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Friday, August 29, 2008


Just so that you all know, I did receive a brief phone call tonight from Todd and Sarah Palin. Thanks to them for being so kind.

Also, a lot of people deserve HUGE shout outs tonight, so I'll try to start the list. If I miss anyone, I'm sorry:

Steve Maloney (our longest standing supporter), Kristopher Lorelli of (who put in TONS of leg work),, Students of America on MySpace, the original "Ted" (easily our most vocal advocate), Eric Dondero, Trish Houser of, all of the media who were willing to interview me before interviewing me was cool, and everyone in the comments section who kept the faith. I'm sure I'll think of more, but that's a start.


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Voice of the GOP Grass Roots said...

A guy at had a draft Sara Palin link up awhile ago. I can't believe she is the choice. Interesting how positive the comments are from the Democrats.
THe Sara Palin Caucus.

Unknown said...

That is so awesome that Sarah and her husband called you! Congratulations! They are truly wonderful people, I can tell!

I am so thankful that Sarah is going to be our next VP!!!!!!

perlhaqr said...

Hey, congratulations to Sarah, and since no one else seems to have mentioned it, Happy 20th Anniversary, Palins!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the mysterious "Drew"!!

that is sooooo cool that Sarah Palin called you - what a class act she is!

vanderleun said...

Great job. Just great. Best of the Blogs.

Domains said...

No matter which you decide to vote you know this is going to be a very exciting election.

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Spunky said...

Good for you for doing what speaking up and making a difference.

I wasn't a McCain supporter but this choice has me looking into him. As a homeschooler, I'm very interested in her take on education as Governor. From what I've read, she appears very anti-government intervention in such matters. But how that affects McCain is what I'm interested in.

ZwilightTone said...
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Erin said...

Aww...that's so great that they called you! They seem like the coolest people ever, and I can't wait until people find out all there is to like about Sarah and the "First Dude" of Alaska. They appear so approachable and likable. I don't care what the desparate Dems are saying on this blog, this will do wonders for the party.

Mountain Mama said...

I never doubted that, once McCain picked Palin, she'd telephone you, Adam, to thank you for your hard work and committment. But Todd called you, too!? Wow! They must be a wonderful couple.

I am praying for their continued success and safety.
And isn't Trig getting big, though? What a cutie pie!

Hey, Adam----We should all kick in to help cover your website costs. Where can we send donations, apartment-warming gifts, cookies? (smile) You are the best.

escondidoguy said...

I am incredibly happy to see Sarah Palin as the VP nominee.

I have been "vetting" Governor Palin for the last 3 or 4 months - ever since her name came up on the "long" list. I can tell you that from what I have learned she is the real conservative deal and because she's on the ticket I will change my vote from a write in vote of Duncan Hunter Sr. to John McCain.

Sarah Palin is someone that every Conservative should fall in love with. I don't care if she's unknown. She stands for everything I believe in. With her as VP and a number of new, young and energetic Republicans running out there this is a chance for a revitalization of the Republican party. I've already sent McCain my 25 bucks this morning - something I didn't expect to do.

Now if McCain would cut Juan Hernandez loose I'd be a very happy camper.

Anonymous said...

That was a terrific gesture from the Palins. Cheers, Adam, you deserve the props!

Funny to think, just yesterday, there were times it was looking dark with all the MSM reporting of another veep pick!

And what a speech Governor Palin made today! She's just commander-in-chief material to the max!

This has been a fun ride -- should be continually exciting as we head for November!

John Barry said...

Sarah Palin is a superb choice. She is articulate,confident and has gravitas. She is a conservative and is pro-life.
Great news for the pro life movement worldwide. She is the best choice. Thank you for your good work.

Anonymous said...

The website that had the McCain-Palin graphic is apparently owned by . Wretched theivery.

Saur♥Kraut said...


Erin said...

Heh. can't spell "stay" very well, now can they? That alone tipped off the hoax, but of course it would be THAT group who did it. *laughs hysterically*

Anonymous said...
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Joe the Plumber said...
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mom & pop bloggers said...

Congratulations to you...I am also putting a blog together titled.."We love Sarah"

Erin said...

If you want some fantastic reading, go to Grandpuma is a thoughtful poster who is willing to give the republican ticket a chance because of Hillary's situation. I think you'll find it interesting reading.

Dionisius Amendola said...

Congratulations and thank you for this great and everlasting hope for the future of America and the world!!!

It's for that things that America is the Light of the world.

Thank you, again.

DaveF said...

Adam. Great job and Kudos. Thanks to all the men and women who assisted in making this website what it is. No surprise from me that Sarah and Todd called you. And I don't know if anyone noticed, Sarah did not use a teleprompter or written speech. It was all her. Never looked away from the crowd.

Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...

I am so excited. The presidential race has just been energized by a woman who is going to break the glass ceiling!!

I was not going to vote for Obama... but I was elated that we have an African American having received a party nomination for President of the U.S.

But I AM going to vote for McCain/Palin.

This is a tremendous campaign for the nation.

It was kind of sad I couldn't support Obama due to his stands on issues.

But, now, I'm absolutely energized about... real change. This woman is a firebrand for change.

This is awesome!!

Go Sarah!!

I hope to vote for her again... maybe in 8 years or so... for President.

Grace and peace.

Richard said...

Congratulations, Adam. You picked a winner. I had heard her name before, but to be perfectly honest, today was the first time I really learned anything about her. She seems like the real deal, very authentic, very impressive.

Infidel753 said...

Congratulations from a PUMA blogger. Palin is certainly the best and most appealing choice McCain could have made to sway those who remain "on the fence".

Unknown said...

Congrats! It's so exciting to have a McCain and Palin ticket in 2008! Good Luck!

Hishighness said...

Hey man, just wanted to thank you for delivering us the election.

- A Democratic Supporter.

DaveF said...

I am reposting this on Adams site, because I originally posted it at work on the "" website.

Our Thanks go out to Adam for his website. He started a movement that proves the PEOPLE have a voice, and that voice can be heard and felt. Now that we crossed this battlefield, it is time to move to the next one. We have to push our way across the nation to put "Our Voices" in the Whitehouse. No effort is too small. Even an email, phonecall or blog can change peoples minds. Look what it did today!
Adam mentioned a Phase 2 on his website, which I don't doubt will be a movement to get Sarah in the Whitehouse as President. I am saying now that "I Am In!"

God Bless John, Sarah and their families.

Let's Fight the Good Fight!

Erin said...

I'm itching to see polling numbers this weekend or next. It will be interesting to see what happens after both have their VP's and have their conventions. They were in a virtual dead heat before this cycle began, so I want to see what has happened as a result.

caem said...

Hi every one! Congratulation. I have been posting as anon/MK on this blog for the last two months - and I am so thrilled by the success of our combined effort.

Special thanks to Adam who founded this blog. I am glad the Palins have called you - to say thank you!

The liberal media has started tearing her down. We need to be very vigilant; we beat them this morning - and with determination, I am sure we will beat them again on NOV 4.

How do we get the Mccain-Palin bumper stickers etc. MK

Jasenn said...

Congratulations to Sarah and her family! All day yesterday I was anxious for her to be the choice and I literally got chills of joy upon seeing the good news on Drudge. I'm talking CHRISTMAS MORNING Chills O'Joy!!

And for all the haters, this was a great day for America. Period. Move away from the keyboard until a later time, please.

Unknown said...
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gophergirl said...

Congrats from this Minnesotan. It's so cool that the REPUBLICANS have the woman on the ticket not the democrats. I've never heard her speak before today but I already love her!

Just thought you would like to know I was in the "offical" merchandise store here at the convention and the McCain/Palin shirts and hats came in with 20 minutes left before closing. People were rushing to them - they all wanted them.

Mark said...

What an incredible surprise! This is turning out to be one extremely exciting election campaign. I can't wait to see Sarah Palin debate!

Unknown said...

Congratulations, you guys. It was after reading this site that I made a bet with a liberal friend that McCain would select Palin as Veep. Since I guessed incorrectly about Obama's pick the bet was a draw, but it was nice to be right about McCain's pick. :)

Well earned kudos to you, and congratulations. McCain / Palin 2008!

Unknown said...

Oh, here's to hoping that she owns Biden at their debate(s). I'm sure Palin will put on one hell of a show.

