, as a VP pick, for being inexperienced when the Democratic presidential nominee is less experienced. So, Palin doesn't hurt you in this regard, but she may blunt a specific line of attack for McCain. The second item is the whole investigation in Alaska. We know that it's BS. And, 30% of the nuts out there will make it into the second coming of Watergate. But, for the 15-20% of swing voters out there, with few exceptions, I think that most people will take a "what's the big deal" attitude and be a lot more interested in who Palin is and what she has to say.

-- Now, turn to the timing of the announcement. Obama gives his speech. McCain is ready to go with his rally in Ohio the next day. The VP choice will be the highlight. A pro-choice candidate means a riot. A Romney or a Pawlenty gets a "meh" response from swing voters. But, picking Palin and announcing her there completely quashes the Obama story and, as an announcement when people, including swing voters, are paying attention, gets people to sit up straight and ask "who is this person". Now, the beauty of all of this is that, before the MSM and Dems get to spin the investigation or anything else, swing voters get to here Palin speak. Her words, when everyone is paying attention, will define the first impressions of her. This is why I (and I suspect several others) have liked this timing for the VP announcement.

So, let's take a simple look: 80-85% of the people have made up their minds, and a VP pick won't matter. Swing voters in the big swing states are the key.

Approach one is to do no harm, to make a "meh" pick who registers a 0.5 in the minds of independent voters. And, a McCain who sees this election trending his way very well may do that.

Approach two is to find a pick who registers a 10.0 in terms of impact while, at the same time, uniting the base. Palin does that.

What are the rewards of introducing her on August 29?

1. You pick someone who has a personality and story that will appeal to swing voters.

2. You change the story from Obama in a way that other picks cannot.

3. You give Palin a forum to create the first impression with her words, not MSM spin.

What is the down side?

1. You risk turning off voters with the investigation, but for every one swing voter you lose that way, I think that you get atleast 10 more favorably disposed towards McCain because of what Palin brings to the table in terms of communicating with swing voters.

2. Picking a governor with 2 years of experience mutes to a degree McCain's "is he ready to lead" approach. It's a risk that some swing voters might see it as hypocritical, but it's not as if they're going to rush to Obama as a result and, again, it's how Palin communicates with independent voters that will matter far more.

Look, I don't think that it's going to happen. It's just my gut feeling. But, there's a highly compelling case to be made to pick her. Where a Romney or a Pawlenty won't make a difference, Palin is the type where the rewards to be realized with swing voters far outweighs the drawbacks (which an honest person should admit are there).

Plus, there's one more thing to consider: For me, a presidential candidacy is about a story. One of the reasons that Obama was so appealing is that his story is "change". That resonated at first glance. But, his problem is that he's the Wizard of Oz candidate. He talks about change. And, it sounds good until you pull back the curtain.

With McCain, the story is the maverick you know who will keep you safe. Palin supports the maverick part of the story. She'd complement the message that is "I'll fight the Democrats, and I'll even fight my own party, because I'm here to do your business. I don't just talk about change. I deliver change".

Health And Fitness Geek said...

Anon - I agree with you on a lot, but disagree with you on a few major points.

1.) McCain is concerned about his "Conservative" base, the people Rush Limbaugh and Mike Huckabee keep screaming about. He's vetted, probably seriously, Leiberman and Ridge and ha a wildly negative response.

2.)If he doesn't pick someoen that will continue to appease the Christian conservatives, they WILL stay home and he will lose. Something like 15+ million is a lot more than the "INdependent" an Democrat support he might have, imho.

3.) Marsha Blackburn, who PFA suggests as a Palin alternative appears to be a good choice on the cover. She is a woman... However, she is ignificantly more Right than Palin or McCain. Look here up at

-This would appease Limbaugh, Cristians Coalation etc...
-But it would just peg the team as really being Bush/Cheney/Right wing wackos.

3.) He'd lose the INdependents and a lot of the Hillary supporters...

Marsha Blackburn may be a "safe" pick, but I think it's too safe.

I'm still fighting for Palin.

Who here has contacted their offices and sent emails? I have..

Anonymous said...

Ask yourself this, if the Convention has Palin speaking -- who, let's face it, is the most exciting WOW of the whole bunch -- and then is NOT the VEEP (while she meets all the criteria and fitness and is most logical/maximum politically for Veep) this merely highlights the blahness of any other Veep possibility -- so I'd say, things are looking up for Palin as Veep!

Anonymous said...

Guys, I think it just might be Palin. Here's why:

1. Wednesday night, when she is scheduled to speak, is the only other night other than vp night where there are 3 speakers in primetime. That allows them to move Jindal to Wednesday night to speak in her place.

2. Cindy McCain is speaking before and likely introducing the VP nominee. I think that makes it more likely that it's a woman.

3. Why would they have someone speak after the VP? Wouldn't that take away from him/her? I think Jindal IS the filler speaker.

I'm going to say it now. If it ISN'T Palin, then I don't know who else it could be.

Anonymous said...

I still want Sarah Palin as much as anyone else, but the murky quick sand of Alaskan politics is just pulling her down too much. This is just a selection of her headlines:

*Palin's aide put on leave in firing flap - Anchorage Daily News
*Trooper union asks for Palin e-mails - KTUU
*Palin says staffer pressed trooper firing - San Diego Union Tribune

Not only that, but I strongly believe that Wooten is being held as an insurance policy to make sure she doesn't get selected.

I have a feeling that Halcro paid for Wooten's extended vacation and wanted this trashy trooper to stay in the shadows. Halcro and Palin's enemies in Alaska would go nuts if if she was selected as a VP and I think they would do whatever possible to keep that from happening.

Now, why would Halcro want Wooten to stay hidden until a key moment? Halcro must have known about the tasering and the drunk driving and the fact that these proven allegations would torpedo any of his abuse of power claims against Palin. Further, if Wooten himself started speaking to the media, he would most likely say something terribly stupid and again, halt any attempt at pegging Palin for abuse of power.

So what Halcro could do is keep Wooten hidden and keep the press away from this wildcard thereby ensuring that the trooper remains an unknown variable. This unknown variable could have enough of an impact on McCain's advisers to stay away from Palin. Or, in the event that Palin is chosen, Trooper Wooten magically appears and begins playing the victim and files breach of privacy lawsuits against the Governor-turned-VP nominee.

As much as I love and support Palin, McCain can't afford a VP who would be dogged by such nonsense.

I think our next step is get Palin on the national stage. Get her to take Steven's Senate seat and go for a 2012 or 2016 run for President.

Anonymous said...

The point about Cindy McCain is very interesting, T.C. It would make more sense for Cindy to introduce the female V.P running mate. Good point.

Paul, as far as the Conservative base, they would have no problem with Palin. Rush likes her, Hannity likes her, Beck likes her, most of the hardcore right would like her so Blackburn isn't any more or less "safe" than Palin. They are pretty much equal. The only difference is Marsha Blackburn doesn't have any EXECUTIVE experience as far as I'm aware of.

Also, I just got off of and there are rumors going around that Obama may pick Caroline Kennedy as his running mate. I don't want to be doubtful, but if he does that, then we ALL have a pretty big problem. Although she has less political experience than Obama, it makes sense for him to double down on "change". If you weren't voting for him based on experience anyway, it doesn't matter who he picks for V.P. Pray to God in Heaven that he does NOT pick Caroline Kennedy. If he does then it definitely does not look good for John McCain. He should've announced Palin sooner. If the rumors get stronger about this, then McCain has to announce either Palin or Blackburn IMMEDIATELY in order to prevent Obama from nominating Kennedy.

