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Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Wow. The traffic to this site has been tremendous since Friday and the comments section active to say none the least. While we've gotten hundreds, if not thousands of comments and emails in support of Gov. Palin, we've also gotten resumes, spams, people plugging their businesses, and of course, an enormous amount of vile, ugly, vicious, slanderous comments. So, at least for now, the comments are going to "moderated". I know this will slow down the chatter a bit, but it might also keep tempers in check. Everyone should be "slow to anger, and slow to speak".

For those of you who are just dying to have conversation, PalinforAmerica has a discussion forum available.

Adam will be posting in a few hours. Exciting things are happening and you'll be hearing from him a bit more often. But I'll save that for him



Unknown said...

This is a great idea! Thanks for moderating the comments! A bunch of us Palin supporters have really gotten sick and tired of the negative, bigoted and sexist comments by her opponents. Thanks again!



Erin said...

FoxNews is reporting that Obama is saying his executive experience is greater than Sarah's because he as run his presidential campaign for 18 months, much more difficult than running Wasilla. My theory is that he's forgotten her current occupation. I know it's unbelievable, so I've included a link. UNREAL, people.

Amanda said...

I saw that, Erin. It is so condescending and demeaning when they refer to her that way.

I guess it's crazy but I am taking these insults to Sarah so personally!

Shimmy said...

“Don’t be afraid of information,” Sarah Palin said. “Healthy debate is so important, and it’s so valuable in our schools. I am a proponent of teaching both evolution and the Babylonian account of creation, ‘Marduk Creates the World from the Spoils of Battle.’”

Erin said...

night owl, that interview was with Anderson Cooper, and it will supposedly air this evening at 10:00. I hope for all the world that this gets some attention at the convention, but I'm sure they'll decide that's not a good idea.

What it DOES say is that the "no experience" line of argument is still valid, what with Obama saying that THIS is his experience.

Bob said...

This is the price of fame.

Best wishes to Adam for his perseverance in this cause, and to Governor Palin and her family as they enter the mud hole that is the American political arena.

Unknown said...

Finally a VP candidate with a vocal Pro-Life position.

Unknown said...

Re: "My theory is that he's forgotten her current occupation."

He apparently has, because he's been a senator for 4 years, but has only been in the Senate for like 143 days....

I'm sorry, Mr. Obama, running a campaign for President is simply not comparable to running a town and then running a state....

Re: I guess it's crazy but I am taking these insults to Sarah so personally!

Oh, believe me, I am too! Seeing the left-wing attack Sarah so harshly makes me sick to my stomach! It is not right and it needs to end!

We're with you through the storm to November 4th, Sarah!!!!

Robert David STEELE Vivas said...


Idiot British--Bloomberg Against Palin
See the summary of the idiot British bookies by clicking on the title. I certainly don't mind them posting the odds, or Bloomberg summarizing the odds, but I do object to Bloomberg offering up something so platantly squishy without balanced reporting from the USA.

Register your views by emailing the author at

From Robert Steele,

caem said...

Since when has a senator had more executive experience than a Governor! She has been managing a budget of Billions of dollars for 2years now. In addition she is commander in Chief in her state.

Anyway, I am wondering whether there is any volunteer drive to register voters in battle ground states [CORORAdo, ohio, michighan, Nevada PA, FL]. We shouldn't leave this to BO. How are the latest polls in PA and Michigan? If mccain can pick up one of these two states he will win even if he loses ohio or FL. But BO can't win if he loses one of them!!

The liberals have are fighting for their life now - we must do all we can to win this one especially now that we have a great Commander - SARAH. A lot is at stake in the next 4 yrs - 2 - 3 SCJs!!!!

Randy Scheunemann - is the one preparing Sarah for October 2! Does anyone know how we can forward our ideas to him/her on how best to deal with "BJ" who is going to talk like he created this world, despite the fact that his support for US allies is weak.

Heard someone on MSNBC predicting that by month's end SP will not be on the ticket - they are so determined to knock her off!! Even though she is a strong woman, we need to send her our encouragements and appreciations.

