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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pep Talk

Hello Everyone. I apologize for being offline longer than I expected, but I have had trouble setting my connections up, and as I live in a building owned by a 501c3 non-profit organization, I’m prohibited from blogging at home. Hence, I send you my greetings from the McDonalds WiFi in Washington, DC’s Union Station. As we enter the final week, Gov. Palin’s name is increasingly mentioned in the media, and Monday and Tuesday were our first ever consecutive days with over 5,000 hits each. Keep the faith. We’re almost there, and I have a bottle of Sparklig Cider chilling in the fridge for Friday (my building doesn’t allow alcohol, or else it would have been champagne).

In the meantime, I have written a little pep talk to make sure that we keep our spirits high.


Sarah Palin is an anomaly in American politics. It’s not because she’s a woman, not because of her blue-collar background, and not because of her ability to juggle the titles of “governor” and “committed mother of five”. Forget about all of that stuff for a moment; it’s interesting, but if Barack Obama has taught us anything, it’s that a compelling biography is not a qualification for leadership. Instead, Palin is unique because she can claim one of the broadest bases of support of any leader in our country. Other than the lunatic fringes of Alaska’s kleptocratic political establishment, nobody hates her.

Most politicians rise to power because they represent a certain wing of their party, and even some of their own partisans detest them. Mike Huckabee will never resonate with libertarian republicans, social conservatives cannot support Rudy Giuliani, certain evangelicals will always have a problem with Mitt Romney, and frankly I doubt that hard-core conservatives will ever fully embrace John McCain. That doesn’t make them bad candidates; it just means that they face significant opposition within the Republican Party. Sarah Palin does not have that problem.
I have been working to draft Gov. Palin as Vice President since February of 2007, and I can recount first hand how she has united divergent views among Republicans and is now even gaining Democratic support. The key is that she offers a combination of qualities that make her a hero to many, many different groups. For instance, two of our strongest bases of support have been social conservatives and libertarian republicans, who are normally at each other’s throats.

However, she offered both groups something that they desperately wanted without compromising any appeal to the other. The SoCons loved her pro-life, pro-family, and pro-gun positions, while the libertarians and fiscal conservatives cheered her on as she vetoed hundreds of millions of dollars of wasteful government spending. Getting those two groups to sing kum-ba-ya was enough of an accomplishment, but now it appears that a third group has found what it wants in Gov. Palin: McCainocrats.

For those Democrats who are considering abandoning the Obama ticket (primarily disillusioned Clinton supporters), Palin represents the final push into the Republican camp. Not only is she a woman (which, like it or not, is an issue for some voters), but she also puts a fresh, future-oriented face on the McCain campaign. By upending Alaska’s corrupt political class, Palin has actually produced the type of change that Barack Obama can only talk about; and her collar is far bluer than Joe Biden’s ever was. Furthermore, she is arguably the only candidate who has the necessary expertise to address the single most pressing issue in this election: gas prices. As Governor of Alaska, Chair of the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission (America’s largest interstate organization), and a former Chair of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, Sarah Palin can run rings around almost anyone when it comes to oil.

The last candidate to assemble such a broad coalition of support was a gentleman by the name of Ronald Wilson Reagan. He not only won the presidency in two successive landslides, but went on to become one of the most beloved and effective presidents in recent history. Now, I realize that it is somewhat presumptuous of me to make this comparison, but I personally have no doubt that Sarah Palin has the capability to become the next Reagan. In fact, the only real question that I have heard is whether we should bring her to the forefront now as a VP candidate or save her for later as a full-fledged presidential hopeful in 2012. I personally choose the former, because the latter involves the defeat of John McCain and the election of President Obama and Vice President Biden. 2008 will be a crucial election year, with the winner being handed the responsibility for the Iraq war, the gasoline crisis, the Russo-Georgian conflict, and any number of other issues. The stakes are simply too high to throw McCain under the bus and bide our time. Likewise, Sen. McCain should realize that the stakes are too high for him to select a VP candidate who simply “does no harm” rather than pushing his ticket over the top.

There is one sure fire solution to this problem, one way to guarantee a McCain surge, one way to put Obama on the defensive, and one way to steamroll to victory in November. Her name is Sarah Palin.


Hott Spott said...

We have to win this thing. McCain needs Palin. And with her, he wins in a landslide. Please, Sen. McCain, don't be scared off by those crooked ass politicians in Alaska. Pick Palin! For the love of God, pick Palin!

Erin said...


Kudos to your fine efforts in this fight. I sincerely hope that Sarah is chosen for so many reasons, and your site has been crucial in enumerating those to me and the masses who googled her name, much as I did, wanting to know more about an amazing woman.

The Saragnostics are starting to get to me by yelling Romney, and I won't be gutted if he gets the nod, but I certainly won't be as enthusiastic. More white guys. Yay.

If she doesn't get the nomination, this serves as my formal request to join your staff for our 2012 push!

Wasilla Resident said...

Sarah Palin has been compromised by a legislative investigation for abuse of power.

So now all eyes are turning to Senator Hutchison, who has a strong conservative record down through the years. She's a steady performer who will not be cowed by Joe Biden in the debates.

Kay Bailey Hutchison has the experience we can trust!

BigRob-68 said...

There are more examples of "surprise" VP picks at the tape than frontrunners. Byron York of the National Review is reporting that Mac is meeting with his inner circle on the veep. I will be praying for Senator McCain tonight that wisdom may guide him and help him to make the best choice. I hope fellow bloggers will be praying as well.

Ryan Trabuco said...

Ted, I can tell you that having been born and raised in Texas, I really feel torn if McCain picks Hutchinson.

Sen. Hutchinson would make a fantastic VP if McCain picks her, however I know her and Gov. Perry don't see eye-to-eye on many things and I'd fully support her decision to challenge him in 2010. She'd make a fantastic Gov. and Texas could use some strong leadership right now, especially since Houston Mayor Bill White is going to run -- and he's arguably the strongest candidate the Democrats would field in years.

Kathie said...

"not real" Ted:

Please crawl back to the hole you emerged from.

Adam--that was a wonderful paean to Sarah Palin. If McCain nominates her for VP--as he should!--you will have done an immeasurable service to your country.

Dr. K2

Wasilla Resident said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Moe said...

As a Massachusetts conservative and Mitt Romney supporter, I am proud to voice my support for Gov. Palin as VP. I think with her on the ticket, it won't even be close. You know there is an attack ad awaiting Mitt or any of the "well known" names. I only became familiar with Gov. Palin's resume several months ago and it didn't take long to become a Sarahophile. If McCain makes a mistake like Obama did in selecting Biden, I hope Gov. Palin considers running for the top spot in the near future. America needs her!

loki said...

Well, I think McCain HAS to put Sarah on the ticket now. My opinion is that by hrc asking the dnc to make it unanimous to select bo as the dem's choice will play big in the public's eye. It will go along way to healing some of the bitterness AND bring many of the PUMAs to bo's side.

