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Saturday, August 23, 2008

New Comment Policy

Due an influx of what we in the blogosphere call "trolls", I have changed the settings in the comments section. You must now have a Google account or an account with another OpenID-affiliated provider to comment. Apologies to all of my users who have been harassed, belittled, insulted, and verbally abused. We have, and will always have, a zero tolerance policy for trolls, haters, and liars; and I will be taking several other actions to ensure that this blog remains clean and free of abusive comments.


Damian Geminder said...

Contact John McCain, and make your voices heard!!!

Unknown said...

"Not surprisingly, Democrats were more supportive of Obama’s decision than anybody else—52% of those in his party agreed with his pick while 19% disagreed. However, just 43% of Democratic women said the presumptive nominee made the best pick while 23% disagreed."

Unknown said...

"With many Hillary Clinton supporters expressing disappointment in Obama for not choosing her for the Democratic ticket, McCain could try to capitalize by naming a female VP, such as Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin or former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina."

TKD Momma said...

Thanks for taking care of the comment issue. I hope it helps things around here. It's worth the inconvenience to have a troll free zone.

Damian...not a bad idea.

Unknown said...

Keep trying the national HQ - I tried leaving a message, and their mailbox was full. :-(

Sorry to be so chatty today. I'm just really excited now that it's Biden for Obama. He cut his own throat!!!

Ray said...

I like this line:

"Among unaffiliated voters, 25% are more likely to vote for Biden while 33% had the opposite view."

-Rasmussen Reports

Unknown said...

I noticed that as well, Ray. The only reason I didn't quote it was because it was more Biden-relevant than Palin-relevant.

But good news none the less!

Ray said...

Those people can be taken in by Palin, though.

Koyomi Mizuhara said...

There was a poll put out by the Lifetime network that said 55% of Democrats would not be swayed by a female VP pick, and 62% of Republicans.

Here's the problem with that poll: They oversampled Black and Latinos. The two most likely groups that wouldn't care about a female VP because they have Obama to fawn over.

The Lifetime poll doesn't take into a larger account the 40-60 year-old white women who were hillary supporters and are now looking at boltin'.

Palin would be a perfect pick for the up to 25% that would switch sides. Think about that.

Unknown said...

And we have to emphasise that Palin is appealing on the ISSUES as well. She's NOT a token, but she just happens to be a woman.

Call your local HQ, everyone!!!

Kathie said...

Hi All,

Thanks, Adam, for dealing with the troll issue. I understand that in many cases, these are not "real" people--just software routines designed to spam blogs. That probably accounts for the mechanical repetition of many of the messages.

Just an FYI, I was lurking over at one of the progressive blogs ( I've noted a lot of dismay over Obama's recent run to the political center--and now this comment on the Obama/Biden ticket:

"It just occurred to me that if McCain selects a strong woman for VP he could almost reverse the change/more of same dynamic of this race and potentially draw a lot of independents and disenfranchised woman.
Now that would be a bold stroke that may seal the election here and now. And then I wonder what the Obama supporters would do or say about Biden vs Clinton."

Both Hutchinson and Palin were mentioned as possible McCain picks--but most talkleft commenters were unfamiliar with either one of them. I think we could have a valuable role to play here by "educating" progressives on the aspects of Sarah Palin that would appeal to them; i.e., ethics reform, working to bring multiple parties (specifically environmentalists and developers) together to address energy projects such as the Alaska gas pipeline.

It would be good to get a positive perspective out there on some of these blogs so that if (when!) McCain picks Palin, some of the legwork will already be done.

Adam, I hope your move is going well. Welcome to the east coast!

Dr. K2

Ryan Trabuco said...

Good judgement call on the new comment policy!

I guess this is the home stretch for Palin for VP... we need to push and lobby hard for this to happen in the next week.

Then again, I think we all knew that :-p

Health And Fitness Geek said...

Guys - irt to contacting McCain and Palin, I found some ingenious ways to do it.

