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Friday, August 22, 2008

Tidbits for Today

Good morning,

Not Doubting Palin's Popularity

For those who are worried about Sarah Palin's popularity in Alaska, think again! Two new ad's on the airwaves in Alaska for the Republican congressional primary feature Governor Palin, and she is not even running for Congress. Touting her endorsement is a clear sign she remains the most popular Governor in America.

Parnell Ad Here: CFG Ad Here;

Media Speculation

According to several media outlets, John McCain has NOT selected his VP nominee. I would caution everyone when listening to the speculation, as I doubt any of it is based on fact.

Despite nearly six years of torture and solitary confinement, Senator McCain was unwilling to cave to his captors (Hanoi Hilton) in North Vietnam, so I am confident that members of the media have not been able to solicit any meaningful VP information from his campaign team or the candidate himself. I also find great humor in the fact that many of the media reports on Senator McCain's VP nominee are from news organizations that are "unfriendly" to the McCain campaign. The New York Times and Mark Halperin are not the John McCain Christmas card distribution list.


The RCN has leaked a first draft of the list of speakers at the upcoming RNC convention (see here). This list is probably going to change drastically, for two reasons. #1 - Not one single member of Congress is scheduled to speak, and the speaking schedule has not been time stamped. #2 - It is fair to assume that one of the scheduled speakers is going to be nominated for Vice President. If John McCain had left off Palin, Romney, Jindal, Pawlenty or any of the other rumored names from the speakers list, then they would have had essentially tipped their hand to the media on who is on the shortlist for VP. The fact that Governor Palin has received a speaking role in prime time is a signal that she is held is very high regard by John McCain. Upon further examination of the this schedule, it appears as if just about all of the speakers are either close friends of Senator McCain or have been active in his campaign.

As of today, there is no reason to be doubtful or discouraged. We are in this!

Update; Mark Halperin (ABC News) has removed his post that suggested Romney will be the VP. Don't believe the hype. - Flavor Flave 1989.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning, Kristopher! Thank you for your uplifting info.

As a former Alaskan, I note that the permanent fund checks are coming out a month early. So, I have been speculating that Governor Sarah and Lt. Governor Parnell are seeing to it that the people of Alaska get their checks, since both the Governor and Lt. Governor will be campaigning for their new positions.

Anonymous said...

As a side note, I will be at the Democratic convention next week. You can follow updates on my Twitter during the day and then I'll be posting blogs at night about what's going on in the days leading up to McCain's VEEP announcement.

Health And Fitness Geek said...

Guys - Let me suggest going over to PFA and having a forum discussion..


Maybe Adam or blog author here can disable comments and send people there. Upto them.

I'll be responding and posting there...

Anonymous said...

when I google Sarah Palin, this is the first site that comes up.

I would suggest we leave this up.

Anonymous said...

Pawlenty was on Fox & Friends this morning campaigning for VP, er, um, I mean doing an interview. They said that Pawlenty, Romney and others will be holding press conferences outside the Dem convention. Personally, I find that distasteful. The GOP can respond without looking like stalkers.

At any rate, it's interesting that Palin is the only one on the "shortlist" who's not doing the media tour repeating McCain's talking points.

Health And Fitness Geek said... has a great forum and information.

Once that gets traffic, it will go up in the google list.

It's up to the author of this blog whether to endorse the forum or not.

At the very least, it's an alternative discussion group and a more formal one...

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, the palinforamerica site is too busy, not organized well, trying to look too official to be real, hard to locate where to comment, not real lively and ahead of the curve, etc. (has the look of an official Obama site)

I'll stick with this site as the MAIN FORUM. Adam Brickley has been at it for a long long time (he more than merits a high position in the McCain/Palin administration), and it should remain on top.

(I know Adam would not want me to say this, since it's not a matter of competition -- we all want Palin.)

BTW, great posting Kristofer!

Health And Fitness Geek said...

I'm not saying is a "bettter" or more authoritive site.

I'm just suggesting it has an official forum and allows a broader discussion.

I've talked to Adam and creater of PFA offline and Adam, afaiu, has no objection to using the forum and likes the site.