McCain / Palin 2008!

Alexisnexus said...

Far more fun and enriching than just seeing the stories that will appear in the days ahead, in the new Family Forest® it is possible to just point-and-click and visually explore the generation-by-generation family ties which connect Governor Sarah Palin to each of the people you mentioned from the Mayflower, plus Hollywood and media celebrities such as Richard Gere, Cokie Roberts, Katharine Hepburn, Joanne Woodward, Julia Child, Ted Danson, Bing Crosby, Bruce Dern, Clint Eastwood, Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon, Tennessee Williams, Robert Redford, Raquel Welch, Don Imus, Christopher Lloyd, Lee Remick, David Hyde Pierce, Garrison Keillor, Alec Baldwin and his brothers, Humphrey Bogart, Sam Waterston, Orson Welles, Arthur Sulzberger, Jr., Paul Giamatti, and many others.

Bruce Harrison

Co-Founder of the Family Forest® Project

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you and to us all!

I don't know about anyone else but I am so excited right now...I feel as though I'm dreaming.

I was going to vote for McCain as a stop gap measure against Obama but now....Now...I'm in with both feet.

Great job! It's a wonderful day to be an American and a Conservative!

Mongo Mere Pawn said...

Congratulations Adam on a job well done!! I had no idea a Koolaid hangover could feel so wonderful. But the true believers won this battle, and I think there is an excellent chance we will win the war.

Visiting and talking with Tarrant County GOP headquarters down here in Fort Worth all day long, this pick played extremely well with the base, and Tarrant County is second only to Orange County, CA in its percentage of Republican to Democrat turnout. I had managed to convince quite a few local activists that Governor Palin was the real thing, but I could not have done it without the information you and Paul and Students of America and everyone else provided through this blog.

I look forward to Phase II.

Again, congrats!!

Unknown said...

Unknown said...

oh bloody hell yes sarah palin <333

Anonymous said...

I love her! Great pick. Her hubby is cute too. This blog has some nice photos and info on her and her family.
Sarah Palin, the next VP of the United States.

Captain USpace said...

YEY SARA PALIN! YEY John McCain! Great pick! The 1st woman for the GOP VP? SCORE!

She's conservative! SCORE! She's pro-drilling! SCORE! She's pro-life! SCORE! She fights corruption! SCORE! She's high-energy! SCORE! She's tough! SCORE! She's got 5 kids! SCORE! Her son is going to Iraq in the Armed Forces! SCORE! She's married to a Blue-collar professional! SCORE! She's smart! SCORE! She's young! SCORE!

And she's a Hotty to boot! SCORE! The Left is going to go nuts! SCORE!
absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
never elect a woman

who's a conservative
she's just a gender traitor

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
just HOPE to pay more taxes

DREAM about high fuel prices
CHANGE PROGRESS to move backwards

All real freedom starts with freedom of speech. Without freedom of speech, there can be no real freedom.
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TheRussianAssassin said...

I saw you on Fox News tonight and you were awesome!

You could not have summed up my feelings any better.... I, too, was dreading some Guliani/Brownback - more of the same crap type ticket in 2008, I was not going to vote for McCain..... until today. I can not tell you how excited I have been all day and what a great mood this announcement has put me in.

Thank you my friend.

Congratulations on all your success & keep up the good work . I hope you continue to update the website.

Yours in allegiance,

The Russian Assassin
Atlanta, GA

PS: If you get a moment, check out our blog at:

Kathryn said...

I'm as right-wing as one could be. Yet, I'm at a loss as to why our Senator McCain has chosen Governor Palin. I have nothing aganst her.

Please, don't take this as a criticism. I'm just hoping someone could shed some light on this for me. Yes, she indeed shares our parties values, yet, it really bothers me the things going on in her life right now, that could be a major distraction.

Help me understand this. I'm open and willing to those of you that would care to share information.

JohnnyRussia said...
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Bloggers for John McCain said...

Come and visit our blog, we had an entry about the historic Sarah Palin pick!

Dr. Vicki said...

congratulations Adam. Good work.

I don't know about the rest of you guys but I'm exhausted. This last day or so has been quite a ride.

I'd just like you all to know that I'm rich in my CNN market fantasy money. My Palin stock cashed in at $47,500! HA!

The dems are really bashing on her already, but I think the public won't stand for it. they'll give her a chance. ABC's coverage tonight was pretty nice.

God bless all of you who kept the faith

dr vicki

StudentsofAmerica said...

Thanks for the shout out Adam. You have done a great job and it's because of you that I learned about Governor Palin.

bigbillredbird said...

sarah palin has a striking resemblance to angelina jolie. the GOP will have my vote this year

H. R. Goodman, Jr. said...

I saw and listened to Sarah Palin for the first time on TV today. I was very impressed with her, the way she spoke and her poise.
She seems to have a lot of "good, honest government" experience. I also thought, what little I saw of her family, well, they seemed like the kind of folks who would fit in anywhere. I'm off the fence now, but honestly, I'll have to hold my nose when I vote for McCain but that lady just knocked my socks off. Great choice! I hope she runs for president someday, she'd get the Missouri vote.

LD Jackson said...

Sarah Palin did a very good and informative interview on Monday for CNBC. I found it very enlightening and after watching it, I am more convinced than ever that she is a good pick for VP.

Anonymous said...


The power of bloggers and blogs is now very evident and proven ...

I heard you on Larry Elder tonight. And I hope the media treats her fairly, and she gets heard.

jill said...

I finally took the time to sit down tonight and look at Meghan McCain's blog. If you don't know it, check it out, you'll be a regular visitor. She wrote briefly about today's events.

jasper said...

She is the living embodiment of the pro-life movement in sharp contrast to Obama, who couldn't find it in his heart to pass a law to save the life of a born-alive abortion victim, an issue brought to the fore by nurse (and blogger) Jill Stanek, who found a Down syndrome baby in the dirty laundry room of the hospital where he had been left to die. Maybe 80% of Down syndrome babies are aborted.

Sarah Palin didn't hesitate for a moment to accept hers, and upon his birth announced, "He's perfect."

John T. Woods said...

Women aren't stupid.

McCain thinks they are.

He seems to think that this 'offer' of Palin will make women from all around flock to vote for him this election.

He's wrong.

Women aren't stupid and cannot/should not be pandered to in such ways. Shame on McCain.

I'm sorry that Ms. Palin is being used this way.

She seems like a great governor though, Alaska is lucky to have her. But the choice of her as VP has nothing to do with her our credentials and everything to do with trying to trick what McCain sees as "the angry female vote", it's embarrassing.


Unknown said...

Kathryn, m'dear. All you need to do is check out the archives on this blog. You'll find plenty of info and links to info about this remarkable woman. If you are truly "as right-wing" as can be, you'll find nothing not to like.

RailBaron said...

Congratulations, all (and especially Adam), on a job well done. I've spent my evening reading through all 800+ posts in the overnight thread, and the subsequent threads trying to get up to speed. I had heard of Gov. Palin several months ago, likely from Fred Barnes or Bill Kristol on Fox, and therefore knew she had solid conservative credentials, but I hadn't dared to imagine that McCain would actually pick someone this conservative.

I also read Michelle Malkin's site regularly, but can't hit this site from work, due to access restrictions. I wish I had come here sooner, but am glad I have taken the time to read up.

I would have voted for McCain anyway, although many of his positions (immigration amnesty, campaign finance "reform") did not make him my first choice. McCain's strong stance on national defense and commitment to appoint justices in the mold of Roberts and Alito very much override any other reservations I might have. And now, well.... with everything I'm reading about Sarah I'm still pinching myself to see if this is true.

I consider myself both a fiscal and social conservative. Seeing that Sarah might actually be both as well is huge for me. One of the key things I went searching for today was what Sarah's faith was like. My own take as a Baptist is that if Sarah is a charismatic/AoG, it will just make for an amusing conversation once we all get to Heaven over who was right over speaking in tongues - no matter which side is right on this issue.

I watched the CNBC hour long interview with Sarah tonight focusing on energy policy - quite impressive. Many years ago I worked for an oil refiner that also held a patent for oil shale extraction. Sarah's comprehensive energy goals seem to be the right approach based on my little bit of knowledge.

Now we just need to pray for the well-being of all the candidates and their families, and to work and pray hard for the success of the McCain/Palin campaign.