Look at my blog.. but in short:
1.) Press some of the buttons that say "if you're the press.. press 3.." heheh.... and then say "I'm not the press, but I feel this is really important.."

2.) There is a link on gov alaska site that you can send in a "request Palin at a meeting". It's a long form.. I put my shpeel there too :)

Do this with your own concience!

Unknown said...


Ray said...

I'm sorry. Could you clarify.

Unknown said...

On FOX News's show, The Strategy Room, they aired an e-mail I sent in: "Barack Obama missed his opportunity to placate bitter Hillary Clinton supporters by not making her his running mate. This gives John McCain an opportunity to name a female VP of his own, such as Alaska Governor Sarah Palin."

Rob Harrison said...

As folks have noted, Obama choosing Biden makes Palin an even better pick for McCain; as I noted here, the contrast between the two would be remarkable. I think the simple fact of Palin standing up against Biden in a debate would be a boost for McCain even if she didn't "win" the debate.

Ray said...

Ok thanks. That sounds great. I usually don't watch Fox, so I would not know. The absolute silence by McCain's campaign on Palin is just too weird. Either they do not want DNC intervention or it is not her.

Chris said...

Looks as if from scanning the left wing blog world there is wind missing from their sails with the Biden announcement.

Again-Biden does NOTHING-if he helps in PA well Obama probably was going to win PA anyhow-so what?

The left are most scarred that McCain could name a woman-they all understand their exposure to a GOP woman VEEP nominee is tremendous.

Potential reaction of central Ohioan clinging to their gun and bible:

Sarah Palin: scares the living &*#$ out of the liberals. Probably a better shot than most coon hunters in Ohio and knows how to skin a moose. Husband has a good bass boat too. She's much better looking than Joe Biden. Do you think Sarah Palin would walk into a country store asking:

is this where i get me a huntin license??

Carly Fiorina: Didn't she get fired by Hewlett Packard?

Meg Whitman: Some guy ripped me off on eBay-its payback time at the ballot booth!

Kay Bailey Hutchinson: Neutral-other than being a woman-neither hurts nor helps

Unknown said...

KBH has one huge problem: She's pro-abortion. She voted in favour a resolution supporting Roe v. Wade. She's also a bit to the older side (aged 65).

Hott Spott said...

Kay Bailey Hutchinson is pro-life enough to be acceptable to the G.O.P. The issue with her is that she is only 7 years younger than McCain. We need a little more youth. Sarah Palin can get some of that "change" attention as well. But I believe that it's between Hutchinson and Palin. There's no way McCain is picking a man after seeing how Clinton's supporters are reacting.

goldbear said...

I am torn between Palin and Romney. Palin can bring the Clinton/women vote, energy expertise, strong Pro Life and family values. She could also get a lot of women volunteering to work the campaign. Romney has business expertise, strong debating experience and the Mormon support. There are 6 to 7 million Mormon's in the US. That could mean an untold number of Mormon campaign volunteers. Anyone see it differently?

Unknown said...

Romney's health care plan in Massachusetts is actually quite socialist and is on the verge of collapse due to funding problems. He is also not trusted by the base on social issues. Finally, Mormons are already a strong Republican bloc and are mostly situated in Red States - Nevada and Colorado being noteworthy exceptions. The risk of turning off evangelicals is not worth it given how precious Virginia will be to victory this November.

Ray said...

Romney gives Mccain no chance in the Great Lakes region (MI, WI, MN), the Mid-Atlantic (PA, NJ), or NH. Yes, even Michigan would reject him. These states crave for a maverick VP or it is no way to the GOP.

McCain needs to go on offense somehwere, even if he does not win a state. Even my vote depends upon Romney not being picked. I'm a libertarian registered Republican, if you need that info.

Why go on offense? It sets up grass roots, and it puts Obama off balance. The best defense is an offense applies here. Obama now has to pay less attention to the Mountain states (NM, CO, NV, MT) and the South Atlantic (VA, NC). Make sense?

Ray said...

You can add Florida to the South Atlantic. Obama is trying hard there.