Anonymous said...

palin for america:--

with all due respect, I think you're going way too deep -- Wooten the victim ???!!!

The only outcome of the troopergate thing is showing Palin to be politically attacked by the Dems/Obama Campaign/Alaska State Sen Hollis French/Troopers Union --
and Palin comes out looking even better and tougher -- showing she operates in a politically tough environment.

Anonymous said...

And PFA, no one really gives a crap about her "troopergate". It's so stupid and irrelevant, don't let that cloud up your mind. We have bigger problems, like Caroline Kennedy.

Health And Fitness Geek said...

If BO takes Kennedy, we COULD be in trouble..

But - does she have any political experience?

Could she really be (and want to be) CIF?...

She seems like a lot of risk/responsibility to run the country in the event of Obama having a stroke or something.

Wherease Palin could easily take McCain's spot...

Despite what Michal Moore has said, I doubt he'll pick her.

Obama would double down on "inabilities"

Anonymous said...

Ted, as I said, I'm right there with you. But, you know, we are members of the advanced class when it comes to the "abuse of power" issue. We know details that CNN itself can't be bothered to research and report on (when it was ready to lump Palin in with Stevens, back several weeks ago.)

There is something called the "Magoo Effect" whereby in today's society people are drowning in information and they have difficulty discerning details, much like Magoo had difficulty seeing. So although the trooper scandal really does make Palin look stronger to those of us who know the details, to others who just read headlines it will look very different.

All people will see is "Palin in currently under investigation for abuse of power" and they won't see beyond this. Believe me, it pains me to say this, but we have to be realistic.

Anonymous said...

If he picks Carolina Kennedy the election is over, Mccain will win. She has zero experience and it will look like he's trying to pander to those who loved JFK. He's not that stupid.

I'm surprised Jindal didn't get the keynote.

Anonymous said...

Mccain is up 5 now. Does this open the door for Hillary at the convention?

Anonymous said...

"The third night is the night the vice presidential nominee will give HIS acceptance speech."

Anonymous said...

By the way, it looks like the VP will speak after Jindal, not Cindy McCain. The Politico article left out a lot of detail.

RNC Convention Details

Anonymous said...

A Kennedy pick is a pick of more of the same. Would Obama go for that?

Kennedy= Same

Clinton= Same

Even though Obama himself is more of the same, tired old poltics, he doesn't want it to look that way.

Health And Fitness Geek said...

BTW - Somethign remarkable on the NRO poll which is worth remembering,

790 votes for Palin!!!
I'm sure some of this included some overzealous users here using multiple email accts ;) but still.

McCain - you listening buddy!?

Anonymous said...

PFA, a comment about this whole investigation:

85% of people have made up their minds. Those disposed to vote for Obama will see it as the second coming of Watergate. Those disposed to vote for McCain won't give two flying farts. The ones who matter are the swing voters.

How will they perceive this investigation? I suspect that most will see it as much ado about a lot of BS. Yes, some people could be influenced by it in a negative way. But, that group will be heavily outnumbered by the swing voters who will react quite positively to Palin being chosen (instead of the "meh" reaction among swing voters that a Romney is far more likely to get).

It's a simple cost benefit analysis in the end. The investigation isn't the impediment. Frankly, it might actually help. You only get so much time to whine about your opponent, and focusing on the investigation will strike a lot of swing voters as petty BS. Plus, there's the added benefit: the Hillary group among the swing voters very well might perceive this line of attack as a Hillary style hatchet job redux.

As for the timing, I'll repeat again what I wrote earlier: The biggest concern is that you want everyone to be paying attention when McCain announces his pick. It's especially important for someone like Palin, who isn't a household name. What this allows for is that Palin's own words will be the basis for a first impression, before the media gets to start its spin routine.

As for Caroline Kennedy, her selection would not help the Palin cause. On the other hand, it most assuredly would help the McCain cause. Where the argument for Cheney was gravitas for GWB, what exactly would the argument be for Kennedy, no experience to go the Obama's 143 days in the Senate? She is not happening.

Obama will go first. My hope is that he does not choose Hillary. He'll pick one of the named names. And, then one of two things happens after his convention:

1. McCain chooses what political pundits call a "do no harm" pick, a guy like Romney or Pawlenty. I can't agree with it, but I see why it could happen.

2. McCain plays the fighter pilot and goes outside of the box. Among those outside of the box picks, Palin is the best. Think about how it would play on August 29 (and how it would look in hindsight): Obama is on his high. Everyone is talking about him. And, then, with all of the cameras rolling, McCain trots out Palin . . .

I still see #1 being a lot more likely. It's not a question of what I want, just what I see. But, you really can't read anything into the fact that few people have been talking about Palin. If McCain goes another direction, it means in hindsight that she was a dark horse when McCain always was going with the quote unquote safe pick. If he picks Palin, then it means that the lack of mentions or meetings were part of a plan to roll Palin out after the DNC convention when she would get an honest chance to make a first impression with her words (do you see McCain being that smart?).

And, make no mistake about one thing: No matter who McCain picks, it's going to be hatchet job time. Romney will have Bain thrown in his face. Pawlenty will catch blame for the bridge. A guy like Jindal would get the exorcism jokes. Frankly, those are the spin arguments that will be a lot more persuasive with swing voters than some conspiratorial theory about Palin that, in the end, is much ado about what at most qualifies as very little.

Anonymous said...

This news of McCain's lead is of concern to me personally, as far as this movement is concerned. I would LOVE to see Sarah get the nod. I've convinced family and friends that she's the best choice, and I'm still recruiting. However, with a lead over Obama, it makes sense to me that McCain would go ahead and "play it safe" with a ho-hum pick rather that swing at a homerun and potentially miss. Of course I don't want him to, but this has me concerned.

At any rate, I cannot wait to hear her speech on the second night. Perhaps this is what she needs to bring her to the national spotlight like Obama four years ago. I believe McCain will be a one term president if he wins, and she would be set up nicely to make a run if she doesn't get the nod this year.

Anonymous said...

PFA, this article explicitly says Jindal will speak after the VP.

Anonymous said...

Other Anon, the points that you bring up about Caroline Kennedy are valid. However, all voters who are not voting for Obama on the basis of experience probably don't care who his V.P is. No one will say "I don't like Obama because of his lack of experience, but if he picks Joe Biden then he's my guy!" Caroline Kennedy helps Obama double down on his message of "change". Yes she is a Kennedy, but she has not been involved in politics. She would have the best (or in our case, worst) of both worlds by having a familiar name and STILL being seen as outside the beltway.

Some of Hillary's base, especially the older ones, would have fond memories of J.F.K and R.F.K and want to put another Kennedy in the white house. People already compare Obama to J.F.K. Caroline Kennedy just gives him more legitimacy as he attempts to reincarnate himself as John Kennedy. Do not take this lightly. Make no mistake about it. If Caroline Kennedy is Obama's running mate, we are in DEEP trouble.

Anonymous said...

"A guy like Jindal would get the exorcism jokes."

Talk about the Dems losing the Catholic vote. There is no way they would say that. Catholics are leaning Republican as it is (big lead among white Catholics) with Obama's faith based initiative. An anti-Catholic stance would kill them.

Anonymous said...

