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Friday, August 1, 2008

Media Frenzy!

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: RealClearPolitics on Sarah: "What's not to Like?"
Looks like the buzz is starting to scare the ultra-leftist Huffington Post, they've released yet another desperate hit piece trying to get Palin off the list. The problem is that the buzz, in and of itself, proves that Wooten mud doesn't stick. Question for HuffPo: do you really want to associate yourself with a guy proven to have made death threats against Palin's father?
Larry Kudlow reiterates his endorsement of Palin at National Review Online.
The media is all over a potential Palin nomination today, and they're even linking us!

It started last night with a glowing piece in the Washington Times (front-page in this morning's print edition from what I hear). The article contained gratuitous praise from taxpayer hero Grover Nordquist, leading evangelical activist David Barton, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, and Concerned Women of America president Wendy Wright. The article was linked on the Drudge Report last night; and between that and the Kudlow endorsement, we received over4,000 hits yesterday.

This morning we also received links from both Matt Lewis of and MSNBC's "FirstRead" political blog (MSNBC linked both this blog and the Washington Times article).

Of course, to be fair, an LA Times blogger has a hit piece on Palin today, andDailyKos has been on the warpath against her for days. But if you think about it, there's really only one reason that the country's most influential liberals would deign to even think about Alaskan politics...they're scared to death that Palin will be the VP nominee. So, I'm actually loving the unfounded attacks. Keep up the good work, Kos!


Anonymous said...

The Washington Times is not only on the front page, but it is THE above-the-fold article!!!

StudentsofAmerica said...

excellent job

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"McCain-Palin ticket hits Alaska iceberg"

AUGUST 1, 2008 - 6:54 AM

From David Hulen in Anchorage --

Here's a quick rundown of Alaska politics news elsewhere:

> From The Swamp, the Chicago Tribune's politics blog:

Palin has some awesome popularity ratings with Alaskan voters, something above 80 percent.

But now Palin is also caught up in a probe of her official conduct that probably nixes whatever long-shot chance she had to be on the McCain ticket. After all, she's only been a governor for two years.

...having an Alaskan on the ticket would likely bring constant attention to the state's corruption problems which, since the state is Republican run, don't help the GOP brand.

Anonymous said...

Check out Larry Kudlow's unabashed endorsement of Palin just posted:

"Palin’s response to all the vice-presidential talk is fascinating. It was a point of view I have never heard before and it underscored her independence. I have interviewed all the veep prospects, and I still have Gov. Palin at the top of my list."

Read it all at:

Scott said...

The Libs and their friends haev invented this "scandal" to either prevent her being chosen or to give them an attack line if she is the pick. She's tough to attack in any other way, so they came up with something. Shameful, but predictable. Now we'll see if Johnny Mac, my favorite politician in the world, has the, er, um, "testicular fortitude" to virtually flip them off and say "she's my pick, take your best shot."
On an important note: Have there been any polls in Alaska about how this is playing with the folks? Are they rallying to the side of their Guv, or allowing this to cause doubts?

Ayatollah Ghilmeini said...

I know very little about Gov. Palin but there is no question in my mind that choosing another White Man for Veep in 2008 is a formula for failure.

What I don't know is if she can handle the national spotlight and the intense scrutiny of modern national American politics. Palin gives Republicans the strongest ticket.

Sen Hutchinson is a Texas politico, they do things a little different down there, Condi is out and A McCain Hilary ticket just won't look right or work practically. As for Fiorina, she is not VP material.

The more I learn about Palin, the more I like her. She is authentic and a sitting governor. All of which adds up to her being an excellent choice.

The choice would be a mold breaker. The choice would show seriousness.

Case closed. Give me Governor Palin!

Luke said...

Here's the image of today's Washington Times front page.

I would say that's pretty good real estate.

[Note to Adam: This image will likely change, so you should probably capture a screen shot before tomorrow's edition takes its place.]

Anonymous said...

Slightly "off-topic",(and has nothing to do with V.P.s) but take a look at the new McCain ad.