McCain MUST do something to excite people. He'll have no chance if he doesn't. Of course...if hrc, bo, or biden do anything really stupid, I fear the election will go to them...and possibly by a big margin.

Chung said...

Well, certainly no one suspected that Cheney would end up as the nominee back in 2000.

Erin said...

Conservative mom of six, the microphone tester is running away with it! :D I'm looking forward to her speech immensely, whether she gets the nod or not. I think it will be fantastic, and it could be her launch point like BO's was at the last convention--assuming the worst that she doesn't become VP.

Unknown said...

A couple of things,

1. Thanks Adam for your hard work for the past two years.

2. if Sarah is indeed the choice, I think we'll have some heads up b/c she'll have to travel from AK to Dayton, Ohio. I doubt that would be kept a secret b/c people are probably watching her up there.

3. I do somewhat disagree with some points in your post. I really don't think there are many factions within the GOP anymore. By and large, most people are conservative on all three areas, social, econ and foreign policy. You are probably right that there is a small pure socon/evangelical element to the party, but many "evangelicals" are in the main faction.

Actually, there is no such libertarian-republican wing within the GOP. I know you're in Washington, Adam, so you will find there are a lot of libertarian think tanks. Libertarians are overrepresented b/c they are true believers and more willing to spend their money to advance their causes. That's why Ron Paul did so well raising money but not getting votes.

I think you were also alluding to social moderates who are conservative fiscally as a force within the GOP. As we all know those people aren't a force in the GOP anymore; Rudy Giuliani's implosion proved that.

Koyomi Mizuhara said...

Sarah Palin is my first choice, even though indications are showing Pawlenty to be the pick.

I will never be ashamed about backing Sarah Palin for the position and I will still support Palin until McCain makes his VP announcement. Palin is, by all means, one of the brightest stars in the sky that is American politics, and if not this time around, then definetely in 2012 if McCain decides to step down.

There is a reason all the college guys call her "Governor McHottie", all the real conservatives call her "Governor Values", and why many Alaskans call her "The Better Of All Governors (except Wally Hickel").

Sarah Palin, we stand with you until the final announcement is made on Friday.

Wasilla Resident said...

Erin: You're looking forward to Palin's speech because you haven't heard her speak much. It's a hoot!

Real fake, folksy Minnesotan like. Extremely annoying.

Wasilla Resident said...

Why doesn't she answer these questions?

Exactly WHO are you promoting to be VP?

Gary said...

The powers in the Republican party are a bunch of whimps!!
They do not hear the REGULAR AVERAGE GUY like me in OHIO that demands a GUTSY STRONG FEMALE named PALIN for VP!!!
PALIN and her family are THE AVERAGE FAMILY that AMERICA could sit down have a pizza and discuss today's issues.
I GOT IT PALIN POLITICAL PIZZA PARTIES all around the country on the campaign trail!!!!!!!
(If you you use it, just invite me one to hang out!
They will go with a Rich guy like ROMNEY!!He has too much baggage, and other things the the Libs will hit him with like a crowbar!
I have read up on the crazy stuff with that Puke that should not be a trooper!!! He should have been fired a long time ago from his abuse of power as a Trooper!

jri111 said...

long time reader and supporter, first time poster.

McCain has made his choice! See Drudge (developing)

Ryan Trabuco said...

Let's hope it's the right choice!

Gov. Sarah Palin

Amanda said...

My fingers are crossed, but I'm getting a bad feeling that it's Romney.

He is such a bad choice!!! I just do not see what Romney could possibly add (of benefit) to the ticket!

Erin said...

Drudge says the person will be notified tomorrow, so when the Secret Service show up (like they did with Biden), we'll know.

Risa said...

the announcement is going to be made in a basketball arena in Ohio. Go Sarah Barracuda

Koyomi Mizuhara said...

Keep your eyes on flights out of:

St. Paul, Minnesota
Anchorage, Alaska
Richmond, Virginia
Boston, Mass. or somewhere in Michigan.

It's what Marc Ambinder of the Atlantic used to find out that something was happening at Biden's place.

Carlos Echevarria said...

Drudge reporting a decision has been made, another site said its down to KBH & Pawlenty???

Whoever it is, the logistics mandate there has be some movement because that person has to be in Dayton on Friday at 11am...

If it is Palin, she would have to get ready soon, because the candidate will continue on to Missouri and Michigan w/Mac (I believe) prior to Minnesota.

Adam, however it breaks we all owe you an immense debt of gratitude for your yeoman efforts in this gallant cause...I commend you and wish you the best in your new endeavors in DC!!!

Joe said...

Governor Palin, as an Auburnian, I believe that William Seward, the Governor of New York and great Secretary of State under President Lincoln, is looking down onto the current events, proudly rooting on the Republican Governor of Alaska! He would be very proud of this maverick woman from "Seward's Folly"! Best of luck over the next 48 hours!

Wasilla Resident said...

WHAT: Alaska Commemorative Quarter-Dollar Ceremonial Launch, followed by a Quarter Exchange Coin Collectors Forum Hosted by Deputy Director Andy Brunhart

WHO: United States Mint Deputy Director Andy Brunhart
Governor Sarah Palin
U. S. Senator Lisa Murkowski
Curt Menard, Mayor, Matanuska Susitna Borough
Mark Vinsel, Chair, Alaska Commemorative Coin Commission
John Venables, Re-enactor
John Klapperich, KMBQ-FM, Master of Ceremony

WHEN: Quarter Release Ceremony: Friday, August 29, 2008, 1 p.m. (Alaska Time); Quarter Exchange to follow

Public Coin Collectors Forum: Thursday, August 28, 2008, 4:00 p.m. (Alaska Time)

WHERE: Quarter Release Ceremony: Alaska State Fair, Colony Stage, 2075 Glenn Hwy., Palmer, AK 99645

Hott Spott said...

I'm getting a bad feeling that it may be Romney too. I pray that it isn't. I hope McCain shows his maverick streak. He has too. He needs a woman on the ticket!

Drew said...

This on McCain's final pick from the NYT:

No mention of Palin, but of course, that doesn't mean anything. The McCain camp is keeping this extremely close.

Saundra Santiago said...

Sarah made sure to sign HB3001 today.

Erin said...

Mom of 6,

Drudge says the candidate will be informed tomorrow, so it could be anyone. I'm sure all of them (save Huckabee and Romney) have plans outside Dayton for Friday. I can't speak for Sarah, but I'd give up a coin collector's meeting for a VP slot! :D

*overhears "I'd love to, but I'm giving $.25 EACH to a number of my constituents. Ask me again in four."

Hott Spott said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
StudentsofAmerica said...