Keep your fingers crossed, everyone. It's looking like Bayh may be the guy...

Dr. K2

Anonymous said...

Kennedy? A vp with 0 experience? Obama is inexperienced, smug and dangerous, but he's not stupid.

Kathie said...

I hate it when links don't work right...

Mongo Mere Pawn said...

First, despite having raised the possibility of Caroline Kennedy as Senator Obama's running mate almost two weeks ago, I wish to disassociate myself completely from anything urged by Michael Moore.

Second, Senator McCain refused to rule out a pro-choice running mate on Laura Ingraham this morning, and Mayor Guiliani pretty much discounted the life issue as a deal breaker during his telephone conference for the campaign this afternoon, suggesting that the Party faithful will get behind Senator McCain's choice no matter what their displeasure on a single issue.

Either Senator McCain is seriously considering a pro-choice VP, or this is one incredible head fake to steer the media and the Obama campaign away from a choice such as Governor Palin. Unfortunately, given Senator McCain's history with social conservatives, I think he really is considering Senator Lieberman or Governor Ridge or, possibly, Mayor Guiliani.

Defeat snatched from the jaws of victory.

Anonymous said...

McCain can not be stupid enough to pick a pro-choice running mate. Until I see it for myself, I refuse to believe that he's that dumb. If the Presidential nominee was someone that had more credibility with conservatives, then he could get away with picking a pro-choice running mate, but not McCain. He can't do it. He won't do it. I refuse to believe that he's stupid enough to do it.

And to the other Anon, Obama's running mate doesn't HAVE to be experienced because he already isn't. No one who won't vote for Obama based on inexperience will change their minds because he picks someone with more experience. If anything, picking someone with MORE experience than Obama HURTS him, not helps him. It just fully reinforces the fact that he has very little experience. For example, if the ticket is Obama/Biden, many people will feel that that ticket should be flipped around. Therefore, if Obama wants to double down on "change" Caroline Kennedy having 0 experience is irrelevant. It will hurt the country in the long run, but not his campaign.

Anonymous said...

I'd vote for Ridge, Lieberman, or Guiliani as VP. I would not even hesitate.

I think Palin helps with social conservatives (who aren't the base of the Republican party, since there really is no base- just different factions). I want all factions to feel like they can support the VP. Everyone proposing Romney has no idea how many people will not vote for McCain, because of it.

I like McCain a lot, because he is not too socially conservative, although he is a little bit. That said, I will not vote for him, if Romney is VP. He is corrupt, and you cannot bet on where he is on social stances. I will not vote for Obama, either. I ruled out Obama early in the race.

Anonymous said...

Caroline Kennedy doesn't help Obama in any way. All that does in enrage Hillar supporters who would be outraged at the fact that he picked a woman so unqualified to be the President of the United States.

There's no way it's Kennedy, especially since Michael Moore said it.

If he picks her he'll be creamed, regardless of who Mccain's pick is. With Russia continuing to ruffle its feathers, the country will not vote for a ticket with so little experience. He needs someone to help with foreign policy.

Anonymous said...

MK: No reason to worry! There is now a 60% chance that it WILL be Palin. The Mccain Camp has has been avoiding mentioning her name until now! Of course all of you must know that the schedule for the speakers can be changed. Besides Pawlenty - the only other (semi)viable option is also mentioned on the same list -(sheduled to speak on the last day of the convention).

Even as late as yesterday we did not even know that she would be attending the convention, let alone be one of the speakers. She may be scheduled for Tuesday, but I think her values/energy speech will take place on the third day of the convetion.

This is a high stakes game - both campaigns are trying to outsmart each other; the schedule of speeches at the convention just released by RNC is just part of this game.

But it is good to know that Palin will be at the convention - and will actually give her inspirational speech - on the third day of the convetion. And from that moment on her brand will become the republican brand - assuring victory in November. MK.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Steven M Nielson said...

should we consider the second night as an introduction of the nominee? This leaves Ridge and Palin. Ridge has already come under increased attacks by the conservatives, fueled by Limbaugh, basically eliminating him from the nomination. That would leave Palin as the spotlight speaker, introducing herself to the nation as the new face of the conservative movement - ready to retake the stage the following night to thunderous applause.

Anonymous said...

I just found this blog post on American Solutions, Newt's website. It is officially posted as a pen by -HawaiiArchitect- but the style of prose has Newt's penmanship written all over it.

Am I the only one seeing this? Why would Newt not just come out and say this rather than let one of his bloggers disguise it?

Is Newt afraid that liberals will attack Palin if she is seen as closely tied to Newt? If Palin is seen as closely tied to Newt will that drive away disaffected Hillary supporters from Palin.

I get the same impression from Limbaugh and Hannity-they both be seeming to burst trying to conceal their enthusiasm for Palin---maybe the word is out-don't tip off Obama

Whoever said politics is like an iceberg-90 percent is below the surface knew what they were talking about it-I wish someone could get to the bottom of this blog post-there may be a pot of gold (newsworthy inside information) there.


New Energy for America
By HawaiiArchitect
John McCain needs to seriously consider selecting Alaska Gov Sarah Palin as his choice for the Vice Presidency.

I believe that first and foremost Americans will vote their pocketbooks in the upcoming general election. The central issue for the American pocketbook is energy. The objections of Obama, Pelosi, and Reed notwithstanding, solid majorities of Americans now favor drilling for oil offshore and in ANWR. No VP option in either party is more poised to seize on that issue than Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

I will spell out the case for Palin below. My only reservation against Palin is that she does not engender McCain to repeat the mistake made by Bush 41 in 1988 by selecting Quayle as his VEEP. Quayle clearly demonstrated a deer in the headlight look during tough interviews thus making him an easy target for the press, pundits, and late night comedians.

Just this week Palin has been making the rounds on the cable news networks
and I have to say, given her background as a television news reporter, she is better at conducting one on one interviews than Obama is at reading a teleprompter or posing for a coin. When I watch her on TV I am reminded of a Reagan campaign rally I attended in 1984 where the Gipper said "One day America is going to elect a woman as its president and she's going to be a Republican".

I will hold this one reservation until I see Palin on the Sunday morning shows. I trust and encourage Brokaw to hold the Russert standard in place by grilling her on Meet The Press. If she does perform well on this and further venues then I will arrive at the conclusion that there is for certain presidential timber in Alaska.

The case for Palin is very strong. On background, college degreed as a journalist, she was a high school basketball star and beauty queen that participated in the Miss Alaska Pageant. She has an incredibly photogenic family including five children. Her oldest son is active duty military and her youngest son, an infant, was born with Down's Syndrome. The inspirational manner Palin and her husband publicly dealt with the challenge of a Down's child has truly solidified her pro-life credentials in a day and age where so many Down's Syndrome children are never carried to term.

She had a successful tenure in the city of Wasilla, an Anchorage suburb, as a council member and then Mayor going on the become president of the Alaska Council of Mayors. This led to an appointment to a state agency by the former governor of Alaska. The good old boy system did not play well with her. We might say Palin is more of a maverick than McCain. She resigned the appointment in protest over corruption in the agency's dishonest handling of Alaska's valuable energy reserves. When the governor did not respond to her complaints she ran against him in 2006 and defeated him in the Republican primary election.