The fact that it's fairly "official" is goodness imho.

No worries, I don't think any objectes to using this.. I'm just advertising that there is another forum option.

Kristofer D. Lorelli said...

Does anyone feel that Obama's selection will impact McCain's decision making process for the VP? It almost appears as if McCain will select a VP, at least partially based on who Obama selects.

What you y'all think?

Anonymous said...

McCain won't let the BO selection for VP change his mind. McCain is too much his own man for that, at least in my opinion.

MSM says McCain has not settled on one name, like they know anything, but am thinking he has and his team is leaking name after name to keep the blabbering MSMs keeping McCain's name up front and center.

The talking heads are now saying BO is announcing his selection this afternoon, Friday Aug. 22, just another shot in the dark.

I've been on this site for several months and do mostly reading and am so glad I'm not alone out here in hoping that we will see a McCain/Palin ticket in September.

Anonymous said...

While various of the Obama Veep picks might be, to some degree better, neutral or worse vis a vis McCain picking Palin, THAT SHOULD MAKE NO DIFFERENCE WHATSOEVER BECAUSE PALIN IS BY FAR FAR FAR THE BEST VEEP FOR MCCAIN AND THE GOP AND FOR AMERICA!

Thus the decision is, should be, and hopefully will be, Palin irrespective of what the heck Obama does.

Anonymous said...

I think it only affects Mccain's pick if the pick is Hillary Clinton, maybe Sebelius.

It's probably not going to be the pick though.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it hilarious that Governor Sarah Palin is going to the republican convention to speak as a "reformer", yet the majority of the people in her home state of Alaska think she is a liar and is perceived as petty and vindictive.

Wait until Obama hears about this! Spread the word!

Anonymous said...

Just because Adam thinks that PFA is a good site and doesn't object to the forum, it would be absolutely foolish of him to disable the comment section here and feed them to another site. (which, btw, I judge a blogs success/credibility by the number of comments).
As for repeatedly "advertising" another site (is it yours?) for people to go to INSTEAD of this one is, IMHO, extremely tacky and distasteful. Adam (and his allies) have work long and hard to establish this blog, it's credibility, it's hit count on Google, and it's readership -- he deserves to keep them.
If you're running PFA (which is a good site), you need to put in the effort to establish it the same way Adam did. Good Luck PFA --

In keeping on topic -- We're still holding out hope for Sarah here.

McCain/Palin '08! Go Sarah.

Anonymous said...

I just got news who the VP will be. And it isn't Palin.

I don't know what I'm going to do now.

Health And Fitness Geek said...

BTW: On the PFA forum, I believe we can ban IPS of the haters if they post a lot... ;p

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, is that last "original Ted" post a poser?

Health And Fitness Geek said...

Julie - No, I'm not PFA. It's someone much more talented than I am.

I think some people seem to think I'm attacking Adam's blog, reputation or value.

By no means am I doing that and, as I have spoken to him a number of times *OFF* this forum, in person, I think he undersatnds that as well...

Regardless - I won't be advertising it anymore. Both are great sites, with a lot of effort and a lot of credit.

We're all in the same boat here, to work on getting Palin picked so let's continue on.

Anonymous said...

Paul -
PFA is a great site and I'm not affended by you (of Adam) recommending it -- I'm quite sure that's how he promoted this site. What I was offended by was recommending he shut down the comments on this site and refer them to PFA -- so that it's hit count will go up and it will appear on Google faster.

Why would "original Ted" know before everyone else and not tell us? Hmmm. Still holding out for an official announcement. It ain't over 'til the ____ lady sings.

Anonymous said...


I think Obama's choice matters. I'm sure Team McCain is going over the potential matchups.

Palin vs. Sebelius/Hillary: The worst matchup. Makes it easier to marginalize Palin as a "token" female pick.

Palin vs. Biden or Bayh: Palin would be a great contrast as a "Washington Outsider" although she would be seen as "inexperienced".

Palin vs. Kaine or Chet Edwards: Great, because the only negative for Palin (inexperience) would be cancelled out.