It's Not Palin, According to this NY times report, it's going to be Romney, Pawlenty, or Libermann
(I Hope There Wrong)

WASHINGTON — Senator John McCain has decided on his running mate, two Republican strategists in contact with Mr. McCain’s campaign said Wednesday. He is expected to reveal his choice at a rally at a basketball arena in Dayton, Ohio, at 11 a.m. Friday.

Mr. McCain’s decision is known only to his small inner circle of advisers, no more than three or four people, who have refused all public discussion on the matter. Republicans close to the campaign said that the top contenders remained the same three men who have been the source of speculation for weeks: former Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts, Gov. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota and, possibly, Senator Joseph I. Lieberman, independent of Connecticut.

Hott Spott said...

It's obvious that this "conservative mother of 6" is a stooge. You must have an axe to grind with Gov. Palin. Get off of this site. This is for people that support her. Adam, delete this person's comments. It's obvious that there are enemies in the camp. I don't know if you are a Romney supporter, an Obama supporter, or just a corrupt Republican who refuses to allow a reformer on the ticket, but you need to go, really. You're doing yourself a disservice by posting anti-Palin comments on a pro-Palin site. It doesn't make you tough. It doesn't make you bad. It doesn't make you an "honest" citizen. It just makes you corny. It's easy to post comments attacking someone on a site that supports them. It takes no skill to do that. It takes no guts to do that. What really takes guts is to be honest about your intentions and why you are here instead of passing lies, half-truths, and disgustingly biased information on as fact and pretending to be "just a concerned citizen". That isn't true and you know it. You are already making yourself look like a liar and if you aren't honest about your real intentions, then you're a coward too.

Wasilla Resident said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
BigRob-68 said...

Check out Romney is in a free fall. Bad news that Sarah Palin is way down. KBH is now almost in the lead

Ryan Trabuco said...

It's ok.

When Gov., eventually, President Palin's face appears on the Presidential Dollar Coin, we'll all think back on this moment and hope and pray that "conservative mother of 6" didn't work to prevent America from electing it's first woman President, the conservative rockstar, Sarah Palin.

Wasilla Resident said...
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Koyomi Mizuhara said...

CMO6 = Alaskan In Alaska = Corrupt Kleptocrat who needs to be vanquished.

Mountain Mama said...

Hey, Conservative Mom of 6:

You must be a really crummy mother, one who never teaches plain old MANNERS to your children.

You blog continually where you've been politely---POLITELY----asked to quit bothering us.

You aren't doing us any favors, nor yourself. You look like a jerk, not a decent mother.

Why don't you behave as a truly decent conservative and take your very poor manners ELSEWHERE?!

Now---on to more positive matters, namely the wonderful Sarah Palin:

If they've ruined her chances for being our VP, then there's always four years from now. However, meanwhile, I will be very disappointed in McCain, for not having the smarts to pick this tremendously positive role model and savvy woman for our VP.

However, if McCain picks another qualified woman, he'll have my vote. If he picks a magnificent male who is truly pro-woman, he'll have my vote. But if he picks another white sexist oinker, FORGET IT. Women have got to call an end to this junk.

Please, McCain: Pick Sarah Palin.

Ryan Trabuco said...

Oh? The ones that the Democrats are trying to pass in Sacramento?

Oh wait... that's right! They're 50-odd days late with a budget, but half the legislature is in Denver voting for Obama for President.

I guess they have their priorities set straight.

To answer your question: NO, he hasn't due to the situation mentioned above, and NO he won't sign for a budget so destructive to the world's 6th largest economy.

Wasilla Resident said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Editor said...

I am a big fan of Palin for VP, she is a Conservative, female, down to earth, great on energy, etc.

I have my own Palin blog ( Moderator can remove if he wishes' nothing will be held against them )
and I have been witnessing first hand the major support for Mrs.Palin


Gary said...

Hott, Mountain,
Hey, it is okay to have people who want to give rebuttal, that is what this political process is all about.
She could have her knickers on too tight, and could just be a lib on here to make inept comments!
PALIN is the correct choice if the MCCAIN CAMPAIGN had a Pair to make the decision to grab the female voter's attention!
Ted Nugent would vote for her, he was on BECK, and is a true conservative!
If McCAIN gets his butt kicked having Romney on the ticket, he can look back and say,"I should have Picked PALIN!"

Wasilla Resident said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Joe said...

Look what happened on the web site.

Hott Spott said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Hott Spott said...

Well, that proves that the mccain/palin site was a fake.

Health And Fitness Geek said...

..sigh..If it isn't Palin, it should be a woman.. I like HP's CEO but not Hutchinson...

Keep contacting the offices..

Koyomi Mizuhara said...

Still Dreamhosted. Which means we don't know.

StudentsofAmerica said...

Jimmy P. at the DNC—My sources tell me that Mitt Romney will not be John McCain's running mate. Joe Lieberman, Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Meg Whitman still in the mix. Developing...

Jenny said...

Back in 2000, I was a Registered Republican, but was a moderate one at that. I voted for John McCain when he ran for the Republican nomination because he was a maverick, but I was outnumbered by all of the idiots who voted for GW. After 8 years of GW's destruction of this country, I changed parties and have voted democrat every since. Then when Hillary announced her candidacy for President, I was ecstatic. I threw my support at her, and yet again, I witnessed my choice (and vote) overridden by Obamaniacs. If John McCain displays his maverick streak once again and selects Sarah Palin (a more than qualified young woman) as his running mate, I will vote for him guaranteed (and so will many of us disgruntled Clinton supporters). Now if he plays it safe and picks another boring old conservative man such as Romney, Pawlenty, Lieberman (the list goes on and on), I will stay home on Election Day. Because frankly, I will have the choice between electing an unqualified, arrogant Obama or a sell out named McCain. No thank you. McCain-Palin 2008!

StudentsofAmerica said...

Jenny, Liberman is not a conservative - he's a Democrat who ran as Al Gore's VP in 2000. Pawlenty is a young social conservative and would be a good pick. (Gov. Palin being the best of course) Other news agencies are reporting that Kay Bay and Meg Whitman are still in the mix. Regardless of who McCain picks you should still vote.

Health And Fitness Geek said...

Jenny - Please contact McCains office with the exact quot that you made!!

BigRob-68 said...

If any of you held your nose and read Maureen Dowd's piece in the NYT on the DNC it is so obvious that a female pick is the route to go! Don't rule out Palin, yet!

jill said...

I just scanned through the newest mailbag posting on the McCain Blogette (his daughter Meghan's blog) and she didn't post any e-mail from anyone promoting any VP. So as far as I know, the only time she put up an e-mail concerning a VP was in Viewer Mail Volume 10 with the pro-Palin one. We can only hope McCain reads his daughter's blog.

Health And Fitness Geek said...

Jenny - I just emailed your quote to all 50 offices of McCain campaign and referenced this thread.

If he does pick Palin, you can thank yourself. That was an excellent statement that you made and I do hope they take it seriously

I would suggest everyone to make a strong push tonight!!!