In the 2006 Alaska general election for governor Sarah Palin really began to shine. There were plenty of reasons for her not to have won this election. She was running against a former two-term governor in a very tough year for Republicans. She adopted a campaign theme of "New Energy for Alaska" that encouraged a more responsible development of the state's tremendous natural resources. She was elected.

Since 2006, Governor Palin's popularity has gone nowhere but up-way up-into the 80 plus percentile range of approval ratings by Alaskans. This has in part been achieved by continuing to fight against government corruption and pork barrel spending in the state legislature. Today she is the most popular governor in America.

There are many hollow arguments against her. One is that she is from a small isolated state. With energy being the most important election issue and its elements including ANWR and OCS, Alaska is however at ground zero and center stage in this election with tremendous resources of energy reserves ready willing and able to contribute relief to the American people.

What about the argument that Palin does not have enough elective office experience to be on the ticket with McCain? Granted she is younger than Obama, but she is now in her 15th year of elective office, giving her at least two more years of service than Obama. Unlike Obama, the majority of Palin's experience has been executive as opposed to voting present in the Illinois legislature or running for president while not present in the U.S. Senate. Palin is clearly more qualified than Obama to be Vice President.

No foreign policy experience? Watching Palin challenging Congress on offshore drilling on the cable networks flies in the face of this charge. She is clearly the expert with the solution for achieving energy independence while Congress and Obama are the do-nothing idiots "living in la-la land" without a plan to end our dependence on the oil of third world dictators not concerned with America's best national interests. Perhaps its Congress and Obama that don't have sufficient foreign policy experience.

Alaska is the only state bordered by two foreign countries and additionally shares no common border with another state. Palin has actively negotiated and achieved intergovernmental accords for cooperation with Canadian provinces and territories and is at the forefront of negotiations to construct the TransCanada natural gas pipeline from Alaska to the contiguous 48 states. The new pipeline will economically deliver billions of cubic feet of safe, clean, and efficient natural gas to hungry American energy markets.

At the heart of energy independence ergo national security is keeping oil dollars out of the hands of terrorists sympathizing Saudi Arabian madrasahs. Elmendorf USAFB commander Brig. Gen. Tom Tinsley has called Gov. Sarah Palin "one of the greatest military supporters we've ever had." While Obama conducts an internal self identity debate over whether to wear a US flag lapel pin each day depending on what constituency he is attempting to appeal to, Palin proudly and rightfully displays the US Service Star flag on her lapel in honor of her son's active military service in the War on Terror. There will be no accusatory Quaylesque questions from the liberal media inquiring what general was called by what Palin family member seeking to avoid service in the military.

So if Palin has what it takes to be Vice President how should McCain proceed? Obama is certain to go to Iraq (clearly now a fading election issue) to answer charges from McCain about being misinformed on the war issue. About the time Obama is leaving, Palin should issue a challenge to McCain and Obama to visit ANWR with her so she can make the case to them in person.

Obama would never go but McCain should. McCain should clearly proclaim while at ANWR that Palin has changed his mind on this issue and that now only Obama and Congress stand between the American people and energy independence. In light of the emerging central importance of new energy for America in the election McCain should say he has asked Gov Palin to serve as America's new Vice President with a special assignment. During her tenure in office her central responsibility will be to lead an initiative rivaling the Manhatten project and the Apollo space program to aggressively make America totally independent of foreign energy resources by 2016.

In doing this the GOP campaign theme should be McCain-Palin "New Energy for America".

What other VEEP choice brings more potential than this to the table???? I am at a loss to understand what the downside of having Palin on the Republican ticket would be. What other Republican would have more appeal and excitement to bring about a McCain victory? How on Earth will the liberal press attack her?

I ask all of you.....where is this argument off base?????

Anonymous said...

HawaiiArchitect is not Newt. I know who it is though, and it's heartening to see him write this.

Anonymous said...

From the media archives----

Reagan did make the quote below in Cumberland, Georgia on Monday September 17th, 1984 and on stage beside him were Florida Sen. Paula Hawkins, Georgia Sen. Mack Mattingly, and Georgia Congressman Newt Gingrich

I watch her on TV I am reminded of a Reagan campaign rally I attended in 1984 where the Gipper said "One day America is going to elect a woman as its president and she's going to be a Republican".


Anonymous said...

Who is HawaiiArchitect?

Anonymous said...

Talk about take no prisoners....

Unlike Obama, the majority of Palin's experience has been executive as opposed to voting present in the Illinois legislature or running for president while not present in the U.S. Senate. Palin is clearly more qualified than Obama to be Vice President.

Anonymous said...

Nicely done posting, friend, but I would have underscored the most salient points.

- A proven reformer, never a business-as-usual executive.

- Demonstrated prowess in multi-national deals involving energy which pays the bill for Alaska's government (the budget of which she slashed).

- And the only governor whose territory extends just 2.3 miles from Russia, a nation that challenges her state daily over fishing and drilling rights (witness the Russian "scientific exploration" near Alaska's (and America's) Chukchi Cap -- what I have called "the keel of Alaska," and America -- the nation which last year planted not far from Chukchi a titanium pole, a pole waving a Russian flag in the frozen, resource-rich ocean floor.

No one can dispute that Sarah Palin sees Russia the same way as 49 other governors or untold thousands of state legislators -- or, for that matter, the hundreds of Congressmen in Washington who don't quite get the "new old Russia" in the last few days.

She deals with the new, old bear daily.

But I haven't mentioned the most extraordinary things about Sarah Palin for Vice President:

She is not well known. And the media scramble to November can only reveal one thing.

She is a chief executive of grace, sparkle and substance -- the chief part of which is being happily married to her high school sweetheart with a passel of wonderful kids.

This November, I am voting for Sarah Palin.

For my kids.


Warrenton, VA

Anonymous said...

Sorry, edit:

I meant to say, "No one can dispute that Sarah Palin sees Russia a different way than 49 other governors or untold thousands of state legislators..."

Will be more careful next time.


Anonymous said...

Random thoughts from a well-rested man:

*Adam's right. Releasing the schedule now would absolutely give away the VP, just like travel plans or anything else. They don't want anyone to know until the 29th.

*If Palin's not the pick, she should remain Governor. That's her best chance going into the 2012 primaries.

*Hawaii Architect is an architect who live in Hawaii.

*The phrase "his acceptance speech" means nothing. The masculine form is always the default. Saying "she" would set off wild speculation.

Bottom line: I still predict Palin. Why on earth would McCain release this schedule that supposedly gives away the choice, then go ahead and make the boring pick that the media expected all along? That would deflate the big rally. Political campaigns want to create excitement, not squash it.

Anonymous said...

There are conflicting reports about when Jindal speaks at the convention. The likely reason is that Jindal will simply slide into the VP nominee's spot on the schedule. So they've given nothing away yet.

I checked the NRO poll, and Mitt has pulled slightly ahead. Palin made a great showing considering her lack of publicity, and I don't condone cheating. But if y'all haven't voted, or know someone who hasn't, please help.

Posting links usually doesn't work here, but it's on National Review's front page.

Anonymous said...

Nearly every potential vp is on that list, with the exception of just a few might be's. But, hey there's only so many slots. My guess is someone on that list will get tapped and moved to the vp slot.
One thing I find interesting is how strongly women are featured on the vp night. And why wouldn't Palin be on the "women's" night. Just seemed a little curious to me. I think there's still a chance. Don't you suppose everybody else that likes someone on list is feeling the same.
dr. v

Anonymous said...

Jindall's too young.
dr. v

Health And Fitness Geek said...