Risa said...

To set the record straight Romney 's health plan is not socialist. I was part of the team that worked on it. We were spending a billion dollars a year on the uninsured and now we help subsidize the premiums so people can have portable insurance. 30% of our uninsured were men 25-35 who have the $$ but chose not to have health insurance but had$$ for their cell phone and cable. and thecstate is not going bankcrupt because of it.

Notwithstanding I hope McCainpicks Palin!!

Chris said...

I have to believe there is in fact a debate going on in the McCain camp tonight-woman v man for VEEP.

If woman-I have to believe the tide is turning in Palin's favor.

Put Palin in NV and CO and she makes a difference. She likely does the same in VA and OH. She also protects MT and ND.

If a man-well McCain will have committed a blunder of historic proportions.

Come on McCain go to ANWR!!!!!!!

Koyomi Mizuhara said...

Palin will be able to take Minnesota, especially if she campaigns there with someone like Michele Bachmann, who has been a fierce proponent of drilling in ANWR.

Obama is ahead by 2 according to SurveyUSA/KSTP (Minneapolis/St. Paul) and McCain could seal the deal if Palin is announced.

Rob Harrison said...

As a former Coloradan, I'd agree that Palin would help keep the state in the Republican column (though honestly, I think the rumblings that it might flip are overblown; the Dems have just been putting up much better statewide candidates lately). More important, though, I think Ray's plucked the nub of it: Palin would be a huge asset for McCain in taking the fight to Obama, going after states he's counting on. With Palin on the ticket, you have a real base for an appeal to moderate women, especially over 40, who have been critical in making states like Pennsylvania and Michigan (largely conservative with one major metro area pulling the state Dem) dependable Democratic states. With Palin, you put the blue-purple states in play.

loki said...

I wish I could say I was confident in McCain picking Palin...but I'm not.

Maybe I don't give many people enough credit but I believe the msm would blow up the wooten thing and the masses would buy into the msm propoganda.

Am I wrong in thinking your average person would be easily swayed by the msm? That the average person would not research or look into the investigation and find it a most of us on this site?

Anyway, I'm hoping for Palin but not expecting it.

Unknown said...

McCain could easily play up Palin's Idaho origins in the same way Obama is Biden's in Pennsylvania. Two can play that game, and it will help solidify the Mountain West.

Sheri said...

damian g
I saw that E-mail on Fox News. I was excited to see what they would say about Palin, but no one said anything about her.
I voted for Romney in the primaries...I really like him. But, I think that if McCain picks Romney, the Dems will use a lot of his words against McCain for some commercials. My husband and I think McCain would have the Prez sealed up if he picked a woman. How come I have heard nothing about her on Fox?
Snuggley Heating Pads

Sheri said...

One more thing...I have not seen Palin "live" How would she do in a debate agaisnt Biden?

Unknown said...

Sheri raises questions I have had for some time now. Where is the on-line video of Gov. Palin debating (which is supposedly brilliant) and why won't FOX News, which even I will admit leans Right, give Palin more face time? It seems to me that the Governor's strongest advocate is Larry Kudlow of CNBC!!!

On the plus side, she did get a positive mention on Greta's show last night.

Unknown said...

John just has to chose Palin now. She is the perfect antithesis to Obama.

Erin said...

Speaking as a person living in MI, I can tell you that Romney wouldn't be much help to McCain here. The economy is dreadful, and of course it's all the Republicans' and the sitting President's fault, and not that GM, Chrysler, and Ford have forgotten how to build a decent car. Ugh. I live within a mile of three different UAW branches. The Union efforts in these elections are simply mind-boggling. Anyhoo, to reiterate, I don't think Romney will be worthwhile just to win Michigan. And the fact that he and McCain had such a nasty primary would just put McCain in the same position as Obama and HIS pick. *snort* Clean black man. Can't wait to see the McCain ad featuring THAT soundbite!

Dr. Vicki said...

