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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Convention & Colbert

Well, it turns out that I will be making it to the convention after all. I had an opportunity come through this morning and I am currently waiting for my flight at Ronald Reagan National Airport. I will be at the convention all day tomorrow and perhaps some tonight as well. If Gov. Palin does indeed accept her nomination tomorrow night, then I should be able to catch her speech.

I will then be leaving Minnesota Thursday morning so that I can be in New York in time to appear live on that evening's edition of The Colbert Report on Comedy Central.

I will try to photoblog both events.

UPDATE: I have just now placed a call to the Anchorage Chapter of the NAACP seeking comment on rapper Sean "Diddy" Combs' claim that there are "no black people" in Alaska. I left a voicemail and will update you if and when I receive a response.


Carlos Echevarria said...

Good luck Adam and God bless...if anyone deserves to be there, LIVE, in order to witness the history that you created, it's you big guy!!!

We will all live that moment vicariously through you,,,give a shout out on behalf of all of us Palinistas...

Sir Andrew said...

She will.

There's no way she can't. She's too awesome.

Sheri said...

I hope that you have a wonderful time there!!! :)

Haynesville said...

Sweet. Good luck!


Haynesville said...

Good luck!


Xavier Cugat said...

Just heard Slow Joe speak in Florida.

Sarah Baracuda is going to make mincemeat of that windbag.

Slow Joe just gave away all the answers to the pop quiz on Foreign Affairs.

If this were a prizefight, someone would have stopped it by now.

TrueRedHead said...

Adam, this must be the time of your life. We are excited for you. Ditto what Carlos said.

Also, here's a great article by Pat Buchanan on WND. Basically, it echoes what you and we have been saying all along.

wk4christ said...

Good luck and God bless you, Adam! You definitely deserve to be at the RNC! Congratulations! If/when you do get to meet Sarah Palin, tell her "Hi" from all of us and that we are supporting her!

I can't wait for Sarah's speech tomorrow! I know it's gonna be good! She's definitely gonna accept the VP nomination! She has to! She is amazing!

I read an article that possibly tens of millions of Americans will be tuning in to hear Sarah's speech! This will be a big moment! It's gonna be sooo exciting!

Good luck, Sarah Palin and God bless you! We are supporting you with everything we've got! YOU'RE THE BEST!!!

SARAH!!!!! SARAH!!!!!! SARAH!!!!

McCain-Palin'08!!!! WOOOOOOOOO YEAH!!!!!

Erin said...

Drudge is reporting that Alaska democrats have released Sarah's social security numbers (minus the last four digits--how thoughtful) as well as addresses of her current and former residences as well as her phone number.

I'm beginning to think that if this week doesn't end, we may not survive it! Ugh.

I was young when Clarence Thomas was nominated to the Supreme Court, but even then I remember how they treated him. This is eerily similar.

Mountain Mama said...

Remain calm for Colbert, Adam----and have a great time at the convention!

Remember to share about the APT tax with the McCain-Palin campaign!


MississippiQueen said...

I'm so pleased the Convention is going forward. I've already ordered my Sarah Barracuda shirt. The negative spin from the libs is gonna backfire BIGTIME! your stuff. I'll be watchin'.

raquel said...

If you agree that the media is abusing our girl go to the mccain site and make a contribution. That is what I did. They accept donations that go to the RNC.

Mrs. P said...

This is so exciting!

Someone who the democrats can't really fight.

Someone who is conservative on all three legs of the conservative stool.

Someone who is already energizing and mobilizing the base (and even independents and Hillary democrats).

Governor Sarah Palin!

- A Huckabee republican

DaveF said...

Good Luck Adam and don't get jetlag. John and Sarah are aware of you and your site, so don't be surprised if you meet with them personally. If so, tell them we continue to support them and keep the torches lit.

We wait for news.

Fleetwood said...

You realize that she doesn't even have a law degree? you really want some one running the country whose credentials are 20 months as governer of the least populated state in the union? she's in way over her head.

rgonzo said...

Governor Palin will ABSOLUTELY accept her nomination tomorrow! Adam, I have been with you since the beginning- we are not going to let the nuts out there kill this ticket- in fact, we are going to show everyone in November that despite cruel attacks, Palin rose above and helped John McCain win the White House!

Adeodatus, SPQR said...

Enjoy the moment when Palin accepts the nomination. We'll be with you in spirit.

Also enjoy the Colbert experience.

End of Empire

techno said...

After Fred's speech CNN conveniently did not mention the media attention given to Sarah.Boy, are they mad at McCain and the Republicans. Also heard that McCain has cancelled an interview with CNN to protest Campbell Brown's treatment of Tucker Bounds.

VoteNovember2008 said...

OMG, I can't wait for an update on this blog! Have a great time! Count me in on the Palinistas! VN8

techno said...

Go to Hot Air. Sarah just released an affadavit regarding Troopergate.