Especially female and ex Hillary supporters!!

Dr. Vicki said...

I don't mean to sound sexist, but I think any of the women that are being discussed would be a better choice than any of the men being discussed. By that I mean that none of the men are particularly outstanding choices. Given that, why not choose someone who might reach across to a group of voters that is there for the picking. I think moderate women would hop on a female vp pick in a heartbeat. I'm real apprehensive about KBH, though, due to her age. It just makes a pretty geriatric ticket. Blackburn or Palin would be better. Palin best of course. I just hope he'll give this campaign a shot in the arm of a pick with some youth and vitality. He does seem to like to hang out with the old folks, though. He doesn't seem to like to hang out with younger folks. I guess we'll know in about 36 hours or so.

Mongo Mere Pawn said...


Your efforts on behalf of Governor Palin are greatly appreciated by this life-long Republican. Yours was the first site to provide me with information about a woman I consider to be one of the future hopes of my party.

I must reluctantly conclude, however, that the McCain campaign, as well as most of the party hierarchy, do not see the possibilities that we see should Senator McCain choose Governor Palin as his running mate. If he eventually chooses her, it will be the greatest head fake in political history. I hope and pray that he does, but I fear that he will not. He may win this election without her, but a great opportunity to expand the base of the party will have been lost.

I do not see Senator McCain selecting Governor Palin for several reasons. First, as I have pointed out before, the McCain campaign itself has given absolutely NO indication that she is even on their radar screen. The only hint was the last op-ed by Bill Kristol, and she was portrayed as an out-of-the-box choice with Governor Jindal. At least he was asked to have lunch with Senator McCain.

Second, the platform committee took out the language urging drilling in ANWR this afternoon to accommodate Senator McCain's environmentalist sensibilities. We've said all along that probably the best way to take advantage of this lifesaver issue, and to possibly nationalize the election to improve our congressional chances, would be for Senator McCain to visit ANWR personally and to permit Governor Palin to persuade him to change his mind on this issue. Apparently, drilling in this "pristine" area is a bridge too far for him. Had Governor Palin truly been in the mix, ANWR would have remained in the platform.

Third, Senator McCain shows absolutely no interest in issues of concern to social conservatives. Have we truly sunk so low in our fervor for the unborn that we get excited when our candidate merely states the obvious, i.e., that a baby is entitled to human rights at conception? Apparently so. By voting against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, and then lying about it, Senator Obama hands us the very kryptonite to end his candidacy and I have heard not one peep from the campaign -- not from Senator McCain, not from any of his surrogates in Denver -- and all the while Speaker Pelosi is in a knock down, drag out with the bishops of the Roman Catholic Church over the very same issue. Governor Palin is THE pro-life running mate, and her sex and her motherhood amplify the party's pro-life message like no other running mate could. Crickets chirping.

Finally, the story of this summer, and of Denver, has been the disenchantment of women Hillery voters with Senator Obama. This story speaks to the general question of all women voters, i.e., when will our political parties recognize and accept a woman candidate for the national ticket as anything other than a gimmick (with apologies to Congresswoman Ferraro)? If there is ever a year when putting a qualified woman on the Republican ticket is not only a political, but a moral imperative, this is it. And as I've said earlier, the blowback from women voters may be withering, if they perceive that Senator McCain's choice of a male running mate leaves them at the altar after he intentionally toyed with their affections with three Hillery ads during the Denver convention, and it may cross-over from Democrats to moderates and, possibly, some Republican women. And for the last two weeks, with those ads in the can and with an implicit invitation to women Hillery voters, all we have heard is how Senator McCain really wants to run with Senator Lieberman, with a last minute headfake for Senator Hutchison, both of whom will keep social conservatives home on election night.

Again, either Governor Palin was never in the mix or the McCain campaign is on the verge of pulling off the greatest surprise running mate announcement in the modern era, let alone the Internet era.

Thanks again, Adam.

Mongo signing off.

Wasilla Resident said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Carlos Echevarria said...

I just went to the site and now it says:

It's a new URL and talks about McCain-Pawlenty 2008.

However, I checked and it remains the same...

Wasilla Resident said...

Hallelujah! Finally, a sane comment.

Thank you, Mongo Mere Pawn.

Palin was never in the mix. She said so herself.

MWN said...

Looks like Palin won't be chosen. In spite of what anybody says, the "scandal" wasn't an issue. Some people would like to believe it was, so they could claim partial credit for Palin being passed over. Whatever. There have always been haters around.

So, there are 2 reasons, and they both suck:

*The floating of these other names is just an attempt to make McCain seem receptive to the idea of a woman, just like Obama did with Sebelius. Ironically, the mentioning of all these other names has hurt Palin. There are still powerful forces in the GOP who demand white males only and marginalize anyone else. I guarantee they've been in McCain's ear this week. Palin went from a great choice to "one of those women".

*The GOP platform's energy position has officially been set, and it DOES NOT include ANWR drilling. It's a pathetic, watered-down, pandering attempt to keep one foot in common sense while the other steps into the "global warming" camp.

Without the full force of the domestic energy issue, and with the possibility of being labeled a "token pick", Palin became less viable.

Her remarks at the convention will be interesting. She could mention the party's failure to nominate a woman, or just be a team player and endorse the ticket. She could strongly argue for ANWR drilling and get a huge ovation, or not mention it in deference to McCain.

I predict she'll pass on the former, but hit the latter over the center-field wall.

Sarah Palin for President in 2012!

Wasilla Resident said...

Really, flapper? You wouldn't mind having a socialist as President?

MWN said...

One last thing...

I appreciate Adam's attempts to rid this site of trolls. I know he's busy with lots of other things.

FWIW, I think "alaskan", "wasilla", "mom of 6", "dad of 22", "fake ted", etc. aren't random folks. It's the same person, or people who know each other working together. I'm not a psychiatrist, so I won't bother analyzing it.

My favorites here have been real ted (for his insight and optimism)and paul (for his "don't just sit there, do something!" attitude).

At any rate, as Task Force Palin goes forward, I assume things will be consolidated into a central site.

I'll see you all there. :-)

Ryan Trabuco said...

I'm not a psychiatrist either, but I'm sure we can all agree that they should lay down on a couch for an hour or two. ;)

Ted said...

Looks like the "Ted" moniker has been appropriated again. Anyway, THIS IS THE ORIGINAL TED AND I'LL PROVE IT:

Regarding ANWR, while the GOP platform does not specifically INCLUDE reference or statement to ANWR drilling -- the proposal to do that was rejected -- THE PLATFORM DOES NOT SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDE ANWR EITHER, SIMPLY THERE IS NO STATEMENT ON ANWR IN THE PLATFORM ONE WAY OR THE OTHER. I take this, NOT to mean the platform says NO drilling, but that it leaves it to McCain -- and since to date McCain has not YET endorsed ANWR drilling, why should the platform look like it is pushing or undermining McCain. IN OTHER WORDS, IT LETS MCCAIN TAKE THE LEAD ON THIS, rather than letting it look that McCain is being pressured by the platform.

