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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Media Updates....

Adam will be appearing on Political Pistachio tonight at 10:00 p.m EST. Eric Dondero has been a supporter for a long time now and was interviewing Adam about Sarah Palin long before it was the in thing to do. Thanks again for everyone's support.


Update: CNN at 8:15 a.m. EST


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janetplanet said...

Oh, Nasty Nancy. Blogging is todays real media. Like I would trust the far left media of ABC,NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC who are no different than the communist controlled media. Way to go McCain for a slam dunk with Palin. You leftie loons are pissed because now there is a real chance that McCain/Palin will win this election. By the way NN, you better bet your sweet bippy blogging is for real. Remember Kerry your loser 2004 Dem pick. It was the bloggers who brought the truth to the forefront and the people were alerted to the truth. Now Obama is trying to shut down real news by threatening to sue if the Ayers(commy terrorist) who is buds with Obama is aired on Network t.v. He is just "Biden" his time. It was the bloggers who forced the release of Michelle Obama's racial anti-white thesis from Princeton. I wouldnt trust any newspaper other than to line a birdcage. Go, Adam, Go make people like NN crazy with the truth!!!

Subroutines+ said...

Check out the sexist question by ABC News anchor:


MapmakerJenny said...

Finally! A candidate that I can actually relate to! I love the USA!! Go McCain/Palin!

Age: 48

Carlos Echevarria said...

The MSM/Nut Roots slime are squirming, they are up against something they weren't expecting and don't know how to handle...

She is Teddy Roosevelt(female version), Maggie Thatcher, Wonder Woman, Annie Oakley transformed all into one.

She truly is the One we have been waiting for!

McCain-Palin 2008!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice call. Good luck now with all the media coverage. I like what I see from Palin so far.

Erin said...

Here's a link to Sarah's old sportscaster videos. She's ALWAYS been good on camera!

Joe said...

That ABC News interview was absolutely unbelievable. What an interview. The attitude of disdain toward the Palin pick by many in the MSM is suffocating. McCain's representative did a very good job in Palin's defense.

And hats off to Cokie Roberts, a classy lady, whom I've respected for years, for schooling the ABC anchor afterward.

It is so interesting to watch the hipocracy of many liberals when it comes to Women's issues, a hipocracy that is being magnified by the Palin pick.

The McCain campain should be as strong as campaign in stating that Palin will do just fine multitasking the jobs of being a mom of 5 kids, includine Trig, with balancing the needs of being VP. In fact, her being a mom in these times, with a special needs kid, and 18 year old going to Iraq, and several in between puts her in a position of strength that we have never had in a leader in such high office. Her perspective is the perspective of millions of parents.

How exciting these past 2 days have been. God bless America!

goldbear said...

Everyone should go to Meghan McCain's blog to see some great candid pictures of the two families together! Including baby Trig.

Mountain Mama said...

Hey, y'all!
I meant to blog about this earlier, but maybe I missed someone else's reporting this here:
The plane we monitored two nights ago from Alaska to Ohio probably had ONLY the family/kids on it.

According to the AP's Glen Johnson, evidently Palin and her aide, Kris Perry, flew to Flagstaf, Arizona on Wednesday, to meet with McCain advisors Mark Salter and Steve Schmidt. The next morning (Thurs.), "Palin and Perry met with Mccain and his wife. At about 1 a.m. McCain formally invited Palin to join him on the GOP ticket."
BUT, the plane had to bring the children and hubbie, right?! The rest is HERSTORY! (groan.....)

Dr. Vicki said...

Hi Mountain Mama
that's funny. Still, it was a clue that broke the story.
The MSM went after her pretty hard, as we expected. But on the upside, the conservative base is FIRED UP. I saw a clip of Pat buchanan on hardball yesterday and I thought he was going to wet his pants he was so excited. this is really great.
Hope all is well with Adam.

Rebecca G said...
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techno said...

Just been reading several comments in the Anchorage Daily News regarding Alaskans feelings towards their governor being picked to run as McCain's VP. Boy they are vicious up there with their criticism of Sarah. Of course many support the decision, but not as many as you might think. Remember a 'prophet' receives the least respect from his/her own people. Boy, she had to be tough to succeed up there. Dealing with pantywaist journalists and effete politicians will be a piece of cake for her in 'civilization'.

grace said...

Great Mccain Palin Pinhead buttons with pictures and saying...Hisory in the making...copy and paste to purchase....very cheap & a great way to get our candidates name out.....

Raving MainyYak said...

Well done Adam.
BTW, I caught both appearances on FNN, and you did fine.

TC Robinson said...

Rebecca, you obviously know nothing about Sarah Palin if you believe any of those things. Why would someone in the profit of big oil TAX them even more than they already were. And any realist realized that when Sarah said "What does the VP do?" that she was JOKING!!! And for the Wal-Mart thing, I highly doubt she volunteered. You don't turn something like that down, especially when you're mayor, because it sends a horrible image. And obviously the people of Wasilla didn't mind, as you didn't post a single link to an article expressing townspeople being against it.

BTW guys, I sent an email to the RNC telling them that Sarah should either enter or exit to the Shania Twain "Not Just a Pretty Face" song. I also suggested "Get Ready" by The Temptations

Larry Jackson said...

Does anyone have a link to the ABC interview video? I haven't been able to find it on their website.

Yomi Mizuhara said...

I've noticed that the nutroots are out in full force, scared as can be and following the 4 steps of fear management. They first started denying that this was happening. Now, they're angry and lashing out.

For this much rancor to come at this time, and I didn't even see this much rancor back in 2004 during Bush/Kerry, means that Obama and his nutroots know they're in trouble.

Therefore, just keep fighting the good fight and don't let the slimy attacks bash y'all. Cause, in reality, they don't know what they're up against.

Joe said...

Rebecca G., please keep talking. Your perspective on the world is a vivid example of what conservatives, as well as mainstream, middle of the road American men and women loathe about the far can't even make it up.

If you want to continue to fire up conservatives, but also cause Reagan democrats to come home to the revived Republican party, keep talking.

Joe said...

Larry Jackson,

Here's the ABC interview, with the Cokie Roberts follow up.

Erin said...

tc, I think Shania was at the DNC supporting them, so I doubt she'd let the RNC use her music. That's why McCain had to stop using ABBA music. I don't know about the Temptations, though.

Phil said...

I'm all fired up now that McCain picked Sarah Palin. I hadn't known much about her, and was just hoping for a real conservative. I've been on a crash course to learn about Sarah and this website is a great source of info. She is going to rally the conservative base for sure. Thank you for McCain for selecting Palin, and saving us from 4 years of the far left socialism of Obama/Biden.

Mountain Mama said...

You're some moderate, quoting NARAL, Huffington, the LA Times, and DailyKos! O my sides!

I believe you, though, that Sarah Palin "strikes terror" in your hearts. You KNOW she is going to help McCain WIN this election!

Anyway, look---Sarah Palin is a decent person. This means that she does NOT advocate legislating her own albeit-conservative (but not radical; chill...) viewpoints, but instead is fair and can compromise.

One example: though she rejects "gay marriage" privately, she nevertheless signed a bill granting rights in Alaska to civil unions.

Also, when people reside in a given area, they're very aware of and care a lot about what the "danger" is or isn't to the wildlife. Conservatives care, but disagree with radical environmentalists that polar bears or caribou suffer when oil drills or lines are placed very discreetly.
(And remember NOT to try linking her with Bush, okay?---given that she's fighting him re. the polar bears? GOT THAT!?)

Finally, drilling in the ANWR makes sense when you realize that, within that immense area, we only need a football size area to extract the oil. We need those resources to power our computers, etc.

Rebecca, you WRITE that you're pro-life----and that you don't want to legislate your pro-life views.
So how are you so sure that Palin wasn't expressing her PRIVATE view that she would not choose abortion for herself, even if she'd been raped or was in mortal/medical danger?
How do you KNOW that Palin means to support legislation of those views? Maybe she means only to support legislation for what MOST Americans (the population she'd be serving!) advocate: some restrictions on third trimester abortions. MOST Americans believe: "If you choose to have an abortion, then do it early! Don't wait until it's nearly born!"

Prove you're really moderate, Rebecca, by reading through some truly neutral information about Sarah Palin. I hope you reconsider your "terror" about her and vote her and Senator McCain into office.
Peace be upon you.

loki said...

rebecca g sounds alot like syrin. another bitter person.

Anonymous said...

I know you are super busy, but could you please repost or post links to all the info about Troopergate? I found this one:
But I get the sense you covered it in more detail earlier than that and I can't find it... I need good solid info to refute the accusations of my liberal friends!!

Mountain Mama said...

Adam is busy now, on an online talk radio show: Political Pistachio. He'll catch your request later, though, for sure.

Mountain Mama said...

OOPS! I forgot to add that you can view Adam's video about the T issue (we refer to it here in that Delicate Way), posted on June 17 or 19, 2008. Okay?

Stacy said...

Hey Adam, Julie,

I actually got to meet Sarah Palin today at the rally near Pittsburgh. I have photos posted at my I only have Adam to thank for it.

Bob said...

mrsb, don't refute it. ignore it. by refuting it you'll sound defensive and wont win. if they're not gonna vote for her, then why waste youre time. that issue should be their concern, not ours.

Mountain Mama said...

I take time to give information to liberals because then they'll THINK, not just react emotionally, as liberals are oft wont to do----and as I myself did for decades as a liberal. (Lord, I voted for Clinton the first time! Ack!)
I've already directed scads of liberals (and conservatives, too) to check out Adam's excellent video re. the T mess. (Note the delicacy....)

Anonymous said...

Mountain Mama, thanks, I'm actually listening to Adam right now. :-) I'm also reading my friends' blogs and one went off on Troopergate... bob, I want to respond because many people read my friend's blog and I think people should be informed. It's too easy just to hear "scandal" and assume the worst, I think the truth is the best weapon we have to fight these accusations. I'll go check out that post/video now, thanks mt m!