I agree w/ Rasmussen: If Obama chooses a male, go with Palin.

Anonymous said...

kristopher said...

For those "anon" visitors who are not friendly towards Palin, I would encourage you to visit, There are usually 2-6 posts regarding the VP selection each day. Much of the debate is partisan and should provide you with the fireworks you desire.

This blog is a repository of information and discussion for Palin supporters and those who are looking to learn about Governor Sarah Palin.

In advance, I would like to thank you for respecting our wishes.

August 19, 2008 11:00 PM

Anonymous said...

Hey, y'all!

Paul, I don't think you were pushy. You just invited people to go to that other site, so no big deal. We're all on the same team here. Well, except for Syrin, or whatever her name is. She's so full of hate, it's sad.

Anyway, soon we'll hear who is Obama's pick. I sure bet it's going to be Hillary, which will make every Democrat excited.

If McCain picks Governor Palin, though, we don't have to worry! We will all just explode with excitement! She's just great----so tough and yet very nice, and she's pretty. She would give Hillary a run for her money in the debate.

I feel sorry for the Democrats. They will have the wrong person on the top of their ticket: the least experienced one.

If Obama picks someone besides Hillary, he's not that smart. Hey, "original Ted"----tell us what you know, buddy!

Anonymous said...

"Original" Ted--seems like you are being impersonated by an Obama/Romney bot!

This is a little peripheral, but I just happened to check out the website again. The "stayed tune" error has been corrected--so somebody is paying attention. Also, there is an energy security video up in the header that I can't find anywhere else.

Hm...for what it's worth, I think team McCain is wise to wait until Obama makes his pick. The NRO poll of a couple of days ago is still strong for Palin (just behind Romney, which I attribute to his name recognition). I don't think that will go unnoticed. I figure that the "downtime" McCain is having in Sedona this weekend is really a chance for he and his closest advisors to guage the state of the Democrats and strategize.

As always, I am completely behind Palin as McCain's vp--what a gift she would be to this country!

Dr. K2

Anonymous said...

It's Willard Mitt Romney.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info/best guess, "original Ted" (if it is the real "orig. Ted.").

I wonder if McCain will pick Romney. He (R.) would have a stronghold on the LDS/Mormon vote, that's certain, although some Mormons have told me that they wonder if Romney is truly pro-life.

The one thing we aren't mentioning is money. Romney has deep pockets, and Mormons would contribute like crazy to help him win----and McCain is going to be hurting for campaign funds, compared to Obama I mean, since McCain is taking the ethical public-funding route (which Obama pragmatically, though unethically quit).

Then, too, since the race is close, no one wants to make a mistake.

Lord, if Obama makes the safe pick of Hillary, then Romney will be a disastrous pick by McCain----even if R. does bring tons of funds to the campaign. Didn't anyone notice that R. couldn't buy the primaries!?

McCain, are you LISTENING!?

PICK PALIN!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I normally post here about Sarah, but I have a theory about Obama I wanted to share. Obama threatened McCain the other day with "he doesn't know what he's up against", then he gives Bill, Chelsea and Hilary Clinton speaking spots at the convention. I'll bet he's picked Hilary as his VP. Does it make sense?
And if it does, does that put Sarah completely out of the running?

Health And Fitness Geek said...

BTW, for those interested, take a look at my recent blog.

I figured out that is being hosted on a server in chantilly virginia - 25 miles from Arlington Virginia where the McCain headquarters is.

While there could be lots of very logical reasons for this (eg such as where the domain host had their server..) I find it an interesting coincidence that just possibly, may not be a coincidence.

Health And Fitness Geek said...

BTW, for those interested, take a look at my recent blog.

I figured out that is being hosted on a server in chantilly virginia - 25 miles from Arlington Virginia where the McCain headquarters is.

While there could be lots of very logical reasons for this (eg such as where the domain host had their server..) I find it an interesting coincidence that just possibly, may not be a coincidence.

Anonymous said...

That's interesting, Paul.

Obamamaniac posing as Ted: McCain did not even make a choice yet. He doesn't have to make one. We all know that.