That's a great blog/article.

To all - do more than vote on NRO site.. and you know what I mean.

Health And Fitness Geek said...

Check this link out:

He says, "he or she..." casts the vote. Could be read as:
-he already had a "he" in mind (eg Romney)
-he wanted to be pc so added "he or she"'s a she and he mentioned she..

Health And Fitness Geek said...

Thinkig about this some more, I think Palin's stock is going up.

He's being really pushign back and saying "no hints" - where Obama is doing the exact opposite.

Quesiton is, why?

Obamabi's strategy is working by creating media buzz.. and they would to if they dropped more names.

It seems they are hiding something.

Health And Fitness Geek said...

BTW... I don't think it's Biden anymore :)

liz said...

Great posts and interesting theories.Glad to see most are still optimistic, as I am.. Couple of things though...McCain said he "should" talk to Sarah about ANWR, then said he "WILL"..(when asked about drilling there) ..the fact that he hasn't yet, gives me pause...the other thing I wonder about is why hasn't she been making the rounds, as someone said?(other than comments about drilling) Jindal, Romney etc are out there campaigning for McCain, which gives them exposure and demonstrates their skill/ability in a national arena.Would the presidential nominee select a VP without seeing how they perform first? just makes me nervous.
I'm hoping she gives a thrilling speech at the convention--I've been a supporter for a long time and would love to see this happen.I have consistently sent emails to McCain, as have some friends for quite awhile now. Let's hope he does the right matter who he chooses--IMO they are all FAR BETTER than an Obama presidency would be, and I do not want to let that happen...Hey Adam, how's DC??

Anonymous said...

I think this is very interesting. As you may know, Obama has been in the news for his vote on the Born Alive Infant Protection Act. He claimed he voted against the first version because it didn't not contain a neutraility clause that could keep it from being used to prevent abortion, but then voted for it once it did. He then accused Nat'l Right to Life for "lying" (yes, he used the word lying) about his record. Well, Right to Life researched his vote and he opposed the bill in BOTH versions. Now they've found a recording of him opposing the bill on the senate floor. This is starting to get some air time.
The lady that started this whole thing was a nurse who found a little down syndrome boy in the hospital rubbish room in a medical waste bin, still alive, and sat and cradled him for the 45 minutes or so until he died. She was interviewed tonight on H and C.

WHAT A CONTRAST! Can you imagine the contrast between Palin who celebrated the birth of her DS son and Obama, who condoned this kind of treatment of handicapped babies!

Pretty stark.

Dr. V

Anonymous said...

Check out this link about the BAIPA:

I was really surprised that so many people didn't know about this. I've followed this for months. I assumed this ALONE would sink Obama during the primaries. And if McCain picks Palin, the mother of the little baby with downs syndrome who is a wonderful gift, Obama is 100% finished, and I do mean finished.

Can you imagine how McCain will run away with this election as the mother of Trig by just being alive will be the embodiment of the opposite of the cold articulate, thinking O-man.

I would not be surprised if McCain picks her now with everything aligning. If he doesn't, he has himself to blame if he loses this election with another boring white guy.

Anonymous said...

You all act like as if McCain has already decided. I don't think he knows yet. He wants to pick Lieberman, but politically he can't. With the current set up of the convention, he can decide right before August 29th.


Anonymous said...


This is a very good angle having Palin on the ticket over the Down's issue.

This shifts the debate from pro-choice v. pro-life to being in favor of killing living newborn babies or not.

Obama will be hard pressed to find even a small single digit percentage of the country to support his 2002 BAIPA stance-hence why he is lying about how he voted now.

Imagine Palin in a VEEP debate against any Catholic Obama VEEP nominee-Kaine, Sebelius, whomever.
There is no way on Earth they can defend Obama's stance-especially against Palin.

Anonymous said...

Senator McCain is going to pick Governor Sarah for his Vice President. Remember we didn't know that Trig was going to make his appearance into this world until Governor Sarah was already 6-7 months pregnant.The other speakers are going to be his cabinet/advisors.

Todd Palin's,the First Gentleman of Alaska, bio is on the Governor's Official Site. Also, quite impressive and a handsome gentleman.

People know that Alaska has always had a history of corrupt politicians. And, for this fantastic young woman, Governor Sarah Palin, to take on cleaning up the place WOW!!!

I am so looking forward to the McCain and Palin Families as our role models, leading our country.

Anonymous said...

Next month, she will address convention delegates at the four-day event in St. Paul, Minn., the same night as keynote speaker Rudy Giuliani.

"I hadn't even envisioned being governor back then," Palin said. "And I hadn't envisioned being a speaker until about a month ago."

Palin received confirmation about one week ago.
Palin said she was told she will be an evening speaker, perhaps closely ahead of Giuliani's keynote address, which caps the evening.

Anonymous said...

What does Obama's potential VP being Catholic have to do with anything? Catholics are split on abortion, nationally.

I should know. I am one.

Mongo Mere Pawn said...

Senator Obama's opposition to BAIPA is political kryptonite for him and political gold for Senator McCain, if handled appropriately.

First, there is simply no constituency for infanticide. The image of a premature baby, gasping for breath with underdeveloped lungs, in a hospital closet full of soiled linen just feet away from a neonatal ICU capable of saving its life is just gruesome, whether you are pro-choice or pro-life.

NARAL originally opposed the federal BAIPA, but caught so much blowback from Congressional Democrats, including FemiNazis like Senator Boxer, that they simply could not go on record supporting infanticide, that NARAL went neutral and released them to vote their consciences, i.e., their political interests. The addition of a neutrality clause to that legislation -- disavowing any impact on Roe -- was enough of a fig leaf to permit its passage 98-0 in the Senate.

Now, recall Pastor Warren's question: "When is a baby entitled to human rights?" Not an unborn child, but a baby. And Senator Obama gives his "above my pay grade" answer.

Because he couldn't answer the question one way or the other. If he said what every other American listening would have said, i.e., that human rights accrue at least when an infant is born alive, he would have immediately been slammed for his opposition to BAIPA. If he gave his more "nuanced" reasoning that contemplates a baby born alive without human rights, he would not have been able to finish the forum in that church. He then gives his CBN interview, gets asked about it anyway, and immediately calls the National Right to Life Committee a bunch of liars.

So, second, not only is he Senator Infanticide, he is a lying Senator Infanticide who in the course of one forum invokes Matthew 15's "as you do unto the least of these" to support the moral failures of this country, then refuses to so "do" when confronted with the human rights of a baby born alive. What a hypocrite.

I agree with those who have posted before that this enhances Governor Palin's chances if the McCain campaign intends to drive a truck through this hole in Senator Obama's resume. But that's a big "if" since Senator McCain is notoriously antsy about talking about such things and may be convinced that the blowback from Hillery supporters will undermine his chances at the PUMA vote.

If Senator Obama doubles down on abortion and selects Governor Sebelius, then not only do I think Governor Palin is the right choice, I think she becomes the only choice.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

It would be a lot easier to deal with abortion, if McCain is president. That is something the SCOTUS can change.

No one here cares about those silly trooper allegations.

Anonymous said...

The role of the VP varies between presidents.

Anonymous said...

Good evening Syrin.

Regarding Palin reducing abortions, she is the governor and abortion is controlled by the Supreme Court of the United States via the Roe vs. Wade decision of 1973. As a governor, one cannot do much to stop abortion.