Paul said...
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James said...

I can't believe there are two basketballers on this ticket. totally awesome.

Anonymous said...

You have to be kidding me. Palin has no experience and is a true joke. She's worse than Dan Quayle and to be honest is sheltered in Alaska. Obama/Biden present the right way for our country to change what's wrong with Republicans that they don't see how back Bush was and how bad McCain and Palin will be

Paul said...
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j-obregon said...

Sara Palin will add a new perspective to the way our leaders make choices. The idea of looking at problems from a different point of view will give our country a chance to return to a new leadership role in the world stage.

knowitall said...

drudge has the zogby poll out after Gov Palin's introduction.
McCain and Palin are up by 2% over Obama/Biden.
The 538 site says that zogby leans to the dems consistantly. that makes it even better.
Hot dog!!!

Robin said...

Question for you...

I received a negative email regarding the choice of Sarah Palin for VP saying that Senator McCain has only met her briefly twice prior to selecting her. I can't imagine such a thing to be true. Do you have any info on that? Thanks!

Paul said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mountain Mama said...

Great insight, j-obregon!

I'm enjoying the radio show, Adam----although those hosts seem to run on more than allow YOU to speak (pet peeve....).

PLEASE, Adam: refer people tomorrow to your excellent video re. T-gate (oh, I can't ALWAYS be Delicate about that mess!)!
In fact, maybe you should put on TOP of the blogsite a link to that video, so when the liberals want information, they can get it CORRECTLY!
Thanks, Adam.....

Mountain Mama said...

It's true: McCain met her last winter once, plus for a few hours before he asked her to run with him. So what? She was extremely-thoroughly VETTED by McCain's staff. Plus, obviously people easily feel comfortable around Sarah Palin. She's a SWEETIE!---and a savvy debater. Biden will discover that soon enough.......

Robin said...

Thanks Mountain Mama - I didn't expect an answer so quickly. What you said makes sense.

I'm excited to watch it all unfold!

As soon as I heard about Sarah Palin I began researching her background and I like what I've found. I'm also glad to have stumbled upon this blog - lots of great info!

Mountain Mama said...

Welcome aboard, Robin! Blogs are a great place to get information quickly, hopefully accurately.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again Mountain Mama for the direction on finding that video... here's the link for anyone else looking:
And here's the link to the documents that Adam mentions in the video:
Good stuff, Adam!

n8429c said...

Palinmania in the UK!...

eaglehaslanded said...

As a man of 64,I see Sarah Palin as a strong intelligent leader that is not afraid to take on the Den Of Thieves in Washington.This is the first time in years I have been excited about a candidate.Sarah Palin's SINCERE convictions truly emanates from her.She has the heart and intellect to make good tough decisions and has already shown this by cleaning out the corruption of her own party in Alaska.She was driven by her convictions of wrong doing in the government to put her great life on hold to dislodge the corruption that was stealing from the citizens of Alaska.Why do we need all these so called experienced legislators that give only Big Words and Little Deeds ? The Eagle that landed is Sarah Palin and she is here to help clean out the den of vipers.You have unfurled the Colors and we are ready for battle.
God Speed To You Sarah Palin

louise said...

I just found this blog and am liking it. I just watched "Obama Revealed" on CNN, wanted to see their side of it. It seemed thorough but glaringly DID NOT MENTION AYERS at all. The dems seem to be real quiet on Ayers...makes me think there is much more to that story and we aren't done hearing the last of it.
Go McCain/Palin...I'm jazzed!

Anonymous said...

Ack Help Adam!
This is the counter argument I got (from friends' husband) to the documentation I posted (and your video, which I doubt he watched):
"Did you actually *read* the investigation document? First of all, almost every single allegation is hearsay in what appears to be a divorce-driven "he said / she said". All of the charges against him stem from stories told by his ex-wife, her sister (Palin), their father, etc. 95% of the allegations are unsustained according to the report, and for the ones they deemed sustained- assuming they are true- they appear to be minor lapses in judgment that, while irresponsible, do not affect his job performance and have no impact on his professional life. So, having read the report, I feel her integrity is even more in question. Now, I feel that not only has she tried to wield her political influence to destroy a man's career for personal reasons, but that the entire basis of the pressure to fire him is based on uncorroborated B.S. stories her and her family alleged against him to discredit him to begin with. I don't spout talking points. I research what I can and make my own judgments. I would say that perhaps you were spouting talking points yourself- but Palin is so unknown (even to Republicans) that they're still scrambling to come up with some."

I confess, I really don't know enough about this topic to effectively refute everything he says... but I'm guessing you'll hear stuff like this from CNN and/or rabid lefty bloggers, so how will you reply?

Thanks in advance for the help!!

flapper said...

If the "inexperienced/under investigation" stuff is all the Dems have, they're screwed.

*Investigation? McCain has waited his whole life for this moment. His career is literally riding on this VP choice, and he's even in the polls right now. Do you think maybe his team did a little research?

Even those who'd never heard of Palin should admit that they trust McCain's judgment. Speaking of which, let's compare his judgment to Obama's...

*Inexperienced? Let's compare Palin and Obama. Has Barry ever been a Governor? Mayor? Assistant Manager of a produce stand? Hall monitor? Has he ever run anything besides his mouth?

By all means, let's have this debate!

Mountain Mama said...

Hiya, MrsBG!
Okay----your friend's husband is correct to suspend judgment re. "he said/she said" allegations during divorce situations.

However, what about those charges to which Gov. Palin's ex-BIL admitted?

I seem to recall that:
1. He admitted tazing his stepson (which is beyond stupid----it's CHILD ABUSE----even if the kid supposedly invited it), and

2. He admitted being drunk while driving in a trooper (rats; there's that T word) car, which btw is enough right there to get himself fired as a trooper (again with the T!), and

3. He admitted he killed a moose without having tags, and that's also enough to get his R. End fired as a t..... you know, that T word.

If people were following legal protocol, the guy would have been fired long ago.

Plus he's a mean drunk. Ain't nothing worse than a mean drunk, and you can ask Nicole Simpson if you don't believe it.

Oh wait! I forgot: you can't ask her a THING anymore----which is precisely why people like him should NOT be a ....
well, you know....

msroque said...

Adam --- just one year ago you posted photos that Tricia Ward allowed you to post and today on Wikipedia if you google SARAH PALIN, Tricia's photos show up. It just goes to show the power of media --- Tricia's a young, Alaskan photographer than had one hour to photograph our Governor and look what this has done to her portfolio.
Thanks Adam for the exposure .... and congrats on a job well done!

Anonymous said...

...And now the Blogosphere is ripe with the pregnant rumor that Sarah’s new son is not actually hers, but rather the son of her 17 year her daughter, Bristol... and there seems to be legs on this dog.
...and if it turns out to be a little left wing shot over the McCain bow? Too bad... it is LONG past the time for a little Fox “news” “Rovian/Limbaugh/O’Reilly” torpedo-lie payback... let the republicans know how it feels for a change. I hope it continues… get used to it.

Chris said...

Look this Wooten so called scandal is so toxic that not even Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow on PMSNBC could spare a kind word for Wooten.

Wooten is SCUM and the Governor and the First Gentleman acted in the best interests of the people of Alaska in this matter, perhaps to the financial detriment of the Governor's own sister.

Either you are with a wife-beating child-abusing drunken thug whom has made credible threats against the lives of US Secret Service protected persons or you are not. Go ahead Democrat party and liberal bloggers, choose sides-America is watching!

Chris said...

About the Trig rumors, just go ahead I dare one Democrat party office holder or MSM Obama press secretary to utter this out in the open....

There are clearly pictures posted on the net that in retrospect show the Governor to have been with child even before the announcement was made.

Secondly, most Downs birth occur with women at the Governor's age-in their forties. They are incredibly rare with teenagers.

If this is the best Obama and his thugs in the MSM and Democrat Underground have to offer America then for sure the price you will pay is seeing the Govenors hand on the Bible next January on the steps of the Capitol.

What Rush predicted is coming true- you are destroying yourselves.

Anonymous said...

LOL...I'll post here in a few days after hurricane Trig blows up and destgroys the rebumblecan party.... see you then...

harry said...

I found some pretty cool McCain Palin shirts @

DiffDrummer said...

I wish Governor Palin well. I don't share her social views but I do admire her spunk and courage to stand up against others in her party. I just hope the politics of Washington doesn't tear her apart. Politicians with big egos from both parties can be quite ruthless. Personally, I don't know how anyone can survive DC and maintain their integrity.

Anonymous said...

On a serious note, Democrat Underground has moved the Trig story to their home page. Jerks:

DU moves Palin baby smear to the front page

Here's a breakdown of the non-scandal scandal:

Palin’s Trooper’Gate: Beating MSM distortions to the truth

Now for some fun. Y'all might enjoy this bit:

Palin Facts

My favorites there so far:

Little Known Fact: Sarah Palin doesn’t need a gun to hunt. She has been known to throw a bullet through an adult bull elk.


Little Known Fact: Sarah Palin wears glasses lest her uncontrollable optic blasts slaughter everyone.

Sarah Palin.

Little Known Fact: Sarah Palin will give birth to the man who will lead humanity’s war against the machines.

Palin Padawan.

Little Known Fact: Sarah Palin is the “other” whom Yoda spoke about.

Tee hee! :)

flapper said...

>sigh< This is a non-issue. McCain's vetting team knows more about this case than that "investigator" will discover in 10 years! Vetting for VP is no joke, folks. These people know what Palin wrote in her diary as a teenager.

Gov. Palin was halfway through her first term, and crime stats were terrible. If she ignored that, you can bet that her political opponents would've called it a failure of leadership. So, she made the decision to re-assign the guy in charge of that department. Period.