I hope she delivers a good one tomorrow!!!

Patriot1776 said...

Sarah is really causing the left to run scared. They are resorting to a scortched earth policy now.

If she was just this total fool, why even waste the time trying to destroy her? I mean the MSM is in your pocket, why worry?

I think they are very very afraid of the prospect of her being the first woman elected nationally. But more than that, it shows the pure hatred and vitrol of middle America.

They don't like our large families, the cars we drive, the way we speak, the fact that we go to church every week etc. They sit in their towers and look down on the rest of society.

Sarah created her own story and political career. No family wealth, no father in politics, no husband to bounce a political career off. She did it all on her own.

We shall see how this plays out. But either way, she should become the new face of the Republican Party. Mother - facing issues we all have to face in our lives, business woman, and real LEADER.

Mountain Mama said...

Thanks for monitoring the comments! Oh, what a relief that will be! Eventually, people will leave us alone to support Sarah Palin and share ideas for helping the campaign.

Can't wait to hear Adam's news! (wink, wink)

Health And Fitness Geek said...

Please pounce on the media for their smears. See my post on my blog!

Shay(zam) said...

Hi Adam-
Did anything ever come from your call to the Anchorage NAACP office?

Unknown said...

Re: Sarah is really causing the left to run scared. They are resorting to a scortched earth policy now.

I know! It is clear now that her opponents are truly freaked out! We've gotta continue expressing our support for Sarah and let America know what a great person she really is!

Go Sarah Palin: the next Vice President (and the future President) of the USA!!!

SARAH!!!!!! SARAH!!!!! SARAH!!!


JOCOeveryman said...

Love Sarah Palin. Love her. Love her. We'll be working in Kansas to get her all the support we can. I profess my love for her on my blog at

Mountain Mama said...

Dr. Laura Schlesinger is stating on her show today that, while she'll vote for McCain, she opposes Palin's working when she has children in the home.

It was my understanding that Palin's parents, and often her husband, Todd, helped care for the children when Palin wasn't able to take Trig or Piper to the office.

And it was my understanding, based on years of frequently (no time for constantly) listening to Dr. Laura, that she didn't mind a father or grandparent's helping to raise children----she just wanted family members to do it. Her slogan, "Don't have children if you can't raise them," didn't exclude fathers or grandparents, I thought.

Furthermore, Dr. Laura has said many times that it's okay for mothers to work once their children were in school.

Piper goes to school this coming year, so it's Trig's welfare that is most at risk potentially here.

I admit I feel torn about this, because we have two special-needs children and they DO require extra care. I left my FT job in order to stay home with them until they went to school, then eventually started the syndicated column, which I could write as they slept at night.

I think America needs Palin's special People-Skills set. But I don't want to deprive little Trig of his Mommy.

Lord, help us find ways for Sarah Palin to be with her son most of the day, taking him with her to work in DC, just as she does in Alaska already----and work tons when he's napping. Help her work NEVER ruin her marriage or children's welfare: protect them with special angels!

(Btw, Palin's daughter, Bristol, probably carried Trig during the speeches last Friday in order to keep hidden her pregnant tummy. Obviously the Palin family wasn't willing to discuss that pregnancy just yet.)

Thank G-D that Dr. Laura will still vote for McCain/Palin! I am praying that somehow everything will work out just fine, and Sarah, Todd, Bristol, Willow, Track, Piper, and Trig will thrive!!!!

Window4U (IL) said...

Anyone catch the insult to her by calling Wasilla "WaSilly"? How pathetic.

I am glad he thinks he has more executive experience than Palin because she only ran a small city.

I guess his advisors didn't tell him she is Chief Executive of a State about the size of the eastern United States. Either he is an idiot that he doesn't know she is a governor or he is afraid to admit that running a state gives her more qualifications than he has.

Can you imagine the idiocy to make the argument that he is qualified with executive experience because he ran his presidential campaign?
My God, what kind of goofball candidate is this guy?

caem said...

Since when is having children a reason not to run for president. She has a spouse - who can become a stay home father - the campaign needs to emphasize that too. Yes men can also stay home and take care of children - why should it be women all the time. It is Country first.

