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Monday, August 4, 2008

Online Rally for Palin!

This is a great idea cooked up by Facebook supporter Steven Abott, and I think we can get a really spectacular turnout if we work at it. Right now, this event is Facebook-based, but I'm re-posting the description here so that anyone can participate. That said, if you have Facebook, please log on and participate there.

Facebook event posted by Steven Abbott:

Online Rally: Sarah Palin for VP
Let's get the VP choice RIGHT: Consider Sarah Palin for VP, Sen. McCain

This is a two-week campaign to encourage John McCain to strongly consider Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his Vice-Presidential choiceHere are four ways to participate:

1) Make the blue McCain/Palin sign your profile picture on Facebook for this and next week, to show people that you support Sarah. That will be a very strong message of support. (Note from Adam Brickley: I would also encourage this for MySpace profiles, Instant Messenger "buddy icons", etc.)

2) Email the McCain campaign (either nationally or in their state) to urge him to choose Sarah Palin. Here’s an online form:

3) Post a BRIEF message to every blog imaginable supporting Sarah Palin and sending them to one of the many (and growing) sites supporting her selection. A sample message would be, “I’m urging all Republicans to contact John McCain and ask him to strongly consider Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his VP pick.”

4) Write letters to the editor of your local papers and national papers urging Sen. McCain’s support for Sarah Palin.This decision is one of the most important John McCain will ever make on behalf of his campaign and on behalf of the Republican Party. If he gets this wrong, the results could be catastrophic.

Together, we can make a difference!


Anonymous said...

I believe this, from the previous thread, merits emphasis:

How LOW can Camp Obama GO vis a vis Sarah Palin!!! First, Obama Campaign operatives led by Alaska State Sen Hollis French dig up a frivolous ‘troopergate scandal’ and launch a biased ‘investigation’ endeavoring to bring Gov Palin down (which is already backfiring against the Dems bigtime). Next, Obama himself appropriates in his ‘energy’ speech — without crediting Palin — as being HIS issue Palin’s Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline accomplishment with Canada. And finally, the Obama Campaign even appropriates the PalinforVP’s McCain/Palin slogan, “New Energy for America”.

(Of course, McCain can still continue to differentiate, as per his recent ad: “Don’t just HOPE for new energy, VOTE for new Energy!”)

Anonymous said...

I uploaded the McCain/Palin pic earlier and have it as my default on both MySpace and Facebook.

Let's rock on guys!!!

Anonymous said...

How about a page-size McCain-Palin logo we can print out, and put on our car windshield?

Anonymous said...

CBS has an article about the Veepstakes. In the article they have Palin in 10th place. But after you vote they show you the percentage of votes each has...Palin is 1st with 38%, and Romney only comes in with 9%.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, the URL got cut off:

Anonymous said...

ohio-papa, stay tuned, something is coming.

Anonymous said...

Here's what the above CBS article states:

"Meanwhile, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin slips to the number ten spot after the state legislator appointed a special investigator to look into allegations that she used her office to try and fire her former brother in-law. For all the latest buzz, check out the GOP VP Hot Sheet."

* * *

Anonymous said...

Adam, I think the CBS thing (above) merits a thread here all by itself -- prime example of the main stream media tactics, confiriming it's SCARED TO DEATH OF PALIN! confirming the Obama/Left/Dem supporting-Main Stream Media KNOWS Palin ASSURES MCCAIN'S VICTORY!

Anonymous said...

But, Sarah Palin is under investigation for abuse of power!

Don't you want to know how the investigation turns our before you nominate her for V.P.?

Anonymous said...

Nice try, Anonymous (above)!

So all you Dems have to do is get someone placed under an investigation, and VOILA!---The person is no longer eligible to be nominated for any public office.

Too bad we see through this rotten ploy....

Anonymous said...

How do you think an investigation in which the appointer of the investigator is an Obama shill who publicly has suggested the impeachment of the governor and the investigator himself is friendly in terms of disposition (if not in fact) towards one party in a she said, he said is going to turn out?

Honestly, it doesn't matter. 80% of the people won't care, as they're split between Obama and not Obama (or McCain if you prefer). As for the 10-20%, they're pretty much defined by two groups, over 40 year old women who predominantly supported Hillary and blue collar workers from places like Western Pennsylvania.

My guess is that, for the first group, this very easily could be spun into a situation where the governor is getting the Hillary treatment (and, they'll focus as much on Wooten as they will on anything). As for the blue collar types from places like Western Pennsylvania, they really won't care about an investigation of this nature anyway. They have a lot more to worry about, and the point in all of this speculation is that Palin addresses those concerns in a communicative style that persuades that group.

All of this is perception. You'll have the Dems spin it. You'll have the spin I gave above. But, for those swing voters, here's how I suspect that they'll look at it: The guy she fired was caught lying. Maybe he was pressured to fire Wooten. Maybe he wasn't. Either way, Wooten is scum, so who gives a flying ****?

That's going to be the mentality. And, frankly, most of those swing voters will believe Palin anyway.

Yeah, you could lose some swing voters potentially with the supposed smell of an investigation. Then again, every other GOP VP possibility has warts in the closet.