I think you dress a moose, not skin one.
I noticed in one of the articles, I'm not sure it was Fox, I read quite a few today. Anyway, some mcCain spokesmen said McCain was preparing for an "unconventional" vp pick. That seems like a plus for us Palinites.
I agree on Romney not being a good choice. Mac has a lot of critical statements Biden has made about Obama that they can play up. If he picked Romney, the dems could do the same thing. I don't know that he would win LDS votes, I think they mostly wouldn't switch to dem, I think it would be a matter of voting or staying home.
I think there's a possibility of putting Washington state into play with a Palin pick.
Also, the MSM often plays up Alaska only being 3 electoral votes and already republican. Well, ditto with Cheney's home state of Wyoming (my high school state). Only 3 votes and no democratic vote since FDR

M. Minnesota said...

Yes!! If someone could get out the early Palin Debate tapes out early, that would engergize Palin Supporters and quickly let people know about Sarah without spin.

Wasilla Resident said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Health And Fitness Geek said...

Being from Washington state, getting Palin would be in play...

I'd be busting my @$$ off for her :)

Unknown said...

abuse of power is a bit strong to be honest! Trooper-gate is a total non-story

Wasilla Resident said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ray said...

You mean this, Dr. Vicki?

If link does not work:
Title- "VP Ball Now in McCain's Court"
Organization- Fox News

Unknown said...

I don't know who said it, but KBH is not pro-life enough. Not wanting to overturn Roe v. Wade is pretty liberal.

Any word on the petition or news from the McCain campaign. Time is running down folks!

Koyomi Mizuhara said...

Frankly, I'm willing to put aside most of this stuff that Alaskan in Alaska (Either an Obama or a Romney supporter, or Syrin) is talking about, especially when the cons are outweighed by the pros for the rest of America.

I'll be very honest, Alaskan in Alaska has no case and deserves no creedence. Maybe it would be good to check the IP and see if they really do live in Alaska, and who they're associated with.

Then ban them from the board. Cause it seems like A in A is trolling.

liz said...

Damien, that's great about the email on Fox. The biggest plus for Palin in my opinion, is that she's a GOVERNOR! The economy is #1 issue and we have all senators on the ticket!
Laura Ingraham gave Palin a big compliment on Greta's show. Said she would be an exciting choice and is a "regular" normal person; a reformer, strong on energy issues and overall impressed her when they met at a function last year.
My biggest concern is that she's had no airtime, as many of the other potential vp's have had. How would she do?Would McCain pick her without knowing the answer to that??? Biden's tough, though I think Sarah represents Obama's theme of change better than anyone.She would be exciting, fresh and a compliment to McCain. Winning ticket.!!!!
troopergate----Sarah has been a strong reformer,so she's on the hit list of people who want revenge--it could almost be a plus.Hope springs eternal and I will keep up my barrage of emails

Koyomi Mizuhara said...

I would also direct all people talking about this "Windfall Tax issue" to The blog following:

It's a non-issue

Alaskan In Alaska, you have been weighed, you have been found wanting.

MWN said...

Romney's vaunted "debating skills" and Mormon support didn't seem to help much in the GOP primaries.

Bob said...

I can't stand Biden. Never have. He is arrogant, partisan, mean, and disgustingly liberal. But, while at first I thought it a joke that Obama would choose him, I quickly recognized why. Obama just needs to win two of three in Michiga, Ohio, and Penn. All he needs this guy to do is campaign in those states. He shows up, rolls up his sleeves and hits every pub there is. He'll swig some beer with the locals and they will love him. He'll tell them about his "one" house and about his son going to Iraq. They will admire his attack dog spirit and they'll see him as one of their own(the fools that they are). This is why Obama has given up on the South. Except Florida. Biden will hit some pubs in south Florida and the rest is history. For everything obnoxious about him, wasn't Gore as such for Clinton.

Chris said...

Saw the McCain staffer promising the unconventional VEEP pick on FoxNEWS-that could mean allot of things-woman, military officer, Democrat, but for sure it means NOT Romney, Pawlenty, or basically any other sitting or former white male governor or senator.