The left and liberals media believe that a woman with children can not run for the highest office in the run!

Is this America anymore?

Mountain Mama said...

Re. Obama's making that unwise statement re. "Wasilly:"

Obama and Michelle are both not that bright, in contrast to intellectuals or other professors. Sorry, but it's true, and U of C faculty know it. Read Michelle's papers: sentence fragments, run-on sentences, etc.----VERY sad. Some bright student got bumped so Michelle could attend Harvard, and what's horrid is that she has often expressed anger, not gratitude for it.

Anyway----Obama's statement (that he's run a huge campaign, whereas Palin has merely been mayor of a small town) betrays his middlebrow IQ. Here's why:

Making that statement automatically diminishes his own (heretofore a little TOO lofty) status. He's not contrasting himself with a peer: he's a presidential candidate, whereas Palin is a VP candidate!


Plus, as window4u(IL) notes, for the past 18+ months, Palin has served as a governor.

Erin said...

CBS News has an article about the importance of Sarah's speech at the convention. They're basically saying it's too early to tell how this will play out, but that it's building interest in her performance tomorrow (or Thursday) night. They're even saying the audience could be in the 10's of millions of viewers. Wouldn't it be great if she got a larger audience than "The One"? :D I've included the last couple of paragraphs, but I think the entire article is well worth the read.

"But the mistake is to see the controversies and questions around Sarah Palin as damaging, they may turn out that way and John McCain may pay the price – but for now the interest they are creating in Palin may actually be building the moment and the opportunity John McCain and the GOP need to successfully turn the page.

Democrats should be vigilant against a scenario they may think unlikely – but none the less could easily occur if Palin surprises and is up to the task."

MOPP 4 said...

I have been watching the news and blog reaction surrounding assumed Republican V.P. Candidate Gov. Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol and her pregnancy. The remarks are jaw dropping... ex.."..shows Gov. Palin is incompetent"...."..should not run due to the tragedy of her daughter's pregancy"... tragedy?!...are you serious?

Let me insert a caveat here... I am a registered Green Party voter. I tend to lean Libertarian, but feel renewable energy and care for our planet are the 2 most overriding issues facing this country and humanity.

That said..the anger and tiny mindedness from so many bloggers and news agencies is mind boggling. Is teenage pregnancy so unusual? These things happen. Sen. Obama's mother was 18 when she had him and un-married...he ended up being raised by his grandparents. Has this some how caused him to be any less of a person?...Any less of an American? I think not. Did this make his mother an idiot or somehow incompetent? His grandparents?...anybody?

Is teen-age pregnancy an unusual event in middle America or any place for that matter? Only in the context that it is surprising these days. One hundred years ago Mrs. Palin's daughter would be on her second child by now. Humans have been having kids for a while. When male and female of a species become sexually get the next generation (gasp!). For some reason we need to have some sort of proper social rule context surrounding this. Thank goodness the rest of nature doesn't operate that way.

The constant petty anger towards candidates, on subjects with no national bearing, shows a serious lack of understanding and perhaps care, of this Nation's issues. Does this pregnancy address/impact the energy issues of the US? ....does it address the threat of a resurgent Russia with USSR like tendencies?....does it impact the immediate need of thousands of Americans in the gulf coast region?...does it magically capture and/or destroy bin Laden?....does it alleviate pollution or collapsing fish stocks?....or is this story really on par with Brittany Spears not wearing underwear and Janet Jackson showing some boob at a football game? ......elevate thy mind...

As Eleanor Roosevelt said:
Great minds discuss ideas;
Average minds discuss events;
Small minds discuss people.

Come on America, let's get back to where we used to be...the Nation of ideas. News agencies and bloggers, you are in tabloid country...raise the bar please. If I want to dull my mind I'll stare at the headlines in the grocery store check out line....let's solve the real problems..... ELEVATE THY MIND!!!!!

Erin said...