Again, the GOP Platform does NOT say NO drilling in ANWR.

And finally, unless there is something really negative or no-go about Palin that we are not aware of, I still can't see how McCain -- ESPECIALLY NOW POST-HILLARY -- can NOT pick Palin unless, that is, McCain lacks the requisite abilities, political judgment, and mental soundness to be President -- which overlooking Palin WOULD PRECISELY indicate.

Unknown said...

Will McCain have the courage to make the case that Palin is ready to lead? which has an extremely good prediction record and has been cited by Adam before isn't flashing good signals.

Ted said...

Intrade is being manipulated. In other words, not all traders are buying and selling to make money, but to endeavor to politically influence. It's like spending money on political ads -- and intrade is really a cheap form of advertising. So, for exampls, pro Romney and pro Dem/Obama groups will buy Romney shares to make him look more inevitable (Dems desparately want Romney on the ticket and NOT Palin) and then others will spread the news of Romney's strong intrade showing.

They WANT to make it look that Palin is out of the running and are spending some money to do it.

Erin said...

The numbers of children these people claim to have should be a dead giveaway that they support Romney.

Anyhoo, Drudge has breaking news...McCain will announce his selection at 11 on Friday in Dayton. I had hoped we'd know a little more overnight.

Mongo, I agree top to bottom with your post, but of course there's that little nagging bit inside me that won't let go. I imagine this is how Hillary voters felt when the possibilities got smaller and smaller for her to win the nomination.

Ted said...

I'll simply say this, if McCain overlooks Palin for say, a Pawlenty, IT WILL BE THE SINGLE BIGGEST POLITICAL (AND THEREFORE NATIONAL) BLUNDER IN THIS GENERATION AND PERHAPS THE NEXT. History is about to be made one way or another.

52% of the electorate, if not more, are women -- ESPECIALLY NOW, POST-HILLARY. If not now, WHEN???????????

Ted said...

There is perhaps one exception, which would be a good non-Palin or non-female selection, and that would be Michael Steele.

Chung said...

Speculations have a way of becoming disconnected with reality. I think the final pick will reflect the initial conventional wisdom. Just as Obama ended up going for a white-male with foreign policy heft, McCain will choose a fresh-faced, out-of-the-mold (but not pro-choice) Republican. That means Pawlenty or Palin.

Ted said...

chung, you're certainly on target that a pro-choice pick (Lieberman, Ridge) is definitely ridiculously out of the question -- unless McCain truly is insane.

Ted said...

...and Kay Baily Hutchinson is pro choice

Ted said...

and Cyrus at the end of the last sums it up very very very well, I think deserves repeating:

* * *

"Let's keep in mind that Conservatism has lost it's way and society see themselves as more of a centrist or moderates.

There has to be a gradual grassroots movement of Conservatives to bring Conservatism back into the mainstream. We cannot shock the system because it will never work.

The idea of putting a Conservative women on the ticket will satisfy the womens movement, who are more interested in elevating women in high position, rather than pushing one particular issue.

Republican has to show the American people that they are able to break out of that old classic mold and put a wow factor into the mix. Something that may be considered radical to others is something what the American people wants to see.

Therefore, by putting a women on a Republican ticket, who is a Conservative, will satisfy the Conservative movement and the centrist movement."

Ted said...

that's Cyrus comment, at the end of the last thread

techno said...

It's down to the nitty-gritty. Many ask who is McCain going to select as a running mate? Perhaps the better question to ask is why McCain would select an individual in the first place. I think, politically speaking, in a competitive race, it boils down to only one factor: 1) Who will ensure my victory or short of that who gives me the best chance to win the election?--that is the number one and only consideration-choosing someone who can take over if you die prematurely is all academic.The facts are McCain has fought many elections. If Tiger Woods (he's too young) could win him an election he's pick him. If Michelle Malkin would ensure him success he'd pick her, if Mitt Romney would do it for him--he'd pick him. Let's get down to brass tacks--to win an American presidential election not only should you strive to gather more votes than your opponent but what you must do is win enough states to get to 270 electoral votes. That's the bottom line. Now here's how any professional politician would look at the situation. I've got a base of support that allows me to bank on winning the electoral votes in a given state (eg for Republicans Texas and for Democrats California)by a comfortable margin (more than 5%).In McCain's case many of these 'safe' states are located in the Deep South and the non-coastal West. Frankly, he doesn't have to do much to keep these states in his column: by saying he's pro-life, supports the 2nd amendment, that he believes in a strong America with a strong military and that he promotes individual enterprise and lower taxes is a winning message every single time; that is unless he appears horribly weak or too liberal or if he does something to piss enough of them off so they won't support him-now the dirty little secret in politics is that you're not so worried that they are going to vote for your opponent-the majority of them have such deep-seated core beliefs that would prevent this-but your campaign must do enough to get them to work for your campaign ENTHUSIASTICALLY and to get them to the polls.Choosing a pro-choice running mate is a high-risk strategy for McCain. Abortion shouldn't be such a big issue in 2008 but the facts are that it still is. If McCain did go with a PC running mate he is telling the world his support is so solid in his 'safe' states that he could afford to lose a sizeable segment of support there and still eke out a slight victory.That is what liberal to moderate Republicans are telling McCain. However the polls consistently, to McCain's chagrin, have not reflected this sentiment. Reports are that there are 60-70m evangelicals/devout Christians in the USA-the majority who vote Republican-folks that's a hell of lot of people to offend. Just imagine if 10% of evangelicals in those 'safe' states stayed home-you get the picture--you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what will happen--to arrogantly buck these figures you have to be a complete idiot and I don't think McCain is an idiot. So folks I think that rules out any pro-choicers such as Ridge, Giuliani, Lieberman. On the other hand Mccain knows he must 'reach out' and win enough competitive states to prevail-and to win them he must TAILOR his message towards, but always bearing in mind not to dilute the conservative message so much that he offends his base in big numbers; on the surface Huckabee would be a great choice-he would appear to firm up the evangelical vote--but to what extent would he help McCain win in a competitive less conservative or evangelical state? If McCain only is concerned about that he should pick Huckabee-at least if he loses he can always boast that he preserved the Republican electoral college base for the next Republican presidential candidate. But if his goal is to attract more rational, fiscal or libertarian conservatives and bleed off a a sizeable amount of the PUMA's Huckabee is not his guy. And folks every election is different. In 2008 the PUMA factor(disgruntled Hillary Clinton supporters) is huge. If McCain wants to win he knows that he must bleed off enough of them--he may decide that he can do it by personal persuasion, his gravitas or by ads and whoever he picks as VP (male vs female) is irrelevant in this regard but as I have said time and time again who he picks as VP will go a long way to show the world that he wants their vote-will give him short-term credibility with them until he can seal the deal. Choosing Pawlenty is a safe pick to keep the base in line, but complaining that your wife would rather go fishing than have sex with you is no way to attract disenchanted 'feminists' or women who have been sexually abused by a man. By also selecting the innocuous, boring, evangelical Pawlenty, Mccain is saying 'I playing the game to keep it close-no mistakes-I'll capitalize when Obama and Biden screw up-I'll let my surrogates-Carly Fiorina, Meg Whitman for example, head the outreach campaign to Clinton supporters and hope it works. Thus McCain is saying despite the short-term blowback of not choosing a female running mate I am not going to sacrifice my VP pick to accomplish a narrow goal. Same goes if he picks Mitt Romney. Romney appears to be a great choice on the surface but surveys have consistently shown that he has the highest negatives (45-50%)among the VP candidates.Unfortunately he is a polarizing figure. You either love him or hate him. In other words the votes he gains for you in one section of the country he will lose for you in another region of the country. For that reason alone he is not a viable option. At least Pawlenty might win you a few more votes and not lose you any. Now the only reason McCain would choose any other male such as Cantor would be to win a specific state (eg Virginia) or garner the votes of a certain segment of the popn (eg Jewish voters). This will be considered a great strategy if it works but one that will be subject to great criticism if it doesn't work. Now finally if McCain chooses a female he is openly admitting that he needs the PUMA vote, that he is actively going to pursue it and that he has 'good faith' intentions. Choosing Palin, Hutchison, Fiorina, or Whitman would accomplish this. in addition it would offer up other opportunities to win the vote of female moderate independents who may identify with with a female VP. If McCain doesn't choose a female in this political climate what he is essentially saying is that no female in the Republican orbit is capable of helping me to win the election; there is no upside and may be plenty of downside such as being accused of pandering or appointing a 'token' or 'trophy' candidate. What he is also showing that he doesn't recognize an opportunity when it is staring him right in the face and folks do you really want somebody to be president that can be so dense? Unless of course if the alternative is much worse.