Absent perhaps Jindal (and that's a perhaps), Palin has the most wide spread appeal to the base. And, frankly, she has the most wide spread appeal to the swing voters, because what will be defined as her negatives-- the investigation and her inexperience-- likely are a lot less important in their eyes than a boring rich guy or some mid west politician or some young wonder kid from Virginia.

I don't even think that these swing voters, on the whole, care that much about the experience. Obama isn't in trouble because he's inexperiences. It's because the over 40 women and blue collar guys don't feel as if Obama gets them.

Much as I loathed him, that's one thing that Bill Clinton always did well, that feeling your pain thing. It's one thing that RWR did so well too. And, when it comes to these two groups, I think that a majority of them will look at Palin and say "I don't agree with her on everything, but I think that she cares and understands what I'm going through".

The metaphor that I like is saying that some politicians, like Obama, know the words but don't know the music. Palin knows the music when it comes to the groups that define this year's swing voters.

Anonymous said...

This quote is from the ADN and shows the sheer absurdity and partisan nature of the Wooten flap--who by the way was not fired which is kinda the point.

"State House Speaker John Harris said he's not pushing to have an investigator but is not opposed to it either. The governor is allowed to dismiss one of her commissioners at will but not to use "heavy-handed" tactics to try and remove a state trooper from his job, said Harris, who has a union background."

Guess Monegan has a problem with female authority? Gotta hide behind the union--eh?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Asolutely not! we do not need to know how the trumped up investigation turns out. As governor she has the power to hire and fire her cabinet members especially when the safety of Alaskans is at risk.

Suppose she is chosen as VP and the ticket ends up wining as it must - what will happen? Can she be removed from the VP post becuase of this ridiculous investigation? I think the answer to that is an absolute NO.

And do you think the investigation initiated by team Obama will make her a weaker or stronger running mate for McCain? All indications are that it will make her a much stronger running mate.

And finally, is there anything that bars a person under investigation from being tapped as VP? I do not know the answer to this - hope to get it from you the readers of this blog - may be Adam can answer that.

In summary, it will a fatal mistake for the repulican party if McCain misses this wonderfull opportunity team Obama investigation given the GOP - not only to "screw them up big time", but to also be able to make a smooth transition from the Mccain to the Palin generation of leaders. Her potential to rally people gainst the politics of destruction and corruption has been enhanced by this investigation that should never have been sanctioned. The best the GOP can do is to rally behind her knowing full well that she will lead them to a resounding victory come November. MK.

Anonymous said...

"How do you think an investigation in which the appointer of the investigator is an Obama shill who publicly has suggested the impeachment of the governor and the investigator himself is friendly in terms of disposition (if not in fact) towards one party in a she said, he said is going to turn out?"

Branchwater also used to be Hollis French's boss at the DA's office.

Hollis French can kiss goodbye any career aspirations he had to be governor. No matter how this turns out, he won't ever be elected governor. This is a witch hunt and Hollis French will be as popular as Joseph McCarthy.

Anonymous said...

Anon--The legislature approved $100,000 for the independent investigation. Not exactly a large amount for a
"serious" investigation.

Scott said...
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Scott said...

There's nothing stopping McCain from picking someone under investigation, legally speaking. Heck, you can get impeached from an office and run again if you want to. But again, I'd be much happier if the Alaska GOP would poke holes in this flimsy case. A part of me thinks the Dems might already wish they didn't go there, but they're stuck. The only way out, if they wanted it, would be to say they found out new info, or were misled, such as by Monegan's lies about the meetings, and decided it's not worth continuing.
I know, that's far out there. But their case is tied to a known liar and the worst trooper eva. It's not a good thing to hang your professional rep on.

Anonymous said...

scott, that was my point above. It's all about the audience. 80% of people will have made up their minds before hearing a word about this based upon their fixed positions for Obama or McCain. As for the 20%, a swing voter bloc inundated with over 40 female voters and blue collar Reagan Democrats, the women will see a Hillary job and Palin is quite adept at communicating with the latter group.

This is what people don't get. It's not about who the smartest person in the room is or the fact that there is an investigation. This year's swing voters don't like know it alls. They won't care about this investigation, what amounts to a he said, she said where the she is more believable at face value and where the he has been proven to have lied already and where the Wooten elephant is in the room.

As I wrote above, when it comes to swing voters, a significant majority likely will say one of the following: It's a bunch of BS that doesn't matter. It's another Hillary hatchet job. It's a situation where people are defending someone who would use a taser on a 10 year old. In a nutshell, it will be this: She had the right to fire him. It's he said, she said. And, why in hell is Wooten a trooper anyway. That's how it plays politically, which really is what the ADN column was saying last week.

liz said...

This investigation is horrible timing, but if they can get their beaurocratic butts in gear and make it speedy, Palin's name will be cleared..(as she said, she's done nothing wrong and welcomes the questions)...this needs to be resolved quickly--..and BTW, why is Cantor admitting to being vetted? I thought McCain's camp swore omerta on the subject?

Anonymous said...