I requested tickets, and when the hubster went to pick them up, they were gone, so we got tickets ON STAGE!!!! I MUST get something for Sarah to sign!


loki said...

just curious,

17 year old too old to marry? My maternal grandparents married when they were 15. and stayed married until they passed away some 60 years later.

Paternal grnadparents married at 17. Married for 55 years until they passed away.

My parents married at 18. marreid 44 years now.

My brother and sister-in-law married when they were 18....still married 25 years later.

KestrelRose said...

I wished that I could be unbiased about this but I can't be.

I just love Sarah Palin and I want her to be everything that she appears to be.

To be honest, my view is not based on issues. It is based on her beautiful, open and honest eyes.

Time will show if she is up to the task. I am looking forward to her debate with Biden. Until then, all we have to go on is our own experiences and reactions.

We should wait until we see her in action to make a decision.

Mountain Mama said...

In response to her new blog decrying Palin's VP candidacy, I just wrote Dr. Laura.

I wanted to emphasize that her current negativity conflicts with her earlier statements, made over the past two decades, in support of mothers who work outside the home----PROVIDED that their families help raise the young children.

Again, Sarah's husband and their parents all pitch in (as well as Todd and Sarah's siblings) to help manage the household.

And Bristol's becoming pregnant could have just as easily occurred if Sarah had been a full-time homemaker.

Sigh... It's sad that CONSERVATIVE women have to withstand such assaults, whereas men and liberal women NEVER do.

Nancy Pelosi has five children, and NO one to my knowledge has ever criticized HER for having a career.....

GLAD you're going to the convention, Adam!
Please remember to share about the APT tax with Sarah Palin and McCain! Thanks!

loki said... comment should have been..."17 years old too YOUNG to marry?"

Cynthia said...

I LOVE SARAH! She's an incredibly driven and smart woman. I don't like her because she's a woman, I like her for who she is and what she stands for. McCain FINALLY did something right and now the conservatives have someone to vote for!
I love listening to Glenn Beck and hearing the real statistics about how many people are employed and how much money she has worked with.
I am proud to hear that Bristol will be keeping her child, as we all know that Sarah doesn't want any secrets, and definitely doesn't want anything to "hurt" her family. Sarah is PROUD. Sarah is HONEST. Sarah will always stand by what is most important, her family, her freedom, her country, and her people. And I thank God for what Sarah believes in.
-Thanks Glenn Beck for the support and information-

Chester Peake said...

I posted this from-the-heart letter elsewhere, but I thought you might like it:

An Open Letter to the Palin Family...

Dear Sarah:
I know you are aware, and I hope your family was as well, about how evil and ruthless some people can be in the dirty side of politics. You seem like a tough lady who can handle it, and perhaps that is why we need someone like you in the halls of power if we are ever to restore the notion of statesmanship and redeem public service as a noble profession. Just like you have seen in your home state of Alaska, there are people with axes to grind who will stop at nothing to destoy those not on their side of the aisle... and sometimes even those in their own party (Re: Hillary's treatment by the Obamamaniacs).

I know and have seen the dirty side of politics, and it tarnishes the (unfortunately few) good public servants who are in it for all the right reasons. The good ones do exist, I have seen a few of them as well. I am impressed that many bloggers, some in your state, are coming to your defense. As far as that so-called "Troopergate" non-issue, if a cop was threatening my family I'd want him more than fired. Such scum tarnishes the good name of the majority of the brave, hard-working police officers.

Don't let the dumbarses denigrate small towns or regular folks, they do so at their peril. Don't let the a-holes question your parenting, your life-affirming decision to carry a lovely downs syndrome child to term, or that ridiculous notion that you lack "experience", especially when you look at the top of the Dems ticket. News Flash- Every holder of the top job at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave gets on-the-job experience. It is not a job that any mere human can truly handle, without a lifetime of real-world experiences, coupled with tons of prayer, and a little thing called character.

I know when the attacks go after your family, that is the lowest blow possible and shows their desperation and fear of your success. I hope your family is also as tough as you, and will insist you soldier-on. We need you to do so, but you need their support to know that the effort is in their best interest as well.