Joe said...

Fleetwood, please, find find yourself a bullhorn, run around your neighborhood and shout "She doesn't even have a law degree?"

I have a feeling McCain/Palin will easily win your district by 20 points.

That is, unless you live within the beltway.

techno said...

Sarah just made the Enquirer-claiming she forced Bristol to marry and going over Troopergate again.

tresbambinos said...

Congratulations Adam...have fun and enjoy the historic moment!

I flip the channel between FNC and CNN to compare convention notes... CNN is just horrible to Sarah Palin. This will bite them in ass. While you're there PLEASE educate them!

This mama of three loves Sarah Palin! She reminds me of my western Colorado roots.

The New Conservative said...

I'm blogging about her speech live tomorrow night. Also is there anyway I can get on your endorsements blogroll. I predicted she'd be the VP the night before it happened.

liz said...

Good luck, Adam, and enjoy yourself. You've worked so hard to make this happen.
I hope Americans will ignore media hype and reserve judgement until they get to know Palin (and can pronounce her name!) She's barely been announced and made one televised speech. When the country comes to know her as many of us do, they'll realize why McCain picked her--she is his mirror image! She also knows more about energy, oil/natural gas than the other 3 put together.She's a brilliant choice for that alone. .
If the ugliness of the personal smears persists, this country will find nobody willing to run for office.
Cannot wait for tomorrow's speech!
McCain/Palin '08!!!!!

Mongo Mere Pawn said...

I don't know how many of you feel it, but there is a struggle going on right now. A struggle for the soul of this country. We will either exit this campaign as a God-fearing, family-oriented, self-governing nation or we will give ourselves over to an amoral and immoral nanny state intent upon destroying the nuclear family and the Church/Synagogue as the sole mediating institutions in our society.

For good or ill, Governor Palin and her family, and the McCain campaign itself, represent the last great hope of America to avoid the deluge of post-modern nihilism and collectivism on offer from the other party and their fellow travelers in the media and blogosphere. They need our prayers and our support.

knowitall said...

fleetwoods comment about a law degree was an interesting one. i looked up the answer to that. eighteen of our presidents were not lawyers. Interestingly, of our last eleven presidents, since world war II, only three have been lawyers.
maybe the american voters are smart.

Lone SoCal Conservative said...

I hope this lady gets some justice, b/c she is really getting screwed over and from the personal research I have done I believe she's going to do a fantastic job.

Go Sarah!!!

TrueRedHead said...

Amen to all you said, Mongo. And we should pray that Sarah and her family feel surrounded with the love and strength of all of us across this great country who support her.

RailBaron said...

Mongo and Redhead,

Indeed, well said. And all of your points cannot be emphasized enough. Let us also keep praying that Sarah & John McCain keep doing the right things in the right way for the right reasons. Besides, candidates with integrity so often thoroughly befuddle liberals.


I hope you get all the good recognition you deserve, and as others have said that you can convey to Sarah and her family how much she has friends yearning to help. There may be moments where she and her family may feel very alone, but the good folks on this blog show that they are not at all alone.

Safe travels, and keep up the very good work!

wimbam said...

when i heard sarah palin.. its wow..

Ferny for McCain at Stanford said...

Any way we can create an online campaign to support Palin against the nonsense attacks coming from the mainstream media (the NY Times is the latest to join with a nasty editorial).

Please let us know!!!

multipath said...

My wife and I just became ardent McCain supporters due to Palin. Hope she is energized by all the flack she is taking. Is there a way we can support the ticket financially that reflects Palin's addition?

Laura said...

Just FYI...I saw on Perez (take it for what it's worth) that the population of Alaska is 3.5% African American. I can't remember the exact number, but that is what was posted.

I like Sarah, didn't know who she was until last week. Go SARAH!

Gary said...

Tell everyone HEY from a HUGE supporter in OHIO!
Todd is doing a great job supporting Sarah in all this.
I am going to lead a BOYCOTT of US MAGAZINE for ALL REPUBLICANS!!
I am going to to try to find out how to get this on a National site!!!
Anyone that wants to JOIN me in this BOYCOTT of US MAGAZINE, let me know.
It is time to hit US in their bank account NOW!!!
If you have a subscription
GO SARAH PALIN could get this BOYCOTT started!
Gary In Ohio

Snowed In said...

You know, at this point I think Sarah Palin could walk on water tonight, and all the media pundits would have to say was that she didn't turn it to wine.

Kimberly said...

Since when does it matter whether there are black people in Alaska. It's probably because none have bothered to go there. That their problem not anyone else's. Sean PDiddy Combs should shut his mouth and go there then. Then there would be a black person in AK.
Isn't everyone tired of hearing about how black people are represented? Get yourself so, or shut up. You weren't the slave, and I didn't beat you. GET OVER IT. Move on. Stop using the past as a crutch. It's old and annoying. PDiddy isn't complaining when he buys his new cars and his house and his diamonds that his race has been abused and killed for. Even when that money comes from a white kid who likes his music and doesn't see the color of his skin as a factor. Just shut up you whine box.

raquel said...

just go to the site to contribute.

wk4christ said...