About eBay's Meg Whitman, if she is nominated VEEP we will be seeing wall to wall commercials featuring people who got screwed in eBay transactions from now until November 4th. Also if she wants to govern like she ran eBay she needs to be in the Nazi party, not the GOP. If she wants to play politics let her go get elected governor of California. This would be a disaster for McCain.

I'm thinking I see the tide turning for a woman on the ticket-Hillary's bloggers are spitting bullets over in the left field blogs over Biden-McCain has got to be smart enough to seize on this-his campaign has made some really sharp moves recently.

Its going to be a woman I can sense it....

While the MSM and Obama are trying to justify infanticide they can go ahead and talk about what a great guy Wooten is - maybe even interview all four of his wives.

The point is the MSM is going to viciously attack anyone McCain picks-best to have someone with a Teflon coating like Sarah.

The Wooten attack against Palin will flop worse than public hairs on Coke cans did with Clarence Thoma and Anita Hill, but then Biden was all twisted up in that stunt too-maybe we now know what skills Obama picked him for.

Chris said...

Obama has COMPLETELY written off the South.

They may be paying lip service, but they are no longer paying where it counts, with TV advertisements.

The Obama campaign's TV ads have gone off the air in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia - NOTHING - after six weeks of change noise here in the DC market aiming at NoVA-dead silence now.

Koyomi Mizuhara said...

It is official:

I am on board with Palin, fully.

Add me to the list, and you've got things in order.

Rob Harrison said...

Hmm . . . looks like we have a couple Robs commenting here now. This is the ex-Coloradan. Dr. Vicki, you do ultimately skin the moose, but you're right, dressing the carcass comes first; I'm sure Gov. Palin has field-dressed a moose or two in her time, but it seems to me that most folks leave skinning them to the processors.

I agree that if Sen. McCain picks Gov. Palin, we'll see an attempt to shoot her down with the Wooten story; but given the way this story has developed, I doubt they'll get any significant traction against her with it. Had Sen. McCain picked her and the story broken just after that, it would have really hurt her (and him); as it stands now, though, I think it's pretty much negligible.

Chris said...

If a moose is like a deer, and I believe it is-just bigger, hanging upside down by the legs spread apart, you dissect the kill from the back of the tail to the breastbone and then remove all of the entrails. You run a water hose into the chest cavity and you know you're finished when nothing but water is running out the nose. That is called the field dress and worthy for temporary storage in a cooler.

To skin the kill you use a knife to peel off the skin, cut off each leg and the head, and then quarter the kill. Parts of this might be done in the field with a chain saw.

Do you realize we are looking at four years of Joe Biden in Wilmington bagel shops or interesting scenes such as the one described above.

If any Alaskans have any moose specific refining to the above description applicable to a white tail deer please elaborate.

My family lived their for several years before I was born but I've never been there.

Dr. Vicki said...

Rob and Chris
I just thought it sounded a little nicer to say Sarah could "dress" a moose than it did to say she could "skin" a moose. I suspect, as most hunters, she does the former but not the latter.
The thing about Troopergate is if the dems and MSM do try to make it an issue, in my opinion, it becomes a moot issue. Because for everyone that thinks it was an abuse of power there would be at least one person (maybe two) that think the guy should have gotten the boot.
The Biden pick is very interesting. It was probably smart geographically, and it shores him up on his lack of experience. The down side is it emphasizes his lack of experience, and if they use Biden as an attack dog, as the MSM says they will, then doesn't the election become about Biden and McCain and not Obama and McCain. I suspect we will almost never see Biden and Obama together. I think the Biden pick also bodes well for a woman pick. Because, as you can see, Biden already put his foot in his mouth over the gender thing (said it was a problem that Michelle had a doctorate, which I don't get), so I think his effectiveness against someone like Sarah Palin would be very limited.

Wasilla Resident said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Wasilla Resident said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Wasilla Resident said...

The facts can't be ignored. Palin is inexperienced. She is also currently under investigation for abuse of power.