However, one must not underestimate the power of setting a good example.

In the case of abortion, Palin shows us that you can use your choice to choose life. That is for the most part what we can expect and appreciate from a governor.

Ask yourself this:

What have you done to prevent abortions?

You're right. Actions speak louder than words, like letting your baby with downs syndrome live and be loved and be appreciated as the gift they are.

Now, if you have little ones, go tuck those little ones into bed and be glad you didn't abort them. I'm sure they'll be glad you didn't some day. Love first, Love second, Love third.

I'm divorced and marrying my ex was the worst decision in my life. But the interesting thing is I don't regret and have never regretted us having our child, Johnny, alias Littlebear (he loves salmon at an early age). It was absolutely incredible the day he was born, and they showed me how to wrap him up into a 'burrito bear' to keep warm.

Yes, a good example sometimes is our best way to reach out to others to make the right choice.

I believe Sarah, if POTUS, would pick interpretationists for the court that would have a bigger respect especially for life and the 10th Amendment.

Anonymous said...

First, statistics reveal that, more than any other group, it's Hillary supporters whom McCain must persuade to vote for him; the other 80-85% of probably voters have already made up their minds.

Thankfully, many Hillary supporters have vowed, if Hillary isn't on the ticket, to vote for McCain, not Obama. And Hillary supporters want McCain to select a VP who is a woman, or is pro-choice. Palin would satisfy the first standard very well!

Second, the abortion issue is being re-focused upon the problem of what to do if a fetus survives an abortion. It's horribly gruesome that Obama has voted against protection for these tiny preemies----and many pro-choice people are now upset that Obama voted as he did. So now, this transformed abortion issue helps McCain's pro-life ticket. And given her prophetic stance of celebrating (not preventing) Trig's birth, Palin would immeasurably enhance McCain's ticket!

The only remaining issues re. Palin's possible VP candidacy are her relative inexperience re. foreign policy, and Troopergate. Here, think again about Hillary supporters: they'll vote for the woman, giving her credit for her having enough experience anyway, and they'll stick by Palin re. Troopergate, certainly0----and they're likely to read about the mess in-depth enough to know the liberal-press headlines are skewing everything, and Palin is actually innocent of any wrong-doing.

So, the only problem is if Obama picks Hillary herself. It will be difficult for McCain to beat a Hillary/Barak or Barak/Hillary ticket----UNLESS McCain picks Palin. C'mon: who are most people going to like and relate to well: Hillary, or Sarah? SARAH PALIN, absolutely.

My bet is that, if Hillary knows she isn't on the ticket as VP, then she WILL allow, even encourage her supporters to turn against Obama during the Dems' convention, and vote her in as the presidential candidate! She'd absolutely overcome most criticism of this by pointing out the truth: she was beating him by the end of the primaries, when people were finally coming to their senses and noticing what an empty suit he is----and he's losing ground lately in the polls, having done such a poor job in the Rick Warren interview. Hillary will also KEEP the people-of-color vote by keeping Obama on the ticket as HER vice-presidential candidate.

(I'm counting on it...... Hillary WILL be on this ticket, one way or another.)

Anyway, whether Hillary is or is not on the Dems' ticket, McCain should pick Palin because she either pulls in disaffected Hillary supporters, or Palin counters the otherwise strong Hillary/Barak ticket....

Anonymous said...

Kristofer said...

For those "anon" visitors who are not friendly towards Palin, I would encourage you to visit, There are usually 2-6 posts regarding the VP selection each day. Much of the debate is partisan and should provide you with the fireworks you desire.

This blog is a repository of information and discussion for Palin supporters and those who are looking to learn about Governor Sarah Palin.

In advance, I would like to thank you for respecting our wishes.

August 19, 2008 11:00 PM

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Hey Syrin is back!

She's like our own in-blog prodigal daughter.

Syrin, we should slaughter the fatted calf for you. We thought you were gone, but you have returned.

I take it hubby is back on the north slope and you are back on the computer blogging away about the serial killer governor and the born-again monk Brother Wooten Ignatius.

Now enough partisan stuff.

This is a respectable website for Sarah Palin for Veep.

This infanticide thing is really spreading like a California fire all over the place.

Picking Palin for Veep who has a baby with DS will be an incredibly strong power for McCain / Palin to counter Obama / ?. Wow! This makes picking Palin an even smarter move by McCain. His campaign will take the initiative and never let it go to election day. Unfortunately for Palin fans though is that this may eventually finish off Obama without Palin's help. Let's hope not. Let's hope Mac picks Sarah and goes for running up the score rather than squeeking by without her.

I'm gonna see if we've got some old baby clothes for Trig in case Sarah and Todd need handmedowns due to her not getting any oil money under the table like that other Republican guy.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Sarah is giving a rebate of oil royalties to Alaskans so they can share in the state's share of revenue during hard times.

Is there still NO income tax in Alaska?

And, if so, do they have a sales tax?

Maybe I can move up there to avoid taxes and run my consulting remote.

Damn, you hafta love a state with low/no taxes and a freekin tax rebate from oil. Fantasyland.

McCain/Palin '08

Anonymous said...

Alaska doesn't have a state tax because the oil industry pays for 90% of the state's budget!

The royalty is 12.5% and is what funds the permanent fund dividend.

The Palin/Parnell "energy rebate" check for $1,200.00 is from the 400% surplus tax increase on the oil industry.

Get informed.

The "hard times" is where you are.

Anonymous said...

Did ANYONE call the Alaska State Troopers and find out where Wooten is?

He looked like he was having fun at the Governor's picnic in Wasilla last month!

Mongo Mere Pawn said...

Re: Parental Consent

Every state in the Union MUST, as a matter of constitutional law, provide a process by which a 12-year old who becomes pregnant can obtain an abortion without parental consent. It's called a judicial bypass and usually requires some minimal finding by the trial court that the pregnant girl cannot risk obtaining her parents' consent due to fear of some form of retribution or punishment. States can pass all the parental consent laws they want, but they must have a judicial bypass to pass constitutional muster.

Alaska passed a parental consent statute in 1997, but the Alaska Supreme Court struck it down in 2007, much to the chagrin of Governor Palin, who accused the majority of legislating from the bench.

Anonymous said...

Trooper Wooten is in the field.

Anonymous said...

Representatives Call for McCain ANWR Visit

Anonymous said...

The left is already attacking Blackburn's comments on ANWR. It was exactly what you'd expect:

"It won't yield oil for 500 years!"

"If we'd started drilling there 10 years ago, it would be dry now!"

"It's a pristine wildlife sanctuary!"

"Why don't we just shut our economy down for 50 years or so until we have alternative energy?!"

"We need high gas prices to force selfish Americans to drive less!"

"Iraq! Bush! Cheney! Big Oil! Hitler!"

and on and on....

They're terrified of this issue. I would pay to see a nationally televised debate on Alaskan oil between Gov. Palin and whoever had the guts to show up.

All McCain has to do is choose Palin for VP and support ANWR drilling. He'll win by double-digits.

Anonymous said...

The third night is the night the vice presidential nominee will give his acceptance speech. Other speakers that night include Cindy McCain, former eBay CEO Meg Whitman and former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina.

...HIS acceptance speech. HIS.

Anonymous said...

Do you really expect it to say HER if it was a female?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I do.

How many women do you hear being referred to as "his"?

Anonymous said...