Palin Supporters: Fight to the end. I believe McCain wants to pick someone who can reform, but he has to know that he will have support to do it. Now is not a time to falter. Now is not the time to allow supporters of Obama (or Romney) get into our heads. Overall, you are doing very well.

Some Obama supporters actually tried to get PUMAs to step in line for Obama by calling them out in a petition. It backfired, but the intent is the same. They will always be attacking. The more their numbers slip, the more they attack. Calm responses backed by sources work best. They will never back down, but those reading their random accusations will realize what they are doing.

I would not worry about a female Democratic pick. The Democratic Party has already done its damage to the PUMAs. They are not go to re-register Democratic, and they are not going to blindly follow anyone. These people see country first, but McCain has to show that he himself is country first.

The more maverick McCain looks to the moderates, PUMAs, and libertarians, the better. Lieberman could help, but he hurts the social conservative vote.

Anonymous said...

After joining the movement several months ago for Governor Sarah, I printed off the colored "bumper stickers": "Draft Sarah Palin for Vice President" and "McCain/Palin '08" and taped them inside the back window of my car.Also, I ordered, early on, the GOP Button: McCain/Palin. Then, I have E-mailed all over the USA people that I know. Also, E-mailed the local talk radio shows, and now, the MC's mention Governor Palin as a VP choice to their callers.Then, there are the T-shirts. Also, I have thought about going to the print shop to have "the bumper sticker" enlarged for a yard sign, as I live by an elementary school with a lot of traffic bringing the kids to and from school. But, am hoping in a couple of weeks to have an official yard sign.The People's Magazine artical will come out. Then, our candidate herself Governor Palin will be the best campaign point.

Anonymous said...

Is People still planning the story? A whole lot of good it does us (or her) if it prints after McCain picks someone else. On the other hand, perhaps it is being held until he DOES pick her?

What is the word on People? There's been not a single statement on it since several weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

Fox News today is batting around petreaus as a possible McCain vp. I just can't see that being helpful. Too heavily military ticket. Then another goomer for Romney. I wouldn't worry about LDS voters. They're about as likely to vote dem as move on dot org is likely to vote repub.
I don't think it matters who Obama picks. It's been hyped so much that unless it's Hillary, it can't be as exciting as the press has pumped it. I also find the "tease" strategy the Obama campaign is pulling with this vp announcement rather juvenile and irritating. If he's made his pick, why not just say. I think it makes people feel "played". The strategy of trying to do all these things to gain maximum media exposure is really feeding the megalomaniac image. The longer that campaign goes, the more Orwellian it feels. It seems to have a lot of manipulation and subliminal messaging. I just find it creepy.
dr. v
and ps, I don't care if the guy wants to promo his site on here. Adam's been out of pocket, anyway, and I like to look at all the Palin sites. Palinomania!

Anonymous said...

I agree, to tease about the VP pick for awhile is expected. But Obama's game is ridiculous. Typical of his narcisism, reminds me of his European trip. He feels he needs to be the center of attention, all important, at all times. Hope it backfires on him, as did the European trip.

Anonymous said...

I am starting to think that Obama will hold his VP pick till the night of his speech. That way he gets continued attention and a double bounce on the last night. Also it gives McCain much less time to react to the pick and a tougher Obama bounce to overcome the next day. I hope I am wrong.

Anonymous said...

Some guy on Fox was just noting what seemed smart: that Obama is masterful re. marketing, lousy on substance. He thinks that's why Obama is playing everyone re. his VP pick: it's all Obama can do well. Even Obama supporters are getting a little irritated by the wait, though.

But another guy noted that Obama wants to wait until Sat. to make public his pick, because then people will have more time to sign up to be his volunteers, contribute money, etc. That makes sense.

I wish McCain would make some important announcement today (but not his VP pick). He shouldn't let Obama hog the news all day.

I have a question: in her photo clips here and around the web, Palin is wearing a red T-shirt and hanging with some soldiers. Did she go to Iraq or something? Or was that at a USA base somewhere?

Anonymous said...


Iraq-Kuwait border.