Todd: Everything I have been able to learn about you shows you to be so much more than the stereotypical Alaskan Man. Yes, you are a man's man, a fisherman, snow machine racer, and work the oil fields, in addition to being blessed with rugged good looks. I guess you needed all that to win the heart of that fiesty beauty contestant! Lucky dude! Maybe that's why you are attacked, those other guys are so darn jealous! High Fives to you! (so much better than an Obama-like fist-bump)!

Oh, they'll try to paint you as an unwashed, uneducated rural yahoo... then try to convince people that you are secretly running the state. They will go to either extreme if it suits their shoddy purposes. Again, they do that at their peril, not only could you kick their arse (please don't- they will sue), but they risk alienating plenty of hard-working blue-collar men, and women, across the country. Don't sweat not having a college diploma, sometimes they are not worth the paper they are printed on. I'd choose regular-folks wisdom over degree-learnin' any day!

You seem like a confident man, assured in your own masculinity. The great thing is you are assured enough in your own skin to help your beloved wife in realizing her dreams for public service. In that sense, you are a modern man, not afraid to help raise the kids! A modern man, but with brawn. Sarah may run the state, but you are the man of the house.

For the kids: First of all, don't let anyone make fun of your names, they are actually quite kewl, and as unique as each of you! Be glad you don't have boring names!

Track: I cannot begin to tell you how grateful we are as Americans that you chose to serve your country in the U.S. Army. I hope the press will not endanger you or (like in England with Prince Harry) cause you to not be able to serve fully. I'm sure you don't want special treatment, but just to be allowed to serve like your collegues. Fight hard, but return home to your Mom and Dad!

Piper & Willow: You may not have been abused by the media and other hateful people yet, but be alert that it may happen. Be strong, and tell your parents honestly about any fears you may have. Don't be afraid to tell them what's on your mind.

Trig: Dear, dear Trig... do not let anyone ever tell you that your life is not worthy to be lived. You may not be exactly like other kids, but in your Mom & Dad's eyes, you are loved and cherished so very much! How sad that other special kids like you never are given the chance to live. You have been given life, enjoy every moment, I know your folks will enjoy you!

Bristol: Don't let idiots look down on you for your situation... though of course having sex outside of marriage is indeed a sin, it is not a "worse" sin than any other, and we all sin and fall short of God's Glory. That's where forgiveness and salvation comes in. The fact that you have chosen to bring this little child into the world, as hard as that is, and have not taken the so-called "easy" way out, is what speaks to your character now. Yes, it will be hard, but with your fine family, it will be worth it. Your folks are right, you will grow up quickly now. All the best to you!

Hey, Levi: What can I say man? Sure, you didn't want kids at this time of your life, what young guy does? Well, I take that back, some playas like to knock up the ladies and leave them, but I do not think that is you. You were dating this girl, raging hormones took over, and the next thing you know... Ya done messed up, dude... but you are doing the very hard, and responsible thing, in the public eye and with all the hard work that entails. You will need the same dedication you have for your beloved hockey to make this work. It may be hard, but it can happen. But you are not alone. The Palin family is welcoming you into theirs, and they seem as tough as you.

If you really, really love this girl... with a lot of help, prayer, and forgiveness, you two can actually have a good life together. And don't take no "stuff" from those who would dis your redneck, kick arse attitude. You might just need that.

Man, the more I think about it the more I see how similar you and Todd are. I know you are an individual with your own thoughts, wants, and needs. At the risk of perpetrating the stereotype, is it true that all Alaskan men are are such? Yeah, a Man you are fast becoming, embrace it! I'm sure that once you look into the eyes of your son or daughter, you'll want to cherish them and love them forever.

Future Johnston Kid: WoW! Who'd a thunk it, that you would be subject to all this malarkey even before you are born! With your genes, I have no doubt you can handle just about everything! You Family will help you every step of the way!

So there you have it... Palins (and the future Johnston family)...
You are a fine kick-butt group, and any who would cross you better watch out... you probably don't need it, but we've got your back!

Jenny said...