I'm with Adam on this. I think the speaking schedule will be changed and was put out purposely with all the VP choices to throw the media off. McCain has stated just yesterday his pick will be someone he can agree with in principle and policy. Who better than Sarah???

Maybe I'm just optimistic by nature, but I think McCain will do EXACTLY the right thing by naming Sarah the day AFTER the Dem convention ends! What a WHOPPER of a story to pop the "bubble" of Obama's bounce from the convention.

Just about 1 week to go!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad it is cleared up that Wooten is back to work, according to posts above. I wish this had been stated long ago, to squelsh the rumors. The entire issue is a shame and does not make anyone look good. We Palin supporters don't help the situation by adding rumors and accusations without facts.

I'm a huge Palin supporter, but do not condone false or poorly supported statements against Wooten, or anyone else for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Has any media outlet whatsoever reported that Wooten is back to work?

Where is there confirmation that Wooten is back to work?

Anybody? Anywhere?

Anonymous said...

Just found another reason why I think, if Obama picks Biden, that Palin would be the best VP. Biden's son has just been shipped off to Iraq. For sure he will use that as reason to bad-mouth the war. If McCain picks Palin, she can shoot right back at him as her son is also in Iraq.

Health And Fitness Geek said...

****Just a reminder to contact McCain and Palin to kindly suggest to them a McCain/Palin ticket.

Also get on the msm forums and post comments etc...

I did my rounds today and I expect I'll get a "STOP EMAILING US" email or my IP already banned...

Untill then, let's continue to fight the good fight folks!!

Anonymous said...

"original" Ted - What made you assume Wooten wasn't at work?

You lied about Wooten. What else do you lie about?

Health And Fitness Geek said...

On Biden - I see a lot of liabilty now. Haha.

Anonymous said...

I think I read all the comments and I don't see where it says Wooten is back at work? Someone point me in the right direction, please

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

What connection to boot legged liquor does Monegan have that he wouldn't want to accept the job of cleaning up the problem?

Anonymous said...

"You should be asking: 'Who started the rumor that Wooten wasn't at work?' "

The Anchorage Daily News and the Alaskan TV news all reported that Wooten left for an out-of-country vacation, after the he appeared at the Governor's picnic. I believe that the head of the Trooper's Union even said that in a press conference.

I took that to mean that he wasn't currently at work.
So- is he back now?

Anonymous said...

Is this a slow news day, or what? The calm before the VP storm?

Anonymous said...

hmmmm ..... Wooten out of the country on a Democratic Party paid extended vacation at a secret undicslosed location.

Boy, this certainly confirms the potency of Palin being on the GOP ticket! (Too bad -- for Team Obama -- that Sen Hollis French-Troopers Union launched "operation troopergate" is backfiring, or at the least, going nowhere.)

Anonymous said...

troopergate "grow" -- are you kidding??? it's a fizzle.

And it's pretty pathetic for Team Romney to try an exploit this -- very telling about Romney supporters!

Anonymous said...

What connection to boot legged liquor does Monegan have that he wouldn't want to accept the job of cleaning up the problem?

Anonymous said...

Both sides of this increasingly boring Trooper debate are ridiculous. One side is so pro Palin as to be blind to ANY criticism whatsoever of the governor, as though she is a biblical character. This makes any of your arguments agains Wooten, et. al., sound paranoid and over the top.

There also is this other group of anti-Palin folks on this blog now who are so seething with hatred that you obviously have a very personal grudge against her that makes your arguments equally without any credibility.

Unfortunately, blogs like this one get taken over by the extremes, get increasingly tedious and downright not useful for good political debate.

Anonymous said...

Actually, promoting Romney in lieu of Palin MAY mean you are on Team Obama, not Team Romney.

After all the Dems and the MSM are praying for McCain to pick Romney, while deathly afraid of McCain picking Palin.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Palin a RINO -- well that proves you don't know a thing bout Sarah


If anything, the recently-more conservative Romney from Mass. is the RINO.

man-o-man and sheeeeeezzzzz

Anonymous said...

What's a RINO?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I am now thinking that you are not a McCain supporter but an Obama supporter.

Why would a McCain supporter want to isolate PUMAs, moderates, and libertarians by going with Romney?

Even some conservatives do not like him. It's lose-lose.

Even Pawlenty is better than Romney.

Anonymous said...

Palin’s windfall-profits tax looks similar in concept to Barack Obama’s plan. On September 12th, Alaskans will receive $1200 checks from oil revenues as a one-time bonus to pay for increased fuel prices, a move Palin pushed. That echoes the Obama plan to send one-time rebates to taxpayers, funded by similar levies on oil companies.

However, the results in Alaska should warn the rest of the country about pursuing this policy. Already oil companies have stopped drilling on state lands, thanks to the tax burden Alaska imposes. It should be cheaper to drill and extract from these areas, but the oil companies have decided to focus their investment instead on the Gulf, where the costs and risks would normally be higher. In Alaska, the government takes 75% of the price on a barrel of oil at current prices, which gives them no incentive to work there.

If this plan gets pushed across the country in an Obama administration, then we can expect similar disincentives to curtail domestic production all across the nation. Oil companies will explore other parts of the world, but American oil companies will not have the access they enjoy here. Our own companies will be weakened in international competition, and we will have to both buy more oil from abroad, and more from state-owned companies, while American investors lose significant ground.

Palin has been a strong voice for opening ANWR to reasonable and planned development. Perhaps she needs to rethink her approach to overtaxing oil companies for their work on state lands while encouraging the use of federal lands, too.

Anonymous said...

Alaska's rebate situation is nothing like Obama has proposed nationally.

Alaska, which has so many natural resources (oil and gas) on state-owned land, yet Alaskans pay the very highest price for oil and gas in the nation -- because it's currently all shipped away to refineries elsewhere, or piped elsewhere first. So, this is returning some of that state-owned resource wealth to the citizens of the state to help offest the very highest fuel costs.

Whereas, this is totally different than Obama's just giving money to all people and increasing the national debt to cover it.

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Do you really want Obama to be President?

Anonymous said...

For the person firing from the far right, what other candidate meets your qualifications for conservatism, of the ones in contention? In fact, other than yourself, is there anyone conservative enough for you?

By the way, do you consider Kudlow, Hannity, and Gingrich to be left wing pinko communists?

Clearly you have no credibility. None.

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After reading these negative comments, I can see why I got a letter from my dentist stating that he was leaving Alaska as he missed the educational scene.

Now legalizing marijuana was voted down in the 2004 election. That group came in from out of state and spent $860,000.00 trying to legalize marijuana. They wanted Alaska to be the poster child so it would trickle down to the other states.

May be it is the boot legged liquor that affects. Monegan wouldn't accept the job of cleaning up this problem.

Anonymous said...

What connection to boot legged liquor does Monegan have that he wouldn't want to accept the job of cleaning up the problem?

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Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous. The far left and far right nutjobs have taken over this blog. I am so sick of this. I have been supporting this blog from the beginning almost, but these fools are making this increasingly less fun. All of these uninformed, arrogant, ignorant, extremely partisan, can only talk tough online, internet gangsters are ruining the experience for the rest of us. This is "Draft Sarah Palin for Vice President". Not Draft Romney, or Support Obama, or "Troopergate", or anything else. If you are not a supporter of Sarah Palin, a curious person who is undecided, or a rational PUMA, get the hell off of this site. Go internet gang bang somewhere else because we have no tolerance for your arrogant stupidity.