Unknown said...

I'd like to see you publish a new blog post detailing exactly why this McCain-Palin ticket is the best choice for the Republican Party. Something as a recap to show my Sarah Palin will be the one to help the entire country. A summary would be nice for all these newcomers who come to this blog and try to wonder what's so great about Palin.

Snowed In said...

Wow, the Palin pick has brought out a lot of hatred in a hurry. I think I'm going to start highlighting the worst anti-Palin comments for their absurdity.

Like this one.

Koyomi Mizuhara said...

The Anti-Palin hate shows that McCain made the right pick.

grace said...

I am very excited about Palin so much so that I started a very part time gig selling buttons (Pinbacks) to get the message out, It has the theme "History in the making" on it, and it will be history! They are beautiful and can copy and paste below to get to ebay site
Lets all have a part in spreading there candadacy.

average said...

Oh my god... Weren't people criticizing Obama for being inexperienced, and then Karl Rove said the same about the VP he was going to choose (Tim Kaine) for the same thing? And now you're going apeshit about Palin, who's just barely served 2 years in government, and doesn't even know what a VP does every day? I'm tired of this blunt hypocrisy. It's shameful. Own up to it. Reference

"[A]s for that V.P. talk all the time, I’ll tell you, I still can’t answer that question until somebody answers for me what is it exactly that the V.P. does every day?" (July 2008) [see]

Another thing... She has no foreign policy experience.

Wow, put that in your pipe and smoke it, no matter what party you're a member of. Hey if you like McCain you shouldn't like this woman, she's going to destroy his chances. But no, I think you guys just eat it all up. McCain looks very desperate for former Hilary supporters. Desperation is not a quality trait of a leader.

caem said...

Adam! I have a thought for you: Now that Palin is the VP, I think we we need to work even harder to ensure that the mccain Palin ticket wins in Nov.

The liberal media is going after her about the CIC and Foreign Policy credentials [Miidle east - esp Iraq, Iran and Afgh; North Korea, trade with China etc]. This is not the time to relax; we need to complete the work we started.

I suggested that we spend some time in the coming days discussing what the best responses to questions in these areas would be. Lets try to brainstorm these issues together on this blog. We need to do everything we can to make sure that her responses to questions in these areas to the media and during the debate do not come up short!

I feel we can come up with better responses than a team of just a few individuals working with her.

Once we have brainstormed an issue we should have wonderful "Drew" pass on our ideal responses (and memorable statements/one liners - like "You are not a Jack Kennedy"...)to her team to look at, and possibly use to prepare her for the debate. If she does well in these areas during the debate with Biden, the election will be in the bag!MK.

EdWonk said...

It's amazing that you've been promoting Sarah Palin since July 2007.

Amazing foresight.


Anonymous said...

You stupid, gullible republicans. Tricks are for kids. She's just a metaphor for women rights movement. A product placement so to speak. Get your reality check and discover that she will have no say in running this country.

Unknown said...

Oh Andrew. Here's a reality check for you. Sarah Palin is FAR more likely to have a say in running the country than B.H.O. will. Can't you feel it? The winds of "Change" WE Can Believe In are blowing from left to right these days.

Unknown said...

Yep. Sounds pretty "average" to me. "Average" fodder from the dailykos-dependent leftie. OMG. They all have their knickers in a twist.

Unknown said...

Congrats, Adam -- great interview! I only started visiting this site recently, appreciate your hard work.

Wow, the left has gone crazy (-ier, as if we thought it would be possible) today.

This ridiculous slander CAN'T get traction. The mental disconnect about her "lacking" experience and how that (somehow) makes Johnnymac look like a hypocrite for pointing out the issue with The One.

The ridiculous idea that she was picked to appease Hillary supporters (uh -- no, she appeals to the BASE and to every day Americans, probably not to elitist feminists who would want a pantsuites running the country).

Even worse, and what I knew would happen, the BS about her wanting fair balance of evolution/creationism theories being taught in school (they're saying she's a creationist).

This stuff makes the critics look ridiculous, but it can NOT get traction.

techno said...

During the vetting process, I just heard that McCain only met Sarah once, but also heard that besides an affinity for her maverick streak and a great respect for her ability to lead, he relied on this blog to learn more about her and especially how the average man and woman felt about her. Then after she soared to either first or second in vice-presidential polls, despite no 'support' from the MSM or right-wing talk show hosts (who by the way now are getting on board)she has become a phenomenon. I believe McCain saw this and he knew that he needed a game-changer. He's got one now. And Adam it is mainly due to you. Dude, congratulations. You are the ultimate game changer. You made history. The Republican Party and conservatives cannot do enough for you.

XUG Coalition: said...

A stunning choice; looking forward to seeing how this VP pick plays out! Although extremely conservative, Palin gets a lot of respect for her leadership and willingness to stand for what she believes in.

Please visit our blog:

Take a stand for human rights. Take a stand for peace. Xpose Uganda's Genocide.

techno said...

People always say that the VP pick doesn't amount to a hill of beans. Supposedly people vote for the top of the ticket. But let's look at the Republican reality-the selection of Governor Palin has energized and united the Republican Party-increasing the vote potential for the Republican Party and the ability for the party to conduct the election in the fall. If this isn't a counter-argument there never will be one.

techno said...

I think one of the worst and stupid aspects of political thinking is to attack the competition for a lack of EXPERIENCE. Why can't people just accept that each side puts forward the persons they believe will perform the best and compete on the basis of their own ideas and policies and the credibility of the opponent's ideas and policies.I believe that with the choice of Palin this is what the McCain campaign is going to do and that I believe is a good move.

techno said...

What sometimes infuriates me about political party pundits is that they frequently try to deny that a decsion was taken for political purposes. First of all if you read my postings you know that I am a conservative and I believe in the McCain-Palin ticket but let's get real: McCain made this pick from political motives. She is a woman, that was vital to attract the PUMA's; she shored up and united the party base which he needed to win the election and he picked somebody who is a proven younger leader with political talent who has charisma to widen the circle of potential voters-definitely a first round draft choice. There is nothing wrong with this thinking. To deny that McCain was acting out of some other motives is utter foolishness and fancy.

Sue said...

Just found your blog and just learned about Sarah Palin yesterday. I am beyond thrilled! She is what America needs!

Unknown said...

I realize this is the wrong site to say this... but Palin is a horrible, horrible choice for McCain and the Republicans.

I supported McCain in 2000. I thought that the tactics that Bush used to beat him were despicable and that he (McCain) was a good man who didn't deserve that kind of treatment.

Now, I look, and I wonder where that McCain went. I see a guy who was willing to tell off the religious right wing now sucking up to them. I see a guy who was gutsy enough to stand up against the Bush Administration's use of torture against people suspected to be enemies (not proven, mind you) who later gave in on that.

I see a guy running sleazy attack ads against his opponent. I see a guy who tacitly approves of the "Obama's a secret Muslim" whispering campaign. I see a guy who's running ads that appeal to racists.

And I see a guy who is so desperate for the female demographic that now he's choosing, as his VP nominee, someone whose primary qualification is... that she's a woman.

He picked her because she's young, hot, and female, and that's IT. That's what she has. Biden will tear her apart. She doesn't know squat about the federal government, about foreign policy, or the law.

Like Obama or not (and I'm sure most readers here hate him) the reality is that despite his "lack of experience" as an executive (which I think is actually a fair criticism) the reality is that he's a Constitutional law professor, he's got lots of legislative experience, and he's got something that McCain and Palin sorely lack:

Leadership capability. Obama can LEAD, and he can manage.

McCain couldn't lead. If he'd been able to lead, he would have had a real career in the Navy; instead he bailed out when it was made known to him that he would be lucky to make rear admiral.

Palin has some leadership potential, but her management experience stinks. She blew it in Wasilla, racking up tons of debt for a sports complex (so much for fiscal conservatism) and as Governor she's thrown her weight around for the very personal reason of hatin' on her ex-brother-in-law.

Obama, and even Biden, both have more natural ability to inspire and LEAD in their pinkies than McCain and Palin have combined.

And that, my fellow Americans, is why this was a terrible pick. It'll become clear over the next two months, and you guys are going to be kicking yourselves.