I love how the Obamaniacs and the sexist, biased media are using the same tactics they used on Hillary. For all of you Obamaniacs who claim that Sarah will never win the Hillary Clinton votes, guess again! As a former Hillary Clinton supporter and Democrat, I will be voting for the McCain-Palin ticket. Sarah Palin is a courageous woman, and has the grace and open-mindedness that todays politicians (especially Barack Obama) can learn from. Despite her flaws, she is the epitomy of small-town America, and shame on all of you elitists Obamaniacs for suggesting that the experiences of small town Americans do not measure up to your experiences. It's time for all of you hateful Obamaniacs, along with Dean, Pelosi, and the rest of the corrupt DNC, to self-destruct and return control of the Democratic ticket back to us disenfranchised Clinton supporters in 2012. Obama's arrogance will be his downfall.

Anonymous said...

Oh thank goodness! I'm so glad the comments are modded now. :)

Y'all, I cannot WAIT for Gov. Palin's speech tonight!

Many pundits are expecting her to either fall flat on her face.

I however have the sense she's going to totally KNOCK IT OUT OF THE PARK.

I could be wrong I suppose. But nothing I've seen of her suggest she'll crush under the pressure.

In fact, EVERYTHING I've seen suggests the exact opposite...that she'll be a rip roaring success.

I guess those trading on Intrade for her to quit or be canned will be disappointed.

Too bad. NOT. :D


Unknown said...

I'd like to comment to the poster about the pregnancy of Gov. Palin's daughter, Bristol. The poster stated that her inability to "lead her daughter to abstain" from sex is a reflection on her ability to lead a country. This is a bunch of crap. Children in this country are exposed to sexuality from a VERY early age via our freemarket media. A parent can only do so much before they have to let the child into the world and let happen what will happen. I do not see how this would reflect poorly upon Gov. Palin. On the contrary, Gov Palin has stuck to her core values and is supporting her daughter. Talk of abortion and the "punishment of a child - so said Barak Obama - never entered the picture.

I am elated that Gov Palin is the VP pick to run beside Sen. John McCain. I personally believe that she has FAR more experience from her time as a Mayor, City Council Member, and Governor than does Obama.

As has been cited by many right-sided media, give me a list of accomplishments that Obama has. Show me some areas where he hasn't flip-flopped his convictions in order to appease voters.

wow said...


rosariostrano said...

Boycott newspapers that are being bias,the opponent did not receive this treatment,best way to show your opinion is cut their check.

55withquestions said...

As a woman & mother myself it seems incredible that this woman would choose to accept this nomination with a 5 mo. old downs syndrome BABY, a pregnant 17 year old daughter & three other children. Like Edwards who disregarded his wife's breast cancer & ran for Pres. & Guliani who had prostate cancer recently - the stress related to these two executive jobs is incredible. People who think this does't impact their health & wellbeing of their loved ones are CRAZY. 55with questions

55withquestions said...

As a woman & mother myself it seems incredible that this woman would choose to accept this nomination with a 5 mo. old downs syndrome BABY, a pregnant 17 year old daughter & three other children. Like Edwards who disregarded his wife's breast cancer & ran for Pres. & Guliani who had prostate cancer recently - the stress related to these two executive jobs is incredible. People who think this does't impact their health & wellbeing of their loved ones are CRAZY. 55with questions

Unknown said...

I just want to say as an Alaskan and a very proud one at that Sarah Palin is the best governor we have ever had. I had the pleasure of working with Todd in prudhoe before she got in the state government and we as a state got LUCKY she was our secret and now she is out to the whole US and please dont take her as a joke or a media blast she is a woman of her word everything she said she would do or will do she has done and Sarah Palin wont find a person in the state of Alaska that will say a word bad about her.

SSquibb said...

Sarah Palin is a female version of President Ronald Reagan.

Lee said...

How can Sarah Palin manage the country if she can not manage her own daughter? How can she claim Pro-Life, but she/republican agree and support her daughter that have baby before married? Is that so called conservative Christian? She can not manage her family, Alaska, how can she manage the country? Both Abortion and having baby before married is SIN according to the Bible.

ltmonroe2 said...