It's common for Mayors, Governors, Presidents, etc. to shake up their administrations at the halfway point or starting a new term. If this was anything more than a farce concocted by local yokels, McCain wouldn't have picked her.

Being in an executive position means making decisions while losers stand on the sidelines, throwing stones and plotting their next smear. It's not easy. If it was, Obama might've done it.

Gary said...

Adam, I am Gary From Columbus OH that was tracking that Jet from Alaska to Middletown. I thought they might fly to Columbus to go undercover!
I have been sending emails to friends for months about PALIN!!
Many have called me nutso, but I have said that we need a strong female on the Republican ticket!
Sure Sarah you are Great looking!
So is Todd, as so many moms say that Todd is the HOTTIE VP's HOT Main Dude!
I missed everyone at The Buckeye Corner buying OSU Buckeye stuff, and Ice Cream in New Concord, my wife's and John Glenn's Hometown!

MiddleClassAmerica said...

Stunning choice. Its over the moment McCain said her name. I can't understand these comments that Palin is a great choice. They first met last Feb. Their very next conversation was Sunday: "do you want to be VP?" Are you all on meds? This is absolutly crazy.

Very few of my republican friends agree and my opinion is that hardly any undecided moderates like me would want a totally inexperienced woman as a #2.

I was going to vote for McCain for experience in DC and foreign affairs. He just destroyed that vote and likely millions of others.

I now have bet my neighbor a cool case of hinney that Obama wins and bet my brother that he does it with 6 elect votes or more...276+ easily. Damn shame. $500m in campaign funds...poof.

A Romney choice would have at least won Michigan and likely guraranteed a razor close win.

If you have solid reasons why Im wrong, Id love to hear them.

Don C said...

Please visit a new SARAH PALIN fan and supporter website at:

It has a bio,photos,contact information and free Sarah Palin computer wallpaper.

Gary said...

Alfred E Newman- Barry Soetoero has NO EXECUTIVE EXPERIENCE!! NONE!!
He has been running his mouth making speeches for 4 years running for President!

MiddleClassAmerica said...

Dont get me wrong, I like Palin. But executive experience is irrelivant to my vote. I want someone with DC and foreign issues experience who knows the issues and has experience negotiating national issues. Obama/Biden have 36 years....McCain 24. Palin's not even in the equation. Her yrs exp on these issues is zero her 20 months as chief of 590k Alaskians is far beyond even slightly relivant to my vote. This is a political disaster of historical scope. When the music dies and debates start this will be seen for what it is...this is a policial Katrina.

MiddleClassAmerica said...

I correct my above post: Executive experience "of 560k Alaskians" is irrelevant to my vote. We are at war. McCain would be the oldest first term pres. He has fought skin cancer to the extent that he has removed half the lymph nodes in his chin. Her being pres before 2010 is real. She will then face: Russia, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afgan, Saudi, Isreal, Jordan, Egypt, UK, France, Germany and so on. With not one shred of experience at any of it. She has said she has not though about the Iraq conflict before 2007. This is beyond lunacy.

If she was a more moderate Condi Rice or someone similar it wouldnt be so disasterous. I view this as a desperate risk that is in the best interest of politics not the nation.

Again, please give me solid reasons to back her.

Yomi Mizuhara said...

No more than 36 hours after the joy of announcement do I want to throw up because of the disgusting attacks by Kos, Alan Colmes, and others.

I hope that Sarah can come out at one time or another and slam them to hell for it.

I'm just quite disturbed that the left has decided to take their tactics to the worst levels imaginable.

knowitall said...

by the way, middle class, did you notice that the first poll out that included both Biden and Palin, done by the democrat leaning Zogby (according to the democrat leaning has McCain and Palin up by two percent?


Great contrast with Thatcher...thanks...I do think in fact Palin is Thacher-like

Dear Friend: Today naysayers who know nothing about the career and character of Sarah Palin mock her. But McCain has studied her character and has obliviously been impressed. They both have similar philosophies. They both have the same favorite American presidents LINCOLN and TR. As a matter of fact Palin is a lot like TR in her courage and character.

Palin is an usual woman. She has the reputation to be as good a shot as Hemingway or TR himself.

Palin’s career of honesty and integrity is in fact Lincolnesque. Lincoln did not have great experience. He had NO executive experience and only TWO years in congress and few years as a state legislator. In fact, Obama –who has ZERO executive experience- has more experience than Lincoln.

But Palin has more experience than Obama. She has a solid record as a reformer and a populist and against the odds became the mayor of her home city, then ran for Lt. Governor with almost no money losing out only by 2000 votes. Then in 2006 she trumped the establishment Republican candidate in the primary and won overwhelmingly in the general election. She has the highest popularity rate of any sitting governor. And she has traveled and she has run small businesses.

But ultimately why did McCain pick her? Because he recognized a woman of strong character and values who believes as McCain does in the values of duty,honor, God and country. I wish her well and enthusiastically endorse her. Many young people and middle class people will support her because she is, like Lincoln was, a woman of the people. New York won’t care for her but I am certain the heartland will embrace Sarah Palin with great enthusiasm and affection. And why not?

She is one of us. God bless America! No one will runaway with THIS election. Obama-Biden will find McCain-Palin to be very competitive especially where it counts in battleground states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Nevada, and Michigan. There’s much more to American than New York and San Francisco

MAC and Palin are great….all the way in ’08!

Richard K. Munro

MiddleClassAmerica said...

far too early to tell on national polls and even if they were up 10 points you and I both know the national vote is irrelevant. Its the EV state by state vote that counts and she will be irrelevant there.

wk4christ said...

Hey, I heard the Washington, PA rally went very well today! Does anyone have any links to videos(s) of the rally? I'm having trouble finding them. Thanks!



MiddleClassAmerica said...


I too like Palin for her maverick and honest qualities but you must temper all of your comparisons to TR, Thatcher and Lincoln with the fact that we are fighting a global war and to allow a totally inexperienced person at the #2 spot at this point is pure madness. And the avg voter like me in swing states (mine is FL) will see that.

Your statement that she has more experience that Obama is dead wrong and its a false and irrelevant comparison since HER experience managing 6000 people in Willuma and 590k in Alaska is 100% irrelevant in this world. She knows nothing of the mideast, iraq, iran, russia, china, pakistan, osama, and so on.

This was a choice for politics, to satisty the far right base, christians and some moderate women. It was not a choice for national security. They will lose and lose by over 6 EV.

I understand flyover states and winning in LA and NYC doesnt win the nation. You say she will help in swing states, minamally, some states that you mentioned she will help are't even swing states, they are solid Obama/Biden wins based on current polls -- due to large african american pop cities: PA +6, MI +5 are not in play and solid DEM.

She may help in northwest states like MN and NDak but that it. Im sorry to be so extreme but after following politics for 15 yrs, this is clearly the most disasterous political decisions in memory.

Im still waiting for solid evidence of why she helps. Not just "she will help in swing states". Not really, MN and S Dak arent enough.

MiddleClassAmerica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mountain Mama said...

MidClaAm is no different than other snotty, rude liberal bloggers here. Sad....

You go ahead and ignore Hillary's own "take" on Obama: he merely delivered a decent speech at the Dems' 2004 convention, and he's spent 2/3 of his Senate term out on the stump---and has ZERO foreign policy/practice experience.

But Palin already has foreign-nation experience.

Canada borders Alaska, and frequently interacts with its Governor.

And Russia is 2.5 miles from Alaska, so Russia's invasion of Georgia looms large for Alaskans. Every year, Alaska's Governor must renegotiate oil and other resource issues with Russia.

No die-hard pro-choice liberal will fairly assess Sarah Palin's experience and service record. Sad...

Mountain Mama said...

Obama picked Biden PRECISELY because Obama knew (especially in the face of the invasion of Georgia by Russia) that he himself (Obama) needed CRED in the area of foreign policy.
Choosing Biden revealed Obama's own self-assessment----and that he needed help.

McCain, on the other hand, doesn't need to add such experience to his ticket. He needed instead the fresh face and energy of Sarah Palin, who is also a solid, courageous reformer.

>sigh< None of these facts, though, will matter to a liberal bent on destroying Palin. Really sad.

Kathlean said...

Techno said: "Dealing with pantywaist journalists and effete politicians will be a piece of cake for her in 'civilization'."

So you assault journalists and politicians by accusing them of being like women--apparently a horrible thing--and attack H. Clinton with derogatory comments aimed at the fact that she's a strong woman--an even more horrible thing. But when it's time to try to get the vote of those whom you think are feminists and disaffected H. Clinton supporters, you grab some inexperienced, woman's rights-hating, scandal-laden woman out of thin air and wave her about yelling "See! See! We like women! And you can't tell us we don't!"

Sorry, we are not ADD children to be distracted, "Oooh, look, a shiny thing!"

Oh, but wait ... the moderator won't let this post stay up. The best thing to do with a contrary opinion is to wipe it out, right? Silence the opposition--a good campaign strategy. Long live the ticket of Bush, McCain, Palin, and Voldemort! (Who knew you could get 4 names on the same Presidential ticket?)

MiddleClassAmerica said...

Mountain said:
MidClaAm is no different than other snotty, rude liberal bloggers here. Sad....
I said:
Sorry but the truth hurts Palin is not a great choice for many reaons and Im not a liberal. You can't "label a liberal" your way out of this one. Let talk facts.
You go ahead and ignore Hillary's own "take" on Obama: he merely delivered a decent speech at the Dems' 2004 convention, and he's spent 2/3 of his Senate term out on the stump---and has ZERO foreign policy/practice experience.
I dont ignore primary debates but temper it for what it is: A vetting process and usually exaggerated. You are wrong on experience. As you should know Obama is on the Foreign Affairs, VA and Homeland Sec committees which debate policy, solve problems with suggested bills and have access to top secret docs. So the truthful state is: he has had 4yrs exp doing this in our highest legislating body. He has debate issues like iraq and visited the place unlike Palin who said she didnt even give Iraq a though before 2007.
But Palin already has foreign-nation experience.