You are blowing a real chance to restructure and rebuild your party from the devastation that Bush/Rove/Cheney have brought to it. A return to the real Republican roots might have gotten you somewhere; this pandering pick (and Hillary Clinton is going to slaughter any chances you have of picking up her voters, if she didn't already at the DNC) does nothing for you.

The only way, the ONLY way, McCain wins now is if there's more racists in America than we think.

Unknown said...

Dear Kristofer, Stephen, and Adam,

Congratulations on your tenacity -- it certainly paid off and you are now reaping the rewards of your hard work. Check out my response to yesterday's news at


SmellsLikebo said...


I wanted to stop by and THANK YOU ALL! for supporting and never giving up on Sarah Palin for VP! Thank YOU!

I can't post my real name as I get quite a few bad e-mails and comments on my site, as I post articles (Facts) about (bo) But, I am the ADMIN at SMELLSLIKEBO.COM
I am also The Dan777, SmellsLikebo, SarahPalin4vp on McCains site. As I kept losing my password, and on youtube I am bonotqualified. :-)

I Know my site is not the best spot for Pictures and info on Sarah Palin as the title SmellsLikebo is NOT the greatest title for such a Wonderful Lady!

But the message from ALL got out to the public, we hammered all the sites, Democrat and Republican, McCains blogs and Left Media and Youtube!

I have a headache I got so excited!!

AGAIN THANK YOU ALL! Sarah Palin is the Real peoples CHOICE! and McCain seen it!

The way I see it, (bo) had his top pick, Hillary He fumbled the ball, McCain ran by picked the Ball up and ran for the WINNING TOUCHDOWN!


I know that is kinda goofy!

BUT! WOW! I am still in SHOCK!

OK we got alot of work to do!



PoliticaObscura said...

Great job.

The battle now is now about experience, judgment, and accomplishments. Because you have a high Google rank it is imperative that you get THE list of Palin accomplishments in government posted soon.

- Fought against corrupt, entrenched politicians instead of joining with them (like Obama did).
- Fought against pork barrel spending at both the state and national level.
- Used the line item veto to battle wasteful spending by the Alaska legislature.
- Used her executive power as Governor to streamline bureaucracy and cut costs.
- Confronted multi-national oil companies when appropriate, but worked with them when necessary.

I'm sure there are many many more...

Tomw said...

I was really blown away at the announcement yesterday. She was a flawless speaker. Down to earth family and kids 20 years apart. I look forward to watching her grow over the years and contribute greatly to leadership by women (I'm a guy). No one else seems to mention it but she is also very beautiful... super teeth too (& I would know)..
Tom Williams

Tomw said...

I caught the announcement on TV by accident. What a surprise. Quite an articulate speaker. Excellent successful but down-to-earth background. No one seems to mention how beautiful she is! Great teeth too (& I know these things)
Tom W

techno said...

To Paul: you have every right to express your opinion (young,hot,and female) but taking it one step further when would nominating a woman as VP be considered by you as a worthy decision: if she was wrinkly, frigid and a turn off to men? The biggest fallacy in politics is that it's not a popularity contest. Of course, many people vote for people because of attractiveness and likeability-not all but many do. Don't try to tell me that Obama wasn't nominated as the Democratic VP partly because he is good-looking, charismatic and articulate. said...
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Dan Ravasio said...

When I heard she was the possible choice on Fox News Friday morning, I was so energized I could not contain myself. WOWWWWWWW!!!

Dr. Terry White, ND, MH, NAP/NLP Practitioner said...

I've Never written on a blog..however, Today is Historic.. where has this woman been hiding!!! I am a Grandmother of 10 and can't believe that we are actually going to have SOMEONE on a ticket WE CAN VOTE FOR AND SUPPORT!!! Sarah Palin, from what I'm just discovering, is a normal human being who lives LIKE MOST OF AMERICA. Instead of like the Washington elite in their "ivory palaces". I can guarantee you... my family (which is huge) will vote for this LADY...ALL DAY LONG....
I just pray that the "scum" of the earth who would love to destroy her... have no power to move or think. We are praying the Creator of all Life protects her and her family. This takes tremendous courage on her part and the part of her family. May God richly bless her efforts to save our Country, because that is what we need!

techno said...

I think a great idea would be for the Republican party to enlist Adam to introduce Sarah at the convention, emphasizing how he launched his dream of starting this blog, how he persisted with despite Sarah not getting media attention or move favorability from the Republican bigwigs and finally how his unwavering belief in Sarah got us to this point of unalloyed celebration.

domaho said...

I am elited McCain came to his senses in choosing a pro-life VP. Four in my family would have set out this election if any pro-choice selection was made by him. We are one issue (pro-lifer) voters, no other issue is more important. God set up his standard on authority. We elect the authorities which each voter must make choices that will prosper as long as moral standard continue in our society. Pro-lifers knows no racial barrier; love at all time; honor the absolute authority of God; and most of all charitable. Sarah fits all these prescription even though this is the first time I heard her name. We will surely vote for her this coming election. Praise God, A pro-life VP! God bless America! Robert Chow, presently in Hainan, China on mission work.

Dan Ravasio said...

It is so great that the Palin's contacted you! I am so juiced for this election now!! What a breath of "LIFE" and fresh air.

JelloShotzGirl said...

I just saw Eric on Fox news and am very happy to have found this blog .... Congrats Eric *** You called it :)
When it was announced yesterday ... I was jumping up and down ... my boyfriend was smiling ear to ear ... and my dogs were barking & jumping while I was clapping ... the cats had dissapeared ...
Sarah Palin will be perfect as our VP :) TG I have a few days off work so I can watch the convention ** TC Eric **

JelloShotzGirl said...
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Unknown said...

My site was with you all the way man! We discovered your site in April 2007 and have been advocating with our own Palin posts for 16 months now.

It feels so good for us to have fought this hard, with you leading the way on this, and to have gotten what we wanted.

Job well done my man!

James said...
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Unknown said...

She looks like Britney Spears - I'm sure she'll get a lot of votes.

domaho said...

Hello Adam: This is Robert Chow from Hainan, China. I'm teaching technical aviation here almost a year and doing mission work as well. I'm trying to convert many here to Republican, just kidding. I wrote earlier on McCain VP's selection. I humblely give you credit for helping me and our Asian family a lot on who to vote for this coming election. Majority of Asians and Blacks are not Republican because they always think Democrat Party are the minority savior. If only the Blacks read the US history, will deeply appreciate their freedon from bondage. I read the US history and Mississippi History that were an requirement upon graduate from high school in MS, 1962-65. I found to my estimation, the Democratic Party real successed, brainwashed the uneducated Negros after the Civil War when they could not help themselves in their new found freedom. Many could not read nor write and the Yankee Blue suiter surely have no patience to carry out mass education for them. The Northern call it the Reconstruction Period. Blacks from the Union army were worse then the white. The ex-slaves were worse off than if they were under their previous masters. No telling how many Black slaves died from famine and family separation after the Civil War. Yes, the Blacks look for their new master, only this time is the Democrat Party, their wicked master. Civil Right Commission is just a flaky front for Democrat to keep a choke hold on the Blacks, and many Asians got caught up serving this master as well. So this is why the Asian and the Black clinch on this Demonic Party like a welded fixture. I believe in moral living from the Bible and our family believe in life begins the time of conception. Asian even counts nine months toward the birth of the child. So when a child reach one year old after birth, he/she should be one year and nine months old. Jesse Jackson had his chance few years back to be first Black in the Pres. running. What makes OB any better than Jesse. At least Jesse has a track record, but OB is lot of hot air, he bounces like a yo-yo, and his VP has a mouth piece like a run-away freight train. We will return to US in October just to put our votes in for VP Palin. God bless those willing to uphold his moral standard, Robert Chow from Hainan, China

rel said...

I'm a 62 y.o. male who hasn't been this excited about presidential politics since JFK and Camelot. I regret not stumbling upon your blog 'til now (via your interview on Fox News this AM) but I'll be a steady visitor from now on.
I hope you don't mind but I linked to your blog from mine here:

I firmly believe that Sarah Palin can withstand scrutiny Under the Microscope.

Unknown said...

It is fun to see the Democrats squirm. Genious. The average 40-something all American white guy is very excited about Palin. I can't wait to watch the debate. My wife of 17 years is pumped, too.