Sarah Palin knows that most people don't know what a small-town mayor does - and doesn't do. So she has, so far, been allowed to show her best Rethug qualification - her ability to lie easily and completely without conscience - as she vomits forth her false and insulting claims of leadership credentials. (blue in NC's diary :: :: )Other diarists on dKos are right: we need to shift our foucs back to Barack Obama and Joe Biden and the positive direction our country must turn toward if we as a people are to survive the next four years.
We need to shift our focus away from Sarah Palin's daughter and her mooseburgers and her snowmobiles. But we can't let her get away with whitewashing her governmental failures: failures so abject, so major, so complete, that the fact that she accomplished so much failure in a 12-year political career is amazing in and of itself.
If she's going to use her stint as small-town mayor as a prop for her vice-presidential aspirations, then we need to remind the voters exactly what she did as mayor. Let's use her own words against her. As she said in that verbal spew that passed for a "speech" last night, as mayor she was "like a community organizer" but with "actual responsibilities".
The voters need to be reminded - every day - how badly she failed at exercising those responsibilities. Because we small-town mayors do have actual responsibilities. Chief among them is the responsibility to exercise fiscal responsibility with the citizens' money. Sarah Palin has demonstrated complete failure at that basic responsibility. She took a town of ~7,000 people that was debt-free in 1996 and ran it over $18 million into debt by 2003.
And, while we theoretically do not have sole authority to do such things - only the town council has such authority - a bad and dishonest and self-serving mayor can, and frequently does, accomplish such glaring misfeasance by either intimidating of misleading her town council.
Sarah Palin has done both.
She implemented a 25% increase in the most regressive tax possible - the sales tax - to finance her hockey rink project. Yes, the Queen of the Common Man sure likes to stick it to the common man...every man, woman and child in Wasila is still paying for her self-promoting delusional expenditures. She was taking a $68,000 per year salary in 1996 for her job as mayor, and yet used additional taxpayer funds to hire an "administrator" to do her job for her while she enjoyed her "regal" salary for a sinecure job. Most mayors of towns less than 10,000, nationwide, are practically volunteers with salaries generally below $10,000 per year. In fact, the job of the Wasilla mayor, according to the city code, is as follows (this is typical for most small-town mayors). The Mayor shall preside at Council meeting, act as ceremonial head of the city and sign documents on the city’s behalf upon authorization by the council. Pretty easy work for $68,000/year, isn't it? In 2002, Pailn used city employees (on the clock), city equipment, and city facilities to work on her campaign for Lt. Governor. I mean, come on...this is small-town government 101: Thou shalt not use municipal assets for personal campaign purposes. By 2003, the city of Wasilla owned $741,599 worth of office furniture and equipment (from the city's own Comprehensive Annual Finance Report; I assume that is net of depreciation). Now that's a whole lot o' desks and staplers for a town of 7,000 folks. Well, the town only owned $342,449 worth of that stuff when Palin started in 1996. More than double! Word among locals has it that she had her office lavishly redecorated at least twice while mayor. So much for her stupid story about selling the governor's jet on ebay.
After our almost-sacred fiduciary responsibilty, we mayors are responsible for ensuring the safety of the people who have entrusted us with the office. Palin placed the financial success of campaign-donor cronies above public safety. She opposed an ordinance changing the closing time of bars in Wasilla from 5:00 AM to 3:00 AM. The Wasilla police chief at the time, Irl Stambaugh, supported the change as a public-safety measure. Palin, who had accepted numerous campaign contributions from local bar owners and the liquor lobby, fired Stambaugh immediately upon taking office.
Palin opposed adopting basic building codes within the city. In 1997, she broke a tie in a city council vote to kill building codes. Even some area homebuilders supported the building codes.The bottom line is: yes, we small-town mayors do have responsibilities...and Palin demonstrated a complete lack of ability or inclination to handle these limited responsibilities.
Meanwhile, I'd be the first to say that I don't consider my own experience as a small-town mayor to in any way qualify me to serve as vice president of the United States, much less serve in a situation where the president is a doddering old man bordering on dementia who may well cause invocation of the 25th amendment.We preside over council meetings...the VP theoretically presides over the Senate. There's a world of difference.Our responsibilities are limited. Very limited.And, we're not a mere heartbeat away from the US presidency. I have known small-town mayors like Sarah Palin and, trust me, it ain't purty. They exemplify ego-gone-wild, are uncannily susceptible to corruption and influence peddling, and are notorious for abuse of power. The Sarah Palins in the small-town mayors' offices are, unfortunately, all too common.
These United States of America do not need one in the office of the vice president.Palin is now, in true Rethug fashion, attempting to distort people's concerns with her lack of experience, accusing us of "insulting small towns" and being "elitist". Nothing could be further from the truth. We're not criticizing small towns; I've live d in one and serve as mayor in one and love and respect small towns.What we are criticizing is, first: Palin's lack of national experience and, second: her complete failures at exercising responsibility and integrity during what limited "executive" experience she has.
She is the worst of both worlds: she is corrupt and incompetent. The voters need to know that.