Canada borders Alaska, and frequently interacts with its Governor.

And Russia is 2.5 miles from Alaska, so Russia's invasion of Georgia looms large for Alaskans. Every year, Alaska's Governor must renegotiate oil and other resource issues with Russia.
You must be joking about the Russian experience. Okay, so she has minor and nearly irrelevant experience hiring Oil Committee members to talk to Russian Oil Committee Members. This is a stretch and you knwo it.
No die-hard pro-choice liberal will fairly assess Sarah Palin's experience and service record. Sad...
Im not a liberal but I will fairly assess Mrs Palin. I like her honest style. I like her. I strongly think her time is not now.
Its not sad at all. Facts are facts.

In 2002 she was mayor of 5,000 people in Willia. For the last 20 mo she was gov of 590k Alaskians. I like her but her "exec exp" is totally irrelevant to the national and internaional job of US VP. Period.

techno said...

Several days ago I suggested that McCain needed a game-changer--akin to trading for a superstar at the trading deadline or the NY Jets acquiring Brett Favre--if he expected to have any chance of winning. At the time I noted that it was not to be construed as a Hail Mary pass but a move that had to be made to ensure that McCain had a decent chance to compete as the game was proceeding.Remember we're still 60+ days to election day. What McCain did by picking Sarah Palin as his running mate was to give himself a better chance to compete; but it doesn't assure victory. For media pundits and Democrats who refer to this move as desperation or a hail Mary pass they don't understand competition or sports. So a suggestion to all Sarah supporters who butt heads with naysayers: start using sports analogies that refer to draft choices and trades to improve the talent or competitive level of the team.

tattooyoda said...

Does anyone know the name of the song/music that played when Sarah took the stage friday? (not VH's "right now" at the end)

MiddleClassAmerica said...

Mountain said:
Obama picked Biden PRECISELY because Obama knew (especially in the face of the invasion of Georgia by Russia) that he himself (Obama) needed CRED in the area of foreign policy.
Choosing Biden revealed Obama's own self-assessment----and that he needed help.

McCain, on the other hand, doesn't need to add such experience to his ticket. He needed instead the fresh face and energy of Sarah Palin, who is also a solid, courageous reformer.
I said:
I agree Obama noticed and fixed his weakest point with Biden. McCain worsened his by eliminating the only advantage he really had...that of experience.
>sigh< None of these facts, though, will matter to a liberal bent on destroying Palin. Really sad.
Look, dont be sad. These are facts (with a little opinion). Facts are bent on destroying anyone. The simply say she is irrelevant on his ticket and will likely end up one of the worst VP choices in history due to her lack of any credible national/intl experience and being entirely unable to take over as Pres should Mccain become ill.

Thats a far sadder fact than your seeming contempt for other opinions.

tattooyoda said...

Does any know the song/music that they played as Sarah took the stage friday? (not VH's "right now" )

MiddleClassAmerica said...

Good night all and best of luck on your collective journeys in politics. No harm meant, none taken.


Mountain Mama said...

Obama has 3-1/2 years in the Senate, with over 1-1/2 years on the stump and rarely in the Senate.
He was ignorant enough, btw, to say that Iran wasn't all that important; it's only a tiny state, no big deal QUOTE!
Of course, when he was whomped upside the head an hour later by his freaking-out advisors, he had to take that AMAZINGLY dull comment back the next day.

If you're really not a liberal, MID AM, then keep reading and thinking, and just watch Sarah Palin do well.

Btw, the sickos are out there to the max with truly evil rumors.

In case anyone needs a pic of pregnant Sarah Palin, view it at:

I suppose the hospital staff all were paid to lie about the baby all their born days, too----not to mention the entire county staff, when they made out the birth certificate. You know, sick people will believe anything, all to keep power.

What's neat about Sarah Palin is that she's normal, healthy, and REAL---- and isn't out to get power.

Night all......

Ted said...

Thanks for mentioning me on Political Pistacchio blogtalkradio. It's been a lot of fun!

techno said...

Zogby (usually his polls favor the Democrats) has McCain-Palin up by 2 over Obama-Biden (47-45); and that's after Obama's extravaganza on Thursday. In 48 hours Obama's now trailing. McCain, you are a genius. Folks, this is historical. Again don't tell me that VP picks don't matter!

Kathlean said...

Laughing at Munro's suggestion that McCain picked Palin because he recognised a woman of strong character and values ... how could he "recognise" anything? He'd met her twice! He picked her because someone in his campaign office looked at her resume and decided that their boss could SELL the American people on her as a good running mate.

I wish she was like Lincoln. Lincoln once said "The Bible is not my book nor Christianity my profession. I could never give assent to the long, complicated statements of Christian dogma." If Palin were like Lincoln in this regard, I'd take the whole package just for that ... oh, wait, that would make her a token non-Christian to me ... sort of like she's a token woman to you.

Thank you, middleclassamerica--you and I would probably have many things on which we do not meet eye-to-eye (including what I just wrote above), but your analysis of this situation is dead-on. I KNOW that many, many Republicans and conservatives are perfectly intelligent, they just come from a different view-point. And they will see that this is not the person we want running the country if/when McCain succumbs to the combination of age and President-level stress.

Ted said...

Adam, also, I'm thinking of starting a blogsite, AdamBrickleyforVP'

techno said...

Where else but in America could somebody rise from relative obscurity, unknown by the majority of the bigwigs in her own party to one heartbeat from the Presidency.

Lo Schiavo said...

italian blogs 4mccain

Anonymous said...

Hey all ... there seems to be some buzz about the Bridge to Nowhere thing.

Did she initially support it and then change her mind?

I'm asking because I saw someone comment on it, then I Googled palin bridge to nowhere and there are a gazillion articles raising the issue.

I hope it's not true but my guess is that if it is, it isn't quite as bad as they're making it to be and there's a logical explanation. What do you all think?

Vic said...

Just want to say-- GREAT JOB on your news appearances. I am so impressed with your presence and knowledge. Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Okay so I've found an article and a blog that talk about her de-funding the project:

But still I think they're going to use the "she was for it before she was against it" meme.

Thoughts? Does anyone here no the backstory?

Anonymous said...

Okay I kinda feel dumb. Just looking at her Wiki page gives insight:

Palin initially expressed support for the Gravina Island Bridge project,[48] commonly known outside the state as the "Bridge to Nowhere." However, once it had become a nationwide symbol of wasteful earmark spending and some federal funding was lost, Palin cancelled the bridge because Alaska's congressional delegation was unable to prevent the state of Alaska from having to pay for part of the bridge's construction.[24][49] Alaska still kept the federal money, but she stated that Alaska should rely less on federal funding.

So it's not uncommon knowledge then. But how can their attacks against her be addressed? What was her initial reasoning for the support?

I'm trying to gird my loins against those who are attacking her so I can be prepared for what they throw at me. :)

esmeralda said...

It's obvious that you - Adam Brickley - are hebrew. I can't believe that you are rightist! Russians freed hebrews from nazi lagers. Really I can't believe...


techno said...

I would suggest you go over to the Weekly Standard web site and read the article How Palin Got Picked. You will then realize Sarah's choice for VP was a true MIRACLE and that Adam and the other bloggers who set up Palin web sites are people that we will never be able to thank or praise enough.

Erin said...

tattooyoda, I believe the music is the soundtrack from Rudy--a movie I have never seen but have long enjoyed the music. It stars Sean Astin as Rudy, a wannabe football player trying to crack into the Notre Dame football team. It's supposedly a lovely underdog story.--yup, just confirmed on itunes. The song in question is entitled "Take Us Out."

Saur♥Kraut said...

Keep us posted on new stories! Thanks!

Gary said...

Middleclass DC as usual,
Obama has NO FOREIGN experience other than going over and claiming to be the Messiah. Get real.
Biden has sat on committees, so what?
McCain is the man running for President.
Condi Rice handled most foreign relations.
McCain will most likely add Lieberman as Sec of State or Gen General David.
He and Palin would travel to meet with foreign leaders.
What did Gore have in foreign relations or John Edwards?????
Or even Hillary, other than made up stories that she retracted?

Erin said...

Okay, so most of America is discovering Sarah Palin. I've been riding that horse for months. What I AM just discovering is "The Weekly Standard"! I know of Fred Barnes from Fox, but I've never read their articles, and I have to say, I'm blown away! Their analysis of Sarah is thoughtful and measured. Must keep tabs on this. Might even subscribe. :D

webgirlvillage said...

Congrats on your mention on CNN! Good job in getting national attention. This should pump up your traffic.

In the previous post about your call from the Palins, you mention several other sites. Do you think you could edit this to make these live links?

Anonymous said...

Adam, just saw you on are well spoken, but I can't for the life of me understand why a gay person would be supportive of such a hateful woman who has worked to have gays discriminated against.

Walk Forrest Walk said...
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Walk Forrest Walk said...
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Walk Forrest Walk said...

American was introduced to a young Irish Catholic, Massachusetts Senator in 1960. Could it be that America has a future Commander in Chief in Sarah Palin? this blogger is sure of it. My wife & I can't wait until she visits Lansing, Mi. Congratulations, Sarah Palin

Erin said...

forrest, attend the rally in Sterling Heights on Friday! I'm going just to hear Sarah. I had no interest in going even AFTER she was picked until I found out that she will be there.

tamara said...

Hey Everyone!

I have been a Palin fan for awhile. I'm an artist and I created a photo montage portrait of Governor Palin a few weeks ago. It is posted on my flickr page

If any Palin bloggers are interested in using the image feel free to contact me.