Anonymous said...

Wow Ted, my heart sank a little hearing your comments about my site.

I've tried hard to provide a nicely designed site, with news, comments, and a forum. (There were some technical bugs in the user system that I hope to fix today or tomorrow.) And, Paul is right, that we can prevent anti-Palin abusers from posting nonsense on that forum, a system that Blogger doesn't have.

Either way, I respect the fact that Adam has lead this movement. In fact, I asked Adam before even creating if he thought it would be OK, and he welcomed the new site. None of us have any desire to get more comments or more traffic than the other, all we want is Palin!

And, no Paul doesn't own I do. The only reason I must remain anonymous is because my current position with my current employer requires me to be politically neutral on domestic issues in the US... and I'd like to keep that job at least for now!

liz said...

I hope Sarah knocks it out of the park at the convention--personally can't wait to hear what she has to say, 'though it would be great to hear her make an acceptance speech.
Also, McCain and his people must realize the teleprompter is no friend to him--he should do a town hall style thing, just being himself and not reading it. Much more effective.

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Original Ted is just wrong about Palin for America. I was uber-impressed when I first saw the site. It looks so incredibly professional and classy.

It was my gmail chat message for a few days it was so good. Whoever created that site - KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just checked Palin's videos and saw the Iraq clip. She is gutsy! She didn't wear a long robe or cover her hair. Even women-reporters usually were them there.

Has Palin ever been invited on a Sunday talk show, like Meet the Press? How did she do? She'll need to be a superb debater if she's up against Biden or Clinton. Her interview with Kudlow was excellent.

Anonymous said...

If McCain really picked Romney, he is in no way the maverick he claims to be. I just can't believe that. It is so obvious to me that Palin is the best choice if he wants to win this.

Anonymous said...

Dear Paul & Palin For America,
Didn't mean to offend either of you and I think I didn't communicate well...
PFA -- I love your site! I think it's top notch and very professional! I hope it takes off. I really like the TFP concept of one stop "shopping" on Palin -- I hope that takes off soon, too. I think your forums are a wonderful tool and people should go there and jump on the troll! I like all the discussions here and have no problem with "Hey, there's a great discussion going on at this site -- come join". The more blogs, discussions, etc. promoting Palin the better we are. I'm sure Adam is a team player -- he's in it for Palin, not himself. Keep up the good work -- both of you and Paul.

The only part I thought was out of line (tacky) was suggesting, on Adam's blog to his readers, that he shut down the comments section here AND DIVERT it to a different website. Your original comment was "Guys - Let me suggest going over to PFA and having a forum discussion.." GREAT IDEA. It was your comment "Maybe Adam or blog author here can disable comments and send people there." that I thought was distasteful.

Most likely two passionate commenters engaging mouth (or keyboard) before checking emotions. Sorry if I was too forceful and misunderstood. Accept my apologies, and let's return to discussing the more important things -- like how to get Gov. Palin on the ticket.

Unknown said...

Ron Paul is trying to derail Sean Parnell's Congressional bid!!!

Anonymous said...

FYI: Drudge is saying it's going to be Bayh for Obama

Anonymous said...

The pullout of advertising in GA, FL, NC, AK, MT, & ND plus the Bayh hard leak/revelation this evening indicates Obama has conceded the entire old south confederate and high plains states and is going to make a run on the Midwest.

This kind of mirrors the Clinton / Gore strategy from 1992 with a Democrat party ticket consisting of two neighboring states in Arkansas and as opposed to Illinois and Indiana this year.

The electoral bar for Obama to reach 270 without Indiana becomes very tenuous.

This obviously raises the likelihood of Romney or Pawlenty - probably Romney.

Polls indicate Romney on the ticket makes a difference in NH, MI, NV, & CO.

This is going to be a very close election with either campaign getting past 285 electoral votes highly improbable.

Anonymous said...

OKAY! It's BAYH for Obama!


Palin will clean his clock in a debate!

McCain...the ball's in your court!

Anonymous said...

We do not know for sure, if it is Bayh.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Why hasn't a poor trooper like Wooten been fired?