Unknown said...

history is being made in a different way with the McCain Palin ticket. not only is this the first time that neither person on the republican or demorcratic ticket was born east of the mississippi, but also, neither candidate was born in the states east of the rocky mountains.
A new american ticket. that's change.

Indy said...

This was a brilliant choice by McCain. However, it was the only wise choice that he has made over the past 8 years.

He won't attract the Clinton supporters. They may not like Obama, but would never vote for him, because of her. She is pro-life and this is a deal breaker for Clinton supporters. A woman in the VP slot is not the same thing as a women for President. Don't kid yourselves or break your arms patting yourselves on the back.

The only positive thing that it offers is her introduction to the electorate for 2012.

Obama will win. I am certain of it. Sorry to burst your bubble, but that is how I see it.


Health And Fitness Geek said...


I sent mail to CNN this morning saying I will be boycotting b/c:

1.) The chauvanist remark by John Roberts yesterday (see video)
2.) The brown hair host on Lou Dobbs show, one I normally really like, SCREAMING at the Conservative pundit saying "SHE'S NOT EXPERIENCED TO BE CIF!". It was disgusting.
3.) On Headline News, a Obama maniac male was doing the same thing but going on n on for 5 minutes. The host literally CUT THE LINE on him.

Send CNN an email this morning explaining your digust and BOYCOTT CNN.

goldbear said...

Everyone needs to go and donate now before the 8/31 deadline for matching funds.

Unknown said...

I gave a donation this morning. I am absolutely thrilled about the McCain-Palin ticket! This totally rocks! OH YEAH!!!!!


Unknown said...


Your entire post seemed to me about how the African-American vote should be going to McCain/Palin in November. If I read correctly, your argument for Palin to help sweep up the African-American quote is that the Democratic Party has a history of hurting blacks, especially after the Civil War. First off, I'd like to see some citations for your "facts," just so I know where you're talking from. Secondly, I must gently remind you that the Democratic Party would do nothing of the sort now in the 21st century.

Just because Abraham Lincoln was a Republican doesn't mean that the Republican Party will be a better choice for that demographic. Abraham Lincoln is not John McCain. To tell the truth, there are more similarities drawn between Obama and Lincoln than there are between McCain and Lincoln (Illinois statesman, charismatic speaker, etc).

I really can't believe you're trying to suggest that the Democrats would be harmful to the African-American members of the US if they were voted into office. Unacceptable.

TC Robinson said...

Jabagawee, you want a fact?

Which party introduced the 1957 Civil Rights Act? Which party fillibustered that act for a record 24 straight hours? Who desegregated schools?

The fact is that for a majority of history, Republicans and not Democrats were the ones fighting for the African American community. It amazes me why the continue to vote for the very party that wanted to keep them in slavery.

Erin said...

Obama has prepared an ad "no change" with Palin. I'm so sick of hearing about change. What a campaign! Anyhoo, what struck me is this--which VP candidate is an old white guy known for being a Washington insider like our CURRENT VP?!


Anonymous said...

I just read the WAPost's coverage of Sarah Palin and it's just ridiculous how hard they work to paint her in a negative light and only quote people from the opposition who know nothing about her. I had to sit down and write a letter to the editor.
I'd like to suggest that everyone do the same, wherever you live... these first few days are crucial in making impressions in the public's mind and if all they hear is the usual liberal screed from the media they won't know what an incredible woman Sarah Palin really is. Please, take just a few minutes and write to your local paper right now.

Unknown said...

My point is... that's *history*. Do you really think Obama/Biden wants to re-enslave the blacks if they were voted into office. Do you think the Democratic Party still harbors some sort of inbuilt xenophobia? No.

upstatemom said...

Down in South Carolina - we are estatic!

How refreshing - a pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, athletic, conservative mom who understands challenges facing all mothers and who is not afraid to tackle huge issues and clean house when necessary...

The more I read, the more I thank God for giving us a choice in Nov!

techno said...

Just read that McCain was apparently willing to select Lieberman as late as last Sunday. The conventional wisdom is that his advisors talked him out of it. But from on a spiritual level to go from a buddy who was a career liberal to a virtual stranger who is a staunch Reagan conservative is the political equivalent to the 'conversion on the road to Damascus.' Folks, prayer does work.This literally was a MIRACLE.

pi21nc355 said...

I'm pretty much set on NOT voting for McCain, but I'm not so sure I'm voting for Obama, either. I might just end up voting for a different party altogether, but I'd still like to learn more about Palin since I'd never even heard of her until McCain announced her as his running mate.

Problem is, I'm having a lot of trouble finding information on her that isn't biased. Of course anything from her is going to be sugar-coated to make her look good, but anything negative I find seems to be from less-than-reputable sources. I tried reading the Anchorage Daily News but that is so left-wing I got frustrated and don't really trust it.

Does anyone know where I can find GOOD, UNBIASED information about this woman? If it's a possibility that she will be this nation's VP, I would really like to know more about this woman! I prefer fact to opinion (who doesn't?) and it seems really hard to find.

Thanks in advance to anyone with help on this, and I'm sorry if this isn't the right place to ask this question.

Unknown said...

Re: Folks, prayer does work.This literally was a MIRACLE.

AMEN!!! The power of prayer is incredible! I am so glad McCain didn't choose Lieberman. That would have been a disaster and would have guaranteed a President Obama and Vice President Biden.

Now, we've got a real team! WOOOOOOOO YEAH!!!!!


Unknown said...

Also, please do me a favor and watch all the DNC speeches from YouTube or some other choice as I will be watching the RNC speeches. It's always nice to see the story from both sides. Do anything on the contrary, and I don't feel you have the right to be blasting Obama's *or* McCain's campaign.

We're still not too certain of the platform Sarah Palin will take. Of course, it'll be very likely that she will toe the party line, being a hardcore conservative. Some people might like that. But I'm sick and tired of people talking of how Obama will be a terrible President if they don't even know what he plans to do as one.

So I suggest to you, watch some speeches. Obama's acceptance speech was quite stunning and is a good summary of what he plans to do. Disenfranchised Hillary Clinton supporters should have watched both that speech and Hillary Clinton's own speech. You don't support a candidate for his/her possession of a certain chromosome. Voters who supported Clinton on the issues, the good kind of voter, should not want to vote for Palin.

Meanwhile, I'm getting ready to watch whatever speeches come up during the Republican National Convention. Even if I don't necessarily support that party, I love watching politicians give speeches, and it'll help me understand how they want to work with this country.

If you need me, I'll be curled up on my couch, waiting.

Erin said...

pi21nc355, it's tough to find the goods, isn't it? I will say this, though; much of what you're finding that you feel is sugarcoated is her actual list of accomplishments. It probably doesn't include the negatives, so it appears sugarcoated. One of the best things you can do is listen to her as she interviews and campaigns. I think you'll like what you see. I'm hearing a lot of people say how fantastic her speech was yesterday, and I agree that it was great; however, I don't feel like it was as good as she can be. If you liked that, you're going really like what comes out in the next couple of months.

Adam can probably direct you to better actual sources, but try to find her speaking for herself, and I think you'll come away fairly impressed.

Forgiven said...

I was not that informed about Sarah Palin until yesterday. So I was extremely surprised when the announcement came.

But I am totally impressed with this woman after hearing her speak. Finally a woman in politics that speaks for ME! I am rethinking my opinion of McCain!

LD Jackson said...

Take a look at the CNBC interview I have linked to on my blog. I was very surprised and very pleased to see how well spoken and how knowledgeable she is about the issues.

Sarah Palin on CNBC

JohnnyRussia said...

John Trenchard said...

Hello from the UK - only in America can you have a caribou-hunting former beauty queen becoming Governor - and now getting a shot at being VP.

awesome stuff.

a truely inspired choice by McCain - this really shakes things up a bit.

congrats to Sara & the "First Dude".

Here's hoping you guys stop the Obamessiah.

techno said...

You know who, besides Adam,is the person we should thank most for our continual elation is Barack Obama. Without his asinine decision to go with Joe Biden and not even vet Hillary Clinton he has lived up to his name of the Messiah.Does anybody honestly think that McCain would have put Sarah on the ticket if Barack had picked Hillary. Barack, buddy, you changed history but for the wrong party. The Republican conservative legacy is set for the next generation. Decisions do have consequences, my friend.

Unknown said...