One thing..I live in the projected path of hurricane Gustav. If I don't reply right away you will know why but I will get back to you as soon as possible.

JC from Ohio said...

Vote YES for McPALIN!

JC from Ohio said...

Vote YES for McPALIN!

JC from Ohio said...

Vote YES for McPALIN!

JC from Ohio said...

Sorry for repeat of the same message Vote YES for McPALIN. It was not intentional. I am new to this as a first time blogger. Advise welcome. John from Ohio.

Chris said...

Blogger tattooyoda said...

Does anyone know the name of the song/music that played when Sarah took the stage friday? (not VH's "right now" at the end)

I believe from just seeing the sheet music on the Alaska state gov website the song was "The Alaska Flag", the state's anthem.

BTW my wife wants to know where to get those gold outline Alaska ear rings the Governor was wearing? Anybody know??

tattooyoda said...

Thanks Erin for info on Sarah's intro song; that's it.And if anyone can suggest to McCain and Sarah's people it would best that on all the signs,bumperstickers, buttons and such that they may get better results by using their whole names; John McCain/Sarah Palin.People fill better when see a whole name.I walked around a shopping yesterday and talked to people and when i ask them about McCain's Vp pick saying Palin i got little facial results but when i said her whole name they cound not help by smile.

Friction said...

It's hilariously pathetic to read people's comments here, such as the first one, janetplanet, who thinks traditional media is far left, and who spout as if their opinions were FACT, and MATTERED.

mapmakerjenny: are you going to be able to relate to Palin when it's revealed that her son Trig is actually her grandson? Not since the virgin birth of Jesus has their been so much controversy over a pregnancy.

Carlos: how original. Palin is the trapdoor on your right.

Adam: how come you keep deleting posts you don't agree with? How come you you yourself didn't even meet Palin, and yet McCain met her just once? Is it standard policy to delete comments of people you don't know, let alone vouch for the character of a person you've never met?

If so, those are the hallmarks of someone who doesn't know how relationships are formed, let alone sustain those relationships through the ups and downs that all relationships go through.

J said...

obama: "trust you can change"

Mccain: "change you can Trust"

Mountain Mama said...

GOOD one, J!
I still prefer my earlier line:

With McCain-Palin!"


Hey, Erin----if you liked "The Weekly Standard," you'll just LOVE "The National Review!" We take both of them!

Adam---you were great this a.m. on CNN. I'll write you more later.

Off to church----PRAYIN' for PALIN! ----Oh and also for McCain!

*Happy Dance.......*

Paul said...

Adam on CNN - I recoreded it, where, when? someoen give me an online link

JAB in Georgia said...

On the day she was born, the nurses all gathered 'round
And they gazed in wide wonder, at the joy they had found
The head nurse spoke up, and said leave this one alone
She could tell right away, Sarah was bad to the bone

Bad to the bone
Bad to the bone
B-B-B-B-Bad to the bone
Bad to the bone

You mended our hearts, after we all met you
You'll mend millions more baby, before you are through
We wanna be yours pretty baby, yours and yours alone
We're here to tell ya honey, you're bad to the bone

Bad to the bone
Bad to the bone

You make rich men beg, you'll make a good man feel
You'll make McCain blush, and make Obama squeal
We wanna be yours pretty baby, yours and yours alone
We're here to tell ya honey, that you're bad to the bone

Bad to the bone

Night Owl said...

Friction: LOL about the pregnancy comment. Do you honestly think that could be covered up? What about the fact that the risk of having a Down's Syndrome baby increases drastically with age.

The left is really grasping at straws when it comes to Palin.

Nancy said...

interesting how this has all turned into something about YOU adam.... hummm sounds like you want a job, you want this to be about YOU and YOUR blog, you keep deleting my comments which show how you are manipulating this blog. All about YOU You you...

Larry Jackson said...

I haven't written anything on my own blog about the rumor going around about Trig and I don't intend to do so, until there is proof. I simply do not want to spread any kind of false or misleading information, even if I am trying to defend Governor Palin. However, I know of at least one site that is usually a credible site that has a story on it. I have posted a comment on that site, but I really wish there was some, irrefutable way to put this to bed for good. It needs to be gone.

If you feel like commenting on the story in question, go to Kevin Tracy.

a blawger said...

I agree with Larry Jackson, but can someone simply put the Trig-in-Bristol's-baby story to bed (pardon the pun)?? How easy would it be to discredit this rumor?

If Trig is Sarah's child, there should be ample proof! This story should be dead easy to nip in the bud.

Full disclosure: my wife is 8 months pregnant and there is no way that she could hide her belly.

Night Owl said...

I don't blame you Larry. I wouldn't post on it either. It will go away. It's a sign of desperation on the left that they would even dignify something of this nature.


Old Abe Lincoln came out of the wilderness and so does Sara Baracuda. Perhpas it is premature to compare Palin to TR but like TR she has had a meteoric ride. She is not just a small town mayer she is the Governor of Alaska. She BEAT THE INCOMBANT REPUBLICAN GOV. in a REPUBLICAN PRIMARY which by itself is remarkable and then she trounced the Democrat who was also a former Governoer. That was a Revolution.
And Mac's pick of her now is a revolution. Yes, my friends in NYC by an large live in a liberal bubble and think because she is notfrom a big state or Yale or Harvard or the aristorcratic Senate that she can have appeal. But I live in the western most fringe of the Bible Belt and here the choice was electric. This will really motivate the base. Many people (Dr. Dobson is a famous example) who said they would not vote for McCain are now embracing the ticket with enthusiasm .Yesterday McCain announced 7 million dollars in contributions many small contributions as little as 25$.

This is a revolution. It is so exciting. Here is no Washington insider corrupted by Embassy parties and jaded by shaded dealings. Here is a woman of strong values who knows the heart of AMERICA. America, when it gets to know her will love her. I have though she was remarkable since I first read about her in the WSJ in 2006. Read her biography. Read her articles and journalism. She quotes Plato, Russell Kirk, Kissinger. Intellectually she seems more than a match for Bicen or Obama.

We see before us real change. Sarah Palin much more than Dame Hillary has what it takes to be a great VP and eventually be the first woman president.


Erin said...

Mama, I'll check out National Review. Heard of it; haven't read it. I know, I know; I'm out of the loop, but I generally can't stand reading left bias, and right bias is just a bit better. I teach factfinding quite heavily, so sources mean everything to me--opinion, not so much. In my occupation, I live and die by facts.

Just got back from church, and it's been refreshing to talk to newly minted Palinophiles and hear their enthusiasm and energy for this! And I don't care what people are saying about pandering to women; it may not be the sole reason people will vote for this ticket, but it's NOT hurting.

My brother is excited, but he still thinks Obama is going to win. I tell him that McPalin needs to do two things, and they can already cross one of them off the list. A) Unite the base--check. B) Siphon Hillary voters--working on it; polling is showing that 23% of Hillary supporters are jumping the Dem ship for McPalin. Such a number--4.5 million--can't hurt.

I think McCain's experience in one crucial area is what's kept this race so close when many thought it would not be much of a contest. The man has run campaigns. He knows how to get the vote. Obama is a relative noob to this, and it shows!


Mountain Mama is right!

Being the Gov of Alaska automatically gives one real foreign policy experience with Russia and Canada. Great point. Alaska is way out on a limb and yes the invasion of Georgia meant a lot to the people up there. Alaska is the place most vulnerable to invasion of all the 50 states and if you recall part of it was occupied by the Japanese in 1942. If Hawaii had fallen in 1942 it is possible Alaska would have also thus fatally wounding the USA and makeing it impossible to rescue Australia and New Zealand

By the way, Sarah is a history buff. Has anyone read her journalism. Nothing stupid about this woman. I am very impressed by her command of the facts , her knowledge of political economy and her strong family values. Obama would benefit to read some of the books Sarah reads. Since he doesn't quote them or understand their ideas I have the impression that he has no knowldge of such books THE ROAD TO SERFDOM, PLATO, THE FEDERALIST PAPERS, THE ROOTS OF AMERICAN ORDER not to mention the Book of Job and Judges...

There he will find that great prophetess who inspired BARAK to fight and defeat Sisera (Jud 4).

Except this time she will inspire the great MAC to defeat BARAK.


techno said...

Isn't it an amazing and strange world that the Republican delegation from Alaska is not on speaking terms with Sarah and that Sarah's administration is currently suing the Bush administration over designating polar bears an endangered species, thus stopping oil drilling off the north coast of Alaska. Only in America. Hollywood couldn't write this script. God bless McCain for a choosing a person for VP who wasn't supported by either her state party or the national Republican party. What are the odds?


Kathleen you are welcome to laugh but you would not laugh if you knew as much about Sarah Palin as I do. Have you followed her career? Have you read her journalism? Have your read her biography (published in May 2008))

McCain did not pick someone who was a total unknown. For people who read GUNS and AMMO she was a folk hero. For peope who read THE CITIZEN (FOCUS ON THE FAMILY) she was a folk hero. For the men and women of the fishling fleets of the North she was a byword SARAH BARACUDA. For the miners and huners of the fronter she was Amazon like. For the men of the Alaska National Guard who she visited in remote artic bases and on the front lines in Iraq she is their darling. Everyone who meets Sarah respects her. She may be the most remarkable woman of our times. Hillary by comparison just jumped on the bandwagon using her husbands name, money, power and connections. Even now she is one of the least experience and accomplished presidential candidates we have ever had. Sarah? Now I would be the first to say she would not be my first choice as a PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE in 2008 but she's not there she is number 2. And when the time comes Mac will have groomed her to be her successor. Hillary had too many negatives to be president. I knew many life long Democrats (and I was like my father and grandfather before me a Democrat until 2000) who told me they would have voted for the Devil over Mrs. Clinton. These same people like McCain because McCain knows how to work with moderates and liberals and achieve things for the common good. He has a proven track record of that. What has Obama ever done or achieved as a statesman? Nothing. He has the most slender intellectual, legislative and executive experienc of any presidential candidate in history. Even less than Hillary. His whole campaign is just a Grand Illusion one that will rapidly wind down. Barack will make history just like William Jenning Bryan the last Democrat nominated in novemenber. In case you don't know your history Bryan a good, honest and noble man who spurred on many progressive reforms and set the stage for the rise of Theodore Roosevelt and Wilson too, lost every time he ran. And so will Barrack in my humble opinioon. America is not Harvard Law School or the Beltway nor even Chicago.