You know the guy who tasered a kid and drove in a police vehicle while intoxicated.

Why are you defending him?

Anonymous said...

Folks- FYI:
Trooper charged with forging prescriptions
A Fairbanks-based Alaska state trooper has been charged with forging prescriptions for narcotic pain medications.
Anchorage Daily News, August 22, 2008

As a former Alaskan, I figure the "uglies" awakend about 10 to 11 am this morning to start posting ugly comments on our blog where they are not welcomed.

It is a shame not to take in the Alaska State Fair at Palmer, Alaska: deep fried turkey legs, funnel cakes, all the animals, veggies, and flowers being judged--all of God's beautiful wonders. However, they choose to do the devil's work.

Anonymous said...

Since when does serving in the Air Force means that someone has the right to break the laws they are paid to enforce?
I'll be sure to ask my career-Air Force husband if he was told anything about that when he enlisted. That must be another benefit of being military

Anonymous said...

Well, it certainly looks like the Troopers are writing their own records. The public expects more character.

And, I do understand that God's people make the devil's works uncomfortable.

Buy a season ticket to the fair. Go when your buddies are there.

I haven't felt the need to carry my concealed since leaving Alaska.--a former Alaskan.

Anonymous said...

I'm a born and raised Alaskan with a law enforcement family. I get my news from Alaska.
Do you get your news from Halcro? Or Fagan??
Trooper Wooten hasn't "broken any laws" only because his coworkers have chosen not to press the issue.
I didn't even vote for Palin for governor last time, but I can respect that it was her responsibility as a citizen of Alaska to bring a dangerous officer to the attention of his supervisors, no more/no less. It's the responsibilty of any citizen to do the same thing with the same knowledge that she had.

Anonymous said...

"Trooper Wooten didn't break any laws"...?

Threatening the life of the Gov's father (or any citizen) is not illegal?
Driving drunk is not illegal? Tasering an 11 year old boy is not illegal?
Drinking on duty while driving his police car is not illegal?
Shooting a 1500 lb. moose out of season is not illegal?

Give me a break. The guys a criminal.

Anonymous said...

Relax Dave from Illinois,
Apparently the fact that Wooten is a military vet and a current trooper excuses him from any accountability for his actions. Didn't you see the convincing comments from anonymous?

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that Wooten, the psychopath, at age 36 has apparently been married FOUR times and possibly ALL ended in divorce.

If this is true, this guy is nuts and has no business in a uniform.

Anybody hear of Drew Peterson?

Palin had a duty to report these abuses by a trooper. More power to her.

And by the way, if McCain doesn't pick Palin, picking Hutchison would be just fine to counter a Biden/Bayh pick.

Anonymous said...

I feel foolish even saying anything but it's so obviously the most ridiculous idea... Just seeing the footage on TV made me want to laugh at the absurdity. I felt as if I were either watching a local news team doing a food drive benefit or something I saw on Saturday Night Live or both. Why on earth would she even be proud of being a life-long NRA member? Can't anyone do that?
Have guns not yet become the symbol of deadly violence? Who in their right might would ever take them seriously?

Anonymous said...

I feel foolish even saying anything but it's so obviously the most ridiculous idea... Just seeing the footage on TV made me want to laugh at the absurdity. I felt as if I were either watching a local news team doing a food drive benefit or something I saw on Saturday Night Live or both. Why on earth would she even be proud of being a life-long NRA member? Can't anyone do that?
Have guns not yet become the symbol of deadly violence? Who in their right might would ever take them seriously?

Kwaayesnama said...

The choice of Sarah Pahin shows poor judgment on McCain’s part.
Any intelligent person knows when you choose to have a baby at 43 you have a very high probability of having a child with Downs Syndrome. She used poor judgment not using birth control. Would she use better judgment dealing with our economy? Would she use better judgment dealing with our enemies?
I for one am not willing to take a chance.

James said...

Did you really just attribute that coda quote to Flavor Flave?

Dude, you know it's Flavor Flav, right?

Anonymous said...

Palin is pretty hot, But i'm still going to vote for obama.