I understand why this blog may not want me to post the facts, but I have an obligation and duty to my country to do so.

TKD Momma said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wasilla Resident said...

TKD Momma: Do you care that Governor Palin is responsible for the largest tax increase ever signed into law?

Do you care that the Palin administration grew government 23%?

Do you care that Governor Palin is being investigated for abuse of power?

Is that the kind of leader you want in the White House?

Koyomi Mizuhara said...

Alaskan In Alaska:

We had Bill Clinton, the one you used to call "your savior", in office for 8 years.

If we can deal with a rapist, we can deal with anyone.

And it's not your duty to report anything, the only reason you're doing this is because you're sore that Andrew Halcro lost.

Wasilla Resident said...

Yomi Mizuhara: I didn't vote for Clinton or Halcro.

As long as you know who you're promoting for VP. Palin is a tax-n-spend liberal that has grown government and done nothing to prevent abortion in Alaska.

Are you sure this isn't a Obama blog?

Koyomi Mizuhara said...

You're so concerned about Palin's performance on Abortion? Do you realize that abortion is no longer a state issue?

In order for Abortion to be dealt with, you have to find ways to reverse Casey v. Planned Parenthood and Roe v. Wade. Otherwise, you're not going to get any movement.

As far as being a "tax and spend" liberal, she isn't. I've taken a look at all the evidence that you've put forth, and judging by what I saw in comparison with tax and spend liberals (like the governor of Oregon), she is not what you say she is.

Your arguments have been debunked, your reputation and name have been sullied by your accusations.

You have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting.

Tell Halcro when you get the chance that he will not be getting any favors when Palin becomes the VP.

Wasilla Resident said...

12 year-old girls can get a legal abortion in Alaska without parental consent. Palin has done nothing to stop it.

Palin signed into law a 400% tax increase on industry.

Andrew Halcro doesn't need any favors. Unlike Palin, he isn't under investigation for abuse of power.

TKD Momma said...

"12 year-old girls can get a legal abortion in Alaska without parental consent. Palin has done nothing to stop it. " ...because Lyda Green let the bill die in Congress and refused to use the proper chanels available to her

"Palin signed into law a 400% tax increase on industry."... returning it to the level it was at prior to the previous corrupt administration made a deal with the oil companies.

"Andrew Halcro doesn't need any favors. Unlike Palin, he isn't under investigation for abuse of power."...mainly because he has no power to abuse since he lost the election to Sarah. Oh, and Unlike Palin, he has nowhere near and 85% approval rating.

Wasilla Resident said...

Taxes on the oil industry has NEVER been anywhere near what they are now.

PPT was an increase.

ACES is a 400% increase.

Wasilla Resident said...

Republican Gov. Sarah Palin and Alaska's Legislature last year approved a major increase in taxes on the oil industry — a step that has generated stunning new wealth for the state as oil prices soared.

TKD Momma said...

Same old rhetoric, complaining about a problem without offering a solution. I'm sure you're more than willing to start paying taxes yourself so the oil industry doesn't have to.

I'm sure that you have spent numerous hours researching and developing an alternate solution and have presented it to your representatives in the Alaska congress. Maybe you should try.
Go do something about it in Alaska...this blog isn't about Alaskan Politics.

We are about solving America's problems and feel that, though nobody is a political sinless messiah, Sarah Palin is a pretty good solution.

Wasilla Resident said...

Sarah Palin taxed the oil industry into a SURPLUS!

Why do you think she's handing out $1,200.00 checks on September 12? And no - that's not the permanent fund dividend I'm talking about. That's separate.

Palin is a tax and spend liberal for heavens sake!

TKD Momma said...

You still aren't offering up a solution.... Where should the government get it's operating capital to take care of it's concerned citizens? Who should they tax? Are you willing to start paying taxes (that you don't now) to support your gov't? And what are you doing about it in Alaska where it would make a difference?