DaveF said...

As posted on the website.

Move the Convention

As hurricanes bear down on the Gulf States, Republican organizers are preparing for the convention in Minnesota. The convention is due to take place almost directly to the north of New Orleans, Louisiana. We suggest: cancel the convention.

Two hurricanes are threatening the Gulf States. One is almost certain to directly hit New Orleans on Monday morning, the day that the Republican National Committee is scheduled to open the convention. The Republican Party cannot stand by to give speeches and have receptions while citizens are in harms way. We must have action. If Barack Obama can move his nomination from the Pepsi Convention Center to Invesco Field, then John McCain can move his convention from Minneapolis to New Orleans.

Here is the plan:

Complete all of the party’s administrative tasks as necessary in Minneapolis. Finish the party platform, recognize the delegates, and have the delegates cast their ballots for the Presidential and Vice Presidential nominees. This should take no more than one day.

Move the officials and delegates to the Gulf State region for volunteer service.

Coordinate volunteer efforts with state Governors, National Guard, and relief organizations. Service before self.

On Thursday, convene the delegates and party chairman to officially accept the party’s Presidential and Vice Presidential nominee.

Hold the proceedings in a safe but public location. If in New Orleans, then use the Louisiana Superdome.

We are not trying to get 85 thousand viewers in a stadium, we just need those required; modesty before pomp and circumstance.

The Republican Party cannot be focused on convention schedules, hotel reservations, and receptions while ordinary people are suffering and losing their homes due to a natural disaster.

Hotels and other vendors should be made to understand that the convention is being moved south for volunteer relief efforts; talk to the corporate offices if necessary.

The RNC and McCain campaign have a ready-made army of volunteers to support fellow citizens; this opportunity should not be wasted.

Whereas the Democratic Party relied on speeches in Denver, the Republican Party can now show that it is a party of action. No speeches, just action. We don’t need glitz and fancy videos, we just need to fill sand bags and hand out supplies.

Cancel the showy splendor, cancel the speeches that no one listens to, convene McCain’s Army and march south.

I second this idea.

"Country First!"

All those in agreement should email McCain and the RNC websites

Ferny for McCain at Stanford said...

Dear friends,

One of our bloggers just released a new post The wacky brilliance behind the Palin pick. Come, read and let us know what you think!

Erin said...


That's a fantastic idea! Throw in your plan for overnight accommodations for all the people you're talking about having go down there as well as a way to afford the trip, and send it out!

Erin said...

ferny, your group brings up great points (made by Adam months and years ago! :), and as a conservative base, we need to keep that list forefront as we discuss this with those around us considering a vote for McPalin.

DaveF said...

"Hotels and other vendors should be made to understand that the convention is being moved south for volunteer relief efforts; talk to the corporate offices if necessary."

As listed in the original blog, the rooms in Minnesota are already paid for, so it really shouldn't be to difficult for the corporate offices to approve the move.

If they are in agreement it should make them look human also. "Big Corporate helping those in need."

dee said...



Erin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
republicanfeminist said...

The sexist attacks on Palin are the same as the sexism attacks on Hillary. Hillary was brought down by them. I am Hillary supporter voting for McCain.
Every woman has a right to compete in the United States. Palin is experienced, formidable. Stop the media from attacking her for being a parent who is a VP pick. Women are many things and we all strive to achieve.
I am disgusted by the sexism I have seen from my own party and my own "liberal progressive" colleagues.
Don't kid yourselves. The sexism towards Palin has the potential to do great damage.

Erin said...

davef, I think you misunderstood me. It's expensive to fly everyone to a new location, so that's the "can they afford it?" part. Additionally, hotels often get used for refuge. It's difficult to get a room during and after a storm (spoken as one who has been through a supertyphoon and lived to tell the tale). But the service aspect of your plan would be tremendous for the conservative movement!

Stacy A. Smith said...

I continue to hear the liberal media go after Palin regarding the Trooper who was her brother-in-law.

I think she needs to take the moral high road on this. She needs to stand strong.

If it is brought up by a reporter or in the debate with Biden she needs to say something like this:

I believe that my former abusive,brother-in-law who has alcohol and anger management problems needs to seek counseling and he should have been fired, but let me ask you...

Mr. Biden do you believe that a police officer should hunt without a permit which is a crime in Alaska?

Mr. Biden do you believe that a law enforcement office should while on duty be drinking and driving in his squad car?

Mr. Biden do you believe that an 11 year old boy, my nephew should be allowed to be abused by his step-father, who is a cop with the cop taking a tasser and shocking this child?

And lastly Mr. Biden do you believe that a cop should be allowed to treaten a 60 year-old man by saying to him "if you get your daughter a lawyer, I will put a f--- bulit in my gun and blow your f-----g head off?

I don't believe that any of this is proper therefore, YES I feel this abusive man should have been fired.

Stacy A. Smith said...

I wanted to say to everyone who was online Thursday night it was real fun reading on this site. I was online until 3:00 am .

It was cool to see how this story was broke not by the media but by the normal citizens . Just like this election will not be won by the media but by normal citizens.


STACY SMITH...this is the power of talk radio and the INTERNET....which is the new Committe of Correspondence.

We the people created the movement for PALIN. I have been spreading Palin BUZZ for months on the INTERNET. I saw her by far and away the best pick Mac could have made. People like me are legion and I am thrilled MAC listened to the people and not Washington Insiders

Night Owl said...

It WAS a lot of fun Thursday night/Friday morning, on the comment thread. I posted a little narrative of it on my own blog. :)

Revisiting the comment thread makes for a good read. :)

Mountain Mama said...

Key facts re. Sarah's baby
(and I apologize to her that giving this information is even necessary, but certain SICKOS are putting out SICK rumors, so we must calm those who are just reading the rumors):

1. The Gov. and her husband took her in for a test during her 4th month of pregnancy, which showed that the then-unborn child would have Down Syndrome. They, being pro-life, of course chose to trust God, and they did NOT "terminate the pregnancy," ie. abort it. (Lord, have mercy.....)

2. Given the fact that Gov. Palin needed time to plan ahead for this child, she and Mr. Palin decided not to share their good news for as long as possible.

3. Meanwhile, their oldest daughter, Bristol, came down with a fierce case of mononucleosis, and she had to stay home on bedrest for many weeks. (I've had mono this badly three times in my life, with a fever, and it is dangerous even to get out of bed: the spleen, which manufactures our blood, gets swollen and can rupture when moved.)

4. In Feb., Gov. Palin went to the Nat'l Governors' Association meeting, where btw she first met Senator McCain. She wore jackets that masked her swelling tummy, and she didn't show that much yet, being not quite 6 mo. along then.

5. In late April, Gov. Palin was at a meeting in Texas, and in the morning, before she and Mr. Palin flew back to Alaska, she leaked only a few drops of amniotic fluid. They contacted her doctor, he said she could fly safely, since she had NO signs of actual labor, and her water hadn't actually broken. So they took off.
BUT, to be sure all was well, they checked midway, during a layover, with a doctor in Seattle (possibly it was in Spokane). He said all was well, and she could continue the flight home.
She went on to Alaska, straight to her home doctor and then went into the hospital. The next morning, they induced labor, and Trig was born, about a month early.

No way could she have persuaded the doctor, nurses, hospital staff, and county records staff to fake her delivery, to cover for Bristol's supposedly having Trig (instead of having mono).

This rumor is EXACTLY as VICIOUS and SICK as the one which, very sadly, Bush surrogates in the 2000 election created, about how supposedly McCain was the father of an adopted black girl. YES, HE IS: not biologically, though; the McCains ADOPTED her, when she was a very sick infant, at the urging of none other than Mother TERESA!

I'm too tired to go into other rumors now, but PLEASE check into everything on your own, and send this CORRECT information on to everyone you know, so they will NOT buy into this SICK rumor.

And SHAME on people who create these really evil rumors......

Lisa said...

When Sarah Palin booked a flight to Europe, the French immediately surrendered. Go Sarah!

Mountain Mama said...

As I wrote last night, before heading to bed:
In case anyone needs a pic of pregnant Sarah Palin, view it at:

I suppose the hospital staff all were paid to lie about the baby all their born days, too----not to mention the entire county staff, when they made out the birth certificate. You know, sick people will believe anything, all to keep power.

What's neat about Sarah Palin is that she's normal, healthy, and REAL---- and isn't out to get power.

I do become angry that people create and spread vicious lies, or distort facts to the point of lying about the actual situation.
I have contempt for such liars.

But I try to treat people well, even when I'm angry at their behavior, because they are also beloved creations of God.

I just wish they'd stop feeling so afraid and FACE REALITY. Sarah Palin is NO one to fear.....

Anonymous said...

What a moronic decision for McCain. His campaign would have been way more competitive if he had chosen Mit or even Rudy if he really wanted star power. He's been slandering Obama for his youthful ambitions, saying that he is not ready for the big time. And who does he pick? A po-dunk self proclaimed "hockey mom" with even less experience than Obama. And when McCain dies in office who's going to take over? Oh that's right someone with no experience outside of Alaska and Big Oil. She has a 4 month old with down syndrome, how is she going to take care of our country and her family? She is going to have to neglect one or the other so that makes her a bad politician or a bad parent. You decide.

loki said...


you're extremely sexist, aren't you? do you spout off about males who run for office and have children? have you?