Hi, multipath! That is so awesome! We are soooo gonna win in November!

A place you can donate to the McCain/Palin campaign is through the website:

You can also buy McCain-Palin'08 stuff from their store, the proceeds of which also go toward the campaign:

Hope that helps! Welcome to the team!



H. R. Goodman, Jr. said...

Can you tell me why Cambell Brown at CNN in bias against Sarah Palin. I watched Brown whine like a baby on Friday night about Sarah and I understand that last night she said the McCain camp had to grow up.
I read Brown’s bio, and it’s as light as a feather. Just a pretty talking head. No news experience, she didn’t go to J school and she’s such a bias bitch I can’t watch her any longer. Don’t people see through the bias? Why would CNN allow her to cover this news, Browns’ clearly unqualified. Does anything embarrass CNN?

TC Robinson said...

Man, I wish there was a way we could get to Sarah. I just thought of an excellent addition to Palin's speech. Ron Paul said today that Sarah is a "good person," but that she "can't reign in the empire." Can't you hear it...

"My friends, a fellow Republican said yesterday that while I am a quote good person, I probably can't reign in the empire. Well, with all due respect Congressman Paul...Yes We Can!!

Mountain Mama said...

Hi, Multipath!

Yep, you can contribute to the McCain-Palin ticket at

And to honor Palin, just put
"Sarah Palin Supporter"
in the box at the bottom right,
in which people normally enter the names of whoever persuaded them to contribute. See?

It's getting really ROTTEN out there, in the leftwing MIStreatment of Palin. Giving out her Social Security number is beyond lousy; it's pure evil, designed to get her into an identity theft situation!

PRAY! God can continue to work miracles for and through Sarah Palin. Pray that she and her family remain close to God.

Stephane said...

Candidates are too busy to read comments, but I wish that Sarah knew that:
- for every (so-called) journalist who writes or relays the non-scandals of her life there are thousands of normal people who feel inspired by her and support her,
- the harder they pound on her, the more they are desperate and afraid of her and the values she stands for,
- McCain and her share the same principle: country and people first. It's not about their career, power or ideology. They just want to serve their country and preserve our freedom. The Democrats, on the other hand, are ready to tax and abandon the gains made in the war on terror,

I hope that her speech at the DNC will be a success. For this, I really hope that McCain's team gives her their best support. Peggy Noonan (WSJ Opinion pages and former speechwriter of Reagan) just hinted at it in her recent column.

I almost can't believe I'm getting so excited about this election. I'm not even American (but I have an American uncle and several cousins).

Sarah said...

I have been trying to find some information online, perhaps this is a good source. I will not vote a woman into office (I am a woman mind you) but my curiosity is getting the better of me. Sarah Palin claims to put family first, I would like to know how she rationalizes working outside of the home and paying someone else to raise her children. Why have children if you are only planning to pay someone to raise them for you? This is not an attack, it is a genuine curiosity of how she feels on this subject. Obviously her values doe not hold staying home with your children as being important, to each their own. McCain lost my vote awhile back even though I generally think of myself as republican, putting a woman in the VP position sealed my vote for Obama unless something dramatic happens. If you have some insight on this topic I would be interested to hear it. :-)

Cait said...

To P. Diddy, I do believe there was a black man on "America's Toughest Jobs" on Monday, overseeing the contestants as they drove on Alaska's Dalton Highway.

And to Sarah who asked, Palin HAS a husband, who is on leave from his job and pitches in with the child care (and news reports say she's never had a full-time babysitter). Obama uses his mother-in-law when his wife is on the trail with him (which is frequently).

Anonymous said...

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colbertforheadoffcc said...

So I've been thinking.

...Well, no I haven't, but I still got this idea. And it goes a little something like Colbert for head of FCC.

Eh? EH?? *nudge nudge* Has a little ring to it, don'tcha think? And the ring sounds like a certain familiar news pundit.

I think that together we can help Stephen climb the ladder to the top -- perhaps with some sort of blogosphere pulley system. I mean, if one blog can do as much as yours has, just imagine the impeccable power of TWO blogs! Once Colbert reaches the near pinnacle of moral infallibilty, (Head of FCC = one notch under Pope) he'll conquer the media's portrayals of our society's downfalls, end usage of all synonyms for excretory functions, and distribute the Miller Test to TV programs like the SATs to a class of frightened, hungover teenagers.

Anonymous said...

Re: Diddy's comments - African Americans make up:

3.7% of the population of Alaska
13.4% of the US population
1.5% of Republican delegates

so she is more experienced in race issues than most of us

wimbam said...

fil-am for palin