Dr. Vicki said...

i have to say I'm discouraged because all the articles the last two days have been Romney, Paw and Lieb. And they had narrowed Obama down pretty accurately to Biden, Bahy and Kaine. I keep clinging to the comment from the campaign several days back that they were going to make announce a "unconventional" pick. Which truly would rule out all the guys except Lieberman.

Health And Fitness Geek said...

We must never give up.... call and email today. Untill he makes that call, it's not too late.

Patriot1776 said...

Drudgereport has a poll on Rep VPs...Palin not even listed.


'dark horse'

Amanda said...

Yeah, Drudge even included Rudy as a choice and I didn't think he was considered in the running at all.

Chung said...

A Lieberman pick is basically a stab in the back. While McCain likes to style himself a maverick, he is now the leader of the Republican party. The choice he makes today will determine which direction the party goes. Picking Lieberman means a headlong dive into oblivion.

Ted said...

I've heard that Drudge has a (or some) former Romney supporter(s) on his immediate staff.

And since Romney people are manipulating Intrade, I wouldn't be surprised of some factor here as well. Romney people have been making a full court press -- and seem to be the main opposition to Palin.

Ted said...

No possible way for Lieberman -- pro-choice and a Dem -- that is ridiculous. It's amazing that Team McCain has successfully been able to get that name out there as a believable possibility (to fuel media attention/speculation)!

This way, when McCain doesn't pick Lieberman, McCain gets the benefit of having closely looked at a Dem -- to make himself more attractive to Dem crossover and moderate voters. McCain seems to be using the Veep selection PROCESS/MEDIA for all he can get out of it. Good job!

Mountain Mama said...

First, if you haven't done this yet, then TODAY, please contact everyone you know, to persuade them to support Palin.

I find it most helpful to send them the link to her Inauguration Address: she's just fantastic, and that's very persuasive!

Then encourage everyone to join you in calling and emailing the various McCain offices TODAY. I know the supporters of the other VP candidates are doing this, so we must continue contacting the staff, too. (Lord, read through the posts of the Romneyites: scary!)

Second, keep praying. Prayer has far more power than we realize!

Supposedly McCain has made his choice already? Well, GOD can change McCain's mind! Keep praying and have HOPE! (It's not just Obama's turf!)

Palin is a delightful, pro-life reformer with CEO experience, so GOD can prod McCain to see how her God-given GIFTS will help this nation return to demonstrating decency and fiscal responsibility.

Pray also that McCain ignores all the selfish interests he's hearing from, and picks the ONE person who can join him to pull various factions in our party together, so we can win the election, and then challenge this nation to grow and REALLY change. Not to mention that Palin and her family will be a tremendous model of fun and normalcy for Americans!

Finally, focus on the future, too. If Palin isn't chosen now, we can work to help her make a national run in 2012. By then, Trig will be older, and this dumb "investigation" will have been completed.

Meanwhile, thank you, Adam, for keeping this site going and keeping us informed and uplifted by your insights.

I don't mean to sound like Pollyanna, but I still think there is a slight chance that McCain WILL pick Palin. He certainly must realize that Palin will generate SO MUCH ENERGY and delight for this campaign!

Palin might be the "dark horse" Drudge and others mention!



Mountain Mama said...

Yahoo reports that McCain has NOT YET MADE HIS CHOICE!



And SMILE! God is working!!!!!!!1

Chung said...

The Republican party runs a fairly tight operation. In 2000, there was zero rumor that Cheney would select himself. In 1996, if I remember correctly, the frontrunner was Gramm, McCain, and Mack at various point, then Kemp emerged as the nominee, seemingly out of nowhere. Of course, that ticket crashed and burned.

Ted said...

I'm also gonna assume that McCain people are reading this website and this particular thread of comments.

Isn't it highly possible that McCain has already decided on Palin -- and that all the rest is part of Team McCain's strategerie surrounding it.

Patriot1776 said...

Drudgereport saying name leak by 6pm...confirmation at 8pm TONIGHT.

Now, I have tremedous respect for all the name being mentioned. I think all would be just so much better than the Obama/Biden FAR left liberals.

But the Republican name is tarnished and down right now. McCain is NOT my favorite, by any means.

We need him, Mr. Maverick to really shake this up. Palin is a perfect choice.

She is a governor, outside and I mean WAY outside DC in Alaska, but she is a woman, a mother, we know the rest. But more than that, by having her on the ticket you bring the issue of ENERGY, which is the BIGGEST issue facing the country, to the top of the list.

I just don't think it will succeed with a Romney, Pawlenty etc. I like them and respect what they bring to the table. But it isn't time for more of the same.

I hope McCain can see this. I also hope he doesn't go in the other direction and pick Lieberman. Again, respect him on some issues, and he would be excellent in the cabinet.