Montana said...

Happy to have found this.

Hope I can find it again.

Montana proud to put my name in here.

Mountain Mama said...

To Judgmental Misogynist, Sday1776:

I'll just let Sarah speak for herself on this one:

Wesley Loy reported in the Anchorage "Daily News" on March 6, 2008, when Palin first announced her pregnancy with Trig:

<< Palin noted another Alaska governor welcomed a new baby to his family while in office -- Mike Stepovich, who served as territorial governor in the late 1950s.
Having kids and serving as governor are entirely compatible, she said.
"To any critics who say a woman can't think and work and carry a baby at the same time, I'd just like to escort that Neanderthal back to the cave," Palin said.

You GO, girl......!

wk4christ said...

Re: I'd just like to escort that Neanderthal back to the cave," Palin said.

HAHAHA!!!! AMEN!!!! GO SARAH!!!!! I am so thrilled that the Republicans have a woman on the ticket! Our party is leading the way in change! The first VP of the USA will be a woman from the Republican Party!

Palin is truly a dream come true! I thank God for her!



Larry Jackson said...


Do you think it would do any good to take the facts as you listed them and publish them in an article on my blog, or any other for that matter? I just get the feeling this thing needs to be shut down because it seems to grow the longer it is alive. What are your thoughts on that?

My Take

Mountain Mama said...

Hey, Larry J!

I just wrote Adam privately to ask him to re-post his video and also to create a NEW video to discount the new (sick!) rumors. I know Adam will either do this, or post new articles about the rumors.

I read through all the Sick KOS comments, and followed all the posted links, and read the papers about the rumors. It takes FAR more time than most reporters will take, so unfortunately some of this crap might wind up on the nightly news soon. ACK!


(And Larry J.---feel free to re-post what I wrote, although I know Adam will have better insights; he always shares excellent, concise information and knows the national political scene far better than do I.)

grace said...







grace said...





techno said...

Folks, isn't it amazing that three days after Obama's 'home-run' speech all the pundits could talk about on the Sunday talk shows was Sara Palin and how inadequate she was for the job. Why wasn't there more positive comments after how well Obama was doing? Certainly he did come out of the Democratic Convention with a bounce. Astonishing.

Bob said...

Good luck Grace and an excellent idea! Anything I can do to help, just let me know.

Paul said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TrueRedHead said...

I agree the RNC Convention should be "Country First" and provide aid and service to the hurricane victims (and I believe it will), but as far as moving it to NOLA or any of the area directly effected, that's really not feasible.

For one thing, accommodations in the immediate surrounding area are already booked solid with evacuees, emergency management personnel and volunteers.

For another, creating any sort of media circus with an event of this magnitude in the midst of the disaster area (which would be inevitable)would be an unwelcome distraction that could do more harm than good - both for the storm victims and for the political cause.

Anonymous said...

hi, i'm not a troll or a democrat, and this is a legitimate question. Can someone please point me to evidence that refutes the story on the dailykos that Trig is not Gov. Palin's child, but actually her oldest daughter's. The pictures and the details in the story are very concerning.

Tuan said...

Here's a pic of her pregnanet (sp)

case closed

Anonymous said...

You know, I'm still in shock that McCain picked the VP choice I was pulling for.

I still can't help but smile with a sense of true wonder.


Larry Jackson said...

I can vouch for onemom. She most certainly isn't a troll.

My Take

caem said...

Following is an interesting article by Tom Gross in support of Sarah's Foreign credentials - posted on National reiew:

Palin’s Instincts
Don’t discount Palin’s foreign-policy credentials.

By Tom Gross

Critics are already trying to damn Sarah Palin for her perceived lack of foreign-policy experience, but what they are not allowing for is something more important — that she has the right basic attitudes and sense of priorities. She understands that aggression has to be resisted and commitments have to be honored.

Certainly there is every sign that she will be better for at least one of America’s closest friends and allies, Israel, than Joe Biden.

It is true that Biden talks of his support for Israel in principle, but the reality is that he has done his utmost to thwart keeping the possibility of a military option open to stop Iran acquiring nuclear weapons. As a result he was even praised recently on the Iranian regime’s official propaganda arm, Press TV.

It is no accident that Biden was dubbed “Tehran’s favorite senator” in an article in the Washington Post last week.

By contrast, the very first reference to foreign policy that Palin made in her acceptance speech after being chosen as John McCain’s vice-presidential candidate Friday was that Iran must be stopped from getting nuclear weapons. She mentioned this even before she mentioned the issues of Iraq and Russia.

Palin has a record for integrity and for getting the job done matched by very few politicians, as shown by her success in tackling the corrupt Republican-party establishment in Alaska, and her highly effective economic program there.

The U.S. and Israel can have every confidence that, like McCain, she is a doer who means what she says — not someone like Joe Biden who may come out with fine sentiments but seems unwilling to get to grips with fundamental problems posed by Iran and Syria.

— Tom Gross is a former Mideast correspondent for London’s Sunday Telegraph.

Anonymous said...

tuan - not one image on that website loads. more specific link please.

Stephen said...

Hey all,

As a Palin supporter I have to admit that some of the criticism is fair specifically on the foreign policy experience side.

Is she ready to be president? Every journalist is hammering home this question and regardless of Obama's experience at the top of the ticket (which we can agree--he has little to show for)it is a valid point with McCain being 72 and all.

I think she is an extraodinary talent but does she have the right judgment and knowledge to take on Al Qaeda? Iran? Does she understand the situation and geopolitical consequences of the Russia-Georgia conflict?

These are valid questions that she will have to address in the upcoming weeks and months. No doubt journalists will be trying to trip her up on foreign policy...

What the McCain campaign needs to do to counter this criticism:
1) Palin needs to show she is ready to be CIC. She needs an "Obama-type speach" outlining her foreign policy views that demonstrates she is knowledgeable and conversant on the issues
2) This one is tough: she needs to allow reporters to quiz her on foreign policy. This will require some serious studying and good talking points from the McCain campaign. Given her lack of foreign policy experience and even international travel (it would appear she's only been to 3-4 countries in her life) it will go a long way to reassuring americans that she has command of the issues.

I was watching Frank Luntz, the pollster, asking undecideds how they felt about the Palin pick and most actually felt she could hurt the campaign and wasnt ready to be the commander in chief. Republicans need to go on the offensive here and define her as such (same way Obama has been able to).
Her readiness to command and deal with foreign policy matters needs to be addressed. Although I think being VP will go far to getting her this experience, the media seems to think McCain will drop dead on inauguration day.

Joe said...

As the absolute most ardent supporter of Governor Palin, I am deeply shocked and angered by the cancerous spread of rumors against Governor Palin, which is deeply and painfully hurtful to Sarah, but more importantly to her daughter. These left wing blogs are causing harm to a teenage child. Bristol is an innocent victim of their cruelty. Aren't liberals supposed to be advocates for the innocent?

It is tough to know what Palin and the McCain campaign should do. Indeed, the internet blogs are a new and powerful force in American politics, which can be very helpful, as it has been thus far for our cause, but also very dangerous, given the ability to spread rumors like wildfire.

The question is, should the campaign dignify the issue by offering any response? Or should the campaign end it by producing a simple photograph of the family with the baby at the mother's bedside in the hospital, which has to exist? I personally would feel the latter would be the better plan, in this day and age. Put an end to the story, before it has any chance of blemishing her terrific, historic introduction to the country.

And then, Sarah should BLAST AWAY at these evil, evil people, in defense of her daughter. If any issue should bring even the most liberal of Hillary voters to the defense of Sarah, this one is it.

Jenna said...

Check it out. It looks like the people have setup a We are so going to win in Novemeber!

Tuan said...


here's the pic

Same picture from Alaska website

Tuan said...

here's teh original from the website

Alaska Report

techno said...

Just wanted to alert all of you there is an excellent nine minute audio interview with Sarah on her way to Pittsburgh with a fellow who works for the Anchorage Daily News. Especially the last question where the interviewer says: Governor, do you ever, holy crap, sit back and wonder how I got here?

techno said...

Can you believe that on 60 minutes Barack started off by describing Sarah as a 'fine mother and an up-and-coming public servant...' How patronizing and if a Republican had referred to a Democratic female in this manner he would be crucified by the MSM and be accused of being the worst sexist in the history of the world.

Tuan said...

i didn't see it and avoided it. But I would read too much into it, techno.

Obama is gonna be careful choosing his words because its gonna be a long climb for him to win over the working class voters in the swing states.

Obama knows that game has been changed and he is starting to look like John Kerry part 2.

Anyhow, its not as bad as the ABC reporter here at 4:53

Erin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Erin said...

I have not read any of the rumours about Sarah's "faked" pregnancy, but I think I'll go digging in a few minutes. I WOULD like to comment on the situation as a woman who has had a child.

When I was carrying my son, I remember reading about the physical signs that a woman is pregnant. It's not just that she gains weight. Her face changes shape, and features actually are different. I can look at pictures of Sarah now and tell if they were taken in her late pregnancy or not, even without checking the date. There are certain physiological signs that can't be faked with a pillow under the hubby's shirt.

The arguments may sound convincing, but if they haven't hit the MSM, that tells you the veracity of the claims. I'm sure if they DO hit the news, Sarah will offer documentation that will shoot them down in 30 seconds. I have NO doubt that's why MSM isn't touching on this.

Tuan said...

LOL. I would love to see the mainstream media take this on like they did with Bush's service record during the last election campaign. That was a low point for ABC where they fired key staff members and a news anchor (forgot his name) and tainted the Kerry campaign.

Larry Jackson said...


I would tend to agree with you. The only problem is, with the internet being so relevant in this election, I am afraid the rumors will do too much damage, even without the MSM picking it up.