Just a quick note: I hope you realize that "Obamessiah" is a personal attack that does nothing to tell of his political stance. If you're willing to dehumanize your opponent to win, I suggest you stay out of political discussions for the time being. The important thing is to think about the issues.

Susanna said...

I'm a conservative Catholic and registered Republican from Massachusetts.

When I heard earlier yesterday morning that neither our former Governor Mitt Romney nor Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty were being considered by Senator McCain for Republican VP, my heart sank.

Then I started hearing on a radio talk show (Glenn Beck, I think) about the possibility that Governor Sarah Palin was on the short list and I started doing some research on Governor Palin because I knew absolutely nothing about her.

The more I learn about Governor Palin, the more I love her.

Needless to say, I am both relieved and thrilled.

Adam, I saw you on FOX news this morning. That is how I learned about this blog. Thanks for taking the time to keep us informed.

Jeff Lindstrom said...

Thanks for supporting Palin. I wrote about her last week but thought it was just a pipedream. I put her picture on my school bulletin board as a placeholder but thought I would have to take it down. Now I don't! McCain and Palin is the team to beat.

Health And Fitness Geek said...


Purchase your Mccain gear NOW and donate, even if it's $5.00!!

bernie said...

Anybody know where to get a "Go Sarah!" sticker

techno said...

Before yesterday, John McCain was an anathema to the conservatives: McCain-Feingold, the Gang of 14, support of comprehensive immigration reform (amnesty), not supporting Bush's tax cuts, and being regarded as an irrational maverick who is too friendly with the opposition.So how ironic it is that McCain makes a decision that could positively affect political conservatism in the USA for the next 12-15 years. Today they should be rejoicing that McCain is a maverick: without that fact his selection of Sarah would not have happened.For this one decision I think all conservatives should be willing to forgive him for his past indiscretions.

Unknown said...

Ugh! I am so sick of hearing the MSM continue to trash Palin! I think she is one of the best candidates the Republicans have had in years!

They keep attacking her experience. Honestly, she's got more experience than Obama because she has executive experience from being a Governor. Obama has been a senator for 4 years. And one thing that the Obama camp can't seem to address is Obama's accomplishments in the Senate. What were they?

Palin has worked very hard and accomplished so much as Governor. She has done so much more than Obama and, for that, she is so much more qualified.

Go Sarah Palin! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!

McCain-Palin'08!!!!! YES!!!!!

Bret K. said...

Hey, Adam, I saw the write-up on you in today's Rocky Mountain News. Congratulations from another rural Colorado guy!!

Kara Akins said...

I am happy to see a person like Sarah Palin picked by McCain. There doesn't seem to be anything political about her - and I say that as a compliment. I am a mother of six children and I already feel inspired by her example. She is the first political candidate that truly fills me with hope. I love it that she has appointed people from other parties to serve in her administration. Unless this country achieves unity then the strengths hidden in each party will never have the opportunity to merge together to execute change. I look forward, as a fellow American, to serve beside Sarah Palin. And her little baby touches my heart. What an encouragement to so many families who have a loved one with special needs. This child is being used to stir a nation, many who feel overlooked. This move by John McCain is truly a lift to the American people.
Kara Akins

Erin said...

wk4Christ, I wouldn't worry too much about the lack of experience, and by extension, Troopergate stories. When speculation was high that she would get the nod, I told my hubby that those two stories were all the MSM would want to talk about for a while, and the McCain camp knows that as well. They feel they can overcome both. I'm looking forward to watching the rally this evening in PA.

I have to say, I generally despise watching politics. I read, I listen to Rush, but I HATE watching them posture. This is the most I've watched in years, and I can't get enough right now!

Sarah is so transparent as a politician and as a person. I think that translates well and fuels interest in her. I've read a number of comments (quite a few on here) of people saying that she strikes them as so different from the norm. How exciting for us! You want change?! THIS is change!

Unknown said...

Sarah Palin and Barack Obama are more or less the same age, but Governor Palin has run a state and a town and a commercial fishing operation, whereas (to reprise a famous line on the Rev Jackson) Senator Obama ain't run nothin' but his mouth.

DBCHEW said...

Congratulations! First I've heard of Sarah Palin. Never would have thought Republicans would make a call like this. Here is the one candidate who is as far from the Washington establishment as one could be. And listening to her yesterday, I was most impressed with her poise and substance. She is pure Americana. Simply WOW!

Will said...

Now that Gov. Palin's the pick, how about a field trip to ANWR?

The Gov. could be the official docent. Even more impressive would be to have union member husband Todd be the guide since he has actually worked on the north slope.

McC can then learn for himself that drilling up there can be done and can be done right.

The important thing is to make a huge production of it. Take the press. Invite Brokaw, Williams, & Couric. "You went with Barry to Berlin, you should come with me. Let me give you the home town tour of ANWR from one who knows it." Invite O'Reilly, Rush, Matthews, and that guy on CNN. Invite Oprah and the girls from The View. Fill up that huge Straight Talk Express plane with a bunch of pressies and crank up the "North To Alaska".

To make it really good, invite Barry to come along. Invite him to do so from the stage at the GOP national convention. A bipartisan, patriotic, post-partisan thing to do.

The important thing is to take advantage of this issue.

No, the important thing is to start drilling up there.

WomenEmpowered said...

Sarah is the real chaneg agent - not a political machine like the Obamatron...a genuine person. Amazing...first time in my life I will vote for republican!

Unknown said...

Paul, your long criticism of McCain/Palin ends with the very accusation we can expect to hear when Obama loses in November: "The only way, the ONLY way, McCain wins now is if there's more racists in America than we think."

Your assessment reveals that you haven't bothered to look beyond the fact that McCain picked an attractive woman as his running mate. That indicates to me that your infatuation with Obama must have been initially based on his race and is sustained by his oratorical talent.

Newsflash. Charisma and speaking ability don't equate to "leadership", much as you'd like to believe that they do.

WHEN Obama is defeated, the color of his skin won't be the cause of it, but we know we need to brace ourselves for the screams of "racism" that will no doubt echo as democrat hyperbole for years to come.

Unknown said...

This is just cool. She is going to rock! NEXT: Palin for Prez!!! Just saw a cool new site...

Go Sarah!

Unknown said...

oops, that should have been

Party on!

techno said...

On many blogs I have noticed that many people have changed their minds about sitting out the election or voting for the Democrats but say "I'm voting for Sarah Palin" (and not John McCain). Pundits, wake up, vice-presidential picks can make a tremendous difference in a presidential campaign.

Unknown said...

Re: Sarah is so transparent as a politician and as a person

I know and that's what's so great about her! She has so many amazing qualities! I don't care what the MSM says; I'm voting for McCain-Palin! Palin is soooo much better than Biden! I can't wait to see the Palin-Biden debate(s)! She's gonna win it, hands down!

cjterps02 said...

You all are nuts. A polar bear hatin, gun shootin;, MILF with a Down's new born for VP?!?! My advise is to start practice saying, "President Obama."

Erin said...

Will, I love your idea of hauling Barack up there with them! She invited him earlier, but no dice. That would be kind of hard to turn down from the stage at the RNC. Good idea!

Blueberry Babe said...

Sarah Palin Rocks!

A real woman, a real mom! a real average person can relate to Gov. Palin

Anonymous said...

We don't Like Barack Obama because we don't agree with his principles, his values and his policies, not too mention i'm voting for a president, not an orator.

McCain/Palin is the antithesis of all this. That's why we like the ticket.

Take your hateful, smug, arrogant posts elsewhere, we're not interested.

Mac/Sarah '08 - ACTUAL Change we can believe in...that works...

Bob's Blog said...

Hi Adam,
Congratulations! I am also a blogger from the high plains of Colorado, who has lots of goats going "baa" all day long. I read about you in the Rocky today. I love this pick by McCain, and now, for the first time, am excited about the campaign. For the first time, I see the Maverick thing as a plus, and am looking at McCain from a very different perspective.

I, myself, am a maverick, who, with my ponytail hair,
would not be readily looked upon favorably in a typical Republican gathering. However, this ticket is one I can enthusiastically get behind.

Unknown said...

It's time for a change and Governor Sarah Palin will shake up Washington. Governor Palin is a tough executive who has demonstrated during her time in office that she is ready to be president. She has brought Republicans and Democrats together within her Administration and has a record of delivering on the change and reform that we need in Washington.