"Why do you think she's handing out $1,200.00 checks on September 12? "...uhmm to help the citizens of Alaska...just a guess. BTW, will you be cashing your check or sending it back to the oil companies that paid it?

Wasilla Resident said...

She is taxing them into a SURPLUS. That means more than what is need to fund government.

The "solution" is to not charge into a SURPLUS. This isn't hard.

Who needs government to "take care of its citizens"? Maybe that's the problem here. I don't believe it's government's job to "take care" of people!

I take care of myself.

If you're a socialist, you'll LOVE Palin.

Are you a socialist?

TKD Momma said...

"Who needs government to "take care of its citizens...I take care of myself"
.. I suppose you won't be calling the fire department when your house catches fire, or the police if your wife or daughter gets raped. Oh, and about those roads that you drive on, guess you won't be using them anytime soon. What about your public library or the public schools? Don't use them, huh. and the National Guard that defends you. ...hmmm.

"Are you a socialist?"...Nope, just a Republican.

And about that $1200 check you're getting?

Wasilla Resident said...

My property taxes fund the fire department. My city's sales tax funds the police department. The State funds the roads in my area and the funding has not increased since ACES was signed into law. My property tax funds the library and public schools.

The Federal government funds the National Guard.

If you believe in windfall-profits tax and you believe in redistributing wealth, then I have news for you... you're a socialist. Sorry.

My family is buying a trip to Hawaii with our $1,200. checks.

TKD Momma said...

"If you believe in windfall-profits tax and you believe in redistributing wealth, then I have news for you... you're a socialist. Sorry."...That's quite an assumption considering you never asked what I believe nor did I ever tell you. As a matter of fact, I asked most of the questions and you made all the statements. Which, based on your answers, I am assuming you're a Libertarian rather than a Republican so I don't know why you even care who McCain picks -- he's not your candidate.

That being said, it is much later where I am than in Alaska and this debate is going nowhere. You've never changed anyone's mind here and we'll never change yours. Besides, Adam will (should) promptly delete this whole conversation.

Enjoy your Hawaii vacation. Send a postcard to the oil companies thanking them for it. And try not to be to hard on the mosquitos. You know what they are, right? Annoying little pests that buzz around where they aren't wanted sucking blood out of innocent victims for their own pleasure.

Good Night

Wasilla Resident said...

TKD Momma: The fact that you support Palin and her socialist polices tells me you're a socialist. Don't be ashamed. But don't deny it either.

I do appreciate the oil companies and what they have provided for my State. Hence my fight to reveal Palin as the tax and spend liberal that she is.

Sleep well.

Koyomi Mizuhara said...

Hey, Alaskan not in Alaska,

Your precious issue of the "Windfall Profit Tax" is a Non-Issue. It's a non-starter. It does not exist.

Your real username, the one you use on the other blogs, is Syrin. You wage a one-woman crusade against a woman who you hate, because she took your precious candidate away from you.

If someone has this woman's IP address, I think it may be a good idea to ban her from the blog. It can be done and has been done before.

She's not changing anyone's mind, and this being a private board, I think Syrin can spend some time away from everyone.

Wasilla Resident said...

Yomi Mizuhara: Palin's windfall-profits tax - called ACES - does exist. It is a 400% tax increase on the oil industry in Alaska. Where do you think the $1,200.00 checks are coming from? And don't confuse that check with the dividend. That's a separate check.

Increasing taxes, growing government and redistribution of wealth. That's Sarah's plan.

Not someone I want in higher office. But I'm not a socialist either.

Are you?

Koyomi Mizuhara said...

The. Proof. Is. In. The. Pudding.

You lost, Syrin. You're a Halcro supporter who wants to hurt Alaska and the rest of America. Consider this your last warning.

Wasilla Resident said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Wasilla Resident said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Wasilla Resident said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Stop Obama Express said...

SAD the left always preaches tolerance and cant we all just get along, and they are the first to start the abusive attacks

Ray and Tina Gregoire said...

I think she's a great choice !!!

She has lots more experience than Obama. She's run a city and a state. Obama has never run anything.