I guess we will find out. I come to this site multiple times each day to see if there has been any news....I will pray for a real moment for our country and the Republicans.

Mongo Mere Pawn said...

One final straw at which to grasp. The URL now redirects to, with a bogus announcement of a McCain-Pawlenty ticket. Why? We can't figure out who owns the domain, but had it been one of the nutroots, you know the redirection would have sent you to some hatefilled Bushitler website, sort of like what does.

Also, is merely two letters more than the official campaign website, It's not a stretch to think that the campaign would have purchased the former when they purchased the latter. And the McCain campaign has shown a great deal of savvy regarding the Internet and, so they had to know that people would be running the domain traps for some indication of who he was going to choose as his running mate.

Finally, by redirecting, does it not leave the domain available to work-up for the actual announcement? If this is the McCain campaign and your intent is to not only re-, but misdirect, then why not keep the palin announcment up?

Again, a straw, but I still have some degree of hope that Senator McCain and his people have been involved in an incredible political intelligence op that will not only stun the Democrats and MSM, but also completely energize the base.

Okay, I have officially drunk the Koolaid.

techno said...

Drudge just announced that the VP pick may be leaked at 6PM (during the Democrat convention) to presumbably steal some thunder from Obama's coronation. If that is McCain's intention (and I believe it is) I have to believe that his choice has to be somebody who is NOT 'part of the usual suspects' or the media will give the pick short shrift and ho-hum it. I think that rules out Romney, Pawlenty, Giuliani and Ridge. Now it could include Lieberman but that would destroy any chance he has to win so what I think it means is that he has chosen a celebrity, a prominent minority candidate or a woman as his running mate--a person with pizzazz or a somebody with the potential to be a game changer. Could that mean Colin Powell, Clarence Thomas, or JC Watts--anything is possible; but could that also mean Meg Whitman, Carly Fiorina. KBH, or Sarah Palin? As to Sarah, could you imagine the excitement of Palin flying in from Alaska to Dayton, Ohio and stumping with him for 3 days straight--John McCain would own the news cycle-the Democrats would not be able to capitalize on their convention as much as they expected.Then, barring the hurricane, they go right into their convention excited beyond belief, selling Sarah to the Republican base and to the American people-then leaving the convention on an incredible high ready to go to battle. However, Hollywood very rarely reveals itself in real life other than Tiger Woods amazing victory at the US Open on one leg. It would take a miracle for all this to happen but when you think about it isn't it a miracle, through the help of people like Adam, that Sarah Palin is now as well-known, respected and loved as she us by so many people across all age groups by both men and women so that she has finished either first or second in the WSJ poll, Townhall poll and the NRO poll, that in a recent poll of professional bloggers she tied with the well-known and media-darling Mitt Romney as the candidate they most would like to see as McCain's running mate. From a virtual unknown to the darling of the conservative community in a matter of months without any media fanfare--indeed that is a miracle. Jaded as we are, can we possibly think another miracle is possible?

Ted said...

Just heard on the radio WTKK-FM with Michael Graham on-site at Denver talking to some woman involved w/McCain Camp or something like that, saying that she's heard from her sources that Romney is out of consideration confirmed by logistics and she is saying Gov Pawlenty is the pick. Since Pawlenty is a total boor, unspiring, unexciting, barely won in Minnesota, and Hockey-Mom Palin likely to carry Minn more than Pawlenty, Palin much better debating Biden than Pawlenty, and women/Hillaryites currently being wooed by McCain's ads would be more than ticked, scorned and let down with a Pawlenty pick -- leads me to Palin. Apperantly, things are being sped up because of the impending hurricane.

jri111 said...

from politico:

"AP's Liz Sidoti reported: "Inside GOP circles Thursday, speculation swirled around Lieberman. It was fueled by reports that McCain's advisers had asked for additional detailed information from him, by McCain's close friendship with the 2000 Democratic vice presidential nominee, and by word that Republican operatives had been told to prepare for the possibility of an 'unconventional' choice."

Anonymous said...

Without hope, you have nothing, whether that hope be for 2008 or 2012. The fact of the matter remains: John McCain could pick my left shoe to be his running mate, and I would still feel more confident about voting for McCain/Shoe than Obama/Biden.

A previous poster brought up the point about the McCain camp leaking it tonight between 6-8pm. They're also right in the fact that the pick needs to REALLY drum interest for it to compete with or overshadow Obama's speech tonight. conventional wisdom says it may be one of the, if not the most watched speech of all-time. If Mac comes out with a bad pick or a boring pick, it's toast. Forget it. It will uniformly be overshadowed by Obama's "I have a dream 2" speech.

But, I'll give the Mac camp credit. This is the same camp that brought the man back from the political dead a month ago. Let's hope their brains are still working the same way and a pick is made where it crushes Obama.

C'mon peoplem let's knock it out of the park tonight.

Mac/Palin '08!

Carlos Echevarria said...

Does anyone know Gov. Palin's activities, on schedule today? Has there been any feedback or movement in Alaska in terms of local media reports???

I only have been able to get news on the Parnell-Young race, her signing a bill yesterday and the Stevens matter...

Whoever it is, that person has to be ready for 11 am tomorrow in Dayton. (a basketball arena ironically, since we all know Sarah Barracuda's abilities in that sport)

KBH doesn't get along with Mac, plus she wants to be Gov. of Texas, she is very bland.

I think Lieberman is a head fake.

Romney is out, Team Barry already have queued up his clips vis-a-vis Mac in the primaries and talking points about the number of houses, and joint wealth, etc. (typical class warfare rhetoric)

He really needs to pick Palin, she is the one, but it seems like Pawlenty, in my estimation.

He was on GMA-ABC this morning and had canned answers for Sawyer regarding his "experience" in contrast to Barack's.

Ted said...

Stop with the Lieberman talk already. That is utterly ridiculous!!! NO WAY, simply some diversionary chatter.

Now, if announcement comes right before the Obama speech anD it were Pawlenty, it would be a nothing, zzzzzz, blaaaah, so what -- SO I'M THINKING ITS GONNA BE THE WOW, DRUMMING UP GOP EXCITEMENT AND DROWNING OUT OBAMA RIGHT AT THE PERFECT TIME!!! Go Palin!!!!! McCain/Palin '08.

Gary said...

They would have to be here in Dayton at like 9AM to speak with McCAIN.
Pawlenty would be better than Romney, too much video swipes at McCain for Dumbocrats to use against McCAIN. Plus Romney has a few houses and is not just and ordinary guy.
PALIN is someone that could GRAB FEMALE voters to McCAIN !!

Joe said...

Perhaps the reason for a 6 pm "leak" will be the obvious need for the candidate to be getting on a plane, which will be easily noted by the press by this evening...

Unknown said...

Ever wonder if any of our emails or letters even get forwared to senior staff? What if the intern or volunteer is a Romney supporter and doesn't even bother to forward the message. I hear there are a lot of Romney people in the McCain camp.