Governor Palin has challenged the influence of the big oil companies while fighting for the development of new energy resources. She leads a state that matters to every one of us -- Alaska has significant energy resources and she has been a leader in the fight to make America energy independent.

In Alaska, Governor Palin challenged a corrupt system and passed a landmark ethics reform bill. She has actually used her veto and cut budgetary spending. She put a stop to the "bridge to nowhere" that would have cost taxpayers $400 million dollars.

As the head of Alaska's National Guard and as the mother of a soldier herself, Governor Palin understands what it takes to lead our nation and she understands the importance of supporting our troops.

Governor Palin has the record of reform and bipartisanship that others can only speak of. Her experience in shaking up the status quo is exactly what is needed in Washington today.

Author said...

As a Conservative women I am SO excited by Mr. McCain's pick. She's smart, pro-life, pro-gun, loves to hunt and is tough and charming. There are not enough prominent women in politics, ESPECIALLY ones with more conservative viewpoints. It's about time that women can see that it's OK to be a strong women with conservative views, and that you're not 'going against the grain' by doing so. I am making a line of Pro McCain/Palin shirts at and would love to trade links with your blog if interested!

techno said...

Still I have not heard anyone in the media mention that we of this blog were the first to learn that Sarah would be picked almost 8 hours before the world learned of it (and at least 4 hours beofre Drudge and Ambinder) and followed the blog entries as it began to be confirmed by airplane routing info. For example if CNN had read this blog they would not have looked like the fools that they are by not knowing who the pick was until about 1/2 hour before the announcement. For newcomers to this blog this was hour-by-hour gripping drama and I would invite you to read the 700+ entries under 'online party.'

Erin said...


That was fun, wasn't it? :D I just ordered tickets for the Sept. 5th rally in Sterling Heights, MI. I wasn't that interested in going and didn't order tickets, even after the VP pick, until I saw "John and Cindy McCain, and the VP candidate will be there." Wild horses couldn't drag me away now! And to think I was contemplating a trip to Alaska... :D

**True Blue Patroit** said...

**WOW** What a stunning turn of events! Who would have thought that when you woke up Friday morning that we would have a woman running for VP - of the greatest free nation in the world! >>GOD BLESS AMERICA!!<< God ... decides who will lead this wonderful country. Somehow I think our founding fathers would be happy.

Fabio said...

Why are teh Dems saying "do you think Palin would have been picked had Hillary been picked"? I really do not understand their point. Let's see, Hillary had ZERO expeience when she ran for teh Senate. SHe made it the old fashioned way, by riding her husbands coattails. Palin, as far as I can tell, made it on her own. She is not married to a powerful man. Why wouldn't Plain have been picked if Hillary was on the ticket. I guess they are trying to claim that Palin is a reactionary pick. Hmmm, had Georgia not happened, had Obama not been consistently losing support due to his foreign policy flubs, does anyone think Biden would have been the pick? Isn't that pick reactionary? SO, Obama becomes a Senator in 05 and in 07, if not before starts running for president. He has actually served something like 142 days in the Senate...and they are talking about experience? I think we should have commercials that open with the number 142 and ask teh question, do you know what this number means? Answer, that is teh number of days Obama has actually spent being a Senator. NUFF SAID

Fabio said...

Sorry about the spelling. I need to slow down and make sure my fingers are working properly :)

Unknown said...

Congratulations to this blog owner and to the Palin family. What a beautiful family. Most lovely one of all four candidates

I'm so glad picked a woman with a lot of vigor and excitement. The male potential VPs were dullards and boring

I say this as a conservative guy

Unknown said...

I am very excited that McCain picked Sarah Palin as his VP nominee. I was leaning toward Obama-Biden and still do...but, I am pleased that the already left-leaning McCain chose a running mate who is pro equality for gay couples and even went so far as to veto a bill that would have banned same-sex partners from sharing their partners' benefits. Given the Democratic gains both the House and Senate are expected to get, I am immensely pleased by the liberal turn our White House will take over the next four years!!!!!!!

DJB said...

John McCain just won himself the 2008 Presidential Election by bringing in the best hope for the Republican Party since Ronald Reagan-

Therese said...

Sarah Palin ran a sub 4:00 marathon a few years ago, right? The campaign should highlight this accomplishment. Runners, especially women runners, would appreciate knowing.

GT60 said...

You are the man! If you had any part in influencing this choice you are the man!

John Trenchard said...

"August 30, 2008 9:58 AM"

sorry - but i am British. and its fair to say that we know a fair bit more about messianic politicians. just look at European history.

i dont mean to say "obamessiah" as a slur - i'm deadly serious - i say it as a warning to America.

do NOT elect that guy.

Representative Kimble said...

This is awesome news!! Congrats on helping to make it happen. You can bet all us Cougars are behind Sarah.

Erin said...
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Erin said...

I find this SO interesting today! I've been reading news articles on the pick, and of course the left is saying everything from the mild (risky pick--could pay off) to outrageous (worst VP pick ever). I keep coming back to the polls that are out. I'm including a link to the AOL poll, and it has nearly 800,000 votes right now. Of course it's not scientific, but it's a HUGE sampling number, so that helps offset bias somewhat. 55% like her better than Biden. Of the three choices to the question, did McCain make the right pick, the answers are 47% say yes, 35% say no, and 18% say not sure. I'd like to add that it's not exactly easy to vote more than once in an AOL poll. Can be done, but not easy. I believe their tracking is based on computer, IP, or AOL account (or some combination thereof).

Individual members of the press are calling this a disaster. Informal polling--positive. I'll take the masses. They're the ones who put people in office, not the news service (they sure try, though!).

Here's the link:

Anonymous said...

Support Sarah Palin vs Joe Biden and cast your vote for VP at:

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting that link, erin! I took the poll(s). This is really gonna boost the McCain ticket! I am soooo excited about this! We will have the first woman vice president (and a great one she's gonna be!!!!)!!!

Erin said...

I hate to keep coming back to this, but AOL also includes a category, how much did you know about SP before the nomination? 71% said nothing. So that much positive response, and people heard ONE speech. I love it.

jill said...

I'm posting again about the Palin bio because it's a real indicator of how the interest in Sarah is shooting up the scale. Yesterday before the announcement it was over 200 thousand something in sales and has been selling like mad till today Amazon shows it at #9. In the top ten in one day! I wonder if it will make #1 seller?

justmist said...

My husband and I were introduced to the Palin's for the first time yesterday. We were very impressed and pumped up.

A big thanks for you bringing to the front burner and great job on Fox news today.

Wisegeorge said...

Who is watching Twig, Moss, Bristle, Pusyywillow and Trudge? Trudge is only four months old for gosh sake. Do they even have boarding schools for four month olds? My mom never abandoned me.

Erin said...

wisegeorge, ignoring your offensive choice of derogatory naming, how is Sarah different from other working mothers? I'm a working mother, and my boys are not abandoned. No one seemed to think Chelsea suffered in the White House because her father was president. How chauvenist. You're the reason she's going to kick your sorry butt this year. :)

Sorry, I don't normally rise to their bait, but as a woman that one was just TOO much to pass up.

**True Blue Patroit** said...

Make no mistake about it ... McCain was "Divinely inspired" to nominate Palin as VP.

Dust I Am said...

Check here to see that Gov. Palin has more adminstrative and leadership experience than most people give her credit for.

Unknown said...

RE: McCain was "Divinely inspired" to nominate Palin as VP

AMEN!!! He most definitely was!

Anonymous said...


Why don't you leave the parenting up to The Palin's?

Baby Trig won't leave the family's side. You can rest assured of that.

LD Jackson said...

All I can say is sic'em, Erin

jill said...

The new post is up at

It shows some great photos behind the scenes before the announcement. Plus Meghan's great commentary.

LLB said...

Up until yesterday, I was seriously considering staying home on November 4. I have voted in every election (local/state/national) since I turned 18 (16 years ago)

With McCain's pick of a true outsider and reformer (with REAL results), he has shown (to me anyway) that his administration would not just be politics as usual

(we've got what on the other side? Two sitting Senators, both of whom are lawyers, one who has been there 36 years and the other from the city that sets the standard for corrupt politics? Not to mention their ideas to make government even bigger. No thanks)

I can't wait to go to the polls in November and PROUDLY cast my vote for McCain/Palin.