My Take

Erin said...

Larry, honestly, I worry for the same thing, but I figure that with as much good will as she gained in her speech, and with as much campaigning as we have yet to see, I believe this will lose steam to the positive things that will come out.

Something I'm not seeing with this story is when Bristol started attending school after mono. Don't you think Alaskans would have been asking the same questions with such unusual coincidences? And this as well. I have NO doubt MSM is digging into this hardcore right now. If there's anything to this, they'll find a classmate of Bristol's who will tell them all about her and her boyfriend being all over each other; a nurse or doctor will crack and admit assisting with the birth. Such a conspiracy will out itself as genuine or not VERY quickly. With the sheer number of people who would have to be involved in this, ONE of them would surely be able to find the number to the local affiliate station.

I hope it's not true; I don't think it's true; and Larry, I can't argue that this has no chance of causing problems, because it could. However, we'll have our answer one way or another very soon.

TrueRedHead said...

When a response is made to this absolutely ridiculous charge about Trig being Sarah Palin's grandson, you can trust it will be a slam dunk for the home court.

I agree that this ugly slanderous gossip targets Bristol as much as or even more than it does Sarah. Obama's whines about "attacks" on Michelle will pale in comparison to a mother bear protecting her cubs from vicious slobbering idiots who have no moral compass.

Hide and watch.

TrueRedHead said...

You might want to read what one of my favorite sites has to say about the "fake pregnancy" issue. Go to and scroll down about three articles.

(There's some other good stuff there too ;-))

Night Owl said...

You know, at first I was thinking that Sarah shouldn't even address these issues, but now I kind of hope she does. I can only go by how my mom (same age as Sarah) would react if someone were pointing to pictures of me, claiming I "looked pregnant" and that I had given birth to my baby sister. She would go ballistic. I think the genuine anger Sarah would convey would only win her points with women who recognize this for what this is - a SEXIST attack.

So infuriating. I feel so sorry for the Palin's, especially poor Bristol.

wk4christ said...

Wow! I just read that 23,000 people showed up at the McCain-Palin rally in Missouri today and that the people were most enthusiastic about Sarah! This is AMAZING!!!!!!

I hope they get some videos of the Missouri rally on YouTube soon!

SARAH!!!! SARAH!!!! SARAH!!!!!!


Erin said...

Keep an eye on this AOL poll. Remember, the last set had 71% of respondents saying they knew nothing about Sarah. Here's another great turnout for her, and it says a lot about Biden as well!

Erin said...

If anyone wants to fret about Troopergate, send them to this link. It's part of that body of "evidence" shot down.

Tuan said...

night owl,

The McCain campaign (in 2000) went through the samething when Bush's campaign claimed that McCain's adopted Bangladesh daughter was his out of wedlock child from an African American lady. I am pretty sure McCain is committed to not to let the same thing happen to anyone under him.

IMriteURnot said...

If you "moonies" can tear yourselves away from the your make believe blog-world, you might want to read a bit of reality:

Bad choice. But you all just keep bloggin' and spinning. Don't let reality get in your way.

Tuan said...


I wouldn't take offense to that. Its just someone's opinion that has no factual weight. It comes to no surprise that the left wing media is gonna attack her for whatever they can moan about. It's gonna come down to which party will deliver change and the swing state voters.

IMriteURnot said...

Oh this is truly ugly:

Night Owl said...

LOL - I'm sure I should care what someone from the nutty Huffington Post thinks about Palin. It is to her credit that they don't want her in office.

Honestly, go talk about this around a bonfire somewhere. All of us here have read pretty much everything there is on Palin, positive and negative. You're not telling us anything we don't know, but you are telling us things we don't care about. Now, don't you have a candlelight vigil to go to? Or whatever it is you people do?

Night Owl said...

tuan - it might be even better if McCain addresses it directly. He gets a lot of criticism for being supposedly anti-woman. Sticking up for her would look so chivalrous. :)

Larry Jackson said...

This is the photo the rumor mongers are saying proves Bristol was pregnant. The caption clearly says it was taken in 2006. So much for that picture.

republicanfeminist said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dave T said...

Some good commentary from Josh Xiong:

wk4christ said...

It is so pathetic how the liberal MSM is trying to discredit and trsah such a wonderful person as Sarah Palin. What they are doing is disgusting!

This is only gonna win over more votes to McCain-Palin! We've got the winning ticket! Keep your heads high, people! We're on the road to victory!!!!!

SARAH!!!!! SARAH!!!! SARAH!!!!


republicanfeminist said...


imriteurnot :

I am a Hillary supporter so I am very ready for the likes of you. Here's some reality for you:

McCain (and HRC) voted NO on Dick Cheney's Energy Bill.

Barack voted YES.

McCain kept his promise on Public Financing.

Barack's flip flop on public financing is very dangerous for our country.

Barack has less experience than McCain's running Mate.

Barack is backed heavily by ethanol. He doesn't want to lift the ban on Brazil's sugar based ethanol even though sugar based ethanol is better for greenhouse gases.

Barack voted for Dick's Energy bill because it was a windfall for oil companies and ethanol.

Barack is no core democrat. The core democrat in the race was eviscerated by the sexism in the democratic party.
I am a democrat voting for McCain/Palin. They have honesty and integrity.

You slammed HRC for voting for the IWR yet Biden and Kerry both voted for IWR. If IWR was such a deal breaker who did you vote for in 2004? And why isn't slamming Barack for Biden?
Because they wanted the qualified female candidate out of the race.

You won the round with Hillary. (Yes, you proved, through sexism, a lot of liberals in our country don't want women in the White House.)

But, this thing with Palin is war.

And we will win the war.

Night Owl said...

wk - I know I should have been prepared for this kind of thing, but it is still difficult to hear. I'm not trying to paint Sarah as this perfect person (the way the left is trying to paint Obama as the second coming), but can't you just attack someone's policies without attacking their children? I really (stupidly) expected more from the left.

TrueRedHead said...

imriteurnot sez: "Oh this is truly ugly:"

(First of all, dear u not rite, u left. May bee u can get u'r mom to paint it on u'r shoes)

But in response I ask you why you find Sarah's laughter offensive but probably found THIS hysterical:

And likely don't object to this either:

TrueRedHead said...

Truly EXCELLENT points RepublicanFeminist. Thank you for your well-state input!

wk4christ said...

Re: I really (stupidly) expected more from the left.

Yeah, I never expected that they'd stoop to these new lows. Why don't they just debate the issues? I bet they don't because they know that they would lose against Sarah! I can't wait to see her debate Biden!

republicanfeminist said...

THanks for the compliment trueredhead, I want to let everyone know that I will be attending the Republican Convention tomorrow. I will be blogging live from my blog:

And I will have my radio show on blogtalkradio:

This lifelong democrat (until June 3) will be there talking and meeting people. I am really looking forward to it.

Gary said...

Anyone who would ever read or believe the Huffington Hate Post is a complete imbecile!!
URWRONG, you have sit behind you computer and spew stupidity, and have your mom bring a snack to you in your basement room! What a loser!

RailBaron said...


Here is an article from the (typically) conservative London Daily Telegraph parsing Sarah's words on the "bridge to nowhere":

Daily Telegraph Article

If nothing else, this proves just how careful she and McCain need to be when saying anything, as everything will be hyper-parsed. Any ideas on how best to approach this issue?

Back in the Clinton administration, this paper had an excellent reporter digging into their scandals. But it is the UK, so it might need a grain of salt to accept.

Keep praying for good things for the Gulf Coast, and for the McCain/Palin campaign.

Mountain Mama said...

One Mom:
Glad Larry J. vouched for you and says you are no troll! (smile)

Read my research about the Baby-Trig-pregnancy rumors, at my post earlier today (Aug. 31) at 2:37 p.m.

Again, in case anyone needs a pic of pregnant Sarah Palin, view it at:

A mere photo at Palin's bedside, after Trig was born, probably isn't enough to discredit these vicious rumors about Bristol-vs.-Sarah as Trig's Mom.
Unfortunately, it's probably going to take a shot of Palin's tummy, something really visible, such as she's home in a clingy-knit T-shirt (not a provocative shot, though; I don't mean that)----something that would show the tummy wasn't being faked.

Sigh..... What a rotten culture we live in, where such a thing is even necessary.......

Anyhow----one great comment was made by rather-moderate Cokie Roberts, to the effect that McCain's supposedly "safe" VP pick of Tim Pawlenty STILL would not have had eons of foreign policy experience, and so McCain decided to select Palin and then also make HISTORY! Good point, Cokie!

We are praying that the hurricane will miraculously decrease in intensity, and that all Republican party members will demonstrate this next week their ongoing, real compassion for people who are suffering.

Mountain Mama said...

One Mom:
Glad Larry J. vouched for you and says you are no troll! (smile)

Read my research about the Baby-Trig-pregnancy rumors, at my post earlier today (Aug. 31) at 2:37 p.m.

Again, in case anyone needs a pic of pregnant Sarah Palin, view it at:

A mere photo at Palin's bedside, after Trig was born, probably isn't enough to discredit these vicious rumors about Bristol-vs.-Sarah as Trig's Mom.
Unfortunately, it's probably going to take a shot of Palin's tummy, something really visible, such as she's home in a clingy-knit T-shirt (not a provocative shot, though; I don't mean that)----something that would show the tummy wasn't being faked.

Sigh..... What a rotten culture we live in, where such a thing is even necessary.......

Anyhow----one great comment was made by rather-moderate Cokie Roberts, to the effect that McCain's supposedly "safe" VP pick of Tim Pawlenty STILL would not have had eons of foreign policy experience, and so McCain decided to select Palin and then also make HISTORY! Good point, Cokie!

We are praying that the hurricane will miraculously decrease in intensity, and that all Republican party members will demonstrate this next week their ongoing, real compassion for people who are suffering.

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