And that includes all of you cowards who have so much to say without having your facts straight. You are incapable of having an intelligent conversation or a respectable debate. You give bloggers, conservatives, liberals, Republicans, Democrats and Independents a bad name. Smoke some more pot and go back to the basement of your parents house where you come from. The rest of us are trying to have an intelligent discussion.

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We already know the facts.

This is not a debate forum. It is a support blog. If you want to make baseless accusaions, either find a debate forum or Obama's campaign team.

Anonymous said...

Per rumors tonight, it is Romney.

What a disappointment. Talk about "another boring White Guy".

If true, what a poor, poor choice. I think McCain's surging in the polls in recent weeks will be his peak, never to reach this level again. Here comes the Obama landslide.

If the Romney rumors are true: Sarah, please continue your hard work in Alaska. Continue your reform agenda, continue your energy security agenda. Take care of Trig. We'll be ready for you in 2012.

Health And Fitness Geek said...

What rumors? I haven't seen anything.
Please provide references.


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Health And Fitness Geek said...

It ain't over 'till it's over and there are eight more days to go.

If in fact it is a real leak, those leaks are going to be hurting hard. McCain puts a lot of faith in trust, and if you break that with him, I'm sure they're a done deal.

It may very well be Romney, but that's been the "rumor" for 6 months now..... it's nothing new.

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, given how leak proof the VP process has been thus far, it is entirely likely that this is just a fake out or a trial balloon. Why would they leak now? Especially when this boring pick does nothing to somehow offset Obama's impending news, and impending media frenzy?

Anonymous said...

Could be a head fake.

We've seen the McCain camp do it before (Novak) and I think the Senator enjoys releasing counter-intelligence. In this case, possibly to make Obama feel comfortable with a "dull white guy" choice and not the "dream ticket."

This is a perfectly timed release. Or maybe I think about this stuff way too much.

Anyway, I agree with Paul, we have to keep pushing!

Anonymous said...

Picking Romney would make no sense whatsoever. He brings nothing, or at least more negatives than positives. I can see the Dem's anti-McCain/Romney ads right now.

With Palin, there is absoultely NO WAY the Dems could attack her.

McCain wouldn't wait this long, all the anticipation, etc., and then go with a Romney, no way -- and if it were true, that is, Romney over Palin, I would question McCain's political acuteness and fitness to be President.

I say this as a former Romney for Pres supporter during the primaries. The two, McCain and Palin, are more than a perfect fit; whereas at this stage and vs. Obama, the two, McCain and Romney are zip, zero, nada, nothing, awkward, vulnerable, boaring and ick.

Anonymous said...

Bottom line, the Dems and the MSM are praying for Romney while they are petrified of Palin!

Anonymous said...


The Palin's are a working class family (husband Todd is a fisherman).

The Romney's come from wealth, and Mitt has of course greatly increased his wealth -- and I'm sure has many homes.

So fair or not that this has become an issue, it MOST CERTAINLY puts an end to Romney talk -- and further vaults Sarah Palin front and center.

Also, if Obama picks Biden and Biden uses his son who is in the army in Iraq to denounce the war, Palin's son being in service in Afghanistan or Iraq certainly will be very very important politically.

Palin YES --- Romney NO

Case closed!

Anonymous said...

Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman of Connecticut remains "very much in the mix" of potential running mates for Republican presidential candidate John McCain, the Politico, a top political website, reported today.

Anonymous said...

Mark Halperin of Time says that "2 GOP sources" claim it's Romney.

Byron York of NRO says it's down to Pawlenty and Lieberman. He said the choice is "Gamble" (Liebs) vs. "Safe" (TP).

The NYT says that it's "crucial" for McCain's pick to be pro-life, and lists Romney and Pawlenty. So apparently the Times has come to terms w/ the fact that it won't be a pro-abortion guy. (Insert Romney joke here).

This makes probably the 5th leak about Romney in recent weeks, and at least 2 or 3 for Pawlenty and Leiberman. So if any of them are picked, the big rally on the 29th will be anti-climactic, and the media will virtually ignore it.

Until McCain proves me wrong, I will continue to believe that his strategy is for Palin to "hide in plain sight". It would give him maximum media buzz, and yet at the end of the day he'd have the best running mate.

Anonymous said...

I am right with you on the favoring of Sarah Palin as John McCain's running mate. She is awesome and would be such an asset to the Republican ticket.

BigRob-68 said...

Petraeus' name is being leaked more to the MSM.

Anonymous said...

I'm a new poster here. But, just a recommendation on ways to get McCain's attention...

I got a call from the RNC last night asking for a donation. I told them, call me after McCain makes his VP pick. If he picks Palin, I'll be happy to give.

If they see we won't give unless he makes a wise pick, they might pay attention.

Health And Fitness Geek said...

BTW: I can't find the page on the Romney leak anymore. The specific link is blank now and I wasn't able to locate it from the main site.

So either the author got slapped down or he realied he read somethign somewhere and it was some kind of revalation.

Health And Fitness Geek said...

BTW: I called the McCain campaign today, clicked on the press button and spoke with someone.

I basically told them this (also emailed them..)

IRT: McCain houses attack.

John - You should hit back with the fact that Obama's have made millions off books while giving 1% of their income to charity.

From what I know, you and your wife have given consistently about 20% + the charity organization set up which Cindy is active in.

Also, I think your tax return says that you particularly gave 50% or so. Emphasize that whil Obama's selling books and attacking you because you happened to be blessed with Cindy's financial success, you were in the Senate working on solving America's problems and not focused on the personal wealth, which the Obama's are so focused on.

Do this. People should expect politicians to have income. 1 million or 30 million doesn't make a difference.

PS: Pick Palin,

Health And Fitness Geek said...

BTW: Check out how many Palin supporters there are here:

If only McCain would listen to what the voters think!

I'm sure he's lured by Romney's money and fundraising capability, but people would be donating left and right for a McCain/Palin ticket.

Health And Fitness Geek said...

Check this out!

"A convention spokeswoman said the order of speakers has not been determined."

Health And Fitness Geek said...

BTW: Looking at the GOP's site, how does Palin NOT fit into these themes.

Their remarks will echo the themes that have been selected for each of the convention’s four days: service, reform, prosperity and peace.

Service? McCain & Palin serving and respected
Reform? Both ahve record.
Prosperity = Energy independence.
Peace = Balance, national security etc..

fab40ies said...

There are press releases that spout how great it is that Palin was back at work, as Governor, the day after delivering her youngest child... but, that child is severely disabled! Seems she's more interested in the photo op than her responsibilities. As a special ed. teacher, I'm appalled that she is leaving her youngest child, an infant with special needs, to a nanny to raise while she romps around the country to become VP. VP is not a 'job' it is your entire life... these are the "Family Values" she espouses?!? Having the income to hire a household staff is not the same as being a 'working mom;' it is simply managing a business. In addition, she is under investigation for an Ethics violation (abuse of power); she was for the "Bridge to Nowhere," in a 2006 interview; then when it became a political liability she flip-flopped over to voice opposition for the project, and she owns three houses, but doesn't apparently count two of them as they're only vacation homes... whose the elitist? Every move she's ever made has been to attain 'fame,' not to be in politics for service to the country, (beauty pageants, journalism, sports announcing, politics). No wonder McCain likes her - it's someone just like him. I look at her and see "Handmaid's Tale."