Alanda said...

Way to go Adam! Your perseverance is inspiring; Sarah's nomination will help on so many levels.

Mountain Mama said...

Funny: everyone I've spoken to is thrilled with Sarah Palin as VP----except one friend, who was highly involved in government service for years, and believes it robbed her time from the children.

So she now has the same concern as Wise George.

Well! Sarah Palin not only has a husband who helps her (not all men will), but the grandparents and teenage daughters help, too. Quite possibly they can enlist the help/hire a close friend to serve as PT Nanny for the First Baby. Finally, as VP, Sarah can somewhat structure her public schedule around Trig's needs.

The bottom line is: they Palins will deal with it, and it's THEIR BUSINESS.

God created Sarah Palin (as Esther was in her time) for just such a time as this.

Also, someone recently mentioned that Sarah Palin said she wasn't sure what a VP does. Sarah Palin definitely meant by that comment that she wants to have some WORK to do, not just wait to break a tie vote in the Senate or make public appearances. GORE got it in writing before he accepted the VP post, that he would have significant work to do.

QUICKLY: Click on and CONTRIBUTE TODAY, before they close McCain's ability to accept private funds!

And SMILE! God loves us all and is WORKING!

LLB said...

Oh yeah, I love the fact she's a woman, but that is not why I'm voting for McCain (to me her gender is just the sprinkles on top of the icing on the cake).

I don't agree with her on everything (can 2 people ever agree on everything?) But I agree with her where it counts most: Small government with limited powers based on the principles set forth in the US Constitution (even Professor Constitutional Law seems to either misunderstand or completely ignore them).

Again very excited about this pick and the ticket.

Bob said...

You all need to go to Megan McCain's website and see all the pictures she took. It will WOW! you again.

Erin said...

*high fives Mama*

I love the pics on Meghan McCain's blog! I've noticed how much Sarah involves Piper in her speaking. It seems that Piper wants to be with her mom, and she gets that chance. I've looked at photos on the AK gov website for months, and that has alway struck me--how often Piper is with mom in the pictures. I loved how she rushed up after the speech, and Sarah pointed things out to her. My little guy would totally do something like that as well. Very involved.

Unknown said...

Yeah, those are awesome pics from Megan! Loved 'em! I am getting more and more excited about this ticket!

McCain-Palin'08!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!

Confronting World Politics said...

Great work in helping a Strong Anti corruption crusader get recognition! Dont forget to help keep her name clear because dems are already flooding the media trying to mislead people about her and her record of Exp. And I am voting McCain and Palin! Aint No Failing with McCain and Palin! you could try and pass that on to her as a campaign slogan if you wish. lol

Unknown said...

Sounds good, confronting world politics.

Maybe a slight revision to the slogan....

"Ain't No Failin' With McCain & Palin!!!"

Mountain Mama said...

How about:
With McCain and Palin!!!!!!!

*giggling to self*

Hey, I just checked out those terrific photos at Megan's blog. Li'l Piper is Mommy's Shadow, wherever she goes----and Trig is a Chunky Monkey Cutie, as our youngest son was.

Send! In! Money! TODAY!!! to the campaign!

The plea for funds I received today said, "If we do not raise $5 million by Aug. 31, the ultra-liberal Democrats could retain control of the US Congress, win the White House----and unleash the full fury of their radical agenda on our nation."

(*agonized gro-oan....*)

Molly said...

I just found this site this morning- I've heard of Sarah Palin before, and really liked her. I wish I could say I supported her this entire time, but her VP nomination (I'm ashamed to say) never even crossed my mind until I turned on the news and there she was. If you want some entertainment, check out the past comments while "we" were waiting for nomination news. Erin, Mountain mama, Night Owl and "The Mysterious Drew" all posted comments (along with others) that read like a good book!

Darayvus said...

Congratulations for helping put her on the radar.

TC Robinson said...

mountain mama -

I thought the same thing about Piper. She is literally attached to her mother's hip, and judging by how she acts, we may have a future politician there. Also, I must admit, Trig is the cutest baby I have ever seen. Something about Down babies, they are always so adorable.

TheTimMan said...

Congrats on your prescience Adam! You are now officially worth more than almost all the swarm of useless political pundits! Hope you can parlay your 15 minutes into something lasting.
Tim in Colorado Springs

Ben Zolno said...

Do not underestimate Biden's ability to blow this; he needs to be VERY measured in his words to pull this off.

Erin said...

*blushes* Aww...Molly! You're too kind. It was so much fun that night! A poster named Danheister thought it was an elaborate conspiracy theory, and I was inclined to believe him. The problem for me with being on board this movement for so long was that I just didn't believe McCain could possibly agree with us! Candidates have to weigh so many other things into a consideration that just picking the best person for the job is unfortunately not a common occurrence.

In related news, McPalin has a rally right now. Is anyone seeing it on TV? I was hoping to watch Sarah's speech and can't find it.

Rob Harrison said...

So, question to Adam: are you going to rename the blog in order to repurpose it, or leave it up for the historical record and shift everything to a blog at TFP, or what? After all, the previous purpose has been accomplished. :)

Molly said...

Has anybody noticed that she kind of resembles Tina Fey?

Erin said...

Fox is currently talking about Palin energizing the conservative base. One commentator said he was in a gathering of conservative leadership, and they gave her a standing ovation...She wasn't there. :D

I'm lovin this!

Mountain Mama said...

Just spent tons on McPalin gear (good nomiker, Erin! grin).

Hey---TINA FEY! SHE'S whom Sarah looks like; I couldn't quite figure it out (but of course, Sarah if FAR more gorgeous).

Anyone know how Sarah fixes her hair? I put mine up, too, but can't get that much POOF (she probably has more hair; I'm on chemo for arthritis). One friend said Sarah's is like Prom Queen, but to ME, that's a plus: ELEGANT! The French will have NOTHING on Our Beauty!

Unknown said...

I too am tuned to FOX. It's rare for our TV to even be turned on this time of day - guess I'm afraid I'll miss something :-D I AM getting tired of hearing "a heartbeat away from the presidency" and "the experience argument is off the table". Somebody needs to come up with some new buzzwords and cliches.

It IS amusing to watch the pundits and O-supporters' heads imploding as they keep repeating the same arguments over and over. I'd never heard of Ellis Henigan before, but he made a fool of himself with the rant about Hillary supporters being "too sophisticated" to "fall for" the trick of picking "Sarah Alaska."

I'd say there are a lot of Obamites who are galled by the fact of being beaten at their own game.

Erin said...

mama said: "Just spent tons on McPalin gear (good nomiker, Erin! grin)."

See some good DID come from Brangelina! :D

I can't wait for the convention. We need more Sarah on the air so that we can get out of this wretched spin cycle. I thought Troopergate would be a bigger deal than it has been, but this lack of experience thing is making me nuts.

LD Jackson said...

I do not believe the rumors going around, but the internet is buzzing about Trig not actually being Governor Palin's son, but her daughter's. Is there a way we could refute this or should we simply leave it alone?

The Ramen Avenger said...

I think it really shows how powerful blogging has become when a grassroots effort by a college student can convince a major political party to draft a completely incompetent lightweight to become a vice presidential candidate! Way to go, and keep up the good work!

Unknown said...

Larry, I don't think that disgusting rumor deserves to have any breath wasted upon it.

Hott Spott said...

go to to watch their rally today. She is already making the crowds bigger! My God

Erin said...

Larry, what a sick rumour. It's not unprecedented for such a young person to have a Down's baby, but the odds are unbelievably higher for a woman of the governor's age. This smacks of further desperation on someone's part, and I hope Sarah doesn't deign to comment on such a nasty rumour. If she does, I hope its by breastfeeding in public.

Crafty Attorney said...

I have to tell you that I knew little about Sarah Palin until yesterday -- only that she was under consideration. I found your blog today while looking for Governor Palin's birthdate since she and I seem to be the same person! I'm six days older apparently.

I also have five kids and am married to my husband for 20 years (almost -- October 1st). I was beyond ready for a woman to be on a major ticket. I won't repeat my own blog post here, but suffice it to say that I am completely over the moon about our GOP ticket!

Crafty Attorney said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Alan (Colms is it?) The "incompetent lightweight" has more gravitas in her little finger than the dem candidate has in his whole body.

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