If the law says that Palin can remove one of her commissioners who still has a job then what is Monegan's beef? Trooper Wooten is still an Alaskan trooper. What will Monegan say-she was mean to me?

Anonymous said...

Yah, but my point was how CBS is spreading this frivolous/phony thing. It's something which should be exposed about CBS!

The main stream media should be called to task, and this is so darn blatant and easy to get a handle on to describe -- that is, it presents an opportunity to call them to task. IT'S RATHER LIKE THE PHONY CBS-DAN RATHER HIT JOB AGAINST PRES. BUSH (WHICH GOT RATHER FIRED).

Remember, here is what CBS says:

"Alaska Governor Sarah Palin slips to the number ten spot after the state legislator appointed a special investigator to look into allegations that she used her office to try and fire her former brother in-law"

Moreover, it actually elevates Palin because it shows that major media, like CBS, deems it necessary to TRY AND TAKE HER DOWN!

(Why do they single out Palin, first to generally never mention her, while mentioning all the other contenders (for more remote chances to be VP than her) and then when they do they do this kind of BS hatchet job to bring her down (while not trying to bring down other VP contenders who THEY, the media, would want McCain to tag since it would more likely lead to his losing the election.)

Anonymous said...

Liz, I actually don't think that it matters how long the investigation goes. As I said, most swing voters won't give a flying ****. Palin will come off as more believable. And, in the end, many others will say "Wooten is a piece of ****, so who cares even if she did want to see him fired".

This isn't about the legal issue. This is the political read. Politics is perception, and this will be the perception with most swing voters.

And, in an odd way, it kind of will become an "is this the best you've got" kind of thing. By the time the MSM tries to go for secondary smears, the introduction will be done. The over 40 women will have gotten an impression of a fellow woman who, whether you agree with her or not, won't take Obama style **** from anyone. And, the blue collar Reagan Democrats will be entranced for reasons discussed here and elsewhere with only some "who gives a ****" investigation as the supposed negative.

Liz, as I said, all of the candidates have warts. In the scheme of things, this investigation isn't a wart and, if anything, can help Palin with a lot of swing voters given the nature of the investigation.

Once again, here would be my talking point: I fired a cabinet member because he failed to do the job. I was nice about it, offered him another job and didn't say anything bad publicly. He decided to make up stories about my ex-brother in law and other stuff, and he already has been caught lying about how often he met with me. But, now you've got Barack Obama's biggest supporter in Alaska appointing an independent investigator who is anything but independent. I haven't seen the deck this loaded against one person since the media's coverage of the Deomocratic primary.

Anonymous said...

I agree. When they appointed that birdfeather or breadwater or whatever his name is with obvious ties to the plantiff, they really showed their heinies. It will press play as a witch hunt of another woman candidate rather than a genuine investigation into wrongdoing. Plus there's nothing but heresay evidence anyway. It's nothing.
dr. v

Anonymous said...

Since when did the MSM and CBS News in particular have the best interests of the GOP at heart.

Meanwhile the core movement conservatives are falling in behind Palin - the entire three legged stool of conservatism that is - social, fiscal, and hawks. I believe this is the same combination that supported W and was wildly enthusiastic about Reagan. I see the same level on enthusiasm for Palin.

The fact that Obama's thugs in Anchorage are after her and Obama is stealing her campaign slogans and convictions on energy tell us the Democrat party sees her as a serious threat.

The whole point of the Democrat investigation has been realized-giving the MSM something to sling mud about until they think McCain has to select someone else. The only timeline the investigation has is to create a big stink for a period of time, not to ever make any conclusions.

If McCain is smart he will flush any and all advice the MSM has for him and select Palin.

Anonymous said...

But where is foxnews? Aren't they supposed to be the conservative media that one would expect to defend palin against the liberal media like cbs. Some of us feel disappointed in their perfomance this election cycle. mk

Scott said...

Well, Fox News has never been particularly partial to McCain. So they haven't gone overboard defneding him, but they have done a nice job of exposing Nobama's flip flops recently. If Palin is the pick and the MSM goes after her, I think they'll react. Can't wait for Hannity's interview with Wooten:
Hannity: So why did you taser a 10-year-old?
Wooten: Ummmm .... I think I'll go drink in my squad car.
Yeah, that would be interesting.

Anonymous said...

I've been receiving fundraising letters from the RNC. I send them back with this note enclosed:

"If Sen. McCain chooses Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his VP, I will donate money and actively campaign for them."

Anonymous said...

If McCain chooses Palin, all the conservatives will STRONGLY RALLY to defend Palin, and mister Romney-lover Sean Hannity will morph overnight to be the big champion for Palin. You can bet on it! Bill O'Reilly will have a field day showing that the investigation is a hit and then it gets out that it is a hit job on a woman and watch the backlash against Obama and the support for Palin explode.

I can just see Bill O'Reilly with his clock running on when Monegan and Wooten show up for the interview.

I'm telling you nothing else will cause such a tremendous rally than this frivolous witchhunt against a woman taking legal means to protect her family from a rogue trooper who is right now hiding outside the country.

As the great contemporary philosopher Mr. Eastwood said,

"Go ahead, make my day!"

This is sssssoooo gonna backfire.