Unknown said...

Well, 6 PM Eastern would be 2 PM Alaska Time, and it's about a 6 hour flying time to Dayton, so if she left at around 2 PM, she'd get in about midnight Eastern Time. That would give her plenty of time to get to Dayton.

I am really hoping and praying for Palin. She is what our country needs! We need someone to fight corruption, create energy self-sufficiency, and help unite the Republicans.

I've sent an email to all of the McCain offices. I hope they read them and pass them on. I hope McCain and his campaign are hearing us! They need someone to totally take the Democrats off-guard and that would be Palin! She can do it!


Adam Brickley, aka "ElephantMan" said...

In theory, there is ample time for any candidate to get on a plane after the supposed "leak". In fact, that will likely be the case regardless of who gets the nod. Romney and Pawlenty are in Denver, who knows where Lieberman is, but I'm guessing its not Dayton. Regardless of the pick, SOMEBODY is going to have to catch a flight to Dayton (unleess they do something wacky like pipe the VP in via sattelite).

Koyomi Mizuhara said...

Keep your eyes peeled. Now, if it was Palin, would she be leaving from Anchorage or Juneau? Cause I can't find Juneau anywhere in the listings...

Ryan Trabuco said...

Yomi, as often the case, if Palin is in Juneau she might have a flight from there to Anchorage and then from there it could be a charter flight from there to Seattle and on to Dayton.

DaveF said...

Both Juneau and Anchorage have flights to Dayton. But there is one from Anchorage that leaves around 7:00pm tonight and arrives in Dayton around 8:00am tomorrow morning. I was curious too.

Here is a theory I discussed with a buddy at work today in regards to the leak this evening. Let's say I'm McCain and I want to get the media's attention. At 6:00pm I tell the newsies I have made a definite decision on my VP, but I still need to make some arrangements and tie up some loose ends. I tell them to come back at 8:00pm for some big news. What does this do? 2 things: First, it grabs some attention and gets people talkin'. Second, it takes attention away from the DNC. Now for the best part...At 8:00pm when they show up I tell the person I tapped has accepted, and I will introduce them tomorrow in Dayton.

Take some Thunder and then leave them Hangin'.

Debra said...

I'm an Obama Dem, but I like to stay informed. I found this post very interesting. The DC news just reported that Sarah Palin was, in fact, chosen for McCain's VP spot.

Anonymous said...

What a contradictory article. You start off saying this has nothing to do with her being a woman, blue collar, and a mother but come back later with those points in your argument. I look forward to Obama winning this election so I don't have to worry about old, rich, white people telling me, as a woman, what I can and can't do with my body.

Jeff Foster said...

I am a happy man now. I'm not a big McCain fan, but after some research I did about Sarah over the last several months, he couldn't have made a better choice in my opinion for a multitude of reasons.

I certainly am not wishing McCain any ill, but should it happen, I could be happy with Sarah stepping up to fill his shoes. Young, conservative, large family friendly, pro-life, all I can say is, Thank God.

I can only hope that Nobama is quaking in his shoes this morning. McCain did what Nobama was too arrogant to do, and that was truly offer change. McCain has a lot of room for improvement for conservatism's sake, but with Sarah by his side, I can rest knowing she will be a voice for conservative reason in his decision making.

With this choice, I can see 12 to 16 more years of Republican leadership in the White House, but we have to stick to our conservative principles. I believe Sarah will do that.

Go Team McPalin!

Avid Fan said...

You Palin people just want to tap that Alaskan ass. Hillary voters are not idiots; they don't just want "A" woman...they want "THEIR" woman. Joe Biden is going to chew this bitch up and spit her out. Old Man McCain just lost the White House.

East Richland HS Class of 1982 Reunion said...

OMG! What experience does this women really have????? So she is a women. I would hope that John McCann doesn't think that women are so stupid not to know what he is hoping for....and I say hoping. I will talk to everyone I know NOT to vote for John McCann.

Unknown said...


Sorry to crash your party, but can you back up your claims with facts? Right now Palin is the laughingstock because not even the campaign can produce a fact sheet about her. Heck, even Kay Bailey Hutchinson doesn't know Palin, has never met her and doesn't know what to think.

Women everywhere are offended or flustered by this pick.

mills5 said...

I am really excited about Sarah Palin as the VP choice. She and her family have a grueling road ahead. I hope her family is as tough as she seems to be. I have felt unenthusiastic about the McCain and Obama ballot. Now there is something to be excited about. Nice job McCain!

Shawn said...

Congrats on the success of your campaign...McCain really caught me and a lot of others off guard with this pick.

lilteabag said...

Good choice. Clinton supported (me) will be voting this year, all because of Sarah Palin. said...

Maybe what we need is someone who is fed up with the politics as usual in Washington and this pick has it pegged. I am at a loss as to what people really disliked about Bush except he had many of those 'senate and house cronies numbers' , I like him. Palen is no dummy. She could easily step in and represent America as we really are experiencing some very tough economic issues today. Why do people think we need 'the same ole' experience when we really want change in our political leadership. Someone who understands what its like to raise a family and work for a living and who doesn't have a bazillion dollars behind them could be the best choice ever made in history. Obama has scared the heck out of me and what really has he ever governed? Really....He is a professional campaigner and has great success at that, but what happens when Iran invades Isreal? Oh, we need to talk, how about starbucks at noon? Palin would kick 'a' and take names and no prisoners. So would McCain. War is a fact of life. Humans are a violent species, read the newspapers folks. By our standing up for what is morally right in Iraq we have stabilized the mideast, and all I hear from liberal dems is I'll get us out, BS. Palen roots out the bad and encourages good. This is what I want in my country, someone who cares about what role we play around the world and hope for those that care enought to work for a living.

garyb said...

Sarah Palin is an ideal choice for VP. She is also qualified for the higher position. John MCain and Sarah shoul speak out against the "fluff" issues of competancy and personal issues of the Palin family. Mccain and Palin should be proud that Obama is striking at these fluff issues because he can not debate the "REAL" issues.

Julie Badion said...

I'm worried! We have to be realistic and look at the facts. Sarah Palin supported Ted Stevens’s “Bridge to Nowhere” until it became a political disaster, then diverted the money to other projects. In her speech to the Wasilla Assembly of God in June, she said it was “God’s will” that the federal government contribute to a $30 billion gas pipeline she wants built in Alaska. According to Ms. Palin, the war in Iraq is “a task that is from God.” Presumably, God also disapproves of the Wasilla librarian’s reading list. Before Ms. Palin was elected governor, her greatest accomplishments as mayor of her tiny suburb was raising the sales tax to build a hockey rink and firing the librarian for refusing to ban certain books. The librarian was later reinstalled as a result of public outcry. These are items people will pay attention to. It's not enough to be an understanding mom of a pregnant teen!