Lee said...

If something happen to McCain, I don't think Palin can take over, since she only manage the smallest state in US with debt. She even can not manage her own family, how can she manage the whole country. If something happen to Obama, Joe Biden is a respectful person either in Congress or military that more capable than Palin. Even George Bush that has a dad 4 years with him 8 years total of 12 years experience in White House, still mess up the country. How can Palin that left a debt in their state with the least population can manage this country that fought 3 wars, over 54 trilliun in debt, mortgage crisis etc.? those problem was created by George Bush with his party include McCain. Palin has no vision, but a spectacular artist. I don't know why American people only fall on Abortion issue or Pro-Life, since getting baby before married also un-Biblical but so-culture in US. It is not a shameful act anymore in US but instead a proud. That kind of act create tendency of abortion, teenage that have s..e..x before married or at a very young age is the root of Abortion. This candidate says they are Pro-Life, but they are the root of Abortion, they do their example of life without shameful. I don't know why many American fall into that. They said they so-Christian Party? I don't think so. If McCain copy the theme of Obama campaign theme "Change", since he has been with George Bush for over 8 years, I think people just get fool with tradition lie in politic. I don't see any policy or previous act of both McCain and Palin change something. they just said it now, but no previous result. Everybody can say "Change". Does they prove it with their previous act? They got to be more creative not to copy people Theme campaign.

JoPerry said...

My heart gos out to Sarah Palin, It is so sad that some women in this country(mostly Liberal) are so jealous of Sarah, that they have to make things up about her. Also,The hollwood crowd are so ignorant, none of them can even understand what a descent woman is, because people like Pam Anderson, who is so self absorbed, can only worry where her (next set of fake boobs are coming from.) We all laugh at her when she tries to say someting intelligent and fails miserably...All the hollywood crowd are like that.. Men and women. Woopi Goldberg said something so stupid on the viewI had to laugh. And Mat Damon, is so much a an air-head, I I could not stop laughing...I guess it is their hatefull attitute towards people in general.. They should stick to making their silly movies about nothing, and leave the intelligent things to people who do not have to play dress up,or pretend their something their not.
The far left are so terrified that someone who believes in God, will make them feel bad about themselves. God is light, and they will not be able to do the cheating and lying,back stabbing, and other things they do, if they have to realize God may be watching...
Of course, he is watching no matter what..
They can run, but they cannot hide..

dgill said...

I am thankful for Sarah Palin and McCain. Our future depends alot on our president. I want to know our top people in Washington will make decisions that will protect us.Whose hands do you want to place your future in? Obama and McCain say they will change Washington and I think both would make changes, but not all changes are good changes. No one is as blind as those who do not wish to see, nor as deaf as those who not want to hear.Look at the "friends" of each canidate and remember birds of a feather flock together.
Obama should focus on McCain but one would think Sarah is running for President (in which I would vote for her!) as she seems to be the democrats focus.They can't find anything to build up the democratic nominees so they are trying to destroy Sarah. Go Sarah Palin and John McCain ! A mountaineer for McCain & Palin