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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Adam @ RNC

Julie here...

Well, Adam actually made it to the convention arountd 9:00 p.m. last night and, as you can see, was happily seated at the spot on the Press Level . He wanted me to let everyone know that he hasn't forgotten all the supporters and will be blogging in an hour or so. He'si n a press "brunch" with guest speaker "Morning Joe" Scarborough of right now and will be blogging as soon as he's done eating.


Jenna said...

Say hello to Sarah for us! We are all rooting for her. God bless you for making this happen!


Erin said...

Adam! *waves from her corner of Michigan* Congratulations! You so deserve this opportunity. Fox is saying that they need to reinforce the rafters there, because you all are going to raise the roof tonight! Have a blast, and I hope you have the opportunity to meet Sarah.

In other news...AOL has a new set of four polls well worth examining. Again, these are not scientific, but the results so far are highly favourable to our cause! Take a look and enjoy.

wk4christ said...

Yes, please tell Sarah "Hello," and that we're all supporting her, rooting for her and praying for her! God bless you, Adam and God bless Sarah Palin!

McCain-Palin'08: The unbeatable and unmatchable ticket!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOO YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

SARAH!!!!!!! SARAH!!!!!! SARAH!!!


Paul said...

Make sure to provide a link once it's done.. I"m looking for it online & i can't find it.

Richard said...

Please give this to Sarah

opening line

Hello America
Hello America

After all the Applause ...which will be considerabl

She then should simply say...

My name is SARAH

I have been in sales for my entire life...this opening will bring down the house...I promise!

Go Girl!

Richard said...

Hello Sarah

TrueRedHead said...

Richard - From your keyboard to Sarah's ears! That would be a brilliant opening.

On the thread below, Stephane mentions Peggy Noonan's piece in WSJ. It's brilliant too - here's the link:

techno said...

Five days ago she was a virtual unknown. Now she has more hits on google than Lindsey, Jessica, Brittney, and Angelie combined. John McCain, you are a genius. Nobody is talking about Barack anymore. I'm confident that the polls will catch up. Good luck tonight, Sarah. I hate to give you advise but I think if you could include some Reagan lines and/or philosophy-red meat type-that would shake up the whole base and race.

techno said...

Again, I hate to give you advice for your speech but I think a great way to start your speech would be: About 12 years a person with some success decided to move up to a different level. Critics poured out of the woodwork. Many pessimists said this person was too young to move up, lacked experience and would not be successful--should have waited and was not ready. There was talk this person would not be able to compete compete with the 'big'people--that this person would be eaten alive. Twelve years later Tiger Woods has proven all the critics wrong--hello world, my name is Sara Palin!

caem said...

Say Hello to our beloved Sarah for us. We are with her all the way!

They showed her this morning at the convention/airport here in Mpls - she looks more prepared than a few days ago.

Senator Thompson did an excellent job last night - the liberal media is in retreat!

I am glad she was picked at the very last minute - giving the hateful media very little time. Once she answers our call tonight in the affirmative, the left will have lost yet another battle.

Good luck Sarah, and best wishes to Bristol!

techno said...

Here's a suggestion to how the end the speech: use the Churchill line: now this in not the end. it is not even the beginning of the end. But it is the end of the beginning.

George M said...

I love McCain's choice for VP. This girl is a go-getter and she's honest. She will clean up Washington along with McCain. This team is what America needs.

George M.
Kansas City, MO

Shay said...

I can't wait for her speech tonight!
I hope she get's all fired up and the media soon learns what every Alaskan is aware of- you NEVER mess with a Mama Bear!

Have fun at the convention Adam!

Mountain Mama said...

Hi, Adam!

If you get a chance, look up online the little talk Sarah Palin gave to her former church in Wasilla on June 8, 2008. WOW!

She is TOTALLY aware that G-d is moving her forward in this way.

Please tell her that we are praying for her and her family----that G-d will PROTECT and STRENGTHEN them all.

G-d bless you (and Mom Julie!), too, Adam! HAVE FUN!

KoffeeBean said...

Have a wonderful time. Please give Sarah my best. I admire her so much. Because of her I am now really excited about this election.
Can't help but wonder why the MSM is whining because they don't "know" her. It's not like Alaska is a foreign country. The media knew that John
McCain was going to pick a VP. One would have thought that they would have at least checked out all of the possibilities. Adam did!!!

Dexter Zone said...

I agree that I was quite shocked about the McCain announcement on Friday August 29th. I thought the Republican Convention would be very quiet. Out of the Blue ...Sarah Palin is now in the limelight. This really shook us all up a storm. So much so that I used a number of my search engine tools to find out what people were thinking of about Sarah Palin. I didn't realize that I would spend some 30 + hours working on it! The result was quite a bit of information. So something struck me.. Why should only the big media Write about this election? Pulled this information together for anyone to use, whether they are a blogger or someone who writes all day long. I hope this information will be useful when someone wants to blog something new about Sarah Palin

wk4christ said...

So, from what I'm seeing from the news reports and from the Republican Convention website, it looks like Sarah will start speaking around 10:30 Eastern/9:30 Central. This is gonna be soooooooo awesome! She's gonna nail it! I just know it! I'm ecstatic about this! Still got about 6 hours though....wish it was sooner, but it will be well worth the wait!

Let's pray fervently for Sarah, as she prepares for her speech tonight!

Lord, we pray for Sarah Palin right now, as she is preparing for her speech. Lord, let her have the assurance that You are with her and that millions of Americans like us love and adore her and are supporting her! Anoint her lips to say what America really needs to hear! Let this speech blow everyone away! Let Your Anointing and Your Blessing be upon this historic moment and let it carry on to victory for McCain & Palin in November. We ask this in Jesus' Name, Amen!

We're with you, Sarah! You're gonna do well tonight! God bless you!

SARAH!!!!! SARAH!!!!!! SARAH!!!