Anonymous said...

Liberal Blog, the Huffington Post. Is scared of Palin.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ted! Do you have an evil twin?

Anonymous said...

Deja Vu TR

I think I've finally managed to understand the Palin phenomena.

In Palin we have an outdoorsy naturalist, a hunter, a lover of nature, a reformer despised by the corrupt in their own party, an accomplished athelete, someone who has taken on the oil giants, a young energetic vibrant popular governor. An enthusiastic hawk and supporter of the military with children in active duty, proudly displaying the service star in honor of those children.

If we can all agree that this is what we have in Palin, am I not also describing Teddy Roosevelt to a very high degree of accuracy???

Remember the President from history that everyone was getting rid of all the way to the White House???

The parallels are nerve wracking....


Yes MSM you should be quaking in your boots....

I wonder whom President Palin would appoint to replace the likes of Ruth Bader Ginsberg and John Paul Stevens on the Supreme Court???

Luttig get your Boeing resignation letter typed up....

The fraud called Roe is going down in blazing flames...

SMatthewStolte said...

Ayatollah Ghilmeini,
She has at least a couple strengths wrt the scrutiny of the national spotlight. One is that she seems to know what's important in life. She's been plenty willing to risk her political career by standing up to corrupt politicians before, and she's not likely to panic because some political types are saying mean things. Her family is more important to her than her office. The other point is that Alaska politics hasn't exactly been soft and sweet on her. That doesn't mean national politics won't be rougher, but I think she can take whatever the Democrats want to dish out. So far, they've got two accusations: she hates polar bears and wants them all to die and now this business they're calling an abuse of power.

Anonymous said...

AGIA passed.

The majority of Alaskans are disappointed.

Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt that you, as one person, represent the "majority of Alaskans". According to the KTUU poll, 56% of Alaskans like it. If you have some other valid, unbiased poll results conducted by an independent agency, feel free to present them.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Kelly, hhmmm

Are yo the same Kelly who is dating Congressman Young?

Adam Brickley, aka "ElephantMan" said...

No profanity in the comments section, please.

Anonymous said...

June 4, 2008
From Dittman research

“Which proposal would you personally support the most - - the TransCanada AGIA proposal, or the BP/ConocoPhillips “Denali” proposal?”

42% BP/ConocoPhillips

31% TransCanada AGIA

3% Neither/other/both

24% Unsure

Anonymous said...

Kelly, what a stupid posting? None of the projects have a majority in that poll.

Why not post some polls sonce the bill have been signed.

Anonymous said...

Hey, go easy on her. Some Alaskans are still uneasy about AGIA. For a long-term infrastructure project like that, some people need more encouragement. It really takes guts.

Remember they did pledge $500,000,000 to Trans Canada.


If you live in Alaska, we appreciate your state taking those early steps in what hopefully is a very great pipeline to bring natural gas to not only Alaska and Canada, but the rest of the states down here.

I'd like to show them some appreciation.

Alabama Tom

Anonymous said...

$500,000,000 for WHAT?

From the Anchorage Daily News:

Palin, who needed overwhelming support from Democrats to win the TransCanada vote, said in her press conference that the state never before had "commitments to build this line. Now we do."

That's incorrect.

TransCanada has not promised to actually build the gas line, one of the state's grandest and most frustrated economic development dreams.

The state license, awarded under the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act, or AGIA, which the Legislature passed at Palin's request last year, is not a construction contract and does not guarantee a pipeline will be built.

Anonymous said...

"TransCanada has not promised to actually build the gas line, one of the state's grandest and most frustrated economic development dreams."

The media's attitude toward Palin is reminiscent of how Pres. Reagan was covered. Pathetic attempts to accentuate the negative, always ending in frustration as the optimistic, pro-growth Republican remains wildly popular.

I almost feel sorry for them. Almost.

Anonymous said...

If dailykos is going after Palin with petty unfounded attacks, then the Clintonistas are even more likely to go for her. They still remember how kos went after Hillary with hit pieces on her.